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    I have been in the bdsm lifestyle for over 30 yrs and always been a bb-manpig. Wide range of kinks, fetishes and desires. I equally comfortable with 1on1 to large orgy fun. Generally versatile when it comes to vanilla but tend to vers-top when it gets kinky.
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    I am average everyday dragon whose desires and passions range from 'vanilla extract" to the deep oceans of imagination and fantasy. I love to explore with other men their deepest levels of passion and desires. I am looking for bare backing man pigs who are willing to let go and be their primal selves.

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  1. GreyWalker

    Rawtop site

    I have connected with 2 tops to fuck me and fucked 4 vers/bottoms from here. I also organized a couple of pig parties on this site. Both parties were 15+ pigs.
  2. GreyWalker

    Making someone be your slave

    I use games of chance, betting out come races, etc. I place my cock vs theirs for length of time in chasity with other person holding the key. Straight male egos are very competitive. Lol. Once time is up you wager they can not last an edging session. Bondage helps prevent nos. If they loose back into chasity if want to train for service top. Or for submissive top bondage keeps their mind focus on your needs. Time and repetition is key
  3. GreyWalker

    Making someone be your slave

    Yes it is possible.. it is called a submissive top or service top male. This a male who fucks aka a top but is submissive or serves another male. There are many ways to create either submissive or service mentality in a male. One of my favorite ways is to put him chasity. Either by trickery or consent.
  4. GreyWalker

    Where can I get ass in Chesapeake Virginia?

    I am vers in Virginia Beach VA. Bottom for black top.
  5. Thanks for the follow. Would  love to get twisted with you.

    1. GreyWalker


      Hell yea. :). One our pigs will oink together. Looking forward to it.

  6. GreyWalker

    Va Rolecall

    Virginia Beach VA here. (Tidewater / Hampton Roads Area)
  7. Details When: Oct. 25th through 26th. Where: Place will be announced in RSVP (Virginia Beach, VA. - Town Centre Area) Will be having blindfolded/hooded bottom pigs to fill up with your cum, spit and piss. They will not be allowed or able to see who you are. They will be holes for your use and pleasure. Top / Vers men come and use pigs and go. All races and hiv statuses are welcome. Bottom pigs will be trained to please you.
  8. Will have 3 blindfolded/hooded bottom pigs to fill up with your poz cum and piss. They will not be allowed or able to see who you are. They will be holes for your use and pleasure. Top / Vers poz men come and use pigs and go. Action will be in a hotel room.
  9. would love to get kinky and explore deeper bdsm with you and to be in chastity, diapered, cathed, etc.

  10. Greetings,

    Curious as to how the branding iron came out. :)

  11. GreyWalker

    How bad was your fuck flu?

    Mine did not fully hit me until 4 years after exposure. The doctors guessed that until then my immune system was some how keeping it in check until I came down with stage 4 terminal normal pneumonia. (I was moving in the rain during the winter - stupid move - caught the winter flu and ignored it) Until that point, I would have boughs of aches and pains and light flu symptoms. When I did check in, my vl was over 18+ million (off charts) and wbc of 2(AIDS). It took a week in hospital to stabilize me then I went home. It is almost 6 years later, my wbc is 385 and doctors say it will never get over 400 and been undetectable as long as I stay on my meds. I have found out I have a very aggressive strain. A nurse accidentally jabbed herself while I was in hospital. She seroconverted in 2 weeks with a collapsed immune system. So even at undetectable level the doctor's told me to be careful. -
  12. We need to sync our schedules to breed and use you right. :)

  13. Just came across this article about Rod Daily. He came out as being both bisexual and now as of September 3rd poz as well. http://www.queerty.com/following-industry-shutdown-gay-porn-star-rod-daily-reveals-hes-hiv-positive-20130904/
  14. Thank you we need to get together

  15. Would love to get the chance to breed and session with you.

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