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    Turning a NEG bottom into a toxic pig, Converting him and making him a part of me. show up neg and leave a toxic dump can you handle it?
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Looking for bottom boy's that want to be breed. tied down and used as a toxic cum dump. Come to me as a neg bottom and leave as a charged up whore filled with toxic loads..
    I will use you as I see fit, share your hole with my toxic bottom boy as well as my friends that love to take a boy's neg hole get piggy and convert you.

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    Removed to many beggers

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  1. Such a Good Boy. He has only been to my place 3 times, Yet he knows the second he is awake his place is on his knees waiting for his morning breeding to start his day of right. Not to mention his training as a total cum dumpster for toxic loads. Cant wait to fill him and then Lock him in Chastity before the breeding party tonight we have planned for him.


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    2. mjkuhl


      only 3 times.  He needs to be a regular

    3. boybottom4use


      Awesome ass!  Load him up real good ☣️!!

    4. Greim


      Does he know you’re Poz?

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