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    Turning a NEG bottom into a toxic pig, Converting him and making him a part of me. show up neg and leave a toxic dump can you handle it?
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    Looking for bottom boy's that want to be breed. tied down and used as a toxic cum dump. Come to me as a neg bottom and leave as a charged up whore filled with toxic loads..
    I will use you as I see fit, share your hole with my toxic bottom boy as well as my friends that love to take a boy's neg hole get piggy and convert you.

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  1. x prohibited[?]

    Posted about 12 hours ago



    Cum inside my tight little boi pussy - m4m (Portsmouth)


    image 1 of 2


    age: 21

    Hey they men! I'm a twink little cum slut that loves takin as many dicks at once as I can! I love giving head and am amazing at it and my ass is one you can cum in and fill up untill I'm dripping everywhere! Make me drive home with a body and tummy fully of man cum for this boi whore! I need as many huge cocks as I can get at once or tonight! And if you wanna film me using my phone I'd love that and send it to you!

    I hope that boy enjoyed me plowing his hole long and hard last night. 3 loads of toxic cum pumped balls deep before I sent him on his way home. Enjoy the gift you little cum slut

    1. Calvo7992


      God I wish I lived in the us. Would love to be your house boi. Your posts inspire me to try chasing.

  2. Stretching out the pups hole. As you all know in the past my friend has come by to rape the bottom boy's hole with his giant black monster cock. Thats what I call it after all it is almost 12" long and close to 2" around. he will be over to plow the pup for the first time ever and I want to make sure his hole is opened up for him. I don't want the pup to whimper to much. I do know once he is bound to the fuck bench he will have no choice but to take it to the balls and beg for every inch as well as the massive load

    stretching the pups hole.jpg

    1. mjkuhl


      Lucky Pup.  Is he toxic yet?

    2. hungrynegcumpig


      Cant wait to see that massive black daddy dick pozzing up a faggot boy cunt

    3. babyeddie71


      mjkuhl  yes he is the gym slut the boy my little poz cum slut breed at the gym for weeks and weeks

  3. I love to watch my boy breed the pup and see his cock drool as my boy seeds his hole balls deep. This is going to be a fun night


    1. baldwin


      good for you

    2. workmyhole


      I need some cum in me

    3. Pup4poz


      Wishing I was that "pup"

  4. Just before we headed for the gym I had a massive hard on watching my boy in his track pants walk around so I bent him over and plowed his hole. Loaded him up then we headed for the gym.

    bend over boy.jpg

  5. I got to pump my toxic load into this boy's hole not once but 4 time's. He has been to my place in the past and always begs for more. Last time I went easy on him. this time I pounded his hole until he whimpered like a whipped puppy.

    Best part is I asked why he didn't come back sooner and he said he hadn't been feeling well. I have to think maybe just maybe my toxic seed has charged his boy hole.

    Either way it doesn't matter he is just another hole to fuck and fill with my toxic cum and he always comes back for more.

    I must say he looks hot in the new rubber suit he had on when he showed up


    forth load dripping out.jpg

    1. boybottom4use


      fuck yeah! charge up those young boy cunts!

    2. duroc


      lucky cunt

    3. Littlewilly58


      Wish it were me

  6. My boy asked for a puppy. I do not want dog hair all over my house so we made the gym slut into a Puppy. His tail is on order. he is locked in chastity 24/7 and also in diapers 24/7 even when he goes to class. when home he is in nothing but his diaper dog collar and puppy hood


    1. toad2


      lucky dog  remember its your bed and you push you human to the egde of the bed

    2. mjkuhl


      well-trained pooch.

  7. I had the day off from work so I went to the beach looking for a hottie to bring back to my hotel room and play with. This is what I found and now have tied up and begging for my cock. I think his tight hole is going to feel awesome on my throbbing cock. I am sure after not being able to have any play time for the past 3 weeks he is in for one hell of a load.

    I want him to beg for it and I want to flood his guts with it over and over until I am milked dry.


    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Chargedup


      Hot !  Friday can't get here fast enough !  

    3. beanna


      a lovely position to receive a toxic load

    4. tallpitchersf


      Put a few pillows under the slave's ass. Make sure your fuck seed impregnates his cunt, making your babies!

  8. I miss your posts!

    1. Bicycledude
    2. babyeddie71


      It's been crazy with work. I am still out of town and so want a hot hole to pound and pound hard when I get home

  9. Found a cute guy today and he is here now. He arrived and looked like this. But with in one hour I had him bound in the basement for a night of hard raw fucking with lots of toxic seed.

    chill time.jpg


    1. Show previous comments  18 more
    2. justsexnowatl


      this HOT young slut knew what he wanted before he showed up :)

    3. beanna


      wow  what a way to allow toxic loads inside you

    4. tallpitchersf


      Tie his ankles as far apart as possible. Then, spit and shove till a few loads are pumped inside his fuckhole.

  10. Letting my boy's eat outside today while it isn't raining.


    1. mjkuhl


      Kind of you to provide the mat.

    2. baldwin


      love this

  11. Very cute and young. The way I like a bottom boy to be. I am sure a nice leather collar would look hot on you as well as a full body harness as we break you and use your boy hole as we see fit.

    1. powerbot27


      That would be so awesome Sir. And yes I do think that would look good on me.

    2. babyeddie71


      How would you feel having someone pump you full of cum over and over? I am HIV+ just so you know as are my 2 boy's that live with me.

    3. Chargedup
  12. This boy is learning what happens when you are NOT house broken. He will remain in diapers with the XL Ass Anchor in his hole until I return home Friday afternoon to prep him for the Friday Night gang bang we are having. he should be more than happy to do as told by then. As well as use to being covered in hot piss and smelling like piss. Not to mention his boy hole should be open wide and willing to take any and all cock. before being plugged re diapered and tied down to let it all sink in and take over his body. I plan on mind fucking him so bad he will whimper and cry like the diaper wearing baby he is.

    All so it will be the first boy hole other than my boy's that the gym slut has had the chance to fuck. My boy will remain in chastity for another week as he has not dropped the attitude yet. so he will be tied down and fucked or forced to suck and watch as the others enjoy the fun. let him strain and beg.

    Another new boy.jpg

    1. BBJONNY


      love to be the same for you two

    2. mjkuhl


      You are too kind.

  13. The new boy told me know last night so I placed him in bondage with Electrodes on his cock and balls then inserted a large electro plug in his ass before diapering him. He whimpered and cried for 2 hours. Now he is just drooling and begging for it to end and be over with. I am sure he will agree to wear the collar and pad lock when he is let up. If not he can spend the week like this and I will BREAK him.

    diaper bondage.jpg

    1. mjkuhl


      Time to shave him again.  Remind him he is "YOUR boy"

    2. hungrynegcumpig


      Rape the faggot and make sure he breaks and succumbs to taking poz loads up his worthless pussy.

    3. babyeddie71


      he spent 2 days like that only thing removed was the gag so he could be fed water and cock. he was a smelly fucking cum covered pig when I let him up. he has been milked dry and wasn't even able to get hard for 3 days. so he remained in diapers for all to see. he has changed his mind on who is in charge   of the house now

  14. That cock in those undies looks so good I would lick and suck it then work my way to that hot tight hole rim it get it wet then tease you with my cock until you are begging for it

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lucurious


      Oh fuck! Krasse Scheiße! ...

    3. Eraioon


      Luc should stay the way he is: A sweetheart.

    4. lucurious


      You constantly make me blush, Eraioon! :*

  15. Use my tight ass - m4m (Dover)


    body: curvy
    height: 6'0" (182cm)
    Weight: 150 lbs

    age: 45

    Looking for a host to fuck my tight ass, lube me up and shoot your load deep inside Must be a dom and take control make me do as told no matter how much I ask you to stop. I want someone to make me suck them until they are rock hard then bend me over spit on my hole and pile drive my tight hole.

    I love the way it feels when a cock explodes balls deep in my well used hole. Make me ask and beg for every drop of your cum.

    Also into a water sports. I have always wanted to try it but never get anyone to do it with me so I have to piss on my self if you want to piss on me HMU.


    I love this town I am working in. so many eager bottoms willing to take a massive load. This little bitch got a nice toxic load pumped deep in his hole. Then I just ground my cock around messaging it in until I flooded his guts with my hot piss.

    Once that was deposited I got rock hard again and fucked him until he blew his load on the bed.

    after I came I made him lick his own cum up and suck my cock dry before pissing over his face and chest.


    Enjoy the Gift Bitch and see you Thursday afternoon for another round.




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