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    Turning a NEG bottom into a toxic pig, Converting him and making him a part of me. show up neg and leave a toxic dump can you handle it?
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Looking for bottom boy's that want to be breed. tied down and used as a toxic cum dump. Come to me as a neg bottom and leave as a charged up whore filled with toxic loads..
    I will use you as I see fit, share your hole with my toxic bottom boy as well as my friends that love to take a boy's neg hole get piggy and convert you.

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  1. My boy at the gym this past weekend. He is such a good boy willing to do as his daddy tells him to. And he is still locked in his chastity cage. Building up a nice toxic load for a hot breeding session.


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    2. babyeddie71


      My boy is going on his 2nd month of being locked in that cage. I edge him every other day only to stop just before he can get the load off. and walk away making him suffer even more. Keeping him in an aroused state.

      I am sure when I let him breed a bottom boy again he will have a massive load built up and be able to pump more than one load into the boy.

    3. mjkuhl


      that will be one very lucky bottom

    4. ronnie4u


      YUMMY HOT and Delicious looking !  :P

  2. Looking for a young collage boy or young jock to play with here in Burlington VT. in my hotel room. Let me slowly seduce you and work my cock in until I am giving you a balls deep breeding.

    1. sexy1vt
    2. MSlave97


      Wish I was there, shame there's an ocean in the way :/

  3. Message me Boy. I will be back in Burlington today and have time to Breed that tight young collage jock hole of yours.

    Come to me and submit, give your hole to me. Let me inspect your body feel you up as I inspect you. I will suck that cock and edge you, rim that tight hole and slowly take you to the other side. Feel my load flood your guts as you are turned into the pig that you are.

    1. Bicycledude


      Love your predator attitude! 😈

    2. babyeddie71


      Hosting in my hotel room this evening for a boy that wants to take it bare back. come let me breed your tight boy hole feel my toxic load flood your guts as I bottom out and explode balls deep.

      All the while I whisper thats it boi take that toxic seed feel it taking over your body? I own you now.

      I want that hole tonight in my hotel room.

      Best Western.

      HMU for rm number boy

  4. Waking my boy up with some morning wood as well as a hot load of piss before I drill him long and hard.

    Raw breeding.jpg

    1. ronnie4u


      So Freaking HOT !  HOT !  Love to have a boy - breeding each morning - Pozzing him  and maybe inviting his younger brother over here !  :P

  5. Ah yes another young cum dump answered my add on CL I am going to enjoy breeding his tight hole. Just look at the photo he sent. he is going to be my cum dump for the entire day. said he has never been Bare Backed but wants to and wants to feel a hot load fill his hole.

    i said I will BB you but once my cock is in NO way can you change your mind and I will give you more than one load.

    Waiting for raw cock.jpg

    1. Chargedup


      that’s a pic from a bathhouse :)

      oh he’s been barebacked lol

    2. babyeddie71


      yes it is a pic from a bath house thats what he sent me in his reply

    3. ronnie4u


      Freaking Beautiful and Delicious - instant erection - ready to Breed him - Po him !  :P

  6. Breeding and seeding this hot young collage boy. He was in tears as I ripped his hole wide open with one balls deep thrust but I was gentle and calmed him down as I plowed his hole. Filling him repeatedly with my hot toxic cum. By the time I was done it was leaking from his hole so I fucked him one last time to ensure no more would leak out.

    Once done he dressed in his nylon track pants and UVM sweat shirt for his run back to his dorm room.

    Enjoy the gift boy and see you Sunday for another hard deep breeding.Flooded.jpg.08869f77b4d280c95a77a89c97aff05c.jpg


    Filled by 5 loads.jpg

    Filled with toxic seed.jpg

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    2. FilThFiendFtM


      Oh my God, your cum is so toxic it scorched the hair right off his ass!

    3. babyeddie71


      HAHA The first photo is of my boy. he took that UVM Collage boys load in his hole before I breed him. I wasnt sure how to tag the photo's

    4. ronnie4u


      Oh Fuck Yes !  Breed and Seed him with POZ juices - eating him - sharing kisses with the juices !  :P

  7. Lets see some photos of you boy. I think one of my leather collars would look good on you as you serve as my boy. Not to mention serve all of my boy's.

    Maybe even film it

    1. btmwsfun


      Opps replied to wrong thread. 

    2. pozbrad


      That'd be hot, and I've had men take pics and videos of me taking dick but I've always wanted to be filmed and have it posted online so all sorts of people could watch me take anon poz cum and get used...

  8. If I am ever in your area I will be sure to look you up. or shall I say bend you over after you strip like a good boy. make you my bottom for a day and make good use of you.



    1. acristofsen


      Well then I certainly hope you’re in my area sometime soon ;)

  9. I got an e-mail from a boy saying.

    Hey its Adam the Jock from VT that hooked up with you more than once for hot flip fucking. I know we did it bare and Never asked Stats. I just want to Inform you that I have tested HIV+ You need to go to the local clinic and get tested.

    Sorry to have to tell you such bad new's. I deeply regret the fact that I myself may have infected another guy.



    1. kckinkybtm
    2. btmwsfun


      Wish it were me getting  that status!  

  10. Come see me boy. I am sure we can have a lot of fun.

  11. Got the New bed all together this evening. I am sure many of boy's will be used and others locked under it waiting to be breed or locked in the built in stock as they swap spit with another boy as they are breed and used as a cum dump. Mean time I am going to break it in with my boy tonight when he gets home.


    1. alwaysready


      you sicko. lol.  very hot.

    2. FilThFiendFtM


      Holy hell, that looks like a cumpig's Disneyland- who built it for you? If they have a site or something, I'd love to check it out.

    3. babyeddie71


      A friend and I have been building it for well over a year. we just now got it together and have it so everything works the way it should.

  12. This UVM Collage boy is about to have his world rocked by me. he will always remember the evening that his boy hole was breed and turned into a toxic cum dump

    breeding time.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. babyeddie71


      I told him seance he asked all he said is OMG I have always wanted to be breed by a dom top and turned into a pig. I was sure he would back out and beg me not to unload in him but he didn't he begged for it and yelled please knock me up make me a pig I want it i need it.

    3. backpackguy


      Yup, a bareback cum dump whore at heart!!!!!! Take that Poz cock and charged load you whore!!!! :drool:

    4. ronnie4u


      OMG !  HOT and Delicious plus a Huge Dick - in Love - Breeding and Poz seeding him !  :P

  13. I love it when I have a monster load built up. I just sank my morning wood into my boy's hole as he was still asleep and gave him the best Christmas gift a boy could ever get. A 8 day load.

    1. mjkuhl


      You are too kind.  8 day load would be a real gift

  14. Show us that Hole boy spread those cheeks and let us see that cute puckered hole. Beg for it boy

  15. My boy took his first Fist last night. By the time we were done he was gaping so wide we were able to grease up a baseball bat and slide it into his hole. he groaned and moaned like it he loved it and begged for us to go deeper with the bat.

    By the time we were done we could stand behind him and piss into his gaping hole as if it was a urinal. He loved the scalding hot piss splashing into his hole. I had the other boy licking his hole and lapping up the piss as it leaked out of his hole



    1. Fistulike666


      i'd love to welcum him to the Bbrotherhood of Ffisters

    2. mjkuhl


      mmmm, want to play with you and your bois

    3. ronnie4u


      OMG ! YES !  YES !  I want to be Fisted @ !    :P

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