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    Turning a NEG bottom into a toxic pig, Converting him and making him a part of me. show up neg and leave a toxic dump can you handle it?
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    Looking for bottom boy's that want to be breed. tied down and used as a toxic cum dump. Come to me as a neg bottom and leave as a charged up whore filled with toxic loads..
    I will use you as I see fit, share your hole with my toxic bottom boy as well as my friends that love to take a boy's neg hole get piggy and convert you.

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  1. I love it when I have a monster load built up. I just sank my morning wood into my boy's hole as he was still asleep and gave him the best Christmas gift a boy could ever get. A 8 day load.

    1. mjkuhl


      You are too kind.  8 day load would be a real gift

  2. Show us that Hole boy spread those cheeks and let us see that cute puckered hole. Beg for it boy

  3. My boy took his first Fist last night. By the time we were done he was gaping so wide we were able to grease up a baseball bat and slide it into his hole. he groaned and moaned like it he loved it and begged for us to go deeper with the bat.

    By the time we were done we could stand behind him and piss into his gaping hole as if it was a urinal. He loved the scalding hot piss splashing into his hole. I had the other boy licking his hole and lapping up the piss as it leaked out of his hole



    1. Fistulike666


      i'd love to welcum him to the Bbrotherhood of Ffisters

    2. mjkuhl


      mmmm, want to play with you and your bois

  4. x prohibited[?]

    Posted 7 days ago



    12 New Cases of HIV in the Area - m4m (Burlington)



    age: 25

    There are 12 new documented cases of HIV in Chittenden County and the surrounding area. All cases are among gay men and most have a connection to the parTy scene (crystal meth) and are younger men (20's-30's). Many people are unaware of their status or have no problem lying or not disclosing. Get tested, get on PreP. If you don't know what PreP is google.


    I wonder who is passing along the gift in Burlington??????? I know I have gifted a couple willing boys but who else is gifting in the VT area??????

  5. You figure out what they are waiting for. all I know is they will both go home with hot toxic loads deep there tight hole.

    2 hot jocks cuffed waiting to be breed.jpg

    1. mjkuhl
    2. backpackguy


      Yup, lucky sluts...well on their way being the Poz bareback cum whores they have been dreaming about...on their backs, legs raised high and wide, awaiting daddy's toxic fuck stick!! :drool:

  6. This bottom boy begged for my hard cock and begged me to pound his hole with long deep thrust until I exploded balls deep in his well used hole. He came to me tight and left lose and sloppy with 3 loads of steaming hot toxic cum in his hole. Enjoy the gift boy and I hope to plow you again while I am in town. I like the things you are into and love the way you begged for my cock calling me Sir every time you spoke.



    Bubble butt for anon pump and dump - m4m (Burlington)



    body: fit
    height: 5'11" (180cm)
    status: single

    age: 34

    I wanna be face down, ass up when you walk in. You get on top, slap your cock around on my asscheeks, lube up and fuck me until you unload. I'm young, cute and I have an amazing ass that needs to be filled. Send a cock and body pic. No need for face if you're DL. I'm 5'11", one seventy five. Negative. Your stats Don't matter to me I just want hot loads in my tight hole. Hit me up boys, I'm waiting.


  7. Come and get it boy. I am in VT and have the day free. you know you want to crawl up to my on your knees and suck it. get it hard and wet. then you know what happens after that boy.

    Can you take the entire thing??????????????

    Come and get it boy.jpg

    1. breederjock


      idk if i could take the entire thing but i don't think it should matter. pin me down and make me take it al

    2. babyeddie71


      @ breederjock Trust me if I ever get a chance to breed you, I plan on slowly working it in then let you relax and open up as I hold it still then when I ask if you want it and you say yes Sir I plan on sinking it balls deep in one thrust. making you take every inch with each and every thrust until I explode balls deep in that tight hole.

  8. I worked it in slow and by the end of the deep breeding this collage slut was begging for my load. so I gave it to him Balls deep. Not just one load I worked his hole and fucked my load deeper until I exploded a second load into him. It was hot sweaty man on man fun with lots of cum. I loved filling him balls deep with my hot toxic load.

    Enjoy and see you Monday as planned after your Classse's

    balls deep load number 2.jpg

    filling him with cum.jpg

    1. mjkuhl


      another job well done and what's worth doing is worth doing well.

    2. btmwsfun


      I am going to one day take the plung and beg to be bb seroman’s grandson

  9. @babyeddie71 youve been to a rough stock roundup?!?! ive always wanted to go

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. breederjock


      that's so fucking hot!

    3. AZRawPig



      My type of action...I like all these tats and being totally uninhibited makes me completely crazy.  You remind me of someone like this, too.

    4. breederjock


      i wanna get fucked up and used by a group! all my senses on and feeling pure pleasure of every cock

  10. I love the fact collage is back in session here in NH.

    this boy wanted it and he got it not just a hard cock balls deep but a special welcome back to collage gift. Enjoy and spread it around.

    Posted 25 minutes ago



    Hot Ass Needs a HUGE cock!! - m4m (Manchester)


    image 3 of 3

    body: athletic
    weight: 180
    height: 6'0" (182cm)
    status: single

    age: 38

    Hosting in Manchester and looking for a HOT TOP to fuck this tight ass. I'm 38 6' 180, good looking, nice body, hot ass!! Looking for a HUNG TOP who's in shape and under 45. Find me blindfolded wearing only a jock with my ass up. Come in, lube up your cock and my ass and fuck me good!! Please reply with age, stats and cock pic. Mine attached!!
    1. Calvo7992


      Wish that were me, lucky bitch 

  11. Fuck yea... neg willing hole here also in NY 


    1. mjkuhl


      do you ever get to Florida

    2. babyeddie71


      No I don't sorry


  12. Good boy keep sucking that hard cock get it nice and wet so I can sink it into your tight little pussy and make you whimper as I bottom out.

    You will learn to be a good slave by the time I am done with you.

    good boy.jpg

    1. hole4use222
    2. mjkuhl


      nursing on the most special of milks

    3. backpackguy


      Fuck...that cock slave is so fuckin cute...know daddy has already impregnated him and marked him 4 life...lucky boi!!!!

  13. would love to be a toxic cumhole to a hot guy like you, and all your aids friends!!  this faggot needs new strains inside it!!

  14. I would get you all sloppy drunk then bring you back and breed you. pump you full of my toxic cum as well as fill your hole with my hot piss then place you in a diaper with a plug in your hole until your body absorbs every drop of my fluid. when I am done you will be sent on your way in a diaper for you to use as a urinal piss yourself and be a pig

  15. Piss up the ass

    I love to flood my boy's hole with my hot morning piss after I fuck him. once I have him full and I pull out I place the inflatable but plug in his hole and pump it up. then make him stay face down until it is all absorbed into his body.

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