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    Gym fit bottom guy, love lots of cock and loads! Cum whore and load taker...
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    Wanna be pozzed by a group of tops or 2/3 big muscle hung bodybuilder wrecking my hole and loading with their toxic cum for a porn movie.
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    Open minded bottom, love a good sleazy parTy session.. More power bottom than passive and more sleazy than vanilla... Love getting my hole filled and bred...
    Happy to go with the flow...

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  1. Have a hotel room booked for night of 1st November in Canary Wharf and looking for poz tops to stop by to use and load my hole with their cum! Door will be unlocked to walk straight in and I’ll be ready blindfolded on the bed for your raw hard cock… Message me if interested +447789895864
  2. thank for follow. I'll follow back. Having fun with dirty poz talk! 

    1. Willin_ass


      Cheers for the follow back! Love Sleazy poz talk...

    2. PozTalkAuthor


      i'm horny as fuck! Would brush your hole and ask you to ride me

  3. Fuckin'☣️ink~!🐷 Please share your pix, and adventures. Pigs like you make visiting BZ the best part of my day. Thanks for your follow too. Followed back. X🔱X

  4. Hi there Willin, thanks for following me here at BZ 😈

    1. Willin_ass


      No worries and very welcome! 😈

  5. Name: Ricardo Telephone number: +447789895864 Age: 50 (look more like 42) Hight: 182cm Weight: 70kg Location.: UK, can host in Worthing (south coast) or travel as far as London, Portsmouth, Brighton, Eastbourne. Available 5 days out of 7 and most evenings. Experienced neg BB bottom with an ass that can take large sized cocks and always ready that craves to be filled with cum, poz loads . Being a Blindfolded anon cumdump and / or whored out for serving any tops craving to fuck and breed. Other sleezy is enjoyed.
  6. Would love to be your cumdump bottom for you to use and load with your toxic spunk!

  7. I'm interested LDN_CUMDUMP on Kik
  8. Any London based tops need a cumdump for the night? HnH, with a neg ass ready raw cock and filling with cum... Poz and toxic loads are my favourite.. DM me
  9. London Cumdump SW London based but happy to travel if preferred or host Age 39, 6ft, 69kg slim and hairy Will have jocks on, butt plug inserted to keep my hole ready for you to slide your raw cock in and keep any loads inside my hole to soak in.... Available anytime, contact number is +447789895864
  10. Would love to be a daddies bottom cum dump for their use...
  11. Experienced bottom here, good deep hole, looking for a couple of Hung poz bodybuilders or more to fuck, use and distroy my hole! So turned on by muscle guys and would love a couple to do the honour of breeding me with their poz loads! Happy for more to join or get my hole pimped out to other poz tops to add theirs.. very sleazy and up for most things - get very turned on begging for poz loads and looking into the tops eyes as he dumps his dirty seed.. free at the end of July, message me
  12. Got picked up by a guy off gaydar on Saturday eve... Was in bed and just about to go to sleep when a hot guy, big thick cock pinged me a message and said the magic "I prefer to fuck BB...". He picked me up and took me back to his place.... We started to make out - he was a great kisser which always turns me on... We stripped and he had a hard thick 8 inch cock and was gagging for it... He pushed me to the sofa on 4s, using some spit he started to finger and rim me opening my hole for his thick cock... I could feel his cock poised on my hole when he reached over to cover my nose with his jock strap soaked in popper and started to push in whilst I took a deep breath... My hole opened and loosened up nicely taking him deep inside me... He started to fucked me slow at first, almost withdrawing but slamming deep in me again. He then took me to the bedroom, as I was walking I could feel the air around my open hole... He pushed me to the bed, on my back, legs up and began to really use my hole. Fucking it pushing and slamming his cock deep in me when without warning he slammed his cock right in and unloaded his 5 day load all in me! This cause me to explode across my chest... Afterwards we showered together - his cock was hard and he slid back in me. He fucked me again but no load tho... My ass was nicely loose and sloppy - I bent down to pick up my towel and nearly lost some cum... We went back to the lounge and chilled out naked, watching porn where we both got horny again... He took me back to the bedroom and fucked and owned my ass again.... He dropped me off at 4am, with a used, filled and sloppy hole.. Kept in in me all night..
  13. Hey, I commute between Richmond and Canary Wharf daily and looking for regular hung top guys who can accommodate where I can stop by and basically get my ass fucked!! Me: Neg, good looking 6ft gym toned bottom! 32w, 42ch, 7in thick cock.. Bit of a slutty power bottom - love long thick cock deep in my tight hole! You: Neg or undetectable, fit, good looking, under 47, hung with cock that know how to work a hole and who can send me away satisfied but wanting to come back for more. For this, I'm looking for fuck and go! Wouldn't say no to 3/4somes.. I travel either via Waterloo using the South West Trains and Jubilee line or via Clapham Junction using the Overground and Canada Water. Someone who lives within close proximity would be ideal. Travel between 8.00 and 9.00 and 17.30 and 19.00. Let me know so we can arrange a horny meet! Ricardo
  14. I got double fuck once and it was the hottest thing! Both had nice sizeable dicks! One of the guys cum in me quite quickly, he finished so I continued with the other guy! I remember him then fucking be so deep and intense as my hole had opened up and could feel the looseness and cum sloping around! Made me cum and him too.... I think it was the best fuck I've had.....so far!
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