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    London, UK.
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go with reliable and friendly guys younger or around my age. Vers but getting more Bott for loading-up.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go.
    BDSM or Restraint Sub for Group sessions too?
    Don't do Chems (due to employment random checks)

    KIK account : edwardlondonuk

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  1. Keep trying. Just get fucked by anyone. Don't analyse Status too much and get a toothbrush to scrape out/in your arse to get more +DNA into your blood stream.
  2. London . want your cum, mate.

  3. edwardsquirt's netwo Thats' my username I think...
  4. I guess we - bottoms - need is at least one high viral load Top to do a line-up fuck/breed session. say, five bottoms (not on prep) in a row and taking squirts from a poz loader...
  5. Hole here to use in London most weekends.
  6. I've added my details to this TELEGRAM group - and even got a mate to get his stuff on the community group. It's great that it's LONDON focussed. My mate said it was better than the bloated GRINDR. He posted he details he hooked up with a vers guy within an hour (lucky fucka!). The group is straight to the point (and weeds out non-Londoners and the greedy rent boys). Fucking hot guys (majority #bb) Recommended but be in London. The group has a separate group page for just images (so the main group is text only). The group is defo not set-up by scammers or bots.
  7. when the fuckstick is as thick as a 6" or more girth than I have to snort .
  8. cheers for the follow man.

    1. edward21uk


      always a pleasure if you leave my hole dripping... :2thumbs:

    2. MygoalUrhole
  9. Thanks for following me man :)

  10. Was that in Brighton? that's where I got my hole raped... if it was could have been the same Sado/Master?
  11. Option #3. I had a BDSM session with a older Sadist who welted my arse with cane and tawse for a couple of hours and then after sucking his cock he just forced his cock in my arse and rabbit fucked me for a few minutes and dumped a load. On the train going home, clenching his cum in my hole I had realised that it was rape. I had no option being gagged and cuffed.
  12. My gray trackies are showing damp cum spots from jerking off over this story. dick hardening stuff.
  13. Thanks for the follow. 

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