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    London, UK.
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go with reliable and friendly guys younger or around my age.
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    KIK edward21uk - Update: OH, NO! I got suspended - must have been too extreme :)
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go.
    BDSM or Restraint Sub for Group sessions too?
    Cannot do Chems (due to employment random checks)

    Sorry if I'm slow in responding to KIK msgs - to many pervs sending me pervy-pix (not that I'm complaining)

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  1. Biker Rally

    The words "..high viral load..." always gets my cock hard as fuck. Whisper those words in my ear the second your cock pulses in my arse, and then bite my neck. Mark me and seed me.
  2. Asian guy bb and networking!

    Fuking slut
  3. He Flooded My Guts

    Thanks mate - I was trying not to get too HARD this afternoon. Didn't work > hot story.
  4. Anonymous loads

    In the last five years or so, the Anon Meat has become so fucking horny for me. Love the fact that, even though you've checked out pics online, there's a few diamonds in the rough who just how to push me over, spit on my hole and just slide all the fucking way in. And I get off on the dirty taboo verbal I get. I'll give back as much that I get. I avoid Craig List in London UK as it's full of flakes and wank-fodderists who just get off on posting an ad.
  5. Sub Boy Jamal

    Like most? The young piece of meat surrendering to anyone with a dick - like to see the Lad on a Biker Weekend or at a queers' Retirement Home.
  6. horned-up after reading your story - things change !

    1. Need2submit


      Thanks so much for the feedback!  I’m glad it had that effect on you!  More coming soon!

    2. edward21uk


      Then give me a four-day heads-up so I can get a load stored-up for creaming into my Fleshlight (which I then always lick-out... waste-not wank-not!)

  7. My balls are aching for the next chapter. Jessie and a cumdump slut what could go wrong...
  8. any more chapters on MAKING A GOOD BOY, dude?

  9. Making a Good Boy

    More chapters, please. fucking hot. My balls need draining and my hole charged.
  10. Journey Into Lust

    What ! Only one Chapter... My balls are Charged and ready to blow.
  11. Business Daddy

    Make me want to get a brand new toothbrush, brush my teeth and them force it into my hole, scrapping the walls ready for my next Toxic Seed to take hold.
  12. Wet Spot in the Office

    A job with benefits - an instant rise for me.
  13. Excellent Conversion story, mate. If I was your neighbourhood I'd be ready to be the centre of your inspiration; neg to poz. Thanks for the instant boner! 

    1. RBinWeHo


      hey stud! thanks for the kind words ... happy to hear my perv fantasies got your cock hard. 

      here's my tumblr:  http://barebackfan.tumblr.com/

  14. hi   nice cock pic  I love to  be  your dbsm retrain  sub   where London are you 

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