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    Tops for milking into my arse. May be BDSM Sub work too.

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  1. Always a warm & juicy welcome in London. The Terrorists will never defeat our spirit of making sure Tourists have a good time.
  2. When I'm being fucked I like to concentrate on his dick/my hole and forget about my cock cumming. BUT I have one regular Top who feeds me Viagra as he likes to see a really hard cock flaying around when I ride him. Otherwise, I'll whack off at home whilst fingering a three-load hole. Yum.
  3. My fleshlight - still wet with cum from two days ago, and starting to congeal & stink - has been sinking down on my cock so hard. I need a neighbour or a UPS delivery man to use me...
  4. Yes. Sir; I always 'submit' to nig-bollocks.
  5. Buy an Oystercard first off... and then get my tongue in your hole.
  6. Incest gallery - You fucking perv getting off on Dad's abusing their lads !!!! Well done; keep it up :) 

    1. Sydneybbfuck


      Well talk about stating the bleeding obvious! No better match for Dad.

      And Happy Father's Day.

  7. Black, Arab or Chinese cock, plus white dick too.
  8. Dirty fucka. Good boy.
  9. It's the pervy dirty kinky talk that I love to hear when I've got my arse in the air and being seeded. And of my answers usually are "Fuck yes, Sir".
  10. Before hooking up with a Top, I always have my shaft, balls and arse hole as I know there's bound to be some rimming by him. I prefer the Top to be shaved too...
  11. Don't dip your toes in; dip your dick in my hole and shoot.
  12. Nothing better than that ANON off-loading dick. I love Arab guys - always beefy, and hung, and they always love dirty. pervy, rough talk. Arab married men love the abuse they give to a whitey like me....
  13. Hail the PeniSS.

  14. Answered your "are you a cumdump?" question - I think I am :)

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