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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go.
    BDSM or Restraint Sub for Group sessions too?
    Cannot do Chems (due to employment random checks)

    Sorry if I'm slow in responding to KIK msgs - to many pervs sending me pervy-pix (not that I'm complaining)

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  1. should a sub follow his Dom's commands????

    1 would you comply? and why yes or no 2 does complying make you a Dom at that moment or just a good sub that knows how to follow orders. Answer: 1 Yes. It's his pleasure, and mine to 'obey'. Answer: 2 The later. Though I sometimes hesitate to follow just get a cheeky-slap (nice)
  2. Thanks. My cock is as expected hard as fuck, and butt-plug sat on . Next chapter?
  3. He Wanted To Make Me Gape...

    Thanks for an instant hard-on, mate. Now I have to go to work >
  4. Casting, Drugs and twinks - excellent fiction, mister; keep writing and i'll keep wanking off.

  5. An Evening at the Baths

    Fuck. Reading this at work - bad idea. dick's had as fuckin stone. Cheers.
  6. Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    Love the kinky Married blokes who, if the clothes fit, want me in his wife's tights that he rips a through to fuck me in. I guess some ball-and-chains cannot be bothered to wash their arses out for a fucks. They're missing out.
  7. Thanks for following!!

    1. edward21uk


      NP fella - keep fucking!

  8. Bottoming At A Fuck Party

    Wine enema - anyone can say it that's freakingly hot. What about whisky?
  9. So, do we discuss Kevin Spacey here - or ignore him?

    Accuser, Rapp is as he says "queer". During a 1997 interview with Oasis Magazine, the actor explained his sexual identity as "queer" rather than "gay": "I don't want to get into labels, but I've never labeled myself except to say I'm queer. The thing that's been most important to me to be out about is that I have been in loving relationships with men...I haven't said 'I am gay. Perhaps, Rapp lead Spacey on a merry-dance (!) on that night only for Spacey to reject any sexual contact... and now it's Rapp "pay-back" time to destroy one of entertainment's best actors/producers?
  10. So, do we discuss Kevin Spacey here - or ignore him? Horseplay with Rapp when he was a minor without any sexual contact; was there consent? And where were his parents or chaperone, and why was he the last person to stay at the Spacey party, and did he agree to stay? - They're to blame? Was actor Rapp enamoured by Spacey and sexually aware (at the age he was, I certainly was sexually active with 18+ guys)? And why wait 25+ years to complain (is it because he's now got a TV role on a major syndicated [sort of] show - STAR TREK) ?
  11. shoot inside

    Fuck yes... the twitching vein ands contracting bollocks when it unloads is the best POV in porn.
  12. Treasure Island's Dawson (poz porn star)

    He is the sleaziest fucka in the history of (male-Gay porn) I reckon. Love all his stuff, esp with arse-to-mouth clean-up duties.
  13. Best douching techniques

    ... and Solgar Psyllium Husks Fiber 500 mg Vegetable Capsules - 200 Vegicaps work too as an aid to internal cleaning. Available (for UK guys) on AMAZON in the UK for £11.35 (price correct at 26.10.2017). Or you could use SENOKOT tablets too?
  14. You're not wrong. I don't use illegal drugs and just try to get a connection with guys but you know that they've 'popped' something. Brains like a goldfish! Poppers is the limit to my 'use' . Is that sad?

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