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    Getting fucked.
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    Tops for milking into my arse.

    Maybe BDSM Restraint Sub for Group sessions too.

    Sorry if I'm slow in responding to KIK msgs - to many pervs sending me pervy-pix (not that I'm complaining)

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  1. Fuck my cock is rock. Seeding parties are the best...random loads of Russian roulette DNA.
  2. who here as bb forever and is still neg

    1983 - First fucked a guy (both same age...) after meeting him at a sci-fi convention. (By about 1985 he'd got the bug > and still hanging on in there) 1985 - Started 'bottoming' bare > no condoms since. Sometimes, I like ditching my Receiver trait to fuck-n-load-up a hot-hole (last was a London [UK] foursome and fucked both the Poz Fist-Takers as bare as the day I was born )
  3. Getting your ass more 'open'?

    To keep my hole open as much as (medically) possible I do the following: washout thoroughly > squeeze Johnson's Baby Oil into my arse > spray a few pumps of cock-delaying-lotion into to it > snort poppers (BERLIN or English blend) > grease-up a 6" circumference veiny dildo > lie back and watch Treasure Island Media vids > and repeat for an hour... It's the delay-spray that keeps any hard pain from a rough dildo fuck... and don't wank. Concentrate on your hole.
  4. Why can't I stop barebacking?

    Thanks for giving me another hard-on, Mister; My Tops love ploughing me with another geezer's load in me already. Very sloppy.
  5. Dad's Basement

    Multiple fucks by Truckers took me back when I was a teen during the summer holidays. Love sucking sweaty bollocks before a rough fuck head forced down in a toilet stall....
  6. Cheating top

    Boy, you should be happy that he's keeping his dick in top quality ready for your hole breeding. The more he fucks holes the better he'll get at pounding you pussy longer... when he comes home, suck his knob and taste the last ass he's fucked and see if your own cock DOESN'T get stone hard... Stop whining and get your ass washed-out and up raised.
  7. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  8. I love the evil look in my regular's eyes - it just says "I've just seeded you deep, fag, and your hole is mine. I'll be hard again in 30-minutes..."
  9. Last Load(s) - 30 June 2017

    Thanks, Japbtm - needing a few sloppy loads dumped in to my arse this weekend in London... love fingering my hole after a deep soaking , and sucking the meat fresh from it. cum and arse juice - fuckin' tasty.
  10. hi   fellow   cumdump   look forward   to getting

    men   to  use    both    my hole   fuck   till can    hear

    my sloppy  fuck   hole   butt   on   the  new   chat    

    2014-12-30 14-05-40.170.jpg

    1. michaelcross


      waiting for Mr Right to buy me one of these

      Here's my  alternative....



    2. cumwhore22


      yes     some   start   with   the  CB  there  are 

      different   sizes   it    can   take  about   2   weeks

      only   be  able   to  take  it   off  to have a shower  

      and  wash    worthless  cock  now  like  a  boy  clit   how  there  

      is    a   pink   one   to

      2015-12-05 09-51-52.367.jpg

  11. Black Cock

    Sir, you should never doubt it
  12. Last Load(s) - 30 June 2017

    Last night I hooked-up with my regular top over on Portobello Road, London, UK, after spending the afternoon washing out my arse and then working my hole with a vibrator until it was gaping open as I took a few snorts of poppers. When I arrived at his place I went through the usual no-nonsense welcome, which consisted of knocking at the door, and when it opened, being ordered to "Get upstairs and strip." Also as usual I was instructed to undress the top, and to sniff his balls and slide my tongue up to his knob, sucking until it was hard. I might add, also as usual, his dick smelled of his last fuck and of having been stuffed into his briefs all-day while he was at his office. At any event, it didn't take long to get him up. When he was at full mast I climbed onto the bed, asshole up and checks spread. He worked my hole over with his tongue, spat on my hole, rubbed his knob against my asslips, and then pushed right in. That's where the vibrator came in: having used it before hand, the hole readily opened-up for him. Then it's an hour of shoulders-down hole-up, feet on his chest deep fucking. At one point I grunted "I need a drink," to which he dribbled spit down into my opened mouth as he plowed me. After this he picked-up his speed, truly leaving me unable to remember to breathe, after which he shot his load. Three loads later, his poz flat-mate, who is a fuckin' fit Norwegian, came jome from work. I wasn't objecting when, ten minutes after he walked through the door, the roommate seeded my arse hole. He must have been saving a load as he dumped an exceptionally big load. Afterwards I was told to piss off home. Glad I could serve and I'm ready for the next 'Use'.
  13. hot cunt

    1. edward21uk


      cheers mister - mainly a sloppy cunt :)

  14. Hi Edward, thanks very much for following ;)

  15. My Dirty Nephew

    Okay, that's it. I have to stop reading BZ stories - my dick's getting way too sore and having not had a shower from yesterday my skin smells so ripe... under the skin tastes good too.

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