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    London, UK.
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go with reliable and friendly guys younger or around my age.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go.
    BDSM or Restraint Sub for Group sessions too?
    Cannot do Chems (due to employment random checks)

    New pervy taboo KIK account : edwardlondonuk
    Telegram account: @EdwardSquirt

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  1. edward21uk

    Perv/taboo Chat

    invite me over for a bb session, perv. on bbrts?
  2. edward21uk

    Perv/taboo Chat

    get me over to your place/hotel, lube-up, breed me whilst watching yng incst porn you have...
  3. edward21uk

    Perv/taboo Chat

    KIK edwardlondonuk
  4. edward21uk

    Sub needs advice

    I buy the net from an overseas recognised supplier whose drugs are randomly tested in the UK for potency and all have passed strict UK tests.
  5. edward21uk

    Sub needs advice

    I can send you PreP supplier that I use. Details come via Terence Higgins Trust and NHS,
  6. edward21uk

    Alexandria BB Fuck Party

    A cute fuckable face Hello, matey...
  7. edward21uk

    What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    ... and 'youth' breeding?
  8. edward21uk

    What kind of topics turns u on the most?

    Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Yes. Yes. Fuck yes.
  9. edward21uk

    The Conversion Club

    Okay my morning hard dick has just got harder...
  10. Nice cock fella. Ever come up north? If you’re around yorkshire, let me know and I’ll give you a nice hot load ;)

    1. edward21uk


      in Yorks over Christmas 2017. sure, slide in and breed me a few times and I'll do the same to you. Or hook-up with a TOPositive to seed us both.

  11. edward21uk

    I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    100% correct - a bottom is there is milk a Top's dick and give a hole for his spunk to seed into. I hate the feeling of a cock just after its pulled out - but a slap-on-the-ass as a non-verbal "good fuck" is recompense.
  12. edward21uk

    Thanking the top?

    Always say THANKS. And if I'm stay for more I always keep my arse-cheeks clenched together so my hole is 'cum-lubed' & ready for his next fuck after his rest. (fingers crossed I like to make sure he's fully drained after his third nutz - and then he can say 'fuck off bitch').
  13. edward21uk

    should a sub follow his Dom's commands????

    1 would you comply? and why yes or no 2 does complying make you a Dom at that moment or just a good sub that knows how to follow orders. Answer: 1 Yes. It's his pleasure, and mine to 'obey'. Answer: 2 The later. Though I sometimes hesitate to follow just get a cheeky-slap (nice)
  14. Thanks. My cock is as expected hard as fuck, and butt-plug sat on . Next chapter?
  15. edward21uk

    He Wanted To Make Me Gape...

    Thanks for an instant hard-on, mate. Now I have to go to work >

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