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    London, UK.
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go with reliable and friendly guys younger or around my age. Vers but getting more Bott for loading-up.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Long sessions with Tops or just Anon fuck-and-go.
    BDSM or Restraint Sub for Group sessions too?
    Don't do Chems (due to employment random checks)

    KIK account : edwardlondonuk

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  1. No discussion; Tops use, Bottoms take. Anytime. Raw only.
  2. Just home from a long session - which I only expected to last an hour or so - with Top (found a hook-up site) in Notting Hill gate (London). Poz Top just kept getting fucking hard and woke up hard (secretly hoping he hadn't as my hole was still gaping from his relentless screwing). Knew how to aim at my prostate and fuck it. wasn't interested in getting sucked but loved getting his arse licked. Happy to do. He did offer to 'toothbrush' my arse for his poz load (even though he was UD+) to give the fuck sesh an edge. so tempted. Best part? An hour ago when he said 'fuck off cumdump'. LOVE a verbal Top who knows how to make a Sub feel needed. First time with that 7" Fucka - waiting for 2nd sesh.
  3. In London, hit up SCRUFF hook-ups and found a visitor from Brazil on holiday staying in local Premier Inn hotel. Within 20 minutes he was over at my place mouth round my hole getting it wet and me sucking his 6" fat dick (hung bollocks) and then he rode me like a rodeo champ. the sexy south American accent was hot very verbal - especially when he said "want toxic cum". I was like a pig in mud. fuck yeah. a quick fuck session but hole stretched raw again. (first fuck for a long while without lube... nice one!)
  4. Hi. You going to write any more chapters of HAIL MASTER? fucking hot story.


  5. Kings Cross Angel borders :0
  6. Yes. It should then the fear will have gone. Stopping PrEP now (I frequently forget when I've taken it anyway). always search for raw loading lads on hook-up sites
  7. Last week as i was observing - from within my gym in Kings Cross - a homeless guy walking back and forward and then sitting under a railway bridge. after the session, when to the supermarket and bought the rough-looking guy some fruit and sandwiches. He's a intelligent guy, mildly autistic he said. he's my next prey to get fucked by. need to get him back to my place, get him in the shower… thanks for the idea.
  8. with so much obligation with friends, family and life (like cruising the local Waitrose at 2100 ) it is hard to tie yourself down to a future date. Ask me for a fuck tomorrow night and I'll wash-out and take a load. But knowing what I'm doing in two weeks? difficult
  9. First time with regular spanker doing BDSM on me. Collared (then attached to ceiling plate/hook to be strung up) with hands cuffed (roped to another ceiling hook), and legs spread with metal bar... after about 90 minutes of that he dribbled lube into crack and slide in. Had no option. Fucking deep ride. Loaded me up (he's never discussed his Status). Then he put on more tension around my collar by hoisting me up further... strange feeling being 'hung' that made my arse voluntarily opened and cum flowed. Yes; I will going back for more. Waiting for invite.

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