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    Uninhibited cum dump looking for loads. Guys that shoot big loads and can go multiple times are real turn on.

    Occasionally, flipping and swapping loads can be fun.

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  1. near middletown looking for ass to seed...

  2. Looking for tops in the Hudson Valkey. I’m always looking for loads.
  3. I had about 11 over the course of a few hours. Felt awesome
  4. Awhile back had one stud fuck me over the course of 5 hours and took 10 loads. Could of went another 5 hours no problem.
  5. You're a stud. Damn hot

  6. Thanks for request. Hot pic

  7. You can load me up anytime

  8. Very hot dude... I'd go all the way for you

  9. To have a poz twink or two spend a week breeding my ass and knocking me up.
  10. You are one hot stud. You can breed me as much as you want

  11. Damn, wish I was in France

  12. I want to be your bottoms boys cum dump

  13. You're one hot stud. Love to have you poz me

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