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    hung twink to muscle heads...a tight hole and big cock go a long way...really like breeding and being bred

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  1. near middletown with seed to dump
  2. near middletown looking for ass to seed...

  3. SO I am staying in Newark one saturday night and trying to find the best hotel to be able to host my ass up and take as many loads as possible... Any recommendations? Best Western by Rutgers and the train station?? Let me know if anyone has experience with them...Need to find a place with easy access for cock to come breed me
  4. I agree this is the BEST story I have read and fell in lust with...you tapped in to a small portion of my college days PLEASE keep it going as long as you can...
  5. Any hung tops in Orange County or good spots to take anonymous loads? Im really looking to open up and take as many loads as possible
  6. hit me up I want to breed your ass...44 mscl daddy white shy of 8

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