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  1. Testing when starting prep

    Kidney function test don't matter much when you do them. But you really want to make absolutely sure you are HIV- before starting PrEP to avoid getting resistance to Truvada.
  2. Exactly How Much Do You Pay For Prep?

    A generic version was approved by the FDA. It doesn't mean it's going to be released If its released it will still likely be expensive because there will be only one alternative.
  3. First Generic Version of Truvada

    A couple of notes: 1) This does not mean Teva is going to sell this in the USA any time soon... Some Truvada patents are still standing until 2021. FDA has approved many other HIV generics for PEPFAR 2) In the case they do sell them, price may be lower, but not much lower. Let's say $750. Half of Truvada. This may actually be AWFUL news for patients. Why? Because at $700ish, the generic will NOT have copay assistance, insurance companies will force you to use the generic, and patients will have to pay the cost of copays and deductibles 100%. With many plans these days have $1000ish deductibles the price for PrEP may go up significantly for people at checkout. POZ.com has a nice writeup about the nuances of all this: https://www.poz.com/article/fda-approves-generic-truvada
  4. Next Case of Seroconversion

    There's lots of bug-chasing dreamers around here who don't view PrEP very positively because diminishes the fun. All these anti-PrEP comments here need to viewed in that context...
  5. Did they go away on their own? Or you had something done at the docs
  6. RPR/VDRL quantitative is considered negative less than 1:8. It should go to RPR/VDRL negative with time 1-2 years....unless you reinfect yourself. Your varying RPRs maybe normal while the settle into neg territory BTW, the number of loads doesn't matter for syphilis. Syphilis is passed on through skin contact with a chancre. The number of partners is probably more of a factor than the loads. And yes, daily doxy seems to be a PrEP of sorts of Syphilis!
  7. PREP Cumdumps, how many loads still negative?

    I've sort of have the same feeling. Since i've been on PrEP I've probably fucked bare top and/or bottom getting close to a thousand times in a five year period, seems likely. Then I've got 4-5 instances of easily treatable STDs that have been swiftly taken care of due to PrEP protocol. I'm pretty sure I'll slow down sooner than later. This pace of hookups is not sustainable for me. These STD rate is quite a reasonable price to pay for me given all the fun for the time being.
  8. bred by cop

    Same here. Hated getting fucked, was very bothersome to me. Until one day someone did it raw to me and "I saw the light". Condoms were the problem all along.
  9. PREP Cumdumps, how many loads still negative?

    You can get Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or syphilis easily without ass play. I've got the first two from sucking cock in the past. While BB makes it a bit more likely you'll catch something, if you really don't want to catch anything your only solution is to abstain.
  10. PReP Ignorance

    In Spain here, and PrEP is still largely unknown in the gay community, even by those people who frequent the gay venues. Main factor, like in the UK, is there is no official approval or way to get it from the healthcare system, and because of that, there is no effort to promote it (why promote something that is not available?) There's obviously quite a bit of underground/worth of mouth/generic imports movement going on, but it's no substitute for full blown promotion campaigns that come once a protocol has been officially approved. And it won't happen until we get PrEP the right way.
  11. In socal looking to get on prep

    Any regular doctor can prescribe, but they may be uncomfortable with it. Ask for any gay doctor around you, they should know.
  12. Going off PrEP

    Was/Is your POZ friend not on meds and therefore has a viral load?
  13. Absolutely. During primary syphilis infection you have a chancre, an open wound, usually on your cock (but also can be on your butthole). Perfect entry point for HIV. I'm sure if you have a chancre in makes your chances of getting HIV to grow exponentially.
  14. A postmortem writeup of my first-ever syphilis infection. The big 'S' was the last one I had not got yet. But a while back I noticed this funky not quite right area on the bottom of my glans, where the foreskin starts. It all started when I was getting sucked and it hurt on the right side. I instantly blamed the guy mentally on using teeth and didn't think more of it. It was however on the next fuck when I realize that feeling was there I was thrusting my cock into the guy. Careful inspection revealed pretty much nothing, a red area on behind the glans and between the foreskin. I kept going. A few fucks later and it got worse. Everytime I stuck it in there was this miserable pain like my glans was being ripped apart. At this time red area had become circular and it didn't really hurt on the touch of it. It was only when you stretched it, like when you were fucking, that I'd feel discomfort. It did look like a chancre. I googled images of 'chancre' and it was pretty much that. So off to the GP doctor I went. She was uncomfortable about it, but still ordered VDRL and RPR tests. They came back NEGATIVE. But at this point, I knew that was pretty much syphilis, maybe too early to show up in tests. So I went to specialized STD clinic, and there they were able to do more testing. Bam! One of the treponemal tests came back + and in their inspection of the sample with microscope they could see the bacteria at simple sight, so I had it. Penicillin was given to me right away. I was asked to refrain from sex TWO weeks!!! So I had to look at this better. Apparently Treponema Pallidum is extremely susceptible to penicillin, to the point people stop being infections in a few yours from the shot. At 24-48 hours it's a guarantee you are no longer infectious. So a week of abstinence was more than enough. Penicillin was amazing. Even just after 24 hours after the shot I could see the chancre disappearing. It took probably a couple of weeks for it to be completely gone, but there's just nothing there anymore. In my research I found Treponema Pallidum/Syphilis is no easy cookie. If you let it go it can completely fuck you up. But at the same time, It's probably more treatable than gonorrhea or chlamydia given that there are no known antibiotic resistant variants. The whole experience puts in perspective to me the importance of testing, and testing often. So much of the messaging has been devoted to condoms! condoms! condoms! that people think that condoms are the one and only thing to do not get STDs. When in reality, what everyone should be doing is getting tested and treated as often and possible regardless of condom use. That way we would get STDs down..
  15. Risk of prep, vs swallowing poz cum

    Let's set the record straight. Drinking or swallowing cum, poz or not, has exactly zero risk for HIV infection. HIV can only be transmitted directly to an open wound. The throat and digestive track is an incredibly hostile medium for HIV and dies right away. It's an urban myth. You can't get it by swallowing. It's a different story if you get a load in your mouth and nurse it for a while before you spit it out. Now THAT has some risk, if you have open ulcers in the mouth. You maybe giving some chance for HIV to enter the bloodstream. Ironically, this is what most people will do because they think it's safer... Oral sex in general, even when swallowing, nursing loads..., it's a extremely low risk activity for HIV. HIV rates would have been much bigger had that been the case. But if you have any concerns about oral sex and HIV always remember: "Either swallow it or spit it, never keep it"

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