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  1. There's lots of gay men on the ones on San Francisco. I've had the occasional blowjob at the one ok church and market
  2. Where are they announced? Definitely interested
  3. LOL I was always shocked when I'd check a guys hole out at for fucking at 442 and it was dry. Definitely a newbiew... usually guys were already precummed or nicely lubed up ready for fun. good times. any comments about the new place? SF Catalyst?
  4. Can someone pinch in how the new place is like and if people are turning out?
  5. There is lots of evidence now in 2019 that on demand works as well as daily for men bottoms and load-taking. (no data for women or trans) for those concerned on short or long term side effects 2-1-1 deserves a hard look
  6. *your kidney function tests It's definitely odd that your ABs to Hep B have come down after only 6 years, but not unheard off. It's good to check from time to time. Just revaccinate yourself. HPV too! 112 on creatine clearance is high but not that high ... I think a million of things could explain the result. Just recheck again in a while.
  7. Results for the Discover trial that was trying to see how well Descovy works as PrEP. Descovy is a reformulated Truvada for lower kidney and bone density loss side effects. http://www.aidsmap.com/page/3464259/?fbclid=IwAR2NypmC3wlxtGV1B6EO560cWZykyxLtk9BjYbBPbqguKwr4OJS5V29dTcc Those are the results. 5000 men enrolled, ~2500 on Descovy, ~2500 on Truvada. 22 infections: 7 infections from prior pill intake, 13 during study but with no adherence due to levels measured... 2 infections 1 on Descovy and 1 on Truvada with low drug levels so likely poor adherence there too. TLDR; Descovy works as well as Truvada for MSM and has less kidney and bone density loss side effects. Not FDA approved for PrEP yet although it will likely happen now. Don't expect insurance to pay easily for Descovy as PrEP.
  8. Guys do remember that on 2-1-1 dosing it's recommended to have the first dose 24 hours before sex... although 2 hours is the minimum.
  9. I do Doxy PrEP when I go on slut trips. Seems to work well. Also, being homozygous for CCR5delta32 doesn't guarantee you will not get HIV although very greatly diminish the chances of infection. North of 90%. That specific mutation makes the CCR5 receptor in your cells useless and HIV can't use it to bind to the white cells, thus you are immune. There are however some strains of HIV that use CCR4 receptor so you can still those, but its way rarer.
  10. ED drugs will make you absolutely hard and you'll be able to fuck any tight ass that's in front of you, regardless of mental state, specially on a 31 year old. Viagra (Sildenafil) good for 4 hours. needs empty stomach. Gives outrageous boners. Usually cheapest. Levitra (Vardenafil) good for 8 hours. can be had with food but takes longer. outrageous boners. can be pricey. Cialis (tadalafil) good for 24 hours. food just fine. normal man boners but for much longer period up to a day. can be pricey Just try them out.
  11. Well, PrEP comes with a routine checkup system and most STDs can easily be caught orally... so it's almost like there is no point NOT being on PrEP. I know guys using rubbers (yes they still exist) that they have to check for STDs anyway and do catch them orally...
  12. I've got hundreds of loads since I went on PrEP in 2012. Still HIV-. I have got chlamydia many times in the butt and mouth, although I'd have never known had not been from the checkups. I got gono once in the butt (there was definitely something going on) and once orally (no symtpoms orally). Got syphilis on my dick, nice chancre there. All of this stuff got swiftly dealt with with a shot or a pill thanks to the PrEP checkups. I did get the worst urethral infection which ended being an E-Coli infection, very likely contracted through butt fucking. This last one was very annoying and I went for care right away, solved in 48 hours. But all of this in a span of 6 years. STDs when they show up are quite infrequent for me, which is surprising given how much action I'm involved with. Risk vs reward benefit absolutely worth it for me.
  13. Hello, no one answered but I've tried a few places that sort of work: * Secteur X. Usually fun and decent amount of mature crowd. Mostly BB when fucking although plenty of condom nazis. * Full metal. Right across from Secteur X. Never had much luck, but I've got the occasional load here * Le Mencsh. This is a fun cruise bar. Definitely lots of load takers here, a bit more fetishy than the avobe * Bunker. Tuesdays and Sunday. Little luck here for mature men but there seems to have lots of BB going on with regular dudes * Dark room at Bear's Den. Surprisingly I've bred tons and tons of mature ass here. Advantage you can take a look at guys upstairs and I've found very often they'll offer their ass raw and will gladly take your load. * Krash. Definitely later crowd, but mature guy ready for BB is there on occasion. Avoid Impact, they seem to frown on heavy set/mature dudes. I still have to try Le Keler.
  14. Hey guys, while 442 is closing it's still open for a while Make sure you go there to give/take those loads until they close down! Let the 442 people know we want them to find a new venue and let the fun continue till the end.
  15. This is very much on trial phases at the moment and it's just not available. We still don't know if it works or how well it does. If it ever gets approved expect it to be absurdly expensive, but it will likely be covered by insurance in the USA. I personally don't have any problem with the daily pill but I can see how it could be a boon for those who have problem adhering.

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