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  1. rawfuckr

    Paris BB places for MATURE/BEARISH men?

    Hello, no one answered but I've tried a few places that sort of work: * Secteur X. Usually fun and decent amount of mature crowd. Mostly BB when fucking although plenty of condom nazis. * Full metal. Right across from Secteur X. Never had much luck, but I've got the occasional load here * Le Mencsh. This is a fun cruise bar. Definitely lots of load takers here, a bit more fetishy than the avobe * Bunker. Tuesdays and Sunday. Little luck here for mature men but there seems to have lots of BB going on with regular dudes * Dark room at Bear's Den. Surprisingly I've bred tons and tons of mature ass here. Advantage you can take a look at guys upstairs and I've found very often they'll offer their ass raw and will gladly take your load. * Krash. Definitely later crowd, but mature guy ready for BB is there on occasion. Avoid Impact, they seem to frown on heavy set/mature dudes. I still have to try Le Keler.
  2. rawfuckr

    442 Natoma closing

    Hey guys, while 442 is closing it's still open for a while Make sure you go there to give/take those loads until they close down! Let the 442 people know we want them to find a new venue and let the fun continue till the end.
  3. rawfuckr

    Injectable PREP

    This is very much on trial phases at the moment and it's just not available. We still don't know if it works or how well it does. If it ever gets approved expect it to be absurdly expensive, but it will likely be covered by insurance in the USA. I personally don't have any problem with the daily pill but I can see how it could be a boon for those who have problem adhering.
  4. rawfuckr

    My first experience at 442

    I keep meeting 2'' tops at 442. While I love all cocks just feel it's a big silly they are so persistent when it's so obvious logistics are not gonna work out... But hey, let's give it a try.
  5. rawfuckr

    Fucking at powerhouse or Eagle

    Haven't been to the powerhouse in forerver, but last times around 2013ish it was really lame with guys patrolling the back room. Has it got better? Are people actually fucking there now?
  6. rawfuckr

    First time to 442

    I've found there's no such a thing as "not being into someone" at 442 unless you are really really outside someones target. Most important thing is being sexy and have a horny attitude in your approach. I've fucked and bred dozens of guys there that I'd have never gone for in paper, but had the greatest of times just because the place is condusive for uninhibited fun. Too bad is closing, hope they can find a new location.
  7. Sad news for the Bay Area BB community. 442 closing due to building being sold by owner https://twitter.com/442Natoma/status/1062889378253393921
  8. rawfuckr

    Taking a month’s pause from PrEP?

    Current street recommendations are to take it 7 days after last event to get off from it. At the beginning of PrEP people were suggesting full 4 weeks, like PEP, but with the new efficacy data of on demand PrEP, where it's taken only for 2 days after, it's clear that 4 weeks is overkill. Thus most folks these days go for 7 days to get off. To get back in, even just 2 doses hours before sex is highly effective, on demand PrEP uses this. But we can measure that maximum rates of truvada in the bum peak after 7 days of daily dosage, so if you want to be more conservative 7 day lead in is the right thing to do.
  9. rawfuckr

    I can’t get Truvada through my insurance. Options?

    Either use the gilead coupon that will wipe out the $2000 easily or just buy the generic outright on purchase-prep.com. They have no issues shipping to USA.
  10. rawfuckr

    Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate & Emtricitabine

    Most reasonable dosage these days seems to be the 7-7-7 method. 7 day in for full protection, 1 pill a day, a pill every day while having fun, a pill for 7 days after the fun. On demand dosing also seems to work very well. 2 pills the day of sex, hours before sex... then 1 pill a day for two days after sex has finished.
  11. rawfuckr

    PAP Smear

    There's the cervix pap smears for women, and there's the anal pap smear for men who get it up the butt. When we get fucked raw we universally get infected with HPV. It goes away on its own usually, but in some rare cases it stays in your ass and can turn into cancer. Anal pap smears are an easy an effective way to check what's the state of the cells that the swab scrapes off from your butt. If results are abnormal, you are usually refered to do an HRA, a High Resolution Anascopy where they take a look at the inside of your anal area with more care and maybe they do biopsies to do pathology. By all means, do this test. more info: https://www.analcancerfoundation.org/about-hpv/prevent-it/get-screened/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anal_Pap_smear
  12. rawfuckr

    PAP Smear

    Not ridiculous at all. Anal pap smears are the male equivalent to women pap smears. We all get HPV when we get fucked raw and it can develop into cancer in some rare cases. With anal pap smears they can easily asses if there are any precancerous cells in there or not.
  13. rawfuckr


    You are definitely non infectious 24 hours after your penicillin shot, so any sex after that you will not pass it to others. Your VDRL levels though, will take months to come down in non-reactive territory.
  14. rawfuckr

    Recurrent Chlamydia

    No risk
  15. rawfuckr

    Paris - where to go for a nice BB action

    I know message is old but will serve as reference for other folks. I've been at IDM on sunday a few times and getting guys to BB has been hit or miss. About 50% I'd say. There's definitely the few that'll go bare but many others will produce condoms...

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