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  1. Must have been a tough call for the caregivers, but the fact that he was AB positive was an omnious sign that HIV had taken hold somewhere even if he was PCR negative everywhere. What to do? They ended living him off Truvada and HIV came out of hiding. This case is extremely bizarre. 100% of PrEP seroconversion cases before this one had had resistance to Truvada.
  2. I'm sort of in the same place that you are. Guy had 60 partners/month and was hitting every single drug out there.. BUT the researchers have a pretty good case for strong adherence. He had a daily log, his measured levels were totally consistent with daily dosing, and so were his pill counts. Still the way he turned + is very strange. Got + AB test with negative/UD PCR test, even with very fine lab HIV testing. If he was taking truvada consistently, and from his dry blood spot samples seems he was, how was he able to seroconvert without a significant viral load? No one knows and its a mistery.
  3. http://www.aidsmap.com/page/3118230/ Quite bizarre
  4. very nice. Why only to men under 45? Which one are they giving out? Gardasil 4 or Gardasil 9? Is it free?
  5. This guy didn't poz you. You were HIV+ before this event happened. It takes at the very least two weeks for a 4th gen test to turn +, and PCR test would take about a week. It's very unlikley you got pozzed on friday and were already testing + on monday. You simply were HIV+ before friday.
  6. It is exactly the same. US version is 'Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate', EU version is 'Tenofovir Disoproxil' which yields different mg counts. The 'tenofovir disoproxil fumarate' is the prodrug in the pill.. your body metabolizes this down to 'tenofovir disoproxil' which the active ingredient. The different in mgs comes from telling which one you are counting, but they are the same compound with same quantities on the pill. From here https://goo.gl/r4RkjU : Tablet: 200 mg of emtricitabine and 300 mg of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (equivalent to 245 mg of tenofovir disoproxil): blue, capsule-shaped, film-coated, debossed with "GILEAD" on one side and with "701" on the other side.
  7. I would assume NHS makes their decisions on what drugs to use, in trials done all over, and not just in the UK. There must be lots of drugs which would be impossible to assert efficacy by the UK alone. Thus this argument that NHS needs to 'run their own numbers' to justify cost it's a bit iffy. There have been so many PrEP trials so far that efficacy is beyond any reasonable doubt. I'm surpirsed Truvada already only costs $510 in the UK. My script in USA runs at about $1450/month... from which I pay nothing. I'd think the UK could bring the generic price down a lot in a couple of years! And this is why I think the NHS is just dancing around nothing. They could just pay the brand pricing for a couple of years, avoid lots of people getting HIV, and get into a cost effective situation later. Like what France is doing. And to your last line, yes! PrEP has completely obliberated the HIV+/HIV- divide in the USA. No one cares anymore, because it doesn't matter anymore. Between TASP and PrEP, it's a new world. Myself - I started not thinking about it a couple of years back. But it was a process for me to get to that point. I imagine it will be the same for lots of other people.
  8. What does this actually mean? Is the NHS simply buying some time until the generics arrive and the cost savings from giving PrEP to people vs HIV infections are real?
  9. In the latest case of PrEP seroconversion, the guy kept testing negative on his 3rd gen HIV antibody testing while his PCR was +. 4th gen eventually became poz. So yes, it does seem like PrEP may delay a poz on antibody tests, specially older 3rd generation. Ask your provider to do regular PCR or 4th gen to catch anything asap.
  10. I'd assume double dosing will give you more side effects and not necessarily 'double' the protection. These things get metabolized by your body at a certain rate and maybe part of the extra pill gets just filtered away. That said, it's probably OK for the short term.
  11. I'm sure that did't have anything to do with it.... Frankly, Norway has so much money that I guess for them it was not a difficult choice. Cash strapped systems like NHS and the like are a lot more reticent because of the bottom line.
  12. New case of HIV acquisition this time coming from a prep study in the Netherlands. http://www.gaysite.nl/actueel/2016/10/prep-beschermt-niet-100-procent Little details on this one other than guy got truvada resistant strain...
  13. All details here http://www.thebody.com/content/78607/despite-second-case-of-hiv-prep-still-most-effecti.html TLDR Guy claims 100% bare top (condoms with partner when bottom) Partner +UD comfirmed he didn't get it from partner. claims to have had only two other partners from where he acquired HIV. He was 100% top with them HIV strain he got has resistance mutations for most of the nucleosides and some NNRTIs [non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors] adherence tested through hair samples and dry blood spots developing story ...
  14. Poz UD & Neg on PrEP guys are the only guys guaranteed not to give you HIV Everyone else risk is higher. You can't determine who is 'negative' and most poz not medicated guys don't know they are poz... so how to tell them apart? You can't. That's what you have PrEP though. To stop getting HIV in the case you get a High VL poz load. If you want to minizime risks just try to limit your bare play to Poz UD / Neg on PrEP guys.
  15. I'm so hesitant about buying Truvada/Tenvir-EM from indian pharmacies... I bought some ED drugs, viagra/cialis generic, and they do NOTHING compared to the real thing. Did a lot of A/B testing and the 100mg of sildenafil from Alldaychemist (suhagra) did nothing to me while 100mg of generic sildenafil from US (5 x 20mg Revatio) give me a brutally insane hardon This instantly made me not trust Alldaychemist, specially for something like PrEP where you have no feedback on what you are ingesting. I understand some people in London are doing Tenofovir testing to make sure you are taking the real thing, but still leaves a lot of room to suspect that one batch you buy from some random indian pharmacy may be placebo. Europe needs officially sanctioned PrEP now.

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