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  1. rawfuckr

    PAP Smear

    There's the cervix pap smears for women, and there's the anal pap smear for men who get it up the butt. When we get fucked raw we universally get infected with HPV. It goes away on its own usually, but in some rare cases it stays in your ass and can turn into cancer. Anal pap smears are an easy an effective way to check what's the state of the cells that the swab scrapes off from your butt. If results are abnormal, you are usually refered to do an HRA, a High Resolution Anascopy where they take a look at the inside of your anal area with more care and maybe they do biopsies to do pathology. By all means, do this test. more info: https://www.analcancerfoundation.org/about-hpv/prevent-it/get-screened/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anal_Pap_smear
  2. rawfuckr

    PAP Smear

    Not ridiculous at all. Anal pap smears are the male equivalent to women pap smears. We all get HPV when we get fucked raw and it can develop into cancer in some rare cases. With anal pap smears they can easily asses if there are any precancerous cells in there or not.
  3. rawfuckr


    You are definitely non infectious 24 hours after your penicillin shot, so any sex after that you will not pass it to others. Your VDRL levels though, will take months to come down in non-reactive territory.
  4. rawfuckr

    Recurrent Chlamydia

    No risk
  5. rawfuckr

    Paris - where to go for a nice BB action

    I know message is old but will serve as reference for other folks. I've been at IDM on sunday a few times and getting guys to BB has been hit or miss. About 50% I'd say. There's definitely the few that'll go bare but many others will produce condoms...
  6. Going into Paris for a few days next week, wed-sun, and I'm wondering what are the best places to find mature/bearish men into the same who will fuck bare without problems. I'm not so much interested in group BB, but rather making sure that when I meet up with some guy they won't pull out a condom and are ready to slip it in bare/get fucked bare with loads being delivered/taken. I see 'bunker' being mentioned a lot here but sounds more of a younger crowd. I've tried Full Metal and Secteur X, with moderate success. In the latter they demanded to me twice to use condoms, which I refused. Ended leave the place without cumming. Maybe I should try 'full metal'/secteur X again? Thanks guys
  7. rawfuckr


    This is the right answer. Treponema Pallidum is extremely susceptible to penicillin, and it's gone in hours after the shot. Antibiotic resistance to it is rare. In a way it's one of the easiests STDs to treat if found early. While the bacteria is gone, all the other chancres and lesions may take a while to clear, but you will be fine.
  8. rawfuckr

    Truvada Resistant Strain - PrEP failure?

    A test for levels of truvada in blood is not available outside of clinical trials or very specific labs, so this story sounds fishy to me.
  9. rawfuckr

    Herpes Disclosure

    I'm just wondering if for someone who has no outbreaks, no symptoms and no other problems with his HSV-1 and HSV-2 if it's advisable to be on daily Valtrex. I guess the argument would be to reduce shedding, but given all medicines have a tax on your body the cost/benefit here of Valtrex for guys who have no HSV issues is unclear.
  10. rawfuckr

    Herpes Disclosure

    What are you taking Valtrex daily? Most people I know who are HSV-1 and HSV-2 positive don't really have any symptoms.
  11. rawfuckr

    Testing when starting prep

    Kidney function test don't matter much when you do them. But you really want to make absolutely sure you are HIV- before starting PrEP to avoid getting resistance to Truvada.
  12. rawfuckr

    Exactly How Much Do You Pay For Prep?

    A generic version was approved by the FDA. It doesn't mean it's going to be released If its released it will still likely be expensive because there will be only one alternative.
  13. rawfuckr

    First Generic Version of Truvada

    A couple of notes: 1) This does not mean Teva is going to sell this in the USA any time soon... Some Truvada patents are still standing until 2021. FDA has approved many other HIV generics for PEPFAR 2) In the case they do sell them, price may be lower, but not much lower. Let's say $750. Half of Truvada. This may actually be AWFUL news for patients. Why? Because at $700ish, the generic will NOT have copay assistance, insurance companies will force you to use the generic, and patients will have to pay the cost of copays and deductibles 100%. With many plans these days have $1000ish deductibles the price for PrEP may go up significantly for people at checkout. POZ.com has a nice writeup about the nuances of all this: https://www.poz.com/article/fda-approves-generic-truvada
  14. rawfuckr

    Next Case of Seroconversion

    There's lots of bug-chasing dreamers around here who don't view PrEP very positively because diminishes the fun. All these anti-PrEP comments here need to viewed in that context...
  15. Did they go away on their own? Or you had something done at the docs

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