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    Age is a number . Prefers above 45s Up. Shy but wild in bed....Seeks DOM TOPs, Age is never an issue. PM for mobile whatsapps / telegram.
    [ NO DICKS REFUSED.No dicks are too small for Us ] Looking to be own as Slutty Whore. FREE to travel to Dads / Host place / Country
    ** We are NOT into shopping/ Sightseeing trips..If you can hosts us, we do anything in return
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Love Roleplay Bottoms- " Always waiting to be RAPED, GangRapes, Gangbangs " scenes, drunk drugged unconscious scenes, hard core ( No scat/ Blood) - I have almost NO limits, I can be as hard core or vanilla as you like - will do your partners or buddies as well if you want to arrange the scene for us we come - NO dom Dicks REFUSED.
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    USE OUR HOLES = MAKE US WHORES !!! We have to be goody guys in Singapore....Our fantasies, to be whore and slutted like any porn star, https://de.xhamster3.com/videos/market-sex-party-xhQN2YC
  • Looking For
    Dream target of 20 loads and above........Free to Travel anywhere when invited to your country
    Dom TOPS hosts, matured above 45's ...up a plus++++
    All yours to use/whore us when funded or crowfunded
    Berlin 2022
    Thailand 2022
    Taiwan 2023
    Sydney 2023

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  1. wow...my dream trip can u summarise all the 54 loads to tally with who loads u eg 1st - 3 load, 2nd 3rd 4th 8th
  2. Any USA Military Gays In Singapore ?
  3. Anyone into voice talk over whatsapps or telegram
  4. Swissotel....makesure u leave ur door opem
  5. [think before following links] https://t.me/+DZIvqjj5EYY3YTJl
  6. omg....wished such event avialable in asia and singapore
  7. Anyone Visiting Singapore and Asia ?
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