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    Age is a number . Prefers above 45s Up. Shy but wild in bed....Seeks DOM TOPs, Age is never an issue. PM for mobile whatsapps / telegram.
    [ NO DICKS REFUSED.No dicks are too small for Us ] Looking to be own as Slutty Whore. FREE to travel to Dads / Host place / Country
    ** We are NOT into shopping/ Sightseeing trips..If you can hosts us, we do anything in return
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Love Roleplay Bottoms- " Always waiting to be RAPED, GangRapes, Gangbangs " scenes, drunk drugged unconscious scenes, hard core ( No scat/ Blood) - I have almost NO limits, I can be as hard core or vanilla as you like - will do your partners or buddies as well if you want to arrange the scene for us we come - NO dom Dicks REUFUSED.
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    USE OUR HOLES = MAKE US WHORES !!! We have to be goody guys in Singapore....Our fantasies, to be whore and slutted like any porn star,
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    Dream target of 20 loads and above........Free to Travel anywhere when invited to your country
    Dom TOPS hosts, matured above 45's ...up a plus++++
    All yours to use/whore us when funded or crowfunded
    Berlin 2022
    Thailand 2022
    Taiwan 2023
    Sydney 2023

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.planetromeo.com/powerasianbtm
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  1. nice info...me and my husband both btms, are dstill deciding if we should come berlin or USA, after the corona corvid19 skies open. We welcome all inbox messages for the shy tops to help us makes decision USA or Germany
  2. I hope you guys can help : There is no general section for visit USA, cos its so huge. What would be a good itinerary to come USA for two asian btms : 1) Best City...especially where asians btms are worshipped, No disks refused. 2) Best Bathhouses parties ( not to be missed events etc ) 3) other suggestions, esp for a first to timer to USA. 4) Should we just visit 1 city or multiple cities ? Time is on our side....14 days to 30 days...only cash is an issue...we need to save on travel Welcome alll suggestions or accommodation options, very easy going asian btm couple, open for all experiential trip. Not into disneylands, sightseeing or shopping.
  3. Great stories... I love cops and uniform men...rapes are fantasies
  4. Your post :  Y

    You're gonna come over on a friday evening, i'm gonna spend an hour or so working your hole with toys, fingers, tongue and toothbrushes, before i slowly sink inside you raw - i'm going to fuck you for about for about an hour before you beg me to shoot inside you - as soon as i cum, 9 of my toxic poz buddies are going to come into the room and join us - one by one, you're going to take their cocks and cum nonstop for the next two days - on sunday - they're all going to leave and it's gonna just be you and me. then you're going to fuck me and give me your last neg load - then i'll fuck you one more time, make love to you and convert your hole


    I like this

  5. JUST LIKE THE STORY : "The whore's all yours gentlemen." I said to our guests. "His holes are open for business. No limits." ...me and my husband would love it this way..be the whores for all when we come usa.

  6. Hot story about the cops..rape..I love it too...I too no longer be a whore, or a slut, but merely just a thing, a hole (or two), a true cumdump, i am here, take me or when we come usa

  7. love your posts

    1. rogerray65


      Thanks dear! I appreciate your kind words.

  8. PART 7 Someone had pulled out the bed part of the sofa and Jake was on his knees, getting nailed by Ben when we came back into the living room. Tony sat back down in the chair he’d been in before and Gabe immediately climbed up on his Dad’s lap and began to kiss him. Tony had another loaded point and I soon heard Gabe coughing, and looked over to see him sliding his furry little ass onto Tony’s massive cock while shoving his tongue in his Dad’s mouth. They were lost in a haze of lust and daddy/son bonding with Gabe easily taking Tony’s cock down to the root. I knew what it felt like and was jealous of him, but just for a moment, since I knew I was in for the treat of my life. Dad and I laid down on the bed next to Jake who was on his knees getting spit roasted by Ben and Tommy. They were both leaned over Jake’s back, making out and passing the pipe back and forth, while Jack was on the floor with his cock balls deep in one of the younger guys I didn’t know. Jack was leaned over the boy’s back whispering in his ear, and alternating between slow all the way out and quick deep thrusts up the boy’s gaping pussy, making him moan and beg to be fucked harder. I turned to Dad and smiled and looked into his eyes, wide with lust and pride. “You ready for me, baby boy? I’ve been wanting this for a long time.” I laughed, pushed him down on the bed and straddled his chest, saying “am I ready? I was fucking born ready for this. Rape me like the dirty little whore I am, Dad. I want my cunt pounded into next Tuesday. I wanna be treated like the faggot cumdump I am. What about you? You ready for that?” I gave him a smirk and he spat in my face, so I returned the favor. Then he wiped the spit off my cheek where it was running down, wiped the loogie on his cock and pushed me down on it. “Oh, you think you’re hot stuff, huh faggot? Fucking dirty little whore,? You think you’re awful cute? Letting strange men breed your pussy in public toilets like a $2.00 whore.” He slapped me across the face, hard. I could feel the blood rise in my cheek I moaned loudly as I sat down on Dad’s huge, fat, uncut dick slowly, feeling it slowly sink into my tweaked out pussy. Suddenly, Dad got a dirty look on his face and loudly said “hurry up, FAGGOT!” Then he pushed down on my shoulders and impaled me on all 10” of his fat daddy cock at once. Despite the slam, having his cock open my cunt up so quickly knocked the wind out of me. I yelped loudly and all the other fuckers in the room stopped to stare at us. Tony was still sitting in the chair with Gabe loudly riding his cock, begging for cock. Gabe was so small, Tony just picked him up and plopped him down on the sofa bed next to us. I wasn’t sure it was going to hold all seven of us, but Jake took Ben out of his mouth, then deftly backed up all the way onto Tommy’s cock saying “come on boys, let’s get on the floor and give them the bed.” He pulled Ben by the cock while backing up with Tommy’s dick still inside his cunt. They rearranged themselves on the floor with Jake on his knees, Tommy behind him fucking him doggy style and Ben relaxing, sitting against a chair fucking Jake’s face with his fat boy cock. I looked down at Dad and just grinned at him. I couldn’t believe that the one person I’d always wanted inside me was actually there. I leaned down to kiss Dad and he slapped me again, hard, across the face. He smiled at me and said “I love you Sport. Now I’m gonna fuck ya.” I smiled and swooned inside. He’d always called me Sport since I was a little kid, tousling my hair and taking me fishing or to the movies. I’d been in love with him since I was old enough to get a boner. And I’d been jerking off fantasizing about his cock since then too. Dad put his hand on my chest and pushed me onto my back. He quickly rolled me over without his giant dick ever leaving my fuck chute. I looked to my left and felt Tony doing the same to Gabe. I reached over and made out with Gabe while our fathers proceeded to fuck our slutty cumdumps with their huge Daddy cocks. Dad has a big ass that’s covered in dense hair and I grabbed onto it for dear life. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled his ass toward me to get his 10” all the way into my hole as far as humanly possible. I could feel him knocking on my second sphincter inside my pussy and I wanted him to breed me as far inside as he could. He pulled me away from Gabe, and reached down and kissed me hard on the mouth and whispered “I’m so fucking happy right now, Sport. I don’t think my cock has ever been this fucking hard.” He continued to pound my hole, periodically spitting in my face, slapping me and kissing me hard. At one point, he sat down on the bed and maneuvered his legs straight without his cock leaving my cunt. I knew he was strong, you couldn’t miss his thick pecs covered in beautiful circular swirls of chest hair, but I couldn’t believe how easily he was able to throw me around. Dad sure seemed to know his way around a man cunt. He was going to breed me every day from now on if I had anything to say about it. After we’d been fucking for about 15 minutes, my hole was getting really warmed up and open. I felt an intense lust for Dad’s cock, and my brain was starting to ache for his load. I desperately needed my Dad to breed me full of the cum that had made me. I started to egg him on. “Come on Dad. Give me that fucking load. I need you to flood my guts with cum. Give me a load of my little brothers in my cumdumpster. Fuck me harder!” He got a big grin on his face and said, “you’re so fucking sexy, Sport. I’ve been wanting to breed your pretty ass for as long as I can remember. Now I’m going to get to do it!” He started to speed up and after a minute or two of slamming his cock in and out of my hole, he started to breathe heavily and shoved his cock all the way inside me. I could feel his beautiful cock spitting inside my hole, throbbing with pent up lust and a huge load of sperm, deposited exactly where it needed to be. In his son’s pussy. I wished Dad could make me pregnant and knock me up with his babies. I grabbed onto his ass again and held his cock inside me as I felt it continue to throb, depositing its precious cargo of cum as far inside my ass as it could go. Dad was breathing heavily and rolled onto his back so I was sitting on his cock. I leaned down and kissed him as hard as I’d ever kissed anyone. Bred by my sexy Dad! Great story....2 asian sons here love to meet dads in USA when we come...saw on BBRT ...so many hot dads in USA
  9. We are open to naughty tops who can hosts and give trip advice etc
  10. Thanks Rodian, we hope to make our trip happen...checked the airfares , from its crazy ...almost USD 2000 plus ++++... its crazy to see our dreams....we are not into disneylands, shopping or sightseeing....just wanna come and be used
  11. wished u are in singapore soon

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