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  1. As the title suggests, I'm a cumdump slut, can host in Auckland for local or travelling tops or versatile guys. No cocks refused, no loads refused. Open to kinky play, love cum and need as much of it in my hole as possible.
  2. I much prefer the real thing, for many of the points already raised, and ScottSwallows said it best how a real cock is warm and throbbing etc. It has life, and it's also the psychological aspect of another man putting his cock inside you, especially if it's raw. However, I do enjoy using toys, and can go for long periods switching between dildos and vibrators or plugs, especially with my nose in a bottle of poppers. Good quality toys make a difference, I have 2 favourite dildos, one a fairly soft textured silicone toy with a suction base that I use in the shower, the other is my Fleshjack Brent Corrigan dildo. It's a bit firmer than the other, but it opens me up really nicely, and the size is just right.
  3. Gotta love the wrist and ankle restraints. I got fucked once while high on Tina and G, wearing a leather jock, one of those two piece ones, that has a hole for your junk, and then a button-on codpiece cover, and l was wearing wrist and ankle braces also (with doggy clips). It was a good time
  4. PART NINE It was a couple of days later that Robert texted Peter... *Hey, it's Robert. From the ABS. This is my number* He put his phone down and went and had a shower, when he came back to his room, picking up his phone he saw he had a reply... *Morning bud, how are you?* *Good thanx* *I have an invitation for you.... as a sort of guest of honor.... Get to this address. This weekend. Saturday evening. 22 Southdown Lane. You'll need to be clean shaven, or waxed - all over. And douched. Txt when you get there* Reading the message, Robert's balls buzzed, and his hole twitched in anticipation and a newfound hunger. Since the other day when the two had fucked him, he felt a sort of emptiness in his ass that he was learning only more cock could satisfy. He wondered what was in store for him if he showed up at the address, and the more he thought about the possibilities...it made him hornier. He decided he'd save his load for the day, though, and not wank- at least not to the point of orgasm - still edging himself in the morning when he had morning wood, sort of a waking up ritual. Sometimes he'd just fondle himself in bed as he was waking up, sometimes he'd wank a bit, just enjoying the feeling of having a rock hard erection, getting himself nice and horny and fingering his hole while he did it. Sometimes he just got too damn horny and had to beat off a bit more aggressively and shoot his load all over himself. He would usually smear the cum on his skin and eat it off his fingers. Always tasted great. =======SATURDAY======== It was a real struggle for Robert to avoid wanking in the morning, he was so damn horny, knowing that this was the day, and after almost a full week's build-up, he was in full horn-dog mode. Basically all his thoughts on sexual activity of some kind, and he was somewhere between semi-erect and rock hard all day. He'd purchased a hair removal cream, and applied it all over, basically so he was hairless from the neck down, and stepped into the shower, letting the flow of water wash away any visible trace of pubescence. He also had a bulb douche, and had cleaned himself out thoroughly, as per the instructions in the message from Peter. He donned his jock strap, got dressed and headed out to the address. It was in a fairly industrial looking part of town, lots of big warehouses and factory buildings. There it was. Number 22. Southdown Lane. It was just a brass number screwed into the front of a steel door. He texted Peter. *Here now* He waited a couple of minutes....then heard the phone vibrate. A new message. *Door's open. Come on in.* Robert was a tad nervous, but went to the door, and opened it and walked in, his stomach doing backflips. Peter greeted him just inside the door. "Hey, glad you could make it. I think you're gonna really enjoy this. I just have one piece of advice. Whatever happens..... let it happen. OK?" Robert gave him a little smile, and replied "Yes, sir. I've been so horny leading up to this." "Oh, you have, have you, little slut?" Peter replied. His tone sort of jesting, but just slightly more stern and authoritarian. "One more rule. No talking. Now...." he picked up a black nylon hood, and passed it to Robert. "Put this on." Robert put the hood on over his head, obscuring his vision, but he was trusting of Peter, and knew that his obedience would most likely be repaid in the kind of sex he had had last time. It made Robert's cock throb. Peter helped Robert out of his clothes, leaving him in just his jock strap, and lead him into the next room, and then left him there, closing the door behind Robert, saying "He's all yours, chaps." Robert froze. His mind started racing.... Here he was, naked, for the most part, hooded, in a part of town he didn't know, with God-knows-who wanting to do God-knows-what with him, and.... "Get yo' ass over here, bitch!" A voice commanded, as Robert felt a strong hand grip his forearm and drag him through the room, towards a solid object, which felt upholstered in some kind of vinyl or leather, and with slight cushioning. He was forced to bend over it. "We've been told about you. You are a naughty little cunt, and you deserve punishment for your slutty behaviour." A second voice, a bit distant, as if watching from a few feet away, chuckled a low, sort of growling chuckle. *SMACK!* Robert felt the sting as this man smacked his ass cheek. *SMACK!* Then the other. *SMACK!* Then the other again. The man rubbed his hands over Robert's ass flesh, caressing the young man's buttocks. He ran his hands all over him, walking around to Robert's face, kneeled down and spat in his face. "Fuckin' whore. I'm gonna enjoy this." *SMACK!* The man kept smacking the lad's cheeks, first using his hand a few times, slow and rhythmically....then.... *SMACK!!!* This was a different sensation. Not as forgiving as a human hand. It was definitely something hard and flat, like a bat of some kind. Robert wanted to cry out in pain, but feared what might happen if he did, he bit his lip, and let a couple of tears roll down his cheek. *SMACK!!!* *SMACK!!!* *SMACK!!!* "Gonna get that ass nice and pink, boy." Then the second voice piped up, sounding a bit closer now. "OK, you've had some fun with the cunt, now it's MY turn, asshole...." "Fuck's sake, I'll beat you with this, too"... "Haha, fuck off... go stick your fingers in your ass and watch this, faggot." Robert felt himself being lifted off the bench he was leaning over by a hand around his throat, and arm, and he was shoved to the ground, to a position on his knees. The other man unzipped his pants, and Robert felt the warm, wet stream of piss cover him, first his head, then down to his chest, then over his cock and balls. "Fuck yeah, piggy. Take my piss. I like using dirty toilet sluts like you." The first guy also unzipped and unleashed a torrent of piss over Robert. "Aahhhh.... fuck yeah......Gotta remember to thank Pete for this, man. What a treat." He slapped Robert on the cheek, over his now piss soaked hood. The man then proceeded to bend over in front of Robert's hooded face, and reaching around behind, grabbed his head and pressed it against his ass, letting out a big, sloppy fart. *pffrrrt* "Enjoy it, pig." *pffrrrrt* Farted again, then he turned around and slapped Robert's face again, chuckling. "Nice stink for a dirty pig, huh?" Through all of this, despite them being so rough with him, Robert felt uncontrollably horny.... maybe it was that he had delayed his own orgasms for a while, or just that he was realising his role as a submissive pig. Ready to serve men, any men, any way they wanted him to. To be used like a piece of property. His cock was throbbing under his jock, rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Robert heard something like a metal chain clinking, as if it was being both carried and dragged at the same time. Then he felt a collar being placed around his neck, and after it was secured, he was told "Get up, on your feet." He was lead by the chain being pulled, across the room. When he was stopped and told to stand still, and raise his hands. He felt his wrists being secured in leather straps, and the other man forced his legs apart, in a similar distance to his wrists. His ankles were also secured. Then whatever he was fastened to started to move, lowering him into a horizontal position, lying down on his back. "You're gonna love this.... ...or hate it, either way, I don't give a shit."
  5. PART EIGHT Peter got dressed, and went back to the front of the store, removing the "back in 15 minutes" sign from the shop's front window. Andre got up, tussled Robert's hair, and said "See ya around, mate", before walking out, leaving Robert alone in the now dark video lounge, as the movie on the screen had finished, to ponder his thoughts on what had just happened. He sat there by himself for a moment, feeling exhausted but still sort of horny, and a strange sort of feeling almost like an adrenaline rush. "Fuck", he thought to himself, "I've just taken two loads up my ass from complete strangers, one of them claiming to be HIV positive, and I let it happen. They basically used and abused me. They pissed all over me like a cheap whore. And I let them. I feel so dirty." The thoughts circling his head started turning Robert on, his cock started throbbing and becoming erect again, his hole tender and sore, but with a strange sort of twitching feeling, feeling empty and needing to be filled. Filled with a big cock like Peter's. He let out a wet fart, and felt his hole which was now leaking cum. He put his fingers in his mouth and tasted it, it tasted really salty but also kind of sweet, similar to his own. Robert loved eating his own cum, and it was especially satisfying tasting someone else's. He let instinct take over at this point, heading back to the couch in the corner, he sat down and jerked off, eventually shooting a modest load of his cum on his belly, and scooped it up with his fingers and ate it. "Mmmmmm, fuck that's good", Robert said out loud, to himself. As he came back to post-orgasm reality, he slowly became aware of his situation and surroundings. Here he was, naked, coated in dried piss and remnants of cum, sitting alone in the sleazy backroom video lounge of an adult bookstore. He got up and went to the toilets at the back of the store, where he gave himself a whore's bath in the wash basin with warm soapy water and paper towels. He hoped it would take care of the smell of stale piss, at least. He wasn't too worried about the cum, though. Going back to the video lounge, he got dressed and headed back to the front counter, to find Peter there, idly biding his time, waiting for customers. "I thought about your offer to swap phone numbers, I think I'd like to meet up again sometime, so...." Peter smiled, and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, scribbled his phone number down and handed it to Robert. "Ok, here's mine. Just send me a text telling me it's you and I'll save the number." Peter said. "Oh, and by the way.... Andre bred you raw, right? I know he's poz. Look, if you're concerned about the possibility that he might have pozzed you, you can go to a clinic and get PEP. However......" Peter seemed to lower his voice just a little at this point, but moved slightly closer, and looked straight into Robert's eyes intently, continuing "if you do catch the bug......not saying you will, but if you do..... there's still guys out there that will be happy to have sex with you. I know a few, myself, and could hook you up with some of them, if you like....". "Thanks, um.... I'll keep that in mind..." Robert replied, half smiling, and taking the piece of paper from Peter's hand. "What have I gotten myself into?" He thought, after leaving the store, and heading home to retire to bed for the night. However, he could not deny how horny the two men had made him feel, and the comments from Peter about the other guys he knew made Robert think about what they could possibly want to do.... Robert smiled to himself. "Life is good, for a dirty little whore like me", he thought.
  6. Some great scenes in this one... https://m.xhamster.com/videos/stifuibreil-5309276#mlrelated
  7. Wouldn't we all? 😋 Good scene, I like the full clip of this
  8. PART SEVEN "Bend over and show me that hole", Peter instructed Robert, and he obediently did as he was told, getting up on all fours, and turning around, grabbing his own buttocks and spreading them, displaying his sweet, pink, swollen ass lips to Peter. He turned to Peter and asked "So, what do you think?" "Definitely a boy-pussy now, huh?" Said Peter. "Fuuuuck.... look at that...." he exclaimed, as a stream of cum started leaking out of Robert as he stretched his hole open with his fingers, trying hard to show off for this new man, like a good bitch should. "Lemme have a taste...." Peter sighed with some lust in his voice, kneeling down and putting his face right into the lad's tender cheeks, savoring the flavour of Robert's freshly violated special spot, running his tongue all over, kissing and sucking and tongue-fucking Robert's sweet hole, the young man now purring like a kitten at this attention he was getting, and whimpering and moaning with pleasure. Peter's tongue was gentle, warm and moist, and he knew what he was doing. He would flatten out his tongue and run it from Robert's scrotum to his anus, and then with more pressure, flick the tip of his tongue over the rim, increasing in pace, and then inserting it into his hole, massaging it and sucking it with his lips and tongue, as best he could, while also trying to suck and felch out any remaining cum. Robert's body was breaking out in goosebumps and shivers at how good it felt being rimmed by this man. He simply didn't want it to end, and started becoming erect again, and dripping pre-cum all over the floor. "Dirty little fag", Andre chuckled, now seated in the corner, gently stroking his cock and watching the action unfold in front of him. "You like that, don't ya? Mmmmmm". Peter stopped rimming, and picked Robert up by putting his hands under his armpits, and told him to bend over and touch his toes. Robert obeyed, now wanting what he could at least guess what was coming. "You want this cock, boy?" Peter asked, in a dominant tone. "Yes, please, sir." Replied Robert. "But.... sir, you know I've never been fucked by a guy with a dick as big as yours.... I don't know if I can take it." Peter held a single finger to his lips and simply said "Shhhh." Then chuckled, turning around and grabbing his underwear, he wiped his ass with them and with his cock in his other hand, unleashed a torrent of piss all over them, soaking them as best he could. He returned to Robert, and grabbing his hair with one hand, he yanked his head back, and commanded "Open your mouth, slut". Robert was a tad shocked, but felt turned on that Peter had known to treat him in a similar fashion to how Andre had just before. He opened his mouth and Peter stuffed his piss soaked undies into his mouth. "Stay here, and keep those in your mouth. Take them out only when I say, and if you break this rule, there will be punishment". Robert tried to reply "Yes, sir". But if got muffled by the wet, stinking cloth in his mouth. It tasted bitter and kind of salty, but he knew it was a product of a man's penis and bladder, and that turned him on immensely. He began to suck out the piss, as Peter turned around, put his pants back on, and went back into the store for a couple of minutes. He returned with a roll of special bondage tape, which they sold in the store, and approached Robert, wrapping the tape around his mouth with the underwear in it. "There, that should do the trick". Peter said, proud of his own handiwork. "Fuck... you crack me up, you dirty bastard...." Andre said, with a bit of a laugh. Peter chuckled, taking his pants off, and positioned himself behind the hunched over Robert, caressing his ass, and holding his erect monster of a cock in one hand, started directing his member towards the entrance of Robert's flesh tunnel. He pushed with a small amount of force, and Robert could feel his anal opening, sore and swollen, reacting to the pressure. He winced, but Peter kept pressing in, slow, steady pressure against the hole he was now fully intent on wrecking with his ass-destroyer. Robert's hole started to relax and give way, and Peter, starting to feel his cock head press inside, by the time he got the head fully in, he rammed it home, almost knocking Robert over with the force of his brutal thrust. "Aaaaah! Mmmmmm" Robert tried to cry out, but his cries were so muted by the underwear in his mouth, and soon enough, Andre had approached, clutching the bottle of poppers. He offered it to Robert, holding it against one nostril at a time, while pinching the other closed for him. After a few deep puffs of the little brown bottle, Robert's head began to spin slightly, and he could feel his ass relaxing around the invading weapon. It began to feel amazing, and as Peter felt the ass around his cock, he said "Yeah, that's it. Open that hole for me." Grabbing Robert's hips, he began pistoning his massive penis inside the lad's distended hole, more and more athletically with each stroke. They both started sighing and breathing heavily, and Robert began getting vocal, but not being able to accent words, resorting to lots of pleasured moans and whimpers. "Fuuuuck, that's nice." Said Peter, "You've got a great hole, here. Feels good with that cum inside, too. Nice and sloppy". He began thrusting really hard and violently, and suddenly, he pushed in and held his cock in Robert's ass, balls deep. Robert moaned as he felt Peter's cock throbbing and twitching, as it seemingly vibrated against the lining of his ass, he could feel the guy's cock spurting his cum deep in his guts. Peter laid over the young man, holding his chest and breathing heavy and slow, taking deep breaths. They were drenched in sweat and stale piss, and the room had a faint odor of sex, piss, sweat and cum. Peter got up, told Robert to stand back up, and removed the tape from his face, and took the soaked undies out of Robert's mouth, then grabbed the guy and they kissed passionately, Peter only stopping to compliment Robert on his piggish, slutty behaviour and the flavour of piss on his breath and tongue. "You're a good fuck, dude. If you want to, we could exchange phone numbers and maybe hook up another time. It kind of goes against store policy for me to interact with punters, but this can be our little secret, what do ya say?" Peter asked Robert.
  9. Post links to some of your favourite scenes here I'll start with one of mine... one of the very best imo Ace in the Hole https://m.xhamster.com/videos/gang-fuck-bareback-8374873#mlrelated
  10. I know exactly what you mean, as you take loads in your ass, the desire to go into overdrive and seek more and more becomes more compelling I'm averaging roughly 5-15 per week myself atm
  11. PART SIXXX It was at this moment the door opened and the store clerk walked into the room, heading directly towards the main lounge, calling out as he advanced "Hey Andre, don't mind me. I just came in to take a piss. Oh, hey, from the looks of it you've been enjoying yourself." "Oh, hey, Peter, yeah, I sure have," Andre replied with a smile, adding "I sure have, got a nice piece of fuck meat here. And he knows his place." Peter chuckled "I bet he does now, especially after you've been doing your usual antics. Look, his ass is still bright red," moving close and taking a good look at the scene in which Robert moved from being on all fours to sitting on the concrete floor. "Are you okay, sweet pea?" Peter asked Robert. "Well, I've had quite a night so far...." Robert replied, grinning slightly. Peter turned to Andre, and grabbing his crotch, asked "Well, shit.... I still need to piss pretty badly. You don't mind if I use the toilet, do you?" "Go right ahead," Andre replied, with a smirk, knowing full well what the store clerk had in mind. He and Robert watched as Peter took off his pants and underwear, and, his flaccid cock in hand, approached Robert, stood over the young man who was still seated in anticipation of some new perversion. With that Peter released a steady stream of warm piss over the lad, giving a deep sigh of relief. "Ahhhhh, that's good," as he pissed on Robert's chest and crotch, reveling in saturation of Robert, a now well-used slutty pig. The men were amused to note Robert's penis started to swell into a semi-erect cock. "Look at what you're doing to me, filthy bitch." Peter said, addressing Robert. "Has this asshole dumped a load inside you yet?" Continuing, Peter asked "Has he hurt your sweet little poo-hole? Is it throbbing and swollen at the moment? I bet it is...." Peter's cock was now in his hand, and he was gently massaging his member, which was filling out, and, as Robert watched, his eyes grew large as Peter's cock grew and grew, swelling in size to what must have been at least nine inches in length, and having a far greater girth than that cock which had just fucked him utterly ruthlessly. "Guess who else would like some attention....."
  12. PART FIVE "Turn around, show me your ass." Robert obeyed, still on his knees, turning around and bending over so he was on all fours, ass exposed. The man positioned himself behind him, and Robert could feel the thick, spongy head of the cock pressing against his hole, constant pressure, threatening to tear him in two. "Just breathe and push back like you're taking a shit." The man instructed. As he did this, after a few seconds, Robert could feel the entrance to his ass begin to open and allow this man's cock entrance into his body, stretching him open, with a slight stinging/burning sensation, but the more the man thrusted his member inside him, the better it began to feel. Soon enough, he was completely filled with hard cock, and a glow came over Robert, feeling his own cock which was hard as steel, he pulled the cloth front of his jock to the side and released it so he could stroke himself while being fucked... and, between heavy breaths, noticed himself suddenly begging "Fuck me..... fuck me.... harder, Daddy, please....". The man, smiling, replied simply "That's right, this is MY pussy, now, isn't it, bitch?", thrusting harder and harder into Robert's ass, his pelvis smacking against the young man's buttocks making a loud slapping noise with every thrust. He smacked Robert's ass, and Robert moaned in pleasure. "Yyyyyeeeessss, Daddy...... please cum in me.....". "You want my load, slut?...... Are you sure about that?" The guy taunted Robert, fucking him violently, grabbing him by the throat with one hand, and clutching an ass cheek with the other. "Please! I want you to fill me with your seed!" Robert cried out. It wasn't too much longer than that and the guy started moaning too, and Robert could feel the guy starting to swell inside him. "Ooooh.... aaaaahh.... uuuuughhh.... fuuuuck.... such a nice asss....... fuuuuck here it comes.... gonna cum.... cumming in your sweet ass, boy.... here iiiit...... cuuuuuummmmmssss.....aaaaaaah" the guy stopped thrusting and held himself balls deep in Robert's hole, his cock twitching inside him with every blast of his orgasm, and when Robert felt this cock spasm inside him, it set of his own orgasm. "Ffffuuuuck, I'm coming too..... ooooh....aaaaah...". With deep heavy breaths, the guy dismounted Robert, and laid on the ground next to him, catching his breath, while the young man remained on all fours, drenched in sweat and also breathing heavily. "You liked that, didn't you?" The guy asked Robert. "Fuck yes", he replied. "Hold still, I need to piss" the guy gave his instruction, and got up and stood above Robert, who, in a couple of seconds, felt a stream of this man's warm piss, soaking him all over his back and the back of his head. "Mmmmmm yeah, good slut. I bet you like me making you wet..... .....oh, and by the way, I'm HIV positive. Enjoy the poz load I just dumped in you. There could be more for you again, another day, if you want it....."
  13. PART FOUR "Get up, get on your feet." Robert did as he was told, as he was starting to feel a strange but powerful sense of comfort in taking instructions and being obedient to this man. He had made Robert feel things in a way that no other man had yet done, and he started to realise, he wanted more. The guy started caressing Robert's chest, running his hands all over him, and lent forward to his face, placing a hand behind his head, and began to kiss him, Robert kissing back gently, and opening his mouth to be greeted by the cunning master's tongue. This sexual beast had Robert in shivers as they passionately frenched a few minutes, kissing and sucking each other's tongues, then the guy started rubbing Robert's nipples, gently at first, then pinching, applying more and more pressure, getting some gentle moans out of Robert in return. Then the guy lowered his head and took one of the lad's nipples in his mouth, swirling and flicking his tongue his tongue around it, Robert's moans becoming more exasperated and pleasured while he did this. "My slut likes his tits teased, huh?" Said the stud. "Fffffuuuuccckkk yes, Daddy. Feels soooo good". Robert replied. The man then bit down, not too hard, but hard enough to get a loud set of pained and exasperated oooh's and aaah's out of Robert's sweet lips, then... The man stood back just a little, roughly grabbed a handful of Robert's hair, and spat in his face. "Cunt". Spat at him again. "Open your mouth". He spat inside Robert's mouth. "Say thank you." "Thank you", Robert obligingly replied, in his newfound understanding. This made him feel so dirty, so used, so..... He couldn't fully explain it, but he loved it. Again, he wanted more. He left his mouth open. The man spat at him again. "You really are trash, aren't you, bitch?". He slapped Robert in the face. Robert moaned in pleasure and approval. He wanted to show this dom he had began to learn his place. Who he really was. A faggot. A slave. A submissive whore. A cheap piece of fuck-meat for any man wanting to use him. Pain and abuse made him horny as fuck. He was, in essence, a Masochist. The man pinched both of Robert's nipples, hard. "I know how to use a slut. Tell me what you want. You really want to make Daddy happy, yes?" The man asked, in a dominant tone. "Yes, Daddy". "You're a trashy cum-dumpster whore, aren't you, faggot? You like being abused and verbally degraded, don't you?". "Yes Daddy. I love it." The man chuckled. He had the young man by the short and curlies now. He had broken him, and he knew it. He could see he had control, and the little slut would let him do anything he wanted. "On your knees, and open your fucking whore mouth, as wide as you can, and keep it open". Robert knelt down, and the man roughly grabbed his hair with both hands, then pulling Robert's head forward, jammed his cock down Robert's throat, making him gag. He pulled out, leaned over and spat in his face. "Take some poppers. Hit it about 5 times. Deep breaths." The man waited, still clutching Robert's hair while the lad breathed in the acrid fumes. "Open your mouth again." He forced his throbbing cock into Robert's throat, at first a bit slower and more gently this time, but built up pace, and was soon fully throat-fucking him, making Robert drool like a rabid animal. "Yes.... yeeeeessss, bitch. Get my dick wet. This is for your own good, cunt. Cause I think you know where I'm gonna stick my tool next."
  14. I'm glad you lot are enjoying this. It's been equally enjoyable to put some of my piggy side into words for you all to read

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