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  1. Depends on the longevity of the lockdown, I guess. Hoping for the best for people in the UK. Here in NZ, it was about a month and a half before Saunas and cruise clubs were back in action properly, so we're pretty lucky. Still, what's the worst case scenario? Current businesses may close, but there will always be a market for Gay saunas and cruise lounges / adult bookstores / tea rooms, surely someone would set their own up post-lockdown if needs be.
  2. @BB4fking Party was fun, from memory, I think it was about 10-12 guys, mixed ages etc in a small hotel room Took a few cocks and loads, sort of felt like being on set of a Treasure Island Media scene Would definitely be attending the next one, and highly recommend others to go
  3. ******************************** Prologue I love corrupting young, college age kids. Gives me a feeling of power. And watching them slide into filth and depravity? Biggest turn on. Seeing these fresh faced boys go from innocent newbies into total whores and sexpigs, it's a rush, to say the least. I am Lucifer, in human form. I'm your friendly neighborhood crack dealer. I'm not kidding about being friendly, either. I'll kill ya with kindness. That's part of how I get you on my side. Narcs? I can smell 'em a mile away. I'm a smart, respectable member of society by day, but in my own time, I'm the guy they all warned you about. If I'm on the prowl for a new bottom bitch, watch out, I'm coming to get ya. I can smell you a mile away, too. Some of the older crowd are wise to my game, but they won't squeal, they know better.... I show my whores a good time anyway. All the cock they could ever ask for. And then some. Wanna party with me? I bet you do. Faggots. You serve cock. You'll eat my ass, too. I'll breed you whenever and wherever I fuckin want. It's your lot in life to be used by men. To be a whore, a faggot, a slut, a hole. Know your place, and I'll make sure you are treated right. Step outta line, and that'll be a different story. ****************************** Corrupting the Mormon boy He came into my life like an insect that had wandered innocently into a waiting spider's web. Knocking on my front door, all good intentions and a head full of naivety and religious dogma. Perfect victim. I had been sipping a cup of coffee and contemplating about how to spend my Saturday when he knocked on my door. I was still wearing nothing but a bathrobe, so I looked through the peephole first. My cock throbbed a little when I first saw him. This cute, young man, with a lean frame and buzz cut hair was going to get more than an opportunity to talk about his religion by coming here. I opened the door and asked him to come in a sit down, and I led him to the couches in my lounge. "Can I get you something to drink?" I asked the lad. "Coffee? Coca-Cola?" I enquired. "Coke would be nice" He replied. Naive boy. Yum yum. I'm going to enjoy twisting this little fucker into a fucked up whore, I thought to myself, as I went to the kitchen and prepared a glass of coke with a small hit of G. I returned, and passed him the glass, sitting down next to him on the couch. "I know what you came here for, young man, but you're wasting your time. I'm not interested in joining a religion." I said, matter of factly. He took a gulp of the drink. "I don't have a problem with it or anything, but.... it's just not for me. There's other things that make me feel... spiritual." As I was talking to the lad, while he gulped down his glass of spiked soda, I did my best to maintain eye contact, but then, as I spread my legs, to stretch open my bathrobe a little, and I saw his gaze move down to my crotch, he swallowed, and I saw a window of opportunity. I opened my bathrobe, exposing my naked body, and revealing my semi hard cock to the boy. He swallowed hard again, and I could tell he was in heat, seeing me like that. "Ever touched another man's penis? Go on. You can touch it, if you want." I said, in an encouraging manner. He kind of stalled, after putting down the glass, so I grabbed his hand, and placed it on my junk. "Here. Don't be shy.... no one has to know. Just play with my cock for a while." He started stroking me, and as he was doing this, I started stroking his chest, opening the top few buttons of his shirt and playing with his nipples. It didn't take long, until he was leaning over, lowering his head towards my crotch, getting ready to suck my throbbing cock. He wrapped his lips around the glans of my penis, and I pushed his head down the shaft, gently, and basked in the warmth of his silky fleshy mouth. I had some gear and a pipe on the coffee table, ready to go, and I also had some tabs of good acid. While I had the lad somewhat impaled on my meat, I figured it was time to show this kid how I was going to make it a "spiritual experience". I took a couple of puffs from my pipe as he was sucking me, and curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know what it was. I could only answer, "Let me show you", and I dragged in a big cloud of T from the pipe and passed it to him in a kiss, shotgunning it into his mouth. It was pretty easy from that point to get him sucking on the end of the pipe after that. I picked up my remote and switched on the TV screen. Then I put on some homemade porn I had on a hard drive I had plugged in the TV, as I was reviewing it last night. It was a video of me fucking another young slut, bareback of course, and breeding his hole. I took the pipe from him and put it on the coffee table, then locked lips with the little slut, who surely by now was slowly learning about what a slut he really was. After breaking the kiss, I said "Open wide, it's time for your communion." I watched him open his mouth, and administered a tab of acid on his tongue, and told him to keep it there as long as he could. I was going to get this kid so high he wouldn't remember where he was..... After waiting for a few minutes, I pulled him into me for another kiss, and I could tell he was getting hornier, he started playing with his own nipples and rubbing his cock through his pants while we tongue wrestled. He was mine now....
  4. Chapter Seven - Shenanigans and Revelations, Part Two Another week had just passed, and with that, brought about Sam's return home from his trip. He got in touch with Daniel as soon as he could, and they arranged to meet up for dinner on that Friday evening. It was a pretty standard meal at an Italian restaurant but Sam was just happy to be back in Daniel's company, and vice versa. They went back to Sam's place afterwards, and had a couple of glasses of Rum & Coke, and a couple of cones. "Listen, babe...." Sam said, in a sort of tentative manner. "I really need to tell you something, but...." he sighed, and bit his bottom lip, and looked down at his hands, struggling to look Daniel in the eyes. Daniel reached out and put his hand over Sam's. "It's OK, you can tell me anything.... what's up?" Daniel asked. "I'm a bit scared of what it could mean.... ... I like you a lot, and I don't want to lose you. I don't want to cause you any harm, either, but.... While I really enjoy sex with you, I don't really like using condoms." Sam replied. "They just feel like a barrier between myself and you, and it's like.... I'm not really connecting with you in a physical way." "It's OK, I know what you mean. I have to be honest also..." Daniel said. "I have also been thinking about ditching the condoms, and the only real reason I have been asking you to use them is because I like you and care about you, too. I'm falling for you big time, baby, but... I have had the odd hookup with other guys, cruising around and stuff, in the early days, when this was just a bit.... new and uncertain....." They both paused for a moment, Sam was looking in Daniel's eyes at this point, not judging Daniel, but rather.... paying full attention to the not-so-innocent lad and what he was saying. "I see. Well, I'm not upset or anything about that, I kind of know a lot of guys aren't perfectly monogamous..... I certainly have played around a lot, and well...." Sighing again, his eyes closed, and a single tear leaving one of his eyes and rolling down his cheek, Sam let it out. "I'm HIV positive. I was pozzed by a dom top guy in a sauna about 6 months ago." Daniel placed his hand gently on Sam's face, caressing him by his jaw line, and replied "It's OK, babe. I'm not afraid of it or anything..... These days, it's not exactly a death sentence like it used to be, especially with the....." "Meds? I'm not taking any, yet...." Sam interrupted. Daniel was shocked for a brief moment. He didn't know what to say. He contemplated what he could possibly be putting himself through if he let Sam have sex with him unprotected now. He liked.... no.... he was pretty damn sure now, and had been for a little while, that he loved this guy, and wanted to feel his cock and cum inside him. Truly connected in flesh and lust, and sharing the seed of this man. Real sex. Not that condomed sex was terrible, but it wasn't that much different in feeling to sitting on a dildo, and Daniel didn't want that. He didn't really want to get sick, but.... Sam seemed in pretty good shape. Curiosity peaking a little, Daniel got up the courage to ask. "What's it like? Did you get sick, or do you feel anything like that?" "Well, I got pretty sick at first, like a bad flu, that lasted a couple of weeks, but... started feeling better and feeling horny afterwards. Really horny." Sam replied. "Wow..... but, are you going to go on meds if you get sick, or what?" Daniel asked. "I guess so?" Sam hadn't even thought that much about it. Part of him had been wanting to go on meds already, as he had heard a lot about how taking meds early can reduce his viral load, but... there was a part of him that kind of wanted to ride this out. Maybe even share the virus with someone else. It was a twisted thought, but.... it just made him uncontrollably horny thinking about it. He'd jack off when he and Daniel weren't together and fantasize about pozzing him, so they could both share the strain together. "Sam......" Daniel began, and Sam looked up at him, and they shared a brief pause, staring at each other's eyes now. "I love you, man. I think.....I want...." Before he could finish the sentence, Sam leapt at Daniel, like a wild animal, and began kissing him passionately. Daniel kissed back, the two in a tangled embrace, locked in each other's arms. "You want me to fuck you? To put my raw cock inside you, and pump your ass full of my dirty load, baby?" Sam asked. "Fuck yeah, daddy.... please fuck me with your raw cock.... I want to feel you blast your cum inside me.... please" Daniel replied, getting hornier and hornier with Sam's talented lips and hands, feeling him caress and kiss all over, kissing and sucking at the nape of his neck, which drove him wild. "You want me to infect you? To share this special virus with me? Take my DNA and let it grow inside you and become a part of you?" "Yes, babe..... make us part of each other.... forever....." The two rolled on the floor, stripping as they went, still stealing kisses and fondling each other in a rampant, animalistic lust, their minds now capable of thinking only of each other's bodies, and soon enough they were both naked, save for maybe a sock or two.... Daniel spun around, lying on top of Sam, and grabbing his hard cock, directed his mouth straight onto it, sucking it down like his life depended on it, while Sam gripped his ass cheeks and spread them apart so he could gain access to Daniel's sweet hole, spitting on it and rimming him, drawing garbled moans of pleasure from the lad, who was now driving his head up and down Sam's shaft, fucking his own throat in quick and long, full, strokes with Sam's engorged penis. Alternating between rimming and fingering Daniel's hole, stretching it open as he did so, Sam then told Daniel to get in position, on his back, holding his legs in the air. Once he was ready, Sam positioned himself in between his legs, holding his throbbing cock in one hand, guiding it towards Daniel's blinking pucker. Looking him in the eye, and leaning forward so their heads were inches away from each other, just before penetrating him, Sam said "I love you, baby...." "I love you too. Please fuck me" Daniel replied. He then felt Sam pressing the head of his cock against his hole, and Sam leaned in for a kiss, thrusting his raging member inside his lover's tunnel. As his hole was being forcefully stretched open, Daniel cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure, his hole burning slightly as Sam's massive cock ripped into his guts. "Tell me about the other guys you fucked. Did you let them fuck you?" Sam asked, almost teasing Daniel.... "Yes" "Did they fuck you with a condom? Like we used to?" "No...... I.... they...... didn't ask.... or didn't seem to have one...." Sam slapped Daniel across the face. Hard. "Slut". Then, holding his jam firmly, kissed him again, then spat in his open mouth. "Keep going..... I want to know just how much of a dirty whore you really are....you let them cum inside you, didn't you? It felt good, didn't it? Being used by those random men? Letting them breed you like a slut? Being a free use, trashy fuck hole.... You love it, don't you?" Sam spat in his face again, and slapped him. "Look at you now, taking my raw, unmedicated poz cock inside you. I'm gonna fucking poz your hole, make you my whore. Maybe tie you up and let a bunch of sleazy men have their way with you." All the filthy, dirty talk had Daniel in heat. Being degraded and used turned him on more than he could rationalize, and he grabbed his own cock and began pumping it in his gripping fist, and moaning in pure ecstasy. Sam's raw cock felt amazing inside him, he could feel every inch, every vein, every bump, feel him throb inside his silky fuck tunnel. Harder..... faster.... sliding in and out.... it was even more special that it was Sam's. He loved no one else more, and was his special slut. Sam kept a good steady rhythm, but after a while, it just became too much for Daniel, and pushed him over the edge.... it just felt too damn good......."Fuuuuuck, I'm coming.... fuck me harder, baby!..... Uhhhhh....aaaah!" Daniel cried out, spraying cum all over his belly, and breathing heavily. "Fuck.... I'm gonna cum too, soon.... gonna poz your slutty cumdump hole.... aaaah... fuuuuuck yeah! Take my fuckin dirty load, bitch....." Sam howled, grunting and panting, as he trusted his spewing cock, planting his corrupted seed deep within his lover's ass.
  5. I have a few answers today. Porn Star - Teddy Forest. This guy ticks a lot of boxes for me. Nice looking dick, nice amount of body hair, good shape etc... and cute as all hell. Music - Benjamin Weinman, guitarist from The Dillinger Escape Plan. The dude's look just screams masculine, but also cute. Actors - James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Keanu Reeves, Charlie Hunnam Athletes - Shannon Frizzell (Rugby - All Blacks, Loose Forward), Kane Williamson (Cricket - Batsman, Team Captain for NZ "Black Caps") There's more, of course, but these come to mind quickly
  6. There will be a bareback sex party in a private residence in Auckland next week For details, if anyone is interested, register at barebacksp.com From there, you should be able to find out event details and RSVP
  7. Chapter six - Shenanigans and Revelations, Part One It had been about 7 days since Daniel had seen Sam, and he was feeling really pent up. Lately, he could usually count on Sam to visit a couple of times a week, and there would be some sexual release at some point, sooner or later during their romantic (mis)adventures. He was falling pretty hard for Sam, but the guy had to go on a work related trip for a couple of weeks, so the two were experiencing a bit of distance for the first time since they started hooking up, and then officially dating. Funny how you get used to a situation, sometimes quickly, and when it changes back, you get uncomfortable, right? Even if the change is back to what you were familiar with before. There was only one thing for it. I mean, Sam wasn't around, and it was still a pretty familiar behaviour for Daniel, so... ... the temptation was palpable. To go cruising the local hang outs again. He had done it once or twice in between days when hanging out with Sam, too, after all... early days and no guarantees and all that.... even though, he usually felt a tad guilty about it when he thought about Sam afterwards. He would rationalise it though, as "it's not like they were married or anything, and lots of people have open relationships etc., right?" Besides, it felt good at the time. So be it. Daniel went to his favourite toilet block after work, the one that was particularly popular with gay guys looking for a quickie, and convinced himself he'd just make out with guys, swap blow jobs and that sort of thing. The block was pretty standard, a couple of cubicles, one large and one small, and a long urinal against the back wall. Upon entry, Daniel noticed a guy standing at the urinal, so approached and unzipped his fly, looking over as discreetly as he could, to see if the other guy was looking, and the guy noticed and flashed him a little smile, and winked, then started playing with his cock, rolling his foreskin back and forth over his glans, and Daniel wrapped his hand over his own tool and started stroking slowly, smiling back at the stranger. The door to the larger cubicle opened behind them, then Daniel heard the usual sounds of footsteps and the water flowing in the sink, and the hand dryer starting. Then, looking over his shoulder and making sure the coast was clear, he motioned to the other guy with a tilt of his head and a nod in the direction of the now unoccupied cubicle. Daniel put his cock back in his pants and zipped up, then headed in, and the other guy followed him in, his cock still in his hand. As soon as the door was closed, Daniel dropped to his knees, in front of the man, and started licking up his shaft, and slobbering all over his balls, spitting and licking and sucking them gently, totally in lust and worshipping this guy's manhood, taking him down his throat and the man put his hand on Daniel's head and started to throat fuck the lad, making him gag slightly and come up for breath. Daniel kept doing his best to be a deserving fuck hole for this man and his impressive slab of fuckmeat, alternating between exploring every inch with his lips and tongue, and taking it as far down his throat as he could manage. The guy was now moaning in total pleasure, and had both hands in Daniel's hair, running his fingers through it. He took out a bottle of poppers from his pocket, and handed it to Daniel, and unfastened his belt and took his pants off. Daniel stayed, kneeling on the floor, taking hits of the poppers, while the other guy stripped. Once fully nude, the man pulled D up by his underarms, and said "Bend over, baby." Daniel obliged, bending over and grabbing his asscheeks, spreading them with his hands, presenting his sweet little pink hole to him. "Fuuuuuck.... what a pretty hole." Said the man, in total awe, he then knelt down behind Daniel and began rimming the lad, diving straight in between the young lad's spread cheeks and eating the puckered hole like a starving animal, licking and teasing with his tongue, spitting on it while he massaged his own throbbing member, and with a free hand, fingering in the spit, then going back to applying pressure with his tongue, attempting to push it inside as much as he could, flicking the tip up and down, doing his best to massage and coax Daniel's special spot to relax and open for him. Next thing, He stood up, and Daniel could feel the man pressing down on his back, keeping him bent over, the stranger's large hand spreading over his upper back, between the shoulder blades. Then, he moaned as he felt the familiar pressure against his hole as the man began pushing his cock into him. Taking a long, slow breath, and pushing back gently, Daniel then felt himself relax more, and his sphincter began to relax and dilate, allowing entry to his insides to the invading cock, his tunnel blissfully still tight, and being unlubed, still hugging the man's cock as it began sliding inside him, Daniel feeling every inch, making his toes curl and a tingling sensation like that of goosebumps all over, then the air was knocked out of him when the man started thrusting as hard as he could. Daniel moaned, his mind in a lustful haze and asked for the poppers, when he regained his breath. After a few deep breaths, Daniel could feel his hole relax even more, and as the man began thrusting hard, his cock was becoming nicely coated in a viscous layer of Daniel's ass mucous and the guy's precum, making it slick. Sometimes, the best lubes are all natural. A few minutes passing of this rather athletic fucking and the man began breathing heavier, and thrusting faster and even harder than before "Fuck, I'm getting close.... Gonna breed your slutty cumdump hole...." he panted. "Mmmm yeah, Daddy.... please cum in me....give me your load...." Daniel replied, in between gasps and moans of pleasure. The man then roared and bucked his hips into Daniel, nearly making the lad lose his balance, while the guy clenched onto his hips with his big, meaty hands, digging his fingers in like claws, and shook as his orgasm rocked them both, jets of fresh and warm cum pulsed out of the man's rock hard cock, coating the lad's colon with seed. Catching his breath, the man stood up, and got dressed again, spanking Daniel on the butt and saying "Thanks, mate." He then opened the door, and walked out, and left the door open, which revealed the nude lad to the rest of the place, and before he could reach the door, another, older gentleman walked in, smiling. "Heard you from the other booth. Mind if I come in?" He said. Daniel figured, why not, and he said "Ok, no problemo." After all, he could do with some more cock and cum. This other man was quite a bit older, possibly early 60s was Daniel's guess, but he wasn't unattractive, if anything, quite handsome. He approached Daniel, and placing his hands on his head, pulled him in for a passionate kiss, then they sank into one another, pressing their bodies together, still locking lips and wrestling their tongues together, Daniel moaning gently as the man began playing with his nipples, pinching and twisting them, and Daniel began unbuttoning the man's shirt, and then unfastening his belt. "Pretty little slut, ain't ya?" The man said. He stepped out of his pants, and pulled down his underwear, his now hard cock bouncing out as the fabric was pushed away, 7 inches and cut, a droplet of precum glistened on the tip of the glans. The man grabbed Daniel's hair, around the back of his head and roughly pulled him down to make eye level with his crotch, and demanded "Suck it!" Daniel loved it, though, and cupping the man's scrotum with a free hand, and bracing himself on his knee with the other, he opened his mouth and took the engorged cock before him in his mouth, savoring the taste and sucking in earnest. He began to deep throat this man's penis and he felt the pressure on the back of his head, fingers gripping his hair tightly, and the man got really rough, bucking his hips and giving Daniel a really brutal face fuck. All the young lad could do was keep his jaw open and breathe when he could, in between thrusts, as drool was coating the tool now ramming his throat like a piston, and globs of thick, mucousy saliva was flowing freely. "Guurrrrglll gurrrlll gugggll grrrrlllglll".... "Mmmm... fuck yeah.... making your face my pussy hole.... like that dontcha, bitch?" The man slapped Daniel's ass... "Gurrrll gurrggle.... mmm hmmm" "Good boy. Keep sucking that cock. It's what faggot boys like you were born for." The man then licked his middle finger, and began probing Daniel's distended pucker, rubbing against the lad's inner walls, drawing out more moans of pleasure from Daniel. Some cum and ass juices coated the man's finger when he withdrew it from his ass, and he stuck it in Daniel's mouth, telling him to clean it. He then sat on the toilet bowl, leaning back slightly, and said "Here, boy, come sit on my cock...." Daniel didn't hesitate at all, and facing away from the guy, lowered his butt on to the prong sticking out from the man's lap, feeling it push through his tender hole, sighing "Aaaaahhhh..." He rode that man's cock in a total state of blissful sluttiness, bouncing up and down, milking a load out of yet another random stranger's cock. It didn't take long for the guy who's cock he was impaled on started spanking up his ass, mixing with the cum and ass juices already making him sloppy as a well used up whore. When Daniel unmounted, the man bent him over and pulled his hips back to meet his face, felching the gooey mess from the freshly fucked hole, grunting and growling while he did it. Daniel could feel some amazing sensations on his ass as the man slurped and sucked, determined to retrieve what seemed like every drop of cum that was up there. "Stand up, turn around and kiss me...." The man commended, and Daniel did exactly as he was told. After a few minutes of passionate snogging, and sharing the tastes of cum and ass, they broke the kiss they were sharing, and Daniel was the first one to begin putting his clothes back on. He was feeling pretty tired, still horny, but felt like heading home. He wanked himself to orgasm after he had got home and had a shower, eating his cum after he shot it all over his belly.
  8. Thanks! Not going to give away any spoilers, but yes, I have many more ideas and more plot developments and twists to come. Will be writing again in maybe a day or two. ❤
  9. Sam & Roger - Part 3 Roger withdrew his flaccid penis from me and hopped up on the bed, crooking his finger to beckon me to join him in a cuddle, and we spooned on the bed for a few moments, him gently running his fingers over my skin. His orgasm having hit seemed to draw out a more affectionate side, and I must admit it was nice having some gentle moments after the roughness he had dished out earlier. He wrapped his arms around me tight, and played with my cock with one of his hands, wrapping his other hand gently around my neck, and kissing behind my ear. I got goosebumps, and sighed in pleasure. We must have stayed like that for about 10-15 minutes, and then he spoke up... "It's time I got you laying on your back again, I think...." Letting go, I moved over and laid on my back, like I was asked to. He got up and moved over to his stash of toys and grabbed a couple of bundles of rope. He lifted my legs up, and asked me to hold them up, ankles together, which he then wrapped the rope around, binding them together. Then he did the same with my wrists, and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. He then bound my wrists and ankles together using the rope he had previously used for the jock strap gag, leaving me in a position which had me on my back and my arms and legs in mid air, leaving my hole and butt cheeks exposed. "Perfect....." He then grabbed the flogger, and gently stroked it across my ass cheeks, then tapping slightly. Very gentle. About 4 or 5 taps.... then.... WHACK! "Aaaah!" He smacked my ass with it a hell of a lot harder. WHACK! It stung like a bastard, but..... WHACK!! He was making sure I knew my place. I mean, even if I hated this, I couldn't do much about it right now anyway.... He ran his free hand across my reddening ass, caressing it and the tenderized flesh went into overdrive. WHACK! "Aaaaargh!" WHACK! "Owww" "Does that hurt?!" He asked, in a facetious manner. Sadistic bastard. "Yes", I replied, breathing out heavily. "Aww, I'm sorry, baby." He put the flogger aside, and kneeled down, so his face was directly in front of my ass, and blew all over it, the sensation making me jolt and squirm around a bit. He smacked my ass with his hand, but he didn't take it away, rather holding it there, against my reddened and sore cheek, squeezing it and digging his nails in. Then he leaned in, and ran his tongue over my hole. I gasped in pleasure, it was such an amazing feeling and made me so horny. It was a total polar opposite to the pain in my buttocks, and the two sensations blending together, I was beginning to struggle differentiating the pain and the pleasure. It was all just sensation now. I couldn't help but moan, as he used his tongue over and in and around my hole, lapping and sucking at the juicy mess he had made, spitting it back on me, and grunting and growling and snorting like a real beast. He pulled my outer ring open, pulling on the sides as hard as he could, and shoved his tongue inside, fucking my hole with that beautiful piece of warm, wet muscle, flicking it up and down and pushing it in. I pushed back with my hole as best I could, trying to get my aching hole to relax and open enough to get as much as possible of my top's masterful appendage inside me. "Mmmm, fuck yeah, push it out.... keep going...." he said, starting to massage his growing member. He stepped away slightly, and stood up, then grabbed my ankles and began to lick my feet. I felt kind of ticklish, and let a giggle out. He just growled, and began to run his tongue in between my toes and suck on them. Fuck, it started to feel really good, and I noticed just how hard I was getting. My cock was jutting out from between my legs, threatening to erupt like a geyser. Then, while still clutching my ankles, he guided his now fully engorged cock towards my hole, and spit on his head and my tender opening. Then he shoved it in, nice and slow, making sure I felt every inch penetrating me, twisting his hips in a swaying motion, hitting the walls of my ass, which felt amazing, especially when his cock brushed past my prostate. He then pulled all the way out, and shoved in to the hilt, as hard as he could, and then went back to the slow fuck. We were both in seventh heaven by this point, just enjoying each other's flesh, and after a little while, he picked up the pace and got a little more forceful. I think I may have been getting a bit numb in my ass from all the punishment it was getting, but my cock was still rock hard, and Roger definitely began to notice it twitching. He grabbed my shaft with a free hand, and began stroking me at the same time as he was fucking me, and then after a little while, started really picking up the pace, and getting harder and faster, never letting my cock go. My brain was now in pure animalistic lust, and I was breathing hard, at least between every moan.... and crying out "Harder..... please, harder..... fuck me!" Then..... it happened. My balls started buzzing like crazy, Roger was hitting my prostate and my ass was gripping his cock, and then next thing.... "Aaaaah... aaaah...Oooooh...AAAAAAAAH!" My cock shot like a fuckin fire hose, blasting my cum all over my chest and tummy, spurt after spurt, my body heaving with the intensity.... I didn't know if I'd even stop cumming.... Then... "Ah, fuck..... I'm gonna cuuuuuum!" Roger bellowed, and mashed his crotch into mine, blasting rope after rope of hot cum deep in my guts... After he pulled out, he went and grabbed his butt plug, and shoved it in my ass. "Let's make sure that load soaks in, shall we?" He said, winking at me. Then he collapsed, exhausted next to me on the bed. I was glowing warm from the orgasm, and was near passing out. Roger got back up and untied me, and let me roll over on the bed. We spooned again for a short while, then both passed out for what would have probably been 20 minutes or so. I just remember waking up, and he was putting his gear back in his bag, he leaned over to me and gave me a kiss. "Hope you enjoy the gift. You can keep the plug, leave it inside you as long as you can stand it. We can swap numbers at the lockers, if you like. I really enjoyed this, and would be keen to play with you again. I'm going to grab a shower now, and I'll be off soon, but hope we can see each other sometime soon." "Sure, that sounds great", I replied. "What's your name, kid?" He asked. "Sam." I replied. "Nice to meet you, Sam". And with that, he gave me one more kiss, and turned and walked out the door. I was all alone all of a sudden, but I couldn't help but smile. Man.... that had to be the best fuck of my life so far..... I would definitely have to get another turn with this man again.
  10. Chapter four. Sam & Roger - Part 2 I walked into the darkroom and it took a couple of seconds for my eyes to adjust to the lack of light. I could hear the tell tale slapping sounds of flesh against flesh of a couple of guys fucking a few feet away, and next thing, a hand reaches out and grabs my arm, pulling me into the chest of the man I had been pursuing. "You've been following me, haven't you?" The man asked, leaning in closer and whispering it into my ear, kind of stumping me for a second. I felt a lump in my throat, and replied back into his, in the same fashion "Yes, you got my attention when I was in the hot tub". He let out a low murmur of appreciation. Like a little growl. It sounded hungry and animalistic. "What are you looking for today?" He asked. "I came to get fucked.... pretty much" I replied. He squeezed my nipple - HARD - and twisted it slightly, and I moaned with the pleasure and pain it caused. He then kissed me passionately, aggressively even, jamming his tongue in my mouth, wrestling it with mine, and he began sucking on my tongue, then I did the same back to him, feeling horny as fuck and running my hands all over his burly chest. "I think we should go to a room. I'd prefer to get a better view, if you know what I mean" he said, and pulled me away from the darkness, and we began walking down towards the private rooms. We went into one of the larger rooms, which had a queen sized bed, covered in vinyl, and as soon as we were in with the door closed, he pinned me against the wall, embracing me and kissing me again, with the same passionate fire. I was awestruck with how assertive this guy was, as usually I would be the dominant guy, regardless of whether I was topping or bottoming. If I was getting fucked, normally I'd be something of a power bottom. I called the shots, so to speak. If I was fucking another guy, then I could even be quite aggressive, even just a tad sadistic. Stretching out those boy-pussies with my cock and watching the bottoms squirm and squeal and whimper and moan, sometimes even hurting them just a little. That irresistible ache that feels like a slight burn when you're getting fucked and your hole is still adjusting to the size of the invading cock and you haven't quite fully relaxed yet. That feeling that after a while becomes so addictive to a bottom. Yeah, I won't just fuck you gently. I don't mind that, but I'm not always interested in making love like that. I wanna fuck. So, I won't just fuck your hole.... I'll destroy it. No one ever complains in the end, because, even if you moan or protest, or even cry..... You know you want it. So yeah. I was pretty set on that wavelength for quite a few years. But this guy was clearly in control. It was like he was Tarzan and I was Jane. Hell, I could have been not much more than a piece of meat to him. Almost. He had natural charisma, and some good moves, and boy, he knew what he was doing. It both intimidated and excited me. He turned me around, holding me in his embrace, and then loosened his hold and pushed me backwards with his hands on my chest, pushing me onto the bed. "Wait here. Don't leave. I'm gonna go to my locker and get some of my gear." And with that, he turned and walked out, shutting the door behind him. I did as I was told, waiting patiently for about 3-4 minutes, when he returned with a smallish denim duffel bag, the sort of which you might take with you when you go camping or carry sports gear to a match in. He opened the bag on the bed and pulled out a few toys and bits and pieces. First was a blindfold, then a bottle of poppers, a butt plug, some bondage rope, a flogger, and a used, stained jock strap that smelled of piss. He balled up the jock in his fist, and grabbed one of the bundles of rope, and kind of let out a low growl, coming up to me, saying "You're going to make this easy. And I'm going to make sure you can't resist now. Open your mouth, slut. Trust me, you want this. If you want my cock, that is....." Goddamn. Here this stud was, bigger and more muscular than me and more comfortable with himself than just about anyone else I had ever encountered before, and.... the fucker was beating me at my own game. I was fucking staring to feel emasculated by him, even a little worried. What was he going to do with me? How far was this bull going to go? Was I about to get raped?! And yet, despite the sudden rush of anxiety, and these thoughts swarming my mind uncontrollably, I was turned on beyond belief. This man who was going to fuck me, and no doubt completely fuck my brains out, rather than a quick pump n dump or a gentle inner massage, he seemed like he was gonna wreck my insides. And I was starting to feel it. The tingling hunger in my hole for his cock. I think if I was going through with this, if I was going to submit to anyone, this is the guy, at this very moment. Almost like he could read my mind, I think he could see the bit of fear in my eyes.... he stopped for a second and said "Look. Make this easy for us both and do as you're told, bitch. You told me you wanted to get fucked. You perused this, you hunted me down, like a thirsty slut. You led me on. So, I'm going to give you the fuck you know deep down that you really want. I don't want to have to, but if you're gonna be a fighty cunt, then a cunt is exactly what I'm gonna turn you into. I'll leave you tied up here, just a hole for any of the men to use however they want. Or, you can play ball like a nice boy, and you'll get rewards....I think you know what I mean, and I'm damn sure you want my cock inside you, don't you?" I nodded. I was losing my resistance and inhibitions completely as he spoke in the authoritarian, masterful dominant tone. Not abusive or cruel as such, but very clearly in control and in command, and not to be messed with, or he would dish out some trouble that I knew I probably wouldn't enjoy as much. It didn't come naturally, but I knew full well what I would be experiencing now, today, was submission. "Alright then. Open your mouth." I did as I was told, and the bull shoved the balled up jock strap, which was at one time soaked in piss which had since dried up, and was encrusted with cum, straight in my mouth, and told me to bite down gently on it. He then secured the jock with a bit of rope, wrapping it around the fabric that was protruding from my clenched teeth, around the back of my head. He went around a few times, and tied it in a knot behind my head. "Perfect." He said. Then he kissed me on the forehead, in a kind of reassuring way. It was the most gentle thing he had done to me so far, and it actually felt kind of nice. Warm. Loving, almost. He then retrieved the blindfold and placed it over my eyes, it wasn't one of those sleeping ones with the elastic strap, it was more like a bandana or something, a soft piece of fabric, like satin, which he tied tightly around the back of my head also. He chuckled "Righto. Now we're getting there. You're nearly ready, slut. You're gonna love this, I promise." The next thing I heard a bottle being opened, and I felt his body heat as he was right behind me, his chest behind my back, while we both sat upright on the bed, and it felt so comforting feeling that heat radiate between us. I then felt a finger press gently against my left nostril, closing the opening, and the bottle of poppers was pressed gently to my right nostril. "Take a couple of deep breaths, and then we'll repeat in the other nostril", he said. Which I did. I knew the poppers would help me completely relax, so I went for it and felt that amazing, glowing warm rush flow through me. He then pushed me gently forward, causing me to lean into an all fours position, and I felt his tongue drool some saliva right where my tailbone was. He let out a low growl of hunger again, taking a second to watch his bead of spit drip down my crack, towards my hole. He then dove his head down, in between my asscheeks, and ran his tongue over my hole, in a big long slow stroke. He then did it again, starting from the end of my scrotum, up towards my tailbone. I couldn't help but moan out in blissful pleasure this time, it just felt so damn good. He then started tongue fucking my hole, and I gasped, and moaned some more. "Feel good, huh?" He chuckled, spanking my butt with one of his big, powerful hands. "Shit, boy, their ain't gonna be no angels where you're going......" He then dove back in, eating my ass like a man possessed, or a hungry animal of some kind, licking, spitting, blowing on my hole, and biting down on my cheeks, and spanking each of them, getting whimpers, gasps and moans out of me in response. "You know you wanna get fucked, don't ya, slut? I'm going to make you my whore." *SPANK!* He kept up the dirty talk in between his masterful tongueing of my most private parts, pulling my cock through, in between my legs, and licking, sucking, kissing, and even pinching or nibbling on it, alternating his attention between my ass, my cock and my balls. I was feeling so used, and slutty, and I was absolutely loving it. "This cock is gonna fuck your little ass better than you know..... gonna make you useless for any other man.... bitch..... slut.... gonna be my cumdump..... breed that fuck hole full of my dirty jizz"..... *growl* He then even started snorting like a pig. *SPANK!* "Fuck yeah. Daddy's little cumdump whore. I can't wait to felch my juice out of your cunt and snowball it back to you, slut." He then got up, and I felt the slightest rush of cooler air across my ass as he distanced himself from me, then he spit on my hole....fingering it ever so slightly inside me. "That's all the lube you're getting from me." It hurt a little, but my hole was super relaxed from the hits of poppers and the amazing rimming, let alone that I had already been fucked once today. I just moaned, as he pushed his finger in farther, moving it around, rubbing the lining of my ass. He then pulled it out sharply. I heard a sniff. Then he put his finger under my nose. "What's this, then? Been a naughty cunt, eh? Been bred already? Another man's cum in my whore's hole, and you didn't tell me.... ....guess you really won't need lube anyway." I heard him disrobe from his towel, and it landing on the floor. He pressed the bottle of poppers to each of my nostrils again, this time making me take more hits, like a ritual. Then I felt him pressing the head of his cock against my hole. It didn't take much. Just the slightest bit of pressure, and I pushed back ever so gently. That was just the head. Then he pulled out again. He flicked his cock head against my hole, up and down, and then back and forth, then up and down and around, making little circles, teasing my hole, entering just by a few millimeters and then pulling out again. This was driving me nuts, not only did it feel amazing, but the teasing was making me ache to get him inside me. I started rocking my hips, and arching my back. He chuckled when he noticed. "You're a natural, huh? Haha. Just, settle down, faggot. It's coming soon enough." Then he rammed his cock in, all 9 inches of it, straight up my hole, balls deep in a brutal thrust that made me scream. Then, just as quickly, he ripped his cock right out of me. Then did the same again, without waiting for me to be ready. "Told you I was going to ruin you." Rammed in. My responses were all being muffled by the filthy jock that was bound in my mouth. "MMMMMFP". Pulled out violently. "Faggot." Rammed in again. "Mmmmmffff" Pulled all the way out again. "Whore." Same again. In and out. In and out. "Slut." He spanked my ass a few times, then he got up off the bed, and asked "Lie down flat on your stomach". Which I did. He grabbed my legs, and simultaneously swung me around and turned me on to my back, so that my legs were hanging over the edge of the bed, and my ass was right on the corner. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and pressed his cock against my hole. Just held it there, and let me breathe and relax. It didn't take long. As soon as I was breathing slowly and calmly, he pushed in, really slow and gentle this time. And it felt sooooo fucking good, I shed a tear and moaned in ecstasy. "Awww, baby.... starting to learn about what your pussy is really for?" He said, in an almost mocking tone, but still, somehow affectionate. "That's cute." He kept rocking his hips, slowly grinding his tool into my fuck chute. "Fuck, your hole is amazing". "Are you ready yet for another load?" I nodded. "I have something to show you." He pushed his throbbing member all the way in to me, putting an intense amount of pressure against my bladder. It hurt a little. He leaned over me and removed the blindfold. I gasped when he did. After blinking a couple of times, adjusting my eyes to more light, I had a clearer view of my top. "Look towards my pubic bone, slut. I hope you like what you see." I pushed my torso up slightly, resting on my elbows, so I could adjust my line of sight and looked at the man's crotch. I saw something that kind of shocked me a little. It had been obscured from view before by his towel. Just under his waist line, where his stubble from a shaved pubic bush began, I saw a tattoo of a scorpion. It had a red drip of blood dripping down from the tip of it's stinger. I knew what it meant. This man, who now had been brutally fucking my hole, like he wanted to rip it to shreds, and was still buried inside me, was HIV positive. And he was fucking me raw. He handed me the bottle of poppers and said "Take a few more hits". I did, 3 more in each nostril. While I did this, he withdrew his cock from my ass, and started fingering me again, only this time, seemingly determined to stretch my outer ring as much as possible. Starting with one finger, but quickly adding more, until he was up to four inside me, moving them around. He then used two fingers from each hand, and pulled each side of my hole open, and some of my ass juices and the cum that was already in there started slowly leaking out. He then put a couple of fingers inside me, saying "This might sting a little." I felt him start to scratch my insides! And I moaned in pain, as it hurt like hell. He wouldn't stop through, fingering me as roughly as he could, and doing his best to tear the inside of my ass. He withdrew his fingers, then brought his hands around the back of my head. He untied the jock strap makeshift gag, and then removed it, throwing it on the floor. He then grabbed my lower jaw with his hand, and spat on my face. "Open your mouth. Stick your tongue out." I did, and he spit in my mouth, then kissed me passionately, and we both moaned in pleasure together." When he stopped, I asked "Are you poz?". He stopped and stared at me. "Yes. And you're going to get my gift. I think that deep down, you need it. Whether or not you realise it yet...." He put a couple of fingers back in me, and dragged his fingernails down through the lining of my ass, and I wailed out in pain. "Aaaaaah, it hurts...." "Necessary." That's all he said. Then after a couple more minutes of roughly finger fucking my hole, he pulled them out, and showed them to me. Two fingers, covered in blood from my ruined ass. "Better lube than that branded shit." He said. "Lie back down. Daddy wants to breed you now." I took another hit of poppers, quickly then passed him the bottle, and laid down on my back. He pushed his cock back into my hole, roughly, and started spitting on me. "Fuckin SLUT" He then increased his pace, getting more and more forceful and urgent, and then.... holding kind of still all of a sudden "Here it comes..... aaaaaah, fuuuuuuck! Yeah! Take my fuckin dirty cum, bitch!" And his cock spewed rope after rope of his toxic cum deep inside me, us both breathing and panting heavily, his body heaving from the orgasm, and he finally relaxed, and laid down, on top of me, his cock slowly softening in my now destroyed ass. "Gonna be round two, soon. That was fuckin excellent, though." He panted, his head resting on my shoulder. I turned my head to his and kissed him gently, and he kissed me back.
  11. Hop in the Delorean, folks, we're going back in time...... Chapter three - Sam & Roger, Part 1 It was a beautiful sunny Saturday. I had a weekend entirely free, no plans at all this weekend, so was looking forward to getting my slut game on and getting as much cock and loads as I could over the weekend. I mean, why not, right? Indulgence itself is the most powerful drug. Not just in sex or drugs, either. Any high. Even a Bacon cheeseburger or a new pair of shoes. Buying that vinyl album you've wanted for a while, or a flash car. Fuck, even a bag of marshmallows. Etcetera, etcetera.... Cool. Watch the porn, smoke the pot, wear the nice cologne. Indulge. Now. You only live once. This has been my life for a while, actually. I'm a fuckin' rock star. A movie god. Total celeb. Party animal, a fuckin' RIOT. I have had the occasional relationship and more domestic/vanilla lifestyle brush me by at different times, but no longer than maybe 10-11 months at a time. It usually gets to a breaking point sooner or later. I don't think monogamy is really my bag, nor the house and white picket fence thing. I'd rather travel around, trying out all the different sights, sounds, flavors etc. So, after my breakfast and a good strong coffee, I douched and showered, had a quick shave etc... checked myself out in the mirror 😉.... heh..... and set out on my way to the sauna to begin my crusing binge. On arrival, went to the gloryholes they have there and just waited for someone to shove their cock through from the other side. I sucked off a couple of guys and decided to head to the area where the private rooms were and cruise the halls. I love sucking cock, but I needed to get fucked and loaded. Badly. I hooked up with a cute Asian guy, he was a pretty good kisser, and we got right into some nipple play, then I bent over on the bed and he rimmed me for a while. God, his tongue was just fuckin magic. Got me nice and warmed up, and I was moaning gently, begging him to fuck me. He shoved in raw, pretty much straight away, all the way in, balls deep, and kind of knocked the air out of me at first. He had a nice sized cock as well, about 6 x 5 inches, and was uncut with a fairly loose foreskin. As he didn't really worry about lube, he was sporadically slowing down and pulling out, mid-stroke spitting on my hole and his shaft to add a bit of moisture, but I could also feel the foreskin moving in my chute. It gave me a kind of goosebump/pleasurable shudder feeling. He asked if I wanted him to pull out to come, and I began to beg him for his load inside me, repeating over and over "Oh, God, please cum in me, baby.... breed me..... please breed my fuckin ass".... He quickened his pace after about 10 minutes, while we were fuckin doggy style, and also got more and more forceful, which felt amazing. I couldn't help myself "fuck yeah, fuck me hard, wreck my hole, baby". He seemed to tense up all of a sudden, and just kind of froze, then I felt his orgasm, his throbbing cock inside me twitching around violently and his cock spewed a nice load up my guts, coating my fudge tunnel. I could feel his body rock and spasm with the force of his orgasm, too, and it turned me on like crazy, knowing I had helped him have such an intense orgasm. Feeling temporarily sated, I headed to the showers, then went to the steam room for a few minutes to chill out, then hopped in the spa bath they had there. Then this absolute GOD of a man walked past me, and turned his head just slightly towards me, making eye contact for a brief moment and giving me the slightest smile and a little wink. Fuuuuuuuck he was super confident, and so sexy. My cock throbbed at the attention. I'm sure I blushed slightly, too, the slightest hot flash coming over me. Holy. Fuck. I haven't felt THIS horny just from a guy giving me a look in a while. I quickly got out of the tub, I had to track this guy down in the place, before someone else stole my chance..... I headed back towards the main lounge and looked around. No sign of him. Ok. Check the steam room. Empty. Fuck. Next, the gloryholes and maze. A few guys lingering about and in different stages of play, but he wasn't there either. Damn. Have I missed out? My heart started sinking slightly, but I wasn't gonna give up just yet. Went to the lockers. Not there. Went to the corridors between the rooms. No sign. I was getting desperate now. Last possible place. Darkroom at the back. Surely. SURELY. Please...... I crossed my fingers, and made my way over.
  12. Thanks for the kind words @viking8x6 I would like to answer your question, but it would mean I give away a bit too much, haha, let's just say there is a reason for that.... It will all make sense in the next couple of chapters 🙂
  13. Chapter two - Sam's backstory I guess you could describe me as a sex addict, although I've always found the term to be a bit weird. It feels good. Why wouldn't you want to do it at pretty much any time you could? An orgasm triggers chemicals in you that help support your immune system and reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men. It's not just the biological aspects either, but also the intimacy. I can argue quite happily that some hookups I've had have been just as satisfying as sex I've had during romantic relationships. I fail to see a negative. I mean, I'm not fucking some guy butt naked in the middle of the road, on the busiest street in the middle of the city, for fuck's sake. Although, that is tempting..... I'm a 30 y/o, 6 ft, Caucasian guy, brown hair and eyes. Medium build. A little bit of a belly. Basically, your typical "guy next door". Not a supermodel, but not a troll, either. I clean up ok and look pretty good with a clean shave and a nice dress shirt. And I get my fair share of attention, when I want it. I've had a few r/ships, hookups and some group encounters over the years. I'm not adverse to the occasional trip to the bars and clubs, but I'm not that big on being a part of any scene as such. Saunas and cruise clubs can be fun sometimes though. I got an interesting message from a guy online a few months ago, a sweet ginger guy a couple of years younger than me, and although I usually prefer older guys, hunky daddy types, mostly, something just seemed to click right with this one. Even more so as we started going on dates, doing the "getting to know you" stuff, and playing around a bit. Usually spend time together on the weekends, and have been exploring each other's turn ons, kinks and fetishes when feeling horny. We've fucked a couple of times, but each time he insists on a rubber, and I oblige, because, well.... I'm poz. He doesn't know yet. I'm planning on breaking the news to him soon, as we do like each other, a lot. I'm a bit scared, though. I want the relationship to develop to the point where I know for sure we can trust each other and he won't run a mile screaming if I tell him. And, to be honest, I'm enjoying the romantic stuff we've been doing. From going to places together, even just lunch in the park, to the movies, out to dinner, typical date type stuff, even just the odd night cuddling on the couch, watching a movie. I've had a r/ship dry spell for a couple of years before meeting him, so it's kind of refreshing. A change from hanging around saunas looking for sexual thrills to fill the gap and only sometimes being satisfied. Some killer fucks, but also some depressing nights that had me thinking that maybe it was time to settle down. I'd lived a pretty rock 'n' roll style life throughout most of my 20s anyway. So, things are going well. His name is Daniel. Like the Elton John song. That song usually reminds me of him when I hear it on the radio, and it often makes me smile. So, we've played around with a few things. I'm pretty big on things like bondage, and being dominant, whereas he's more a bit of a raunchy guy. Likes scents and body fluids. Big on sweaty armpits, he says it's like natural poppers to him. He loves nudging his head into my armpits for a good whiff when we're cuddling in bed. It's soooooo cute, and pretty sexy. He's also a fan of watersports, which I could take it or leave it, but he gets right into it, so I'm happy to indulge him. We're both major cumsluts, though. Through and through. Usually snowball each other. I hope to ditch the condoms one day soon so that we can breed and felch each other. Sex just feels more right without a barrier. More natural. Better too, when there's fluid exchanged. It's all about the cum. That's something that an old fuckbuddy of mine says. I kind of agree with him, at least for when it comes down to just plain old fuckin'. It's the end goal. I like the way it smells, I like the way it tastes. I like it when a guy blasts his load all over my chest or face. Or when he cums on my hole and pushes it back in with his cock. Even better, when he breeds me nice and deep, and I can feel his cock twitching orgasmically while inside me. "It's all about the cum." - Roger Branson. Good ol Rog. Power top. Multi orgasmic. Could fuck like a piston for hours. Fit as fuck and built to show it. Not weightlifter huge, but more like a Rugby player type build. Muscular and athletic. What a fuckin GOD. Made my hole sore on many occasions, and it was an ache that I became addicted to, even though I also like topping most of the time, myself. He was the one that infected me with HIV.....
  14. *****The following is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.***** Enjoy, I sincerely hope you cum while reading this. Eat your cum. Smear it all over you. Take a picture of your load and share it in the comments. Be my guest. If I made you cum, I'd be honored. ❤ And now, gentlemen, without further ado... Let the "show" begin...... The most true statement any sexually active gay male can make in regard to their sexual health status, if they're not already testing positive, that they're not necessarily negative, but rather unknown. Especially true, if in your sexual repertoire you often practice bareback sex with multiple partners. There's good reason why, considering that HIV has a window period, where you can be infected, but still pass a blood test. Took me a little while to learn, but I eventually started to accept that as the norm, especially as I have been ditching condoms more and more as the years carry on. And I was such a sweet and innocent boy, once upon a time..... Let me tell you a little bit about myself. The name's Daniel. I'm a swimmer, and I was on my high school swim team. Most guys would probably consider me to be an otter, as I'm pretty lean, a tad athletic, and since puberty struck, I've grown a nice manly mane of chest hair. It's one of my favourite features, and I think it makes me look sexy. I'm 26, Capricorn, and I am a Ginger. I have Hazel eyes, and a face full of freckles, that track down my neck and spread over my shoulders. Going by the compliments I've been given, apparently what you've heard about us Gingers/Redheads is true. Fuck modesty eh, haha. I'm a passionate guy in bed and I love cock. And cum. I'd bathe in a man's piss, cum, spit and sweat if I could. All the scents drive me wild. Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard. Heh. When I left high school, I started cruising public toilets. There were a lot of chance encounters over the years that followed. Mostly making out with guys in the cubicles, often the big ones that were designed for use by disabled people in wheelchairs. Fortunately, I don't think these shenanigans disadvantaged anyone who was wheelchair bound and needed the facilities, at least not while I was there. Anyway, it became an addictive behaviour, really. The rush of possibly being caught, the scents of stale piss, the "dirt" factor of being sexual in a toilet, getting naked in the cubicle with other guys and being a slut, letting one guy after another in, and sucking their cocks and kissing them, caressing their bodies and drinking their cum. I always wanted more. And the more encounters I had, the more piggy I got, until I was fucking guys who were total strangers bareback and cumming up their asses, and bending over for other guys to rim, finger and fuck me. I loved the feeling of a guy's tongue hornily worshipping my ass. The warmth, the silky fleshy massaging effect. The moisture of his saliva on my sensitive hole. Sheer bliss. This is what I was born for. The faggot I was destined to be came alive when another man drove between my legs and made love to my tight little pucker with his sweet wet mouth. It felt dirty and piggy, I felt like a slutty whore, and I fucking loved it. All of it. I also tried a couple of online dating sites, as High School hadn't really taught me much about how to find other gay guys or how to be a part of the "scene" as it was. Part of me wanted a romantic life, not just sex, so I gave it a whirl, but I still enjoyed the fun I was having cruising while I was doing it. It satisfied my urges, so I was relatively happy with that. That's how I met Sam..... (to be continued)
  15. PART TEN As Robert lay there, fastened to a flat wooden surface, he could hear clicks of a lighter off in the distance, and shortly afterward, the scent of burning candle wax was filling the room. He heard footsteps, signaling the return of one of the men to his side. He then felt the man's hands caressing Robert's torso, rubbing all over his skin with an oil of some kind, getting it all slick. He enjoyed the sensation as it felt like a gentle massage, and let out a couple of pleasant moans. The second guy walked over to the lad, and Robert then felt some hot liquid being dripped on his chest, which shocked him a little, the sudden sensation of a rush of heat hitting his skin, and then cooling down quickly, he figured out that one of the men he was now in service to was pouring molten candle wax on him. "Ahhh!" Robert couldn't help but cry out loud in response to the sensation, which at one time or another, he would have tried to avoid, his mind warning him about the pain and the potential of getting burned. But all he could register at the moment was sheer sensation. Pain was becoming a somewhat meaningless term. "I think he likes it" chuckled one of the men, revelling in watching Robert squirm, and hiss, and give out his "oooh" and "aaaah" responses while getting covered in wax. "Yeah, the slave is definitely learning his place." Replied the other guy, candle in hand, occasionally stopping the slow pour of hot wax on the lad's skin to give him the slightest moment's reprieve. "A good thing, for sure. Cause we still have a lot of fun left to have with this one." The man stopped for a few moments, letting Robert develop a sense of calm, and put the candle down. He removed the hood from the young man's head, and faced him, looking for a sign that he was ok. Robert sighed, and then gently smiled slightly. The man then leaned down and kissed him, caressing his hair and feeding Robert his tongue, making both of them feel nice and horny. He stopped for a second, and asked "So, what did you think of that?" "Fucking intense!" Was all Robert could muster, receiving a chuckle from both of the other men in the room. "I suppose a formal introduction is due. I am Master Sebastian, and the other gentleman is my friend who occasionally joins me on sessions like these, sometimes a sub, but he's more of a switch, and can be a bit of a brat. His name's Ryder. For the duration of tonight's session, however, I must insist that you address me as Master and him as Sir. Understood?" "Yes, master" Robert replied, obediently. "Good. We have many pleasures to show you, if you choose to accept. I trust you have enjoyed yourself so far?" "Yes, master." "Very good, shall we continue, then?" "Yes, please, master." Master Sebastian smiled. "You're a keen one, aren't you, pig? I've heard all about you from my friend Peter. How you've allowed yourself to be drenched in piss, how you love to be called names, how you let men use your body for their pleasures. It is commendable, no doubt in youth you have some things to learn. You may speak up when asked a question from now on, and you should choose a safe word, just in case we're being a bit rough with you. That will let us know to stop". After just a moment's thought, "I choose AUTUMN, Master." Robert replied. "Very well, then." Said Master Sebastian. He picked the candle back up again. "Let the games begin....."

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