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  1. I'm fine with either... top's choice, if I'm bottom, whereas if I'm top, I like to breed deep. I've been bred sometimes and felt nothing (but usually finger myself and taste it), other times the top's cock spasms gently, but sometimes, the top will cum really violently and his cock will spasm and twitch inside me hard. I love that feeling. I like being bred or receiving cum on my hole, or on my chest, back, face, in my mouth or down my throat.
  2. 23. It was a guy I hooked up with in a public restroom, then took to a video booth at the local abs. We traded bjs for a while and I eventually rode him, it felt so good with him inside me and I came all over his chest fairly quickly, then hopped off and sucked and licked his dick until he came too. It was very hot
  3. Aside from trying my own first, which, well, tasted like cum. I've never noticed my own to be overly salty, I know diet can affect the taste. It's usually quite sweet, sort of... haha. I honestly can't remember the first load I've swallowed of another guy's, but I can remember enjoying it and not letting it go to waste.
  4. When I was in my early 20s, yes. It wasn't terrible, but... there was something missing about it. When I started having sex with guys I realised pretty quickly, just from the excitement (I swear I could just about feel my heart jump out of my chest) that it was guys that turned my crank. Like, I had fantasies about guys for years, since hitting puberty, but also could find girls attractive, and told myself for years that I was bi. That was mostly out of fear of being persecuted for being gay, and after a while I just stopped giving a shit what other people think. These days, I'd be surprised if I could get a hard on for a girl/woman, as I prefer to bottom for a guy. I still can see the prettiness in girls/women though. I'd be more keen to shag a crossdresser or trans-woman who has a penis.
  5. @poptronic Welcome to the world of the ageing male. As we get older, diet, exercise and mental well being become more and more important. There's also such a thing as being oversexed or overstimulated, so if you've been watching porn all day, or having a lot of wanks or sexual activity, you may just need a break for a few days (works for me). Good diets for men usually consist of sources of protein, but try to limit red meat. Mixed nuts are a great idea. As for the rest of your diet, fatty or fried foods may be trouble, while fresh fruit and veggies are a great idea for your overall health. Males also need zinc. Zinc helps the body produce proteins but also enzymes that help support your immune system function, and is an antioxidant. Foods like Chickpeas, Lamb, Cocoa/Chocolate, Cashews, Yogurt/Yoghurt, Spinach, Mushrooms, etc are reasonably high in Zinc content. Even relaxed exercise - going for a walk or swim - is enough. Also, try not to stress yourself out over this, you're young so I don't think you need ED drugs at all. Stress can be a major player in affecting libido, so take some time to relax and take care of yourself and your mental well being. Smoke some weed, if that helps you to chill.
  6. Surely you would want a decent quality VPN, anyone who is sincerely interested or thinks it's worth their time could probably hack you anyway, but then surely they'd be doing that regardless, on the Deep/Dark web or not? I would imagine anyone who had that kind of knowledge or experience would attempt to hack major players and not your average Joe? Not worth their time, effort or risk?
  7. Absolutely. I love some nice ripe pits. I'm big on scents and musky armpits are pretty much top of the list. I like a nice sweaty scrotum as well... really gets my piggy self going. 😈🐷
  8. This resonates with me in a big way. Daily life, at least at work, can be quite humdrum (borderline groundhog day, lol), I feel like I'm on auto pilot most of the time. It's not awful, but it's not exciting either. I play the guitar in a band, so that's my happy place and creative outlet, otherwise I'm happiest when my legs are spread....
  9. The first cock I ever sucked was my older brother's, I was about 9 at the time, and didn't fully understand why I should have been enjoying it. He had shown me a little bit of hetero porn around that time, so I had a vague idea of what to do, but he was too big for me to do much more than licking his head, shaft and balls, or just kissing and sucking the head. As a teenager, this fed quite a few fantasies as my own sexuality started developing, and I would have done it again and enjoyed it more had anything happened around that time, but alas, it did not. It wasn't until I started cottaging (cruising public toilets) for fun in my early 20s that I started sucking cocks again, and by this point really liked it, and that's basically where I picked up my skills, trying things and copying techniques I had either seen in porn or trying to copy what other guys had done to me. I'm a world class cocksucker now.
  10. Great story, kind of feels like it needs more of an ending, like a second breeding, but.... I swear, I could almost feel that big cock in my ass just reading about it
  11. I'm an absolute pig when it comes to rimming, and I'll eat your ass like I'm starving and have just arrived at an all-you-can-eat buffet ❤
  12. We're off to a good start.... more please
  13. I'm not a size queen, I prefer somewhere between 5-8 inches, and reasonable girth, but.... size definitely matters at both ends of the spectrum (and I've encountered both quite a few times), it can just be impractical. 6 or 7 inches in length by about 4 to 5 in circumference is about ideal. Technique, position and angles matter also, but that size range is about right imho
  14. I think that there would be a few guys who would agree to that on a prior arrangement. I'm uncut and keep it super clean, but if you wanted me cheesy, i'd leave it unwashed for a few days beforehand. 😈

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