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  1. This is kind of an odd question, in my opinion. When talking specifically about fucking, or being fucked and bred, it doesn't enter my thought processes. It's more a case of "I'm horny, I want to be stuffed full of cock. Hey, he looks hot, I'm going to try and seduce him.". It really is that animalistic and instinctual. Political views and identity groups don't really enter into sex for me, if it's just sex. The attraction is what matters, not race/nationality, age, body weight, religion or politics. Even gender, although I consider myself Gay, and definitely feel the stronge
  2. Great writing, I enjoyed stroking my cock while reading this Please, can we have some more?@jayfox
  3. Otters, Cubs, Daddies and Bears are my favourite body types.... so a big yes from me, although.... smooth is not a gripe of mine, but I do feel more turned on looking at a guy with at least a bit of chest hair and some pubes.... At least a 5 o'clock shadow or some form of beard is sexy also And, gotta love a hairy ass.... raunch city... yum yum 😋
  4. I'm a total piss pig, love being showered by a top, and love drinking it. Have also had tops piss inside me. Have topped a few guys FF before, and it's fun, have only had about 4 fingers inside me, though.
  5. @AtlFire75 You can add Tim Tyler's vids to that list also Pretty hot stuff [think before following links] https://www.modelhub.com/tim-tyler/videos
  6. I pick up the free condom packs from ABS and cruise lounges or saunas for the lube sachets, but I throw away the condoms I have very rarely worn one as a top, and I refuse to ever wear one again. I also refuse condommed cocks inside me when I'm bottoming, which is more often than topping, it's raw or nothing, because the risk adds to the excitement and it just plain feels better
  7. This is a great start, got me going, haha Nice writing @Horny4256 More please....
  8. I freakin love to rim, no matter what state of cleanliness of the guy I'm rimming is. It's a huge turn on. I'll eat ass like a starving dog, haha....
  9. Depends on the longevity of the lockdown, I guess. Hoping for the best for people in the UK. Here in NZ, it was about a month and a half before Saunas and cruise clubs were back in action properly, so we're pretty lucky. Still, what's the worst case scenario? Current businesses may close, but there will always be a market for Gay saunas and cruise lounges / adult bookstores / tea rooms, surely someone would set their own up post-lockdown if needs be.
  10. @BB4fking Party was fun, from memory, I think it was about 10-12 guys, mixed ages etc in a small hotel room Took a few cocks and loads, sort of felt like being on set of a Treasure Island Media scene Would definitely be attending the next one, and highly recommend others to go
  11. ******************************** Prologue I love corrupting young, college age kids. Gives me a feeling of power. And watching them slide into filth and depravity? Biggest turn on. Seeing these fresh faced boys go from innocent newbies into total whores and sexpigs, it's a rush, to say the least. I am Lucifer, in human form. I'm your friendly neighborhood crack dealer. I'm not kidding about being friendly, either. I'll kill ya with kindness. That's part of how I get you on my side. Narcs? I can smell 'em a mile away. I'm a smart, respectable member of society by day,
  12. Chapter Seven - Shenanigans and Revelations, Part Two Another week had just passed, and with that, brought about Sam's return home from his trip. He got in touch with Daniel as soon as he could, and they arranged to meet up for dinner on that Friday evening. It was a pretty standard meal at an Italian restaurant but Sam was just happy to be back in Daniel's company, and vice versa. They went back to Sam's place afterwards, and had a couple of glasses of Rum & Coke, and a couple of cones. "Listen, babe...." Sam said, in a sort of tentative manner. "I really need to tell you something,
  13. I have a few answers today. Porn Star - Teddy Forest. This guy ticks a lot of boxes for me. Nice looking dick, nice amount of body hair, good shape etc... and cute as all hell. Music - Benjamin Weinman, guitarist from The Dillinger Escape Plan. The dude's look just screams masculine, but also cute. Actors - James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Keanu Reeves, Charlie Hunnam Athletes - Shannon Frizzell (Rugby - All Blacks, Loose Forward), Kane Williamson (Cricket - Batsman, Team Captain for NZ "Black Caps") There's more, of course, but these come to mind quickly
  14. There will be a bareback sex party in a private residence in Auckland next week For details, if anyone is interested, register at barebacksp.com From there, you should be able to find out event details and RSVP
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