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    I'm a young horny guy that loves to suck cock and have his ass fucked
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    Looking for hung tops to use my hole

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  1. whoai

    Nice pic - wish I could see it bigger... ;)

    1. bbpoznow


      as a BB BOTTOM and always want bare  and if taking bare cock  I prefer it to be poz HVL

  2. I am a bottom and I love being fucked bare and feeling the Top shoot inside me. I feel when the top shoots in me he has really enjoyed my ass. Even though I prefer bb and having cum inside I am not a bug chaser and want to become poz.
  3. Being a bottom I don't get hard, I use poppers because it helps to loosen me up and it effects me getting hard. I am quite enjoying being fucked even though I may not be hard. I am more worried about the pleasing the guy fucking me than my own pleasures of my cock. I am getting quite the pleasure of feeling a man fucking me.
  4. If you are a top and you plan on breeding a bottom why do you ask if hes poz or neg. You are not taking his load, the bottom wants yours.
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