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    Young, smooth, skinny submissive boy. I am a total bottom with a small cock that rarely gets hard. Can be quite fem and have slender legs and pretty feet.
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    Older abusive men who enjoy humiliating younger boys, degrading them and mocking them for their pathetic coks and the fact they are only good for taking loads and getting their holes destroyed.

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  1. More from this top - but the bottom here is actually me and no I am not making that up: http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=1X4pO-G278-
  2. As a Jew, being gang-raped and tortured by a group of sadistic nazis has always been a fantasy.
  3. As a bottom I cum quickly and prematurely nearly all the time. But it's my problem. If I can't contol myself and then dislike being fucked then tough. I have to grin and bear it and take what's given to me as that is my job, no matter how much it might hurt and ashamed I might feel post-orgasm.
  4. I love small penis chat, but I'm interested in knowing what most guys would define a small cock to be? New poll perhaps? I think I'm small - when limp it can really shrivel up, and having trouble getting hard doesn't help (even though I'm only in my 20s). On a good day with a full hard on I get to about 5.5 inches so would this count as small? I love tops who like to humiliate me about it and incorporate it into sex - for me, it's the primary factor in being a bottom, followed by the impotence issues. Being laughed at by hung tops, or watching it bounce a bit when being fucked is an incredib
  5. same, only 4.5/5 inches and love that this poll terms 6" or less as small. This is what makes me even more of a bottom
  6. Ever since I started bottoming I have been unable to get used to the taste of cum. Does anyone know how I can get used to it? I just took quite a rough painful fuck from a stranger and he insisted on cumming in my mouth and me swallowing. I gagged quite a few times and ended up dribbling the cum all down me which he was not impressed about. The taste of it just disgusted me. I don't know how to satisfy tops when it comes to swallowing their loads!
  7. I would also like to know about the public ones!
  8. This is a real turn on. I get scared quite often, probably because I go with anon hook-ups and I'm skinny and weak. So the moment they are in my room I get scared knowing they can pretty much do whatever they want. But it makes me more eager to please.
  9. What about bottoms who only want to take neg loads? Presumably it's all or nothing?
  10. The top who put the video up seems to have left xtube. I cant remember who he was either (slut). Sorry, I miss it too, would love to see myself getting fucked again.
  11. I really struggle with this. Get ashamed post-orgasm and wimp out of doing it. Have only done it when tops make me do it before fucking me and they seem to love it as a way of humiliating me
  12. Are there any? I've got a craving to suck random guys off, swallow their cum and maybe even spread my ass for a few cocks tomorrow.
  13. I love this too - have a regular top with a great cock and who is great at verbal humiliation who tells me when he's got a younger better fuck and how I am his last resort if he needs to unload. He once invited me over and I was expecting to get his cock but it was just to show me that he already had someone over who he was fucking. Made me watch then clean up after.
  14. Can I join in as a bottom? In the sense that every time I cum I have to eat it?
  15. I really dislike it - not only as a fem bottom it doesn't feel quite the right role to take, but I also dislike rimming. Having said that I will do it because I am a submissive and if a top wants me to rim him then I'm obliged. If I have to I prefer tops who make me do it in a demeaning way.
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