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  1. I told him that he needed to keep the kitchen clean and I would keep the bathroom clean. I keep finding then in the trash can. I be started to clean the bathroom more frequently to try and score a fresh load.
  2. This dude’s pearly penile Papules cock head dug deep in my hole before cumming, can anyone else feel them?
  3. It must have felt incredible.
  4. A video of a dude taking multiple loads and the tops don’t pull out anyone have anymore videos like this [think before following links] https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph6161fa7c5a06a
  5. Who loves the smell of cum on your dock and up the ass the smell is so strong it penetrates my underwear and when I take them off the smell give me an instant boner knowing some guy left his jizz. Ever notice how different semen smells different from each guy?
  6. Hello bottoms and tops, if your familiar with #jizzhigh then you know why your bussy hole needs multiple loads. for guys with big cocks that are capable of burrowing deep inside, this is entirely up to you do you bottoms need the top nut deep or do you like to play with the tops cock with your sphincter until he can’t hold back? for me me I enjoy guys with big cock heads or thick cock base. When the tops about to but I’m usually as tight as I can with my sphincter because he’s usually super close to my prostate making you moan like crazy and precum all over yourself , then I realease my sphincter and let him slide super deep as his cock is throbbing and shooting his nut in my gut. however, this leaves the anus a little dry for the next guy if you’re being sluty, I squally like to take like cocks first because they all but not so deep and left the larger cock use those loads to lubricate my rectum, it drives me wild and really loosens my hole thick cock heads throb and thick base cocks twitch . tops what do you do? Granted you have a choice many guys can’t control it and want to nut really bad as quick as they can
  7. This totally happened to me, we were in the park playground he’s super hard and nervous his dick is small and he slides in then gets soft so I get it hard and then stick and it goes soft we leave the playground I find a dark corner and feel his half hard dock and try, but he says sorry. and he leaves. Not a very confident looking guy. ‘’I think nothing off it little late so I go to sleep. Waking up the next morning I’m peeing and feel the urge to shit so I sit down and plop a then an explosion of wet shart and then I smell an intense bleach cum smell. The guy from the park had breed me
  8. Those kind of power shoot feel amazing when they shoot inside you. I remember all the guys who cum with force makes me feel I did a good job.
  9. My best feeling of cock ejaculating inside me was from this hot hung Latino dude. He slid is super wet and we fucked for a while before he pushed me over the trunk of his car and shot his load, I squeezed tight and felt his cock continuously ejaculating his hot jizz. What a feeling balls deep and strong throbs and pulses as he let out his final grunts and moans. His gf must have not been putting out.
  10. I went to a bathhouse a while back and started chatting with one of the worker cleaning. We talked about all the things he finds in the trash can and I asked about used condoms. He said that he find a lot of them and that guys ask for them. He offered some to me and I was so excited. I took them home and kept them in the freezer. Once I combined them all into one load and got my ass really cummy. It has turned into a little Fetish to use them. Anyone else got stories about used condoms filled with loads?
  11. I hooked up with this guy in the park and I seduced him to bareback me, half way through he kept losing his hard-on and said he couldn’t cum, so eventually we stopped I went home and went to sleep the next morning I got up and went on a run and thought nothing of it, but as I started to fun faster I let out what I thought was a fart when in fact it was all these juices from last night. Got home and my roommates immediately pointed out the huge wet spot on my ass, embarrassingly said I sat on a puddle of water on a bench. Went straight to the shower and as I took of the my short the unmistakable smell of cum and ass juices were soaked in my underwear running down my leg, that mother fucker came inside me no wonder he kept losing his hard-on if I would have know I would have used a dildo to churn his sperm in deeper.
  12. I love to sit on cocks like this. Until they can’t hold back and shoot deep inside.
  13. I’m an uncut guy myself but have never turned down a decent circumcised cock because here in the US most guys are circumcised. So basically any European foreigners and Latin and Asian guys are usually circumcise. The rare uncircumcised American dude has crossed my radar. Latex warped cock is indistinguishable and brutal on the sensitive anal walls. So, do you bareback loving bottoms crave uncut juicy wet cock or dry rough circumcised cock. Obviously there is line to be added to the mix but I’ve noticed that even when an uncut dude is lubed up his cock head is also already super moist soft and throbbing purple ready to breed at any moment. Which is a trade off not all uncircumcised guy cum fast but most do. Uncircumcised guys last slightly longer pressed up against my sensitive prostate. As if uncut cock needs to be soaked first in a cumdump absorbing all his cum into his cock head gland and after hours of fucking is silky smooth. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some amazing impregnating sessions with large cut American guys that made my nipples and ears tingle. All caveats aside the smells and foreplay associated with an uncut cock is sexually Arousing. Especially when their glorious foreskin is super wet and stretchy and knocking at my boipussy’s door. The feeling of the folds of skin stretching open and Trojan Horsing a super warm, wet and silky moth cock head immediately after unzipping and flopping out his cock, screams ready to fuck. my last hookup an extremely large cock head, larger than average scraped the shit out of my ass for the first 30 mins and I was super sensitive the whole fuck. He came buckets but compared to the last Latino Papí at the mall restroom. Oops guilty. He was leaking and ready to fuck. He slide His large uncut cock inside my tight hole, no, he snuck his large uncut cock inside my hole immediately after presenting my pussy under the stall and pounded his babies deep inside my happy hole. It happened so quick and intensely that I was left craving seconds. uncircumcised natural cock is my preference when barebacking. What do you BB bottom sluts prefer?
  14. Once, I was leaving class and Hooked up with this Hispanic guy like a foreign exchange student or something. I went up to his apartment and had his suck huge cock with a very large head and uncut too. We get straight to the point but I’m disappointed as he pulls out some magnums. He tells me to put on a blind fold to which I oblige. I’m hold on to the bed post and can barely accommodate his cock, as he keeps telling me to relax. He pulls out and says he’s going to get some lube and then things get all wet and it feels amazing to the point he is actually balls deep all 8 or 9 inches. His balls slapping my ass is turning me on so much. He quickly starts moaning and panting as he wants to cum. Soon his cock is throbbing and he says he cumming. He stays inside me as he goes soft and pulls out and heads to the bathroom to pee. I pull off the blind fold and see the condom on the bed and I go to see that it’s wet but doesn’t look like he cummed inside. He come back and I ask where he came. And he says on I nutted in your ass, I said yeah but the condom was dry. He replies, it was too tight and I took it off. No wonder it felt so good. I left super hard and my as super wet from this hot Hispanic ock planting his seed inside. Guess now when I see him again I’ll be super turned on knowing he likes it bareback. Latin guys are my weakness too
  15. I’ve taken so many loads from guys in relationships. Whether they are in denial or not they are making the choice to venture outside of their relationship. For better or for worse. Guys have a primordial nature to spread their seed. And I’m to weak to not afford them the outlet and am enabling them to fulfill their desires satisfy their pleasure seeking lust.
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