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    Youngstown Ohio
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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    95% Non-monogamist
    94% Voyeur
    89% Primal (Hunter)
    89% Degrader
    89% Dominant
    89% Master/Mistress
    84% Experimentalist
    84% Sadist
    83% Owner
    79% Exhibitionist
    79% Daddy/Mommy
    77% Brat tamer
    77% Switch
    72% Ageplayer
    72% Rigger
    50% Rope bunny
    48% Primal (Prey)
    48% Masochist
    40% Brat
    38% Pet
    36% Degradee
    34% Submissive
    30% Girl/Boy
    18% Slave
    13% Vanilla
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    5'9, 210, brown/grey, blue, uncut thick 7 inches;
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  1. Columbus Looking for poz load

  2. Hi.

    1. ytowndaddybear


      Where are you at and what can this dad do to you, for you, on you, in you?

    2. ZaayrX


      I'm in Northeastern Pennsylvania and anything and everything. 

  3. I'd love to be pozzed by you 

    1. ytowndaddybear


      Now if we could just figure out how to teleport you to Newcastle PA, USA, which is just 13 miles away from me we could do something about this right away.

    2. Neg4poznewcastleUK
  4. Woof Sir.....damn love to be your kept cub..

  5. Hi im charlotte, i really want a poz load.

  6. Any info on the bars/sex clubs in other parts of Spain? I'm most interested in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria regions.
  7. Howdy Sir!  If you ever get to West Texas, please spare some time for me!  I would love the opportunity to be your cum dump for a few days!  I am fishing from the same boat "PupWillings"  is.  HMU sometime, please!  😉

  8. If you ever come to denver colorado my neg hole needs your toxic load

  9. If you ever find yourself in Beaverton Oregon I would love to get my neg hole filled up with your toxic load 🤤

  10. Are you still active? Can we meet? I have telegram if you're interested, shoot me a message. Completely anonymous, but I really want to hook up with you. But I really want to hook up with you. [think before following links] https://t.me/Curiousnerd69

    1. ytowndaddybear


      I'm self isolating due to CoViD, after that settles down or a vaccine that I like is available for me I will go off my hiv meds again and be available.    So during the next 6 months I'm not available; after that who knows.


  11. Hi, thanks for the follow 

  12. Your profile says your not on meds. 

  13. I'd love to text with you sometime... 724-590-0156. I'd love to be a slave, I'm clean for now but open to being bred

  14. Hey I'm looking to get get the gift. Can we talk

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