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    Youngstown Ohio
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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    95% Non-monogamist
    94% Voyeur
    89% Primal (Hunter)
    89% Degrader
    89% Dominant
    89% Master/Mistress
    84% Experimentalist
    84% Sadist
    83% Owner
    79% Exhibitionist
    79% Daddy/Mommy
    77% Brat tamer
    77% Switch
    72% Ageplayer
    72% Rigger
    50% Rope bunny
    48% Primal (Prey)
    48% Masochist
    40% Brat
    38% Pet
    36% Degradee
    34% Submissive
    30% Girl/Boy
    18% Slave
    13% Vanilla
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    5'9, 210, brown/grey, blue, uncut thick 7 inches;
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  1. Thanks for the follow Sir 😉

    1. ytowndaddybear


      I have family and friends on the West Coast usually gt out there once a year.   Check out my pics on BarebackRT

  2. ytowndaddybear

    Pittsburgh areas

    I am a poz top in Youngstown Ohio, about 70 minutes northwest of Pittsburgh, though Pittsburgh is a good place to meet up.
  3. Thanks for following me. Hope to see you around.

  4. ytowndaddybear

    My Fantasy.

    Youngstown Ohio poz top daddy here.
  5. ytowndaddybear

    Ohio, Akron/canton

    poz top, interested
  6. I'm at hawk's portland all night long. Send me a message on my bbrt profile (ytowndaddybear) if you want my poz load.
  7. ytowndaddybear

    A Few Days In Portland

    I will be in Portland for a few days from the night of Dec. 3rd through the early morning of Dec 7th I would love to breed a few willing bottoms while I am in town.
  8. ytowndaddybear

    The Contract

    Contract top available for those willing to come to Pittsburgh PA and compensate me for my time. I am on meds but take med holidays. Just starting one in May, prior to switching meds.
  9. ytowndaddybear

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    This video is no longer there.
  10. ytowndaddybear

    Pittsburgh area

    In Youngstown Ohio, if you can get here, I can breed you

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