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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    95% Non-monogamist
    94% Voyeur
    89% Primal (Hunter)
    89% Degrader
    89% Dominant
    89% Master/Mistress
    84% Experimentalist
    84% Sadist
    83% Owner
    79% Exhibitionist
    79% Daddy/Mommy
    77% Brat tamer
    77% Switch
    72% Ageplayer
    72% Rigger
    50% Rope bunny
    48% Primal (Prey)
    48% Masochist
    40% Brat
    38% Pet
    36% Degradee
    34% Submissive
    30% Girl/Boy
    18% Slave
    13% Vanilla
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    5'9, 210, brown/grey, blue, uncut thick 7 inches;
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  1. Hey I'm looking to get get the gift. Can we talk

  2. Thank you for following me.

  3. Hey man, Akron chaser here who has a thing for daddy bears.  In my early 30s and open to quite a bit

    1. ytowndaddybear


      I'm still doing the isolation thing, but maybe Spring when the vaccines are more available.


    2. ArmyPig1215


      Sounds good!  Looking forward to having some fun in the Spring

  4. Thank you for the follow Sir.  Total bottom cumdump lad here in UK.  Hundreds more pics and vids on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad

  5. str8mature5 in pgh would like to meet and have u poz me 

  6. Fucking got profile man.  I’d love to hookup sometime knowing that you’re either poz or undetectable, but with no idea what status you are at that moment.  The tension in the weeks after would be ELECTRIC...

  7. Thank you so much for following back, Sir. Its nice to meet you. 

  8. Nice intro to a story, I have also had a fun experience at the Eagle in Vienna.
  9. Thanks for the follow!  I’d love to have you bust my hole open sometime!  

  10. Rope bunny huh?. Mmmm sounds hot 👄👱‍♀️

  11. thanks for the follow

  12. Hi, thank you following me. 

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