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    First, the only aversion: I don't like fucking guys that are using. I've seen too many flush their lives down the drug ditch. No drug users - Firm Aversion.
    Love Breeding Hole. Particularly enjoy group action, every Hole filled, every Cock drained, every wet Hole sucked dry, sharing my lust for raw Hole with like-minded men. Not necessarily a chaser, not necessarily an avoider. I just don't reaally care one way or the other. 90% T, 10% b. (if the Cock isn't too big - how often do you see that in a profile ...lol)
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Top
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    I've been Breeding raw Hole for a long time, and love the thrill of deepening my lusts, your lusts, every guy's lusts. Mostly Top, experienced and good at it. Nothing against taking a hot, hard raw Cock up my gut, but it can't be too big. It just doesn't happen all that often. I'd much rather eat the Hole that other Cocks breed in. 7+x 6, 6',150, Caucasian, completely disinterested in racial hangups. Prefer slim, non-Caucasians. Raw Hole is Raw Hole, and all of it deserves to be fucked full. Expecially love hairy Hole, since Holehair helps hold the spit and sperm in place for the next Cock to enjoy.
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    Only home-made stuff.
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    Men that love their Lusts, love their perversions, love their thirst to mate with other men. Be open to wherever our Lusts take us. Mating with our Brothers is important, it's productive, it's necessary, and it's fun. Pumping our Seed up our brothers guts is important, just as being open to taking Seed up our own gut is important. Our Lusts deserve to be honored and acted upon. It's all about Cock, Hole, Sperm.

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  1. I don't think so, but there's often a sizable "wet spot" on my jeans. For some reason I generate a lot of Cock-Drool .... I kinda like it .....
  2. There's a neighborhood on the far N side of Ft. L. that one of my old buddies in Chgo was interested in. He happened to come to check things out just before the Presidential election, and the area he was interested in was covered with O.J. paraphernalia. He told the realtor to get him outta there, as he wouldn't want to live there in MagaLand at all. Plus, all the older homes had been torn down, replaced by ridiculously overdesigned outrages so common in the ritzier neighborhoods; each house more architecturally insulting than the last. He wound up with a very nice place over in Wilton Manors - right in the thick of the action.
  3. So much the better .... but any of your suggestions will do !!! Thanks.
  4. Things do sound worse on the West Coast. I haven't seen one of those hats in a long time. There was a house several blocks SW of my 'hood with a big "Lets Go Brandon" sign on the roof (it's on a shortcut to Slammer, or I'd never have seen it), but that came down about a year ago. I suppose the owner was afraid of getting burned out. As you know, we have a Dem (and gay) mayor here in Ft.L., W.M's not only has a gay mayor, but the whole city government is either gay or g-friendly. A decent percentage of cops are also gay around here. On the other hand, it's been years since Ft.L. took a direct hit from a major hurricane, and we're about due. Since we're only a few miles S of Maga Blargo up in P.B., I suppose that Whatever is going to aim one here soon. I don't want to pull up roots again - I'll probably just ride it out until I'm outta here forever, come what may.
  5. Sweet Hole there, LaugingGravy !!! THANKS for not shaving it !!!
  6. Your reactions to whatever threads interest you. Every guy has opinions, thoughts, viewpoints they can share with the rest of us. We're a diverse crowd (except in that one uniting facet), and differing viewpoints are always welcome.
  7. I'd be interested in the demographics behind this .... I know there are tons of the "R's" here in FL, but I don't see the evidence they're growing all that much. Thanks to the SCOTUS, the Disney-Debacle, other repressions, I'm not so sure they're increasing all that much in numbers. Crist was a flawed candidate anyway, so I discount his failure. Our Dancing Daughter (little Margo Rubia) outraised Val Demings exponentially (and not sufficiently funded by the DNC, which threw hundreds of thousands on R's they thought could be out-maneuvered elsewhere). We'll see how long it takes to dislodge him.
  8. Wellllll .... he hasn't butchered millions quite yet - so maybe permanent retirement in a nice new home at RIKERS would suffice? Or maybe that lovely retirement home in San Francisco bay? As I understand it, there are plenty of hungry *real* sharks in those waters, in the event he tries to make a run (or swim) for it ....
  9. This thread has evolved a bit .... might these remarks belong in the Politics department?
  10. As would I. I concur with BootmanLA, in that unless we a) are educated about the past, and b) determined never to repeat the horror foisted upon the German People, there is a decent chance that history will repeat itself. How the German people - the very flower of culture - art, literature, music, engineering, on and on -were so thoroughly brainwashed is an example to the rest of the world. If it happened there, it can happen here too. The National Socialist German Worker's Party is the original name, shortened to "nazi" in colloquial German. We are now 10 months away from the 100th anniversary of that so-called "beer hall putsch" in Munich (a rather conservative city in a very conservative German State) and the parallels to events here in the US are simply stunning when we open our eyes and look. The aforementioned eventual Chancellor of that nation purposefully catered to the sense of being unfairly treated after Versailles. He manufactured lies like kids eat candy, and pried up the rocks under which ancient divisions in that populace had laid in wait, like a festering cancer that wouldn't die. He was the author of countless lies, deceits, manipulations, and managed to completely corrupt the former Weimar Republic. Does that sound like anything that's happened here in the US in the recent past? A demagogue, attempting to be elected by any means necessary, spewing every untruth he can come up with, whoremonger, draft dodger, author of filth known and still yet to be discovered, finally actually making it happen, blushing at nothing to seize power? Subsequent to the war that defeated the aggressors, the term "nazi" came into common use to describe anti-everything politicians spewing every kind of lie they could come up with, pouring gasoline on the simmering hatreds of a population. Sound familiar yet? Mr. DeSantis is now copying his political ancestor by banning books in schools that teach *real* history, at which the existing domestic public education system has failed spectacularly. He has already hosted a pseudo "torchlight parade" by a group of openly, shamelessly blunt Caucasian racists; a particularly sordid and ridiculously-effected stain upon our nation - and you think that the term "nazi" it too tough for him? I feel terrible about what happened to your family, and the millions of others of your Faith Tradition. It's the most horrific event in recent centuries, and we - the people of the world - can never allow that to happen again. The way we can prevent it however, is to recognize anti-human filth for what it is, reject it, and bend our efforts to improving the lives of everyone, as opposed to singling out certain ethnicities, faith-traditions, or any other potentially divisive groups to point the rotted finger of guilt at. Every one of us must open our eyes to what's afoot here in the US, and together we can defeat the filth - maybe even without a war. Thank you, Want my 1st cock, for your response.
  11. I don't agree with this. "Being born a slut" is just a fantasy to justify slutty behaviour. Every guy gets to decide for himself how and why he found slutting an attractive and compelling calling in his life. I don't believe our sexual lives need to be justified to anyone other than ourselves. "Sluttines", in and of itself, is not subject to other's endorsement or condemnation, and for those that feel that compelling call, it's hardly fantasy. If a guy feels that he was born to cumdumpery, then that's entirely his call. Inborn inclinations are a fascinating subject, aren't they? I dissent, and without prejudice.
  12. Exactly. It's a matter of getting to know one's self, accepting one's self, and celebrating who and what we were born to be.
  13. Don't feel badly ... every one of us started with the first one. 20 is better than 19, right?
  14. Which brings up my old adage: "If X is true, then why is it true"? Bareback vs condoms is an issue with a couple of connotations: the (relative) safety of Breeding with the benefit of all the inoculations, meds available to prevent serious illness to a very high degree, and preserving the thrill of sharing our sexual essence with our peers, vs settling for half the cookie using unnatural barriers. Bareback is the only real way to achieve a deeper connection not only with our own Lusts, but a deeper connection to the man we're Breeding with - Top or bottom. We can far more readily "connect" with the *real* man directly, via raw Cock Breeding raw Hole, than through some interfering barrier. I'm not commenting on the issue of safety here - only on the issue of real, actual emotional, spiritual, connection not only with the man we're sharing sex with, but with our own expression of who and what we are. The barriers prevent illness (if they don't break), but so do the immunizations, preventative medications, and without any blocking of the potential for intense, sweet, fulfilling, thrilling and constant connection with our brothers. Thus, we realize what some of the other respondents are saying above: There is a far more thrilling connection to our Lusts, our souls, our essence without barriers, and an exponentially deeper connection not only with our own inborn needs, but the needs, Lusts of the men we fuck. Or, put another way, without the Sperm, the sex isn't as exciting, fulfilling as it could be. And that's why X definitely IS true. It really IS all about Cock/Hole/Sperm
  15. Other than local word-of-mouth, Asspig is a great resource. 👍
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