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    I’m totally open minded. Will try anything with reson.

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  1. My new Dildo it’s 9 inches and beautiful Curved. Love going Ball deep on it. It does hurt now and then.
  2. Love this story! I will definitely have to check it behind the arena will definitely need to investigate here. Xx
  3. Just read this event you attend about 3 times . My god i loved it sounds so great. Wishing someday this’ll happen. Hopefully sometime after Lockdown I’ll hopefully can attend to a party like you attend. Loved it G. Xx
  4. You sound great. Been reading your profile. Love to meet some day xx

  5. I agree with you that full moons can make some guys and to be honest it works on me as well. Happy pozzing!☣️❤️
  6. you are like a Super Sex God! Are you on prep? I’m not on prep and looking for poz load. You are fabulous! 

  7. Well I’m neg, but really fancied going straight to Level 6 to take all loads. Then again many may think I’m stupid wanting to go straight to level 6! Hopefully 2019 will be the year of my first Bareback encounter even with a hot PA! Sending my love to all POZ and everyone want to be and those still to make up there minds. Xxx
  8. BB-8uk


    32 and still a Bareback virgin! So hard to find Bareback cock.
  9. Hi Gary here, I’ve been looking for a few years now to start my Bareback adventure(Chase) as I’ve tried many ways to contact BB lovers via Grindr, recon and Bbrts. But when I mention I’m a BB virgin bottom and guys don’t wanna know. But finally found someone on Grindr, A bit older than me Which make me nervous as he’s looking to fuck me Bb with his Prince Albert and only this way. Which I Do love PA but never had experience with them . Any tips or suggestions for the experience happening soon? Sending my love all love Gxx
  10. Hi there, what would you say to another Gary looking to start his chase for ☣️? Even know I’m a Bareback virgin unable to Prep that take immune surpressers for a condition.  What would you recommend? From one Gary to another Gary. Love Gxxx

  11. Well I’m 32 now and never told anyone before, I had a dream when I in the infant school /kindergarten that i dreamt of being a deeply devoted Piss lover. Drinking straight from the tap from several cocks and ever since have been trying to get this fantasy. If your a Piss lover and in the uk let us hook up. Love Gxx
  12. My god you are so fucking hot!

  13. Well even I know I’m neg not on prep and hate condoms. I’m definitely addicted to Poz holes and poz cock.
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