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  1. Crabs in my early twenties. I am furry all over and couldn’t stop itching. I remember calling my mom about the itch and as I was talking to her I picked one off and it finally clicked that they looked like crabs...I had to shave my entire body to get rid of them and the hair growing back was misery. Never knew exactly where I got them. I was not a slut back then and in a monogamous relationship. Bf never got them...
  2. Yes love drinking my piss on occasion. Especially fun if I fill a bottle and am out in public
  3. I yearn to have a loose gape. My ass has always been accommodating but it can always be looser. I always laugh when chatting with a guy and he is proud of his tight cunt. It’s an immediate turn off and I snicker cause he’s proud of it....
  4. If you do marry be upfront about your gay desires. Otherwise you may regret it and feel trapped....*insert me here*
  5. Being a married (to a female) man, during business hours is primarily when I play. Fortunately I have a job that I can meet up between clients. Then return to see my next client with my ass full of sperm or my cock smelling like ass. Always adds a thrill!
  6. I love a loose hole! I laugh when guys are proud to announce they are “super tight”....as if it’s a good thing. They are usually amazed when I say I prefer a loose wrecked pussy.
  7. Thanks for the follow!! 🙂

  8. My older brother started playing with me young so I had hair envy. Somewhere I got the idea to piss on my bare pubic area thinking it would sprout hair. Well they came at 10yo so I thought I was a genius. Didn’t get my chest hair till. 22-23 though
  9. My 5yr older brother started playing with me when I was younger. Loved it. He took my anal cherry too. Very fond memories
  10. Facial hair is my weakness!!!
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