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    fucking/breeding horny bottoms
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    getting fucked esp BBC and taking loads in my ass
    Love taking anon loads and being a cumdump
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    fucking/breeding horny bottoms
    sucking big dicks and swallowing cum
    getting fucked and bred by hung guys esp bbc
    Taking anonymous loads in my ass
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  1. First time is special. You will love it!!
  2. Yep I definitely prefer and want cum in the ass. Still see bb porn that does this and worse, in my opinion, when they don't push back in. Why fuck bb in the first place if you're not going to breed the hole. By the 2nd shot the top should be pushing back into the ass to finish off inside.
  3. I had a bottom boy that I topped for several years. He loved his daddy and I loved my boy. A year or so before he moved away he asked if he could stay over night. A first. He would usually drop by to get fucked and take my load with him, often to his parents' house for supper 😉 he liked that. This time he stayed the night. I was woken up at 3 am to a lovely blowjob. Frisky little boy. As I was receiving a very nice blowjob he lifted my legs and started to eat my ass. Then he pushed me over and continued to eat my asshole. After a little while he pushed his hard boy-cock i
  4. I love taking anonymous loads. I'll take any load but there is something quintessentially hotter about the load being fucked into my ass when it's from a complete unknown/unseen stranger.
  5. Open hole policy. Hosting face down ass up for anonymous loads. Fuck your seed into my hole and go. Text me: 250-869-2999
  6. Lucky boy 😜 How many loads were you able to take?
  7. I'm a cocksucker. I suck cock. I'll suck your cock and swallow your load. You can fuck me with that big cock and cum in my ass. Basically it's cock for me.
  8. I'll take loads anonymous or not. As long as I'm getting a load I'm happy.
  9. A few times. I used to commute a lot for work. I'd jack my dick my my car and kept my sunroof open so when I'd pass trucks they'd see my dick out. Worked pretty well. Got a few nice loads in those sleepers. Always fucked bareback. Never had one trucker suggest any differently.
  10. 1, 2, 6, 7, 19 as a bottom 3, 4, 9, 10 as a top
  11. I live in Canada but once they open the border I'd be completely willing to travel for a fuck party. #willtravelforbbc
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