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  1. I want a proper all black gangbang no cocks under 8". In my head I think 20 guys should do it but I really want 50+ guys to fuck me full of cum. video of the whole night. all the guys can use me however they want and as many times as they want but they all must cum inside my asshole
  2. wetboy27

    RIm or be Rimmed?

  3. wetboy27

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Mmmm fuck yes please. Hope you shoot big loads ? Fuck your cum into me
  4. wetboy27

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Yes I do. Wanna fuck 1 or 3 into me?
  5. wetboy27

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Not as many as I'd like ... probably a couple dozen
  6. wetboy27

    Much better gloryhole time

    I wish I could find a guy who could fuck 6 loads in my hole. I'd suck his balls for hours.
  7. Most for me was 5 I wish it was more like 25 #goals
  8. wetboy27

    new cleaners

    if he wants it.
  9. wetboy27

    new cleaners

    There are new cleaners at the office. Nice young BF/GF couple working together. Been cleaning our office for a couple of months now. The guy is always chatting me up. They were in last week and I was there working late before the long weekend. They finished up and left. About 45 min later I heard a know at the main door to the office. My office is just off the front lobby. I just thought someone forgot their keys or something so I went to the door expecting to find someone from the office who had left their keys or wallet or cell behind. Instead I found the cleaner guy at the door. Thinks he dropped his wallet and can he come in a look around. Sure no problem. 10 minutes later he's at my office thanking me. He found his wallet. The guy didn't seem to be in a hurry. We chatted for a while. He sat down in my office with his legs spread wide open in a V in front of him. Talking about anything and everything. Like he needed a friend. Seemed to have a lot on his mind. His gf gave him shit about his wallet and they argued while he looked for it at home, in the van, .... He was in no hurry to get back to his pissed-off gf. I told him I was glad not to have that complication in my life. I was engaged once long ago and when we broke up I never looked back. In fact I switched teams and never looked back. That intrigued him and the conversation turned to sex. He was interested. What I liked about men and women. Why I preferred this over that. What was different or the same between men and women. I've actually had this conversation with str8/bi guys before and as you go down that road you sense when the discussion turns from the abstract to "we're really talking about you now aren't we?" I sensed that turn. He was squirming in the leather chair. Adjusted his crotch a few times subconsciously not meaning to. Now he's kinda hard and we're talking about blowjobs. I'm smiling behind my eyes. His gf doesn't really like giving him a bj. Not surprising to me. My fiancee didn't like it either. I told him that I liked going down on my fiancee but she never wanted to return the favor. And now that I play for the other team I can't really understand it cuz I love sucking dick. I love the taste of cum and I love sucking cock. So now he's obviously hard. He can't hide the fact that his cock is trying to break through his jeans. I laugh and say looks like you've got a problem in search of a solution. He laughs nervously and agrees. I could help you out with that unless you have to get back to your gf, I say. Really? Are you being serious? Sure, I say as I move from behind my desk and put my hand on his crotch and give his cock and nice squeeze. He moans and I unzip his fly and undo the button of his jeans. Sexy black underwear. I get on my knees in front of him and lick the outline of his dick. Then tug his underwear and jeans down around his ankles. He's got a nice 7" uncut cock. I throat his cock for a while. He's put his left hand on my shoulder and his moving in my rhythm. His hand contracting on my shoulder on my down stroke. Then suddenly and without a word from him he cums. Shoots a nice thick load in my mouth. Not huge but tasty. He thanked me as he pulled up his pants. "Maybe we can grab a drink sometime? he says as he heads for the door. I say sure anytime after work one evening. He stops just short of the front door and pauses. For a split second I figure I'm in trouble. He turns and with a sheepish grin on his face asks if I want his cell number. Sure I say.
  10. wetboy27


    if you're fucking me bareback I expect you to cum in my ass If I'm fucking a bottom bareback I WILL be cumming in your ass
  11. Doggy is my favourite but I agree I love looking them in the eyes as they fuck their cum deep in my hole
  12. Woof. That big cock looks amazing, bro. If you enjoy having it being milked by raw boypussy walls, I'm totally one of the Asian bottoms who'd like to squeal and whimper for you while serving that amazing dick, until you'd spurted deep inside my hole. 

  13. wetboy27

    how many loads can you swallow?

    6 one night at a bathhouse
  14. thanks for following

    1. wetboy27


      my pleasure sexy boy

  15. Hey there, thanks for following me.  Love to breed you sometime.

    1. powerbot27


      you're more then welcome 2. May I ask where you are from?

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