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  1. Doggy is my favourite but I agree I love looking them in the eyes as they fuck their cum deep in my hole
  2. Woof. That big cock looks amazing, bro. If you enjoy having it being milked by raw boypussy walls, I'm totally one of the Asian bottoms who'd like to squeal and whimper for you while serving that amazing dick, until you'd spurted deep inside my hole. 

  3. how many loads can you swallow?

    6 one night at a bathhouse
  4. thanks for following

    1. wetboy27


      my pleasure sexy boy

  5. Hey there, thanks for following me.  Love to breed you sometime.

    1. powerbot27


      you're more then welcome 2. May I ask where you are from?

  6. Restroom Floor

    I've used cum from floors and walls as lube to jerk off with. I've licked and tasted. Used it as lube for my cock and ass. I'm hard just thinking about it
  7. I'd love to fuck a load in u the next time I'm in Toronto :P

  8. We gotta fuck HOTFKR 

    1. wetboy27


      Love to breed your ass sometime.  Love fucking a loaded hole best so we gotta get a few loads in  your ass first then then I'll fuck my load into you.  🐷😛

    2. mottobami


      Cum visit. Baltimore 


  9. Gay Sex Bucket List - What's Your Score?

    315 (oh dear, I am a slut after all)
  10. Construction workers filling a hole (4 times)

    Fucking hot. Hopefully they are working in your neighborhood for a while...
  11. I'd love to fuck your eager tight willing hole 

  12. Three Loads in One Hole at Stable

    I love fucking asian ass. especially cumdump asians. creamy used holes still tight when you fuck. love 'm
  13. Finally Dumped My Load In Bareback

    I'll take your load
  14. fucking the family

    Did you fuck her bareback? Did you ever not pull out ?
  15. Semen Demon

    I vote you should use it as lube. Use it to lube your hole and start taking loads in your ass

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