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    stopped prep, actively chasing, but WILL NOT TEST
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    Unmedicated twisted and perverted toxic tops that get off on the power or their seed

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  1. I always drink every last drop and have the videos to prove it. Hate you had to waste the that piss Sir
  2. call me whatever you want 45 5'7 175 text - 754-202-0742 Can host sometimes, backyard anonymous, public, understall, or delivered to where you want to go I travel a lot for work, esp in the southeast
  3. Saw the notes about moving around, did you land somewhere? and where can we see your videod adventures 🙂

  4. Cigars for me always enhance the sexual experience
  5. 100% this. I find whatever works for the top, and making him happy, is GOING to work for me for sure
  6. He was such a great in so many ways/. I went back and re-read all our skype chat conversations, was really forwarding meeting him in person. I still find the cause of death in any of the links posted or overall. RIP
  7. 100% this! Bottoms, power bottoms and cum dumps are all different minds sets, and not many bottoms can live in all those worlds
  8. I wasn't attracted to anyone in my family including the cousin who started it all. now my Dad's Construction worker friends, etc... totally different story
  9. as soon as I get the opportunity, don't care if I have to book a flight
  10. for the last few years I have refused to get fisted by a gloved hand. I feel like every fold or bunching of the glove just doesn't feel right
  11. Thanks for sharing that store
  12. I am curious who is wired similarly. I am a service oriented bottom, and the moment that i am hit, spanked, etc, my headspace is gone. I am pretty much in total control of my day to day life, which probably why I dive do deep into the loss of control through Bondage and Domination My nips aren’t wired, and my cock and balls just fade away when I am serving, so hitting them, just hurts, and pinching nipples feels the same as pinching my elbow I have been trained and served several DOMS and MASTERS with various requirements and skills. It take a lot for me to perform anything S&M… although, if I am hooded collared and leashed and on display in public setting, then that side kicks in a little. I still lose my sub headspace when there’s pain deliberately
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