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    New York
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    Cum and smoke pig
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Into: Muscle bears // Hair // Daddies/pups // Cum/spit/piss // Tattoos/piercings // Public sex/bathhouses/sex clubs // Groups/gangbangs/anonymous // smoking fetish // cum pig // // poz friendly.

    Ask me for my WICKR
  • Looking For
    Partnered with a top daddy
    Masculine men
    Muscle bears
    Body hair
    Facial hair
    Short hair or shaved head
    Cigar/Reds smokers
    Public sex/bathhouses/sex clubs
    Perv and kinky too

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  1. Hot pic, smoking [banned word] here too, what’s your wckr?

    1. RawSmokePerv


      fuck yeah bro, it's: bbsmkprv

  2. Cum to SF and fuck me 🙂 

  3. thanks for the follow

  4. How Raw Smoke Perverted are you - like t hear from a pervert - most perverted thing you ever done ?

  5. Thanx for the follow.  You’re smoking hot.  I love a man who smokes.

  6. Thanks for the add brother. Hot AF profile and pics.

  7. Wanna smoke together Saturday 🚬👱‍♀️

  8. Thanks for the follow, sexy beast!🐷

  9. Thanks for the follow! You're very sexy!!

  10. You have got to be the hottest, sexiest Man on here Mate, I wank everydsy to your pics. Now if there are some closeups of your sexy hole and pits, i will be in cum heaven. Thanks for the gallery....

  11. Thanks for the follow, you are hot ;)

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