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    Vers Alpha Bro looking for perv pig bros and dads
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Ask me for my Telegram
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    Into: Muscle bears Rednecks Body hair Daddy/boy Cum/spit/piss Public sex/bathhouses/sex clubs Bears/rednecks/father/son/brother Groups/gangbangs/anonymous/ Smoking (reds, cigars, etc) Pe*v/kink/taboo Very poz friendly. BB only. ⬇️💧💦🐷😈🚬💨

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    [think before following links] https://www.instagram.com/rawsmokebro/

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  1. Hey man. Love your page. We should chat sometime. 

  2. What’s your [deleted] 

    1. RawSmokePerv


      My...Telegram? BBSMKBRO

  3. Hey there!  Would love to swap smoke with you.  Woooof!

  4. I'll be in FTL in 15 days, hope to get nasty and p... with you

  5. Fucking hot poz man. We share a lot of interest. I wish we can meet to share our poz fluids...

    1. nastypigslam666


      I wsih we can play some day, pervert all

  6. Hot smoke pig. Love smoking and fucking.

    1. RawSmokePerv


      Oink oink, likewise!

  7. Thanks for the follow, v hot!! Need to get to NYC more often!

  8. Thanks for the follow sexy. ( Somehow ,I get the impression that you and your partner would throw a wicked fun sex party!)

  9. Hot pic, smoking [banned word] here too, what’s your wckr?

    1. RawSmokePerv


      fuck yeah bro, it's: bbsmkprv

  10. Cum to SF and fuck me 🙂 

  11. thanks for the follow

  12. How Raw Smoke Perverted are you - like t hear from a pervert - most perverted thing you ever done ?

  13. Thanx for the follow.  You’re smoking hot.  I love a man who smokes.

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