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    natural man scent, sweaty pits, spit, rough, pig groups, poz, poz cum, biohazard fuckers, twisted poz fuckers, perv, piss, making homemade porn
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    I have been a slut for awhile, but I am taking it to a new level now, learning to be a proper cumdump. I have offered up my neg hole at the bathhouse and in the backroom and have taken quite a few loads that way. Now, I want to have my hole whored out, taking all loads. I have met a few guys who have offered to whore my hole out, but the timing hasn't been right yet. I recently went off Prep, and I want to offer up my neg hole to any poz top who wants to use my hole good. My hole is still tight, and I want nasty-minded poz tops to pump me full of cum until I'm pozzed and I can poz others. Love flip fucking. I am a reserved and polite guy but become a complete brutish pig when around others. Love getting fucked in public and being recorded being a slut.
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    brutes, piss play, poz tops, poz slut bottoms, pigs who want to make porn, high viral load fuckers, pervs

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