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  1. Verbal breeding is hot. Check out my Tumblr verbalpozforneg.tumblr.com

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      Thank-you,  if you ever come across any verbal in your travels across the internet .. please forward them to my Tumblr as well :)

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      some hot vids there, love 'dirty' talk during sex, and would like to have guy smile and tell me I've been bred as he unloads in my ass

  2. ExtremeVerbal

    Is This The Way You Want To Catch The Bug?

    The next guy is a huge black guy, a a real bodybuilder, with huge muscles and with a huge jet black cock. I don't know him very long so I have to ask him some questions. "So how long did you convert?" "Just three month but I've never taken meds." "So, you think you can help us with this piece of shit? You know, we are here to pump as many toxic loads in this bitch as possible. So are you ready to help us killing him?" "Oh man, you don't know how ready I am! For the past three months I've been searching for a neg ass to knock up, but to help to kill a worthless bitch turns me on so much. I wanna fuck your poison deeper in his ass and then I will add some extra stuff" "Okay man, than do your job. Fuck him hard. No mercy! Fill him up, buddy. I want to see the killer instinct in your eyes." The black guy slapped my bitch's ass, once, twice, three times, and then, looking deeply into his eyes, snarled "So, you faggot. Now you are mine. I want to hear you begging to get fucked. Beg for my cum. Oh, and you fuckin' better beg to be killed." My bitch was crying again. He was clearly full of fears. The body builder slapped the bitch's face, commanding "Beg for it! I want to hear it!" "Please sir, give me your cock. Please fuck me deep and breed me. But please stop slapping me. It hurts so much. Please fuck me and give me your load. Give me your poison, sir, please." Smiling, the body builder positioned his huge cock and rammed himself into my poor little slut, who naturally screamed loudly, but the body builder showed no mercy, but instead fucked him as hard as possible. I enjoyed watching his muscles working as he used my bitch. "Yeah bitch, that's the way how I fuck worthless bitches. Does it hurt? I know it hurts! Shout out loud! The more you shout and cry, the better is it for me. This is a killing session, so it doesn't matter if the victim is in pain!" My slut was raped by the body builder for several minutes, and while he did so, I made my bitch suck my rock hard cock, saying "Clean it up boy. Taste my cum. You'll get a lot more cum in your ass later, but for now I'll fill your other hole." The slut did his best, and I encouraged him saying "Take some deep breathes, bitch. You'll need 'em." With that warning I pushed my cock slowly into his throat, deeper and deeper, until the whole rod was down his throat. Then I let my piss flow, explaining "Yeah bitch. You don't have to swallow. I'll piss directly into your stomach. We're gonna fill you up with cum and piss." At the other end, the black guy was going crazy, and announced "Now I'm gonna kill him! Take my poz cum. Here's my AIDS, you piece of shit! Here it comes!" Not even pausing in the fuck, even as his poz load flowed into my slut, the body builder just pounded harder, blowing his fresh poz cum deep inside the slut's helpless ass. After a while he slowed down, but I knew he was a real man as he didn't stop fucking, but instead looked around and asked "Who's next?"
  3. Warning: This story is a little bit extreme. But it's all FICTION. Some fantasies should stay just this: a fantasy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I awoke, not knowing where I was, but I realized everything seemed to be moving. I was laying in a sling, my arms and legs fixed to the chains and I was completely naked. A sinister male voice asked "Ah, my victim is awake! How do you feel?" "Who are you? What happened to me?" A man entered the light: he was also naked and somewhat skinny. Tattoos virtually covered his body, but I particularly noticed the tattoo of a huge biohazard tattoo on his breast. Oh, and he had a huge cock. He answered me saying "I've chosen you for my blessing. I'm your dark angel and today is the day you will be killed." Naturally I was shocked, slowly realizing I had been kidnapped and this guy was, apparently, a murderer. He continued asking "How do you feel? Nah, I know how you feel. You feel fine. See, while you where sleeping, I prepped you for this day: I cleaned your ass and gave you some drugs, more than you've ever taken. So enjoy this feeling. You again feel as well as you do right now." I could feel his hand probing my ass, a couple of his fingers sliding into my hole as he murmured "Don't worry. Today is the day you will get killed - but it isn't the day you will die! But be patient! That day is not far away." He then drew my attention back to his biohazard tattoo, saying "You see this? My body is full of high toxic liquids. By the end of today your body will also be highly toxic. You will not only become a dirty little cumdump, you will come down with a lot of diseases. And we will have the chance to see which disease will kill you at the end." I was totally paralyzed. I couldn't understand how I got into this crazy position, or why anyone would want to kidnap me, and then try to kill me. I couldn't say anything. My mind was in completely fucked-up. Did he say he had given me some drugs? Before I could organize my thoughts he slid his cock into my ass. He simply took his cock in hand, aligned himself, and rammed his way into my ass. The sensation was incredible. His cock was so huge and he pushed in balls-deep. He just slid in and remained there as he picked-up a cell phone that was on a table just to my left, and telephoned someone saying ""Hi. The bitch is ready. The door is open. Call the others and then come on over." My killer looked deep into my eyes and commented "My cum is so high toxic, so it would be enough to give you one single load, but it would take some time to take effect, which is good. I want to have some fun with you. So you will not only convert, I will breed you again and again. Several times a day." With this words he started to fuck me, hard and merciless pounding. I wanted him to stop but could do nothing. Perversely he changed his tone and gentle urged "Come on baby, relax and enjoy it. Let your dark angel fuck the brain out of your head. It's your time today. I will give you my special gift, and then we will let it grow inside of your body. Don't worry, I'll take care of you as long as it takes. So be a good boy! Take my cock. And my load." I tried to say something, anything that would get him to stop. I couldn't let this happen without doing anything. "Please man, don't kill me, please. I don't want to get this AIDS. I've heard so many terrible things about the disease. Please, please let me go." But he wasn't taken in by my entreaties, and mercilessly slapped my face as he brutally pounded my ass, sneering "Oh, so I offer you my special gift and you don't want it? That's not the good boy I asked you to be! But don't worry. I'll you another chance. Beg for my load. Beg to be pozzed. Beg me to do a good job killing you. Do it!" "No, please, don't hurt me. please, please." Again he slapped my face quite hard, and again, and again. My entire head ached unbelievably. Unrelenting, he continued commanding "Say it! Say 'Please Sir, breed my ass. Please give me your toxic load and kill me'. Do it! I want to hear you ask for it!" He continued slapping my face as he also continued fucking me as might a bull. I couldn't take it any longer, so I had no choice but to comply and cry out "Please sir, give me your load! Please sir, poz me. Please, I beg you. Kill me with your toxic cock." In some measure I couldn't believe what I was saying: I was begging this unknown sadist to effectively murder me, but another part of my brain had been switched-on, and I began to see his intentions in a new light, and, I'm ashamed to say, I found myself becoming somewhat horny. [Cut. From now on, dark angel will narrate the story as the little slut was no longer able to form any clear thoughts.] There we were. The slut, begging to be killed. I could see in his eyes how much he was enjoying the twisted things I was doing to him, and I took interior pleasure in knowing I'd have quite a few good days with him. Yeah, the little fuck I was giving him was nothing compared to what my friends would do to him - when they arrived. Yeah, I was looking forward to having an audience when I gave him his first deadly load. Some hard fucking 20 minutes later, the door opens. Here are my friends. Twenty hot poz guys who wanted to help me in converting the slut. Some of the men had received the gift from me, while some of them had had it for quite a while, and looked somewhat sickly as a consequence. But however the men converted, they were perfect for this job cause they had really high toxic cum in their balls. Some of them are newbies in the 'killing job' - these are mostly the really muscular guys with really fat cocks. The thought of watching them while they destroyed the slut's hole was thrilling. I had made sure all of the guys were off their meds, and I knew several had been diagnosed (but not treated), for one STD or another, so that between the 21 of us, there was ample disease to give the slut. "So guys, here are the rules. He is my victim so I'll will give him his first lethal filling. After that, you can fuck him as hard and as long as you want. But don't kill him today. I want to see how our combined poison works inside his body over the next few days. I want to see which STD shows-up first, whether it be syph., hep., gono., or whatever. Who knows? Maybe even AIDS. You can come here as often as you want the next days. The door will be open day and night, and feel free to bring-along any other guys you know who can help in pozzing this slut. But every drop of cum has to be shot into his ass. I won't feed him, or give him anything to drink for several days, or at least until our work in killing him is complete, so feel free to feed him your piss, or, if you want, you can snow-ball some cum from his ass into his mouth. But anyone who fucks him has to shoot his poz load into the slut's ass. Oh, and remember, don't kill him with drugs. You can keep him stoned, if you want, but don't kill him with drugs. He's my victim and I will take care of that when the time is right." I could see how excited the guys were. Everyone of them was sporting a full erection. Looking deeply into eyes of my slut I told him "Now my little pig it's time for you. You will get a huge load of high toxic poison and I will fuck it deep in your body. You want it? You want my poz load? Getting pozzed up by your dark angel? Yes, I know you want it! Here it comes! Now I'm gonna you!" A virtual chorus of cries urged me on, saying "Yeah man, knock him up. Poz him. Kill him. Do it. Fill him up." And so, urged on my buddies, I did just that: I shot my load. And it was huge. I also made it a point to ram myself balls-deep in his ass, pumping my toxic cum deep into his bowels. Chuckling, thoroughly pleased with myself, I asked him "Can you feel it? You know you're now my latest pozzed-up bitch? Can you feel it? Can you feel my cock cum in your ass? Yeah, I know you want it. Take it. Let it grow in your body, so that in just a few day until you will die. And you know I'm the guy who killed you." My little slut was crying, and I enjoyed the sight of his helplessness, my toxic load deep inside his ass. "Okay, guys. Who''ll be next?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, how do you think I should do with this little fantasy? Send me your ideas. Oh, and by the way, where in Germany is a guy with this killer instinct who wants to do some parts of it with me? Still neg here. But I want my conversion to be memorable.

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