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  1. The Old Cemetery Chapter Eight The sun was blazing when I finally woke up. Looking at the clock, it read a quarter to twelve. Fuck, I slept almost to noon. I hope the parents are not too suspicious about me sleeping in. I crept out of my room after pulling on a pair of shorts and headed to the bathroom to piss. Passing their room, I noticed the door was slightly open. I glanced in but saw nothing. I went to the bathroom and pissed. “Mother?” I called out as I stepped out of the restroom, “Father?” No reply. I made my way to the kitchen. It was there that I found a note that said that they had taken a day trip to the bigger town three hours away for supplies. They left early and would be home a bit late. It was at the end of the note that I saw Father had written, clean out his shed. It was getting a bit messy and dirty. I headed back to my room for a shirt and shoes, then decided to say fuck it to the shirt and slipped on my shoes. The faster I got this done, the faster I could jack my cock to visions of last night in the mausoleum. The door to the shed was unlocked and creaked open as I pulled it. Fuck, better oil that. My father always said, “The devil was in the details.” I wondered what the fuck did that mean. I started pulling out boxes of crap from the shed, stacking them on the lawn. I had gotten pretty much everything out, when I noticed that just to the right of his workbench was a loose panel. My first thought was I better fix that. I went over and removed the panel. That’s when I found it. It was a hidden room, no bigger than a closet. There was an old desk chair in it, as well as boxes on shelves higher up. I went in and took a seat. I looked up over the opening and almost fell out of the the chair. Hanging on a hook was a death mask identical to the ones that all the men wore last night. I was positive it was just like theirs. I looked around and saw a small box, thin and tall behind the chair. Opening it, I discovered a black cape with a hood, just like the ones from last night. I was shaking now and had butterflies in my stomach. Fuck, was Father part of this group. Was he there last night? Was he the mysterious Mr. X? I looked in the small boxes on the shelves all around. The first box was filled with straight porn magazines. I opened the second one and found man on man porn. Fuck, was Father straight, gay or bisexual? I continued looking through the boxes and found more and more man on man porn. Each box had a theme it seemed. The first was muscle men, then hairy muscle, then blow jobs, and fucking. The last box made my dick hard as a rock. It was Daddies and boys. Older men with younger boys (all of age). I was shocked. What the fuck was all this? Is this where he disappeared to in the evening? I carefully put everything back where it was when I entered. I left the room and put the panel back in place. I finished my task of cleaning and reorganizing the shed. Carefully leaving the area in front of the panel clear of boxes or hard to move items. I went back in the house and grabbed a quick bite to eat, then headed to Mac’s. Peddling as fast as I can, I zipped in front of the glass windows and headed to the side of the station to the men’s room. I went in, hearing the buzzing of the light bulbs. I went into the stall, dropped my shorts and sat on the nasty toilet and waited. Glancing through the glory hole every now and then. I heard the door open and foot steps come in, straight to the urinal on the other side of the partition and the glory hole. “Something on your mind, boy” Mac asked. Staring through the hole, I watched him unzip his coveralls and pull out his cock, which was semi hard. “I found Father’s hidden room in the shed.” “Did ya now” he said, “what was in there” “Porn” “That all boy” “No,” I replied. “Spill it,” he said. “A mask and hooded cape like everyone was wearing last night” “That so” “Is he one” “One of what, boy” he said stroking his cock. “One of y’alls” “Can’t really say” he said, turning and pointing his hard cock at the hole. “Is he Mr. X” I asked quickly. “So that’s what’s really on your mind boy” he said evilly, “You wanna know if your Daddy ripped your hole wide open” “Yes” I replied, swallowing hard, watching his big thick, uncut cock slowly push through the glory hole. I licked my lips and then I slid my tongue into his foreskin, tasting the piss, sweat and pre-cum inside. I slowly wrapped my lips around his cock and started to suck. My mouth filled up with spit as I slowly moved up and down the shaft. He was moving his cock in and out of the hole, we had a good rhythm going. He would push in as I moved forward, pushing his cock into my throat. “Secrecy is key with our group boy,” he said grunting as my mouth worked his hard cock. I moaned around his thick shaft. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and back on his side of the glory hole. “Yes Sir” I replied. “We don’t need some of the busy body old hens knowing that boys like you are used by men like us, seeded and damaged for everyone” “No Sir” His cock slowly came back through the glory hole. I immediately engulfed it and slid it down my throat. “As for Mr. X’s identity” that will remain a mystery until he wants you to know who he is” He pulled his cock out and put it back in his overalls and zipped up. “Be here at eleven tonight” he ordered, “I have plans for you” He left and I sat there for about five minutes then headed home to prepare for tonight before the parents got home. As I passed in front of the glass window, I could see Mac on the phone. He grabbed his hard cock through his coveralls as I passed.
  2. The Poz Ranch Chapter Seven Thud! Thud! Thud! echoed in my cell. I jumped up, put my hood on and dropped to my knees, hands clasped behind my back before the door clicked and opened. “Look who’s submitting to us” someone said. “He knows his place,” responded another man, “He will never submit to undesirables like us” “We submit to him” asked the first man. “Most likely you illiterate fuck” I felt the two men grab my arms, one on each side, lifting me up and leading me out of the door. We walked down the hall. It was deathly silent. We turned and went down a set of stairs, going down another level underground. We soon stopped at a door and someone knocked. “Enter” said a voice from inside. The door clicked and opened and we entered. “Restrain him on X-Cross and leave my presence” I was quickly restrained in a figure X on a wooden frame. My hood was still on. My wrists and ankles were in a cuff and locked tight. Suddenly, a hand was on the plug deep in my hole. Without warning it was pulled from my hole, stretching it as it pulled out then my hole quickly closed. I let out a little scream. “Pain is a form of pleasure” the man said. I felt multiple straps slap my back, not hard but enough to know that I was hit. I wasn’t sure but I think it was a Cat o’ nine tails being used on me. “What is pain?” “Pleasure” I responded. Another hit across my back, this time a little harder than the first. “What is it you desire” “Nothing” I replied. Another hit of the Cat o’nine tails. “What is it you give” “Pleasure to men, a hole to fuck, a hole to deposit seed” “Is that what you desire” Two hits across the back, building in pain, building in heat of my red skin. “I desire seed Sir” “Seed?” Two more hits on my back, the sting was growing in pain. “Poz seed” I quickly replied. Just one smack this time, but a bit harder. I felt hands on my ankles, releasing me from the cuffs. Then my hands were dropped down, still cuffed on the X-Cross. I had to bend slightly pushing out my ass away from the cross. Suddenly, my ass was slapped with the Cat o’ nine tails. Hard. I jumped and let out a little yelp. It was still and silent for just a moment, then two more slaps across my ass cheeks. This time I yelped, but didn’t jump. “You have learned your place quickly” “Yes Sir” Three smacks on my ass cheeks. I could feel them heating up. The man changed his position and smacked my back three times. He then switched back and slapped my ass three times. I could hear the movement of the Cat o’ nine tails in the air. He continued to use the Cat o’ nine tails on my back and ass cheeks. I felt them heating up more and more as the leather straps made contact with my skin. My eyes filled with tears, which slowly ran down my cheeks. “Pain is pleasure” I said over and over, just enough for him to hear. “Pain is pleasure” he repeated. The hits of the Cat o’ nine tails came faster and harder. My back was burning more than my ass cheeks. I focused on turning this pain into pleasure. Over and over the air swished with the movement of the leather straps, I lost count of how many times it met my skin. “Pain is pleasure” he said. I felt him behind me, rubbing his cock on my red ass cheeks. I could feel the salty pre-fuck juice on my raw skin, causing it to sting more. HIs cock head moved into my crack and without warning pushed against my hole. The head popped inside, causing me to lift up onto the tips of my toes. He used his hand, flat on my lower back to push me back down. He pushed harder and slowly slid into my hole, inch by dry inch of his shaft. Pulling on my sore pucker as it resisted to his invading cock. I moaned from the pain shooting from my hole and bit my lower lip. He continued pushing into my hole, sliding deeper and deeper. My pucker was heating up with the each inch running against it. He rammed the final couple of dry inches of his cock deep into my hole, pressing his body against mine. I breathed deeply, relaxing my hurting pucker. He pulled out some then pushed back in. He did this over and over as I focused on relaxing my hole. Each time he pulled out a little more, then pushed in harder. He did this until his cock head was pulling on my pucker from just inside. He drove his call balls deep in one thrust. My hole was loosening with each thrust of his cock. The pain was soon becoming pleasure. I could feel his cock getting wetter while fucking me. His balls swung as he trusted in and out. I squeezed my hole around his cock, milking it with each thrust. I focused my mind on his pleasure not mine. My pleasure was not something I desired. I desired to please him, give him pleasure to I can receive his poz load. I heard him grunt and moan as his hard thick cock slid in and out of my pucker. His balls were still swinging as his thrusted his hips. The more he grunted and moaned, the more I squeezed my pucker around his cock. My cock was no longer hard, it hung soft between my legs, swinging with his thrusts. My hole was twitching and squeezing pleasuring his cock. I pushed back to meet his fucking thrusts as he pushed his cock into my hole. He grabbed my hips, holding on tights as he pounded my hole. I grunted and groaned as his moans got louder and louder. He was thrusting in and out of my hole at a faster pace. His balls were drawling upwards, building his load deep inside. His grunts became more of a scream, as he rammed in and out of my hole. Using me for his pleasure. Suddenly, he rammed in deep, his cock head pushing at my inner pucker hole as his cum shot out of his flared piss slit. Rope after rope of thick cum pumped into my body. “My toxic strain is deep in your hole” he said, “infecting your DNA” I moaned my approval. He pushed the butt plug back up my sore hole, quickly. It gave little resistance as it popped inside me. He moved to the door and opened it. “That was quick” a man said. “No lip, complete your task or your punishment will be ordered” “Yes Sir, sorry Sir” the man said. The two men quickly came over to me, released my restraints on my wrists and led me away. “His next appointment is with Master Jack” he said, “Don’t fuck up getting him there” “We know the way” “Get out of my sight, you presence sickens me”
  3. The Poz Ranch Chapter Six Cody was still bent over the table, arms above his head restrained, legs spread and restrained at the ankles, and with a blind fold over his eyes. His cock was throbbing, not under his body, but pointed down at the table’s edge. “Cody,” Kace said, “You are about to have the great honor of having Master Jack’s corrupted seed fucked into your neg hole. Your hole will be scarred with his unmedicated strain” I heard someone, I assumed was Master Jack, undressing near by. “Tell me Cody,” Master Jack said, “What is your purpose?” I panicked mentally, then blurted out. “My purpose is to bring pleasure to men’s cocks” “He’s a receptive boy” Kace said. “How are you to provide that pleasure?” “By the use of my mouth and my hole” “And?” That I did not know or figured out. “I don’t know what else, Sir” “You are to be a vessel for the seed of men, but your true desire of seed is for poz seed” I felt a hand run across my ass. It was rough like a working hand. Without warning, I felt his hard thick cock pop through my hole. He pushed hard and my pucker released, allowing him to drive his cock deep into my cum filled hole. I felt the hot cum push out between my pucker and his cock, then run down my thighs. He pushed until his balls were against my ass. “Kace, get under him and collect the cum that is leaking out” I heard Kace move and then felt something cold scrapping up my thighs, collecting the cum. Master Jack started to pull out and the ridge of his cock head pulled more cum out of my hole. As Master Jack fucked me and Kace collected the cum, I could hear them speaking but could not understand it. Master Jack’s hands were on my hips, gripping me tight. Suddenly, he pulled one away and then slapped my ass cheek hard. I yelped from the surprise. “Pain often accompanies pleaser” he said, slapping my ass again. “Some men enjoy inflicting pain on their toys” He was pumping his cock in and out at a steady pace. I struggled to keep my pucker relaxed with his pounding. “Other’s enjoy the power of his toy, bringing him to the brink of the unconscious world, but cutting off his air supply” He fucked me harder as Kace still collected the cum that was being pulled out of my hole by his big cock. I could hear him grunting as he fucked me. “You will find that most men just want to fuck a hole, any hole and shoot their seed deep inside.” “I am a cum whore” I said without being asked. “You are correct Cody and will always be a cum whore. You learned your place quickly” He rammed his cock in harder and harder. I felt the table moving a bit forward with each thrust. He was power driving me with his cock. Harder and Harder. My hole was in pain with each thrust, but I embraced that pain as pleasure. “I’m going to fucking cum and knock up this worthless fucking faggot” he yelled. I closed my eyes under the blindfold and squeezed my pucker the best I could. “That’s it faggot, clamp that sloppy fuck hole around my thick cock. Fucking milk my foul seed into you hole.” He grunted over and over as he pounded me, harder and harder. “Fuck my hole, Sir” I begged, “use me as the fucking toy I am. Inject me with your poz cum.” His hands gripped my hips tighter and he rammed his cock in deep. HIs piss slit opened and his load shot out, over and over. I could feel the heat from his cum coating my insides. As quickly as he shot up my hole, he pulled out and left. I didn’t have time to thank him for his load. “Cody, you have done well” Kace said. I heard him move towards the door, open it and say: “Clean him up and take him back to his cell” I laid there waiting. I heard two sets of foot steps approach me. “Fuck boy, you are a cummy mess” one said with a laugh. The unrestrained me, put the hood over my head and dragged me out of the room. Once in the hall, I could hear the sounds of fucking coming from the rooms we passed. Moans were heard mostly, but I did hear sobs coming from others. I was taken to the shower room, I knew that’s where I was from the cold tile floor. “Once the door is closed, you can take off the hood, clean up and then assume the position” With a bit of a slam, the door closed and I set forth my tasks. I turned on the shower to get some hot water, but quickly learned there was none. Bracing myself mentally, I stepped into the cold water and quickly cleaned myself of the wet and dried cum. I brushed a finger in my crack and jumped when it ran across my hole, which was still a little open, but very sore. A thud at the door made me hurry up more. I dried and put my hood back over my head and knelt on the floor with hands behind my back. I was dragged out of the room and put back in my cell. Once inside and with the door locked I took off my hood and discovered two things on my cot. A huge butt plug with a note that said “Up the hole it goes” “Wear it until you are told not to” I picked it up and then saw at the bottom of the sheet of paper was written: “We are watching” I placed the plug at my hole and pushed. It went in slowly and painfully. It took a few tried but I did get it to pop in. My pucker squeezed and twitched as it engulfed the widest part then narrowed. The other thing waiting for me was a covered bowl. I took off the cover and found something that looked like oatmeal waiting for me. I slowly ate the food and laid down to sleep.
  4. Dad’s Pool Party Chapter Seven On my knees in front of the man who just barebacked my hole, double fucked it with my Dad and injected me with his strain waiting for him to use me as he wished. I parted my lips and licked the head of his soft cock, tasting the cum from my hole. Using my tongue I lifted it and guided it into my mouth. I licked around the head, until he started to piss into my mouth, filling it up with his warm piss. I felt someone kneel behind me and lifted my ass, positioning it up so he could slide his cock inside. I focused my attention to the pissing cock. The unknown man slide his cock into my hole. I moaned around the cock head in my mouth. “Looks like your boy Jack is drinking from the tap” “Fuck yeah, we have a urinal and a fuck toy” Dad replied. “Like fucking father, like fucking son” a voice in the orgy said. The man up my fuck hole was slowly pumping in and out. My hole was cummy and slick. I was still drinking the flowing piss from the cock in my mouth. “Anyone else need to piss, the urinal is open” I heard shouting in the room. Once he had emptied his piss into my gut, he pulled his cock out and walked away. I felt the man behind me grab my hips and start pounding my hole. “Fuck boy this is one sloppy hole. Just the way I like it” I squeezed my pucker around his hole as a thick hard cock rubbed against my lips. I parted them and slid them down the shaft. I gagged on it about half way down. I felt for my brown bottle. Holding the cock in my mouth, I unscrewed the cap and put the bottle under my nose, huffing deep and holding it. I did each nostril three times and I was flying. I slid back down on the cock in my mouth pushing it deeper and deeper, coating it with my thick throat slime as I did. Soon I was pushing my face into his crotch, chin on his balls. The cock up my hole was thrusting in and out at a steady pace. The man I was blowing grabbed the sides of my head and held tight. “Relax that throat boy” he said, “I am going to use your throat like we are using your hole” He pulled his cock out until his head was at my lips and thrusted in. He pushed in deep as if he was trying to meet the cock thrusting up my ass. I felt my throat expanding around his cock each time he thrusted in. My eyes were watering as he face fucked me. “Damn Jack, your boy is a natural fucking cock pig” the man said, “his hole opens for cock and so does his fucking throat” “Don’t choke him out with your cock Jeff” Dad said, “let the boy breathe” I now knew the name of the man who was assaulting my throat with his cock. He pulled out and kneeled in front of me. He started to kiss me deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth. “You’re a good boy” he said after pulling away from the kiss, “you like it when I fuck your throat don’t you” “Yes Sir” I replied. He stood up and slid his cock back into my mouth as the man continued to fuck me. I relaxed and let the two men use my holes for their pleasure. “Fuck boy, you are going to make me cum down your throat but I want to breed that sloppy hole.” Jeff said. The man fucking me started to fuck me harder and faster. Pumping his cock in and out of my pucker. “Going to seed him soon Jeff” he said, “then you can have this sloppy boy hole” Jeff pulled his cock out and turned around bending over. “Eat my ass JJ” Jeff said, “taste the cum from my ass” I put my face in his crack and started to lick and suck on his hairy pucker. Fuck I was doing things I never imagined I would do. He pushed back against my face. I stuck my tongue up his hole and tasted the loads of cum inside. I moaned. The man behind me dug into my hips with his nails and fucked me harder. His sac was swinging with each thrust and slowly getting tighter and tighter. His cock was thickening and I knew he was getting close to emptying his poz load up my ass. I pushed back to meet his cock as his nails dug into my skin. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he grunted as his cum shot out into my hole. He pushed in balls deep and held it there until his cock stopped pulsing and shooting cum. The man behind me was quickly going soft in my ass and was slipping out. I squeezed my pucker to keep as much of his poz cum deep inside me. Jeff helped me up and took me over to the fuck bench. I looked at him funny. It looked like a padded saw horse. “I’ll show you, I know you are new to all this,” he said, climbing on the fuck bench. “Let’s get you up there or one of these horny men will be up my fuck hole” He climbed off and I climbed on. Jeff positioned himself behind me and slid into my well fucked hole. His cock felt so good. His hands gripped my hips and started pumping. From where I was, I could see my Dad squatting over a big thick cock, bouncing up and down while the man was lying on a flat workout bench, Big John was on his back with his legs up and a big latin man was pumping his hole hard, and Don was in the sling getting fucked. It was a sea of men fucking. Jeff was thrusting his cock in me at a steady rhythm. As I watched a man walked up and shoved his cock in my face. “Clean my dick boy” he demanded. I started licking it, then took it in my head. “This is Adam,” Jeff said, “don’t let his bark scare you, he’s just a big teddy bear” I glanced up to see this massive muscle man start to blush, then shove his cock into my mouth more. His cock tasted like ass and cum.
  5. The Old Cemetery Chapter Seven As Roy moved away, the man with the cock ring stepped up to take his place. I reached for a brown bottle and huffed in deeply as he pressed his purple, bloated cock head against my hole. I knew this cock was going to stretch me open more. I felt the pressure that the cock head as applying to my used pucker, the tip just entering the gap of my hole. He push more, but just slightly as if he was teasing my hole with the tip. “Fucking drive that fat fucker deep in his hole” Coach Wood yelled. “Yeah fucker, prep that hole for the Angel of Death” All eyes were on the cock about to slid into my hole. The man behind the mask stared directly into my eyes and gripped my hips. “Get ready boy” the man said. I fucking knew who that man was. Holy fucking christ. The man rammed his cock head into my hole, driving his thick hard cock all the way down to the root. I could feel the cock ring press against my ass. I yelped, holding back a scream. “Take the pain” he said. He pulled completely out, then rammed his cock into my hole again. I screamed this time. “Nothing like a blood boiling scream in an old cemetery” Chief said evilly. “Keep it up boy and you will walk the dead” Samael said. My eyes were so wide I thought they would pop out, tears ran down my check as this sadistic fucker pulled out again, then rammed his cock all the way back in. “Fuck yeah man” Principal Jackson said, “I see more pink cum coming out” “Mr. X’s cock is better than a tooth brush to prep a hole for conversion” Roy said. “That’s fucking right, but he wrecks the hole” Mr. X, not his real name, was now pumping his cock in and out, pulling until his head was just inside my sore pucker. My inside was feeling more pain as he pushed in. His cock was huge. His eyes were locking to mine. His fucking was not just physical, but his stare made it spiritual. His dark eyes looked like death. His stare was cold and unfeeling. His fuck was rough and animalistic. There was not soul in his eyes, they were blank, dead. Chills ran down my spine the longer I stared into his eyes. He continued to fuck my hole, driving in me harder and harder. The coffins I was on began to slide on the cold marble floor. He stepped forward to keep in my ass. “Fuck man, I have never seen Mr. X this turned on” Mac said. I was biting my lip to keep from yelping, moaning and screaming. There was nothing about this man fucking me that felt right. It was cold. HIs cock pulled out until the head was just inside my sore pucker and then the shaft rammed all the way back in, the head pushing against my second ring. “Looks like he’s going for the inner pucker” “This boy is going to be walking funny tomorrow” Coach said. Mr. X kept fucking me harder and harder. His shaft was so hard that it felt as if a small baseball bat was moving in and out of my hole. The other men stood around and were jacking their cocks as I was being fucked. Two of the men had their cock in one hand and one of my ankles in the other, holding my legs up and wide apart. Mr. X grabbed my balls and slowly squeezed. He built more and more pressure on them as he thrusted in and out. I felt the pain building. My cock was leaking pre-cum as he squeezed. I never felt so much painful pleasure before. I started to buck my hips, lifting them and meeting his cock as he fucked me. I was so turned on. “Fucker likes it rough” Roy said. I felt my cum load building quickly. I knew he was going to make me shoot my load. As he pumped more pre-cum leaked out. I gripped the edges of the coffin and held on. I could feel my hips starting to pulsate. My cock jumped and twitched as my load shot out of my piss slit. When Mr. X saw me cumming he squeezed my balls tighter. I covered my chest and stomach in ropes of thick cum. Mr. X never stopped fucking me as I shot. His cock slid in and out of my sloppy sore hole. My cock and balls grew sensitive, but he never released my balls. I could hear him grunting as he thrusted in and out of my hole. He sped up his thrusts and soon was shooting ropes of poz cum deep into my hole. I felt the underside of his shaft twitch as the cum shot out. He continued to fuck me as he shot. He never stopped. His cock was still hard and he was fucking me more. He was damn near out of breathe and I was worried he would pass out or fuck even worse, die and fall on me trapping me under his corpse. He used his body to move his cock back and forth in and out of my hole. I could feel his weight pushing me as he thrusted in. He quickly started grunting again. “Mr. X is gonna load you again with poz cum boy” Samael said. The cock rammed deep in me and I felt his cum shot out into my hole. This load was a big as the first. His cock twitched just like before. “My turn now” Samael said. Mr. X slowly pulled his cock out. It was still bloated and hard. He walked up to the side of the coffin, so his cock was near my mouth. Samael positioned himself at my hole and pushed in. I opened my mouth, forgetting about the fucking I was getting and took Mr. X’s throbbing cock into my mouth. His hand rested on the back of my head as I sucked his cock clean. He pushed my head, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. I could taste the cum and blood on his cock. I eagerly swallowed it. I gagged over and over on his massive cock. I could see the cock ring but my lips could never reach it. Samael was pumping my hole hard. He reached between my legs and grabbed my nipples. Twisting them hard as his hips pumped his cock in and out of my hole. “Fuck” he said, “this boy is loaded good. Love me some sloppy boy cunt” Mr. X was now thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt his cock push hard against my throat. I gagged. “Choke that fucker” someone yelled. Mr X pushed harder and faster. I panicked and gagged more. If he fucks my mouth like he did my ass, I was in deep trouble. Samael’s cock was pulling out of my ass and ramming back in, over and over. It wasn’t as painful as when Mr. X did it, but it was making my hole even more sore. I was concentrating more on sucking Mr. X’s rigid cock, trying not to choke on its bloated head. Mr. X clinched his fist on the back of my head, grabbing my hair and pulling. HIs cock was pumping in and out of mouth. His cock was getting thicker and harder with each pump. “Feed that boy at both ends” Mac yelled. “Fuck man, we should have shot this on video and sold it” Principal Jackson said. I moaned at that. The thought of being filmed having twisted gay sex, getting pozzed or anything fucked up turned me on. I felt my soft cock twitch and grow. Samael pumped harder and harder, gripping my hips as he did. I heard Mr. X grunting but Samael was growling. His growl came from deep inside, it was evil sounding. The Angel of Death had taken over. His eyes glazed over and his face twitched and snarled. It was like looking at someone who was demon possessed. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, his body was rigid and stiff, all his muscles contracted. The veins in this arms and chest protruded. Mr X, pushed in as deep as he could. His cock pulsed and twitched as the ropes of cum shot out of his piss slit and hit the back of my throat, choking me. I gagged and coughed. Cum shot up and out of my nose. The ropes of cum shot out. Samael was ramming my hole hard with long strokes. His cock was close, it had thickened and got harder as Mr X shot and smothered my throat with cum. He growled loudly and rammed his whole body into me. I could feel his cock shooting his deadly load deep into me, mixing with all the other men’s cum, mutating the strains. Mr. X pulled out a little and I caught my breath. I licked around his shaft as I breathed in through my nose. Samael was slowly pumping my hole. “Boy’s had a big night” Coach said. “Let’s hope the strains infected him,” Chief said, “Doc will have another fuck flu to treat” Samael’s soft cock popped out and Mr. X pulled his cock out and I was allowed off the coffins. My legs were weak since they had been in the air a long time. “Get your ass home boy” Mac said, “Your daddy will be getting up soon” Someone slapped my ass and I hurried out of the mausoleum as the men laughter echoed inside. Naked, I ran straight for my bike and jumped on. The cum was slowly leaking with every pump of the pedals. I didn’t care who saw me, hell at this hour no one would. I went straight home, climbed through my window and climbed into me. I grabbed my cock and stroked out a load, thinking that that might be my last load of negative cum.
  6. Dad’s Pool Party Chapter Six “Wanna put one of your last negative loads up Dad’s charged hole son,” Dad asked “Fuck yeah” I replied. Jumping out the the sling, I got behind Dad. His hole was sloppy. Kneeling down, I began to lick and suck on Dad’s wet, cummy hole. I swallowed down the thick cream coming from his used fuck hole. “Stick that boy dick up my hole, JJ” Dad begged. I stood up and slide in. His hole was open and wet. I went balls deep. I grabbed his hips as another man put his cock down Dad’s throat. I pumped in and out. I felt a finger probing my hole. I slid into me as I pulled out of Dad. Not long that finger was replaced by a cock. I had no idea who was fucking me, but I was enjoying fucking Dad and getting fucked. The man behind me grabbed my hips and pushed me forward driving my cock into my Dad’s hole, then pulled me back sliding me down on his cock. I was on my tippy toes when he lifted me up and I was in between these fucking massive muscle men. As if I was a rag doll, he moved me forward, then pulled me back onto his cock hard. His thick dick was hitting the right spot in my hole. Each time I felt him slide over that spot, the harder my cock became. My rigid cock was so hard it hurt. He continued to move my now limp body, back and forth. I was in fucking boy heaven. I could hear my Dad’s sloppy ass as I pump in and then my sloppy hole as he rammed me back on his cock. I looked down and saw my cum covered cock and could only image how much cum was on his from my hole. His hot breathe was in my ear. “Fucking hot boy hole. Your Daddy and his buddies are going to turn you into a poz pig.” I moaned. “Whore you out, service who we tell you to, sell your little hole to anyone and everyone” Fuck, I hoped this wasn’t just talk. I would love to be a little whore to big muscle daddies. “Fuck that’s the plan,” Dad said. My balls couldn’t take it anymore. I felt the edge coming and I wasn’t going to be able to hold back. My cum load was building fast. “Going to fuck a negative cum load in you Dad” “On of your last negative cum load boy” The man behind me sped up his moving of my body back and forth. “Here it comes Dad” My balls tighten up next to my crotch as my piss slit opened and I spunked my Dad’s muscle ass. I moaned and yelled with pleasure. I was still being moved back and forth on the man’s cock. I could feel my cock softening after my load was deposited in my Dad’s hole with the rest of the cum he had collected. When my cock slipped out the man behind me, grabbed my legs and held them by the back of my thighs as he bounced me up and down on his thick cock. Dad as turned and I could feel his tongue licking my hole and the cock sliding in and out of it. “Let’s stretch him open good” the man said. Without another word, my Dad stood and moved in close, folding me more between them. I could feel his cock head exploring around my ass, which was stuffed with cock already. “Get me a brown bottle” Dad demand Someone handed him a bottle and he gave it to me. “Huff buddy until you can’t huff anymore, don’t stop” I did as I was told, huffing in one nostril then the other, back and forth. Dad was pushing the head of his cock next to my hole, pushing it up inside me with the other man’s thick cock. “Double fuck that hole” someone shouted. “Fucker’s pucker is going to be wrecked” “Doc Peters will fix him up,” some one else yelled. “Yeah right after he shoves his hole splitter deep inside” I felt my hole give way a little and that was all it took, my Dad’s cock head popped inside. I moaned a loud yelp as I was held tighter. “I’m in” Dad said. “Push in father Jack” the other man said “Stretch my pussy open Dad” I cried out. I was impaled on two big horny bodybuilder’s cock, I felt my pucker stretch wide, so wide I had tears in my eyes. The pain was intense, but the pleasure of two cocks in my hole was unimaginable. Dad started to move his cock in further, pushing his head along the cock already buried in my hole. I felt my cock start to jump and twitch. I felt the contractions in my taint, which caused my fuck hole to contract around the two cocks. Dad feeling my hole contracting, started to pump in and out, while the man holding me starting to move me up and down on his cock. They soon had a rhythm going. My cock ached it was so hard. My cum shot was building. “I’m going to fucking cum another neg load.” “Shoot it boy,” Dad said. “Shoot it on my massive pecs” the man said bouncing me harder up and down his cock. My piss slit opened and I shot. It shot high in the air, Most of it landed on the bodybuilder’s massive chest, but one shot so high up it hit the underneath of his chin. Dad quickly started to scoop up my cum on his finger and started feeding it to the other man. He sucked it down and swallowed it. “Nothing like some boy’s neg cum” Both men started pumping my hole faster and faster. I was in boy pig heaven. Two massive Daddy dicks up my pucker. Dad bit my shoulder, sending shivers down my spine and making my pucker tighten around their cocks. Dad moaned loudly in my eye. “Want another load of your Daddy’s toxic seed, boy? “Fuck yeah your twisted fucking pervert.” “Here it comes boy” he said grunting loudly again. “Coat my cock Jack with your cum, going to use that spawn seed to lube his hole. Dad grunted over and over as his cock shot deep in my boy hole. His cock slipped out and I was hugged tightly and moved over to a sofa that was pushed off to the side of the room. I was laid on the seats of the sofa on my back. The man spread his legs wide, lowering his cock to be even with my used hole. “My fucking hole needs a big cock in it’ my Dad yelled. I looked around the room of the debauchery happening, my cock twitched at the sight of men fucking, sucking and more. The man grabbed my ankles, holding them up and began to roughly fuck my hole. My cock and balls were bouncing with each thrust. “Gonna mix my strain with your Dad’s” he said. “Fuck me!” I pleaded. “Gonna fuck you so hard you will walk funny” He pulled his cock all the way out and rammed it back in. Over and over. I could feel the cum running down my crack and onto the sofa under me. The sounds of his body hitting mine as he rammed in, joined the echos of sounds of fucking in the room. “Get ready boy” he said. “Going to get another load in the hole, mix the strains already infecting your blood” He rammed in hard and held his cock balls deep as his cum shot out of his piss slit and coating me. He pulled out and with my legs in front of him, stepped up on the sofa and pushed forward until his cock was at my mouth, I crunched in and took the cum covered cock into my mouth, licking the mixture of different men’s load off and swallow. When he was happy that I cleaned his cock good, he grabbed my head and pulled me to my knees in front of him.
  7. The Poz Ranch Chapter Five Secured to the table, my red ass exposed and venerable. I felt him pushing something into my ass, a tube or something. I winced from the slight pain as my sore hole opened for what ever he was putting in it. I felt what was outside my hole move upwards and secured. His foot steps moved away and I heard jars again clanging against each other. “I think your training will skip to the jars of high viral loads of the full blown disease” He carefully moved back to me, carrying multiple jars. I soon felt the warm liquid enter my hole via the tube. It continued to flow. I could feel it slowly filling the inside of my hole. “One jar down” he said, “going to stretch your bowels just like we did your stomach” He started pouring the second jar of cum into the tube and it flowed into me, mixing with the first. My cock was bent down between me and the table aching for attending, drooling pre-cum as my hole was filled with toxic poison. “That’s two, my boy” The third jar was opened and soon was traveling down the tube into my hole. I had no clue how big these jars were or how many loads of cum filled them. My mind imagined men in a big barn hooked up to milking machines, sucking on their hard cocks as they eyes and mind were filled with gay porn through virtual reality googles. My cock pumped a little more pre-cum out at the image of that in my head. “Ready for number three” I moaned. I felt more deadly cum entering my hole. the warmth moved through my bowels and then throughout my body. It felt as if my body was reacting to the cum and starting to crave it. “About to pour number four,” he said, “The record is eight jars. I think you might break it, or we will at least try to” He poured number four, five and six jars of cum into my hole. I could feel my insides filling up and expanding slightly. Once number six was empty, I heard him walk away. I heard more jars hitting one another, but he didn’t return once he had them. He continued to work on something on the other side of the room. My hole twitched around the tube sticking out of it. I wanted more cum in me. The urge to be filled was building into obsession. What ever he was working on did not take long. He moved back to me and opened jar seven and slowly poured it in. This jar was hotter in temperature than the first six. The cum flowed faster inside me. I then heard the pop of jar eight open. “You made it to the record set by a boy named Kevin, who was inflicted with the same sickness as you have.” I moaned my pleasure like a pig in shit does. He popped open jar nine and poured it in. My bowels heated up more as they expanded to take the ninth jar of harmful seed. “I think your hole can take another” he said evilly. I heard the pop and soon felt the heated liquid enter my hole. I could hear his devilish laugh echoing in the room. “Fuck boy, your body much be absorbing the cum” I heard him walk away again, still laughing. I squeezed the tube in my hole, as if I was trying to milk it of the cum that was still in it. “Master Jack please” he said, “Yes I’ll hold” There was a little pause and then he said: “Good Evening Master Jack,” Kace said, “I am working with Cody, the new inductee.” “Yes Master Jack, he is taking to his first lesson well. I don’t think he enjoyed the ass paddling as much as I did.” he said with a laugh. There was a pause on this side of the conversation for an about a minute. “I wanted to inform you that he has broken the record for the number of jars of ejaculate introduced into his hole.” Another pause. “Yes Sir, ten jars. I skipped the protocol of building the levels of toxicity like we did orally and went to the full blown virus level. I think this inductee has promise” Pause in the conversation. “Yes Sir, I will see you when you arrive.” I heard the phone being placed on the cradle and his boots hitting the floor as he moved over towards me. “You my boy are about to get a visitor” he said, “make sure you’re respectful and open to the needs of the guest” I heard him snap his fingers. There were quick steps in the room. This time they did not sound like boots, but bare feet on the floor. I heard equipment being moved and felt hands cleaning me up a bit. “Quickly you useless faggots, you only have seconds to get this area ready.’ I heard faster walking around. “Unless you want the paddle you fucking degenerates, I suggest you more faster” I was a bit taken back, I could hear moving around, fast moving around. Prophet Kace was demanding. There was a Thud! at the door and someone gasped. “Answer the fucking door” Kace shouted. The door knob clicked and the heavy door swung open. “Master Jack, do please come in Sir” a timid voice said. I heard heavy boots on the floor as he moved into the room. The door clicked closed. “Get these useless fag boys out of the room” Master Jack said. “They have still not earned their mark, therefore they must be shunned from any form of pleasure. Unless you have already, escalate their lessons” “I have Master Jack” Kace said, as I heard the boys scurried out like cockroaches in the light. “Now let’s turn our attention to Cody” he said.
  8. The Old Cemetery Chapter Six Mac’s big cock was fucking me harder, thickening with each thrust. I could feel his hairy nuts bouncing off my ass as he fucked me. “What’s going on it here” a voice said from the door way. None of the men said a work, nor did Mac stop fucking me and the men were still putting their big cocks into my mouth. I focused my gaze to the entry way, best I could. In between the men I could see a dark figure coming towards us. “I asked what’s going on in here” said the figure, this time with a more stern voice. “What do you think” Principal Jackson said. “Well, if I had to guess,” the man said in the darkness and then laughed. “You fucker” Coach Wood said. The dark figure moved into the dimly lite area where I was on two coffins with Mac’s hard cock up my ass. When he got closer, I could see he was dressed in the mask and cloak just like everyone else. He was naked and his body was completely smooth. I could see that he had a tattoo where his pubic hair should have been. I had never seen anything like it before. I stared at it. There was something evil about it. Something unnerving. “Cole I would like for you to meet Samael” Coach Wood said. “I am the Angel of Death” Samael said. My eyes were glues to the tattoo above the base of his cock, with was twitching and growing. “Cole, looks like you found something you like?” he asked. “Your tattoo” I stuttered out. “Baphomet in the Pentagram” he said, “I sold my soul to Sarah Palin himself” My stomach was now in knots. Mac continued to pump my hole with his thick cock. Samael wrapped his hand around his cock and slowly stroked and watched Mac’s cock disappear in and out of my hole. A cock pushing at my lips pulled my attention away from the crotch tattoo. “How many loads of poz cum has he taken tonight from your poison cocks” Samael asked. “Just two, Principal Jackson’s and Coach Wood,” Chief Braddock replies. “Sounds like the night is just beginning.” Mac pumped harder and faster in and out of my hole. His cock was thick and hard as fucking iron. I knew he was edging closer and closer to injecting his poison into my hole, adding to the first two. His grunting became loader and loader, echoing in the death chamber. “Gonna put my big creamy tainted seed up this boy’s hole” Mac grunted. His nails dug into my hips as he rammed in deep. “Seed that boy” Samael shouted. As Mac’s cock pumped its thick load into me, Chief Braddock was working his cock, readying it for my sloppy hole. The air was thick with sex. The heat was baking the air with smells of cum, sweat and death. I was certain I was smelling the heavy smell of death’s decay emanating from the crypts around us. As Mac’s softening cock slipped from my hole, I felt wetness run out of my ass. Chief Braddock, using his hard cock, scooped it up and pushed it back in my hole. His cock slid in with ease. “Looks like Cole here is going to be gapping and leaking all night long.” the last of the original men said. It was tugging on my mind, but I knew that voice, but could not place it. The identity of one of my makers eluded me for now and the last one was silent this whole time, I think. Chief Braddock thrusted his cock in and out of my hole at a quick pace. He wasn’t a long, deep thrusts fucks, he was a jackrabbit, short and shallow. His eyes were closed and he was biting his lower lip. I knew his pleasure was over the top. He wasn’t going to last long. He was going to blow his poz seed in me soon. “Going to cum boy. Watching these men use your neg hole and charge you up got me turned on” His panting and grunting became quicker and louder. I felt him thrust in deep and hold, as his cock twitched inside my bowels. His cum shot out fast and hard, blasting his deadly seed into me. “Damn Chief I don’t ever think I saw you shoot as quick as you did. I know you get off on injecting poisonous seed in unsuspecting holes, but this boy knows you’re poz and he want’s it.” Samael said. “It’s the boy that has me so turned on, his craving of poz seed after being loaded with one load. Plus I have lusted for a new boy to convert.” As the Chief moved away from my ass. The man that spoke stepped up and rammed his cock into my gapping hole. I yelped a moan of pleasure as his cock head hit deep. “Going to use your hole boy, seed it with some of my mutated virus” he grunted as the pulled out and thrusted back in. The man that was silent stood next to him, watching and slowly stroking a thick hard cock that had the biggest cock head I ever seen. It was so hard it was nearly purple in color. I slowly ran my eyes down the shaft of his cock. At the base and against his crotch was a big, thick silver ring. It was engorging his cock, making it thicker and harder. As the man fucked my sloppy hole, someone got behind him and started to twist the man’s nipples with their finger tips. “Fucking use your nails” he grunted. I watched as the nipples were placed in-between the nails and soon were digging into the flesh. The man next to him with the ring around his cock, was looking right at me deep into my eyes. I was hypnotized by his dark eyes. I tried to reach out and touch his throbbing cock, but he swatted my hand away. I wanted to feel that fucking cock in my hands, up my ass or down my throat. It was so bloated with blood, it looked obscene. I reached out for my cock and my hand was slapped away. “The only way you cum boy, is if your cock cums while being fucked” Principal Jackson said. “Fuck yeah boy, your focus is your hole and pleasing the man that is up it.” Coach added. I was learning my place, as these men used me. It brought a little satisfaction to me. The cock was pumping harder and harder as the man’s grunting got louder and louder. It wasn’t going to take long for this man to cum. “Fucking add your young potent virus up the boy’s hole” “Gonna cum” he said, grunting. “Fucking cum up his hole Roy” Coach said. I now knew his identity. He was Roy Biggs, the new fireman in town. Damn, did he come here poz or did these men infect him. I moaned as he pounded me hard. My body was twitching as he fucked me. My hole was pulsating around his cock. “Fuck his hole is twitching around my shaft, “ he panted. His thrusting began to be come deeper and faster, he increased in speed with each thrust. “Fucking give me your hot young poz load Roy,’ I begged. “I fucking need that strain” I begged louder and louder. “Cum up my fuck hole” “The boy needs that load Roy” someone yelled Roy’s cock pumped in deep and started shooting. He kept pumping in and out as his cum shot out of his piss slit deep inside me. “Giving you my strain boy” I felt the underside of his cock pulse as it pump it’s poz load out of the piss slit into my waiting hole. He grunted and grunted as he tried to catch his breath.
  9. The Old Cemetery Chapter Five Mac stepped up between my legs. His hairy body was matted with sweat. “Ready for my cock Cole?” he asked evilly, “The cock you were drooling for through my glory hole” I nodded slowly. He held the base of his cock and rammed it in me balls deep in one push. I yelped loudly. “I love a vocal boy” Mac said. “Fuck Me Daddy Mac” I pleaded. “Oh I’m going to fuck you in more ways than one” he said. HIs cock was pumping in and out of my hole at a steady pace. I was sucking on one cock after another, just teasing their death-dealing pre-cum. A new darker side of me was taking over. I could feel myself changing. “Cole, my strain is the original strain of the group. Some sadistic bastard bred my hole through the glory hole at my station and evangelized me into the fucking evil bastard you are getting fucked by today.” I moaned as his thick cock pumped my hole. I was squeezing his cock as it pushed into me. “He fucking poisoned us at one of Pastor Rick’s fuck party. Hell, he even baptized the Pastor.” Coach said. “My strain converted many a men in this town. Fucking best part is some don’t even know I gave it to them.” “Fucker bent me over my desk and christened my hole” Principal Jackson said. “Stealthed his furry ass” Mac said. My cock was twitching as they tell me their obscene tales. I have never been turned on so much. “Fuck Mac, I want your death shot deep into my hole,” I begged. “Fuck yeah, knew you would make a good little fuck toy for the men in this town and everywhere else” he said. “If you don’t have the fuck flu in two weeks, we are going to arrange a cam show gang bang here in the mausoleum.” a voice said. “Chief, you think you could keep your men from finding out about it?” Mac asked. Fuck me, one of the men was Chief Braddock. “If they know what’s good for them, they will do as I say” Mac was fucking me harder and with each thrust his cock was thickening. The men were switching who’s cock was fucking my mouth. I was wondering who else was in the mausoleum feeding me cock while Mac was punch fucking my hole. I was in total pig heaven.
  10. Dad’s Pool Party Chapter Five Axel had a fucking evil grin on his face. I turned my head towards the cum covered cock that had just seeded me and pulled out of my hole. I licked the head and then engulfed it. I slid my lips down the shaft tasting the mixture of cum and ass juice. Axel held his cock, lining it with my hole, then shoved in, hard and balls deep in one thrust. I yelped around the cock in my mouth. I had been fucked, but my hole was still new to this and was getting a bit sore. I could feel the cold metal inside me. He pulled his cock all the way out, leaving me feeling empty. Then shoved it back in. He did this over and over. “Got to rough up your hole and insides to get ready for my demon seed.” he said. My eyes grew larger with each thrust. “Going to infect you with a highly toxic viral load, boy” he said. I continued to clean the spent cock in my mouth. I was addicted to the taste of cum. “He has no clue what is happening here” Axel said. I let the softening cock slide out of my mouth and watched the man disappear into the sea of fucking me. “Death runs through my views, infecting me at the lowest levels of my Muscle God body” he said with an evil laugh, “I have shared it with every fuck hole in this room, including your dad, who begged for it and now I am going to share it with you” I looked around to find my Dad in the crowd. His cock was sliding in and out of a man who was bent over in front of him, while Big John’s cock was fucking his hole. Our meet, his smile went from ecstasy, to evil. I looked in Axel’s eyes and I swear they were red, like a hell bound demon. I tried to pull off his cock, but he grabbed my hips and held on tight. His sharp fingernails dug into my skin. “Where the fuck do you think your going” he asked, “my seed is going in you, you can take it the easy way and just relax or the hard way, fight me and I will forcefully take it.” I opened the brown bottle, heard the hiss and huffed three times in each nostril. “That’s it little popper pig.” he said, “ride the rush and accept my cock and cum” My eyes rolled up back in my head and I could swear that I passed out of a second. Axel kept fucking me. I could hear the wetness of my cummy hole, echoing in my ears. It was replaced soon with the sounds of flesh slapping together around the room. “Axel’s going to take good care of you son” Dad said in my ear, “Your whole life will change, your body will change right down to your DNA” I moaned and closed my eyes, imagining in my mind his cock moving in and out of my hole. “You will get loaded up by every man in this room,” Dad said, “maybe more than once. Creating a super mutated strain of death” Fuck, Dad was scaring me now. “My strain is in your body, it was the first to invade, infecting you. With each added load, it mutates, becoming more and more toxic.” I opened my eyes to see Dad bent over next to me taking a hard cock up his hole. “Fuck son,” he moaned, “Dad’s got a big cock up his hole, fucking me deep. He’s going to recharge me” My mind was spinning with all this being told to me while a big pierced cock was fucking my hole. I didn’t know what to do, but I did now I was feeling sensations that I had never felt. “I knew you were a little pussy boy bottom” Dad said, “Your body and fuck hole was made to please Daddy dick boy” Axel fucked me harder and harder. I could feel his metal ring pulling at my hole as he pulled his cock almost out and then slammed it back in. “Fuck Daddy, I love big daddy cock in my hole. I want everyone to fuck me and seed me” I yelled. “Do you want their toxic loads? Add their strain in your fucking boy pussy and knock you up” “Yes Dad!” “You want to be their poz little fuck toy?” A rush of fear shot through my body. What the fuck? My mind was in a panic. I had already taken four loads, one being my Dad in my hole. “That’s right JJ,” Dad said, “I loaded you first with a poz cum load straight out of the cock that made you.” My cock was leaking so bad. It was puddling again on my stomach. “Look at that negative fuck juice on your abs boy” Dad said, “Your pre-fuck juice and your cum will soon be as as toxic as the man fucking around the room” Someone was behind Axel now, not fucking him but pulling on his nipple rings. Axel winched when they were yanked downwards. “You ready for my death little fucker?” “Yes Axel seed me with your toxic load,” I yelled, “Infect me” Dad put his lips over mine, kissed me deep and invaded my mouth with his tongue. The sight of Dad son kissing put Axel over the top. “Fuck Fuck Fuck!” he moaned, “Injecting you with my virus” I moaned as I kissed Dad. I felt Axel’s cock twitching and pulsing in my hole, seeding me with his tainted seed. My cock started to jump and shoot my first load out of it. I wasn’t even touching it. Dad stopped kissing me, wrapped his big hand around my small cock and slowly milked the rest of my load out. “I want that load Jack” Axel demanded, “I fucked it out of him” He quickly pulled out of my ass and leaned down and licked my cum from my abs and chest. “Mmmmm nice creamy neg load” he said. I felt his semi hard cock rubbing against my wet hole. “Empty fuck hole ready for its next man meat” he yelled. I watched him walking into the room and bed over as a man slide his raw cock up his ass. Another man took his place at my hole and pushed in. My hole was sore, but the pleasure was greater than the pain.
  11. The Poz Ranch Chapter Five Thud! Thud! Thud! on the door of my cell woke me up from my slumber. My hole was throbbing from the rough fucking that I got earlier. Thud! Thud! Thud! came again. “Yes Sir” I said. “Hood on” a voice said. I quickly grabbed my hood off the floor and put it on. I jumped off the cot and assumed the position, kneeling with my hands clasped behind my back. I heard the lock click and the door swing open, hitting the wall. “Now that’s how I like to find the boys here” the voice said. I smiled under the hood, knowing that I had pleased him. It was a small gratification, but it felt good. “Get up!” he said, “Or I will drag you up” I quickly got to my feet. He grabbed me tightly around my right bicep and pulled. I took the hint and started to walk with him. “It’s time for Prophet Kace to use you through your first lesson,” he said, “I mean give you your first lesson.” We moved down a hall and turned to the left and continued. I was lost in a world of unknown. Even if I broke free, I didn’t know the way out, so I continued to submit. Thud! echoed the hall as the man fisted the door we stopped at. “Enter” The man opened the door and we walked in. “Excellent” Kace said, “Secure him, blindfold him and remove his hood” I was pulled to some sort of device in what seemed to be the center of the room. I was forced to my knees and push backwards until my back was against a hard wide block. My arms were forced back and locked into a restraining cuff. “Eyes closed” ordered the man. I obeyed. I felt the hood being lifted from my head. Something soft was wrapped multiple times around my head covering my eyes and secured behind my head. Once done I opened my eye, but found a sea of darkness. I felt a soft, but stiff belt being latched in front of my chest and pulled tight. I was not going anywhere. “Excellent work” Kace said to the man who delivered me to him. No other words were spoken and I heard the door close. “Open your mouth boy” Kace ordered. I obeyed. I felt something soft and warm sliding in my mouth and realized it was his cock head. “Hold it, but do not suck” A second or two later, my mouth filled with a hot, bitter liquid. I swallowed it, only to be replaced with more. Over and over my mouth filled and I swallowed. My stomach felt so full after the strong pissed filled it. His cock dribbled small amounts near the end, as if he was forcing more piss out of his bladder. Suddenly, my cock began to piss uncontrollably. I felt the hot flow arc out of my piss slit and hit the floor. “Interesting reaction. Can’t say that has happened with another boy” His cock head was twitching in my mouth. He pulled it out with a pop. I heard his foot steps as he moved away from me. “Today, we are going to intensify your hunger for seed” I heard jars rattling. “The ranch has a milking program and I am holding some of the product collected” His foot steps grew closer. “Head back and open wide” I felt something stiff being put in my mouth. I think it was a toothbrush or something similar. Instead of brushing my teeth, he was using it to scrap the insides of my cheeks. Wasn’t long until I tasted a hint of blood in my mouth. “Keep your mouth open” I did as instructed. I soon felt another liquid being poured in my mouth. This one was thicker. He was pouring cum into my mouth, filling it. It rain down my throat to my piss filled stomach. He halted his pouring, allowing me to swallow. My tongue licked around my mouth, collecting and savoring the cum. I opened my mouth again quickly and he poured in more. “The first jar that you just swallowed contained milk tainted with weak strain of the HIV virus” he said, “The next one is a little more intense” He poured the liquid into my mouth. This batch was a bit saltier. Again he filled it up and then allowed me to swallow. I moved the remaining cum around, pushing it against my cheeks. I heard his foot steps move away. “Two more jars to swallow and then the next phase” I heard his foot steps move towards me again. Without a word I tilted my head back and opened. The cum flowed from the jar into my mouth. “This tainted milk was from donors with high viral loads coursing through their veins” I don’t know it I was tasting the virus, but I though I did. My taste buds were on fire with this cum coating them. I pushed it closer to my cheeks so I could absorb some of the virus through my wounds. I swallowed it down into my stomach, which was stretching more. My cock was aching from being so hard. I wanted to just wrap my fist around it and pump a hot load out. I opened my mouth again, wanting the last jar. “This milk is polluted with the full blown virus” He poured it in. It was thick, bitter and salty. My mouth filled slowly. It would soon be over flowing if he doesn’t stop I thought. With the cum filled to just up to my lips he stopped. I closed my mouth carefully, not to lose any of the cum inside, and swallowed. “Open again” I did and soon felt more of the milk being poured into my mouth. Again he filled it until it was at my lips and stopped. I swallowed it, expanding my stomach more. It was beginning to hurt. “Open” he said. I did. He poured more of the milk into my mouth, filling it to my lips. I swallowed. My stomach was aching more and cramping from being stretched. “Open” I did, but thought I could not take any more. He poured the tainted milk into my mouth, filling it again. I swallowed, but it was more difficult. I felt as if my stomach was going to reject it and I was going to projectile vomit all of the cum and piss. “Hold it. Do not regurgitate. Not only would you waste precious milk, but you would defame the men who donated it, plus we would start over” he said. I focused on my breathing and relaxing of my muscles in my abdomen. The urge to bring it back up slowly dissipated. I could hear him moving about in the room. I heard unknown noises, making my heart race with anticipation. He moved towards me. I could feel the heat coming off of his body in front of me. He was close. I felt a cold item being pulled up against my balls, pressing them up into my body. The pain level increased as he pulled up harder. I determined it was his boot against my balls. He placed a hand on my head and steadied himself and used it as a way to apply more pressure to my balls. He pulled the boot back then gave them a couple taps with the edge. It wasn’t hard enough to cause horrible pain, but enough to know he was in charge. The belt was released from across my chest and my arms freed. I was pulled up from my knees and moved over to a table I think. I was bent forward and my arms were pulled straight out above my head and secured. My ankles were secured to the posts or legs of the table in the the corners, slightly spread open. Without warning a hard smack hit my ass. I yelped. I could feel the tingling heat in my ass cheeks. I was smacked again, yelping loudly. Again the paddle hit my ass cheeks. The tingling heat was building with each smack. Again and again the hard wooden paddle hit my ass cheeks. Over and over. My yelps turned into pain and pleasure screams, echoing in the room. I lost count of how many smacks my ass had received, but by the time he was satisfied my ass felt like it was on fire. “I enjoyed that” he said, “Now the next phase begins. It’s very similar to what we just completed”
  12. The Old Cemetery Chapter Four Coach Woods positioned himself between my legs and lined up his cock. He rubbed my hole with its head and pushed. His cock plunged balls deep into my hole in one push. I tried to pull away, but I was firmly held in place on the coffins. “Take it boy” he said, “there are more cocks drooling to get up your hole” “We all will have had a turn up that hole before your funeral is over” “Take it easy on him, well just a little. Don’t want his parents to be too suspicious of what he’s been up to” a voice said. I knew that voice, it was Police Chief Nichols. Coach was fucking me hard, not giving my hole to adjust around his thick cock. I lusted after him at school too. Saw him once in his jock and tripped as I walked by him. When he turned to help me I glanced down at his pouch, with was packed full. His body was dripping with sweat as he fucked my hole. My hole soon loosened up and was taking the pounding. I moaned from the pleasure. I never expected that getting fucked would feel so good. I squeezed my hole over and over as he fucked me. “That’s it fucker, squeeze your pucker around my cock” Coach demanded. Principal Jackson grabbed my hair and turned my face towards his crotch. I saw his semi-hard cock hanging between his legs. Instinctively, I reach for it and brought it to my lips. I could see thick pinkish colored lumps on his cock. It looked like cum mixed with blood. “Open wide” he said. I opened my mouth wide and he guided his cock in. I licked the head with my tongue tasting the cum and blood. I felt it slowly slide in more as I continued to lick it. His cock thickened and grew as he pushed in. He was getting hard again. I felt his big hand on the back of my head, holding me as his cock invaded my throat. Coach was fucking me a bit softer and slower, watching as I took my first cock in my mouth. The salty pre-cum coated my tongue, making my mouth water more and encouraging me to suck the thick man dick more and more. “If his Daddy could see him now” Principal Jackson said. “He would probably shoot a load in his pants” Coach replied and everyone laughed. “Yeah he has the image of a clean cut fellow, but deep down, well let’s just say he has a dark side. Load him up with drinks and he will fuck anything or anybody” My cock went rock hard hearing them talk about my Dad as if he was some sort of sexual pervert. Honestly, I loved it. He acted like such a prude. Coach was steadily thrusting in and out of my hole, as I sucked on each of the men’s cocks that were waiting to use my hole and pump me full of their baby makers. “Pump your load in him Coach,” a man said, “the rest of us want to contribute to his death” Coach sped up his thrusting, swinging his tightening sac off my ass. “Cole, I am going to bred your fuck hole” Letting the cock slip from my mouth, I replied: “Loading me up with death” “Fuck Cole, do you know what that means?” Principal Jackson asked. “No” “Each on of us are going to shoot our virus strain in your hole, infect you with an even more mutated strain” he said. Coach started to pump harder and faster. “Virus?” I asked. “You know you little fuck hole: AIDS, HIV, and any other diseases we carry and pass by fucking your sweet little pucker” I tried to move and pull off Coach’s cock, but I was held in place by the other men. “It’s too late now Cole,” Principal Jackson said, “my death has already started to eat at your DNA. Soon Coach’s death is going to join mine. Then the rest of these men.” Coach was panting and fucking me hard and deep. My hole was twitching around his massive shaft. His balls were tightened up close to his body and no longer swinging as much. “Get ready Cole.” Coach grunted. “Here comes another Grim Reaper” a man said. Coach started grunting, twitching and ramming me harder, as his cock shot his infection into my hole. I felt the heat of the seed as it coated my insides. “Big load with a new infection” he moaned. He pulled out of my gapping hole. I could feel cum running down my crack and puddling on the coffin under me. “He’s open. Get another cock in him quick” Coach said.
  13. Dad’s Pool Party Chapter Four Dad moved out the way and Big John took his place. He grabbed my ankles. Dad kneeled beside me, kissing me. “You did good son” Dad said, “The other men want their turns” I felt Big John’s cock push into my hole, hard and fast. He pulled my legs far apart. I felt his balls hit my ass. He didn’t wait, he started thrusting in and out of my hole. “What does toxic loads mean, Dad” I asked. “You will learn that later” Dad replied, “Just enjoy the rides” Big John was thrusting hard and steady. I watch Dad moved over and bend over a chair. A man got behind him and pushed his cock deep in Dad’s hairy asshole. I watched the man grab Dad’s hips and start fucking him. It was so fucking hot. “Fuck my ass” Dad said, “I want my son to eat your fucking seed out of my ass” “Fuck yeah” the man replied. I grabbed my cock, but someone pushed my hand away. “You don’t cum unless you shoot while being fucked” Big John was kissing Don as his cock fucked my hole. I moaned over and over. I was in cock lust. I wanted more in my hole and my mouth. As Don broke his kiss with Big John he said to me looking in my eyes: “He’s fucking your hole after it was up my fuck hole, coating it with an invisible invader” I didn’t know what he meant. Big John was dripping sweat. “Get ready boy, here comes my load” He slammed his cock into me and shot his load deep inside me. As he pulled out, I felt some dribble out. Don moved to take his place. He pulled the cum up to my hole with his cock head. He pushed it back in, driving in balls deep. “Can’t loose any of that seed boy” he said, “It’s important we mix the toxins” He didn’t wait he started to fuck me hard and deep. Looking around I could see men fucking and sucking each other. Dad was still getting fucked next to me, as a man kneeled in front of him sucking his hardened cock. He was watching me take Don’s fat Italian cock deep in me. He had an evil grin on his face. It scared me a little. Don put my feet on his chest and leaned forward. he bent me almost in half. I felt my ass open wider and my hole loosen. His sweat was dripping down in my face. “Open that mouth” he said. I opened wide, allowing his sweat to fall in my mouth. It was salty. Suddenly, he spat in my mouth, a big wad of spit. “Swallow it” I did. “He learns to drink from the tap tonight guys” Dad yelled. Don locked his hands around my neck and lifted me off the lounge chair. I was bouncing on his huge cock as he carried me around. I felt men run their fingers in my crack feeling Don’s cock slide in and out. “Get him a couple shots” Don said. I was given the small plastic cup again and drank down the clear liquid, not once but twice. I felt the warmth and soon was feeling the effects. “Jack, I am ready to release the tap” someone said. Don put me down and pulled out. I saw his olive colored cock coated with red thick slime. Dad quickly came over and push me to my knees. Don got behind me and shoved his cock back in. “Take that big acorn head in your mouth. Don’t suck, don’t move just hold still and swallow” Dad said. I opened and allowed the head to slide in. I wrapped my lips around it and waited. Soon a hot liquid began to flow. It filled my mouth and I swallowed. In my mind, I was thinking I am drinking this man’s piss. I just kept swallowing and swallowing. My stomach was filling up, mixing the piss with the clear liquor I was shooting. “Good boy” Dad said, rubbing my stomach. Don started to move his cock in and out of my hole, slowly but steady as this man pissed down my throat. Once the man was done, Dad locked his lips over mine and stuck is tongue in. We kissed like that for a while. Then Dad pulled away and said: “Tasting a man’s piss in my boy’s mouth” There was cheers again for the rest of the men. “Let’s move this into the basement and really get the party going” Don pulled out and Dad picked me up. Everyone went in and we went down to the basement. I didn’t know that Dad had moved the sofa out of the room and put up a hanging leather thing as well as what looked like padded and covered saw horses. Little brown bottles were everywhere. Dad grabbed the remote and started a movie. On the screen popped a group of men, all fucking and sucking. Don grabbed me from my Dad and put me in the leather hanging thing. “Welcome to your Dad’s sling” he said, putting my feet in the straps. Once secured, he rammed his cock into my hole. I yelped. “Popper this hot fuck toy up!” he said. A brown bottle was put in my face and I grabbed it, took the cap off and huffed deep, holding each huff in as Don fucked me hard and deep. Men were fucking and sucking all around me. Dad was on the saw horse with a cock deep in his ass and his throat. Both men were thrusting in and out. “Your Dad is getting spit roasted” Don said. “Looks hot” “After I cum up your ass, infecting your with my toxic seed, I’m going to pull out and you are going to clean my spent cock as someone slides deep in your hole” I moaned. His thrusted got quicker and harder. He was panting loudly, as his tightening ball sac slapped my ass. “Fuck man, someone’s about to get bred” a voice said. Don pushed in deep and lifted my ass up. His cum shot felt violent inside my hole. He slowly pulled out and another cock quickly slid in me. Don moved around and put his cock near my mouth. It was coated with pink thick liquid. “Taste those deadly loads and your ass juice” he ordered. Closing my eyes, I opened my mouth and he pushed in. I licked all around his cock as it drove deep into my throat. The cum was bitter, salty and tasted a little like blood. The man was fucking my hole hard. I huffed more from the brown bottle and enjoyed the pounding. My cock was leaking and the clear liquid was pooling on my lower stomach. One of Dad’s buddies walk towards me. He was tall, bald and had a devilish goatee. Both is arms were covered with tattoos; black, white and grey tattoos like a sleeve of a shirt. His chest had one tattoo. A scorpion with a small red plus sign in its stinger. His cock was thick, veiny and rock hard, very similar to my Dad’s.. His nipples each had a little silver ring through them, while hiss cock had a thick ring going into his piss slit and coming out, well at this point I did not know. He scared me a lot. “Boy, I’m going to slide this deadly weapon up that used hole after he’s done” I moaned from the dick sliding in and out of my hole. “I’m going to open your hole” he said, “hard!” and walked a short distance away. “Fuck,” the man with his big man cock up my hole said, “I’m going to watch that. Don’t be too scared boy, that’s Axel, but wall all call him Lucifer. He calls himself ‘The Prince of Death.” His seed is so toxic that when it takes hold of someone, they are referred to as ‘The Defiled.’” My fear grew inside my mind, but my cock was telling a different story. I was leaking more and more. Axel come back over and lick up the puddle off Amy stomach. His tongue grazed my cock head as he did, causing more to come out. The man’s cock up my ass was thickening up and getting harder. His thrusting sped up and he grabbed his nipples and started to twisted them. He began to breathe harder and faster as his body tensed up. He suddenly yelled out: “I’m fucking coming up this neg hole,” I squeezed my hole around his cock. “Of my fucking God” he screamed, “here it comes” His load shot out of his cock and filled me, adding to the loads already in me. “Bring me your cock so I can clean” I told him. He pulled out and Axel stepped up in between my legs.
  14. The Old Cemetery Chapter Three These men were twisted fucks. Maybe I was just as twisted, I am here, in a mausoleum naked and ready for anything. I heard a loud thud echo through the hall. I turned around to see four naked masked men pulling a coffin. With another echoing thud the coffin had arrived at its new resting place. Another coffin was pulled out and put on top of the first one. I was lifted up and moved over to it. I was covered in a thick layer of dust and cob webs. I was put on my back and my legs were lifted straight up, by a man on each side of me. “Open those legs wide” Principal Jackson said, “I’m not going to spare the rod. I’m going to force it up that twitching hole” My legs were pulled until the resisted. “Coach, you have to stretch this boy in between our ‘funerals’ so we can get them opened wider, bend him in half if we want” Principal Jackson said. “His ass will be trained as well as his body.” Coach replied stroking his hairy cock. “What’s a funeral” I asked. “Boy, yours is about to happen. We are going to fuck and breed that virgin pucker, dumping load after load of tainted seed.” Principal Jackson said. I must have looked alarmed and panicked. “Don’t worry boy” he said, “you want this, you will like it” “No he will want it and crave it” Mac said. “Feel that boy” Principal Jackson asked. I felt something rubbing up and down my crack as my eyes were glued to the four man cocks above my face. I nodded silently. “That’s my thick cock, the one that was hidden away in my dress pants during school hours. The crotch that you stared at every chance you got. Don’t think I didn’t see your eyes looking at my crotch. I could see your lust” he said. “Glad he took the bait you set Mac” an unknown voice said. “Did you really think I didn’t know you were in that stall at my place. Staring at my dripping hard cock through the glory hole” Mac said. “Hold him down and tight” Principal Jackson said, “I am busting this hole open” He spit on his fingers and rubbed it on my hole, then positioned his cock head at my hole. I pushed hard against my pucker. It clamped tight. “Relax boy” he said, “the more you resist the more it will hurt. Fuck it might bleed.” “That will open an easy way to infect death” Mac said. He pushed harder as I slowed my breathing and focused on relaxing. Without warning his big mushroom head popped inside my pucker. I yelped. “Scream fucker” someone said, “no one will hear you” Principal Jackson push in further, felt like he was splitting me open. He pushed in until all of his cock was deep in me. I was panting and in-between them I screamed. “Wake the dead boy, scream again” I did this time louder as Principal Jackson pulled his cock out then rammed back in. I could feel my sweat running down my body and the men’s sweat dripping on me. I closed my eyes to relax and take the pain. Principal Jackson’s cock pulled out of me. I felt his hot breathe on my hole. “It’s gapping. I’ve never seen a hole open like this on a virgin” “You been shoving things up your hole boy” someone asked me. “No” I replied. “Be honest” “I fingered it before, rubbed around it and slide my finger in a little” Principal Jackson rammed back in me. I screamed again. I tried to play with my little dick, but my hand was pulled away. “You’re a fuck toy. It will never be about your pleasure. It will only be about them men’s pleasure you are servicing” Coach said. Principal Jackson was fucking me hard and fast. His nut sac was slapping my ass. The smacking echoed in the hall of the mausoleum. “Give that boy his first load of death” someone yelled. “i’ve got sloppy seconds” Coach said. Principal Jackson pumped harder, moving me up the lid of the coffin I was on and rocking the final resting place of who ever was inside. “Gonna shoot boy” he yelled, “Ready for that first dirty cum in you” “Yes Sir” I said. He slammed into my body and I felt hotness erupt in my hole. I could feel his load shooting out coating me. His muscles contracted and he went ridged as his balls emptied into my hole. “Tighten that pucker as I pull out” he said, “got to keep that seed in you for death to take hold” I squeezed my hole tight as his softening cock slipped out. “Coach get in there” he said, “He wants the next big cock.”
  15. Dad’s Pool Party Chapter Three The two weeks went by fast and it was the Saturday of the pool party. We took the morning to set up and get everything ready for when Dad’s gym buddies arrived. The beer was on ice, liquor was ready and the pool area was set up. Dad placed few leather boxes around the pool, some on tables and some on the ground near the chairs. “Do not peek inside these” he told me. “Yes Sir.” I was curious to know what was inside. I knew they were not illegal drugs, because to my knowledge, which was limited, Dad did not do drugs. I put it out of my mind. “Okay sport, I think we are ready for the guys. Go shower and get your suit on” Dad said, “they will be here soon” I did as I was told and when I got out of the shower, I could hear Dad in his. I suited up, so to speak and went into his room to wait. He soon stepped out of the bathroom, toweling his hair. “Help me into my suit” he said. I grabbed it off the bed and walk over, trying to hand it to him. “Hands are full” he said, “hold it down close to the floor and I will step in and you pull it up.” I squatted down in front of him, his exposed cock and balls inches away. I held it out and he stepped in it. I pulled it up. When it got to his sac, it tucked under it. I pulled the pouch out and let his cock and balls fall in. Dad dropped his towel on my head and thrusted his crotch forward, which hit me square in the face. He started laughing. I pulled the towel off as he turned, putting the string in his ass crack. The door bell rang. “Run down and let who ever it is in” I went down stairs and slowly opened the door. Outside stood two men, huge smooth muscles. They were shirtless. “You JJ?” one asked. “Yes Sir” I replied,”Dad’s up getting ready, come in” “I’m Roger and this is Parker” “Nice to meet you” I said, “Can I get your beer?” “Fuck yeah, we both would like one” I went out to the back to the pool deck and got two beers out of the cooler. By the time I got in, both had stripped down to skimpy bikinis, leaving nothing to the imagination. Parker’s ball was hanging out the side. Dad came down as I was handing them their beers. “Parker and Roger, fucking good to see you” All three were standing around chatting while I get the door. Next to arrive was Big John and Don. Both just wearing shorts. I played the good host boy and got them beers and by the time I came back both were in just thongs. Big Johns was see thru, I could see his cock and balls not just an outline. More and more gym buddies arrived and many moved outside to the pool deck. I served beers to those that wanted them while Dad was serving the harder drinks. All the men were wearing nearly nothing. Pouches were stuffed to capacity and some were over flowing. The men were just letting everything hang that was out side of their suits. I jumped in the pool to cool off and swam around. I felt a lot of eyes on me. I drove under thrusting my ass in the air. I opened my eyes under water and saw that some of the men had gotten in the pool. I watched as one man put his hand on another’s crotch under the water and was moving it about. I surfaced close to them. “JJ come here” Dad ordered. I climbed out of the side of the pool and walked over. “What’s up Dad?” “Drink this, just shoot it down” he said handing me a small plastic cup with some clear liquid in it. I did as I was told and felt the liquid burn my throat as it went down. He grabbed the cup and refilled it. “Again” I did it without question. Once it hit bottom, I started to feel the effects of what ever it was. I was all warm inside. I turned around and was heading back to the pool, when my Dad stopped me. He bent down and whispered in my ear. Once he was done, I did as I was told, heading over to Big John who was lounging in a chair. “Big John’ I said, hesitating. “What’s up JJ” “Dad said you wanted to see me stripped down in my birthday suit.” I said pulling my suit down and stepping out of them. “Oh fuck yeah” “Can I see you out of your suit” I asked timidly. “You have to take them off me” he said standing up. I reached out and pulled them down, dropping them to his ankles. He quickly stepped out. The pool area was quiet. I glanced back and all eyes were on me. “Reach out and take that big man meat in your hand boy” he said, “I know you want to” I reached out and wrapped my fingers around his growing cock. It was hot to the touch. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. His cock kept growing, until it was hard as a rock. “Fuck that’s big” I said. “Nine fucking inches of fuck meat” I looked at my Dad. His bathing suit was gone, hell everyone that I could see, their suits were gone. All were watching me, some slowly stroking their massive horse meats. “Sit on the lounge chair JJ” I obediently did as I was told. Big John moved in front of me. I reached out and held his cock at the base. His white hair covered some of my hand. “Now close your eyes and open wide” I shut my eyes tightly and opened my mouth as wide as I could. I felt him move forward and his hand pulled back on his cock and I felt the hot flesh hit my tongue. “Wrap those lips around it, watch your teeth and slide as much in as you can” I slowly moved my lips down his shaft. My mouth was stretched by his thick cock. I felt his hands on my head as he pushed more in. I soon heard Dad’s voice in my ear. “Swallow Big John’s fucking cock. Get it down your throat son” he said, “breath through your nose and relax.” I felt a hand on the back of my head, pushing me further down his shaft. I gagged and pulled back, feeling tears running down my cheeks. I was pushed back on his cock, it went deeper this time. I could feel his head tickling the back of my throat. Without warning, I was pushed all the way down his shaft and my nose was buried in his white hair. I panicked a little, but heard Dad say: “Relax” I was slowly allowed to slide back, releasing his cock. “Good job boy” Big John said. Dad stood up beside me and moved around, taking Big John’s place in front of me. I looked around and the men wear sucking cocks. Some were licking in between’s other men’s ass cheeks. “Swallow my Daddy cock son, just like you did Big John’s” Dad ordered. Big John had opened one of the leather boxes and pulled out a brown bottle. He moved it towards my nose. As he twisted the lid, it hissed. Holding it under my nose very close and pinching the other side closed, he said. “Breathe deep” I did. He switched the bottle to the other side. “Again” I did. A rush ran through my body. I could hear my heart beat. Dad pushed his cock forward and I opened wide, stretching it around his thick veiny cock. He pushed deep, not stopping until he was deep in my throat. Big John had moved behind me and I was pressed against his legs. “No fucking escaping” Dad pushed until his crotch hair was against my nose. He held it there. “He’s a fucking natural cocksucker” Dad said proudly. Pulling out just a bit, I breathed deeply and he pushed back in. My mouth was wet and my throat was producing a thick clear liquid. Dad started to pull out, then thrust back in. “Face fucking your boy” Parker yelled. Dad gripped my head on each side and started to go to town. His balls were bouncing off my chin. Someone had gotten between Dad’s spread legs and wrapped their lips around my hard cock and was sucking me as I sucked my Dad. Dad was moaning. The mouth on my cock took my little cock in, then used his fingers to push my ball sac in with it. His tongue swirled around all of it. Dad pulled his wet, dripping cock out of my mouth and bend down and kissed me. Once we broke the kiss, he said: “You fucking like sucking Daddy cock?” “Yes” “There is a lot of Daddy cock here to suck” I smiled. “Get on your hands and knees with your ass at the end of the chair.” I moved quickly and got in position. Dad then moved behind me. I felt his hands grip my ass cheeks and pull them apart. His face dove in and his tongue invaded my hole. I moaned loudly. A man I didn’t remember his name, sat with his legs spread and hard throbbing cock sticking straight up in front of me. I engulfed his cock and slowly slide my lips down the shaft wetting his cock as I did. I was still moaning as I went down. “My boy likes his ass ate” I moaned again. The man I was sucking held the brown bottle under my nose and I breathed in deeply and soon felt the rush. “You breaking him in?” a voice behind me said. “Fuck yeah. Gonna pop both his cherries” Dad replied. I had no idea what he was talking about. I was too busy sucking cock to care. I felt a finger probe the outside of my hole, the push in. My hole gave way. It burned and hurt some and I tried to pull away. Dad wrapped his big arms around me and held me tight. He pulled his finger out and then stuck two in. I moaned in pleasure and pain. “It’s gotta hurt” Dad said, “especially if we are going to pop that second cherry.” He spit on my hole and his fingers slid in and out. He pushed a third one in and I released the cock from my mouth. “It fucking hurts Dad” “Take the pain, use it to feel pleasure” I looked around and saw men with their phones, snapping pictures and I assumed videoing my Dad violating me with his fingers. He pulled out quickly. Then stood up behind me. “Hold him” Dad said, “I’m going in” Four men grabbed me and held me tight. The brown bottle was placed under my nose and I instinctively huffed deeply. I did each nostril twice. I was flying. I felt the big head of Dad’s cock at my hole and was pushing hard. I was flying so high that it popped in hard and fast. I yelled out. Dad pushed more. I felt his cock inch in slowly stretching my virgin hole open. “No stopping until I am balls deep son” he said, “so fucking relax” I inhaled more of what was in the brown bottle as men were cheering. Dad inched more and more into the depths of my hole. He pushed in steadily until I felt him press against my ass. “He’s hole is squeezing my ass” he yelled to the crowd. I looked to my left to see Big John holding Don down, sliding his big cock in and out of Don’s ass. Dad pulled out until his head popped out and then shoved it back in. He did this over and over. “Opening that hole” he said. I moaned as the pain turned to pleasure. Dad pumped in and out of my hole. I could feel his balls slapping mine. After about five minutes of thrusting he pulled out. “Flip him over and get his legs in the air. I wanna look into his eyes when I flood his hole with my thick cum” I was flipped over quickly and a man stood with his feet on each side of the lounge chair, his ass hovering above my face. He had pulled my legs back and apart, holding my ankles. I looked up at his hairy ass and balls above me. “That hole is open” someone said. Dad pushed in, going balls deep. “Squat on his face” Dad said, “ wanna see him eat your furry ass” The man did as he was told as Dad fucked my hole hard. I stuck my tongue in the man’s crack and started to lick his hole. It was musky and tasted good. “Eat his hole son” Dad said panting, “You are going to learn about man on man sex all fucking day and night” I moaned. “Daddy is getting close” He pumped harder. “Tell me you want my thick load” “I want your thick load” I said muffled by the ass I was eating. “Tell me you want Daddy’s big thick toxic load” “I want Daddy’s big thick toxic load” I said as the man stood up. “Tell me you want all Daddy’s buddies toxic loads too” “I want Daddy’s buddies toxic loads” Dad pushed in hard and deep and I could feel his cock twitch and jump in my hole. Deep inside a hot sensation flooded me. “Daddy’s toxic load is shooting inside. Can you feel it son? Can you feel that seed infecting your body” “Fuck yeah Daddy” I yelled, “I feel it” Dad was shaking as he pulled out. “Look at that open hole leaking cum” someone said.
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