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  1. The Freak Show

    Would love to everyone to send me pictures of the loads they shoot when reading this story or any of my stories. Will be great inspiration and a great compliment.
  2. The Freak Show

    FS PART 11 I stood there in the hospital gown with my ass hanging out. I didn't feel like tying it up in the back, because I knew that they would just want easy access to what ever twisted shit that had planned out next. I was being more complicit with my conversion and letting go of the guilt and regret. Fuck it, I wanted fun and I found it. I sat on the wooden bench in front of the lockers and waited. I couldn't imagine what was next. My cock was growing and thickening, even though I felt like hell from the fuck flu and Dr. Clown’s monster cock. The soreness of my hole reminded me of what just happened. My wait was not long, Stinger, the muscle bastard, which now was an upgrade from the name muscle fucker appeared at the door. “Sexy dress, pussy boy” he said laughing. “Fuck off” “You just want my toxic cock again” he said grabbing his crotch through his jeans. I did want it again, but I wasn't going to let the bastard know that. “Come on” Stinger turned and went through the door back into the hall, I moved quickly to catch up with him and almost knocked him down as I went through the door. “Easy whore, you'll get my dick later” We went down the hall, passing door after door. Stinger stopped and knocked on a door. He paused and waited. I didn't hear a response, but he went in and motioned for me. “Strap him in,” a voice said from inside the darken room, “oh and lose the fucking dress” Stinger grabbed my arm and pulled me in, the room was dim. He pulled the gown off me and tossed it aside. He directed me to an over stuffed chair, which was across from another chair. I was pushed into the chair, I almost fell through the chair seat. There was a slit in the bottom. Stinger kneeled in front of me, moved each leg, spreading them wide, and restrained them at the ankles. He stood, took my right arm placed it on the arm of the chair and restrained it at my wrist, then did the same to my left. Once he was certain I was not able to escape, he reached down on each side of my ass and pulled my checks open, exposing my hole to the seat below. “Have fun” he said laughing. “Welcome, we are going to play a game you and I” the mystery voice said. “Okay” “I will ask you questions and you will give me honest answers. If I don't think you are being honest enough, you will be punished” he said, “understand” “Yes” He moved from the dark corner he was standing to the other chair. He was dressed in black dress pants and a white button down shirt. He pulled up the legs of his pants, giving some slack in his crotch and sat down. The first thing I noticed was the his cock and balls dropped through a hole in his crotch. He sat and spread his legs wide, giving me an eye full of his cock. “Question one: are you a whore?” “No” “Wrong” he said I felt something quickly press through the hole and the chair and ran inside my sore hole. It pulled out and slammed back in. The pain was intense. “Yes, yes, just make it stop” “Tell me what you are and it will stop” he said “I'm a whore” I said and the pounding of my hole stopped and the object retreated back inside the chair. “Question two: at the carnival were you looking for cock” “No, I just wanted some fun” “Question three: once you were getting fucked the first time were you wanting poz cum” “Yes, somewhere in my mind I wanted it” I watched as his cock twitched and slowly being to grow. I couldn't help but stare. “Question four: are you looking at my cock” “No” Why I lied I don't know, the object erupted out of the seat and straight into my hole. This time it began to rapidly move in and out, moving only a few inches in and out. “Yes, I am looking at it, I want to taste it, I want it up my hole” I yelled out It didn't stop the attack on my hole from the object. It continued fucking my hole with no lube. “Question five: Have you been fisted?” “No, please make it stop!” I pleaded, but to no luck my hole was being raped by an unknown object. “Question six: if you are in pain and want the fucking of your hole to stop, why is your cock hard?” I looked down, fuck me, my cock was hard, leaking and bouncing as I was being fucked from below. I had no answer for this. “Pain turns me on” I said, “I guess” “You guess” he said The fucking of my hole intensified, the pain increased. I could feel my hole moving in and out as the object quickly moved in and out. “Question seven: do you give yourself to the freak show” “Yes” With that he stood up and kicked off his shoes. Then opened his pants dropping them to to floor, where he stepped out of them. I watched his cock bounce as he slowly moved towards me unbuttoning his shirt. He pulled it open but left it on. In the middle of his chest was a tattoo. A massive fist was tattooed in the middle of his chest and went down onto his abdomen. He climbed onto the chair, feet on both sides of my legs. He grabbed my hair, pulled my face towards his cock. I opened my mouth and took it in. The object continued to fuck my hole as he started to fuck my mouth. I knew my body was tensing up. Suddenly, something was put under my nostril. I jumped. “Don't be scared, it's just twisted ole me,” Stinger said, “inhale” I did exactly that. I inhaled deeply. The rush came over my body. I could feel myself relax some. I inhaled again, held it in, released and inhaled again. Now I was flying, my holes no longer resisted the fuckings. The object in my hole was now becoming pleasurable, but that soon was replaced again with pain. The object was getting thicker, as if it was being blown up as it rammed in and out of my hole. The muscles of my hole were stretching wider and wider. My hole was now past the size it was as Dr. Clown’s one eyed monster was in me. I could feel my face flushing. I didn't want to pass out. I was also fighting back tears. I didn't want to show weakness. I couldn't hold them back. I screamed only for it to be muffled by the cock in my mouth. Tears flowed out of my eyes and down my face. The poppers were put under my nose again. This time I didn't inhale. I was breathing as the cock in mouth exited and before it slammed back in. “Don't be an ass, inhale again fucker” Stinger said angrily. I didn't fight it, and inhaled deeply again, five times this time. The rush had me flying. The object increased again in girth, stretching me more. The pain was growing more as the object grows. The cock in my mouth was pulled out and the man climbed down off my chair. “Keep him flying, Stinger” he said, “I am going to set up” My mind wondered what he was setting up for. This wasn't enough. The object fucking me inflated more and my hole stretched wider. At this point someone could get a fist or two up my hole. That was when I got his tattoo - he was going to punch fuck my hole with one fist or maybe even two. Stinger saw the look on my face and laughed. I inhaled the poppers to help with the pain. “Someone fucking gets it now” he said, “he's ready Mr Fister” “Good bring him to me” The object in my hole ripped out, pulling the lips of my hole with it. I pulled up trying to ease the pain. Stinger took away the little brown bottle, capping it and putting it my hand. “You might want that whore” He undid the restraints on my arms and legs, then pulled me up out to the chair, guiding me through a door into another room.
  3. 2016

    Fuck and breed me buddy !!!!!
  4. Fuck buddy you are hot. I want to fuck that ass and seed you! Then sit on your cock and ride you lil you cum inside me

  5. Dad's Basement

    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty Six I felt a cock head push against my hole. The men around cheered as it pushed my hole open and popped inside. I felt the head move in deeper, as my hole slide down the shaft of the hard cock. The shaft plunged into my hole until the I could feel the man pressed up against my ass. He slowly pulled out until the head of his cock was pulling at the inside of my hole. He paused then slowly pushed back in. He continued to slowly move his cock in and out of my hole. “Stop fucking teasing him and your cock, fuck him. We want his hole” someone said impatiently. The man laughed and then drove his cock into my hole hard. He grabbed my hips and then started to fuck my hole. He was fucking me hard and fast. His balls were hitting my ass as he pounded his cock in me. His cock was getting harder as he pumped my hole. He drove all the way in and then pressed against me. I could feel his cock twitch inside. I was getting my first load of poz cum, the first of thirty loads. I moaned but it was muffled by my Dad’s jock in my mouth. I sucked on it, tasting his sweat and piss as the cock in me pulled out. It was quickly replaced by another one. This one slammed into my hole with a brute force. I grunted as he got all the way in. This man was in a hurry, he grabbed my hips and started to quickly fuck my ass. I could hear him groaning and already breathing heavily, he wasn't going to last long, which was a disappointment, but I still had twenty eight more cocks to go. He pounded my hole with short strokes until he slammed in and shot his load. “Quick trigger tonight Jason” “Been holding that in for a couple of weeks” He pulled out of me, but I wasn't empty long. A new cock slid into my hole filling me up. This one was thicker then the first two. It hit the back of my hole quickly. I could feel the muscles of my hole stretching open. There was no pain just pleasure. He pulled out and plunged back in, driving deep, until his balls pressed against my ass. “His cock is going to stretch him so open we won't feel his lips” someone said jokingly. Everyone laughed. One of the camera men moved in front of my face. His jock’s pouch, which was stretched beyond capacity was just inches from my face. I could smell his musk. I fought the urge to spit my Dad’s jock out and run my tongue all over it. He moved in closer as he held the camera over head. His pouch was now lightly rubbing against my nose. The temptation was killing me. His musk was stronger, it was more intoxicating than poppers. The cock in my hole was pounding me at a steady rhythm. I could feel it rubbing against my hole, balls hitting my ass. The pouch in front of me moved more until it was pressing against my face hard. I slowly inhaled the musk. Between the cock in my hole and the musk in my lungs my own cock was fighting against its cage. The pain was nothing compared to the pleasure of the cock in my hole. The camera man began to move his hips, causing his jock as well as his cock and balls hidden behind them to rub against my face. “Tease the boy” my Dad said to the camera man, “take it out and rub it against his face, leave some cock slime” The camera man pulled his pouch away from my face as the cock in me pushed all the way in and stayed there. I think the top was watching the camera man, who had grabbed his jock and pulled it aside. His cock flopped out, bringing his balls with it. His cock hit me right between the eyes. The cock inside me began to pump me again, driving in and out. I could feel the pre-cum leaking on my face from the camera man’s hard cock. “Look at that cum leaking out already from his hole” someone said from behind me. “Dude below has the best view” The man fucking me was pumping his cock harder and harder. It wasn't long until he pushed all the way in and added his load to the ones already there. He groaned as his cock twitched. The camera man leaned in, pressing his balls against my lips and Dad’s jock. I sniffed deep, bringing his musk deep into my lungs. The man in me pumped a couple of times, mixing the loads in my ass and pulled out. I wasn't empty long as another cock slid into my hole balls deep. I could feel his crotch hair pressing against my ass, tickling me. I moved my head to my right causing the cameraman’s cock to run across my face leaving a cock slime trail. I could just see another camera man standing close by. His jock was gone and someone was down sucking his cock. I could not see his cock, only the head moving back and forth along the shaft. The man fucking me was moaning loudly. He was steadily pumping his cock in and out of my hole. It felt as if it was an uncut cock and I wondered if it was Garrett, but didn't know. I could feel the skin move as he pumped in and out. My cock was pushing hard against its confinement, as my mind thought about all the poz loads in me, as well as the ones that were about to be. I wondered if there was more than just the three full blown AIDS loads that will be in my hole. The man in me started to pump his cock in and out harder. He didn't last long and drove his cock deep into my hole, adding his load. He pulled out leaving my hole open and empty. “You ready for Daddy’s big hard cock, son” I muffed out a yes! “Show me boy, open that boy pussy for Daddy” I made my hole open and close the best I could, without trying to lose any of the poz cum that was already in me. “That's it son, tease Daddy” He started to rub his cock up and down my crack, he picked up some cum that had been pushed out of my hole and coated his head. He aimed his cock at my hole and pushed in. I could feel his fur against my ass and his big hands grabbing my hips. “Daddy’s all the way in son” I moaned through his jock, which was now soaked with my spit. I tried to push back against him but couldn't move. Dads cock twitched in me as he made it bounce. I sucked in his jock more. As he began to move his cock in and out, Garrett come up to my head and squatted in front of me. Once we were eye to eye, he pulled out the jock, tossing it aside. “How's that hole pussy boy” he asked “Feeling good with Daddy’s big cock in me” “Sore any” “Just a little but it adds to the pleasure.” “Poppers?” “Not yet” I looked down at his cock, it was hard and leaking. He made it jump over and over. “It will be in you soon” I hadn't noticed he had a jock in his hand. He moved it up to my mouth. I opened wide, giving him access to shove it in. “It's the camera man that is under your ass capturing the action. He shot a load in it.” I moved it around in my mouth until I found the fresh load. It was salty with a bitter after taste. I sucked it until I could no longer taste his load. Dad was steadily fucking my hole. As the men cheered him on. I was moaning through the jock as I enjoyed Dad’s big cock. “Drew you fucking pervert!” someone said. “Twisted mother fucker, popping his cherry and infecting him” someone else said. “Wouldn't have it any other way,” Dad said as he fucked my hole. The pain in my cock was too great. I spit the jock out of my mouth, even though I didn't want to. “I can't take the pain” I cried out. “You have had Daddy’s meat before, it doesn't hurt” Dad said. “No the cage on my cock.” “Drew your one mean fucker to cage him up during his gang bang” Doc said somewhere behind me. “Free his boy cock” “Okay, someone get the key and release his cock, it's on the shelf back there with the poppers” Dad kept fucking me, until I heard a slap. It wasn't my ass that was slapped it was Dad’s. “Push in and hold the fuck still” I felt someone messing with the cage and it was soon opened and removed. My cock expanded and was fully hard in a matter of seconds. Another slap on Dad’s ass got him pumping his cock in and out of my hole again. With each pump of his cock, my cock leaked out more and more pre-cum. I was moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat from Dad fucking my hole. I squeezed my hole around Dad’s cock as it slid in and out. I wanted his cum the first time he fucked me and I wanted it now. His grip on my hips tightened, his pounding became harder and harder. “Daddy is going to cum, son, cum deep in your hole” “Give it to me, Daddy, please” I begged. “Are you sure, son? You want my poison?” “You gave it to me a few times before, give it to me now” Dad slammed his cock deep into my hole, it twitched and pulsed as his load shot into me. He groaned loudly. Slowly he started to move in and out as his cumming subsided. He was churning the loads in my hole, mixing the sperm and the strains. He pulled out of my hole and someone quickly replaced him. He moved around to my head. “Clean Daddy’s cock son, taste the loads from your hole” I opened my mouth wide inviting his used cock in deep. A cameraman moved closer to get a good view of me cleaning Dad’s cock. The cock in my hole continued to slide in and out, fucking me hard and good. “Mmmm you are making Daddy’s cock hard again”
  6. Dad's Basement

    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Five I really didn't want to leave the resort, but Dad said that we could visit again in the future, which I made him promise. The drive home was quiet, well at least for me, I slept the whole was home. I guess the pool side gang bang wore me out even though I slept all night. Dad should be the one who was tired, he told me he was out whoring around until 2 a.m. We got home in the middle of the afternoon. I really wanted to hook up with either Garrett, well fuck anyone really. “Dad, can you message Garrett or Coach Paul, I need some cock!” “Nope, now between your initiation you can't have sex, not even jacking off.” “Are you fucking kidding me” “Not at all, I even have something for you to insure you don't” He left me standing in the kitchen, as he headed down the hall to his room. He quickly returned with a small box. “Drop your shorts, NOW BOY” he ordered. “Seriously Dad?” “Did I fucking stutter?” I did as he said. He opened the box. He took out what was in it. I watched as this device was put around my cock and balls and locked in place with a pad lock that hung under my balls. “What the fuck is that” “Chasity device, get used to it because it will be on until after your imitation” It was so uncomfortable, but for two days I wore it. Some times it was painful, especially when I would start to get hard and my cock couldn't grow. Saturday finally came and I was told to prepare for the night. Dad disappeared most of the day, leaving me at home. When 8 p.m. rolled around he came for me in my room. He was wearing just a jock strap. Seeing him in that, fur and muscles all in display was really turning me on. My cock stirred and pain again swept through my body. “It's time to head down to the basement. All the members have gathered, plus the crew to film your initiation,” he said. “Film?” “Yes boy for our site and for our records” My cock continued to fight the cage and the pain increased. “Try not to get too turned on, we don't want you breaking your cage or hurting that beautiful boy cock,” he said pointing at my crotch. I nodded as he and I walked through the house to the basement door. We stopped at the door. “Are you sure about this son, you can turn back now with no repercussions, once we start we don't stop until every member has used your hole and bred you.” I nodded. “Say it son” “I want this Daddy, I want this” Dad turned the knob on the basement door and pushed it all the way open. We walked through and went down the stairs. My stomach was a ball of nerves. I took a deep breath and stared at Dad’s furry ass. At the bottom of the stairs I saw that the main room had been emptied except for a fuck bench. I was expecting all the members to be crowded in the room, but they were not there. Instead was four men holding cameras. They were wearing just jock straps but the pouches were bulging outwards. There were four lights, all shining on the fuck bench. “Is this your boy,” one of the camera men asked. “Yes,” Dad replied. “We understand that his hole is the focus of the shots, we plan on having one under the action the whole time. We have a special cover that will protect the camera and the lucky man down there will make sure it stays clean” he said, “the other three will get the fucking at different angles” “You are the pros!” Dad said. He turned to me and guided me to the fuck bench. He helped me get into position and the strapped me in. The three camera men were already filming, as the one got in his back and positioned himself to catch the action underneath. “Son, just one thing. You can not lick, suck or do anything to the camera men’s cocks even if they are pressed against your mouth,” Dad said, “do you understand” “Yes Daddy” “If you want poppers we will supply them to you, just ask for them” I nodded. Dad moved behind me, squirting lube onto my hole, then pushed something into my hole and I felt wetness inside. I took a few deep breaths. “Time to begin!” Dad said. He stood in front of me, pushed down his cock. His cock was rock hard and bounced as he stood there. He shoved his jock into my mouth. “This will keep you from being tempted by the camera men’s bulges” Damn he just knows how to spoil a good time I thought as I head the men come into the room from the locker room. My mind imagined them all coming in naked with their hard cocks pointing the way. I felt a pair of hands on my ass, feeling my cheeks and a hard cock rubbing up and down my crack. My gang bang initiation was about to begin.
  7. The Freak Show

    FS PART 10 The sight of that massive purple blood engorged cock pointing straight at my face worried the fuck out of me. It was much bigger this close up. I didn't see how big it was as it fucked my hole, although the pain was an indication of it. The doctor slowly stepped forward, inching his cock closer and closer to my face. With each small step he took, his cock twitched and jumped, teasing me. A mixture of new pre-cum and left over cum from his first load oozed out of the opened piss slit, drooling towards his feet. There was still a pink coating of cum and blood mixture coating the shaft, with large globs behind the ridge of his head. I could feel the tears flowing as well as sweat as the tip of his cock head met my lips. Stringer’s hand was pressing my head in place on the table. His hand was pressed against my ear so hard that I could hear my heart beat rapidly beating in my ear. Gripping the thick base of his cock, the doctor started to move the tip around my lips, smearing cum all over them. I fought back the urge to lick my lips, fearing that once my lips parted, even a slight part her would forced his cock into my mouth and beyond. I lost the battle and stuck my tongue out and tasted his salty load. I was right, as soon as my lips opened, he thruster his cock deep into my mouth. I barely had time to breathe. He pushed his cock way back, I gagged and choked bringing up a little bit of thick slime from my throat. He pulled back, giving me a chance to get a breath and then slide back in, pushing hard and moving past my gag reflex. I felt my throat open and his massive cock head stretch it wide. My lips were stretched past the widest they have even been open. The corners slip a little and hurt like I had a paper cut there. He gripped his cock where it met my lips and pulled out all the way. He showed me how much I had had in my throat. “Not even half way, you will have to do better than that” he said He aimed his cock head at my mouth, the slowly pushed the head inside. I began to sweat more again. I took a deep breathe twice and readied myself for the choking. The thick hard cock slowly started to push in, I could see his hand marking where I stop last time slowly coming towards my lips. I felt the cock head pass my gag reflex and expand my throat as it pushed past it. His fingers hit my lips and let go. He pushed his cock in further and further. My eyes widened and watered, I started to panic since I couldn't breathe. He wrapped his fingers again around his cock to show the depth his cock had plunged down my throat. “Barely over half” he said, shaking his head. He stepped closer and Stringer removed his hand as the doctor's massive cock slammed down on my cheek. He picked it up and slammed it down again and again. “Let's try this a different way” he said, “hold on tight” I wasn't sure if he was telling that to Stinger or to me, but I soon found out it was to both of us. He positioned his cock head at my lips and proceeded to push this massive cock in until resistance stopped him, the. He pulled out, just leaving the head in my mouth, the foxes his cock back down my throat. His face fucking was at a steady pace, only giving me seconds to breathe and prepare myself for the next choking. I gripped the edges of the table to brace myself, while Stinger added his other hand to my head and was holding it tight, keeping it in place. Tears were running down my face, snot was running out of my nose, and sweat was soaking me and the table. Dr. Clown drove his cock deeper into my throats each time he thrust it inside. I could not tell how much I was actually taking since the tears was blurring my vision. I could feel my throat opening, deeper and deeper in my chest. Over and over his thick massive cock rammed itself in my throat. Soon I was feeling the heat of his body against my face, he was now getting so deep that he was only about an inch or so away from his crotch touching my face. Then after about three more thrusts of his hips, he rammed the last inch or so of his cock down my throat. His shaved crotch met my face. He held it there for just a few seconds, but it felt like a lifetime, then he pulled completely out. His cock was shiny with a thick spit from deep in my throat. I coughed and gasped for breathe, as I tried to recover from his throat rape. “See I knew you could do it,” he said. I could hear Stinger laughing as he released my head. I wanted to spit in both of their faces, but really didn't know what that would accomplish. “Are we done? Can I go home” I said with a soft harsh voice. My vocal cords had just gotten their first pounding by a hard cock. “We are just beginning,” the doctor said, “clean our guest up and give him a drink” The doctor left the exam room, as Stinger untied my hands and legs. I stretched some as I moved to get off the exam table. I barely had my feet on the floor, when Stinger moved me to the center of the room and pushed my down on my knees. My leg muscles ached more from being unable to move then the flick flu that my body was fighting. Stinger stood in front of me, holding his soft cock in his hand. I looked up at his face to find his evil grin was again on his face. “Open” I was so tired that I didn't even fight. I opened and he put his cock head in my mouth, slowly starting to piss. “Swallow” I swallowed the mouthful of piss in my mouth, it burned going done my throat. He filled my mouth with more piss, and I blindly obeyed and swallowed, repeating this until he he had finished. “Follow me, you need a shower” I weakly got up and followed him. We passed a few doors and entered one near the end of the hall. It turned out to be a makeshift locker room with a shower area. “Strip and clean up” I stripped, my wet body shivered from the cold. I turned on the hot shower and stepped in. I reached back and rubbed my ass, then found my hole. It was sore, puffy and still gapping. I ran my finger around it, feeling my ring. I slipped two fingers in and still had room for one more. I pulled them out, looked at them. There was some pink slime on them. I closed my eyes and then sucked them clean as guilt and shame came over me. I grabbed the soap and decided then and there, I was not going to beat myself up, I did this willingly. After cleaning up and relaxing under the hot water, I turned off the shower. I discovered a towel hanging next to the shower entrance, grabbed it and dried off. Being out of the hot water I was now cold and only wanted to get dressed, only to discover my clothes were gone. Left on the bench in front of the lockers was a hospital gown with a note on top that said: “WEAR ME”
  8. Dad's Basement

    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Four I looked between my legs, wonder which one of the men jacking their cocks would be next to slide up my hole. I winked my hole at the men, inviting them to come fuck me. My eyes locked on an older man, he looked old enough to be my grandfather. His hair was white as snow on his head, chest and crotch. His cock was uncut and hung semi-hard from his crotch. “Don't be shy” I said coyly. His eyes widened, as his hand slowly began to move his foreskin back and forth over his cock head. He licked his lips staring at my hole. “Slide in my hole” I puckered my hole for him, trying to lure him over so he would fuck me. Dad and Zane watched closely as I tried to seduce the older man. I watch his cock slowly expand in girth and length. “Daddy won't mind if you fuck me” I pointed over to Dad who was motioning for the older man to fuck me. I slid my finger to my hole and started to circle my sloppy, slightly puffy hole. My finger slid easily around my wet, cummy hole. I slowly pushed my finger into my hole as deep as I could. The older man’s cock was now rock hard and he was slowly jacking it. “Please grandpa fuck me” He took a few steps forward, smiling. “Daddy fucked me, now I want you to” He took a few steps closer, his smile growing. “Bet you fuck better than Daddy” He moved until his cock head was pressed against my hole. Zane had a huge grin on his face, as if he was trying not to laugh. “Put it in please grandpa” His hips moved forward and his head popped in. I moaned loudly “Like that little one” he asked “Yes grandpa” He slid in further, until I could feel the soft white hair above his cock tickle my ass. He pulled out a little then pushed in all the way. I moaned more. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide as he began to fuck my hole at a steady rhythm. Dad stood and moved to the side of the old man tucking me. “Fine hole he's got?” Dad asked “Your boy?” “Raised him, fucked him and pozzed him” “Did the same to my boy, about the same age as him I suppose. But back then it wasn't HIV/AIDS, it didn't have a name.” Dad slowly stroked his cock as he listened. “He was always interested in my cock, so we started playing, until he was begging me to take his hole. Even after I explained I had the “gay virus” but he didn't care, started to beg for that too” I couldn't help but get turned on and started to stroke my cock. Zane’s interest had peeked and he joined the old man and Dad. “I was so turned on seeing my boy on his back, legs up, just like your boy here, that I pretty much raped his hole. All the time he was begging his Daddy to fuck him and cum in him” His cock slide in and out of my hole slowly, as he told us his story. Dad and Zane was standing next to him stroking their own cocks. “Since I passed on the virus, he couldn't have kids of his own so he adopted a boy, raised him and when he reached the same age as he did, he and I passed on the family tradition to him. Just like you and your boy has done” “My only wish is that his grandfather, my father would have started the tradition, the beautiful tradition.” Dad said. “Is your son and grandson here” Zane asked. “Not this trip, but they have been.” “Maybe Dad we can invite them to join the club if they want” I said Dad just nodded and said “I will give you the details Sir, and you can tell me if that interests you” The old man continued to thrust his cock into my sloppy hole. Dad leaned over and started to kiss him deeply. I knew his tongue was going deep into his mouth. The old man's cock grew thicker and harder, yet he continued at the steady rhythm that he had been. His chest movements became faster and faster, until he pushed his cock in all the way. His moans were muffled by Dad’s mouth. I squeezed tightly around his cock, well the best I could, trying to milk his cum out. He pulled out and Dad, Zane and the old man moved to the side, allowing other men to step up and fuck me as they talked. The rest of the afternoon I stayed in the pool area and got bred. I lost count on how many men fucked me and how many loads I had taken. I do remember waking back to the cabin and cum running down my legs, I couldn't hold it all in. Sadly Dad told me that this would be the last night at the resort. We were leaving in the morning to head home. My gang bang to join the club was in three days and I needed the have my hole well rested - well it needed to tighten up again so the members would enjoy fucking it and the bred me and brought me into the club.
  9. Bred at STD Clinic

    that's fucking hot as hell. I always wanted to get fucked by a therapist that I saw when i was younger.. he was a blonde furry bear and always had a huge lump in his crotch. I was young and shy back then and didn't pursue it. Wish to this day that I did.
  10. The Freak Show

    FS PART 9 Stinger pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his muscular back. I watched as he kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his jeans. He turned his head giving me an evil grin as he did. I could hear the buttons pop as he pulled the jeans apart. His hands gripped the sides of the jeans waist band and pushed them down. As he bent down to push his jeans further down his legs and exposing his firm ass to me, Dr Clown’s chest was exposed to me. It looked even more massive than it did inside his lab coat. The doctor had his hands on his hips. His belly was pushed out, looking more like a roid gut than a six pack. His biceps flexed as he watched me. He was giving me a little show. I wanted to see what was below his waist, but Stinger was still blocking my view. I was enjoying looking at his ass, was so inviting. “You looking at my ass, faggot?” He asked I was a little afraid to ask. I just watched as he stepped out of his jeans. He tossed them aside and reached back, gripping his ass check spreading them open. “It's a lickable pucker, huh cum dump,” Stinger said. I never answered, just continued my staring. “Cock got your tongue” he teased. He twisted around, still blocking my view of the naked doctor. I could see that damn scorpion tattoo that was burned into my memory. He slapped his hard cock bringing my attention to his crotch. It was really the first time I got a good look at his cock and balls. He was hairless. I couldn't remember if it was like that when he fucked me or was it new. “You remember this cock, don't you” he said, “it gave you your hole the first taste of venomous seed.” I did remember it, but I was focused on the doctor. “Move, you twisted fucking asshole” I screamed at him “Touchy touchy. Can we give him something Doc?” Then it happened. He moved. My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened. Between the doctors massive thighs was his huge fucking cock. It was so massive and adding to that mass was a metal cock ring. His cock was over a foot long and as thick as my forearm. His cock head was bigger than an apple, and was so engorged that it was almost purple. Hell, the whole massive cock was purple. The cock ring must have been causing him pain from being so tight, but his face was not showing it. “Gonna create a new freak!” Stinger said. The doctor walked forward, his cock bouncing as it pointed the way. He picked his enormous cock up as he got closer to my ass, allowing him to move all the way up to me, pressing his body against me. He let go and his cock dropped hard and fast down onto my balls. The pain was intense. I tightly closed my eyes and bit my lip to keep from crying out from the pain. “Brave fucker!” Stinger said The doctor moved back, dragging his cock down my stomach and across my cocks and balls, leaving a trail of dick snot. “Spit on that hole” The doctor said to Stinger. “More fun dry,” Stinger said, “more pain” “Spit” Stinger moved to my ass and dropped to his knees. He slapped my ass twice and laughed. “Wanted it warm for you, doc” He started to loudly clear his throat, bringing up some deep spit. My hole puckered as it felt the warm spit hit it. Stinger looked up over my balls and smiled. He stood and moved away. “Remind me Stinger, I need to give you something to turn that green spit back to clear,” the doctor said. Stinger broke out in a loud laugh. I felt the doctor’s cock head rub against my hole. He had grabbed his cock around the base and began to move his cock head around my hole, spreading out Stinger’s green spit. I began to sweat more, was it from the fever or the fact that I was scared of the pain that his cock was going to bring. “Scream as loud as you want. No one will hear you” Stinger said as the doctor nodded in agreement. “Well, no one outside this office suite” the doctor added. Fuck, they just hinted there were more people here. My mind wondered if they would come help me. I was about to find out. The doctor suddenly pushed against my hole, but it resisted. Stinger grabbed my nut sac and squeezed hard. Pain shot through my body. His grip tightened. The doctor pushed harder this time, my hole opened and he forced his whole cock deep into my ass. The pain was the worse I had ever experienced, it took my mind off my balls. “Works every time Doc” Stinger said proudly. I felt the tears well up in my eyes and roll down my face as I let out the loudest blood curdling scream. My breathing was erratic, very shallow, but there was still enough for a second scream. “He's gonna pass out,” Doc said, “get the salts” I don't remember anything after that, everything went black. Then I was awake again. Pain was still shooting through my body as the doctor pulled his massive cock completely out only to slam it back in balls deep. Each time my pain reacted violently by trying to escape the restraints, screaming. The fuck flu aches were over powered by the pain coming from my hole as it was forcibly fucked. Sweat poured off my body, soaking my hair and dropping from me onto the exam table. If anyone was in the office suite with us, no one came running to my rescue, as the doctor slam fucked me over and over. Stinger was standing next to my hips, his eyes locked on my hole and the doctor’s massive weapon as he slowly stroke his cock. Somewhere in the office music started to get louder, my guess it was to drown out my screams of pain. The doctor’s hands grabbed my hips as he slammed harder and harder. The metal Cock ring pressed against my lower back, sending more pain through my body. Each time he slammed in the pain became less and less intense, but never went away. “Going to get patient zeros strain here and now,” Stinger said, “he's the one who pozzes all of us carnies” “Fucking right,” the doctor said. His nut sac swung back and forth as he fucked me, it banged against the metal table as he drove his cock into my hole. His cock seemed to thicken and harden each time he plunged deep into my hole. “Let me coat your fuck stick Doc” Stinger said, moving back towards the doctor. The doctor pulled completely out of my hole, leaving me empty and gaping. I lifted my head off the exam table to watch Stinger jacking his cock, now faster and aiming his head towards the shaft of the doctor's purple monster. It was so hard it pointed straight out with out any hands to keep it there. “Here is comes” Stringer’s cock erupted, cum shot all over the engorged cock. His load was thick. It was the first time I saw the seed that was the first to infect my negative hole. It was the load the changed my DNA and my mind. As fast as Stinger’s cum stopped pumping out of his piss slit, the doctor slammed his cock back into my hole and started to fuck me again, same as before. Stinger was squeezing his cock as he slowly moved his fingers from the base to the head, milking out what ever cum was still in his pisser. He wiped the cum oozing out of his head on the fingers of his free hand. He put those fingers into his mouth and sucked them with an evil grin on his face. “Mmmm tasty” he said laughing. I watched his cock slowly go soft and go from sticking straight out to hanging over his balls. There was a drop of cum hanging from his head and slowly moving down towards the floor. The doctor was still raping my hole. He had stopped taking his cock completely out of my hole and was teasing the head on my stretched out hole, then driving in. “Working up a huge toxic load of venom for you” Stinger moved behind him and reached around his massive chest, grabbing his nipples. I watched his fingers work them, pinching them, pulling them, and then twisting them roughly. The doctor's breathing became quicker. “Good Stinger, always knows how to get me to shoot” He pumped for a few more seconds and then slammed into me balls deep. His cock pulsed and twitched allowing me to feel the load of cum that was being shot into me. He pushed in harder with each shot, even though there was no way he could get in any more. His cock slowly stopped shooting, but he just stood there, still deep inside my hole. “That will help with your conversion” he said. “What about the flu, will you help me with that.” I asked. “Nothing will help that, got to let it run its course or every load you had shot in you will have been a waste.” He replied. “Stupid fucker, we don't want anything to stop your conversion, you gonna be the next freak and our star attraction” Stinger said laughing. The doctor then pulled out. I could feel my hole remain open as his cock fell from my ass. He moved towards my head. When he was standing next to me, I turned to see the ugly monster hanging from his body, it was covered with a pink slime. I put his hand behind my head and pulled my head closer to the edge of the table. “Open wide, mother fucker, time for that hole to be stretched wide open like your other one” Stinger said laughing. It was then I realized tears were running down my face not sweat.
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  12. Dad's Basement

    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Three The men that had gathered moved in closer to me as Dad and Zane moved out of the way. I was bent forward in a bent over position. I had to brace my hands on my thighs as a Dick slid into my hole, pushing deep into me. My hole opened easily for the strangers cock. My head was grabbed by two hands as a hard cock was presented to my lips. Eager to please I opened and allowed the cock access to my throat. The guys around were slowly stroking their hard cocks, waiting patiently for their turns at my holes. The cock in my ass felt great, it was pumping deep into me over and over, a great ball bouncing fuck. My cock swung half hard between my legs. My mouth watered and slicked up the cock as it pumped my throat. This boy was in cock heaven. “Load my boy up good fellas” Dad said from somewhere behind me. I imagined him and Zane were getting quite a show. The man up my hole slammed in hard as he unloaded his toxic seed in my insides, added to Dad and Zane’s loads. He pulled out quickly, but still giving me time to clinch my ass muscles to tighten my hole around his cock, trying to keep those loads in me. The guy I was sucking pulled out and moved to my ass and slide his throat slime covered cock into my hole. Another man positioned his cock in my mouth and I started to suck him, deep throating his cock. “Get as many as you can boy” Dad said. I worked my throat around the cock in my mouth as I pushed back on the cock deep in my hole. I wanted to make Dad proud, as I thought about the gang bang that was coming up. Maybe this was a test run, to see how many cocks I could take in one sitting. My cock started to grow hard as it swung between my legs. I could feel the man's balls bouncing off me as he pounded me harder and harder. He gripped my hips tightly as he fucked my hole. I could feel the cum running down my ads and my balls. It was then that I felt someone climb underneath me. Instantly a tongue started to run across my ball sac, licking the cum from it, preventing it from dropping to the pool deck below. “Can't waste toxic seed buddy” the stranger said. The man fucking me forced his cock balls deep and held it there as he shot his load deep into me. My fourth load of the day. As he pulled out the man underneath me grabbed his cock and sucked it into his mouth, cleaning the cum and ass juice off it, only releasing it from his mouth when the man pushed him off. “Nothing like tasting boy pussy on a used cock” he said, “Next” Within seconds, another cock slid up my hole, filling the emptiness. The man underneath me began to suck on my my hard cock as his hands explored my body, eventually finding my nipples. His mouth was slowly running up and down my hard shaft as he began to pinch and twist my nipples. The cock in my mouth was slick with spit, the thick spit from my throat. I could feel the cock thickening in my mouth. It's acorn head was growing larger as it popped pasted the area where my gag reflex should had kicked in. My throats muscles were so relaxed that this man was throat fucking me. This was all without poppers. “Wanna taste my highly toxic spunk boy,” he asked. All I could do is moan, causing my throat to tense up and vibrate around his hard cock head. I guessed this turned on the man I was sucking because he started to fuck my mouth faster. His balls bounced off my chin. “I'm so close boy” the mouth fucker said He pulled his cock out and jacked it in front of my mouth, which I had opened all the way. If I couldn't get that toxic load in my hole, I was going to eat that big fucking load. I stuck my tongue out, getting ready for his load. His engorged cock head would wipe against my tongue. Without any words or warning, his piss slit opened and out shot a thick wad of poz cum. It oozed out adding more and more on my tongue with each pulse of his cock. “Swallow that hot toxic load son” Dad yelled from behind. The guy behind me gripped my hips tighter as he rammed his cock into me harder and harder. I wrapped my lips around the head of the cock that just shot in my mouth, cleaning any cum left on it or down its piss slit. I felt the cock in my hole start pulsing as it's load emptied into my hole. I squeezed my hole around it, milking it more. Both men pulled their cocks from my holes, giving other men access. “Mexican and black dick now buddy,” Zane announced The cock at my mouth was a dark uncut cock, surrounded by jet black hair. I grabbed ahold of the base of the cock, but still braced myself with my free hand. I stuck my tongue out and slid it under the foreskin, digging inside. I tasted the musky head hidden inside. I slide my tongue his cock head as I pulled back the foreskin then sliding my mouth down the dark shaft. Behind me I could feel the man running his cock head up and down my crack, coating it with the cum that had leaked out of my hole. I shivered each time he moved across my hole. The man underneath me released my hard cock from mouth, but continued to work my nipples. I breathed deep as the black man behind me positioned his spongy cock head against my hole. He pushed in slowly in, but pulled back out just before his cock head popped in my hole. He did this over and over, teasing my hole. I tried pushing back on his cock to take it further into my hole, but his grip on my hips kept me from doing that. My cock was leaning from this action. After a minute of teasing my hole, the man drove his cock into my hole. His cock was thick and got thicker as it got closer to the base. I could feel my hole expanding wider and wider. Even having been fucked by four guys before him, I felt a slight pain from his thickness. I lifted up on my tip toes, but he quickly pulled me down. I moaned out my protest to hint out that unneeded a moment to adjust to his size, but that went unnoticed. Guess the uncut Mexican cock muffled my moan. The thick black cock pulled out until his head was at my hole then pushed in deep, hitting the back of my insides. The guy under me sensed my pain and began to twist my nipples more, using this pain to distract me from the pain in my hole. My mind went to my nipples, causing my hole to relax more, allowing the black cock to used my hole. After a minute or so of the torture of my nipples, I had completely forgot about my hole. As the torture of my nipples began to become easier, the pleasure of getting fucked flooded my body. His cum coated cock now slid in and out with ease making me moan and growl. The Mexican cock was sliding in and out of my mouth, where it's pre-cum was mixing with my spit. It was sweet tasting now that I had cleaned the musk off it. “Daddy is going to eat your boy pussy after that cock” My dad said. “Daddy’s cock is leaking watching you get used boy” Zane said, then adding “so is mine” The black man continued two roughly fuck my hole, ramming into me hard. His balls hung so low that they bounced off my own balls that were pulled up tight against my body. The force of his thrust in was so powerful that his balls were hitting so hard that mine were starting to ache. The pain in my sac was adding to my pleasure. I pulled the uncut cock from my mouth, tilted my head down to the man under me and and said: “Work my nipples hard, just be ready for my load” I didn't wait for a response, I just took the uncut cock back in my mouth. His hands found my nipples, his sharp fingernails dug into my nipples causing me to moan from the mix of pleasure and pain. I pushed back against the black cock pounding my hole, then grabbed the Mexican man's hairy ass and pulled his cock deep into my throat. “Boy’s a pain freak Drew” Zane said to Dad. I could just see in my mind those two older men jacking their cocks, watching the live sex show in front of them and that added to my enjoyment! Pushing back on the black dick deep in my ass had an effect on him, his cock thickened even more, stretching my hole a bit more. His balls pulled up, but not enough to stop their assault on my own balls. He wasn't going to last long and neither was I. I tapped the man under me on his shoulder and he quickly moved his mouth onto my hard throbbing cock. Feeling the warmth and wetness of his mouth I started shooting deep into his throat. With each shot of cum out of my cock, my hole would pucker and squeeze the cock deep in my hole. I wanted both men to shoot at the same time so I move a finger into the crack of the Mexican’s hairy ass. I pushed my dry finger against my hole, it slide into it with ease. I pulled it out only to feel it was slick with cum that was inside. The Mexican man grabbed my head between his hands and began to fuck my face faster. Both men then shoved their cocks in deep. I felt the cum shoot out of the uncut cock and slide down my throat into my waiting gut. The cock in my hole jerked and added a large load of cum into me. The Mexican man pulled back slightly and grabbed hand, pulling my finger from his hole. He then pulled out of my mouth and left. “Suck that finger for Daddy” my dad said. I put that finger in my mouth and sucked it, staring at Daddy the whole Time. The black man slowly slide out of my hole. Walked over to my dad. He stepped over the lounge, straddling him and pushed his cum covered cock into my dad’s mouth. He eagerly sucked it clean. I stood up and walked over to a table near by, nearly knocking over my cocksucker. I laid back on the table, lifted my legs in the air and yelled: “Who's next motherfuckers”
  13. Dad's Basement

    Dad’s Basement Part Twenty-Two I watched Dad slide up and down the uncut cock. His hairy leg muscles flexing as he moved. I slowly stroked my cock as I watched Dad fuck himself. “Son, that was about a year later. I was pretty open then with Zane. I told him about you, about your hobbies of stroking to porn, daddy son role-play porn, bareback porn and your spying on your Daddy” My cheeks went flush with embarrassment, yet my cock hardened knowing this. “Yeah last year he brought me a pair of your underwear, I sniff those as I fucked your Daddy” Zane said. “He perved on your ass for years, but he had to wait until you were of age” Daddy said, I just watched my Dad fuck himself on the cock that I just rode and got a load out of. A load that came from the balls of the man that converted my Dad. It was so fucking hot. Dad’s cock just bounced as he slide up and down that big uncut cock. “Did you jack that cock while you were spying on your Daddy,” Zane asked me. “Yeah, I shot my loads all over the hall floor right outside Dad’s room. I used to watch him stroke off, suck cock and fuck” “You nasty little perv” Dad said laughing. His cock looked as if it got harder when he found out about what I saw spying on him. “Damn Drew, your ass still feels amazing, even after all cocks over the years” Zane said, then turned to me and asked, “You had it yet, boy?” “Can’t have it until he joins to club officially” Dad said. I looked away from Zane and my Dad. “Something tells me the boy has fucked Daddy” Zane said. Dad was speeding up his fucking himself, causing his cock to jump faster, pre-cum was leaking out, smearing all over Zane’s stomach. “That true, boy” Daddy asked? I just shook my head, and then slowly smiled. “When” “In the cabin yesterday, you were eating a man’s ass, Brent and I switched places. He rode your cock and I fucked your hole. Shot my load in there too. I didn’t want to get into trouble, so I moved quickly and joined the fucking on the floor” “You little shit” Dad said as his cock erupted all over Zane’s chest and stomach. Moaning loudly, still fucking his hole on Zane’s cock. “Daddy gets off knowing his boy has breed his hole” Zane said, “and so do I” He pushed his body up, trying to push is cock deeper and deeper into Dad’s hole. His face got all tense and his body stiffened. 
 “pozzing your hole again Drew as your boy watches” he yelled, making those around the pool look our way. After a few moments, his body relaxed and dropped back down on to the lounge. “Clean him son” Dad said. I got up, bent over and began to run my tongue all over his chest and stomach, licking and slurping up Dad’s load. Once his body was clean I wrapped my lips around Dad’s cock and started to suck and clean it. Zane’s hands pushed on the back of my head driving me forward, sucking more and more of Dad’s cock into my mouth. Dad was still hard, even after shooting his load all over Zane. Dad pulled me off his cock and stood up, I watch Zane’s uncut cock and some cum drop out of Dad’s hole. I instantly want to it and began licking the cum up, then engulfed Zane’s soft cock. Sticking my tongue into the foreskin to get some of Dad’s ass juice and cum that was hiding inside. Dad moved around me and slid his cock into my hole. “Marry those strains Drew” Zane said. Dad’s big cock felt good in my hole. My cock hung hard between my legs. I knew that the other men around the pool were watching. I don’t know what turned me on more, knowing it was Dad’s cock fucking my hole or the men watching me. “Your boy gets really hard when you have you dick up his ass Drew” Zane said. I just moaned as I sucked on Zane’s growing cock. I was taking it all the way down my throat as Dad pounded my hole. His balls slapped against my ass. I was moaning deep as I slide my mouth up and down on Zane’s cock. I could see men starting to gather around us, stroking their cocks. “Is your boy’s hole open for business” one of the men asked. “Always, he won’t refuse any cock” Dad responded, pumping his cock in and out of my ass harder. “Save those loads for his hole men” Zane said, “Save them for his hole” Dad’s breathing became fast, he was really turned on by the thought of other men using my hole and dumping their loads. His cock was thickening as it worked in and out of my hole. I could feel some of Zane’s load slowly running down from my hole, heading to my balls. Dad grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back against him, causing me to drop Zane’s cock out of my mouth. His cock jumped and pulsed in my hole as he shot his load in deep. As his climax slowly subsided, he began to pump in and out of my hole, slowly moving his cock in and out. “Mix those strains Drew” Zane said. The cocks were leaking pre-cum as the men watched me get bred by my Dad. He slowly pulled out as I squeezed my hole around his exiting cock. I watched Dad move to the side of Zane’s head and put his cock into his mouth. He sucked eagerly, tasting his load, Dad’s load and my boy pussy. “He’s open for business men,” Dad said, “fill him up and send him home”
  14. The Freak Show

    FS PART 8 About a week later, I got sick, really sick. If it was the flu it was the worst flu I have ever had. I decided to go to the doctor, but not any doctor, I was going to go to the one that Professor gave me the card for. I found it and called the number on it. There was on answer, just a message about no appointments needed, just come in and you would be seen. I decided that’s what I could do. I dressed like it was ten below outside, even though it was in the high eighties, but I was freezing. I got quite a lot of stares as i waited for my cab. Once he arrived i got in and gave him the address that I want to go to. “Are you sure that’s the address?” the cabbie said “it’s wants on the card,” “okay, but it might be a long shot. That address is for a clinic that has been shut down for a couple of years” “I just got the card about a week ago, maybe it’s a new clinic” My mind wondered, was this a set up, but with the way that I felt I didn’t care. I just closed my eyes, laid my head back and enjoyed the ride. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew the cabbie was yelling at me to pay up and get out. Shit I must have been out cold. The building i met at I stepped out of the cab was more than run down, it looks as if it should have been condemned. It was too late to leave, because the cab sped off leaving me standing on the curb. Shrugging my shoulders I walked towards the door and entered. The inside was worse than the out, yet there sat someone behind the information desk with their back towards the door. As I approached I could smell funnel cakes, weird, but there was a strong odor of funnel cakes. “Excuse me, but I am…..” I said, stopping short when she turned around and I saw that it was the bearded woman sitting behind the desk. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that i wasn’t hallucinating her. “Take the doors on the left, go down to the basement, then straight ahead to the last door on the right. Hurry now, the doctor is waiting for you.” the bearded lady said. I went through the door, and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, i began to hear clowns laughing. I shock it off, thinking that it was just the flu messing with my mind. The more I went down the hall, the laughter was replace with upbeat carnival music, the funnel cake smell was gone, but popcorn took it’s place. I got to the last door and stopped. The name on the door grabbed my attention. I pulled the business card from my pocket and the names matched. Dr. Clown, was printed on the door as well as the card in big black letters. I closed my eyes and shook my head. You must be fucking kidding me, that was his name. I never paid attention to the name on the card. I reached out, opened the door and went in. As I entered, I noticed faded green chairs with worn seats lined up against the wall to my left, to my right was a sliding window with frosted glass that were closed and a door just to the left of that. The frosted glass slide open loudly, making me jump. Laughter erupted on the other side of the opening. It had an evil tone to it. “Good to see you again” Stinger said, “your bug chasing is reaping it’s reward, the fuck flu” “What the fuck” Stinger just laughed harder, sliding the glass window shut. I could see his outline move from the window. There I was alone in the waiting area to a doctor I didn’t know if he was legit or not. The lights flickered above, as chills shivered through my body. The door opened and Stinger motioned for me to come. My head hung in shame as I walked through the door, into a hall of doors. They lined each side of the hall. “Welcome to the fun house” Stinger said laugh, “Pick a door, any door” I pointed to the second door on the right. “That door, oh I wouldn’t pick that door” he said grinning. I pointed to the one across the hall from my first choice. “oh that’s a good door” he said again laughing. He was so different here in the office compared to being at the carnival. There was something different about him I didn’t know what. At the carnival he was forceful, here he was insane, everything was funny. He lead me to the door, opened it and pushed me in. He followed me in and shut the door behind him. Inside was an actual exam room, one you would see in a doctors office, it was just dated. Very dated. It almost looked as if one stepped back in time and was in the eighties. The lights flickered in here too, adding to the dated look and giving the room a more sinister look. “Strip, get on the table, and open wide” Stinger said. I slowly stripped naked and instantly got cold and hot. I knew my fever was getting worse. I had sweat running down my body, which only sent more chills through me. I could feel beads of sweat running down the middle of my back, enter my crack and run across my hole. I climbed on the exam table. “Open wide “ Stinger grabbed my knees and spread them wide. My cock and balls fell between my legs, just hanging there. I felt so bad that cock and cum were the furthest thing from my mind. Stinger moved to the corner just off to the right from the door. A knock came from the other side of the door, and it opened. My mouth dropped open when I saw the man on the other side. He wore just a lab coat, nothing else. I could see his bare legs extending from under the coat, his chest was stretching the coat’s buttons to their limits. He was at least six foot five, close to three-hundred pounds of solid muscle. He made professional bodybuilders look like twigs. “Stinger, Is this the man that hit is head at the carnival” asked the man “Hit his head, and just about any other head if you catch my drift” Stinger said snickering like a school kid. “I see” “I am Dr. Clown, don’t let the name fool you, I assure you I am a doctor. Please tell me what is going on. Is it your head that is bothering you?” “Not where I hit it” I replied using air quotes, “I have fever chills, aches, can't keep anything down” “Down, that’s a good one.” Stinger said laughing, “As I remember it he likes them up” “Okay let’s get started,” the doctor said. He pulled out some metal stir-ups and gently lifted my legs and placed them in. He then grabbed my hips and pulled my ass closer to the edge of the exam table. Stinger had moved from the corner and was now next to me. Using what looked like ripped up strips of bed sheets, he tied my arms to the exam table, tying down my left, then moved around and did the same to the right. Once Stinger had secured me to the exam table, Dr. Clown and he moved to the center of the room. Stinger started to unbutton the lab coat the doctor, exposing the massive chest underneath. It was fucking huge. My eyes were glued to his body slowly being exposed. When Stinger was close to exposing the doctors cock and balls, he took one step and blocked my view. “Oh Doctor what a big instrument you have” Stinger said. “Better to infect you with” My eyes widened as Stinger stepped away, giving me my first look of the doctors cock and balls. I knew then my troubles had come back.
  15. The Freak Show

    FS Part 7 I slowly woke to bright lights and voices. Looking around I could see a make shift medical office and wondered where I was. I was alone in the small room on my back. Sitting up I realized I was on an old gurney. My shorts were on me and my t-shirt. I was confused because I remembered losing it while walking in the crowd. “You’re awake” I just nodded, which only caused my head to begin to hurt. “You had a nasty fall on the way in, lucky for you Stinger was close by and saw you go down, then brought you here” I must have had a confused look on my face because the mystery man stepped forward, stopping right next to me. “You tripped on an uncovered cable and hit your head on one of the posts supporting the sign over the entrance and lost consciousness.” I still had no idea what the man was talking about. I was lost until the man I knew as muscle fucker walked through the door. I remembered what happened, who fucked me and every load that was shot in me and on me. “This is Stringer, he brought you to me, I'm know here as Professor, but I do have a MD and take care of everyone” I could see my reflection in a mirror inside a glass cabinet, I looked myself over. Shorts, t-shirt and most shocking was I did not have any dried cum in my hair or on my face. The ran my hand over my face and through my hair. Nothing not even a dried mat of it in my hair. What I did find was a big knot in my forehead. Hurt to the touch as well. “Here is a card of a doctor that will take care of you if anything and I mean anything comes up from your visit here. The carnival will be billed for this not you.” Still staring at myself in the mirror I took the card and without looking at it I put it in my pocket. I was mentally lost, did all that fucking really happen? Did I not take all those poz loads? “Stinker will walk you out to your car, I think it would be best if you go home and get some rest. Think you can drive home??” I nodded. Other than a slight headache I felt okay. “Is there a restroom I could use before I head out” “Yeah, I'll show you” Stinger said Moving slowly I followed Stinger out of the room and to another door. I went in, shut and locked the door. Quickly I dropped my shorts. I sat on the toilet and pushed - I was expecting poz cum to squirt out, but nothing did. I reached under my balls and ran my finger around my hole, my expectations of a loose puffy hole were not met. My hole was tight, dry and completely normal. What the fuck? “You okay in there” Stinger said as he knocked on the door “Yeah” My mind raced with questions as I pulled up my shorts, flushed the toilet to cover what I was really doing. I exited the bathroom and slowly walked behind Stinger as he escorted me back to my car. I saw the hairy guy that had fucked me with the super long foreskin, he was still directing people on where to park. He never looked my way or indicated that he had been deep in my hole. I got to my car, unlocked it and climbed in. Stinger shut the door and remained there. I rolled down the window, thinking he was going to tell me something, yet he remained silent. I watched his hand slide down his stomach, over his waist band of his jeans and grab his crotch, holding and squeezing. He walked away still cupping his crotch. With my eyes wide open, I pulled out of my spot and began to move through the lot towards the exit. On my way out I passed the hairy lot attendant again. This time he looked up, grabbed his crotch and smiled. This made me even more suspicious of the events that may have happened.

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