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  1. pozpuppy

    Den of Sexual Horrors

    Part Two “I can’t believe this fucker would go suicide commando on his boyfriend after taking our strains” one person said. “Fuck yeah I did, he’s an uptight bitch when it comes to fucking” David said. The cock in my ass was pumping in and out at a steady pace, balls slapping my ass. My anger grew, but I didn’t want to reveal to David I was on the bench next to him taking toxic loads just like he was. “Fuck man, it’s hotter fucking your sloppy hole knowing you would stealth bomb your boyfriend’s ass later.” someone said. “What I am about to shoot up your hole will convert you and your boyfriend, no doubts” David was moaning harder as the cock in his ass quickened it’s rhythm of pumping his hole. The sound of flesh slapping against each other added to beat of the music playing in the back ground. The cock in me was pumping faster and harder, as it thickened. The balls were not moving as much and I knew I was about to get another load dumped into my hole. The man’s breathing was getting louder and faster, and without warning he slammed into me deep. HIs cock was jumping about in my ass, uncontrollably. I could feel the warmth of his load hitting my inner walls. He grunted and then pulled out. I felt a bit of cum run out, but was quickly scooped up by another cock head and pushed back into my hole. “Damn look at the wasting on the man fucking the cherry” someone said. “That’s the AIDS Angel” someone said. The cock slowly slid out of my hole until I felt it’s head pulling the inside of my hole outwards. It slowly slid back in. “I want that cock next” David yelled. “Don’t be greedy” someone said as the sound of flesh being slapped echoed in the rooms. David’s top was fucking his hole faster and faster. “Huff deep and squeeze my cock, you fucking necro slut!” I heard David inhale deep over and over. I mimicked his huffing until the rush was too much and I felt a bit sick. I squeezed my hole around the death stick sliding in and out. “Squeeze my rod so I can give you the gay cancer, faggot” David’s top yelled as he slapped his ass. I could hear the creaking of David’s bench as his top fucked him harder. “Fuck here it comes in your sloppy fuck hole” he yelled. David yelled as the man rammed is cock deep into his hole. “Take my fucking toxic seed, absorb my fucking death you no good cheating faggot” I closed my eyes, picturing the man’s piss slit open and his white seed of death shoot out, hitting David’s insides and starting to hiss and steam like acid to metal. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” the man yelled. “If that hole is getting the AIDS Angel, then you are the Grim Reaper” someone yelled. I huffed the poppers as I pictured the destruction of David, I saw his body melting away from the venom sting he just received. The cock in my hole, sped up sliding in and out quicker. I squeezed my hole more, then huffed more poppers from the clear tube. “Get another cock up my hole” David yelled, almost begging. The man fucking me had wrapped his hands around my nut sac and was gently squeezing it. I wanted to cry out “harder” but still wanted to keep it secret that it was me from David. My cock was slowly inching back to life, even though I had shot my load just minutes ago. The cock in me felt so good. “If it wasn’t for his cock, you’d think that hole was already dead” someone yelled “Still warm and fuckable” the AIDS Angel said. “Hell you would still fuck it if it was dead and cold” someone said. Peter grunted loudly and I knew someone had rammed a cock up his hole. I could hear his bench creaking again as the top pumped his cock into David’s hole and wondered if the bench broke under the fucking. I head a small creak to my right and a bit of light enter my room, but was quickly extinguished as the door closed. A hand soon covered my mouth and a hot breath heated my ear. I could smell the musk of a sweaty man next to me. “You weren’t the new meat were you?” I shook my head no. “The who the fuck are you” the voice said in my ear. I slowly turned my head and whispered in his ear “The boyfriend of the man in the next room” No more words were said, he just moved away and slowly went out of the room. I closed my eyes and huffed in deep, letting the rush carry me and my thoughts away. The cock was still pumping into my hole. The squeezing on my nut sac got tighter and tighter, sending a bit of pain cursing through my body, the poppers dulled it a bit, so I huffed more. “Fuckin’ gonna squeeze the last bit of neg juice out of these berries even if I have to crush time” my top said. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. My hips started to buck as causing my hard cock to bounce around hitting my crotch, the leather and the top’s hand. The only thing that stopped my hips bucking was a tongue that was licking about my hole from below. It was hitting my hole and the man’s cock as he pumped me. “Squeeze my nuts” the AIDS Angel said. “Oooooh yeah just like that, squeeze my fucking thick biohazard load into his ass” The hand was hitting the base of my ass, following the top’s thrusts in and out of my hole. I was fighting back the urge to yell out, begging for his AIDS charger. “Here it comes, dumping my AIDS in your cunt” he yelled. The man cheered and hollered. I felt his cock slam into me and his cum exploded out. He pulled out and slammed back in, repeating this over and over. “Fuck it feels good sharing death!” he said. “Fucking take his AIDS you lucky fucker” David yelled to me. My cock suddenly started to pulse and I started to shoot my load all over the place, until a mouth covered my cock and started to suck it out. I filled his mouth with my hot thick load. The cock pulled out of my ass as the mouth pulled off my cock. I heard something being spit out and hitting the floor. “Fuck, neg seed tastes like fucking spoiled milk” someone said. “Yeah, poisonous seed is so much better”
  2. pozpuppy

    The Freak Show

    Part 24 It wasn’t long until the door behind me clicked and I heard shuffling in the room behind the glory hole. “You the one taking loads?” a voice asked “I will take it and what ever you are carrying” I replied “Oh fuck yeah” I bent over and put my ass at the glory hole, reaching back spreading my cheeks wide open, giving him a good view of my sloppy pucker. I felt a finger run around the edges of my hole, the slide in deep. It moved in and out, finger fucking my hole, then quickly pulled out. I could hear him sucking on his finger, as there was a loud thud and I guessed it was his belt buckle hitting the floor. “Fuck man that cum is tasty” he said. “Toxic cum always tastes better” “Well fuck me” “That can be arranged” I stood up and turned around, slowly jacking my cock. I moved forward and held the head right inside the glory hole. I heard him spit and I thought yeah buddy lube that hole. I moved my cock thru the glory hole slowly. It soon met his ass, he gripped my cock and lined it up on his ass and pushed back on it. As his ass pushed down my shaft I pushed even more thru the glory hole. “Fuck man, never had a raw one up my hole, only covered” he said. “Take it all” I replied. “Of fuck, don’t cum in me, just let me ride it a bit and then we can switch and I can put my load in you” “Can make any promises” I said laughing a little. He started to pull forward, sliding his hole up my shaft, inching it towards the head. I heard the click of the door. Someone was coming into the room with him. “Dude what the fuck,” he said. “Just here to add to your fun” Stinger said. There was a bit of movement, and the man slid back down on my dick. His ass pressed against the wooden wall and stayed there. I started to pump my cock in and out of his ass. “oh fuck” the man said, “suck my cock” I knew then that Stinger had him pinned against the wooden wall, sucking his cock. I started to thrust a bit faster, sliding my cock in and out of his hole. It felt good. Stinger’s fingers were lightly touching my cock as it pumped in and out of his hole, his nuts were resting in the palm as his lips slid up and down his shaft. He was moaning. I knew I needed to cum fast. I grabbed my nipples and started to pull and twist them, I could feel the pleasurable pain send shivers through my body. I pumped faster with less strokes out and was soon jack rabbiting his fuck hole. “Oh fuck, damn I’ve never felt this way” “You like it” I asked “yeah but don’t cum in me” Stinger was noisily sucking his hard cock, still cupping his balls and rubbing my slick cock. I could feel my nuts pulling up, they were swinging less and less as I quickly fucked his ass. I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I slowed a bit, then pumped faster. My cock hardened and I started to spray cum deep in his hole. I bit my lip to keep from making any noise, keeping him from knowing I was breeding him with my toxic load. I then slowed again, just moving my cock in and out of his hole. “I’m going to cum, back off or I will shoot in your mouth” he said. Stinger kept sucking, I could hear the man breathing heavier and quicker. “Oh fuck here it comes” he moaned. Stinger moaned, I knew that that cum was shooting into his mouth. The wood creaked as the man was pushed back into it more. I slowly pulled my cock out of his hole. Then dropped down to lick his crack, making sure that there was not cum and hiding the wetness with my spit. “Oh fuck” he moaned. Stinger pulled of his cock with a pop and stood up. The man quickly pulled his jeans up and left. Stinger then dropped down and we kissed through the glory hole, swapping the man’s cum load back and forth between us. “Did you stealth the man” Stinger asked me. “Yeah - I’ve been a very naughty boy” I said laughing. Stinger laughed then started to kiss me again. I pulled back and said: “Now get the fuck out, I need some cock” He quickly left the room. Within seconds the door clicked open and I watched a new man come in. I turned and presented my hole to the glory hole. “Someone has you trained well, you fucking faggot” “Yes, Sir” I felt a sharp object running around my hole. “Got a high viral, med resistant strain for your hole and it need to get in your blood to do maximum damage” I just pushed my hole outwards which caused the sharp object to pop into my hole. I could feel it scratching up my insides. It wasn’t painful, just a little discomfort. It popped out and I heard his zipped go down. There was some rustling and soon I could feel his spongy cock head, sliding up and down my crack. 
 “Feels like a sloppy hole” he said. Before I could answer, his cock was pushing into my hole. The head popped in quickly and before I could relax to get the rest, it slid into me fast and deep. I braced myself and grabbed a little brown bottle, huffing long and deep. “Yeah, this hole has been used, but still tight around my fat cock” Fat cock was right. It felt like I had a beer bottle up my hole. His cock was thick, only about seven inches long, but was thick. I huffed more, as he pulled his cock back and then slid it in deep again. “Stinger said I was going to enjoy this hole” he said “and he was right” He was pumping his cock in and out, pulling all the way then ramming back in. Each time his cock head came out, I felt cum running down my crack and over my ball sac. I put my hand between my legs, fingers scooping up the cum before it hit the wooden wall below the glory hole and stuck them into my mouth. I sucked on them loudly, watching the glory hole in front of me, wishing I had a cock fucking my throat as well. Suddenly, light flooded the tent outside the glory hole. I could see one of your clowns enter. I watched as the clown pulled his the from to his red pants with yellow polka dots down in front. His hard cock popped out, it was only about six inches, but thick and had a huge acorn head on it. “Quick access, no underwear” he said laughing, “never know when you need to get out the ole hole punisher” I could see his crotch hair around the base of his cock, it was snow white. I positioned my mouth at the glory hole and opened it as wide as possible. The cock in my hole continue to punch fuck me, pulling the cum out. The clown’s cock slowly moved thru the glory hole and into my mouth. When I felt the head him my tongue I closed my lips around it and tongued the shafted right behind the head. He continued to push in, slowly as my mouth wet the cock’s head and shaft. The tip of his cock head was soon pushing against the back of my throat. I moaned as he pulled his cock out then pushed back in. I quickly huffed from the little brown bottle, feeling the rush. My throat relaxed allow the cock head to pop in. I closed my eyes, relaxing as I was being fucked from both ends. The clown’s cock was moving pretty quickly, I could taste pre-cum on my tongue each time he pulled out. The thick cock in my ass was now pumping me long and hard, with out pulling out. “Suck hard, Binki the clown needs to blow” a voice said. I started to add more suction to his cock, tightening my lips around it. He pulled and pushed it in and out harder and faster. I could hear him breathing harder on the other side of the wall. “Oh fuck you fucking faggot mouth cum sucker” the clown said. I could hear something metal hitting the wall as his hips thrusted forward. His fists were beating against the wall as well, banging out his thrusts in. “Oh here it come, Binki’s nice thick load to coat your tonsils” He thrusted his cock in and I could feel his cum ooze out on the back of my tongue. As his cum continued to ooze out his piss slit, I hear the honking of a horn. The fucking clown was honking his cum shot. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “Swallow” The man up my fuck hole continued to pound me through the glory hole. I pressed back more to keep from getting pushed forward with his thrusts. The clown pulled out and I watched him pull the pants out from under his nut sac. His cock disappeared. “Gonna tell my friends about your cum throat” he said honking the horn again. The light flooded the tent as he left and I heard him yell: “Throat for cock, slide your cock in deep, no cock or load turned away” I was a bit shocked knowing who was out in the crowds, but could careless if it brought in another cock and load. “Damn you are one sloppy fuck” the man behind me said. “Fill it again, you’re fucking the cum right out of my hole” He continued to thrust in and out of my hole. I huffed more poppers and braced myself for more of his assault on my hole. The tent in front of me went from dark to light again. I watched as a man in jeans walk in rubbing his crotch. “Still hungry after clown cum” he asked. “Feed me” I replied The cock behind me continued to pounds my open sloppy hole, as I watched the man pop the buttons on his jeans. His shaved crotch came into view as well as the base of his cock. He reached in and pulled out his cock and smooth ball sac. His cock was slowly twitching to life, growing longer and thicker. As it lifted up, I noticed a ring going through his piss slit and coming out behind the head underneath his cock. I had never sucked on a p.a. My cock started to come alive again, bouncing back and forth between my legs as it grew. I watched as the cock grew harder and harder. The man’s fingers slowly moved the ring a bit and that’s when I noticed a yellowish/green thick fluid ooze out of the piss slit. Oh fuck I was about to feast on a cock carrying the clap. My mouth watered, my mouth opened wide and my tongue flicked inside the glory hole. I was hungry for this and needed to be fed. I had a med resistant poz cock fucking my hole and a snot cock about to fuck my throat. Pig heaven!!!
  3. Chapter One The more I stood there looking at the black steel door in front of me, the more I got pissed. He disappeared in the evenings during the week many times, only to show up with some lame excuse to where he had been. Tonight, I followed him. I was going to find out what the fuck was going on. I expected to see him go into one of the many adult bookstores in our area, but he went passed them and down this alley. I wondered if he knew I was following him, because at the top of the stairs leading down to where I was now, he paused and looked at the entrance of the alley. A smug grin came across his face and then he descended to the door. With a loud bang, he was gone. My anger grew and without thinking about it I kicked the bottom of the door. The thud echoed through the alley way. I heard some loud clicking and the door swung open. “What do you want” a deep commanding voice said from the darkness inside. “I, um, I’m not sure……”I stuttered out. “You the fresh meat?” the voice asked “I……” Without starting my second word, a large muscular arm reached out of the dark, it’s hand grabbed my arm and pulled me in. The door slammed shut with a loud thud, then a click and I knew I was trapped inside this place. Before I could say anything or even protest, the man pushed me into a room and order: “Strip” I was shaking with fear and without even thinking, I pulled my shirt over my head, stuffing it in one of the large brown bags on the floor. I kicked off my shoes and tossed them in. “Hurry the fuck up, the clients will be in soon” I undid my jeans and pulled them off, tossing them in the bag. There I was standing in my underwear, with this huge muscle man looming over me. “Underwear too,” he said, “Fuck are you shy?” Hooking my fingers in the waistband of my briefs I pushed them down my legs. His had went to my ass, rubbing it, then sliding his fingers in my crack. They moved up and down, teasing my hole. I was too scared to pull away and allowed him to play with my ass and hole. “Okay, lets get you strapped in and hooked up” he said. He grabbed my arm, around my bicep and pulled me down a darkened hall. As we moved I looked around, trying to see if my cheating bastard of a boyfriend was lurking around. I got a good look at the first room we past. It was full of glory holes, about 4 on each wall. I tried to get a better look, but the brute pulled me along. He pulled me around a corner and opened a hidden door. I could see a padded bench about waist high in the room. A black piece of leather covered an opening in the wall, blocking my view of what was on the other side. “Get up there and slide through” the brute ordered me. I quickly, got up on the bench on my knees. “Wait, stay just like that and relax” I was too scared to move. He grabbed a bottle off a shelf. It had a long thin tip on it. He squeezed it a bit and a clear liquid oozed out the top. Using his thick finger he rubbed that liquid up and down the tip. He positioned it at my hole and slid it in, squeezing it. I could feel the warm liquid coating my insides. Once he was satisfied, he pulled it out and put it back on the shelf. “Okay slide through” I laid down on the bench and slide my legs through the opening, lifting the leather just a little. “Keep going until I tell you to stop” I slide more and more. My legs were hanging out in the other side. I kept moving until the top of my ass was just past the edge of the bench outside the leather. “Right there. He positioned the leather up around my belly button and clamped it down on each side of me. He put my arm down beside me and strapped me in, then moved to the other and did the same. He pulled another strap over my chest and pulled tight. What ever was going on, I wasn’t going anywhere. He grabbed a clear plastic tube, that looked exactly like what you would see in hospitals to get oxygen. He hooked two hoops around my ears and then positioned two tips coming out of the tube up my nose, one in each nostril. “I don’t think this is right….” I said finding my voice. “Yeah they all say that the first time” “But….” “Relax and enjoy” he said leaving me in the room, turning off the bright light above leaving me in the dark. A few minutes later, I felt a hand around my ankle, raising my leg up. I could feel cold leather around my ankle shortly after. The slack in what ever was holding my leg was pulled tight and I was left with my leg in the air, unable to move it. Before I could even say anything my other leg met the same fate. A rough hand started to explore my ass, feeling my smooth cheeks and then my crack. The fingers pushed against my hole. I felt a sharp nail scratching the sides of my hole, then press inside. “Prep him good” a voice said. As the finger slid inside and started to scratch at my insides, I breathed deep through my nose. Poppers were flowing through the clear tube and I immediately felt the relaxing wave run through my body. The finger nail continued to scratch up my insides. “You’re going to love this” another mysterious voice said through the walls. I mumbled something, even I couldn’t understand. “Been coming here for weeks” the voice said. Even in my popper high I recognized the voice, it was my boyfriend David. I fucking knew it. “Just keep huffing and you will enjoy it too” My mind wondered if he knew it was me. I hoped not. The finger pulled out and I started to hear ominous music playing. In the darkness of my little room my mind began to wonder, what exactly was this place. Soon there were noises in the hall that brought my mind back to the situation I was in. Voices were talking, some I could make out what they were saying, others I couldn’t. “Look they have fresh meat” someone said rubbing my ass. “I will try that soon, but I am going to slid into the one that’s been here before” “Yeah, guess he’s not infected yet” “Been taking all the loads and haven’t turned” David said. “You need more then” a voice said. “Yeah, been giving it to the boyfriend too, want to pass it to him” David said. “Huff deep” a voice said. I heard a grunt and then David moaning. What the fuck was happening? Was he getting fucked right now? I felt a finger play with my hole and slid in and out. I tensed up a bit. “The more you tense up the rougher it gets” a voice at my feet said. The finger was replaced with a cock head, pressing against my hole. I huffed deep from my “popper line,” as the head push in and went balls deep. The pain was intense, yet dulled a little from the huffs I was continuing to take. “Just popped the new boy’s cherry” the man said, “going to open him up and seed him deep” Fuck, even through the popper fog my mind was in a panic. This man was fucking me raw, I only ever fucked raw with my boyfriend. I tried to move and I couldn’t, the restraints were too tight. I squeezed my hole, trying to force out the raw cock, but that only encouraged the man. “Yeah you bitch in heat, squeeze that ass around my cock” “Fuck, sounds like he wants to milk out that spoiled seed” “First time chasers are so fucking eager” My mind raced to come up with ideas on how to escape. I tried to focus on not breathing through my nose, but as the cock continued to pump in and out of my hole, the more I huffed the poppers. “Wish y’all were infecting my boyfriend” David said. What the fuck, I thought. Not only was he cheating and taking loads and trying to infect me with what ever disease he caught, but now he wants me here getting infected. My anger grew thinking about how fucking twisted this was. Yet, I hadn’t cried out for them to stop, nor did I expose to my boyfriend that I was in the dark room next to him. “I get that hole next” I heard a voice say. “It’s yours” It wasn’t the man fucking me responding. It was David’s top. “Heard the shit shot up there hadn’t taken, so they called in the big guns” “Yeah?” “Full blown, med resistant” There was a loud cheer from the other side of the wall. David was moaning loudly, could even hear him over the slapping of flesh as the two tops pounded our holes. “If that don’t take, I will go the blood route” David said. “Oh it will take” the man said. The cock in my hole was thrusting in and out at a fast pace. His balls were swinging and hitting my back when he thrusted in. They must have been so low hanging nuts. The head of the cock would meet the inside of my hole, pull it out just a bit and then his cock would be shoved back in balls deep. My pulse throbbed in my temples and I could hear my heartbeat in my ears, drumming out the rhythm of the fucking that I was getting. “Full blown huh?” someone asked, “you look like death is trying to beat down your door” “I take that as a compliment” the man said, “plan to infect as many as I can before I meet the grim reaper” David was moaning louder and louder as the slapping of flesh got louder and faster. Who ever was up his hole was pounding him like there was not tomorrow. The man up my hole was still pounding me at a good pace. “Here comes your first load of the night” someone said. “Shoot that cum up my hole, breed me you diseased fucker” David shouted. “Ohhhh fucccckkk” There was cheering as the man came up David’s hole. This encouraged my top who started to pound my hole harder and faster. I was grunting with every thrust in. “Cherry boy is about to get his first infecting” the man said. “Break his cherry, breed him deep” someone shouted. “Hold on buddy, it only gets better from here” David said. The man slammed into me deep. I could feel his cock pulse as his load shot out of his piss slit and splattered the walls on my insides. “Virus ho!” he shouted. There was more shouting and cheering as the man shot in me. I closed my eyes and felt my warm tears run down the side of my face, cooling as the moved away from my eyes. My mind was twisting in the guilt of what just happened. I was beating myself up for allowing this to happen. for not stopping the muscled brute from strapping me to this bench. “Beg for my disease” voice said, “Beg for my death” “Please gift me with your disease, your death. Shoot your mutated virus in me, to spread” David said. I heard a loud grunt and knew that the man had shoved his cock up David’s hole. “Oh fuck yeah Daddy,” David yelled, “deep dick me” I listened close as the man pounded David’s hole. My cock was hard and standing up, supported by the leather. A hand slapped my ass hard, making it sting and warm, then a cock slid up my hole. I moaned. A hand wrapped around my cock and slowly jacked it as the cock started to move in and out of my hole. “Milk that last untainted load out of those balls” someone said. The man started to jack my cock faster and faster, while his cock was pushed in deep, his crotch against me. I could feel my cum building. “Anyone wanna eat a virus virgin’s load” the man jacking me asked. “Oh fuck no” someone replied, “waste that shit on the floor” I felt a new hand take over jacking my cock as the cock in my ass started to move, pumping in and out. Soon they were moving at the same rhythm. Each time the hand slid down my shaft, it crushed my nuts. I wanted to cry out that I was about to cum, but did’t want David to know it was me on the next bench getting seeded by anonymous men, just like him. My muscles began to tense up as my cum load got closer and closer to shooting out of my piss slit. My ass muscles squeezed the cock in my hole, only to have it pump harder and rougher. “He’s about to blow” the guy fucking me yelled. “Jack him harder” someone yelled. “Milk that vanilla load” another voice yelled. “Empty those nuts, so they can fill up with poison seed” David said. My body tensed up more and I felt my muscles twitch and my cum shoot out. I could tell this load was shooting high. The men cried out as my piss slit opened and my load flew high in the air. The hand on my cock continued to jack and my cock continued to shoot. Until it to too sensitive and began to deflate. Once limp the hand dropped it and it fell on to my crotch.
  4. pozpuppy

    Wet Spot in the Office

    Part 16 I was laying on my stomach with this man kneeling between my legs. I felt him reach up and pull off my blindfold. “Fuck you don’t need that” he said. He quickly moved until he was laying on top of me, his big monster cock between my legs pumping in and out of the space between my thighs. He moved until I felt the forearm of the man on me baring down on my shoulder blades, across my back. He was stabbing his cock head at my wet hole, quickly jabbing it at my hole then pulling off. Over and over he did this. I was moaning as I felt the head just pop open my hole then quickly pop out. Without warning he rammed his thick cock deep into my hole. I screamed loudly not caring if my neighbors heard me or not. I closed my eyes and breathed in and out to make sure I didn’t pass out from the pain. “Take it fucker, take the pain” he said. He pulled his cock out until the head was pulling my hole outwards, then rammed it back in. I groaned this time from the pain that was shooting through my body. “Open up for my horse cock” he said. “Damn buddy take it easy on his hole, you will ruin it for everyone else” “Fuck if I am going to expose my monster cock to every disease under the sun, then I going to fuck him like the diseased whore that he is” He continued to pump his cock in and out as hard and as fast as he could. “Plus I’m no bigger than his boss” he said, “And I have had that up my hairy hole” I moaned as I was getting used to his cock drilling my hole. His weight was holding me down on the bed. His legs were holding my legs together, squeezing my ass shut around his thick cock. His balls were hitting my ass each time he slammed into me. “Fuck him good” the other man said, leaving just us in my bedroom “Heard you and the boss pozzed a neighbor recently” “Yeah” I grunted, “and some homeless Marine at a hotel” “Fuck yeah” He continued to pound my hole, driving in hard and deep. I grunted each time he slammed into me. Reaching back he grabbed one of my legs and we rolled over on our sides. He lifted my leg up and started to pump my hole again with his monster cock. I looked down at the mirror in the corner. I could see my hole stretched open around his thick cock, as it slid in and out. I shifted a bit more, which allowed him to slide into me deeper. His smooth nuts were laying across his legs, slowly moving as he pumped in and out. I heard the door to my apartment open and close again. Wondering if the man was just leaving but soon heard someone say: “That’s what I like to see, my whore being used” It was my boss. he was standing in front of the mirror, slowly removing his clothes. I was watching his crotch, waiting to see him expose that big cut monster dick. “Let’s rip this diseased fucker wide open tonight” my boss said. I watched as he opened his jeans and they dropped to the floor. His cock bounced out. It was almost fully hard. The monster dick in my ass continued to slide in and out, slowly now as if he was watching my boss strip too and enjoying the show. My boss moved on the bed and knelt next to my head. I instinctively opened my mouth and he slowly pushed it in, sliding it deep into my throat. He reached down and pinched one of my nipples hard, driving his fingernail into my flesh. He slowly started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. With each pump of his cock in I coated it was some thick spit, getting it ready for him to fuck my hole. Pretty soon it was shining with my spit. “Hold him tight” my boss said, pulling his cock from my mouth The man behind me wrapped his arms around my very quick, squeezing tight in a bear hug. I grabbed my leg and held it up the best I could, but soon it was resting on my boss’ shoulder. He had moved and straddled the leg that was on the mattress. He had gripped his cock at the base and was rubbing it around my hole and the cock that was in me. He grabbed a little brown bottle that was close by and handed it to me. “Huff until you are about to pass out” he said, “you’re going to need it” I twisted the cap and listened to the hiss. I shoved the bottle under my nose and inhaled. I repeated this over and over and my boss continued to rub his cock around my hole. I had lost count of how many times I huffed that bottle, but I knew I was flying. My heart beat was drumming in my ears and I could feel it pounding in my temples. Grabbing my hips, my boss lined his cock head up next to the wall of my hole, next to the shaft of the cock deep in me. The man squeezed tighter as my boss thrusted his cock into my hole. I groaned loudly, and screamed out NO! My boss didn’t stop. His cock head kept pushing against my hole, with more force as the seconds passed. Suddenly, the head popped in. I yelped louder than before, but my boss didn’t pull out. He just pushed the brown bottle back up to my nose. I inhaled deep over and over. With each huff, his cock slid in a bit more. My hole stretched more and more. I closed my eyes and tried to breath through the pain. “Take it out, I can’t do it” “You are and we are not stopping” my boss said. He pushed in more. “Fucker is tight now” the man behind me said. My boss pushed in more, his cock was about half way in. “Then we open him up more” my boss said. With out say a word more to each other, they slowly started to move their cocks in and out of my stretched hole. As one moved in the other one moved out. My hole started to adjust to having two monster cocks in me. I couldn’t help but moan as the sensations of these moving cocks swept through my body. “Bitch likes to be stretched open” my boss said. “Fuck your cock feels awesome sliding against mine” “Wait until we shoot our toxic cum up with all those diseases” “Fuck you should get his biohazard tat fucking soon” “Not until this bitch converts” My eyes were rolling up in the back of my head, the pleasure coming from being double fucked by these two monster cocks was over whelming. My boss was pushing my leg back further as he increased his pumping of his cock in and out of my hole. I could feel the man behind me loosen his bear hug around me. “Ride the brown bottle again whore” my boss said. I brought the bottle to my nose and inhaled deep, over and over. Grabbing my shoulders my boss held me firm as he pushed into me more. The pain was not as bad as before, but soon it turned into more pleasure. They both picked up speed. I was in hog heaven from their double dick fucking. My boss began to jack rabbit my hole, moving just a few inches in and out of my hole. The other man did the same. “Fuck I’m getting close” the man said. “Fuck buddy, I can feel your cock thickening, you’re gonna blow” The man behind me let out a loud grunt and then stopped moving. I could feel the cum pulsing out of his cock. “Oh fuck I can feel you shooting” my boos said. He then pushed in to me as far as he could and his cock erupted, shooting his toxic load in with the others. “Fuck man, that was hot” the man said. I squeezed my ass muscles over and over, teasing their cocks, trying to milk out the rest of their toxic loads. “I will be ready for round two in a few minutes, but I think we need to add someone to the party” My boss quickly pulled out of my ass, I could feel my hole gapping open even with the other man still in me. He slowly pulled out and sat on the side of the bed, as my boss put on his jeans. “What’s his apartment number” my boss asked. “4B” With that he was off, leaving me and the stranger staring at each other.
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    My BF and the Escort

    Peter was quiet the rest of the night and most of the day. We both took a rest of getting fucked so we could be ready for the cops tonight. Most of the day we just laid out by the pool in the hot sun, soaking up the rays and enjoying the water. I did get Peter to laugh a bit, sadly it was my own expense. As the sun fell behind the mountains, we went into the hotel room to pre-pare for the night festivities. I was in the shower, wand up my hole when I heard Peter yell from out side the door: “Is my dick tiny” “What” I said back acting like I couldn’t hear him “Is my dick tiny” “Fuck Peter is that still an issue” I said, “No dumb ass it’s not tiny. He only said that to show dominance over you” “You think” “I know” I said smiling, “now put that out of your mind and get ready for tonight” “Okay” he said I was hoping that this put the “tiny dick” issue to rest once and for all. Time flew by and we were soon out in the car, driving through Palm Springs, windows down and a warm breeze flowing in. I lifted my ass and pulled off my shorts. I was now naked from the waist down, with just shoes on my feet with a tank covering my upper body. Peter’s eyes got big seeing me so open. “Ready for anything” I said, “plus no one could see in” Peter stopped at a red light and did the same, exposing his cock. I reached over and gave it a light stroke, causing it to instantly get hard. Once we were moving again, I undid my seat belt and leaned over, taking Peter’s cock into my mouth. He turned down a darken road and slowed down. “That’s it fucker, suck my big cock” he said. I slid my lips further down his shaft until my nose was in his hairy crotch. I held his cock in my throat. He put one arm on the back of my head and held it there. “Car” I pulled off just a little to breath as I watched the inside of the car light up. I heard the car slow and then stop. “Fuck buddy, his mouth any good” “Hot and wet, but his ass is better” Peter said, sliding his finger along my crack and around my hole. “Follow me” the stranger said, “I know a place” Still on Peter’s hard cock, which now was leaking pre-cum, we followed the stranger’s car. We soon parked in a dark area, hidden from any roads and passing traffic. “Stay on my cock and don’t look up” Peter ordered I heard a door slam, then my door open. I felt hands on my ass, rubbing and exploring my hole. The finger stabbed at my hole, causing a bit of pain. “Condom or bareback” the stranger asked. “Your choice” Peter said, “But you should know he’s a chaser” At that point my ass was pulled closer to the opening of the door. I repositioned myself to where I was on my knees, but my face was still in Peter’s crotch, cock sliding in and out of my hole. The stranger spit on my hole. I jumped a little when it hit, but it wasn’t long until I felt his cock head pushing at my hole. I pushed my hole out and felt the head pop in. The stranger slid his cock into my with one push, driving it deep into my hole. “Fuuucccckkk” he said as his cock hit bottom. In no time he was pulling out and driving back in, in long deep strokes. I could feel his veiny cock shaft slide against my hole as it moved back and forth into and out of my fuck hole. I moaned, dropping Peter’s cock out of my mouth. “Fuck that cock feels good” I said. He was picking up speed, pulling out fast and then driving in faster and harder. I shifted my weight to my arms and hands, bracing myself when he drove into my hole. Peter was holding his cock at the base and slowly squeezing it. I started to lick the head of his cock, tasting the pre-cum oozing from his piss slit. There was a quick sound of a siren and then the flashing of red lights, lighting up the car and everything around, drowning out the darkness. The man fucking me quickly pulled out, leaving me open and empty. “What the fuck is going on here” a voice said. “Officer I can explain” the stranger who was fucking me said. “I know what I saw faggot” the officer said, “I saw you with your cock up his ass” Peter was trying to find his shorts that were somewhere on the floor, he was panicking. I just stayed the way I was, face in his crotch and ass at the door. “Please Officer” “Please what” “Please let me go” the man pleaded “Did you finish?” “What” “Did you finish, you know pump a load up his fuck hole,” the cop asked, “In other words, did you breed this faggot” I recognized the voice and slide my mouth over Peter’s cock slowly sucking it down. He was surprised that I was doing this and was fighting me. “No Sir” “Well, then drop your shorts, get that cock hard and fuck that faggot until you breed him” I think the man was a bit shocked, but I soon felt his fingers on my hole again. He pushed them in and out, fingering my hole. I wanted to look but still wanted this fuck to be completely anon. “Nice cock” the cop said. He soon was forcing his cock into my hole again, sliding in deep. “That’s it, long dick that faggot’s ass” The man was pumping his cock in and out at a fast pace, as if he was trying to cum as fast as he could. “Slow down buddy, enjoy that fuck hole” the cop said. “Yes sir” the man said. His thrusts slowed, but he was still long dicking my fuck hole. “Bet he’s a death seeking faggot” the cop said. “Yeah, the driver said he was a chaser” “All faggots are” “I got a high viral load of poz cum to give him” “Sounds like an attempted murder is in progress” “Soon fucker,” the man fucking me said, “so very soon” My cock was now hard as a rock and bouncing with each thrust of the cock inside my hole. Pre-cum was oozing out and puddling on the seat between my legs. The stranger had grabbed my hips and was fucking me harder and faster. “Do it fucker, shoot that toxic load of seed up his faggot hole” the cop said loudly “Oh fuck here it comes” the stranger yelled. He slammed his cock deep in my hole, as I felt it pulse and shoot. I could feel the cum shoot out and hit the walls of my hole. “Fill him up” the cop said. “Damn I needed that” the stranger said. “Good, now pull your cock out, get your shorts up and get the fuck out of here before I charge you with a crime” the cop said. I don’t think 30 seconds had past before the man drove off. “Now what the fuck am I going to do with the two of you” the cop said. “Fuck us like you did last night” I replied quickly with out thinking. “Partner and I are off duty in about an hour, here’s our address” he said tossing a card at me, “be there in two hours” “Sounds like a fuck fest to me” I said. The cop got in his car and pulled away, red light slowly fading leaving us in the dark. Peter’s cock was still hard standing straight up. Looking straight in his eyes, I said: “Get the fuck out and fuck a load in my hole” Peter quickly got out and ran around the front of the car, cock bouncing the whole time. I felt his wet tongue licking my hole as his hands spread open my ass cheeks. I moaned loudly as he flicked his tongue in and out of my hole. “Fuck” he said, “the man’s load is leaking out and taste fucking great” “Swallow those swimming sperms” Peter sucked hard against my hole as his tongue opened it up. He soon pulled off my hole and positioned his cock head against it. Grabbing my hips tight he rammed his cock into my hole, driving balls deep in one thrust. “Fuck Peter, take it easy, your cock is pumped up thick” “Sorry babe, just so turned on” He was pumping his cock in and out faster and faster. I could feel his balls bouncing against my own. Peter’s cock was thickening and getting harder with each thrust. “Can’t hold it back much longer babe” he said. “Cum in me, breed me, infect me” I said loudly. He rammed in and his cum exploded in my hole. His breathing was very fast and his grip on my hips were beginning to hurt. His nails were driving into my skin, deep and sharply. I was a bit afraid he was going to pass out. But he soon released his grip and popped out of my hole. As he moved around of the front of the car, back towards the driver side, his plump cock was still drooling cum from the piss slit. “I fucking needed that” he said climbing in. I bent over and wrapped my lips around that spent cock, sucking and licking the cum from it, moaning as I did. “We have some time to kill before going to the cop’s house, what do you want to do” “Get you some cum up your hole Peter” I replied.
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    The Freak Show

    Part 23 I was standing naked in my booth listening to the laughter and screams coming from the maze of the funhouse. My cock was hard and dripping as I waited to hear the click of the hidden door behind me - letting me know that someone had enter the booth and would be fucking my poz hole. I looked at the shelf of little brown bottles, trying to decide which one I would hit first. I had seen the little tent that had been erected in front of the glory hole in front of me, which would hide the men from the view of the crowd. I grabbed one of the bottles and held it in my hand. My cock jumped as I heard the click. I bent forward and put my ass against the glory hole, making sure that I lined up my hole to give the anonymous cock access. I felt fingers rubbing across my ass and into my crack, teasing my hole. “Fuck yeah” a deep voice said, “Pre-lubed” As his finger pushed into my hole, I felt his fingernail scratch the sides of my hole. I jumped a little, but kept my ass against the wood wall. His finger slid in just to his knuckle, bending inside my hole. I could feel him scratching the walls near my hole. “Got to prep that hole good” I twisted the lid on the bottle and heard that faint hiss. I dropped the lid some where on the floor and shoved the bottle in my nose. I sniffed long and deep, holding it as the man’s finger started to slide in and out of my hole. When I exhaled and put the bottle under my other nostril, he pulled out and then shoved back into my hole, nail scratching me more. After about two minutes of finger fucking and prepping my hole, he pulled his finger out and rammed his cock into me, hard and deep. I inhaled the poppers again as pain shot through my hole and up my spine. I breathed deep and worked through the pain. My temples were throbbing as the poppers took effect. He didn’t wait for me to get use to his thick cock, he started to thrust in and out of my hole. His balls were swinging, making a thud as they hit the wood wall. “Got to be quick, the bitch is waiting for me” he said. He continued to thrust his cock in and out, going in hard and deep each time. The aroma of the poppers filled my little booth, keeping me just high enough to take it. “Bitch doesn’t know my seed is deadly and I passed it to her and others” He was grunting as he slammed through the glory hole into my ass. “Got this strain right here in the carnival” he said. Fuck, my cock throbbed hearing that causing pre-cum to ooze from my piss slit. “Some bald muscle fucker, force fucked me in a shed as people walked by a two way mirror in front of me” he said, “Almost thought they could see me taking raw cock” I smiled knowing that this “straight” man was fucked by Stinger in the same room, while watching the people go by on the other side if the two way mirror. “Fuck buddy - my balls are churning up that poisonous seed” He was rapidly fucking my hole, almost to the point of jack-rabbiting it. His grunts were getting louder and louder. “Oh fuck here it comes” He slammed into the wall, bending the wood so much that I heard what sounded like it cracking. His cock pulsed as his cum shot deep into my hole. I squeezed my ass around his cock. It was slowly softening and slipping out my hole. With another click he was gone. About a minute later, the tent in front of me opened, letting a bit of light in. I could make out two people - one male and one female stepping in. “Wanted to bring you in here and let you know that I fucked the man one the other side of this glory hole, dumped my poz load in him: I heard the click again behind me. Fingers ran down my crack and across my hole. I inhaled from the brown bottle again. I felt a spongy cock head slide up and down my hole. The cock behind me pushed against my hole and slowly slid in. I groaned loudly causing the woman to look at the glory hole. “He’s getting fucked again” “Poz?” she said angrily. “Yeah bitch I have HIV, you know the virus that changes to AIDS” “What the fuck? When? How long?” “Since the last time we came here - got the gift and kept on giving it.” “Giving it?” “Yeah bitch, - gave it to you, your brother and many more” Hearing that she bursted into tears and ran out of the tent. “Fuck that bitch” He push his shorts down, turned and slid his cock through the hole. The tent flap opened. “Didn’t know someone was in here” “Fuck man, get your cock out and we can share his mouth” The flap closed. The man behind me was pumping his cock in and out of my hole, pressing hard against the wall. I was sucking on the cock that was through the hole. He pumped it in and out, fucking my mouth through the glory hole, until he pulled out. The man that had joined him moved in front of the glory hole and slide his cock in. My mouth was wide open and the head slid past my lips. As I gently closed my mouth around his cock, it continued to slide deeper in. I relaxed my throat and it slid into it. The tent flap opened, again allowing light to enter. I thought that the married man left, until I heard a voice say: “A little crowded but we can make it work” I recognized the voice instantly. It was Stinger. 
 “Need a recharge buddy” Stinger asked. “Yeah, it took, but have been passing it to many more” The cock I was sucking pulled out and slowly moved out of the way. I watched as Stinger removed his jeans and the man remove his shorts. Stinger’s cock was rock hard, and I thought that his scorpion tattoo was glowing. The man I was sucking put his cock way and said: “This is a little too twisted for me” “Then fuck off” Stinger said. Light flooded the tent and he left. The man moved in front of the glory hole making sure that his ass was right next to the hole. Stinger spit in his hand and rubbed his cock, then put it next to the man’s hole and shoved it in deep. The man behind me was still thrusting in and out groaning as he did. Watching Stinger force his cock balls deep into a married man caused me to squeeze my hole around the cock drilling me deep. The married man braced himself by putting his hands on this thighs. Stinger began to pull out and ram back in. I knew the man was in a bit of pain since he was rising up on his toes, only to have Stinger force him back down. “Got to make sure I get that recharge to take” “Fuck yeah” My cock was throbbing. I wanted to jack it as I watched Stinger add his strain into the married mans ass again, but I knew I would regret it. I would want a break and I head too many loads left to collect. The man in my hole, started to pump in and out more and more, each thrust was harder and faster. I knew he was about to shoot his load into my ass with the married man’s load. In no time he slammed into my hole and grunted loudly. I could feel his load hitting the walls of my ass. My mind wondered if it was another toxic load. Once he emptied his balls he pulled out and quickly left. “Stick your cock through the hole, pet” Stinger said. I stood up and guided my hard drooling cock through the glory hole into the tent. “Slide down on that one” Stinger said “Poz cock” the married man said “Fuck yeah” Stinger replied “at least a dozen strains mutated to charge him up” I felt a hand hold my cock as the married man’s hole slid onto my cock head and down the shaft. “Fuck your hole on that one” The man began to move back and forth on my cock, slowly fucking his hole. He began to quickly move back and forth on my cock, bringing his hole to the ridge of my cock head then slamming it back down. “Milk his cock with that hole and recharge your strain” Stinger said. Light quickly flooded the tent, shining through the hole as the man pulled off my cock. I listened as a women’s voice asked: “Is my husband still in there?” “Yeah and he has a cock up his ass, working it deep to milk out a hot poz load to recharge himself” “What?” “Be a good bitch and wait over there, while he get’s fucked - passing his strain on to others drains him, so he needs a good fresh mutated load of poz cum up his hole” The married man laughed a bit and slammed back on my cock, which was leaking pre-cum deep into him. I jumped when I heard the click again. “Hey pet, you got cum sliding down your leg. I need to plug that” The wall turned and I soon felt Stinger behind me. His cock was stabbing my ass cheeks. I heard him spit in his hand. His cock head was soon pressing into my hole. I pushed out my hole and he slid in. He quickly started to pump my fuck hole as the married man continued to fuck his hole on my cock. The married man was grunting louder and louder, almost as if he was making sure that his bitch wife knew he was getting fucked. My balls were pulling up closer and closer to my body. With a hole sliding on my cock and a cock sliding in and out of my hole I wasn’t going to last long. “Shoot it pet, shoot it deep in his hole” Stinger said in my ear. “He wants it” “He wants a recharge” “Wants to pass it on” The more he said the harder my cock got and the tighter my ball sac got. He had slowed down fucking my hole and was barely moving in and out. “Wanna feel your taint contract as you shoot in his hole” That was it, I squeezed my ass, contracted my hole. “Here it comes fucker” I yelled The married man slammed back onto my cock, pressing his ass against the wooden wall. My cock started to fire into his hole, jumping inside his hole, erupting over and over. “Fuck pet that’s some strong shooting” Stinger said. My cock continued to pulse and shoot out sting after string of thick cum. The married man squeezed his hole around my cock. He pulled forward, then pushed back and then forward again. My cock popped out and was still hard sticking through the glory hole. I felt a hot tongue licking my cock head, then my shaft cleaning it. “Wanna taste this hot poz cum” he said while holding some of the cum in there. I pulled my cock back through the hold, pushing Stinger back. I bent over and saw the married man leave. One of the carnies held open the tent flap and I watch the man get slapped across the face and she ran off. The tent flap closed blocking my view. “Okay pet, time for your hole to get some more cock and cum” Stinger pulled out, tucked his cock away and left me alone in my booth. I was ready for more…I wanted more.
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    Dad's Basement

    Anytime Pozpopperpig!!!!! More to come!
  8. pozpuppy

    Dad's Basement

    I take it your fucking like this!!!
  9. pozpuppy

    My BF and the Escort

    Peter’s facial expression was a look of horror. I got out and walked to the back of the car where the cop was standing. Peter slowly got out and joined us, looking at the ground the whole time. “This the boyfriend” the cop asked me. “Yes Sir” “You’re the boyfriend that is intentionally having poz men fuck him” he said pointing at me. Peter just nodded. “Look at me you worthless piece of shit and answer me” Peter looked up and his face was white as a sheet. “Yes” “Yes what?” the cop asked. “I have been having poz men fuck his hole trying to get his converted” Peter said timidly. “Did he tell you I fucked him” “Yes” “Did he tell you I have full blown AIDS and shot that up his sloppy hole” “Yes” “Did it make your cock hard knowing that” “Yes” “Fuck you are twisted” the cop said. Peter remained silent, hands to his side. My cock was slowly getting hard in my shorts, I knew that there was no way hiding it. It was slowly emerging out one of my legs. “You’re just as twisted as your boyfriend” the cop said to me noticing my hard cock. “Yes Sir” I said, no denying that I was turned on by getting fucked by poz men. “Both of you assume the position” the cop said, “NOW” I turned and put my hands on the trunk of the car and spread my legs, keeping my head facing forward staring into the major intersection in front of us. Peter lazily did the same, but kept turning back to look to see what the cop was doing. “Eyes forward faggot and leave them there” the cop ordered, “if you know what’s good for you” I could hear the cop moving a bit. “Unit 159 to dispatch” “Dispatch, go ahead” “Requesting back up, have a 647 and 647b” “10-4 Unit 159, sending back up” “If Unit 163 is available, send it” “10 -4” I took a peak over at Peter and he was sweating bullets. His face had no color and I thought he was going to pass out. The cop moved up behind Peter and started to pat him down. He ran his hands across his shoulders and down his arms, then quickly moved under them into his pits and down his sides. I could see out of the corner of my eye his hand move on Peter’s chest. Peter was scared shitless. Sirens in the distance caught my attention as the cop continued to frisk Peter. Running his hands around his waist band of his shorts. “Anything sharp in your pockets, you crying pussy” he asked Peter. “Only my car keys” Peter responded. The cop grabbed Peters shorts and underwear and yanked them down to his ankles. He placed his shiny boot on then between his feet. “Step out of them” he ordered Peter. Peter pulled his shoed feet out of them and the cop kicked them a little under the car. “No wonder you have other men fuck your boyfriend, I doubt that he could feel that little cock in his hole” the cop said laughing and pointing at Peter’s cock. “Not even a fucking man’s cock, fuck it’s not even a boy’s cock, it’s more like an infant’s cock” the cop said. Peter’s face was turning red from embarrassment. “I know you are clean, get those shorts off, faggot” he ordered me I quickly stripped them off and joined Peter standing there in just shoes and socks, only my cock was hard and already l leaking. Peter’s cock was still soft and looked as if it was retreating inwards, making it smaller and smaller. I could now see the lights of the cop car approaching. “You’re twisted” he said pointing to my hard cock. I just nodded. “You’re enjoying me belittling your boyfriend, it turns you on to have him humiliated” Again I nodded. It was then the back up arrived, parking right in front of our car. “What do you have there Diego?” the new cop asked. “Two faggots! This one” Diego said, slapping Peter’s ass, “Sent his boyfriend out to prostitute his ass for poz loads after he had some poz men fuck him all day” “Twisted” the new cop said grabbing his crotch. “He’s one sloppy fuck too, David” Diego said. “Pumped your AIDS into him, then” “Got to make sure I ‘serve the community’ and his hole was willing” The two cops were now behind use, rubbing their hands over our asses. Peter jumped when Diego’s hand met his cheeks. David’s hand was more than just rubbing my cheeks, he was opening them and sliding his fingers into my crack and teasing my hole. “Want my AIDS cum in your asshole” David asked me. “YES SIR” I said “Eager faggot” David said. I hear him lowering his zipper. I could see in my mind’s eye him pulling his cock out and stroking it a bit. “Got lube” he asked me laughing. Before I could answer he rammed his hard thick cock into my hole. It went in with ease and was balls deep before I knew it. “Damn this hole is sloppy” David said, “I can feel the loads inside” Diego had pulled his uncut cock out and was rubbing it up and down Peter’s crack. “Any loads in here bitch?” “C-C-Couple” Peter said. I watched from the corner of my eye, Diego line his cock up and push it in to Peter, in one long thrust. Peter held back a scream. “Scream for me bitch” Diego said. He pulled out and rammed back into Peter’s hole. Peter this time screamed out into the night. David was steadily fucking my hole with is cock as Diego pulled out again and rammed into Peter a third time. Peter was bracing himself for this rough almost rape fucking. Diego soon stopped and started to take long hard thrusts in and out of his hole, yet not pulling out completely. Peter was having to brace himself to keep from being thrusted into the trunk of the car. “I got an AIDS load to add to Diego’s” David said. “Fuck yeah” I replied. “You want my AIDS, faggot boyfriend” Diego asked Peter. “Yes Sir” he replied meekly. “Damn such a pussy” David said about Peter. “Hole’s not bad” Diego said, “No dick, but good hole” I watched cars drive through the intersection in front of us, glad we were hidden by the cars, but to our left there was no cover. Cars would slow down and watch for a bit, only to be flagged on by the cops. “Fuck those faggots” and “breed those hole” and more was yelled from passing cars. Cars were making the block just to see us getting fucked again. It was late so it was only two or three cars that were doing this. The cops just flagged them on and continued to fuck our holes. David’s cock was hard as steel the whole time and I wondered if he was close, but just edging it trying to keep himself from shooting deep in my hole. Diego was tearing Peter’s ass up. He had grabbed onto his hips and was rough fucking him, almost as if he hated him. “Dispatch to Unit 159, situation update” “Unit 159, deep into the situation at moment” “10-4” David started to fuck me harder and harder. Pumping his cock into my cum filled hole. His belt buckle hitting my ass as he thrusted in. “Ready for another AIDS load, bitch” he asked me. “Fuck yeah” “Tighten up here is comes” I squeezed my hole around his hard thick cock as he rammed it deep into me, pressing his buckle into my skin. His cock pulsed as his thick load shot deep into me, adding more AIDS viruses into my hole. My own cock shot off, cum hitting the truck of the car, streaking it with thick white globs. “Fuck I needed that” David said. He pulled out and spun me around, pushing me to down until I was face to face with is softening cock. I took it into my mouth and licked and sucked it clean. I could taste cum but didn’t know if I was tasting him or the multiple loads already up my fuck hole. He shifted and started kissing Diego, sticking his tongue into his mouth. As he released the kiss, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stuffed it back into his uniform pants. “Fucking hot Diego, see you at home later. I want that furry brown ass on my cock” David said. “Fuck yeah babe, it’s yours” Diego replied. Peter was still being fucked hard and long. I got down under him and started to run my tongue along Diego’s cock as it thrusted in and out of Peter’s hole. I grabbed his cock and balls and started to pull them down. “Keep licking faggot, going to give your boyfriend my AIDS strain soon” I kept my tongue moving on Diego’s cock, tasting cum and Peter’s ass. “You want my strain asshole?” “yes” “I can’t hear you tiny dick” “YES” “Here you go” Diego slammed his cock deep into Peter’s hole. My tongue stuck between them, feeling the cock pulse as Diego’s load pumped into Peter’s hole. Diego grunted with each pulse. He grabbed Peter’s hair and pulled him up to a stand position. “You’re a good little dick faggot” he said, “now get down and clean my cock” Peter pulled off his cock and dropped down to his knees, taking Diego’s brown uncut cock into his mouth. I watched him eagerly suck and lick the cum and ass juice off the cock. I reached under and grabbed our clothes. “Now get your asses off my streets” Diego said. He put his cock away and headed to his car door, pausing and saying. “I patrol this area again tomorrow night, if you want more of my AIDS strain” We got in the car quickly, not even getting dressed and looked at one another. “I want more” I said, “we are going to come here tomorrow night” All Peter said was “I don’t have a tiny dick”
  10. pozpuppy

    The ISLAND

    Part Two The sun’s heat was beating down on my naked back, heating my skin until sweat ran off me. Deep in my hole was the boatman’s toxic load, invading my body and being trapped in by a butt plug. I squeezed my hole around the rubber plug, which caused my cock to grow between my body and the towel. “Looks very inviting” a voice said at my feet. I lifted up and turned, even with my eyes squinted from the bright sun, I still couldn’t make out who it was. “Mind if I take a load off?” The stranger asked. “Don’t you mean shoot a load off?” “Maybe two?” I rolled over on my back and instinctively lifted my legs up in the air. I grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide, opening my crack and exposing the black rubber plug in my hole. There was no words of shock or surprise in seeing the plug. The stranger dropped to his knees near my ass and pulled the plug out with a pop! “Need to save this!” he said sitting in on the towel next to me. He was slowly jacking his tan cock, hell every part of him was tan. I pulled my legs back more, hinting to him that his cock needed to be up my hole. “Boatman said you didn’t know about the island fully.” “Yeah, guess I didn’t realize what the services of the island really were.” He slowly pushed his hard throbbing cock into my hole. The head popped in and he held it there as he commented “We positively aim to please.” At that exact moment he rammed his cock all the way in, as he simultaneously grabbed my hips to keep me from pulling away. Pain shot through me, sparking a loud yelp from my throat. He held his cock fully in my ass as he recommended “Get use to it. I’m going to ride your ass until I breed you with my toxic load.” “Fuck! Is every male around here poz?” “Fuck yeah and everyone’s got it from the boatman, each strain mutating and getting stronger each time.” He slowly pulled his cock out until only the head was in my hole, pulling outwards. He shifted his weight forward, pushing my legs towards my chest, but still having them wide open. My hard cock was laying on my stomach. Continuing in his explanation he commented "Once we sero-converted, we all pumped a newly mutated strain back into the source,” the stranger commented. “The boatman?” “Exactly, he’s your maker now.” His cock was pumping slowly in and out of my hole, each time it was slicker as it was being coated with the Boatman’s cum. He started picking up speed, balls slapping my hole. The pain had subsided and pleasure was coming from my hole. His cock was about eight inches and average in thickness, but he knew exactly how to fuck a hole. There was not an ounce of fat on his body, nor was there hair. He had a tattoo just above the base of his cock. It looked like a scorpion, yet the stinger was unfinished. “Is that a scorpion tattoo?” “Yeah buddy, my venom is toxic!” he said. “Stinger is not complete?” “Not yet, have to dump my poison up ten men to get a new node, I only have one and about half way in getting my second.” He continued to fuck my hole and we talked about the tattoo, balls slapping my ass in almost the same rhythm as the waves crashing on the beach, and after a pause added “You get five nodes and the stinger when it’s complete!” “How many to get the stinger bit?” “Only get that when you go full blown, like the Boatman!” “I didn’t see a tattoo on him.” “And you won’t." I let go of my ankles, reached back and pulled his ass into me, shoving his hard cock deep into my hole. I squeezed my hole around his cock. He pressed into me harder. His body dropped down on mine, chest to chest now. I locked my legs around him right above his tan bubbled muscled ass. He thrust in and out as we kissed, sliding our tongues into each other, tasting each other, his balls slapped against my ass with each thrust into my hole. Placing my hands behind my head, I lay back as he fucked my hole with his hard, well-practiced cock. Under the sun we were sweating a lot and I could feel his sweat drip on me as he pounded my hole. Sweat was running down my ass, although it occurred to me what I thought to be was sweat could have been a mixture of sweat and the Boatman’s cum being pulled out of my ass by his hard cock. After a few minutes, he shifted positions so I was on my back, my legs in the air. His cock pumped in and out of my hole, his grunts loud in my ear, and with each thrust he grunted louder and louder. “You want my strain added to the Boatman’s load in your hole?” “Fuck yeah,” I answered, adding “fill me up.” His thrusts got harder and faster. I closed my eyes, relaxed and waited for his nut to explode in my hole. Plunging full depth, he remained in that position motionless as his nut pulsed through his shaft, shooting this thick load into my waiting hole, a warm sensation filling my insides as his toxic load mixed with that of the Boatman. As his cock softened, his cock popped out of my hole. He reached for the plug, spat on it for lube, and re-inserted it into my hole. Then he got to his feet, stretched in satisfaction, and headed down the beach to the water calling out “Enjoy your stay on the island, embrace the gifts that you are receiving.” “Wait,” I said. He turned to me and stopped. “I have questions.” “Rest your mind, body and soul,” he said, “more visitors will be coming.” Walking into the water, he dove in and swam away into the sunlight.
  11. THE ISLAND Part One I wanted to get away, away from everything and everyone. Just me. Some place tropical, isolated from the main land - some place where a man can be alone with his mind and his cock. After an exhausting search, I found the perfect place, and island in the Pacific, just off Pitcairn Island - a UK territory. It was a small private island, just a thirty minute boat ride from Pitcairn. The accommodation offered a main house, which was stocked with all the essentials needed for one's stay. Thankfully, the two week period I wanted was available, so I booked my stay, my cock hard in my shorts as I did so. My vacation arrived quickly and the travel there seemed like an eternity. I had packed very light, practically nothing. I intended to be naked the whole time. With just my back pack over my shoulder, I walked from the air strip to the pier, a mere five minutes, and found the boat that was to take me to the island. The boat was The Todger. I called out and from below deck a God appeared. He was at least six foot five and close to three hundred pounds. My eyes went down his massive chest, down to his chiseled stomach to his waist, which was wrapped with a light blue fabric, which did not hide the mound of man meat hanging between his tree trunk legs. “Morning!” he said, extending his huge hand. “Morning,” I croaked in reply. “David?” he asked. I responded with just a nod, trying not to stare at this hunk so obviously. “Come aboard and we can be off” he said as he offered his hand, adding “I’m Jack.” I grabbed his hand and stepped aboard. I moved around to the front of the boat, to have a great view of where I was going. After untying the boat, getting behind the controls we were off. I tried to keep my eye on the beautiful surroundings, but they always came back to Jack. He was standing behind the controls, slowly rubbing his chest and working his hand down his abs. My cock was slowly growing in my shorts as I stared at him. The sun felt great on my body, so I pulled my shirt over my head and exposed my chiseled body to Jack. I wasn’t built like him, but I worked hard to look like I did. I felt the boat slow when we were about a ten minute ride from the pier. I turned to look toward the island and could make out the house, just steps away from the little beach. The boat slowly turned from our path to the house. “Going to take you around the island, let you see the sights and soak it in,” Jack said. I watched as the island grew closer. Palm trees and colorful flowers were every where. It was just as described on-line. I couldn’t take my eyes off this paradise, which was my home for the next two weeks. I glanced back at Jack and was surprised to see the blue fabric thrown across a box next to him. He was still behind the boat’s control, which blocked my view. “You like, David?” “Very much so," I replied, not sure exactly what he was referring to, but aware my reply would work for a myriad of situations. “Want to see more?” “Yes, please.” We made our way around the opposite end of the island. He stopped the motor of the boat once the pier and mainland island were out of view. I watched as he stepped out from behind the controls. He was naked. I could feel my eyes get bigger, my cock get harder and my hole twitch. His cock, at least six inches soft, was swinging between his legs, its head was covered by foreskin, hanging about an inch past the tip, tightening into a small opening. A smile slowly grew on his face. “Don’t be shy, strip down,” Jack suggested. I didn’t wait for him to tell me again. Jumping up I pulled my shorts down, my cock bounced out and slapped against my stomach. I kicked off my sandals and stepped out of my shorts. I quickly grabbed them and stuffed them in my bag. “You like what you see, don’t you,” Jack asked. “Fuck yeah.” He reached out his long arm and pulled me closer. I was now face to chest, his hands roamed my back, then shot down to my ass, kneeling my bubble butt cheeks in his massive hands. I could feel his finger tips sliding into my crack, gently moving across my hole. I pushed back into his hands as his his cock poked my stomach. I looked I was astounded by the sight of a thick ten inch cock jetting from his crotch, foreskin pulled back exposing just half of his massive head. “Let me welcome you to the island.” He quickly turned me around, lifted my right leg onto the side of the boat and dropped down behind me. Before I could move or say anything, his hands pulled my ass cheeks open and his tongue invaded my crack. As his wet tongue licked around my hole slowly, I sucked in the warm sea air. I tilted my head back, feeling the sun warm my face as this muscle God ate my hole. He slowly ran his tongue around the edge of my hole, then moved it into the middle, gently pushing it inside. His hot breath moved across my wet hole. Renewing his grip of my ass, he positioned a finger on each side of my hole, stretching it open. As he did his tongue invaded my hole deeper and deeper as it slid in and out. I moaned very loudly. My cock was hard and dripping pre-cum. I knew if I touched it I would shoot my load all over his boat. My hole was getting wetter and wetter with his spit. I could see his massive horse cock bouncing between his legs as he tongue fucked my hole. He was also leaking fuck juice, put it hung off his cock in a long string, getting closer and closer to the boat deck. He stood, gripping his cock in his hand, rubbing his massive hand across the head, coating it with the drool of fuck juice. He guided it to my crack and began to rub the tip against my hole, mixing his pre-cum with his spit, making my hole even more slippery. His free hand and arm wrapped around my chest as he held his cock at the base and pushed against my hole. I breathed in deep and pushed my hole back onto his cock head. I could feel the head slowly moving into my hole, stretching it open around it. His foreskin was pulled back completely. I felt the ridges of his cock head pass into my hole, then slowly inch by inch of his shaft entered me. My hole stretched more and more as he inched into my more and more. I could feel his hand pressing against my ass cheeks. He released his grip on his cock and slammed the remaining inches into me. I jumped only to be kept in place by his thick arm. I could feel pain coming from my stretched hole. I tried not to squeeze my hole, but I did, over and over adding to the pain "I'm gonna give you a proper welcome, something to remember me by,” Jack explained. Shifting his hands to my waist, he took a firm grasp, pulling his hips back until only his head was in my hole, only to suddenly, slam his horse cock deep into my hole. His grip on my waist kept me from flying forward as he pulled out and slammed in again. I grunted both in pain and pleasure. “Damn your hole is tight,” he commented with a growl, adding “Going to open you up.” He pulled completely out, then slammed all the way in. I let out a yelp which earned me his admonition “Scream you fucker, no one can hear you and if they did they would only come to fuck you too,” he said as he pulled out again, but before I could hold my hole open, he rammed it back in. This time I screamed loudly. My scream only made his cock harder and his thrusts even rougher. I continued to scream as he fucked me harder and faster, opening my hole more and more. “You’re going to be popular once I get the word out,” he said. “Fuck me,” I begged. “You’re going to get fucked, more than you know,” he said. He was pumping his cock in and out of my hole faster and faster, his balls swinging back and forth between his legs, grunting more and more often as his uncut cock slid in and out of my hole. “Here it comes,” he said, slamming into my ass balls-deep. I could feel his cock pulsing and jumping inside me, shooting his load deep into me. It was then that I realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom. I tried to pull off of him, I needed to push out his load. “Where do you think you are going?” he asked pulling me back onto his cock. “You fucked me without a condom,” I replied, adding “I only play safe.” “Not while you are here you don’t.” I watched him reach over and pull some thing out of a cubby near the controls for the boat. He flexed his cock, making it pulse more in my hole. My mind was panicking. “Squeeze my cock” he ordered. I tightened my hole around his cock as he slowly pulled it out. I was going to be sneaky and push out his load, but once his cock head was out, he pushed something into my hole deep. My hole stretched open around it then quickly tightened up. He pulled me up straight, holding me tightly against him. “It stays in until your next visitor,” he commended. "I will know if you took it out and there will be hell to pay if you don’t do as instructed.” I nodded wondering what I had gotten into. Only to have Jack mysteriously add "Need it to take.” “I don’t understand,” I replied. “You will” he said, “you will.” He released me and I moved to where I was seated before. He was still naked and started the motor again and we moved quickly to the dock near the house. I jumped off the boat and stood on the dock. “Guess you didn’t read the fine print of the site” he said laughing, “and it’s too late now - no access on the island.” He wrapped the fabric around his waist again, hiding his massive cock from view commenting “Don’t worry, I will shove it up your hole again,” as he clutched his soft cock through the fabric. I just nodded, standing naked, my bag over my shoulder. “Sun is good today. A good soak in it will help you relax,” Jack remarked. I watched as he moved to boat back out towards the main land, yelling “Won’t be long.” Entering the house, tossed my back pack on a chair, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and headed to the beach. I could feel my hole gripping the plug in my ass as I walked. I spread out the towel and laid face down in the sun.
  12. pozpuppy

    The Freak Show

    Part 22 I could hear someone moving into the booth behind me. A warm hand slowly moved about my ass cheeks. I could feel the roughness of the hands as they moved across my ass. The fingers opened my crack, exposing my hole. I could feel the tips rubbing my cummy hole. I closed my eyes, feeling the fingers explore my empty hole. “Awe pet, you like your hole played with and fucked, don’t you” Stinger asked. I moaned. I could hear the rustling of jeans behind me, knowing that this man had release his cock and was going to fuck me. “That’s it pet, push back on that wood wall, show him you are ready for that hard cock” A hard cock soon was being pulled up and down my crack. I could feel the cum moving with it. It wasn’t long until the head was lined up with my hole and pushing in. I pushed out a little as the head popped in and then the shaft slowly sank into my sloppy hole. Dumpy had opened me and I knew this cock would slid in with ease. There was noises coming from behind Stinger, as if men were fighting to get in and stick their cock through the glory hole and into my waiting mouth. “Get the fuck out of the way Stinger, unless you are going to give up that hole of yours!” someone yelled. I opened my eyes to see Stinger standing up on the other side of the hole. A pair of hands were undoing his jeans, pulling them open then down, exposing his cock and balls, then his thighs. “Looks like my hole is going to get a pounding pet” The cock in my hole was slowly moving in and out. I squeezed my hole around it, trying to keep the massive load of cum in, but it was leaking out, running down the back of my balls then dripping on the ground as the cock moved out. Stinger was now bent over and had put his hands on each side of the glory hole between us. His body jumped forward with each thrust of the cock that had rammed into him. He made no noise, nor did his facial expression change as it rammed in balls deep. I could see that he was really into getting fucked. His cock had hardened again and was bouncing between his thighs. The cock in me was pumping harder and faster. Felt like this one had a hair trigger and wasn’t going to last long in my cum filled hole. He was pounding his fist against the wood with each thrust into me as if he was pounding out the rhythm of his fucking for all to hear. “Damn, this attraction is going to bring in a shit load of money” someone said. “A cum load, is more like it” someone else said. “You know those straight fuckers will be pumping their cocks in that hole and filling it while their bitch wives watch their brats” “Every town we go, the breeder men are always looking for new ways to empty their nuts” The man behind me pumped me harder. My own cock was hard between my legs, bouncing with each thrust. A thin string of pre-cum hung from my piss slit down almost to my knees. I was so turned on hearing the others from the freak show talk about men coming and getting their nuts off. The man slammed his cock into my hole emptying his nuts, mixing his load in with Dumpy’s load. He pulled out quickly, pulling a large glop of cum out which ran down my sac and hit the floor adding to the puddle forming there. I think he nearly tripped trying to get out and pull his jeans up at the same time. Stinger was still getting his hole fucked as someone else entered the booth behind me. HIs cock was out and hard. It slid through the glory hole and right into my waiting hole. I moaned with pleasure as it began to pound me. “Stinger - get the fuck out of the way, my hard cock needs a hot mouth” someone said. I watch as a dirty hand pushed Stinger’s face to the side and stepped forward towards the glory hole in front of my face. The fingernails were not only black around the nail but also under it. “Wait until you taste the dick cheese and grease in my dick skin” His greasy dirty hands opened his jeans and pushed them down, exposing his hairy thighs and crotch. His cock was slowly expanding, growing in length as well as the head moving out of the skin hood covering it. I could see clumps of cheese on the head of his cock as well as some dark balls which looked like cheese that had mixed with the great from his hands. He stepped forwards and pushed his cock through the glory hole, without even thinking I stuck my tongue out and licked the cock. I could taste the foul tasting cheese as well as a mixture of sweat and piss that coated the cock. It jumped and grew more as I licked at the head and foreskin. He reached into the hole and pulled the foreskin back. I wrapped my lips around the exposed head and licked and sucked at the nasty cock. I gagged at the foul taste, but continued to suck on the hardening cock. “You think that tastes bad, wait until you suck on those straight cocks covered in pussy juice” I didn’t want to think about that. His cock was fully hard in a very short time. I started to move back and forth on it with my lips, moving my body forward, which slide down the cock in my hole, then back. I was fucking myself as I sucked his cock. “Stinger - eat that nasty hole while your pet sucks him off” someone yelled There was a very loud moan from the man I was sucking and I knew Stinger had shoved his tongue up his ass. I could only imagine how nasty that ass was. “Lick and suck deep Stinger - got a few loads in there for you” the man said. The man behind me slammed into me and shot his load deep. Guess everything going on was too much for him and drove him over the edge. I squeezed again trying to keep the loads deep in my ass. I started to suck faster on the cock in my mouth, until he pulled out, holding it just out of reach of my tongue on the other side of the glory hole. “Slow down fucker” he said. Behind me another man entered the booth, I expected a hard cock to come through the glory hole but it didn’t arrive, but a hard tongue did. “You have been fucked and creamed good” the man said. I recognized the voice as that of the Professor. I pushed my ass against the wooden wall and reached back and spread my cheeks for him. Immediately his tongue started to lick up and down my crack. It would pass over my fuck hole and push in a little. The cock came through the glory hole and I put my mouth over it and slowly sucking it in. I took it all the way down to the man’s hairy crotch, breathing in his musk then slowly backing off his cock. “that’s it nice and slow” The Professor was not licking my sac, sucking the cum off my balls that had leaked out and ran down from my ass. Once clean he want back to my hole, covered it with his lips and began to suck. “Push that cum out” Stinger said, taking a break from eating ass. I did. I felt a big jet of cum shoot out of my hole and into the Professors’ mouth. I could hear him moaning and slurping with delight as he swallowed all the cum he was getting from my fuck hole. His mouth and tongue felt so good. After a few minutes the tongue was removed from my ass and I felt a hard cock sliding into my hole. It went balls deep in one thrust. I moaned around the cock in my mouth and continued to slowly suck it. The Professor was pumping my cock fast and hard. I was pulling forward still and slamming my ass back to the wall as he was slamming his cock into my hole. Each thrust in more and more cum would shoot out, coating the wall and his crotch. I could feel it running down my balls as well. “Get ready to swallow my spunk” yelled the man I was sucking I pushed my mouth down and held it on the base of his cock. Suddenly his cock started to shoot as he jump a little. His load was thick and oozed out of this piss slit onto the back of my tongue. “Stinger, you fucker get your finger out of my hole” he yelled. “Works every fucking time.” Stinger said, “Don’t swallow my pet” The man pulled out and Stinger moved forward, brining the guy that was fucking him with him. He put his mouth in the glory hole and I moved forward meeting his lips. I have moved the cum around in my mouth and slid my tongue into Stinger’s mouth. We started to pass the man’s thick load back in forth, mixing it with our spit. We then split the mixture in two and swallowed what was in our mouths. The Professor was steadily fucking my sloppy hole, still brining cum out with him. The top fucking Stinger slammed into him and shot his load deep into Stinger’s hole. “Give me that disease fucker, all of it, every fucking drop” Stinger begged him. After the man pulled out of his ass, Stinger squatted down in from of the glory hole, watching me get fucked. “Sorry pet, but the Professor’s cock is the last one for now. You got to get cleaned up for tonight’s visitors” Professor slammed his cock in deep and emptied his toxic load into my hole. Once he had pulled out and left I turned around to give Stinger a view of my hole. “Damn you are on cum filled slut” he said laughing. He met me inside the fun house and we went to clean up for tonight’s visitors. I kept thinking about the straight cock I would be getting. When we were done, we had about thirty minutes before the fair opened. We walked through the maze of rides, booths and tents back to my place in the fun house. “You know pet, you get to pass your disease to the straight men too - it’s fucking twisted and hot knowing they will be taking it home to their wives, girlfriends or boyfriends.” he said with a laugh.
  13. pozpuppy

    Wet Spot in the Office

    Part 15 For some reason my nerves were getting the best of me with this letter from my boss. Now that I was infected with HIV and almost every other STD in the world, my mind wondered if I was going to be kicked to the curb. I ripped the envelope open and pulled out the folded sheet of paper inside. You Blindfolded Ass up - Door Open Friday Noon to Midnight Fuck - I just hoped I felt good on Friday, but when it rolled around I felt like shit. I was weak, achy, having hot and cold flashes, sore throat and more. I did what I needed to do to prepare and was ready before noon. I unlocked my door and went back to bed, tied a blindfold around my eyes and laid with my ass up. Waiting for what was to come. I must have fallen asleep quickly, because a hard slap on my ass cheek caused me to open my eyes. The hand squeezed my cheek really hard then slid a finger in my crack. The sharp nail digging into the flesh of my hole made me wince in pain, squeezing my ass muscles. Quickly, another slap on my ass cheek. “Bitch, don’t fight me” a mysterious deep voice said. Taking a deep breath I relaxed as the finger returned to my hole, sliding inside. It started moving in and out, dry fucking my hole, causing more pain. “Heard this hole was filled with more STDs than a street walker after shore leave” I just nodded as the finger pulled out completely then slammed back in, fingernail scratching the sides of my hole, then sliding in deep “Going to fill your hole with my strain, want my load to kill you bitch” Fuck, what they hell - it’s never been like this. Not his even. “I’m so toxic my cum burns” he said, “ boarder line AIDS!” I could hear him undoing his belt and his pants. The buckle made a loud bang as it hit the floor. He quickly jumped on the bed and get between my legs. He positioned it cock at my hole. I could feel him jabbing it a little into my hole. “Hold on tight fucker, here I come” With that he rammed his cock hard into my hole, with almost no resistance my hole opened up and his cock slid into me hard and fast. The pain shot through my body, as his crotch press against my ass. He quickly slid his arm around my neck and squeezed tight. “Fuck buddy - your hole feels good and tight - I must be the first today” I nodded, his grip on my neck tightened as he pulled his cock out and then slammed back into my hole. I tried to relax more, but with his arm around my neck I couldn’t get really relaxed. He kept pulling out and ramming in my hole more and more. His cock would hit my hole and push in driving balls deep. “Fuck bitch, I like it when your hole tries to fight it” he said. His hand slapped down on my hip as he slammed into me again. His balls were hitting my ass as he pressed into me. A loud clapping noise was being made as our flesh slapped against each other as his cock rammed in and out of my hole. His full body weight was on me adding to the difficulty breathing as he held his arm around my neck. His breath was hot on my ear. “Gonna fill you with my venom cum” he said into my ear. Even over the noises of our fucking and his groans and grunts in my ear, I could still hear my front door opening and closing as another top arrived. “Fuck yeah, opening him up for me” a new voice said. “You’re sloppy seconds again, bud” the man fucking my hole replied. “Just the way I like them” I could hear the new man stripping off his clothes and dropping them to the floor, then the bed moving as he climbed on it, positioning himself in front of my head. “Open up bitch and stretch your mouth around this horse cock” the man fucking me ordered. I didn’t hesitate, I opened as wide as I could and still struggled with getting my lips around the girth of the new cock. The first man continued to fuck my hole, ramming in and out of me. He released his grip around my neck, put both elbows into my back and grabbed head in between his hands. “Fucking gag the bitch with that horse cock” he said to the new man. I could feel the cock in my mouth still expanding as it got harder and harder. My lips were being stretched more and more as it lengthened and thickened. As it grew, I ran my tongue over the big acorn head in my mouth. I wanted to brace my hands on this man’s thighs but fought the urge. He pulled out of my mouth a bit, leaving only the head in, then slowly pushed back in. His shaft slowly ran across my tongue as it moved closer and closer to my throat. I closed my eyes under the blindfold and relaxed my throat. The massive cock slid in further and I soon felt the head sliding into my throat. I breathed deep as it slowly cut off my air way. I could feel the heat of the man’s crotch nearing my face, but it wasn’t touching it yet. My head was locked between the top’s hands as he continued to pound my hole, only stopping the pounding to grind deeper into my hole. My lips felt like they were slipping open on in the corners from being stretched open as the girth of the cock in my mouth get wider and wider. Suddenly, the cock in my mouth pushed in fast and I felt the man’s smooth, hot crotch press against my face. He continued to push inwards, pressing harder and harder against my face. My eyes began to water as he held his cock deep in my throat preventing me from breathing. Panic started to set in. “Choke him out with that third leg, fucker” the top said. “His fucking throat muscles are sneezing my cock, fuck man feels so god damn good” He pushed in hard one last time and pulled out, his cock bringing up the thick spit from deep in my throat. As his cock dropped out, I coughed up more thick spit and it shot out of my mouth and then ran down my chin. He pulled his cock head up through it, coating it. “Open” he ordered. I opened wide and his cock was pushed in, this time fast, giving me no chance of getting lung fulls of air. I wasn’t ready and his cock stabbed at the back of my throat, gagging me. I pulled back, only to have the top push me forward with this hands. “Oh fuck no bitch, you take that fucking cock down your throat” he said Quickly, I inhaled and opened wider. The massive cock slid in and past my throat again. His balls hit my chin fast and he held his cock in me. The top was still pumping his cock in and out at a steady pace, just not as rough. His head was near mine, giving him a front row seat to the face fucking that was about to happen. The cock slowly pulled back only enough to let me exhale and inhale, then pushed back in, seconds later it pulled out further, then pushed in. The man started to slowly pull out and then quickly push back in. I soon had his rhythm down, allowing me to breath as he pulled out. Each time he pulled out, he would pull more and more of his cock out, only to shove it back in deep. He continued this until the cock head was the only part in, then he drove back in over and over. The top in my ass seemed to be pulling out and pushing in at the same rhythm. I moaned deeply with this new pleasure. “Fuck he’s purring around my cock” the man in my throat said. This only encouraged both men to speed up their pumping of their cocks in my holes. The balls of the top were not as loose in the sac any more, I could feel them tightening up, knowing he was close to shooting in my infectious hole. “Getting close bitch, that toxic venom is churring in my nuts” he said “Fuck yeah buddy, fill him so I can slam this monster dick in his hole” The cock in my mouth pulled out, just enough that I could run my tongue all over the head and about a couple of inches behind it. The cock in my hole was moving in and out like a jack rabbit in heat. Each stroke was getting shorter and shorter, yet faster and faster. “Of fuuuuuckkkk! Here is comes you fucking faggot whore” he yelled I moaned as I worked my tongue around the cock head in my mouth “Fucking filling your hole with death” he yelled. I could feel his cock pulse and jump in my ass, he pulled out and slammed in over and over. “Milk it you bug chasing bitch, Milk it” I squeezed hard around his cock, my hole tightened as he pulled it out. Releasing my head, he jumped off me, then pulled me around to jam his used cock into my mouth. “Clean it whore, fucking clean it” he ordered The second man, quickly moved towards my ass. His hand slapped it three times, each time slapping it harder and harder. I could feel his cock resting in my crack. My ass check started to get warm from his slaps, but i couldn’t yell out since I had a softening cock in my mouth, tonguing it, tasting my ass, blood and cum on it. “You might want to pull out, I’m about to go in fast and deep” the new top said. WIth a pop, the soft cock pulled out of my mouth. “Go for it!!” the man said.
  14. pozpuppy

    My BF and the Escort

    After the two men left, we realized that we have blown off the invite to head over to the other’s place to fuck. Oh well, there would be others. We sat looking at each other, both thinking about what to do next. “Get your slut shorts on” Peter said. I went over to my bag and pulled out a pair of short shorts, ones where my balls fell out. Before I could put them on, Peter grabbed them and ripped a hole in the ass. I slid them on and looked in the mirror. My balls had already fallen out and when i turned I could see my ass. The hole was perfectly lined up so a man could slide his cock in the hole and then deep into my fuck hole. “We going to the bars?” I asked Peter. He shook his head no. “Clothing optional resorts?” Again he shook his hand no. “What then” “You will see” was all he said. We left the motel room and got in the car. Peter went to the driver side and me to the passenger. Silently we got in and drove off. I had no idea where we were going. The night air was warm and the stars lite the night sky. He drove then turned down a dark street, the street lights were not working. I could see a bar at the end of the road, but before that there was an adult bookstore. “Get out” he said stopping the car in between the two. “What” “Get the fuck out. You’re going to work the corner” he said. “I don’t think so” “I said get the fuck out and walk the street” he ordered with a more aggressive voice. I slowly got out and shut the door. “See that dumpster over there” I nodded. “Take your johns there - suck, fuck I don’t care what you do, just no fucking condoms and no fucking pulling out your hole” “Where will you be” “Not far and don’t question me bitch” he said, punching the gas hard and driving off. I watched the red tail lights disappear as he turned a corner and began to pace a little. There was not much traffic on this road. I began to pace in the small corner. I could see a car coming and I turned and stuck my ass outwards, advertising my hole for business. The car slowed and pulled up beside me. Inside was a older man, dressed in shorts and a tank. I was bent over head in the passenger window. His hand was slowly massaging his crotch. “Hey Daddy, you looking for some fun” I said “I’m looking for a hole to fuck” he said. I turned around and showed him my hole. “Will that do” “Fuck yeah, get in” he said. “Park and follow me, my pimp wants to keep an eye on me” He didn’t hesitate. He parked near by and got out. I could see his hard cock making a big bulge in his shorts. “Oh Daddy, no condom and no pull out okay” “You want my cum up that hot pussy” “Yes I do” “I’m poz with a high viral load” he said “Convert me” In the darkness by the dumpster, he pulled out his cock and spit on it. He lined it up and rammed it deep in my hole. I yelped a little, just so he thought it hurt, but in fact my hole was open and loaded with cum. “A little sloppy pussy boy” “My pimp loaded me with his neg cum” I said. “Your pussy wants poz cum, right boy” “Yes Daddy” He pumped his thick cock in and out of my hole. It was beer can thick but not long, so the movements were short. He grunted with each thrust. I looked around and didn’t see Peter anywhere. I did see a man walking about. He didn’t look our way but he was there and I wondered if he could hear us or see us. The man’s hands roamed my chest and pinched my nipples as he grunted and pumped his cock in and out. I could feel his breath on my back, hot and sticky. My balls were swinging in the night air. “Here is comes pussy boy” he said. He pushed in and grunted. I pushed back making sure that his poz load shot into my hole and none shot anywhere else. “Thank you boy” he said as his dick softened and fell out of my hole. “Thank you Daddy and tell your friends” He quickly tucked his cock in and walked to his car. Once he left I went back to my corner, strutting around selling my merchandise - I wondered if I was suppose to get money. I shrugged it off and watched another car drive towards me. I began to panic when I saw it. It was a police car. Fuck just what I needed. It pulled up next to me and I bend down looking in the passenger window. Inside as a Hispanic police man. “What do we have here” “Waiting for my ride, ripped my shorts and he is suppose to come get me” “That’s a new one” “I don’t understand” “I’ve heard all the excuses,” he said, “your selling that ass” “I’m not” I replied and with out thinking I added, “I’m giving it away for free” “Free ass? Not a very good prostitute are you” He put his patrol car in park and got out. He was tall and built. When he got around to my side of the car, he opened the back passenger door and put me in. I watched Peter go by as I was getting in. I was pissed. “Please Sir” “Shut up bitch we are going for a ride” he said. He pulled away and we were off. “Am I under arrest” “Shut up” We drove a short distance and went down a dark alley way. He turned into an even darker loading dock and stopped the car. Shutting it off and turning off all the lights, he got out, again coming to the passenger side. He opened the door, reached in and grabbed me by my hair. “Get out here” he said pulling me. I moved quickly and got out. Grabbing my arm, he pulled me up to the hood of his car into the dark. “Hands on the hood and keep them there” he said. I did as I was told, the hood was hot from the engine running. “You run and I will taser you and take you in for hooking and resisting arrest, understand” I nodded. He let go and I stood there with my hands on the hood, bent over slightly. Using his foot he lightly kicked my leg, wanting me to widen my stance, which I did. I kept my eyes looking directly thru the windshield, staring into the car, wondering if there was a dash cam. I heard the faint sound of a zipper going down. Holy shit he’s going to fuck me, I thought. I could hear him moving behind me. He grabbed my hair again and rammed his cock in me. “You fucking piece of faggot shit” he said, “Your ass is a cum dump” He pulled my hair, making me tilt my head back. His cock was pumping in and out of my ass. HIs cock was much longer than the old man’s and just as thick. “Bet you are on of those AIDS chasing faggots.” he said, “you queer for AIDS” “Yes” I said silently. “Say it loud cock whore, scream it” “I’m an AIDS chasing faggot” I screamed into the dark alley, listening to the echo off the buildings. “You know this city is filled with AIDS carrying cock suckers and ass fuckers” he said “Yes sir” I replied. “This town is so toxic AIDS is in the water” I didn’t know what to say. “You think I have AIDS, whore” “No Sir” I said. “That’s where you are wrong faggot” he said. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was getting fucked by a cop who was toxic. Holy shit. I wished Peter was here. Fuck where was he now? The cop thrusted his cock in deep, pressing his belt into my ass. His head was next to mine. I could feel his hot breath in my air as he pressed into me harder and harder. “I’m full blown faggot” he said starting to pump my hole with is cock again. “I’m going to shoot my mutated AIDS cum deep into that neg hole of yours” “Please” “Are you begging for it or begging for me not to” he asked. “Please give me your AIDS” “You twisted fucking faggot whore” he said, “You want it?” “Yes Sir” “You better have a good reason for wanted it, for wanting death” “My boyfriend is poz, he brought me here without me knowing he had set up an escort to poz me, then other men started to come over and poz me” “That’s one twisted fucker” he said, “tell me more” “He had me dress like this and put me on the corner to get more poz loads” He was pumping my ass faster, slamming his cock into me hard. His cock was stiffening up as he listened and fucked me. “And you were willing to do this” “Yes” He was pulling my hair harder, my head went back farther and I was almost on my tip toes. His cock was pumping in and out of my hole. He was breathing heavier and heavier. His buckle was digging into my ass as he thrusted into me. “I’m close faggot, tell me again what you want” “I want your AIDS” I screamed into the darkness. “You got it” he said slamming his cock deep and dropping his weight onto my back. My insides suddenly felt hot as he shot his load into my hole. I closed my eyes and breathed deep. “Too late fucker, the damage is done” he said. He pulled his cock out of me and wiped it on my shorts. I was afraid to turn around to see if the front of his pants were a miss. “Now get the fuck out of here, you twisted fucking pervert” I didn’t hesitate. I moved quickly from the car and start almost running the way we had come in. I past the bar and saw Peter sitting in our car looking around for me. I quickly got in and closed my eyes. “What happened” he asked, “Were you arrested” “No I was fucked” I said. “Fucked? By the cop” “Yes asshole, by the cop, over the hood of his patrol car” “Was he poz” Peter asked “No he was full blown” “Huh” “He said he had AIDS you twisted fucker” Peter’s eyes grew big. He started the car and we were off. We went the same direction that I had come. I could see lights coming down the alley. When we turned onto the road to head back, red and blue lights appeared behind us. I just closed my eyes and sunk down in the seat. Peter pulled over and rolled down the window and turned off the car. Next thing I saw was the cum stained crotch of a cop in his door window. “Step out of the car, both of you” the cop said and stepped back.
  15. pozpuppy

    Dad's Basement

    Dad’s Basement Part Thirty Nine Once in Doc’s bedroom, James laid down on the bed. Gripping his huge hard cock by the base he pointed it up, like a huge, dark flagpole standing y’all. My hole twitched just looking at that massive cock. “Sit on it, son” Dad said smiling. “Yeah boy, slide that hot little boy pussy down my shaft, wanna try what I have heard so much about” I jumped up on the bed, straddling James’ hips and slowly lowered myself down. I felt the big acorn shaped cock head pressing against my hole. I pushed out a little and felt it slowly sliding into me. The muscles in my hole’s ring, slowly started to stretch, opening up, but still gripping the cock head tightly. I slowly continued to slide down on his cock, time felt as if it was standing still as I moved millimeter by millimeter down his cock. Doc climbed up on the bed and held a little brown bottle under my nose. I breathed deeply and held my breath. I released and he shoved the bottle back under my nose. I felt Dad climb up on the bed and get behind me. His hands moved and came to rest on each of my shoulders. After releasing my breath, Doc shoved the brown bottle under my nose and I huffed deeply for the third time. Once he removed the bottle and while I was still holding my breath, Dad started to push me down, at a quicker pace than I was doing at first. I felt James’ big cock head pop into my hole. My hole was still stretched but not as much as it was getting his cock head into me. I could feel the rush of the poppers traveling through me, hitting every nerve in my hole, causing them to spasms around James’ shaft. My head was pounding, I could feel my heart beat in my ears and feel it in my temples. The swimming sensation in my head followed. Dad pushed on my shoulders and in my relaxed popper trance, I slid down more. I could feel his cock pushing seeping inside me. “Just over halfway down” Doc said. “Pushing at the inner ring” James said, “got to break through” Dad pushed down again, I threw my head back, looking up at him. He mouthed the words “breathe and relax.” I took a deep breath and my hole dropped further down the thick monster of a cock in me. I felt my deep inner ring slowly giving way to his cock head. It spread enough that with the next push from Dad, the head popped through. I jumped a little, trying to get up a little, but Dad held me down. I was now about three-fourth of the way down his shaft. Doc moved and straddled James, his ass in my face. It was smooth and firm. “Eat his loads out of my hole, whore boy” Doc demanded. I grabbed his cheeks and spread them wide. It was the first time I got a look at Doc’s fuck hole. It had a natural puffiness to it, as if he had lips. I stuck my tongue out, then pushed it into his pucker. At the same time, Dad pushed me the rest of the way down on James’ monster cock. I let out half a scream and half a moan. The pain was more pleasure than pain. I sucked in, getting some cum from Doc’s ass on my tongue. Dad moved and was now on his stomach between James’ muscular dark thighs. I could feel him pulling open my ass crack with his finger tips. His tongue invaded my crack and was licking my stretched open hole and what was showing of James’ cock. James was slowly stroking Doc’s cock as I licked and sucked his asshole. “Damn now this is a sight to be seen” a voice said from behind me. No one stopped what they were doing. I figured who ever this was would either join us or leave. Dad’s breathe was hot in my crack, he was licking everywhere. “Okay boy, start riding” James said. I slowly started to raise up, sliding my hole back up his cock, feeling his head pop out of my inner ring. I only lifted off about half way up his shaft and then started to slide down. I closed my eyes as his cock head popped back through my second ring and slid back down to his root. My tongue was moving around Doc’s hole. “Fuck eat my ass man” Dad said to the unknown man that had come in. “As long as I can slide my AIDS cock in and infect you with my strain” the man said. “That you can and you can put it up my son’s too” “Yeah?” “Yeah, after he gets James’ toxic load” I heard Dad grunt and blow hot air up my ass and on the black cock. I was getting use to his thickness and started to slid up and down faster. Doc had now moved and was squatting over James’ face, allowing him to eat on his hole. “Rich, I forgot about your appointment, but glad you joined us” “Fuck if I get to shoot my death up some ass it’s worth the visit” “Yeah, and I think their might be another job for you, if Matt is serious with his plan” “You know I’m game for anything” Dad was grunting more and more as Rich fucked his ass. I was fucking my hole on James’ hard cock. James was moaning as I worked my ass on his shaft and he tongue fucked Doc’s hole. I was moaning like a bitch in heat with the massive monster up my fuck hole. Doc moved off of James’ face and off the bed. James grabbed me and rolled me over onto my back without his cock coming out of my hole. I pulled my legs up and rested my ankles on his shoulders. I grabbed his arms and held on for my life. He pulled almost completely out of my hole and rammed it back it, causing me to push upwards on the bed and scream a bit. “You’re in for a power fuck, son.” Dad said. I could feel him slowly pulling out again, only to the point of his head puling at the ring of my hole, then slammed back in. With each of his thrusts, he began to speed up, balls bounding off my ass. I bit my lips to keep from screaming again. Dad was still on his belly, but had scooted up and was again licking my ass and James’ cock and balls. Rich was fucking him with the same speed and force that I was getting fucked by James. Doc was behind Rich working his nipples as he rammed Dad’s muscle ass. My hole began to ache from being stretched open by the thick cock, but I was loving every minute of it. The feel of the shaft rubbing my pussy walls was sending pleasure through my body. My cock was rock hard and leaking my fuck juice all over my stomach. “Boy your pussy is tight around my cock, but feels better than your Daddy’s hole” “What the fuck James?” Dad grunted as he was fucked hard. “He can take it deeper than you, but I will still fuck that hole anytime you want” James replied. “Yeah, well your hole is next and I am going to fuck you hard and put you away wet” “Fuck yeah, piss sounds like fun” Rich slammed his body down on Dad, knocking the wind out of him. I could feel the big rush of air flow quickly on my ass and hole. James slammed into me hard when he felt Dad’s air hit his balls and cock. Dad gasp for air as Rich continued to slam his cock into him. A loud slapping sound filled the room as he fucked Dad’s hole. “Want my death?” he asked Dad. “Fuck yeah, grim reaper me fucker” I tried looking around James to see my Dad get a load of deadly seed pumped into his ass. Rich had slammed his cock into him all the way and was grunting and pushing his body hard against, rising up slightly then slamming back in. James continued his assault on my hole, driving in and out of me at a rapid pace. His balls were swinging back and forth hitting my ass harder and harder. I could still feel Dad’s tongue licking away at us as we fucked. James’ hand suddenly grabbed me at my throat, squeezing my neck as he fucked me. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. With each thrust in of his cock, he tightened his grip on my throat. My balls began to tighten as he pounded my ass and choked me. I couldn’t hold it in, I shot my load. The first jet of cum went high in the air and hit the head board, while the rest pumped out and landed on my face, then slowly going lower and lower on my body. I could feel my hole squeezing James’ cock as the muscles in my groin and ass contracted with the shooting of my cum. James’ body stiffened and he pushed his massive hard cock in deep. My ass was lifted off the bed as he pushed further into me. He grunted over and over, tensing up his body as his cum shot deep into my hole. I could feel every contraction of his cock as he shot. He bent down and started to kiss me. I could feel the stubble of hair around his lips stabbing my skin. Our tongues invaded each others mouths. I squeezed my ass around his cock, but only made the deflating cock slip from my hole. “I think it’s time for a death bomb to be dropped deep into your son’s hole” Rich said. “As long as I can slid my cock deep into his pussy hole with your Rich” Doc said. “After taking that monster” Rich said pointing to James’ cock, “I think it will be easy” Doc pushed James and I out of the way and laid down on the bed, holding his cock straight in the air. “Ride the pony little boy” Doc said smiling evilly. I jump back on the bed and sat down on his cock, sliding in deep in just one movement. My hole was open. I started to fuck myself on Doc’s cock, slicking his shaft with the cum that was inside my hole. “Get in here Rich, he’s open” Rich pushed me forward, lined up his cock with my hole, on top of Doc’s hard shaft deep in my hole and pushed in, fast. I inhaled fasted and deep, looking Doc straight in the eyes. My hole stretched further than what it did with James’ cock in me. Doc’s arms wrapped around my back, holding me down and keeping me in place. Rich’s cock got in as deep as it cock. My hole pressed their cocks together. Each one started moving, different times and speed. My hole hurt from being stretched more than when James was deep in me. I was pinned down on top of Doc and wasn’t able to see what James and Dad were up to. Rich grabbed my hair and pulled, lifting my head up. My eyes were completely closed. I could hear someone else getting fucked, somewhere in the bedroom. I thought it was James up Dad’s hole again, but didn’t know. If he got another load out of James’ cock, I knew I was going to eat and suck on Dad’s ass later. Doc and Rich cocks were moving in complete opposite, when one was going in the other was pulling out. My body shook with pleasure. I could hear my hole slurping up their cum covered cocks. “Double fuck me harder” I demanded. Rich pulled his cock completely out and then rammed it back in. I felt a sharp pain from my hole which quickly reminded me that my hole had a little rip in it. “Fuck Doc, think I ripped him a new hole” “Fuck son, they broke your cherry again” Dad said. I was a bit panicked knowing that I was bleeding and they had not stopped fucking me, but that they were now getting a bit rougher. Rich was still pulling completely out and ramming his hard cock back in, each time getting harder and harder. “My death seed has a new way into your body, boy” “You two have ripped him open good, I’m seeing some pink” Dad said. I opened my eyes to see James bent over the bed watching me getting double fucked, behind him Dad was pumping his cock deep inside James’ dark pucker. It was so hot, Dad’s hairy body tensing up as he pump into James’ hole. “Fuck that boy of yours can take a pounding” James said. “Yeah he’s a natural bottom. Took to it like a true poz pig” I was moaning and grunting as Doc and Rich rough fucked my hole, oinking a bit too. James was grunting even louder as Dad pumped his hole with his big daddy dick. My hole was leaking cum, pink cum as the blood mixed with it. Rich stopped pulling out and ramming my hole, was not back to pumping it opposite Doc. Doc grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them open more as he pushed in deep. “Loading you up boy” he moaned. Rich continued to pump my hole, rubbing Doc’s throbbing cock as he shot deep in me. I could feel the muscles pulsing in his lower abs as he emptied his balls. Rich continued to pump my hole, which was so sloppy and making all kinds of obscene noised. “The grim is knocking on your door boy” Rich said. I squeezed my hole the best I could, trying to push Rich over the edge and have him shoot his death into my hole. I sat up and leaned back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and pumped harder. I knew my hole had tightened up a bit more in this position. He moaned and grunted in my ear. “Here comes death boy” Rich pushed in as deep as he could, grabbed my hair in his fist and kissed me. Even his mouth tasted of death, as if he was rotting away. His cock jumped over and over, pushing against my hole. “Take his seed boy,” Dad yelled, “he’s giving you a gift like no other can” Rich pushed hard into me and held me tight. Doc’s cock was now soft and slipped out of my used hole. Rich pushed me forward down on Doc and collapsed on my back. “That as is so fucking hot boy,” Rich said, “I want to fuck it as I take my last breathes, even if I have to pump my self full of drugs to keep my cock hard” “Damn Rich that’s twisted” Dad said. “Want my last load of cum to go deep into his hole, as I exhale my last breath” Dad slammed into James, his body tensed up, muscles contracted, as his piss slit opened and his poz cum splashed James’ insides. James and Dad collapsed next to us on the bed. “Now let’s here this plan you have to take out Dax” For the next forty-five minutes I talked to the four men about getting even with Dax and being rid of him once and for all.

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