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  1. useme21

    POLL: CONDOMS: Does ANYONE ever use them?

    I would love only use condoms in stealth, was broken before or destroy it while sex, like should happento my asshole. Also, I would love find used condoms and... well, this part is obvious... and it will very nasty
  2. useme21

    The Gifted Virgin

    I loved the history... I like the characters. I can feel them as humans and every detail of the story insert un their world.
  3. Good and white parties to everyone!!!


    1. TagBoy87


      That ass needs raping and poz breeding

    2. useme21


      Of course, my virgin hole needs be destroyed

  4. thanks

    1. useme21


      You're welcome. Thanks to you

  5. I'm need change my zodiac sign, of Virgo to Scorpio... Anyone want help me?

    -0 1.jpg

    1. Read1


      I'm a Virgo and won't be changing my sign! I love it too much!

    2. useme21


      Oh.. well.... I understand You

  6. useme21

    On-Line Gamers Gift

    I loved your story... I would love meet special gamers and play a lot the games, even hungry sexual games
  7. Wow... I would love your story of love.. My name is David and I'm virgin colombian
  8. Hi there, 

    Venezuela must be nice.

    1. useme21


      Hi.... Well, I'm colombian... I didn't understand your message but i like Venezuela's guys.

  9. useme21

    No Risk... No Fun

    My name is David and You made me feel identified with Davis ... I would love for a guy or a big group of guys to do me something like this in my first time... Anyone is interested in rape me as this?This is my ass
  10. useme21

    STDs On Demand

    I would like that someone as Alan fuck me in my first time..
  11. useme21

    No Risk... No Fun

    I will need a translator support for write a commentary.. I love your stories
  12. Terror story... But I would like have one or more stalker guys
  13. useme21

    Poz Play

    Simple story, great story...
  14. Thanks for follow me

  15. In a vídeo room.. In the dark room... Three cocks... 17, 20 25 cm... Delicious... 25cm CUM in my troath and mouth

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. useme21


      Thanks, guys...  My troath hurts a lot... 20cm was a little sadist... I loved it... Fuck my troath un Three tomes..  

    3. TagBoy87


      I'm happy you finally got to have fun  = D 

    4. useme21


      Yeah... But only oral fun.. I would like all dirty fun... I after went to a gay disco and drunk a little... I wanted that someone fuck me or even anyone raped me... I also left my cocktails without care for some rapist guy

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