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  1. Takegiveswap


    Eastern N.Y. on the VERMONT border. Pawlett, Manchester, Granville Let's hook up
  2. Takegiveswap


    Really beautiful. !!!
  3. Takegiveswap


    Traveling through out Vermont foe the next week or so. Any Vermonter's ? Any recommendations for must see's ? Input greatly appreciated.
  4. Alot of great responses here. [Bestiality deleted] And yes, I enjoyed it alot
  5. Takegiveswap


    You should, garage parties are anything goes. The trails most weekend nights are packed with horny men
  6. Takegiveswap


    Alot of breeding going on last weekend. Hoping for the same this weekend.
  7. Takegiveswap

    Finally surpassed my 6 load record.

    Happy you broke your record. Go for more next time. My personal best is 8 .
  8. Takegiveswap


    Always looking to take and give loads, Sawmill Campground, Dade City.
  9. Takegiveswap

    Semen Demon

    Freeze it in a condom then use it as a dildo.
  10. Takegiveswap

    Why AIDS and why I won't stop until I get it

    HAIL S a t a n, can't wait to be full blown!
  11. Takegiveswap

    Remembering my First BBC

    Love BBC
  12. Takegiveswap

    Questing For The Most Loads

    I'm all for Florida's gay Campgrounds. It's awesome naked outdoor fucking.
  13. Takegiveswap

    POZ me

    I agree with Arizona, keep the strain strong. No meds !

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