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  1. Nice to find someone nearby where I am! very nice poz cock man!

  2. Hooked up with my guy from last week with the nice 10 inch BBC. He gave me such a nice fucking and a big load deep in my hole One thing he did when he was all the way deep in my ass was pulsed his dick which really felt fucking good. He said several times that my hole was gaping open when he pulled out. I can't wait to hook up yet again. I'm not lying when I say in all the years of of getting fucked, he is without a doubt the best fuck I think I've had!
  3. My original plans for today fell thru and was looking for something to do. I had been talking for about a week to a guy from bbrts and loved his pics and his 10 inch BBC. I've never taken a 10 inch dick before but In talking to him, he was def. Interested in fucking and breeding my ass. We had originally planned to meet Wednesday but when I mentioned my planned fell out, he invited me up to his place today. I got to his place and went right to town on his massive dick. Didn't take long for him to get hard and he was truly 10 inches of hot black cock! It felt so good in my mouth and enjoyed going as far down as I could, even if it meant gagging. Once he was ready he got me in the bed and I prepared myself for taking his cock. I was very nervous and huffed several poppers and he went in. He, thankfully, went slow and let my hole open and I got used to it before he went all the way inside. I took all 10 inches like a champ. He started fucking me fast and after 20 mins, he bred me so deep it felt great! I will def. See him again! After, I went to the local botanical gardens to get some fresh air and once I arrived I got a message from another guy nearby that wanted to fuck. Since I was freshly fucked and bred, I went over to his place. He had a 9 inch BBC and I sucked him for about 15 and he fucked another load in my ass shortly after. Felt so fucking good to be a slut today and take some hot BBC not once but twice!
  4. thanks for the Rep sexy!

    1. dickluva


      Thanks for following me too:drool:

    2. jimazoid04


      of course! i would enjoy taking a hot load from that dick of yours!

  5. I went to Columbus OH for a friends Wedding this past weekend. I knew I was going to have free time the day after, so I had planned to go to Club Columbus, This seemed like the best place for some fun. I had never been to a Club/Bathhouse like this before so it was all new territory for me. Lets just say I wish i LIVED in Columbus, as it was the most fucking amazing experience im my life to date. I was there for 8 hours. I started off just getting the feel of the place and see how it worked. Once I loosened up, the gloves came off and I started enjoying myself. During my time there, I recall: sucking at least 20 guys, Swallowed 8 loads, fucked by 4 guys, 3 whom bred me and one fucked me and didn't finish (had a popper overload that killed his mood) I tried the sling they had, but by the time I felt up to trying it, the place had kinda mellowed down. Though one guy fingered me and i think got at least 4 fingers in. Another one played roughly with my nips for about a good 30 mins. This guy invited me into his room for some toy play on my ass, but I was approaching my time limit, so never got to. Had one awkward moment while I was there, a guy passed me and just exchanged looks and asked if I was a top/bottom to which I said I was all bottom. Later, he started sucking me and asked me to his room. When we go into his room, he pushed me down, lubed up by dick and sat on my cock. For a few seconds I actually for the first time topped, but I have the issue of staying soft if im not directly jerking or someone is sucking me until I cum. Since it wasn't what he was hoping, we parted ways. Overall, this was an amazing experience that I hope to do again sometime soon, My nearest Major city that would have something similar is in DC so maybe I'll plan a weekend getaway!
  6. Fuck I would love to have that cock in my hole!

  7. hello there. thanks for the follow!!

    1. cockluvrJim


      you are welcome my friend.

    2. jimazoid04


      Wish we were closer to hookup

  8. When I went to NYC the other week, I had posted my travel details on a few sites. This guy messaged me and wanted to hook up with me when I came. Well at the time, I hadn't planned to spend the night, but still talked to him to keep him updated. I decided a few days before to sleep overnight so I could get some sleep before i drove back home. I told him what I had planned and he and I made plans to meet when I was finished with what brought me to NYC for the night. We went back to my hotel room and got down to business. He was a sexy Latino with a nice 7' uncut cock, very thick. He fucked me for awhile, called me a whore and a slut since he was fucking me raw and wanted his load. I sure fucking did! He fucked me SO deep every thrust hit my prostate. It was a feeling ive really never had before and loved it! eventually he came and gave me his load! He spent the evening with me sleeping and of course he warned me that he may wake up in the night and start fucking me, which he did 2 more times and gave me 1 more load! Best part of my trip!
  9. I will be coming to NYC on Jan 17th for the day. Attending an event in the evening, but was hoping to do something either before or after. I've never been so I have no clue where some good places are. I will be in the area of Battery Park. I can walk somewhat or take the subway close by. Any suggestions would be nice!
  10. Forgot to post, but about 3 weeks ago, talked to a very sexy black guy who was in the area and loved a big guy. I messaged him and went to sleep. When I got my evening started, we messaged me and we went back and forth for a short while and we had planned to meet at his motel. Met him early in the morning and I was not disappointed! He was about 8c thick black cock. I was nervous, as I have a tight hole and worried it would hurt like hell, but I had my poppers with me to help. Hooked up and kissed, sucked for about 20 mins, and then he worked over my hole with his tongue and got it nice and ready for his dick. When he was ready, he went in and After I started huffing my poppers, I was pleasantly surprised how much it did not hurt! I was so happy, as this was making me nervous. After I realized I could handle it, I fully relaxed and he fucked me steady for about 20 mins. Then I heard the nice sweet words he was ready to cum. He unloaded a nice amount of cum in my hole and I was so fucking happy to have been bred, as it had been awhile from my last time! He stayed in me for a few mins and then I cleaned up a little and left. Kept his load in me all day!
  11. nice profile man! wish we were closer!

  12. Thanks for the follow man!!

  13. Thanks for the follow!

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