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    Spent 10 years whoring around bare only taking any load offered. Been in a relationship for 11 years.
    We started playing with others in 2011. He really loves to watch me take another man's cock and cum.
    We spend a couple of weekends a month in Longview, Texas.
    We always attend Texas Bear Round Up and Southern Decadence. I would love to take your load there.
    If you check me out on BBRT or A4A, let me know you know me from here.
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    Friends, chat.
    Play partners - tops or versatiles. Cum up my ass.

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  1. Done
  2. Love black cock in my hole. Fortunately for me lots of BBC seems to want my ass
  3. PrEP probably will give you some protection, but that is not how it is designed to work. If you want protection from PrEP, you need to take it. Also, PrEP will in no way protect you from an ass full of someone else's cum. Nor will it protect you from all the bacterial STIs like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.
  4. Moved this suggestion here for better visibility
  5. Welcome!
  6. I was watching a scene at Sean Cody that had "Behind the Scenes" footage at the end. They had shown a really hot internal cumshot in the video. After the unseen director and the bottom were teasing the top asking him why he had told them he could not do a creampie. He told them he did not think he could, but he felt it happening during the filming so he just went for it since he knew they wanted one. I think a lot of tops in porn have trouble doing the internal cum on film on demand. It may be because a lot of times he is fucking someone for money and may not be that into the bottom either because he is gay-for-pay or attracted to a different type or even because he does not actually get along with the bottom.
  7. If you break one of the site rules (see below), you will get an infraction. If it is worth enough points or if your cumulative total of points reaches certain thresholds, you will not be allowed to post and/of not be allowed to visit the site for a certain period of time. If you feel this was unfair or you are in anyway confused, send a private message to a moderator for an explanation. If an error occurred, we will will fix things for you. If instead, you choose once you return to the site to post about how unfair your treatment was or what a jerk a particular staff member was to you, you are going to get another infraction. This will almost certainly result in an EVEN LONGER suspension.
  8. Moderator's Note: Stealth pissing in someone's food/drink would be simple assault in most places. We have been asked to shut down threads describing illegal activities in real life. Thread is closed.
  9. If you are in a bathroom at a bar blocking access to one of the places to piss, that is a clear indication that you are offering your mouth as a replacement. Dude got what he deserved. That said, I don't blame guys who got piss spewed on them for being annoyed. But if you can't stand having someone else's bodily fluids on your clothes, you shouldn't be in a gay bar at Decadence.
  10. Did some testing just now. Seems to be a Firefox issue although I see some of you reporting issues with Chrome which I have not seen.
  11. http://www.truvada.com/truvada-patient-assistance
  12. PrEP normally protects at 92 - 99%. He factored in the increased risk. Truvada works by interrupting the replication of the virus at two stages in the process. One of the ways it offers protection is that after a week or so, your anal tissue is saturated with the meds. You're bypassing that protection, but it is still in your blood interfering with the replication process.
  13. I'm a chubby 53 year-old bottom. I get hit on by young tops on Grindr/Scruff/Growlr/A4A all the time especially the black ones. You just need to put yourself out there. I'm not claiming I get the kind of attention I did when I was 25, but I am still getting laid.
  14. Thanks for liking my story.

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