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    Spent 10 years whoring around bare only taking any load offered. Been in a relationship for 11 years.
    We started playing with others in 2011. He really loves to watch me take another man's cock and cum.
    We spend a couple of weekends a month in Longview, Texas.
    We always attend Texas Bear Round Up and Southern Decadence. I would love to take your load there.
    If you check me out on BBRT or A4A, let me know you know me from here.
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    Friends, chat.
    Play partners - tops or versatiles. Cum up my ass.

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  1. You have no albums attached to your profile. If you want photos deleted from posts, you will need to Report the posts. There is no way for me to find everything you have ever posted.
  2. If someone wrote a real-life account about how they tricked someone into taking a poz load, then in some states (including yours OP) they have committed a crime and then wrote a story eroticizing their crime and then placed it on our site. This could lead to our site getting caught up in legal difficulties if perhaps the person who was tricked learned about it. Not to mention the fact that this person would have posted evidence that might be used against them in legal proceedings. On the other hand, if they posted a fictional story about the scenario, they are just an author with a twisted imagination, and whether or not anyone finds their story repugnant, they have a right to free artistic expression. This is why the Your Last Load forum stories have to be moderated. We do our best not to allow any real-life accounts in that area that would belong in the Backroom. You always have more latitude to explore extreme events with a fictional story. My advice would be to stick to posting stories. Stories that involve Chems belong in Chem Sex Stories. Poz Fetish stories without Chems belong in Bug Chasing and Gift Giving Fiction. Stories that involve neither of these elements go in General Bareback Sex Stories.
  3. The best place to post for meeting others is in the regional forum for your area. These are at the bottom of the list. You are also welcome to post an introduction here: If you see someone has posted in the wrong area, report the post so a moderator can move it. There is a link that say "Report post" right next to the time the post was made on each and every post.
  4. I was already pretty slutty. PrEP just made me less worried. I haven't noticed any difference in the frequency of STIs because I was already taking lots of bare cock. I don't know what you mean. I cannot "feel" it working. I got fucked within a few days of starting. Still neg after two years and still on PrEP.
  5. Out gay hip-hop rapper Milan Christopher does a smoking hot, (full-frontal) nude photoshoot http://www.papermag.com/love-hip-hops-milan-christopher-takes-a-ride-on-the-nsfw-side-2445219567.html
  6. I will take a small, hard cock over a big one that cannot get inside me because it won't get stiff.
  7. Pussyboy82 is right about you being careful where you post. I will move this. Pussyboy82, next time you see this. REPORT the post to a moderator to be fixed. Don't go off on other members.
  8. Just looked through your pictures. You are so fucking hot!

  9. Well, I missed that, too. Don't feel too bad.
  10. I am looking at the site in Chrome. On the main page of the forum under where it says "Recent Status Updates," there is a box that says "What's on your mind?" If you click in that box, it should bring up a small editor window where you can leave a status message. If that doesn't work, go to your profile page. At the top of your Activity tab, you should see a window which says "Write a public message on your own feed ..." Clicking there should allow you to leave a status message. Do either of those methods work for you?
  11. I don't see a problem with you account. I will check this out further when I get home from work.
  12. I never paid much attention to Asian guys because I grew up in the rural South where there just aren't many of them. Last year at TBRU, I got fucked by a hot Asian top in the sling at Club Dallas. We fooled around a little more over the course of the weekend. Since then I have been craving another go with an Asian guy largely because it's something I don't have much experience with. I really do have a thing for black and Latin tops as well.
  13. Antonio Biaggi Peto Coast Lito Cruz Rocco Steele Bard McGuire
  14. I deleted the albums I could see. If you have private album, you may have to share it with me for me to see it.

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