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    Spent 10 years whoring around bare only taking any load offered. Been in a relationship for 11 years.
    We started playing with others in 2011. He really loves to watch me take another man's cock and cum.
    We spend an occasional weekends in Longview, Texas.
    We always attend Texas Bear Round Up and Southern Decadence. I would love to take your load there.
    If you check me out on BBRT or A4A, let me know you know me from here.
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    Friends, chat.
    Play partners - tops or versatiles. Cum up my ass.

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  1. Please respond to @aim2gameprivately. We are finished discussing this topic publicly.
  2. Sex with animals is now a forbidden topic on this site. All those stories were removed.
  3. drscorpio

    Two nights taking loads at Vault 139 in London

    Moderator’s Note: You really not in The Backroom. Knock off the Backroom talk. I am referring to some posts that have been removed.
  4. drscorpio

    Topher DiMaggio

    I didn't mean to imply I agreed with pretty boy studios opinion. I just think the bareback pretty boy sites like Sean Cody and NextDoor and even Bromo wouldn't want someone "unsavory" in their studio. I agree that his new image fits right in to TIMs style.
  5. drscorpio

    Symbols, Tattoos, Special Meanings?

    I like the idea of the graphic you shared, but the lock looks more like a purse than a padlock to me in that particular drawing.
  6. drscorpio

    viagra and poppers

    It is true that poppers and viagra both lower your blood pressure. It is possible to have your blood pressure totally crash and kill you if you do them both. People do them together, but it is a dangerous game to play.
  7. drscorpio

    First Breeding

    It probably wouldn’t be as good. But you might find it is good enough.
  8. drscorpio

    Cheating Boyfriends Do It Bareback

    It's always a treat when you decide to share your stories with us. Thanks for writing another one! My husband and I were monogamous for the first 5-6 years of our relationship. When we both decided it was time to open up we had a dilemma. We both had been total bareback-only when we met, and we weren't sure how to proceed. We decided neither of us would have any success if we tried to play safe, so we just went back to barebacking with everyone. It's been lots of fun although neither of us fools around as much as we did in the first year or two we opened up the relationship.
  9. drscorpio

    Can we retire “BBC”?

    Moderator's Note: Let's ease back the hostility in this thread. If we cannot have a civil discussion about the topic, then we won't have a discussion at all.
  10. drscorpio

    It's all about consent

    Moderator's Note: The only reason this thread isn't shut down is that the topic is worth discussing. The next person to lace their response with personal and/or general attacks at other members of this forum will get a nice long vacation from the site. Feel free to challenge each other's ideas. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  11. drscorpio

    How long for PrEP to work?

    If the rash is on the palms of your hands, it is almost certainly syphilis. My doctor told me that it is one of the few infections that will make you break out on your palms.
  12. drscorpio

    A Brother in Trouble

    You have "author succeed" a hundred times in this story already.
  13. drscorpio

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Moderator's Note: This is the second version of this thread. The first one was shut down because every day people were violating rules and getting infractions. So this thread was created. It begins with a list of 5 things NOT allowed in the thread. It worked really well for a while, but apparently people are not reading the initial post. Please do so before you post in here. It might well save you getting an suspension from the site.
  14. drscorpio

    My last load?

    If it turns you on and it is what you want, go for it. I think he sounds like an abusive, controlling asshole.
  15. drscorpio

    A Brother in Trouble

    I had to read that part a couple of times to get what had happened.

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