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  1. drscorpio

    Gallery and user pics problem

    This all is above my ability to fix. rawTOP has been notified. I am sure he is working on things.
  2. drscorpio

    Should insurance pay for PrEP

    You are being deliberately obtuse. The reason why most insurance covers PrEP in the USA is because it make financial sense to do so. It certainly is not out of any regulation or sense of obligation; insurance here is for profit only. A person who contracts HIV is a bigger financial liability for the company. They will have to pay for at least 3 different ant--retroviral drugs for as long as that person lives. The only thing that will relieve them of this financial obligation is the person dying. If the person does not realize they are Poz until after opportunistic infections occur, there is the additional expense of treating those illnesses. A person on PrEP is taking a two-drug combo pill. They may take it the rest of their lives, or they may eventually discontinue taking it for any number of reasons. This is a less expensive ption for the insurance company. There is a discussion of these points here, but I found the same information in dozens of places with a quick web search.
  3. drscorpio

    PrEP in Ontario

    Moderator's Note: He did give you commentary on the process in his first post before he began sidetracking the discussion. Also, I agree your thread has been hijacked. I will split off the off-topic posts. Next time, please just report the problem.
  4. drscorpio

    Stealth in blow buddies sf (again cheating bf)

    I'm glad you have decided to get on PrEP and that you are finally getting the sex you need. I think it is time to talk to your boyfriend about an open relationship. You said in the first story that you have evidence he is sleeping around, too. It will be a load off your mind if you have permission to have sex on the side. That said, I understand that cheating can be a turn-on in and of itself, so if that is what you need, carry on. Thanks for sharing your hot stories.
  5. drscorpio

    Bath House Breeding

    One of the owners posted on here when they first started. They are cleaner and less irritating than most poppers. I like them a lot.
  6. drscorpio

    Should insurance pay for PrEP

    I'm sorry, but your position is just ignorant. Here is the World Health Organization's official recommendation since 2015: "In 2014 WHO recommended offering PrEP to men who have sex with men (MSM). On the basis of further evidence of the effectiveness and acceptability of PrEP, WHO has now broadened the recommendation to include all population groups at substantial risk of HIV infection. Offering PrEP should be a priority for populations with an HIV incidence of about 3 per 100 person-years or higher. PrEP should be an additional prevention choice in a comprehensive package of services that also includes HIV testing, counselling, male and female condoms, lubricants, ARV treatment for partners with HIV infection, voluntary medical male circumcision and harm reduction interventions for people who use drugs." The CDC in the USA has recommended every sexually active gay man with multiple partners be on PrEP. I don't know what to search for in Canada. Condoms DO NOT work as well as PrEP. They provide no protection if they break which may be as often as 10-15% of the time with anal sex because they are actually designed for vaginal intercourse.
  7. drscorpio

    Prepsters are stretching it too far...

    Some guys don't take PrEP to fuck bare. They want it for back up in case a rubber breaks. I don't think it makes much sense for HIV prevention. PrEP works so well, the condom isn't really doing anything against HIV. But it still prevents other STIs, and some guys are paranoid about those, too.
  8. Brian Bonds proposed to Mason Lear on the set where they just finished filming a gangbang for Raw Fuck Club. All the other actors were posed for a promo photo when he busted out the ring. Article about it here. Direct link the video on Twitter here. The video is pretty hot!
  9. drscorpio

    Porn stars with biohazard tatts

    Sean Hunter has one, but a lot of studios try to shoot around it. Paul Canon has one, but he insists it is not about being poz. He's had it since before starting with Broke Straight Boys, so I tend to believe it was a poor choice made before he was aware how gay guys would interpret it.
  10. drscorpio

    My last load.

    Moderator’s Note: This is a hot story, but I just read it a few minutes ago. Pick the area you want to post in, and post your story. Don’t make duplicate posts in multiple locations.
  11. drscorpio

    Breeding videos from other sources

    Almost all studios “watermark” their films nowadays. You will see some kind of logo or writing in a corner.
  12. drscorpio

    Breeding videos from other sources

    Moderator's Note: Links to amateur porn are fine. Links to site that have pirated clips from commercially produced videos are not. If it is a clip from a porn studio and you can watch it for free, then it has been pirated by someone.
  13. drscorpio

    Gallery and user pics problem

    Moderator's Note: We are investigating this issue. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.
  14. drscorpio

    Increase in STI's in PrEP users

    They are also ignoring the effect of PrEP testing regimes. Before I was on PrEP, I might go a couple of years between STI tests. Now I get them regularly. More testing means more infections being caught.
  15. Moderator's Note: Can you share a screen shot of what you are seeing?

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