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    Natchitoches, Louisiana
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    Spent 10 years whoring around bare only taking any load offered. I started a relationship in 2005.
    We started playing with others in 2011. He really loved to watch me take another man's cock and cum.
    He passed away in 2019, so I am single again. I'm on PrEP and still taking all loads.
    I always attend Texas Bear Round Up and Southern Decadence. I would love to take your load there.
    If you check me out on BBRT or A4A, let me know you know me from here.
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    Friends, chat.
    Play partners - tops or versatiles. Cum up my ass.

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  1. Moderator's Note: How about next time you see someone violating a rule, you just report it instead of quoting the post making more things that need to be removed.
  2. Moderator's Note: If you want to talk about your health concerns, this is the right forum. If you want to tell us about your latest fucks, the Last Load section is more appropriate.
  3. Moderator's Note: Or you could report it, and get it fixed. 😉
  4. @BootmanLA, thanks for saving me the trouble of writing that. I agree 100%!
  5. I agree with @BootmanLA. Get on PrEP. You can take all the bare dick and cum loads you like without the worrying.
  6. Report it or send me a PM, and I will try to fix it.
  7. On his JFF page, John Thomas has taken toys so big I wouldn't think it was possible like they were nothing. He is truly an amazing bottom.
  8. As some of you know, I lost my husband to a stroke last year. His mother was living with us at the time, and no one in his family has stepped up to take over her care. So she still lives with me. Tonight, I hooked up in my house for the first time in 19 months during waking hours (I have done a few 2 AM hookups while she was asleep). I didn't make a big production of it or introduce her to my fuckbuddy. I did go into my bedroom at 8:15 and not come until long after she had gone to bed. She has made it clear she won't be upset if I start to date, but I am not quite to the point of looking for a
  9. As of this week, I have take 28 loads anally and 5 orally. Not bad for a plague year.
  10. I have had two top fuckbuddies who had the same response and a handful of tricks. I am always leery when a top asks to hit my poppers; I have had way too many top tricks go completely soft after one hit.
  11. Straining to take a shit or sitting on the toilet seat too long can cause hemorrhoids. I don't think douching in and of itself can. I get hemorrhoids occasionally. They generally go away within a few days. I find that Preparation H works really well on them. I did have one so bad it needed surgery once as a result of a clumsy top who wouldn't listen when I told him he was hurting me. The recovery was amazingly painful. It was several months before I could enjoy getting fucked again.
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