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    Spent 10 years whoring around bare only taking any load offered. Been in a relationship for 11 years.
    We started playing with others in 2011. He really loves to watch me take another man's cock and cum.
    We spend a couple of weekends a month in Longview, Texas.
    We always attend Texas Bear Round Up and Southern Decadence. I would love to take your load there.
    If you check me out on BBRT or A4A, let me know you know me from here.
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    Friends, chat.
    Play partners - tops or versatiles. Cum up my ass.

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  1. Thanks for understanding. I would just as soon leave everything up to remind everyone about this.
  2. Moderator's Note: Erotic discussions of underage sex are against the rules EVEN IF you are just relating your true-life experiences. Stick to the facts of you tell us more, jeffers.
  3. Warning message

    Different issue - see here
  4. Becoming Pa's Cunt

    Formatting is now fixed.
  5. Illustrating posts with pics is fine as long as you have the right to distribute the pic.
  6. Best age for starting sucking cocks

    Moderator's Note: There is a big difference between "I sucked my first cock at 11, and I don't think it did me any harm" and "I think it's okay to start a boy sucking cock at age 11." The former is totally acceptable. You discuss your own experiences in a clinical fashion without turning it into an erotic story. The latter is clearly advocating for sex with people who are under age and is totally against our rules. Please make sure your comments here sound like the former rather than the latter, or this thread will go away.
  7. Where you at, sexy?

    1. drscorpio


      Out in the woods in Texas at a campground. 

  8. Big Cock

    Sounds like he earned his gas money.
  9. The Bum Steer

    Moderator's Note: PozCubBtm, I assume you are going to get to some Chasing/Gifting at some point. People have reported this thread for being in the wrong place. If you do come back to this, please get to the point sooner rather than later.
  10. Truvada Resistant Strain - PrEP failure?

    There is a very well curated group on Facebook, PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex. If he was talking about reading something on that group, it's a good source. Otherwise, I agree with you.
  11. Fickstutenmarkt (Horse Fair)

    There have been several threads about this topic.
  12. Porn Sites and Credit Card Fraud

    I had a bad experience with Broke Straight Boys. I probably was at fault for not reading the fine print. After a month, they automatically signed me up for 3 other websites and set off every alarm at Bank of America doing it. I haven't been back. I have briefly had subscriptions at Biaggi Videos, Sean Cody, Bromo, and RandyBlue without any problems. I don't stay subscribed to anyone, but I worry if no one ever pays for porn how porn studios will stay in business.
  13. Moderator's Note: For the record, downvoting every single post a user has made when they are on various topics could be construed as an abuse of that system.
  14. Moderator's Note: Thanks to everyone who kept their part of the conversation civil, but I don't feel like this discussion is helping anyone. Thread is closed.
  15. A Brother in Trouble

    Moderator's Note: Fiction about escorts is fine.

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