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    bringing out the sub in any and all men I meet.
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    65 yo furry DAD-POZ bear who is into bondage, spank, cbtt. piss, assplay. ffing and ALWAYS looking to share my POZ experiences w/ anyone who wants or needs IT...
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    only in my mind
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    Looking for vers/bottoms who enjoy hard, hot, prolonged sexplay and serious RAW FUCKING.. always looking for NEW poz sons or men who love gettin a hot re-charge contact on G-A-Y-C-H-A-T at HardaddyMA52

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  1. Even for you, going “dark” for three weeks is bull feces. Are you going to actually respond or do I need to share with the world your behavior?

  2. HOT PROFILE!!! THE COCK wants to play with u- do u have the honor of knowing whose POZ u have brewin in ur balls?


    Hdaddy DINO

  3. Your situation is an enviable and precarious one- I read about your desires and passions with great interest and arousal. My experiences when I was younger as a hard-driving POZ-TOP makes me want to strongly encourage the both of you to submit to the passions and hungers you have described here. I would caution you that you must BOTH want this to happen with all your hearts- the slightest doubt or hesitation would definitely poison your relationship; if you find yourself regretting taking this ultimate act of submission and bonding, OR if your lover suddenly feels guilty for 'destroying your
  4. looks like SIR just missed you - hope it means you are hangin in there!

  5. boi- you are obviously living the dream of dozens, if not hundreds of subs and sex-slave wanna-be's on this site! From the vantage point of your Black DOM- there are about a half-dozen subs and bois that I would have loved to have with me in lock-down and social isolation here at my cabin in the woods- it would be fascinating to hear your DOM's perspective- Either way- you need to count your blessings and I for one am grateful that you have shared with us your unique experiences! PLEASE! Keep us updated- you two are probably the only two people on the planet who don't want this C-virus shutdow
  6. “So you think you need to know what happens now, boy? Now that DAD has FINALLY shoved this POZ-ROD deep in your ass! How long have you been dreamin about this night? Three months? Four? All that time you have been sitting at home late at night on-line jerking-off, watching DADDY stroking THIS on the webcam? Craving it like you have NEVER needed or wanted anything in your life? You should have seen the huge smile on your pig-face when that first hot load of POZ exploded in your hungry, bloody ass! Look at you. Kneeling here naked, your hair and beard smelling of spit and sweat and DADDY-pi
  7. too bad people on this site don't know who/what you REALLY are!!! Why are you hiding?

  8. so- now that you have had a half-day to think about it- do you want to go back again?
  9. Hey NottcollaredBoi- it has been a fascinating chance to watch the evolution of your feelings and attitudes about becoming your sex-partner's 'cum-dump'. Thank you for that privilege- I just think it illustrates that every person has a unique way of going through this process- and that we have no place to judge or criticize someone! More than ever in these less tolerant times we need to hear from as many men as possible and respect an individual's decision to follow their own path to exploration and fulfillment of their sexual desires. Please- keep updating us - and continue to not be sh
  10. I agree- don't over-think it- just open the door to something happening and see where it takes the two of you- no pressure, no rules to start- JUST ENJOY IT!
  11. please keep us posted on any updates or 'developments'?? Always fun to see if anything ever 'cums' of it!!! 😗
  12. Welcome to BZ- it is an amazing site and the wisdom of it's members is a great resource for a wide variety of opinions- I have 3 questions which will help me offer you a response to your question. 1). How well do you know your new friend? Is it just a sexual/sensual connection? Have you discussed/shared attitudes about sex and safe sexplay at all? Has there been any discussion about his sexual history and experiences? Other than sexual attraction, do you share any interests or goals? 2). What is your sexual history? Are you totally new to this? Have you been active in a more dominant
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