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    Experienced Dom Aggressive BB Top with a boy that I get off on whoring out. Profile: Bareben on here. https://breeding.zone/profile/25742-bareben/ Only hosting friends and special cases atm.
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    Tons of home videos, what else was there to do with my boy during the lock down :) ?
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    I host other tops that need a fuck toy and don't mind being watched and other sub neg boys, that need help converting. I accept anyone who wants to use and dump a load in my boy (all kinks and fetishes negotiated before hand). As for my preference for subs/sluts keep it under 30. Hit me up if you're interested.

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  1. I'm not sure why you think that's a covid phenomenon... prostitution and paying has been around since money was invented. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it and sex work should be decriminalized. Regardless of generation or so called entitlement, people are perfectly within their rights to charge for sex or cab fare etc. Get over yourselves, thinking you should have it for free makes you sound like the entitles ones.
  2. Just a little shout out.  During the lockdown for shits and giggles I enrolled my boy in one of the "courses" created by Fagmaster. 

    It was just to combat boredom at first, but he really took it seriously and there has been a definite change in behavior, for example no more hassle with keeping his hole plugged long term, he does it totally voluntarily now, just asks me which one. 

    I haven't been able to test him in group situations yet as a cumdump or urinal, but I can't wait.  FagMaster Courses  I'm making this endorsement completely independently, and would recommend it as I would tunnel plugs!




  3. Actual incest can be abuse and should be looked at carefully if anyone is aware of a real life situation. We do identify as a Daddy and son (Dom/sub) couple because we're intergenerational. He addresses me as Daddy or Dad in public and in private, while I address him by his name or boy. On my side it all depends, but he's only allowed Dad or Daddy. And yes many guys find our relationship "hot" in our circles of friends and vids we've made, but be aware of actual Father/son incest and make sure that it's not actual abuse.
  4. Sure thing. They're called "ass grommets" https://www.meo.de/en/anal-stretching/5712-ass-grommet-24-7-anal-stretching-ref-1459.html I have the Medium size in my boy now, just for bed. I'm going to keep training him with longer periods on this size with the goal of him wearing it 24/7. His hole is always good and gaped in the morning, and he's just the right looseness to go straight in with out lube and still feels "tight". After I get him up to 27/7 on this one, I'll buy the next size up. As for comfort, he was sore when I started. They can get messy because they're hollow, but that's w
  5. It can be worked up to easily. My boy has been going to bed plugged for about a year now. Also when we go out he has to be plugged. I got the ass grommets from MEO, they're great for opening up and comfortable long term, and keeps a boy's hole juicy and ready for anything. Butt plug harnesses are a good piece of gear to have too when the boy is being difficult.
  6. It's that time of the week again.  Little Piggy Nick will be available for you to fuck at my place tonight and tomorrow in Webster starting at 6ish. 

    We got to his limits with 8 guys last Friday, but what kind of Daddy would I be if I stopped there, ;) So it's open house and open hole again for all takers, no questions asked and no one refused.

    Bing your own beer  (he needs practice recycling) and your favorite spanking implement or ass toy. 

    My other boy (bareben) is also availble for kink and breeding too,  so hang out watch porn, drink beer, get serviced and fuck.

    HMU for more info, Rick: (585)642-4682

  7. Small party underway, anyone looking to join local to Rochester, NY hmu, 585-642-4682.  On offer Newneg and bareben.  Poz very welcome ;) 

  8. Round 3 tonight, ???the more the merrier. HMU for details/directions 585-642-4682 Webster NY. Words of "encouragement" to boy at 315-892-1561.
  9. Round 3 of this pig boy's converstion takes place tonight at my place in Webster.  Starting at 7 and going until everyone's balls are empty.  Round 4 tomorrow night at around 7 (all nighter)  HMU up for directions/details.  Rick 585-642-4682.    No chems, byob or pot.  My other boy (bareben) is free for use as well.

  10. Round 2 for this little whore tonight.  If you're in Rochester (and poz), hit me up to pump some cum in him.  Starting at 7 tonight.

    Details: 585-642-4682


    1. TonyG


      mmmm go for it

    2. OwenAhDark


      How did round two go?

  11. I will be hosting this little sub chaser at my place in Rochester/Webster NY tonight and tomorrow.  Looking for other tops/versas to fuck him for his first cumdump session.  If you're interested, contact me directly at 585 645 4682.  I also have my permanent boy, bareben.  You're welcome to fuck one or both.  One neg, one poz, one tight one loose/sloppy, both available. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. rublthlad
    3. DadP


      I'll be training him all summer, if you ever get to NY.  I host no problem.

    4. rublthlad


      great will see what can be done

  12. Will be hosting the sub, newneg (prof on here and bbrt) at my house in Rochester NY, tonight and Friday.  If you are looking to dump your load in a neg hole, HMU.  585 642 4682 for more details.  Also my permanent boy is Always available (bareben on here) for regular use.  One poz, one neg, one sloppy, one tight, You're choice.

    1. jaybird


      i think they'll both be lose and wet by the end of the sessions .. 


  13. Just to make it clear about my relationship with this boy.  He is not mine "totally".  However I am helping him and training him to be a pig slut and cumdump.  Since he lives at home, he is available at my place every Thursday and Friday night.  He's new to being a whore, but is looking to be trained to accept more anon, cock.  Therefore, if you are looking to fuck and seed this boy, I'm going to push it to the next level, you may contact him directly at 315-892-1561.  Aside from his job, he is available for use other than the times at my place.  If you're in the Rochester area, I recommend this sub, although he is need of "cumdump" training.   Any misbehavior on his part, please let me know, and it will be dealt with his next visit at my place.  And as always my boy (bareben) is available 7 days a week.   Contact me for details on either of the boys.

  14. Hi Sir.  I'm here as you suggested :) lol!

    1. DadP


      I see that boy!  

  15. My boy is supposed to absorb, but has been having trouble with leakage. His hole's showing a little wear and tear. So now he gets plugged and/or punished for leaking out.
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