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  1. BB party

    Went to BBRT party last night. It's one i've been to before and I was feeling pretty bottom. As soon as I arrived and naked I was playing with a couple of other guys in their 40s both chunky bear types one of my faves. After a lot of sucking and kissing got bent over the bed and bred. More guys were drifting in including a lovely guy in his 50s nice bod and total top. I really got into his snogging lips, and big cock. Another bear guy was behind me playing with my hole and entering it. After some more playing the taller guy bent me over again and fucked nme. The other guy took over and I was kissing a younger guy who was being pounded on the other side of the bed. For a breather I went and got some water. The taller guy said `I need to cum I want your hole`. Magic words. I immediately bent over and just took all he could give me feeling his hot jizz find a home in my hole. I went back to the bedroom and found the bear guy and another chunky fukkah. He tool a shine to me and we started kissing and titplay. I asked `what are you into?` `I like fucking guys`. After more kissing I bent over for my second cock and with a two fucks he decided to just go for it and pound my arse till another load flooded my sphincter. Another guy was looking at this - Irish and smalll. We played sucked his cock hard until i received another load. By this time I was shagged out and after chatting and thanking the hosts I left the party.
  2. took two oral loads from bi married guys both about 50 nice cocks - one love to be rimmed got him so excited that his cock bounced to attention until i serviced his cock. Another loves to watch me as i suck especially when i lift my eyes up to his. After awhile he gets me on my knees and just fucks my mouth till he shoots.
  3. Met up with my chunky fuckbud again last night. After an hour or so of making out (very horny) he started opening up my hole with his fingers and used my pornstar dildo to open it up wider. Sticking my legs up he inserted his glorious cock into my cunt and fucked me till he nearly came and I said `don't cum do it later`. I bent him over his bed and rimmed him fingered and stuck a buttplug up his hole. More making out until I told him to fuck my doggy over his bed. A ten minute fuck until his dumped his bear seed inside me. After more making out i bent him over and fucked him and shot my load over his arse.
  4. Went to fbs last night. After an hour of making out he started fingering my hole the way i like it until he got my legs in the air and used my arse to sow his seed. Felt so good. Then after more making out i said it was my turn to pleasure him. Got him on his front and worshipped his cubby bod with my tongue until i planted it in his hole. Really made a meal out of rimming and fingering him till i gave him a long hard fuck spewing my dna deep into his hungry hole.
  5. Met a guy from fabguys - chunky guy early 50s about 5'8 nice big tummy and a cock to match. Lots of sucking and him fingering me the more he fingered the more i sucked on his big hefty tool. He sucked on mine and kept on fingering before lubing me up and mercilessly fucking me as i begged him to. After about 10 minutes he said `i'll cum soon` i just replied `go ahead seed my hole` which he royally did. I didn't cum as i'm seeing my fb later! More seeding of each other.
  6. Think i may have found a regular vers fb bud in my hometown. He's 37 i'm late 40s he's into older men. Was on fabguys and just messaged him. Ended up going over - nice and chunky good looking guy snogs for Britain and a great sucker. We made out for 3 hours and seeded each others holes. Yesterday went over again - he seeded me again and i ended up fucking him though shot outside of him as he wanted to suck me off. Will deffo breed his chunky fuckable arse next time.
  7. At a BBRT party. 25 guys loads of sucking wanking snogging and fucking. Ended up fucking guys and being fucked and being seeded by the host. Then got fucked by an older bear guy who shot his load over my arse. Ended up seeding a young asian gu.
  8. perv/taboo chat

    love perving taboo very few limits kik/wickr bbvers69
  9. Condom mention is a get out clause. If he wants condom use visit a bathhouse/sauna.
  10. Where To Go In London Sat 12Th Dec Evening/night

    Anyone interested i'll be going tonight in doc martens and leather jock!
  11. ".....but Don't Cum Inside Me."

    Totally correct misterpiggy. It's a give and take exchange of energies whether as a cumdump or with a long term lover. As a vers if i'm topping I'm always aware that in reality the bottom is in charge even when they are sub. It's a psychological experience that requires intuition and being in the moment. I'm always subconciously checking the limits of the bottom - and checking my own limits when I bottom. It takes a MAN to top and bottom properly.
  12. Where To Go In London Sat 12Th Dec Evening/night

    Can you wear boots socks and leather jock (dress code) would that get me in? Or would I need more?
  13. was at a bathhouse with a big following with the bear scene - was in the darkroom playing with a younger guy who ended up with a hot older top (late 20s bttm with a guy about 60). This galvanised me to play with a guy late 40s making out i just said `do you want to fuck me?`. He said `yes i want your cute arse`. The two guys had finished their fucking and he stuck a condom on (oh well a fuck's a fuck) and plowed me in the half light by the entrance to the darkroom. Ended up spunking over my face - caught a bit of it in my mouth. In the gloryholes was sucking guys and this guy walks in chunky guy late 30s poppered us both up and plundered my throat. Lovely mouthful. Still feeling horny I went to a cubicle watching who was passing by when an average bear guy late 40s entered the room and started kissing me. After about 15 minutes of making out i got myself on his bare cock wanking it up and down with my arse. It was heavenly. He was getting quite excited and pushed me off him bending me over. Rimming my hole for a while i was writhing with pleasure until he entered me and gave me a good fucking until shooting up my mancunt with his 6-7 inch cock. After a while I noticed this muscled bear about early 50s standing in a hallway near the cubicles. I immediately went over and licked his hot muscly chest and tits. After us both worshipping our muscly gym toned bods he led me to a room where we kept on having fun for about half an hour. He finished off giving me a facial while i shot my load on the floor. All in all a good day!
  14. Swallow

    as for oral love to swallow feeling the spunk pumping down my throat mmmm - or watching it spurt out over my face especially when i'm kneeling down looking up at a hot body
  15. Don't go this saturday - According to Squirt Ryan Cummings will be there and you might as well forget it - it'll be like flies around a honeypot. Look on squirt to keep up to date - you can go to Cum union on 21st November. However, I've never been so I'd wait for more info on here.

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