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  1. subbottom4u

    denver tips and more?

  2. subbottom4u

    denver tips and more?

    Visiting Denver in a week...will probably check out DSC but would love to host a party at a sleazy motel...ideas? volunteers!? see me on bbrt
  3. Would love to suck your cock and take it deep inside me....all night long....enhance my visit! bbrt slickhole
  4. Bottom in Berlin for your breeding pleasure all nighT long....

  5. manhattan downtown, 2 loads in, looking for more!

  6. subbottom4u

    nyc best cum dumps?

    I would like to audition to get wild and be a cum dump this weekend, July 9! HMU!
  7. subbottom4u

    love to be fucked in london

    up for any kind of wild fun....sub bottom for your pleasure...near liverpool street station....
  8. subbottom4u

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    So after years of being quite the slut, I fell in love with a woman and was not out there for over two years. And then.... Last month my hole was just desperate for loving....I partied a little to reduce my inhibitions and make me even hornier, went to the local ABS, and found a decent looking guy with a big thick cock. I sucked him a while with my pants down showing my jock, and eventually he reached around to feel my lubed hole. He spun me around and thrust his 8x6 cock deep in me for 10 blissful minutes, until he shot a nice load inside me. This only whet my appetite. So I went on Grindr for the first time, found a young guy 5 minutes away, and sucked his cock until he came. A little more inhibition lowering, and I sat down on his cock and rode it until I got load 2. Now I was really horny, and Grindr proved perfect. Had three guys consecutively come over to my house, where I bent over the couch and took load after load. Then found a guy at a local hotel who wanted a threesome. Well, it became a foursome...and two of the guys had huge thick cocks. After being tag teamed for almost an hour, they asked if I was loose enough for a DP! And I was! awesome stretching time!!! I thought i was done, but one last grindr guy was desperate so I went home and took one last load. I love love love the feeling of cum dripping out of my hole! Haven't gone back out there since, but my hole is twitching.....
  9. Am visiting soon. bi bottom who loves BBC, BWC, or any big cock deep inside me! what is the best place to go? Crew Club? Glorious Health Club? please let me know your favorites.
  10. Hey guys, visiting bwi and dc area end of april. love to pnp with you. please hmu. thanks!
  11. subbottom4u

    White Boys Riding Black Rods..... Taboo Or Not Taboo?

    As my profile pic indicates, I love sex with black men. I love a big black cock plunging in and out of my hole until it blasts a load inside, getting me ready for the next one.....that may be a big black cock or a big white cock or a big latino cock or..... For me the only special turn on about being fucked by a black guy is the contrast of his cock with my white ass is pretty great!
  12. subbottom4u

    Amazing Internal View Of Breeding

    no wonder men love fucking me when i have several loads for lubrication. creamy goodness....
  13. subbottom4u

    Clean Cut Bus. Exec Visiting

    love to hookup with you next week...message me
  14. subbottom4u

    How Long To Fuck?

    I am with most of my fellow bottoms in this thread. I love being fucked for a few minutes by a guy who just needs to blow his load inside me. Especially when there is another guy and another load to follow! Probably my favorite is the 7 to 15 minute fuck, which is great for me and my top. But I also love the 30 to 45 minute sessions. After 45, I usually need a break of a few minutes before resuming, which I can do for up to 16 hours.....
  15. (This is a 100% true story). I was at an fb's house one morning getting poppered up and fucked every which way. This good looking guy in his mid 30s loved to popper me up, use my hole and unload his cum deep inside me...especially when I already had a load (or 12--but that is a different story) in me. After his first quick cum we took a break and checked bbrt. An amazingly good looking African American man in his early 20s messaged me asking to hook up. I asked my fb if he could come over, and he eagerly agreed. 15 minutes later Brian showed up and stripped down. In addition to good looks and a great physique, his cock was amazing. 9 inches long, 7 inches thick. It is the one penetrating me in my profile photo. I quickly bent over and presented my cum lubed hole for him. Cum is my favorite lube by far! The great thing about young cock is hardness. It felt like an iron rod slamming into me, and stretching my hole. The bad thing is how fast they often cum. Turns out Brian was a fast cummer, but no worries because he came in me twice without pulling out. My fb was very turned on while this was going on, feeding me poppers in my nose and his cock in my mouth the whole time. When Brian pulled out, my fb immediately mounted me and after a few thrusts coated my hole with another load of cum. He then announced that we needed to leave because he needed to go to work. As we walked out the door I turned to Brian and asked if he wanted to play some more. He said yes, and off we went to the bathhouse. I got a room, got on my hands and knees, and Brian fucked me for another two hours, unloading 4 more loads of young cum in me. It was still morning, so not too many people there, but still managed to take a few other cocks and loads in between my loads from Brian. Brian's cock was so long and his cum shots so deep that it wasn't until we got up to leave the bathhouse that his six loads plus the two from my fb and the couple other ones started oozing out of my very satisfied hole....

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