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Found 25 results

  1. Looking for loads 9/28-9/30

    I'm coming to Chicago for a few day with friends, and I am looking to get my ass filled while i'm there. I'll be in the baths, probably Steamworks for most of the nights. I would love to beat my record of 25 cocks in a night. Please let me know if you are interested or have any advise. 5-10 195 Hairy btm. into ass-play, groups, cum, feet, leather...
  2. Submissive bear here and love it wild. Blindfolded, bound, poppered and helpless to whatever a Sir or Sirs wanted to do with it. Worthless small cock so know my place is to please real men. HMU.. I like a number of things and curious about others.
  3. Based on your recent experience(s), which days & times are good for uninhibited bareback fucking at the various L.A. area bathhouses (Hollywood, Flex, Midtowne, Melrose, 1350, etc.)? I had a really good time at Flex this summer on a Thursday night, Friday night and Sunday night (usually arriving about 10pm-midnight). Each time, the place was busy with a good mix of guys and lots of raw fucking. I didn't have as much fun on my most recent late-night visits to Midtowne (Friday & Saturday) and Melrose (Friday & Sunday). There just wasn't much action to be had (bareback or otherwise). What about you guys?
  4. Fucked in a sauna - Planning to sleep only Last year I went on the gay pride together with a good friend. The weather was really shit, but we had lots of fun regardless. At a beer truck we got really drunk and Bjorn, my buddy, got to know a horny guy with whom he wanted to disappear at some point. I just complained that we were together at the gay pride and that he could have his ass fucked every other day. He just said that he needed to have a cock up his ass right then and went off with that guy leaving me alone. Really great, I was in this other city, alone and no way to get home late evening. So I got another few beers and thought as I was about getting tired, get to a gay sauna and sleep there for some time and get the train back home next morning. So no sooner said than done and I went to that gay sauna, undressed, put the clothes into the closet and just took a shower. There were still many guys around and I thought resting in the TV room for a moment. There were two mid-30s guys, playing with their not even small cocks, but I was just too tired. I just got up, when my towel fell down. While I bent down pulling the towel up, I realized that the two were whispering to each other. As I was too tired I simply went down to the basement to find me an empty cabin. I was looking for a secluded cabin, where the murmur was not too loud. As I went into the cabin, the two guys from the TV room walked just past me, looked and grinned at me. I just thought, well great, now what? I just left the door unlocked, let's see what happens. I lay down on my stomach and put my head on my arms and immediately started to doze away, only until I noticed that someone entered my cabin and the door was closed behind him. Someone whispered: "I told you he’s a cunt, watch how he presents us his ass". Next I heard was that someone took a nose of poppers. I felt a hand on my ass. I automatically lifted my ass and spread my legs. "Oh yes, and what a cunt, just look at the pussy, clean and shaved, ready to be fucked." I heard him say. I must admit, by then I was too horny to fall asleep and was up to be fucked. One of the two came round to my head and positioned his cock in front of my face. He also took poppers and just said "Lick my balls, bitch." Hey, hey, what a sound that really pleased me and turned even more on. I grabbed his balls with my hand and licked his really big balls - cool. The guy behind me patted my ass and slipped his fingers over my hole. I was already so horny, I stuck my ass even more up towards him. The guy just said "Yeah well do it, show me your pussy, yeah you cunt, show me how horny you are how bad you need a cock ....". I just moaned. The guy in front of me sniffed some more poppers and just said "open your mouth, I want you to swallow my cock." I opened my mouth and the guy shove his big cock on my lips, pushing his meat into my open mouth and back again. Then he started throat fucking my mouth, really very horny. "Yes, good mouth, open it wide, cunt, you seem to be some great horny fuck slut, fuck you, we will really fuck you open wide." With that he shoved his cock all the way down deep down my throat, oh God, I hardly got any air. The guy at my ass stopped fondling me, spread my ass cheeks apart and just said "What a hot cunt," and spat on my hole. Then he licked my pussy and spit on my hole again. Next I feel is he fingers my hole while I start pushing my ass onto his finger. "Oh, this pig is really hot, he really wants to be fucked." "Then do it," my mouth fucker shouted. The man behind me grabbed me by my hips and positioned my ass higher, then I feel his cock against my cunt. I still had not seen what kind of tool he had and how big it was. He only said to the man in front of me, "Give that whore some poppers, so that the pig doesn't whine too much," said and done, I got the bottle of poppers under my nose, "sniff, you fuck hole" and so I did, it was so cool. The poppers immediately went into the head, it made me even more horny. Suddenly I felt the man behind me pushing his fat cock into my asshole, oh man did it hurt, I moaned loud. "give him more, that cunt shall take all my cock". I sniffed more poppers and inhaled it as deep as I could – now I wanted to have and feel all his cock inside me and pushed my hole towards him. Without hesitation he pushed his big cock inside me, deeper and deeper. I thought there was no end, the guy shove his cock all the way down my asshole and there was still no end until finally I felt his balls against my cheeks. Then he said: "so, my cock is now all inside you and now I’ll fuck you to hell. You shall be my top cunt for today" and with that he started thrashing me hard, pulling all his cock out and back in again and again. When I was gasping for air my mouth fucker took the opportunity to push his cock deep back into my throat. Both guys started fucking me hard from both sides. The back shoved me onto his fellow’s cock in front of me and my mothfucker pushed me onto my assfucker’s pole. After a while the mouth fucker began to moan and my ass fucker just said "Yeah, fuck that bitch deep into his mouth, give him all you have” I opened my mouth wide to get all the sperm flooding into my mouth. The guy took my head firmly with his hands and pulled me onto his cock, I felt like he jumped and then shot out large squirts of sperm. The first squirt met my throat, then he pulled the cock out of my mouth and spit his cum in my open mouth and in my face, it was so cool. I just moaned "Oh, man, crazy you, give me all your cum". Then my ass fuckers stopped fucking me, he pulled his cock out of my ass, turned me onto my back, grabbed my legs and put them onto his shoulders and sank his cock back in my hole. He looked me in my eyes and grinned about my spermed face, and said, "Yeah, you are hooker, first my buddy spermed your mouth and fuck you bare all the time and you are so turned on by being fucked from both ends. So you’ll now get all my sperm deep into you, you will like it." His buddy held a piece of cloth soaked with poppers under my nose and I must say, yes I wanted to be fucked really badly. I only said "yes, come on fuck me, give your cum slobber to me" and looked my eyes with his. With a grin he just said "Yeah cunt, you get it anyway, I’ll fuck you to hell, you whore," and he started piston fucking me more and more, licking the cum of his buddy out of my mouth and off my face. Suddenly he began to breathe, a sign that he would come soon, yeah, and so it was, he fucked me deep and thrust his huge cock deep into me, injecting me. I could feel his first squirts my inner quickly filling my bubble butt with his cum. It was so cool. My fucker panted and grunted like a wild boar. His buddy just urged him even more "Oh yeah, give your cum to him shoot the boy full give him all you have, he'll enjoy our last drop." I was so happy, I could feel the warm sperm shooting up my gut. When the guy finally pulled his cock out of my ass, my cunt smacked loud and he closed my open hole giving me a few smacks with his hand to not let his cum leak out my hole. I just moaned, "Hey you bastards, that was really good" and my fucker responded "yeah really, as hot as you were, I could not say no, especially after you've swallowed my all of buddy’s cum so hungrily". And that is not all for tonight" he added with a grin “if you like even more, you cum hungry slut that you are”. I just nodded with a grin. With that he stuck his index finger into my hole and shove into my mouth and just said "Let's not waste anything” and kissed me intimately shoving his tongue deep into my mouth and we shared taste of sperm. Then he bent over to his buddy and said “open the door now – there is a crowd outside with more loads waiting to be deposited here” and smacked me again on my ass. “No it is their turn.” And he held to bottle of poppers under my nose again. With that I could not see much but could only feeling my body, my ass, my cunt…….. But that’s another story.
  5. Hey guys... Was just in Tampa, wanting to cum back... Any guys been to the monthly CumUnion party? Is it worth the trip to attend?
  6. I forget where I found this but I hope you guys enjoy it. Does anyone know if there is a part 2? ********************************************************************* Asian College Spit Roast It was a crazy week of traveling. I hit three cities in five days but I finally had some down time. I managed to breed four different guys in five days with nice juicy loads, but the last one was most memorable. I decided to head to a bathhouse near a local university. It’s usually got a good selection of young and horny college boys, typically drunk or high, just the way I like them. After I stripped down and stowed my stuff, I took a quick circuit. The place had a good crowd and I made note of several prospects. As I wandered a few guys looked my way, gave me a few gropes under the towel, and a few nipple tweaks. I decided to warm up and slid my raw cock into a blond twink on his knees. He was an average cocksucker, but decent enough to help me start working up a big load. Ten minutes later, with my balls dripping spit, I pulled out and wandered some more, hunting for the perfect hole for the night. And then I saw him. He was on all fours sucking on a heavyset older guy in a small video room. Right away, I knew this cocksucker was a college kid. His entire body, from his wide shoulders to his tapered waist and plump butt, was covered in a sheen of sweat that just exuded a youthful vibe that got my balls churning. I watched his head of dark black hair bob up and down as he made a gentle slurping sound on every down stroke. The older guy caught my eye and smiled lewdly. I stepped around to the boy’s backside and rubbed his butt cheeks appreciatively. He arched his back to show me his smooth hungry-looking hole. I leaned in and took a sniff. His hole smelled of musk and soap. I licked it and tasted his clean salty sweat. I ran my hand across his back and scooped up some sweat to slick my hard dick and pressed it against his hole. The cocksucker paused his sucking briefly to groan as I pressed harder. A sharp gasp came a split second before his hole opened up to let me slide home in one smooth firm motion. He whimpered around the cock still in his mouth when I bottomed out inside his tight ass. He started sucking again as I lazily slid in and out of him. Usually, I like my fucks to be aggressive and frenzied, but this relaxed paced worked well. I felt his hot, soft chute gripping and squeezing my bare cock as I moved in and out of him. For about ten minutes, I pumped in and out while I admired his gorgeous back muscles knotting and twisting as he bobbed up and down on the cock in front of him. Half dozen or so guys had gathered around to watch the show. Suddenly, the old guy grunted loudly and grabbed the boy’s head and held it against his groin as he shot his load down the boy’s throat. The boy’s asshole squeezed as he gagged a little from the sudden assault and it pulsed with every swallow. It felt amazing. And just like that, the old guy got up and left. The boy exhaled and looked back at me and said, “Can I turn around? My knees are hurting.” His black hair being matted with sweat against his forehead made his boyish Asian features even sexier. He couldn’t have been more than twenty-two or twenty-three. I slowly pulled my raw eight-inch cock out of his hole, my flared head turning it out a little with a slight pop. He turned onto his back and pulled his legs up, looked at me and smiled, “Hey.” My cock bounced as I took in the sight of this gorgeous, obviously stoned, Asian boy splayed out on his back with knees up. Barely an ounce of fat, he had that sexy swimmer’s build I love. His smiling eyes went from my face, down my trim hairy chest and down to my never-had-any-complaints eight incher. If he had any issues with raw cock, he didn’t say anything. With a wink, I mounted him again, this time more aggressively than before. His dark eyes widened as I thrust into him. With less sweat and no lube, I felt every tug and grip of skin along my cock. I bottomed out and just stared into his dark eyes with my blue ones. I pulsed my cock and his eyes fluttered a bit. I leaned in to kiss him and tasted the old guy’s cum. As we kissed, I started to fuck him. We had a swarm of admirers stroking their dicks, some of who wanted to get blown while they watched me fuck him. The kid was a greedy cocksucker. One in particular was a huge white cock with a piercing who I wanted to watch fuck the Asian kid, so I motioned him over. He kept stroking it over the boy’s face and telling me to “fuck that ass and fill it up with your load” in a German accent. I guess he noticed my biohazard tattoo on my shoulder. The boy was just blissed out, staring up at the German cock hungrily as I pummeled his prostate. The German guy squatted down and dropped his balls into the boy’s open mouth while he reached down and tweaked those dark brown nips. And just like that, the Asian hole squeezed and squeezed as the kid moaned into the hairy ball sac. German guy stood up, pulling his wet balls out of the Asian boy’s mouth. “I have private room. We can go?” he asked me. I looked down at the boy and he grinned and nodded. The three of us were finally alone and away from prying eyes. German guy sat back on the mat with his legs spread wide open, his big cock gripped tightly in his hand. I locked the door while the kid made his way over to the cock he was lusting after and put his mouth over the head and PA. German guy brought out a bottle and took a couple of big snorts, then held it under the boy’s nose and made him take six huffs. Poppers make my cock soft, so I decline. Even in the dim lighting, I could see the boy’s face flush deep red as the poppers hit him. The German groaned as the boy’s sucking increased. As I was watching this, I sunk two thick fingers into the kid’s hole, twisting and tugging at the thick ring of muscle. I replaced my fingers with my cock, shoving it in a bit rougher than before. It was hot spit-roasting this Asian kid between with our white cocks. I leaned down and grabbed at his nipples and twisted. I looked at German and we both felt each hole pulse. “You want to fuck him,” I asked. He nodded. I grabbed the boy’s hair and pulled him off the cock, twisting his head around so I could kiss him. The German’s cock tasted better than the old man’s cum. We turned him around and presented his ass to our host. Between the poppers, the cocklust and whatever else he might’ve done before, the Asian kid was flying high and feeling good. Wasting no time, German guy lined up his cock and shoved hard. A loud groan of lust and pain came from the boy as he grabbed onto me for support. Not even my cock and the poppers prepared him for the pierced cock forcing its way into his small ass. I put my mouth onto his and twisted a tit, distracting him from the pain. I stepped back and watched as the German pounded the boy hard. They grunted in unison to the distinct sound of bare skin slapping. After a while, German wrapped his arms around the boy and leaned back onto the mat, using his legs to spread him open. The boy steadied himself with his arms and I was treated to the hottest sight: a thick piece of German meat stuffed into hot Asia buns. At first, the boy slipped all the way down the pierce cock and, I can only imagine, shoving that PA deep into his gut. He’d squirm up and the German would thrust and knock him off balance, sinking back onto the hot pole. I watched this for a while as I stroked. I moved over to them and stood between their legs. I reached out and tweaked those boy-nips hard. My cock got close enough to bounce on the boy’s balls and tap on the German’s cock. This was too beautiful a set up. I leaned in and kissed the boy hard. “Got room for one more?” The boy got a nervous look in his eye but didn’t say anything. German chuckled. I found the bottle of poppers and held it under the boy’s nose. Obediently, he snorted six hits in total. I watched his face turn deep read again as the warmth spread. I watched as each of his slide down the pole was longer, harder and deeper. I held my cock right up against his hole and pushed against the edge of his stretched ass lips. The German’s hard cock yielded a little bit and my cockhead started to slip in. It was beautiful to watch. The kid’s black hair was matted against his forehead and he grimaced as his hole was pushed to its limits. The German moved a hand up to twist a nipple and I took the other one. The kid threw his head back and gave a loud, long half-groan, half-yell as I slipped in. He took a few more huffs of the poppers as we waited. When I saw the effects hit, I slid in some more. Again, he half-moaned and half-yelled as we split him in half. I grabbed both of his brown Asian nipples and twisted hard, making him whimper as I bottomed out, my hairy balls against the German’s. The German was no stranger to double dicking bottoms. I started fucking nice and slowly, and he matched me with opposing thrusts. The boy was constantly having his butt buzzer massaged if his moans were any indication. I felt the PA slide against my cock on every stroke. It was the hottest sensation. The intensity of our thrusts got harder and harder, and the boy’s moans got louder and louder. I shoved two fingers into his mouth to give him something to suck on while we ruined his hot Asian hole. The German started muttering “Ja, ja, ja” over and over again from behind. Soon, he began to breathe heavily and gripped the boy’s waist. Instead of alternating with my strokes, he started jamming into the boy with me while holding the boy firm. I got a perverse pleasure seeing the look of pain in the kid’s face, but he was still sucking my fingers like a bitch in heat and his cock was hard as a rock. So I fucked harder too. Ten strokes in, the German yelled out and I felt his cock throb against mine. He held really still as he came but I continued to thrust in and out, jerking him off with my cock inside the tight hole. I felt his cum squish around and some of it slid out onto our balls. He convulsed for almost half a minute before slumping back. I slid out and pulled the boy off, spun him around and slid right back in. I pushed his pretty Asian head into the German crotch all covered with sweat, ass juice and pretty pink spooge clumped on the PA and all over the shaft and balls. “Clean it up” I hissed into his ear. I watched the boy’s head bob up and down, and I watched his sweaty back muscles knot up and dance, just like I found him earlier tonight. But now, I wasn’t lazily sliding in and out. I was thrusting as hard as I could with my eight inches. I was pushing the German’s load deep into the boy’s guts. I was fucking this hot Asian ass with my big white cock. Suddenly, my orgasm crashed into me like a truck and I blew my hot cum deep inside him. I felt like I was cumming forever, grunting and shaking and bellowing. I was laying on top of boy, catching my breath, both our faces in the German’s crotch. The boy had cleaned off that giant cock like I told him. I pulled out of him and put the boy on his back and my still hard cock to his mouth. Instantly, he opened up and started sucking me clean. German moved over and reached under the Asian kid’s balls, slipping some fingers inside the gaping hole. His other hand started stroking the kid’s cock. The he asked, “you cum now or want more fucking?”
  7. We're a group of guys that have been hosting bareback parties in Central Florida (Orlando area) for close to three years now, usually on the second Saturday of the month. We typically have 30-50 guys turn out for each party. If you would be interested in joining our group, check us out on RawManOrgy.com. We have full description of the parties and what kind of guys we're looking for as well as what to expect if you come to our parties. If you are in Central Florida, or travel here, and you like groups of hot guys all having raw sex, come check us out.
  8. Hey guys- all bottom man here, doing Barcelona for the first time- have my hotel booked ( Barcelona CityHotel on C'Arago) So, here is the deal: I am hoping to exist on Catalan cock all week long- cock in my mouth, in my ass , fisting, some piss play too. If all travel goes well I am heading to Berlin Dark on 21 Sep- a Tues, and will be bare and open for filling and your pleasure. On Wed evening, I plan to check out OPenMind, and again will be there for the sole purpose of making the men of BCN happy and satisfied sexually. If anyone in BCN is reading this and wants to hook up, get back to me- I plan to have a laptop , but not sure about power adapters working etc. \ How much cum can a man get in Barcelona in 175 hours ?? <g> . Hola chicos, todo hombre fondo aquí, haciendo de Barcelona para la primera vez, tengo mi hotel reservado (Barcelona CityHotel en C'Arago) Así pues, aquí es el trato: Espero que exista la polla catalán durante toda la semana-la polla en la boca , en mi culo, fisting, algunos mear jugar con ellos. Si todos los viajes va bien me estoy dirigiendo a Dark Berlín el 21 de septiembre-un mar, y se desnuda y abierta para el llenado y su placer. En la noche del Miércoles, tengo la intención de visitar Openmind, y volverá a estar allí con el único propósito de hacer que los hombres de BCN contentos y satisfechos sexualmente. Si alguien en BCN está leyendo esto y quiere conectar, volver a mí, pienso tener una computadora portátil, pero no está seguro acerca de adaptadores de corriente de trabajo, etc \ Cómo cum Cuánto puede un hombre entrar en Barcelona en 175 horas? <g>
  9. Would like to meet other barebackers in and around Albuquerque, NM, with eye towards getting together occasionally for some raw group action. SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY. And please, no NEG guys who purport to play BB only with other NEG guys (they're probably lying to you anyway).
  10. [This story was submitted by a reader.] Hey I'm James - Jamie - I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm 18 and I love to be fucked bareback, all cummers are welcome - but I especially love to be fuck by... Hot, hairy, older guys - who are packin' some heat down below. I'm talkin' 6" plus with big low hanging balls, if you don't measure up I have no use for you. So here's a little background information. I'm 18, which you already know, and am 5' exactly with a really cute face, blue eyes and occasionally brown hair - I like to experiment with dyes, highlights, hairstyles and even the skinhead look - once. My height and face can be a curse, because I often get mistaken for a 12 year old. Thankfully my body and my cock tell a different story, I took up Tae Kwon Doe and Akido when I was about 6. About 2 years ago I was a junior champion, for Northern Ireland and I'm a star athlete - on my school's track team. All that plus 10 hours a week jogging and going to the gym, well the results speak for themselves. I have a smooth well-defined torso, muscular arms and legs, and a sweet little bubble-butt. I also have a thick 7" cock, which occasionally finds it's way into a willing hole, to lodge some direct deposits of it's own. The way I see it is... You gotta give the people what they want! The day after my 18th birthday, my Tae Kwon Doe sensei fucked me. It was my first time with a really hung older guy - he was 35 with dark hair and a hairy chest. He was in insanely good shape, muscular and sinewy, too HOT! He also had a beer-can thick, bone-hard 7" cock, I squealed when it slid up my ass for the first time, tears streamed down my face and I gasped for air. I begged and pleaded for him to stop, the pain was unbearable, I was sure he was gonna split me in two. But he gently kissed my neck, speaking softly to me. Telling me to relax and breathe, so I listened to him, I willed my body to relax, as I fought to control my breathing the pain evaporated and with it went the certainty, that I was going to be split in two. All that remained was the incredible feeling of being full of cock, I was hooked at that point, even before feeling the pleasure of having a cock see-sawing in and out of my hole. Working towards it's final goal. Anyway he fucked me real good, not that that I had any point of reference. He shot his load inside me, did I mentioned that he fucked me bareback, I came too. I knew I'd be wanting more after that. But that's not the story I want to tell. A couple of months ago I was in the park jogging, I was looking good in a really tight muscle-top and really small loose-fitting running shorts, no underwear - no jockstrap. I never wear a jockstrap when I'm jogging, it real turns me on to think some hot guy is watching my cock, bounce around underneath my shorts. After a while I got bored, it sometimes happens when I jog and I'm always horny. So I went to the toilets, to check out the action. We call it "Cottaging" over here. Anyway, I stood at the urinal for a couple of minutes, dick in hand. Then this HOT older guy comes in and has a slash, I glance over at him. His cock is huge, it looks like a salami or something, it must be 8" long and it's not even hard. Then I recognize him, he was in the park playing with his kids. He catches me, checking out his meat, and steps back from the urinal, he starts working on his cock - with a smug bastard grin on his face. I watch his cock grow, it must be a 11" and I want it in me - it might be irritating, but the bastard is entitiled to that grin. I walk over to where he's standing, just as I'm about to take his cock in my hand... A voice outside says, "Daddy, what's keeping you - I wanna play catch". It's the voice of his little girl and with that he leaves. Not fun at all, just the sight of that cock - the lingering image of it, in my mind - has made me even more horny. I decide my ass is gonna swallow the next cock I see - I don't care how ugly, old, fat or generally mutated the owner might be, the next hard 6' plus cock I see is mine. Another guy comes in, he's about my age - he's not suitable. He faces slightly away from me, while he pisses, obscuring my view of his cock - the guy is clearly in denial, that's no good. He leaves. Then another guy comes in, he's a big guy. About 6', he has broad shoulders and huge arms, he was in great shape at one point - now he has a gut and is showing signs of middle-aged spread. He's a skinhead, wearing sports shorts and a T-shirt, he has a knee support on one of his well muscled tree-trunk legs and he's not even good-looking. His features are sharp and heavy, his nose broken several times before - he also has a bad case of cauliflower ear. I decide he plays for the Sunday league Rugby team - I turned out to be right, but that's not important. Anyway I want this guy bad, but I don't know why. Even if I hadn't made the decision to ride the next cock I see, no matter who's on the other end of it - I would have wanted this guy. He just had an aura - that said I'll fuck you and you'll be happy, really, really happy. So, he comes over to the urinal and has a piss. I don't look over at him, no furtive glances, nothing. This guy is huge, he could be a gay basher, and I'm not sure I could take him on - even with my martial arts training. I few minutes pass and I think I should put my cock back in my shorts and go - I can come back later. But against my better judgment, I finally risk at glance at him - to my delight, he has a hard-on, it's ribbed with veins, uncut, 8" and tree-trunk thick - just like his legs. His cock is clearly on the menu, so I go for it - I hunker down in front of him, take his meat in my mouth and start to suck. Usually I can deep-throat an 8" cock, no problem - but his cock is so thick that deep-throat is impossible. After a couple minutes, he says "We can go back to my place it's about 5 minutes drive from here, I have a car". We both leave, since we're both wearing athletic gear it doesn't look too weird. We get to the car park and he says "It's the black Mini-van, oh, I have a couple of team-mates with me - I was running them home, hope you don't mind". Now I'm nervous, I say "Well go on ahead, I'll go for a jog and you can get me when your done". He says "Don't worry, I'll keep an eye you. The lads won't bother you, I'm Patrick, by the way". Still unsure I get into the front passenger seat, hoping I'm quick to escape if I need too. The 5 remaining seats of the Mini-van are all occupied by guys in shorts and T-shirts. Patrick sensing my discomfort introduced every one. Aiden, a good-looking blonde, about 5 years older than me - with a great body, no obvious Rugby injuries and good-sized bulge in his shorts. Noel, about 45, with a bit of gut and signs of middle-aged spread - glasses and ginger hair, which suited me fine. I have this theory, that ginger guys are always well-hung. Some of the biggest cocks I've ever seen/had belonged to ginger guys. Dylan, about 30 - looks Italian; dark-hair, olive skin, designer stubble and a decent body. Not as toned as Aiden or myself, but still in good shape - couldn't see his bulge as he was carrying a Rugby ball on his crotch. Marcin - Polish, about 30, skinhead, sharp facial features and a broken nose - spoke very good English, also not as toned as Aiden or Myself, but still in good shape. Every time I looked at Marcin, he rubbed his crotch insistently. Then there was Robert, a Red Hot, Silver-Fox, about 50 - his body was so good, he put Aiden and myself to shame - everything toned to perfection and not an ounce of fat anywhere. I lowered my eyes to Robert's crotch and saw a long, thick uncut cock poking through the leg of his shorts, still soft. If I hadn't already wanted him - that cock would have changed my mind. Satisfied that everything was on the up, I finally said "Hi, I'm Jamie". As we set off, I said a silent prayer to the gods of sex. "Please, don't let anyone say 'we need condoms', please". When we got to Patrick's Place, T-shirts and shorts came off in record time. Patrick, Aiden, Noel, Dylan, Marcin and Robert all stood around me - with their cocks on display. I was in heaven, as I sucked each cock in turn - I devoured Patrick's big, veiny, uncut cock - it was still impossible to deep-throat. Aiden's cock was about 8" long and uncut as well, it wasn't as thick as Patrick's - so I could deep-throat it. Noel, lived up to my theory. His cock was about 9" long, uncut and thick enough to make deep-throat difficult, but not impossible. Dylan's cock was about 7" long, thick, uncut and ribbed with veins, he also had a huge PA, 10mm - I could deep-throat it, but it was awkward. His balls were huge and hanging really low, it looked like he hadn't cum in a month. Next up was Marcin, he had the smallest cock - it was thick as a beer-can, cut and generously veined. While it was great to look at, it was only about 5" long - still I could deep-throat it and decided it could still be fun. Finally there was Robert, soft his cock was 8" and it took a lot of work to get him hard - but it was absolutely worth it, when hard it grew to 11". It wasn't very veiny, but it was very long, very thick and uncut. Below it was a very low hanging nutsack, swinging under the weight of 2 pool ball sized nuts. It was also impossible to deep-throat - but Robert grabbed the back of my head and shoved every inch of his cock down my throat, almost. I choked and gagged as the head of Robert's cock when past my tonsils - there was still about an inch and a half that I couldn't manage. While I was sucking Robert's cock, Patrick had gone to get some supplies. He returned with poppers and lube - I didn't notice any condoms, but I never really got a chance to absorb my surroundings. Patrick held the poppers up to my nose, I took a couple of deep breaths, then I felt the cold lube on my cumhole. Someone was finger-fucking lube into my hole, very slowly, first 1 finger, then 2, then 3, now I was on all-fours. I heard Marcin say he was gonna fuck me, then I felt a sharp pain - it subsided quickly and then I was full of cock. I reached behind me and gripped the base of Marcin's cock, saying it hurt and to give me a second. Slid forwards off Marcin's cock and slid my hand up and down the full length of his cock shaft, feeling for a condom. All I could feel was skin, so I gripped Marcin's cock at the base again and slid it back into my ass. Marcin fucked me for about 10 minutes, I took a few more hits of poppers and Patrick, Aiden, Noel, Dylan and Robert took turns at fucking my mouth. Marcin continued to fuck me for a few more minutes, then his strokes got shallower and quickened, his breathing matching his strokes exactly. Suddenly several loud groans escaped his lips, I could feel his cock pulsing and twitching in my hole as he came. I took a couple more hits of poppers and felt Aiden slid his cock into my cum soaked hole, still on all-fours I reached around and gripped the base of Aiden's cock - intending to check for a condom, the same way I had when Marcin was fucking me. Before I even slid off his cock Aiden said "Don't worry, I'm not wearing a condom. I wanna feel your ass on my cock, just as god intended". Aiden fucked me harder than Marcin, so a couple more hits of popper were essential. Aiden's strokes were brutal, he pounded my ass deep and hard. It hurt, but I still wanted it - but he couldn't maintain his pace forever. He gripped my hips, holding me place - he thrust into me hard one last time and groaned loudly, as he bust a nut, shooting jizz deep into my guts. Noel assumed the position behind me, he took my hand and put it on his cock - he allowed me to guide him into my ass, so I could feel the flesh of his cock. Again I was filled with raw cock, Noel's strokes started off gentle - but after a few minutes he found a quicker pace and settled with it. Dylan held the poppers to my nose, I took a couple deep breaths. Then Robert slid his giant cock into my mouth again, putting his hands on the back of my head - he forced his cock down my throat. Noel grunted "I'm gonna cum", the muscle spasms when I started to choked on Robert's cock - finished Noel off and slimed my guts, with his hot spunk. Watching all this got Marcin hard again, so he shoved his cock back up my hole and fucked me again. Marcin's second fuck was more brutal and ended quicker. He grunted and groaned as he added another load to my hole. I loaded up on poppers, when Dylan knelt behind me. Dylan didn't take his PA out - I felt the cold steel of his PA on my pucker and knew he wasn't wearing a condom either. A couple more hits of poppers and Dylan's huge PA stretched my hole, it hurt like hell - but another hit of poppers would cure that. Once Dylan had his PA inside me, it was easy to get his cock into me. More poppers, but not just for me - Dylan took a couple of hits, then pushed his cock into me right to the balls. I felt his cum heavy nutsack slap against my legs and knew he would shoot his load into me like everyone else had done. It was a very weird sensation, being fucked by Dylan - I'd never been fucked by someone with a PA before, it required a few more hits of poppers and I had a metallic taste in my mouth, the whole time Dylan fucked me. While Dylan fucked my ass Patrick and Robert took turns at fucking my face. Then it was happening all over again, Dylan stopped stroking and shoved his cock into my pussy, right to the hilt. He groaned loudly and gripped my hips, to keep me from pulling off his cock - as he emptied his low hanging nutsack into me. He held me down on his cock for 5 minutes, as he fired the biggest load of the day into my tight little hole. When he pulled out his PA stretched my hole again, this time it felt great - Dylan's PA was coated with spunk from all the loads in my ass, so he stuck his cock in my mouth and had me clean it. Patrick grabbed a cushion off the settee and told me to lie on my back, then he put the cushion under my ass. I watched as his big veiny, uncut cock slid into ass. I love getting to see a big bareback cock disappearing into my hole, and this was no exception - I also love to see a guy's face when he cums in my ass. I'd been wanting this since I first saw Patrick in the park toilets, I would have let him fuck me right at the urinal. Patrick slammed his cock into me, he was brutal and it hurt - even though I was loaded up on poppers and my hole was a sloppy, cummy mess. He was relentless - must have fucked me hard for 15 minutes. The cum in my hole turned into a frothy mess that coated his dick and leaked out of my ass... I was in heaven... When he finally came he had this exquisite look on his face and he practically bellowed... Afterwards, laying in bed I was feeling my abused cummy hole and knew that was an encounter I'd never forget - my first real gangbang. Patrick's team has used me a couple more times since then, and I've found a few other guys who like whoring me out and organizing gangbangs. I'm just getting started, but the more guys, the rougher the fucks, and the more cum in my ass, the better... _____________________________ UPDATE: The guy who submitted the story wrote me back... it's so cool, you published my story. "18 y.o. jock gangbanged by rugby team", just in case you've forgotten. I've never been called a jock before, that's new and cool, I guess. It may interest you to know that it's a true story. Or it's a combination of 3 true stories, pretty cool huh! Anyway, I would not like to be listed as the author, in case guys try to get in touch with me. Am not ready for that kind of attention just yet. But hold on to my e-mail address because next time I'm loaded - I want to share the experience with your readers. It's making my horny, thinking hot tops are out there jacking and bustin' a nut. Because of something the happened to me. So cool, still love your work. Jamie
  11. I lay in my bed on my back, the cover over my waist, watching my brother change across the room. Logan was 18, about a year younger than was I. We were both serious swimmers and water polo players so both of us had developed nice smooth tan muscled bodies, and I loved watching his six pack abs and round pecs flex as he changed. Whenever I could, I loved getting a glimpse of his astonishing ten inch cock. (I was blessed with almost nine inches, which didn't seem fair). His short blonde hair outlined his handsome, devastatingly sexy face on top of that physical perfection. As soon as Logan went into the shower I pulled on a loose pair of shorts and went downstairs shirtless. I heard someone in the kitchen, then remembered my older brother Dallas was home from college for the week. This meant I had more eye candy: while Logan and I were tan blonde swimmers Dallas was a muscular brown-haired football quarterback. For whatever reason he had a penchant for wearing nothing but underwear while home on vacation around the house. And he wasn't alone: my cousin Austin was here visiting as well, and he didn't hurt the scenery one bit. Austin was a bleach-blonde surfer of 18, and he was the only one who knew I was gay. Of my family, that is. My first sexual fantasies were about him, many years ago, and they never really went away. It was a hot summer day and I had the day off. Logan had to go to some practice for most of the day. I felt like either lounging by the pool all day or trying to get laid. Since it looked like Dallas and Austin were going to stick around I put the second idea on hold, for the time being. I lay out on the lounger by the pool and dozed off, which would have been fine except I happened to have an extremely graphic and dirty dream about some or all of the boys I previously mentioned. The loose shorts I was wearing did nothing to hide nine inches of rock hard cock while I dozed. Austin woke me up and pointed out the telling bulge in my shorts with a snicker. I looked up at him. He was wearing red boardshorts and no shirt, revealing his tattoo around his large bicep and his nipple piercing. "Dreaming of cock up your ass, huh?" he laughed. I looked slightly sheepish. "Maybe," I said with a small grin. Austin had always been fascinated with the concept of gay sex, and used every opportunity to ask me about it; not just general stuff but the graphic details of my sexual escapades. And I told him everything without censorship because he could handle it...in fact I think he might have liked it. I also think part of him got off on turning me on, even if he wasn't interested. "Where's Dallas?" I asked. "He went out for a bit, won't be back til later," Austin said, pulling a doobie from his boardshorts pocket and fishing for a lighter. "Want some?" "Sure," I said. We smoked a bit and for whatever reason started feeling good pretty quickly. "Looks like you have a pretty big cock, dude," he said, exhaling some smoke and coughing a bit. "You've seen my cock," I said. "Not hard," he responded. "I've seen your's hard," I said, laughing. "It's pretty fucking huge." "I know, it is, huh?" he said, then reached into his shorts and grabbed his cock. "Bet you like big cock huh?" "Of course. And I can actually take it, too, unlike most people," I said. "Man I'm getting' buzzed," he said. "And horned up, too. It always goes down like that." "Me too," I said. Suddenly he undid his boardshorts and pulled out his cock. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, and I had seen a lot. Almost a foot long and nice and thick and straight. "They say dudes give better head than chicks, but I don't believe it," he said. I bit my tongue and there was a pause. "Fine," he said, "prove it to me." My heart skipped a beat but I wasn't going to let this chance pass me by so I knelt beside him and took his huge cock into my mouth as far as I could get it. I continued to give him the best head I could possibly do, partly to prove a point and partly because I was finally sucking on this amazing cock, belonging to my very hot cousin. "Oh mannnnn you do give good head," he moaned, and he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I continued working his cock and soon felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing me further down until I was deep throating all twelve inches. His moans grew louder and I knew I was doing a pretty decent job. After a while he pushed me up and lay back to rest, and I returned to my lounge, watching his hard body and his huge cock pulsing with pleasure. I was feeling incredibly horny so I excused myself and went inside and up to my room and flipped on a movie and got online. Suddenly the bedroom door opened. I hurriedly shut off the video as Logan walked in. He wasn't due for another couple of hours. He closed the door behind him. It was dark in the room except the computer. "I saw you and Austin outside... I saw what you were doing," he said. My heart stopped. I didn't think he would really have a problem with me being gay but I didn't know if he could ignore the fact that he saw me blowing my own cousin. "Um..." I started. He took the half-smoked doobie from my desk, got a lighter from his dresser, and took a couple big hits. "You can turn it on," he said, pointing at the TV. "It's not like I didn't know about it." I probably wouldn't have if entirely sober but I did flip the tv back on. Soon to my shock I saw my brother actually stroking his cock watching the gay porn. "Wha... I..." I said, stammering. "You might have noticed this family is full of sluts," he said. "To me a hole is a hole, as long as I'm fucking something hot." "Have you ever..." I started. "Fucked boypussy? Nope," he said. "Why, you want your cunt fucked Brady?" "I don't usually have a problem finding what I need," I said, turned on by his language. "But yeah I always want my cunt fucked." "You need your pussy filled with jizz?" he asked. "Oh fuck yes," I said. He opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube, then put some on his cock. "Get over there," he said. I went over to the bed and lay on my back, and lifted my legs up as he came over to me and put them on my little brother's muscled shoulders. He put his hard cock against my hole and without warning or mercy shoved the entire thing deep into me all at once. But as I told Austin, I was a pro... instead of hurting the feeling was exhilarating, for both of us. Logan's cock did a good job of filling my hole as he pounded in and out. Occasionally he'd pull all the way out so my hole would gape and beg for his cock back, and then he'd slam it into me again. Neither of us was very quiet, me moaning and asking for more, him telling me how great my pussy felt. When Logan finally came, he screamed out so loud I figured no one on the block could have missed it. I felt his warm load gushing into my hole as he breathed heavily and sweat dripped from his face onto my chest. He leaned down and kissed me, then pulled his cock from my hole. He took another hit and then went out of the room, leaving me on my back watching porn with his load in my ass. Apparently Dallas had returned home and shared some alcohol and herbal refreshment with Austin, because he soon came stumbling into my room, making me hurriedly switch off the tv again. Austin was behind him. They sat on the bed and said "Let's watch some fucking porn. You got any bro?" "Uh..." I said. "I have some," Dallas said, and stumbled out of the room and back in with a DVD. He put it in the player and turned it on, and some ripped stud was fucking an annoying chick. "Look Brady, it's you," Austin joked. I made a nervous giggle as Dallas looked at me, puzzled. "You're a little pussyboy?" he asked. "You take cock up your ass?" "Yeah and he fucking loves it too," Austin said, not helping. "And he gives good head." "How do you know?" Dallas asked. Austin now shut up. "You're both fags?" Dallas continued. Austin said quickly, "No, bro, I'm not, Brady is but not me." He got up. "I'm gonna go piss," he said. When he had left Dallas looked at me. "How come you didn't tell me? All those fucking nights I was so fucking horned up and had to stop myself from plowing your little cunt and you would have liked it?" "Wait... you...?" I said. "Fuck yeah," he said. "I'm surprised you didn't figure it out. I'm a nasty slutty fag, little bro. I live for swapping DNA and my ass bred. Hell, I'll let anyone fuck me - just love getting the load. Pretty good at giving loads too." I grinned. "I'm working on it, but only get five to ten loads a week and mostly from guys at school" I said. He pulled off his shirt. "I am gonna fucking breed your fucking slutty cunt like I should have long ago," he said. "Oh yeah, give me your hot cum bro," I said, as he ducked down and began to eat out my hole. I hoped he'd figure out that there was already cum in there, and then whose it was, but he was enjoying himself too much and didn't notice. His cock was out and rock hard and soon it was plunging into my hole. I moaned aloud just as the door opened and Austin reappeared. He closed the door behind him, looking amused, and came up beside me on the bed so I could take his dick in my mouth again. Dallas fucked me even better than Logan had, hard, steady, rough, and horny. I moaned while sucking on Austin's full cock, and soon Dallas cried out and thrust deep into me and I could feel his hot load gushing into my hole. As he pulled out my hole had no time to close before Austin's own cock had filled it. He flipped me onto my hands and knees and I began to suck Dallas' cock clean. Austin slid his thick cock into my used boyhole and pulled it all the way out and in several times, until suddenly his cock burst with cum that overflowed out my hole as he pulled out his cock. Dallas leaned down to lick my hole clean, and the two of them left me laying naked on my bed. An hour later Logan crawled into bed next to me and slid his cock into my cummy hole, he muttered, "What the fuck...you fucking slut!" With that he pounded me again until I had a fourth load of my family's hot cum. Later that week Dallas took me to a few bareback fuck parties. I was the new piece of meat and everyone dumped his load in my ass. I must have gotten like 40 or 50 loads at each party. All sorts of guys including some really dirty, nasty fuckers. It was hot! When Dallas went back to college the guys took me under their wing and I started going to like two, three and sometimes four parties a week, plus a few random hookups after school every day. Where I was getting between five to ten loads a week, I'm now getting between forty to sixty, sometimes more. And I'm lovin' it.
  12. Non-consentual rape is illegal... This story is for fantasy purposes only... _______________________ Jeff was awakened by the sound of broken glass. He had been sleeping in late enjoying his summer vacation after finishing his junior year of high school. The loud noise of the broken window had startled him out of a deep sleep. Rolling out of bed, he slipped on a pair of underwear and pondered the loud noise. Both of his parents had left two days ago for vacation, and his older sister wasn't due back from her summer college classes until later on in the afternoon. His parent's house was in the country and no other homes or people were close by to making any noise. Puzzled by the sound, he decided to go investigate. As he opened the door to his bedroom and started to walk down the hall, he was surprised to see a big black man crawling through what had been the closed living room window. Instantly seen by the black man, Jeff turned and raced back down the hall to his bedroom and slammed the door. Within seconds he heard the black man outside his door. Even worse, he heard more footsteps, and heard several other sinister voices ordering him to unlock the door. Frightened by the men, who by their voices were obviously black, Jeff was terrified. He forgot about the other door that led to the bathroom that he shared with his older sister's a joining room. His only focus was keeping his bedroom door closed. Concentrating on keeping the bedroom door leading to the hallway closed, Jeff did not hear another black man enter through his sister's room and come into his room through the bathroom. Standing with his legs spread, trying to keep the other men from breaking down his bedroom door, Jeff presented an erotic sight to the black man who had just escaped from the state prison located fifty miles away. Watching the young white boy pushing against the door trying to stop his friends from entering, Bruce, a two hundred pound convicted rapist watched the white boy standing with his legs spread, ass sticking out. Already filled with adrenaline and joy over his escape from prison, Bruce smiled at the sight of the boy. Feelings his cock growing erect Bruce could think of no better way to celebrate his prison escape than by tearing off a piece of the white teenage ass. Rushing up behind Jeff, Bruce backhanded the white boy on the side of the neck. Not even aware that Bruce was in the room, Jeff was caught by surprise. The karate strike caused his muscles to spasm, causing him to drop to the ground instantly. As the boy whimpered on the floor in shock and pain, Bruce unlocked the bedroom door, allowing his two black friends to enter. "Shit boys look at this cracker." Bruce said referring to Jeff who was still laying on the ground trying to recover from the sharp pain in his neck. "Here we need a place to hang out until the heat dies down from all those pigs chasing us, and look, now we got us some entertainment why we is hiding." Then kicking Jeff in the ass, Bruce continued, "I bet this punk white ass is still virgin." Rubbing the front of his prison pants to fondle his cock, Bruce said, "Well nothing like some Alabama bull snake to break in a virgin ass, hey brothers!" Laughing, the two other men agreed with Bruce. Bending down the men pulled Jeff to his feet, and threw his body facedown, sideways over the small twin sized bed. Pulling his waist over to the side edge of the bed, Bruce held the boy down, while his two friends grabbed shirts hanging from Jeff's closet and ripped the shirts apart. Tying the torn shirts to the metal legs of the bed, they quickly spread Jeff's legs and tied his ankles to the shirts attached to the legs of the bed. Recovering from the blow to his neck, Jeff suddenly tried to stand up and fight the three black men. His efforts were futile, and the black men enjoyed beating the white boy back down on the bed with their fists. Pushed face down into his bed, Jeff was powerless to stop the strong escaped convicts hovering over his spread-eagled ass. Walking around to the other side of the bed, Bruce grabbed Jeff's arms and quickly tied each wrist with a torn shirt. Pulling the shirt tight, he managed to stretch the boy over his twin size bed, tying the shirt wrapped around Jeff's wrists to the metal legs of the bed. Looking down at the white boy who was now crying laying side ways across the bed, Bruce enjoyed the sight of the white teenager spread out before him. The white boy's ass, still covered in boxer shorts, was sticking up, and the white boy's face, with his pretty mouth, was hanging over the other side of the bed. The white boy cried, and begged for mercy. "Please don't kill me. My parents have money. You can take anything you want. Please just don't kill me." Not yet realizing the escaped convicts intentions, Jeff continued, "Please you can take anything, I won't tell. I promise I won't tell anyone and I'll do anything you want, just let me live!" Leroy, a convicted drug dealer walked around to the front of the bed, and pulled Jeff's hair and made him look up. "You mean white boy, that if I don't break that lily-white neck of yours and I let you live, I can take anything I want and you'll do anything to help me?" "Yes sir! You can take anything you want! Please just don't hurt me." Leroy continued to toy with his hapless and naive victim. "You mean boy, that you'll do anything, anything at all?" "Yes Sir anything, anything at all" As soon as he said those words, Jeff noticed the huge bulges in both Leroy's and Bruce's pants. It was then that he focused on the men's prison uniforms, and Jeff suddenly recalled all the horror stories he had heard about what convicts do to young men in prison. Jeff gulped in shock as his fear of death became replaced with the fear of being raped. His body shook in fright at the thought of being raped by the three big black men. Watching Leroy reach down and fondle his cock through his jeans, Jeff knew that the three men had tied him like this on purpose. He had heard about getting butt-fucked, yet he had never thought such a thing would happen to him. Only fag's let other men touch them, and Jeff never would have thought he'd be fucked by another man, let alone, three black men. Jeff, already beaten by the men, knew that he couldn't escape and he feared what the men would do next. As he laid on the bed he trembled and whispered. "Please Oh no. Not that, please." A moment later, Leroy confirmed Jeff's worst fears. Unbuttoning his pants, he pulled out his cock, and walked up to his white captive. The huge ten-inch black cock stood at attention only inches away from Jeff's face. Jeff gulped as he stared at the black one-eyed monster jutting before his face. Leroy' cock was huge, and Jeff shivered and watched as the cock moved as Leroy stroked the big organ. Surely, Jeff thought, it would be impossible for that cock to fit up his tight little ass. "Yeah, white boy that is all for you" Leroy snorted as he fondled his dick. "You did say white boy that you wanted to live and you be willing to do anything, if we didn't kill you. Well I reckon we can let you live. But ya' got to help us. Help us celebrate our escape from prison. Open your mouth and pleasure me, and let me see how much you want to live. You suck real good boy. You kiss my dick and you show me how much you value your life by sucking down my manly seed, and I think we can let ya' live to see tomorrow. Now open wide boy!" Jeff, staring at the huge black cock, the first black cock he had ever seen, heard Leroy's words, but the demand seemed impossible. With tears rolling down his checks, Jeff begged. "No, No, please, anything but that." Looking around the room for mercy, he saw the other two men undressing, and he noted their big black dicks sticking out from their waist. "Please don't hurt me. Please don't do this he pleaded and begged. Enjoying the sight of the white boy sobbing on the bed, Alton, who was a sadistic pimp and killer who had been convicted of murdering a prostitute for failing to earn enough money, pulled his belt off his jeans. "Shit Leroy, ya' offer this here boy a chance to live and he won't even suck ya' dick. Well, let me teach this honky some respect and gratitude. Reaching down, he grasped the underwear covering Jeff's virgin ass, and ripped the material in two. Throwing the underwear aside, Alton placed his hands over the globes of Jeff's upturned ass. Spreading the boy's ass checks he admired Jeff's small anal opening. Kneaded Jeff's ass he commented "Oh yeah, that's a fine ass you gots there boy." Feeling the hands caressing his butt checks, Jeff struggled against his bounds and begged for mercy. Alton, enjoying the feel of the boy's tight, muscular ass cheeks, kept on talking. "Hey man, when I was in the city, I would get these young white boys running away from home. Man I would break them in hard. Raping there little asses and make them drink my sperm for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every morning, I'd drown their throats in my piss before I rammed my cock, and then my hand, up their ass. Man, you should have heard how they screamed when I fisted their little ass holes. After I got them use to sitting their tight little asses on the end of my cock, and got them to enjoy the feel of my dick sticking down their throat, I'd have them begging for dick. Then I'd introduce them to heroin, and put `em out on the street selling their tight little bodies, while I raked in the money. Man, those old white men in their three-piece suits and BMW's would be paying good money to beat, torture and fuck some little lost white boy like this kid. Why those boys were stuck on the ends of men's cocks almost eight hours a night. The only down side was that after having load after load of sperm shot up and down their asses and throats they'd be used up in no time. It was bad for business because it didn't take too long before they got beat real bad or they got AIDS or some other fucked up disease. Then I'd have to get rid of them, either sell them to another pimp, or if they was likely to call the cops, make them have an accidental heroin overdose. But man, why they was healthy and good looking, like this kid, I'd be living the good life. These little white boys made even more money them those little white bitches I'd get." Releasing the boy's ass cheeks, Alton placed two of his fingers in his mouth, and then after wetting his fingers, spread Jeff's ass cheeks. Shoving his two fingers a inch up Jeff's ass, he laughed as the boy screamed and moved his hips up, involuntarily raising his ass to met the prodding digits. Moving his fingers around, Alton examined the crying boy's asshole. "Oh hey, that's fine brown eye." Alton said "Looks virgin too." Then without any concern for Jeff, he rammed his two fingers completely up the boy's rectum. Jeff bucked up and down as his virgin ass was torn open by the thrusting and wiggling fingers. "Oh god that hurts. Please stop! Please stop sir, please!" Jeff screamed as he bucked up and down, trying to force the fingers out of his asshole. Alton ignored Jeff's pleas and repeatedly shoved his fingers in and out of the boy's ass. "Yeap, look at this boy. Moving all about like my fingers are killing him. He's virgin alright. Wait until he gets one up the ass, then he'll really have something to scream about!" Pushing his hand as hard as he could, he made Jeff's hips rise up and down off the bed as the boy suffered through the cruel fingering. Over the pain, Jeff heard Bruce laugh cruelly and say, "He might be virgin now, but he won't but for long!" Pulling his fingers out the boy's ass, Alton jumped up on the bed, and grabbed a handful of Jeff's hair. Pulling the boy's head up by the hair, Alton pushed Jeff's face into Leroy's crotch. "White boy, my man said you could live, but ya' got to suck his cock. Now boy, ya' said you'd do anything. Anything means ya' open up that pretty white mouth of yours and pleasure my friend here." Slapping Jeff on the side of his head, Alton screamed "Open ya' mouth boy and suck my fingers clean that been up your stinky ass. Then once ya' get done, ya' can suck my main man's cock!" When Jeff shook his head in refusal, Alton pushed the boy's head down into the mattress and got off the bed. "You was warned boy!" Alton snarled. "Leroy you just hold your cock in front of that honky and I promise you he'll be sucking on you dick like he has been wanting to do it all his life." Then without any warning, Alton picked up his belt and raised it over his head. When the belt slammed onto Jeff's bare ass, Jeff's body arched, and his arms and legs pulled desperately against his bonds. Jeff's screams of terror and pain vibrated the bedroom windows. "Aggh, Oh, God no! Please No. Please stop, I will..." Before he could even finish his cry for mercy, Alton brought the belt back down, slamming the leather into the boy's succulent ripe flesh. Jeff's ass was on fire and throbbing in pain as Alton repeatedly brought the belt down across his ass cheeks. Each time Jeff's mind exploded with pain as the leather belt crashed into his body. The leather belt wrapped around to smash into his hips and sides, conforming to the shape of his waist. Jeff squirmed underneath Alton's lashes, screaming and begging for mercy as he tried to move his ass from side to side to avoid the stinging belt, and relieve the burning pain. But there was no getting away from the belt. Alton had whipped dozens of his prostitutes, both males and females, and he always enjoyed the sight of a white ass turning bright red from the kisses of a leather belt. Alton aimed carefully, and after several dozen powerful blows of his belt, the white boy's ass was glowing bright red. Seeing that the belting was starting to leave faint black and blue marks on the boy's whipped ass, Alton adjusted his blows. Still swinging the belt with all his might, Alton targeted the back of the boy's upper thighs. The young, naked boy thrashed in his bonds and begged for mercy as new areas of pain assaulted his mind. Alton, like a fine craftsman repeatedly whipped the boy, adjusting his blows to find new area's to torment. When the screaming boy's thighs grew red, Alton redirected the belt and brought the belt down onto the white boy's upper back. The belt smashing over his ribs and spine caused the boy to arch his back in pain. His screams, which had been growing weak as the boy became exhausted under the steady assault, suddenly returned to their original ear-shattering loudness. "Oh god please stop! He begged as he sobbed and tried to regain his breath. 'Please stop. I'll suck you. I'll do anything! Please just stop the hurting!" Ignoring the boy's cries, he brought the belt down to crash into the small of Jeff's lower back. The boy continued screaming and begging for mercy, as his body was viciously whipped and pelted by the leather belt. Growing tired and knowing that the boy's spirit had been crushed, Alton dropped the belt and climbed up on top of the crying boy. Running his hands up the boy's beaten back, he placed his cock between the boy's ass cheeks and straddled his ass. Grabbing a handful of the white boy's blond hair, he pulled back the crying boy's face, and raised it up to face Leroy's large cock. Smiling, Leroy moved his cock in front of the white boy's round lips, and said, "Open wide boy. You better lick me good, and I better not feel any of those pearly-white teethes of yours on my dick." Whimpering with pain and humiliation as he stared at the huge black cock only inches away from his nose, Jeff opened his mouth. Thrusting forward, Leroy moved his cock past Jeff's lips and felt his cock gliding over the white boy's hot wet tongue. Moaning with pleasure, Leroy filled Jeff's mouth with his big black cock. The thrill of the boy's wet tongue moving under his hard cock made Leroy shudder in pleasure. "Oh yeah, boy suck my dick." Wrapping his hands behind the white boy's head, Leroy grabbed a handful of the boy's hair. Getting a good solid grip the boy, he made sure that the boy would be unable to move his head, and so he would be powerless to stop his cock from ramming into the back of his mouth. Then without warning, he rammed his cock deep into the white boy's throat. Feeling the huge staff of black meat moving past his tonsils and into his throat, Jeff tried desperately to escape the huge cock stabbing into his throat. Gagging on the thick slab of meat, he had to fight his natural reaction to throw up as the rock-hard cock pounded past the back of his mouth, going deep into his throat. Unable to speak with his mouth so full of the black man's cock, he couldn't even scream in protest. The only sound heard beyond Leroy's grunts of pleasure were Jeff's muffled whimpers of protest and the bed springs moving as Jeff's body tried to push away and escape from the mattress. But there was no escaping from his spread-eagled position or anyway to stop the black man from brutally using his mouth and throat to pleasure his long black dick. Both Bruce and Alton watched transfixed as their partner used the white boy for his personal sexual satisfaction. They all laughed when, without warning, Leroy stopped moving his huge slab of cock meat in and out of the boy's throat. Leroy's balls rested on the white boy's chin as he kept his black log lodged in the back of the white boy's throat. Unable to breathe, Jeff squirmed on the bed, and desperately tried to turn his head to get the cock out of his air passage. Remembering the black man's threats though, Jeff kept his teeth off the black man's huge cock. The beating had taken all his pride and sense of strength away, and he knew he was powerless to stop the black man from blocking his airway. After waiting two full minutes and enjoying the sight of the boy's face grow red and then white from lack of oxygen, Leroy reluctantly pulled his cock completely out of the boy's throat and mouth. Watching the white boy gasp for air, Leroy rubbed his cock over the white boy's forehead and cheeks. Rubbing his cock over his nose, he could not help but admire the boy's feminine looking facial features, and his back and ass facing towards the ceiling. Noting that the boy's body was firm, with a nice muscle tone, yet lacking body hair on his back, ass, and legs, Leroy thought of how this boy would make a big hit in the prison block. Or he thought, as he placed his cock against the boy's lips, a big hit on the street pimping and pumping his tight little ass for some old white man's greenbacks. Yeah Leroy thought, Alton was right, this white boy could make a pimp rich selling his tight little ass and wet mouth to a bunch of rich white dudes. Wouldn't that be a historical twist of fate? A nigger selling a white boy into slavery. Hey, Leroy thought, we should sell this white boy into fucking slavery and make him a prostitute. But first Leroy thought he was going to get some personal revenge for the white judge and jury that sent him to prison. "Suck my nigger dick white boy. Suck me good!" Pushing his cock past the boy's red lips, Leroy felt his cock slide over the top of the boy's tongue. Pushing forward he stopped when the back of the boy's throat surrounded the head of his cock. Then moaning in pleasure, he rammed his hips forward, once again driving his cock back into the boy's face. Back and forth he moved his cock over the boy's tongue, power fucking his cock deep into the boy's throat. Only briefly stopping his assault every minute or so to let the boy catch his breath, Leroy used the boy's hot, wet mouth to satisfy his carnal lust. The sight of the boy's tears and his muffled cries only added to his sadistic pleasure. Listening to the crying boy, and watching Leroy's spit drenched cock sliding in and out of the white boy's pretty face was too much for Alton. He had moved off the white boy to get a better view of Leroy raping his face. After watching the cock moving back and forth between the boys lips, and enjoying the sight of the boys cheeks puffing in and out on Leroy's dick, Alton decided that it was time to try the boy on for himself. Walking back behind the white boy's spread- eagled legs, he quickly undressed. Dropping his clothes to the floor, he stroked his hardened cock before he grabbed the boy's red, beaten ass cheeks. Feeling the boy's tight ass meat, he squeezed his hands into the meaty globes. Pulling the boy's cheeks apart, Alton peered down at the boy's tiny virgin asshole. "Virgin ass" Alton thought. "Ain't had no virgin ass for a long time. I am going to split this crackers ass wide open. I can't wait to feel the heat of body squeezing my dick. Now let's get started." Licking three fingers on one hand, Leroy moved his fingers down to the boy's crinkled opening. Sticking the tip of his index finger into the boy's ass, Alton started sinking his finger deep into the boy's tight ass. The white boy, sucking on the cock lodged in his throat, groaned as he felt the new invasion of his body. Squirming and tightening his muscles he tried to dislodge the invading digit plowing up his ass. But he was powerless to stop the black man from ramming first one, then two, and finally three fingers into his ass. Alton thrust his fingers deep inside the boy's anal cavity, drawing a gasp from Jeff. Alton felt the tightness delightedly. Oh, it would be such fun opening this boy up! Noting the tight dry ass, Alton asked Bruce to look in the bathroom for any type of lubricant. Bruce quickly found a tube of KY jelly in Jeff's sister's bathroom articles, and he returned to hand the tube to Alton. Fingering the boy's ass, Alton watched Leroy thrusting his hips forward as he feed his cock in and out of the boy's face. Pounded in and out of the boy's mouth, Leroy held the back of Jeff's head in a death grip with his strong black hands. Leroy quickened his thrust, moving his cock over the boy's tongue and deep into the boy's wet mouth and throat. Grunting, Leroy shuddered as his body was racked by an orgasm and his cum exploded from the head of his cock. His cum shot into Jeff's open mouth. Jeff's throat and his mouth flooded with the hot, sticking cum of the big black man fucking his face. Gagging, he tried to avoid swallowing the salty cum filling his mouth. But Leroy held the boy's head firmly against his crotch as his cock shoot wave after wave of hot cum into the boy's throat. Jeff, disgusted by his first taste of man seed, could not dislodge the big prick shoved into his mouth, and had no other choice but to swallow the hot slime down. Finishing his climax, Leroy, slowly pulled his softening cock past Jeff's lips. Watching the head of his cock trailing a line of cum over Jeff's lips, Leroy slapped the boy on top of the head. "Ya' first mouthful of cum boy! You done good but you'll get better. You'll be getting plenty of practice sucking cock boy, you can bet on that. Now, you better lick my cum off ya' lips. Don't let any of my seed go to waste! Ya' better get use to that taste too white boy! Because from now on, you ain't nothing but a nigger's sperm receptacle. Yeah, white boy, you is going to be turned into a pin cushion for big black dicks" Slapping the boy on the side of the head again, he asked, "Ya understand me boy?" Grunting in pain from the slaps, and the intrusion of Alton's fingers deep in his ass, Jeff, breathing down a throat rubbed raw by Leroy's brutal throat rape, moaned "Yes Sir, I understand." He then darted his tongue between his lips, and licked the last of the man's slick sperm off of his lips. Then moving the sticky seed across his tongue, he moaned as he swallowed the black man's salty seed. Pulling his fingers from the white boy's ass, Alton spread KY Jelly on the boy's crinkled hole. Admiring how the boy's spirit was already broken, Alton smiled as he thought of all the fun he was going to have raping and torturing this young boy. By the time he got done with this white boy, the boy would be totally crushed, and if he let the boy live, the boy would be a whore to any man who wanted to fuck his ass or face. Ramming the lotion up the boy's tight ass with two fingers, Alton positioned himself behind the boy's upturned ass. Removing his fingers from the white boy's ass, he moved his hands over the boy's firm ass, and up the small of his back, exploring the boy's firm body. Moving his hands back down, he placed his hands onto the boy's waist, before he dropped his weigh down onto the helpless boy. Sticking out his tongue, he licked and kissed the back of the boy's neck as he moved his hips to position his cock right between the boy's baby smooth ass cheeks. Jeff groaned as the fingers spread the cold KY Jelly up his stretched ass. Suddenly, the fingers were gone, and Jeff felt the black man's hands move all over him. Then he felt the black man's weight on the bed as the man began to crawl over him. Suddenly Jeff felt the black man's hairy chest against his back, and then the man's body crushed him down into the mattress. Trying to adjust to the big man's crushing weight, Jeff shivered when he felt the black man's tongue move over his neck, and he then felt something hot, long and hard pressing between his butt checks. He moaned in terror as he felt the man's huge hot rod positioned between his ass cheeks. Swallowing with fear, Jeff felt the huge hot log pulse against his ass, and he knew that the huge pole of burning cock was going to be shoved up his ass. Crying with renewed energy and terror, Jeff begged the black man not to rape him. "Please sir, not that. Please, I will suck you. I'll do anything you want, but not that. I'm not gay. Your are too big! Please don't do that to me." Alton, enjoying the pleasure of total control, whispered in the ear of the tied captive lying spread-eagled before him. "But white boy I have to hurt you and I am going to fuck you. I am going to make you gay, boy." Then talking louder in a cruel voice, he taunted his rape victim. "I will do anything I want to you boy! You fucking worthless piece of white trash, I don't care what you want! And I know that you're going to do any fucking thing that I want, because if you don't I'll break your fucking neck. Now you little piece of shit, I am going to fuck that honky virgin ass of yours so hard you won't be able to sit down for a month. Why I is gonna turn you into one first class cock sucking, dick taking faggot." Rubbing his cock back and forth between Jeff's butt checks, he continued to torment Jeff. "Now I want you to scream real good for me when I ram my cock up your ass and make you my woman. And I want you to beg me to stop hurting you just like my people use to do when you honky- mother-fuckers use to beat us when we was slaves. Well white boy, I am going to get me personal revenge by plugging your white ass and making you my faggot bitch. If you don't want me to kill ya', you better be begging for me to fuck you while I shove my dick up your ass. Yeah white boy, gonna turn your ass into a pussy. You better move real good too white boy, because the only thing that's keeping you alive is your ability to pleasure my cock! Now get ready for it white boy, because here it COMES!" Without any other warning, Jeff felt Alton lift his upper body off his back, and the tip of Alton's cock move against the crinkled opening of his asshole. Then, the black man pushed his hot log forward with all his might. Jeff's asshole tightened with fear and pain as the cock tried to spear into his butt hole. Eager to fuck the white boy, Alton continued to push forward until the head of his lubricated nine-inch cock slid past Jeff's tight sphincter muscles. Jeff screamed in pain as the tip of the big, hot cock battered past his ass muscles and burned up into his tight ass. "Aggg shit, it hurts! Take it out!" Jeff screamed as his bowels and lower body was racked in pain. "It's too big. Ohh shit, it hurts. No more, no more! Please don't go so fast!" Jeff begged for mercy as he frantically pulled at his bonds and tried to move his ass away from the invading intruder. The tight restraints and mattress kept him trapped under the black man and there was no escape from the cock burning ferociously up his virgin ass. Feeling as if the end of a baseball bat had just been rammed up his butt, Jeff wiggled on the bed in pain and torment. His cock surrounded by Jeff's soft, tight ass, Alton relished the pleasure of the young boy's hot body. Laughing at the boy's frantic but unsuccessful attempts to avoid his assault, Alton dropped his weight down onto the young boy, and continued to press his cock into the boy's tight up turned ass. Then, readjusting himself, he placed his hands on the boy's shoulders, and pushed his upper body off the hapless boy. All the while Alton slowly pushed his cock forward into Jeff's tight asshole. Alton sank three then four inches of his long, thick cock up the white boy's ass. Pushing his upper body completely off the white boy, he looked down at his cock. Marveling at the sight of the boy's ass swallowing his cock and the feel of the hot body wrapped around his cock, he admired the contrast of his dark black skin against the blonde boy's fair ass and pink, stretched asshole. Caressing the white boy's smooth ass cheeks that still glowed from the lashes of the belt, Alton sank another two inches of cock up the boy's anus. While Alton's cock moved deeper, the boy sobbed in horrific pain, and tears rolled down his face as six inches of black cock was shoved up his asshole. Moving his hands up Jeff's back, Alton stretched his body over Jeff's body, and covered the white boy under his massive black frame. Licking the boy's ears and running his tongue across the side of Jeff's face, Alton softly whispered into the white boys ear "You have all my cock up your ass, would you like me to pull my cock out of your ass now?" Crushed under the big man laying on top of him, Jeff quivered in pain. His lower body felt as if it was being ripped in half by a hot metal pole, and he could hardly breath under the big man's weight. Jeff begged his rapist to pull out. "Oh, take it out. Please take out!" he panted. With only six inches of his nine-inch cock up the boy's rump, Alton continued to tease the boy "Would you promise to suck my cock and lick your shit that got on my cock off if I pull out? Would you then suck my dick and swallow all my sperm if I pull out?" Racked by cramps in his lower stomach as the hot cock continued to move from side to side in his ass, Jeff begged for mercy. "Yes sir, I'll do anything, anything, please just take it out!" "I want to help you boy, but you have to tell me what you want. Tell me what you'll do for me if I take my cock out of your ass" Alton asked. "I'll suck your dick. I'll take you in my mouth and swallow your sperm. Please just take it out!" Jeff begged. "Well" Alton said, "Your asshole sure is dirty. Will you lick your shit off my cock before you swallow my sperm?" Then rotating his hips, he moved his massive cock around inside Jeff's tight ass causing the boy excruciating pain "Let me hear what you'll do for me white boy. Tell me how my dick is too big for your virgin ass and it hurts you so much that you want to suck my big nigger cock and lick your shit off my big beautiful cock. Tell me, how you love the feel of big nigger cock in your mouth. Yeah, you tell me how you want my big dick to rub across your tongue and how you want to eat my sperm. Tell me what a faggots you are, and how you dream of nigger dick filling your mouth with hot cum. Do it now boy or else!" Alton then cruelly moved his hips back and forth, stretching the boy's anus even more. "Aggh!!!" Jeff screamed. "Please I'll do anything, anything. Your big dick is too big for my virgin butt. Please take it out! I want to suck your big nigger cock and I want to lick the shit off your cock. I want to tongue your big nigger cock and taste your sperm! I love big nigger cock down my throat. I am a faggot, so please sir, let me suck your dick!" Placing his hands between Jeff's shoulder blades, Alton used his strong black arms to push his upper body off of Jeff's back. "Well white boy, since you said please, I'll take my cock out of your ass." Pulling his hips back, he removed all but the head of his cock out of the boy's tightly stretched ass. Jeff whimpered with pain as the big cock tore back out of his asshole. The cock moving back caused friction and more pain to his already skewered butt. Longing for the relief of the hot cock to leave his sore bottom, he begged Alton to finish taking the head of his cock out of his stretched asshole. "Please don't stop! Please take it out all the way out. Please take your cock out of my ass and let me suck your cock. Please!" Smiling sadistically at Bruce and Leroy who were quietly watching Alton tease and play with their unlucky victim, Alton lowered his hands to the boy's hips. "Ya' know what white boy. It isn't nice to call black people niggers! Why, you is some type of white boy. Here I was, going to do you some sort of favor and let you suck my cock instead of me tearing your asshole up with my big cock, and you go and call me nigger! Well white boy it ain't nice to call colored folks niggers and I am going to have to teach you some manners!" Jeff, realizing how he had been tricked, started crying "But you wanted me to say nigger! Please sir, I won't say it again! Please, I'll do anything, anything, please just let me suck your dick. Please don't fuck me! I will make you feel good, please just me..." "Whack!" Alton slapped Jeff in the back of the head, and told him "Shut up white boy. I know you'll do anything I want! And I told you it ain't nice to be saying nigger. Now I am going to nigger your ass. Yes sir, I am going to show you why so many white women likes us black men. Yep, we got big dicks and we can fuck for forever. Get ready for it white boy, here comes the fuck of your life!" Without any other warning, Alton grabbed Jeff's hips and rammed his cock forward. All nine inches of thick black cock slid into his ass. Jeff screamed and his body bucked and withered in pain as the powerfully built man brutally shoved all of the big cock deep into his virgin ass. "NOOO!" the ravished boy screamed. "It's killing me! Please God, it hurts, please stop!" "It hurts so bad! Please, Take it out!" "Please. No more!" Pulling back, Alton admired the heat of the boy's ass, and smiled at the thought of the virgin boy's blood on his cock. The boy's cries for mercy were music to his ears. Free from prison, he knew there were no guards around to spoil his fun, and the boy could make as much noise as wanted. This was going to be one of the best fucks he had in a long time, and just like old times, he was going to enjoy terrorizing his hapless victim. Pulling seven inches of his cock out of the boy's ass, he stopped and waited for the boy's cries of mercy to diminish. When the boy stopped begging for mercy, and when his sobs had quieted, Alton without warning, violently jammed all of his cock back into the boy's ass. The boy's bound body tightened as the cock invaded deep up into his body and his whimpering and screams for mercy again filled the room. As Alton rode on top of the boy, he enjoyed the pleasure of his balls slapping up against the boy's ass cheeks. Alton could feel the boy's ass muscles constricting, trying to adjust to the massive cock buried in his rear. As he fucked the boy's ass, Alton marveled in the heat squeezing and pleasuring his cock. Running his hands up over Jeff's back, Alton enjoyed the feel of the boy's thrashing young body as it tried to escape his cock. Ain't nothing like virgin boy butt to make a cock happy Alton thought. For Jeff, the experience was anything but pleasurable. "Please sir" Jeff begged. "Stop! Please don't hurt me anymore! I beg you to please stop. My ass is tore. Please, I beg of you, take it out! The pain is so bad!" "Shut up white boy! You'll take my cock, and before long you'll even like it. Hearing the boy sobbing for mercy, and hearing the boy's voice wracked with pain as he pleaded for mercy, Alton's enjoyed his rape of the boy's tight, hot ass. Placing his hands back on the boy's shoulders, Alton then began a brutal assault on the boy's anus. Holding his body tightly against the boy's back, he hammered his cock in and out of the boy's tight ass. Without let up, he power rammed his cock back and forth in the boy's ass with all his strength. Remembering the white whore who had testified against him in court to get him convicted of killing that fourteen year-old white female hooker who he had fucked to death with an ax handle, Alton plowed into the white boy with deep painful strokes of revenge. Unable to escape, and with his pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears, Jeff could only lay there as the black man frantically moved his big cock in and out of Jeff's torn and bleeding ass. Buffeted by wave after wave of excruciating pain, Jeff was reduced to moaning as the big cock moved in and out of his ass. Every time, the black man raped his cock into Jeff's ass, Jeff would moan. As the cock moved back out of his abraded and torn ass chute, the white boy would grunt with pain. In and out Alton worked his cock, never once caring for the white boy that he had pinned to the bed. As the giant tool moved up the white boy's ass, the boy's pain increased, and his screams and moaning grew louder. The increased screams from the boy caused, Alton to laugh and he redoubled his assault on the tortured boy's ass. Alton could careless about the misery of the white boy he had pinned to the bed. White kids were for fucking, and this boy was going to get fucked good! As the giant tool moved back and forth, deep in his ass, the white boy's pain increased, and his moaning grew louder. The increased sounds of torment from the boy caused Alton to snicker as he redoubled his assault on the tortured boy's ass. As the boy withered in agony, lost in a sea of torment and humiliation, Alton began to pant with excitement. The boy as he withered in pain and tried to escape his rapist, was unintentionally tightened his ass muscles. The muscles caressing his cock felt so good to Alton, and the boy's struggles only added to the black man's pleasure as he drilled his cock in and out of the white boy's ass. Drenched in sweat, Alton felt his climax approaching. Alton, dug his hands into the boy's shoulders, and he hammered his cock forward, leaving it deep within the boy's ass. He suddenly raised his upper body off the boy, and gave out a mighty shout as his cock quivered and shot its seed deep into the teenager's tight ass. Alton's body shuddered in pleasure as his wad shot deep into Jeff's white ass. Alton collapsed on top of the moaning boy he had just fucked. Keeping his cock buried in the white boy's ravished hole, he felt his cock draining all of his sperm into the boy's rectum. Resting atop the spread-eagled boy, Alton regained his breath. Then slowly, he pushed his sweaty body off the boy, and pulled his softening cock out of the boy's ass. Removing his cock with a loud pop from the boy's ass, Alton smiled at the boy's ass hole. Alton had fucked the boy so hard and stretched his ass so wide, that the boy's sphincter muscle was unable to close all the way. His asshole was stretched wide open and Alton could see his sperm deep inside the boy's torn and bloody asshole. Not that his ass would be empty for very long. As soon as Alton stood out of the way, Bruce stepped up behind Jeff's spread ass. Slapping the boy's red ass cheeks, Bruce placed his cock against Jeff's already torn and battered hole, and placed his hands on the boy's hips. In one monstrous thrust, he buried his eight-inch dick deep into the crying boy ass. Not even giving the boy a chance to adjust to the wider cock now ravaging his hole, Bruce buried his cock to the balls. "Shit, that's fine pussy you got there boy!" he muttered as he moved his hips back, and totally removed his cock from the boy's tight ass. Then again he rammed his cock back into the boy's torn hole, moving his cock in out of the boy's ass. Jeff screamed with agony at the new assault viciously spearing his once virgin asshole. Climbing up onto the bed, with his cock still buried deep up the boy's ass, Bruce immediately clapped a hand over the youth's mouth. Then he began to jack hammer his penis into the boy's tight, near virginal buns. His body twisting from side to side with the pain of the wicked penetration, Jeff yelped into the hand covering his mouth. As the last few minutes filled his mind with pain, he continued to cry. He'd never been prepared for anything like this. He'd never dreamt he'd be used this way. The tears poured down his face as the cock slammed into his rectum, tearing the already battered delicate tissues of his bum hole. Bruce pumped excitedly into the tight ass of the boy. He'd had many men in prison, but very few who had just lost their virginity, and certainly none like this boy. His testicles slapped against the lower cheeks of Jeff's ass, as he thrusted faster and harder. Bruce pushed his left hand under Jeff, and caressed the boy's penis. Feeling the boy's balls and penis in his hand, spurred Bruce on to deeper, harder thrusts. He clutched the boy's balls in his left hand as his right hand clamped onto Jeff's shoulder, giving him leverage. He forced the entire length of his shaft up inside the boy as he squeezed the boy's balls, trying to crush the boy's testicles between his fingers. Jeff was crying out as his body shook in pain. It felt as if the black man was trying to rip his balls off his body. Bruce gave a triumphant shout, feeling the boy shaking in pain. He thrust again and again into Jeff, his cock now close to bursting with the cum boiling in his balls. He let go of Jeff's balls and, placing both hands back on the boy's shoulders, rammed fiercely, driving his dick in and out of Jeff' asshole. Within minutes both Bruce and Jeff were covered in sweat, as Bruce drove his cock in and out of the tight ass. Bruce's heavy breathing, and the repeated sounds of Bruce's balls and hips smacking against the boy's ass as the boy's hushed cries of torment and pain filling the room gave testimony to the hot sex occurring on the small bed. Quickening his pace, Bruce moaned as his felt his cum boiling in the depths of his scrotum. Grasping onto the boy's shoulders, his cock exploded deep within Jeff's ass. The cum filled the boy's anus and overflowed. Bruce strained against Jeff as the jolts of pleasure filled his body as his cum left his cock in spurts and gushes. Biting the back of the boy's neck, Bruce's body tightened in ecstasy as he enjoyed his climax. Jeff screamed as his neck was gnawed on, and the cum splattered deep into his already ravaged hole. Only when his cock was completely drained did Bruce pull out and step away from the boy. Leroy, hearing the fucking noises slacking off, walked back into the bedroom. Seeing the white boy's red ass sticking up, and cum running from his ravaged asshole, made Leroy's cock harden. Walking up behind the boy, he started stroking his hardening cock. "Bruce, while you was having your way with our little white friend here, Alton and I called my uncle at that pay phone by the bar on Nelson Street. My uncle says that since it is Sunday, it will take a while to get a truck, but he can still be here in three hours. He'll bring a delivery truck, and we can clean out this house, and then hides behind all the furniture. Ain't no police checkpoint gonna want to unload a packed moving truck. Once we get back to town, we'll all scatter and disappear while my uncle will hock the furniture and that will be his payoff for helping us out. Until then, why don't you and Alton continue to look around this place? I am sure you can find some good treasures. I already done found some guns and jewelry in the master bedroom. Check out the medicine cabinet too. I found a bottle of Viagra. I took some as soon as I finished fucking our new friend here. I figure that in about forty five minutes, when this Viagra kicks in, I'll be fucking his tight little ass for the next nine or ten hours." Then smiling from ear to ear, he laughed and said, "I found these too" as he held out his hand and showed off a large black ten inch dildo. Snickering he said "I guess this and the Viagra means this boy's momma likes a big hard dick." Turning his attention back to the Jeff, he poked Jeff's right ass cheek with the dildo. "Do you like big dick too, huh, boy? You like your momma? You like a big hard one shoved up your hole?" Jeff, dazed by the pain of his body, heard the man's question, but it seemed as if the man's voice was far away. His whipped ass, back and legs, combined with his bitten neck and ravaged asshole completely filled his mind with pain, almost making him senseless to his surroundings. But the boy knew better then to ignore his tormentors. Whimpering as he felt the hard plastic dick pressed into his ass checks he looked over his shoulder to look at the thick dildo. It was huge and he knew it would hurt being shoved up his abused ass. "I don't like being fucked. Please don't use that on me" he fearfully said. "Well white boy," Leroy laughed, "I guess if you don't like cock, you just ain't had enough. Let me see if I can change your mind." Jeff felt Leroy's hands drop down onto his ass cheeks and rest on his whipped ass flesh. Leroy's fingers opened and caressed Jeff's bruised, but soft skin. He smiled at how the boy's body shivered in fear at the mere touch of his hand on the boy's beaten flesh. The black man's hands slid back and forth, up the length of the young boy's ass crack and the small of his back. Leroy admired the contrast of his black hands against Jeff's white skin, as he lightly squeezed Jeff's warm flesh. Even the red belt marks on Jeff's skin paled compared to Leroy's big black hands kneading and caressing Jeff's white butt. His right hand, fingers together, slid up and down Jeff's ass crack, directly across the boy's battered asshole. The hole was stretched open, and Leroy could see cum deep in the boy's bowels, although some of the other men's seed was leaking from between his ass cheeks, and dripping down onto his shriveled balls. Sliding his hand down between Jeff's splayed thighs, Leroy pushed his hand under the boy to cup the boy's balls and cock. Feeling the boy's shriveled cock and balls, Leroy thought of how easy it would be to crush the boy's sex organs in his hands. He'd always wanted to castrate a man before, and this would be a great time to do it. But his throbbing cock, enlarged by Viagra, needed attention immediately. There would be plenty of time for torture later on. Removing his hands, he bent forward, dropping his body over Jeff, and then laid his full weight down onto the boy. Leroy pressed Jeff into the mattress, his heavy body squashing the boy's slender frame. Jeff felt the muscled chest pressing into his back and the man's hardening cock against his ass. He could feel the man's sweat dripping down onto his skin, and Jeff's nostrils were filled with the unpleasant smell of Leroy's bad breath and body odor. Leroy reached down and slid the length of his shaft downwards so it lay along the boy's ass crack. Then he softly rubbed himself against Jeff, his cock-knob sliding between the boy's butt checks. Leroy dry fucked his trapped victim for long moments, moving his shaft between the spread ass cheeks. Then he slid off the boy, and as he pushed away, Jeff wondered why the man wasn't fucking him, and he wondered why the man had pushed off his body. Then he felt the man's fingers at his butt-hole. A long, straight finger pushed against his sore hole, then dipped inside. Jeff felt wetness, slickness, and knew the oily substance was the same that they had used to lube his ass up earlier. Jeff felt the finger as it pushed into him, forcing it's way past his torn sphincter. The finger pulled out, and there was a pause, then it pushed against him again. Jeff whined softly, his fingers squeezing into his palms. Then Jeff felt Leroy move atop him again. The mattress was pushed down, and the bed moved, as Jeff felt the man positioning his body over his. Jeff again smelled the man's breath, and felt the man's sweaty, wet chest press into his back. This time though the man's cock moved past his ass checks, and Jeff felt the man's prick-head push against his rectal opening. Having overcome some of the shock of being raped, Jeff laid quietly as his mind cleared and his nerves became super sensitive, expecting another rape. Jeff felt the cock pushed against his ass. The cock was soft, and at the same time hard. It mashed against his small round opening, seeking entry. The hardness of the man's shaft was behind it and the weight of his body atop. The hard shaft slid into his body, slowly, very slowly, then as the knob passed his opening, the man suddenly thrust down hard. Jeff gasped and ground her teeth together as the prong stabbed into his anus, slicing down the length of his shit-tube as the strong black man sought to bury his organ deep within the tight sucking depths of Jeff's rectum. The big cock rammed deep into his ass. Jeff's muscles tightened and as the big cock pushed painfully against something deep within his body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jeff cried. "Ohhhh Goddddddd! It hurts. Go slow, Aggh god! Go SLOWWWW!" The cock was huge and Jeff felt split apart down there, again he felt torn and ripped as the fat cock forced it's way deeper into his anus. As before, his mind was assaulted by wave after wave of pain. Jeff again pulled helplessly at his bonds, but his legs remained wide open as another cock slid remorselessly into his body. Inch after inch of black cock slid into Jeff's asshole until the black man's fat balls pushed up between Jeff's buttocks. Jeff could hardly breath from the weight of the big man's body atop his. His uncontrollable screams and gasps of pain only made his struggles to fill his lungs with oxygen more difficult. Jeff closed his eyes and drew a shaky breath, trying to ride past the pain as the big man began to nuzzle his mouth against the nape of Jeff's neck. He chewed and sucked and nibbled at the side of his throat, biting with sharp little nips that made Jeff yelp with pain as he closed his eyelids and prayed for escape from the parade of cocks that had been shoved into his body. Leroy began to fuck Jeff's asshole with deep powerful strokes, sliding his cock forcefully up and down the boy's asshole as he reamed out his victim's anus. His fat cock slid back and forth in the tight warm opening, with no regard for the boy's pain. Leroy ground himself against Jeff, sliding his body from side to side, then upward along the boy's body, digging and twisting his prick within the white boy's anus. Jeff felt it high up inside him, felt it moving within his body, twisting within the tight tube encasing it. Leroy began a slow, grinding fuck, his belly rubbing against the boy as he humped his cock inside his victims' rectum. He began drawing the length of his prick-meat up out of the anus then, sliding it up out of the tight hole until only the head lay buried within. Then he threw his hips forward, dropping his weight back so his cock drove down into the boy once more. Air woofed out of Jeff's lungs as he felt the cock spear into him. He clenched his teeth tightly against the pain, and tears forced their way through his closed eyelids. Then Leroy began to fuck the boy's asshole with deep powerful strokes, sliding his cock forcefully up and down the asshole as he reamed out the boy's anus. His fat cock slid up and down, moving back and forth inside the elastic tube, pumping, pumping and pumping. Jeff trembled, pulling nervelessly against her bonds again and again, feeling only that fat cock inside his rectum, churning faster and faster. As the black man's excitement mounted, the cock pounded down into Jeff's asshole, riding a slippery, gooey lining of blood, and the cum and lotion that had been forced up Jeff's ass. Leroy's cock moved faster and faster, pounding back and forth inside Jeff until the man finally gasped with pleasure and collapsed, his cum gurgling down into Jeff ass tube as he spent himself inside the boy's body. He lay atop Jeff for a short time, then rose and left. Thirty minutes later, Alton came into the room drinking a bottle of beer he had found in the refrigerator. Walking in front of Jeff, he pulled his head up. "Boy every one of us agrees that you is a good fuck." "Yes sir boy, you got a tight little ass, and from what Leroy is telling me, a talented tongue. Now boy if you behave, I'll untie you and take you into the bathroom, so you can relieve yourself, and take care of your personal business. We all took some of that Viagra your old man had in the medicine cabinet. So our little party is just getting started and I don't want you pissing all over yourself, or shitting on the end of my dick. But listen up boy, you try to fight me after I untie you, and I'll make that spanking you got earlier seem like child's play. And you try to escape boy, I'll make you wish your momma never would have spread her lily-white legs to give you birth. Yeah boy, it would be a bad thing if you force me to take that belt to your balls, or get one of your momma's kitchen knives and cut up that little prick of yours. You know boy, it'd be a real shame if you forced me to carve my initials on your ball sack. You understand me white boy." Jeff heard the evil black man's words and shivered in fear. He didn't want his dick or balls to be cut, and he didn't want to be whipped again. His ass, legs and back still stung from the bite of the belt earlier. Jeff would do what ever he had to do to avoid another whipping. Also, his bladder was full, feeling as if it was ready to explode, and he desperately wanted to get off the bed. Just as bad, his arms and legs ached from being stretched and pulled across the bed. But far more important, his asshole throbbed in pain, and he wanted to see if his butt hole had been torn. His ass felt as if he had been ripped wide-open back there. Even his throat throbbed in pain from Leroy's long cock strokes that had reached deep down into his neck. A piss and a glass of water would make Jeff feel better, and maybe his release from the bed would mean his rapes would end, or at least be delayed for a while. Jeff, clearing his throat, crocked "Yes sir, I understand. I won't give you any trouble. Please you don't have to hurt me no more." "Good boy" Alton said. "You is a quick learner." Untying the boy's legs, and then arms, he pulled the teenager off the bed and made him stand in front of him. The big black man standing before him dwarfed Jeff, and he shivered at the man's touch. Told to put his hands together, in front of his body, Jeff offered no resistance as Alton carefully tied his wrists together. Watching Alton tie the rope, Jeff recognized the piece of rope as the rope his father had stored in the garage. It was the same rope his father had used to build his tree swing on the big tree in the field next to his house. Jeff recalled all the happy times he and spent on that swing, never imagining that some of that rope would be used to bound his hands together so that he could be fucked and abused by other men. Tears rolled down Jeff's checks as Alton led him into the bathroom. Allowed to pee, Jeff sat down on the toilet and relieved himself. He then moved his fingers under his balls, running his fingers past his pubic hairs which were wet and sticky from the black men's spent cum. As Jeff carefully pressed a finger into his swollen sore anus, he found his ass battered, and slightly bleeding. His fingers became covered in cum, as he continued to examine his rectum. He could tell his ass was not badly damaged though, and he was relieved that he was not bleeding badly, or completely ripped and torn open. Alton stayed in the bathroom with Jeff, but gave him privacy. Alton was about to practice some of the things he had learned while he had been pimping in the city. Although he had spent years behind bars, the memories of how to break in a young boy into gay sex was still strong in his memory. Alton knew that it was easy to rape a boy. But it was another thing to rape a boy, and then make the boy cum so hard that he begs to be fucked. Alton knew that he had the skill to turn Jeff into a dick-sucking faggot who would crave having his ass pounded by a big cock. Alton was going to teach Jeff how to take cock, and learn to love it.
  13. The day started kinda quiet I was bored so I went to a local park to see whats happening I had been here before and gotten sucked a few times but never did it myself till today. I was lounging around watching the guys pass and the cars cruise a bit when these two guys came up and started talking about the weather and other boring subjects. Then they asked if I wanted to take a ride with them for some privacy seeing as it was a slow day I said sure we got in their pickup truck and left the park (i know I know your saying never take a ride from strangers especially if you are out numbered. We cruised out into the country and I felt a hand on my crotch I was sitting between them in the truck on my right was Joe and driving was Pete. Well Pete was feeling me up getting me hard and Joe just smiled when I put my hand on his crotch we found a secluded driveway to a empty field and pulled in till we were out of sight of the road. By this time Pete had me half undressed my shorts around my ankles and shirt off and he had his pants off. I was enjoying it when Joe said maybe I should give Pete a blowjob so he could feel good I said OK but I never sucked before so they might want to go easy. I went down on Pete and discovered he wasn't too big maybe 5-6" long and thin I slid my mouth down his cock and up lowly Pete told me I was doing a good job I felt Joe playing with my ass and slide a finger in I have been fingered before and thought nothing of it Joe told me maybe I oughta kneel on the seat so I can give Pete a proper good suck and so he can play with my ass I took Pete's cock out and said OK but go easy on fingering me as I'm still a virgin as I've never been fucked he said no problem when I looked back the strange thing was Joe was no bigger in his cock than Pete I sucked on Pete some more and felt Joe gently sliding a finger in and rotating it in bigger and bigger circles (now I know he was getting me looser)then he slid a second finger I moaned as this was feeling good to me so I sucked even harder on Pete trying to focus on him so I wouldn't blow a wad yet. Next thing I know Joe is grinding his crotch against my ass with his cock all the way in I was amazed I didn't even feel him enter or I was just distracted. But it was feeling good to me so I asked how he did it without me feeling it he said I got ya loose enough to slide in your hot lil pussy I said it was my ass he said I'm fucking it aint I? I said yeah he said now its a man-pussy for men to fuck right then he rotated like he was corkscrewing in me god that felt good Pete grabbed me by the head and said after Joe's done I'm next I said sure I didn't know it could feel this good. He grabbed my head and slammed his cock in it. Using my mouth to get him off so he could last a good while in my pussy I felt Joe start pounding my ass hard and fast he expanded and shot a huge load in my ass I could feel it go in deeper and the heat was wonderful he thrust a few times till he just slipped out. Then he told me to lick him clean so I turned around and started licking him. I felt Pete doing something strange to my ass something wet and slippery was twisting and sliding in I moaned and Joe told me Pete was licking all the cum out of my ass so he wouldn't make a mess when he went in. I just moaned and started really licking and sucking on Joe's cock. Pete stopped licking and positioned himself behind me and slid his cock in. He was just a little thicker than Joe was and I could feel it a little as he slid in and he slid all the way in deeper than Joe too. He started sliding in and out sliding out to the tip then going back in till he got faster and harder till he was slamming my poor ass. Joe at this time grabbed my head and did the same to my mouth as he was getting close. Then it happened I felt them both going off at the same time filing both ends with cum. I swallowed it all and Joe got behind me and licked my ass lovingly saying I had a prime pussy and that hed love to share it with a friend of theirs. I was still dazed so I said sure long as I can rest some before we got there. Joe said sure I got dressed and we headed back towards town. We drove closer to my house and I was surprised at how close maybe 6 blocks from home and I was meeting another guy for some fun. We pulled up and they led the way to the door and knocked. We heard some heavy footfalls and then the door opened and I saw a gorgeous well built black man in a robe that barely covered his chest and was just long enough to cover his jewels. He invited us in and they got to small talk while I watched television then Joe called me and I went in Joe introduced me to Reggie. I said hello he returned my greeting and told Joe I was a cute little thing I blushed a little and Joe told him I had a prime pussy that he ought to try. Reggie said sure but he wanted us all to play we went into the bedroom and climbed on the bed I undressed on the bed so I could watch them. They undressed and got on with me Reggie kneeling in front of me he told me to suck his cock it was a huge piece of meat at least 6" long when soft and thick I took it in my mouth and slowly started to suck Joe told me to kneel like I did in the truck so they could play with my ass again. Reggie started getting hard and I couldn't suck alot of his huge cock he said it was OK that just suck what I could so I did about a third of that 12" monster while I was sucking Reggie, Joe was fucking my ass again this time roughly like I was his slut. He got close and pulled out and shot on my back and let Pete take his turn. Pete was more gentle as he saw how rough Joe was and he screwed me lovingly till he too came and asked me to look at him when I did he shot on my face and in my mouth I loved it. Joe told me he wanted another blow job so I started to suck him off when I felt a tremendous pressure on my ass like a telephone pole was trying to get in I grunted and closed my jaw a bit and Joe told Reggie to pull it out of me that I was clamping my jaw down and was gonna bite his dick off. Reggie pulled out and apologized I told him not to worry its not his fault his lots bigger than these two Reggie laughed and said that maybe I should get on top of him and go slow so I can accommodate his huge cock easier I said OK and got on top with Reggie holding his cock up straight I eased on it till I got the head in then I stopped to let myself get used to being stretched so far. After a couple of minutes I went a little further stopping again to relax more. I slid up a bit then back down further till I was half way then up again then back down and took three quarters of it that time. I slid up again and took a breath and dropped all the way down god was I stretched. Reggie told me to relax and breath slowly and let myself get used to it. At this time Joe and Pete had to leave so they told Reggie they would lock the door behind them I told them no problem since I knew I was close to home anyways Reggie told them bye and thanks. I sat there for a few and Reggie told me to wrap my legs around his waist he was gonna turn us over so he would be on top. I wrapped my legs around his hips and my arms around his neck and he turned us over and rested on mehe went further it seemed. I let go of his neck and he propped himself up on his arms looking down at me and smiled saying he was proud I was able to take him I grinned and told him I was proud to be able to take it. he started slowly sliding in and out a little at a time. As he got faster the strokes got longer till just the head was inside then he'd slide all the way back in. I was going crazy from the pleasure I felt moaning and groaning like the women on those adult movies he pulled out and told me to get on my knees so we could fuck doggy style. I got on my knees and he got behind me and positioned it against my pussy and slid home easily. Oh god was I full of cock I started thrusting back at him humping him I wanted him to fuck me so bad he reached around and started playing with my nipples. I felt an electric charge like a switch went on. I moaned and he slid his hand down to my cock and started jacking me off as he slid in and out he went faster and faster and we both built to the pinnacle and both came I reared up and he held me close sliding his hand along my cock as I shot a huge load and I felt him fill my ass and the cum start to run out my ass around his cock running down my thighs. We stayed like that for a good while luxuriating in our closeness till he slipped out my ass. I collapsed and lay there he lay next to me saying Joe was right I have got a prime man pussy that he would love to be in anytime. I looked at him and smiled and said that would be perfect cause he made me feel wonderful and full. We finally got up and I got dressed cause I did have to get home before my family missed me I told him I had to go he said why I told him I was 18 and still at home with my parents he said your 18? I nodded he said I thought you were at least 20 I said no I was 18 he laughed and said it don't matter how old I was he liked my pussy anyways he asked if Joe and Pete knew I said 'no' he said he'd tell them so they all could have a laugh. I told him id see him in a couple of days and we could play again he said sure gave me his number and told me to call first. I called a couple of days later and we played again we played for a couple of months before he finally moved I may have lost my virginity to Joe and Pete. But I think Reggie was the one who really got my cherry.
  14. Had not had too much action lately and was very horny. This was a Saturday and I had the day to myself. I took 2 enemas to clean myself and went to the local ABS in Woodbridge, NJ. Was there for 3 hours and was kinda dead. Sucked 1 guy off but that was it. Then I had an idea. I went across the street to the Gem Motel and rented a room. Told them it was for 3 so I got a real big one. Then I took some labels from my car and wrote on them..."Pig for kinky use in room 24 at the Gem Motel and the date." Then I went back to the room and stripped. As I laid there and drank from a quart of Malt Liquor i brought and snorted some poppers and teased myself. I used my nipple clamps on me and a few clothing pins on my balls, then worked a didlo in and out of my ass to get it ready.. It was almost too much and after an hour by myself I was gonna cum when I heard a knock on the door. I slowly opened the door and this guy says "You the PIG?" As I nodded he came in, slammed the door, and started to pull on the nipple clamps chain. As he did so he whipped out his cock. You could smell the beer on his breath. His cock was soft and he had me suck it. As I did so it got hard and he then laid me on the bed and sat on my face, making me lick his ass as he played with my balls with the clothing pins. Finally he rolled me over and fucked my ass. When hard his cock was a nice 7 incher and felt real good. He was hard and fast. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and forced it in my mouth and came down my throat. After licking it clean he asked if I was still thirsty. I got into the shower and he placed his limp cock in my mouth. Before he could let go we heard another knock at the door. He opened the door and there were 2 guys there. He invited them in and told them his pig was thirsty. He then placed his cock back in my mouth and I sucked it... He then forced piss into my mouth and when my mouth was full I swallowed it... He started to piss hard and he overflowed my mouth. I tried to drink it all but could not and I wore a lot of it. The other 2 guys watched and started to jerk off. Then came another knock and it was another guy. He came in and was watching. He was black and very big, around 6'5" and 250. He saw me drinking the piss and pulled out his cock. Next thing I knew he was pissing into my mouth too. It was too much as I drank and wore the piss from these 2 guys. When they stopped the black guy roughly fucked my face as his cock got hard. It grew and was a thick 8 inches. He then had me lay on my back on the bed and force fed me his cock. As he did this on of the other guys came over and before I knew it he was fucking my ass. His cock was a nice 6 incher, average, but with the thick fucker in my throat I knew it was the relief I would need. Then he started to fuck fast and hard and thrust deep and came in my ass. He pulled out and the black guy put my legs over as far as he could and started to fuck my ass. He was rough and just jammed it home. As he did so the other guy came over. He was Hispanic and he smelled of beer too, even more then the first guy. He had his cock out for awhile and was stroking it but it stayed limp - but it was at least 8 inches limp, but not as thick as the black guy. He was really pounding me now.. in and out... I urged him to cum and he laughed, saying he could fuck for hours! I groaned cause my ass was starting to get raw and I knew he was in charge. As I sucked the Spanish guy he swelled and squirted. I thought he came but realized he was pissing. Squirts down my throat... I started to swallow then he would stop and I sucked more... then some more squirts... I must have swallowed for a good 20 minutes on and off, then the black guy finally shoved hard and came in my ass.... He pulled out and the first guy took his place and started to fuck me again, telling me what a pig I was and to suck the guy off... The Spanish guy's cock finally started getting hard and boy did it grow. Not the thickest, but it had to finish around 10 inches! He finally said it was time for pussy and he went and fucked me as I started to suck the first guy again. In about 15 minutes he said it was time to cum. They had me get in the shower again and the first guy and the Spanish guy jerked off and shot in my face and mouth. Then I went in the corner on my knees and all of them took turns pissing in my mouth.... Finally they were done and I was exhausted... They left and I laid in the shower, turning it on and letting it run to clean me off... Was such a great day...
  15. Since I was about 18 years old, I have loved to play with my ass. At first, I just inserted a finger or two while masturbating, but things have changed a lot since then. I've been told that I'm fairly attractive, but I don't know how much I believe that...I'm 6'2, 180 pounds, clean-cut, white and have 7-1/2 inches when erect. At first, my tight ass just couldn't take any more penetration that my fingers. I think that the main change occurred when I purchased a digital camera to take pictures of my asshole and my fingers inside. I found a couple of friends on the Internet that wanted to see my pictures and began swapping them and taking more. This led to requests for me to play with my ass and use foreign objects. I tried the usual suspects: cucumbers, bananas and zucchini, but wasn't quite satisfied. Then, I discovered that I really liked strange objects in my ass and that they make the best pictures. Hammer handles, tools and the like became my favorite pasttime. One of the guys, Steve, asked me if I wanted to go out with him and some of his friends to a hiking trail near our houses for some fun ass play. I was more than happy to oblige since Steve told me that he was in his 30s, married, black, and had 9 inches for me to play with...it got me hard just thinking about it! He asked if he could bring a couple of friends and, although I was nervous, I said that he could and that they were welcome to watch me. I am very much an exhibitionist and love to have men watch me. Steve stopped by to pick me up in his convertible MG with the top down and we drove out to the hiking trail. A few of his friends were waiting, otherwise the parking lot was empty since it was a weekday afternoon and most people were at work (I was in school at the time). I was surprised to find out that there were five other guys there, all black and all very interested in me. I was wondering what Steve had told them about me and was a little nervous being the center of attention. Steve asked me to strip down naked and I pulled my t-shirt over my head and my cut-offs down over my hiking boots, standing there naked since I had not worn underwear. A few of the guys started pulling out their cocks and I was very pleased with what I saw. There were a few normal cocks, but two stood out: one short fat cock that I could barely get my hand around, but was only about six inches long and one long dick that, despite the best efforts of its owner, just wouldn't get hard -- it had to have been 10 or 11 inches and was oozing this thick pre-cum that I couldn't get enough of. I sucked each of the guys for a few minutes at a time while they played with my asshole and sucked each other. I also noticed that a few of guys were stopping to snap pictures from time to time, that just got me harder. By now, my seven and a half inches was standing at full mast, poking out directly in front of me and exposed to the light of day. A few guys deepthroated me while I was sucking big black cock, but usually stopped when my knees started getting weak. The time had come for the "dare of the day" and since Steve and I had exchanged dares in the past, he had prepared one for this special day. It involved me squatting above the gearshift of his MG, which had been lovingly lubed up and squatting all the way down. Now, the gearshift on the car had a large knob on the top and then became fairly narrow, but still quite long, so I had my doubts about getting it into my ass at all. Steve and the other guys encouraged me and got their cameras ready for my performance while stroking their large black dicks. Not to disappoint all of my new friends (and wondering what would happen if I said no), I lubed my ass up and sat down on the gearshift with one foot on either side, facing the rear of the car. At first, the pain was excrutiating. I didn't think that I would ever be able to get it in. It felt as though it just had to be in already, but then it would slip out. Finally, I stretched widely enough to get in and it popped into my ass with an audible "plop." A few guys laughed and I took some deep breaths to accomodate the size. Needless to say, my own cock was still rock hard and dripping pre-cum on the console between the seats. In a few minutes, I was sliding up and down happily on the stick, while the guys took pictures of the it inserted in my ass. I loved it, the large knob started massaging my prostate and I couldn't stand it anymore. I started spurting cum all over the seats inside the car before one of the guys got his mouth on my cock and sucked out the last drops. I pulled off the stick and the guys took some pictures of it for comparison and Steve instructed me to lick up my cum from the seats. I did so quickly and thought things were about done. Then I realized that none of the guys had cum yet, although they were all still stroking. Steve asked me if he thought that it was fair that I had cum, but that no one else had and I said no, but that I was very tired. He said that all I had to do was bend over the hood and that they would take care of the rest. One by one, each black guy banged my tender asshole and dumped a huge load in my asshole, some more than once...but that is another story in itself.
  16. Last night I went to a Latin bar here in queens and picked up this guy. Neither of us had a place so suggested this motel I know, frequented by mostly prostitutes and drug addicts. We got a room on the first floor near the parking lot, which was full of male, female & transsexual prostitutes. We started kissing and sucking each other off when I decided to make my move. I flipped him over and started to fuck him, when he told me to stop & put on a condom. I told him I didn't have any. He said he only has safe sex. So we played around a bit longer when I said I don't think this is gonna work. We left the room and I sat outside on the steps to the upper level. When this sleazy looking guy approached me asking if I had a cigarette, I told him I had a pack in my room. So we went to my room and had a smoke. He told me he was horny, and with that I crabbed his crotch. He pulled down his jeans and I started sucking his dick. He said he wanted to fuck me. So I took my cloths off and got into the doggie position. He fucked me so hard but he didn't last long. He shot after like 5 minutes. Then he asked if I liked groups and I told him yea. So he left my room and said he'd be back. About 10 minutes later he cums back with a young guy around 21 and this person I thought was a woman. They all came in my room and got on the bed. The 21 year old started sucking my dick and the guy who fucked me earlier started playing with the other (?) person. After a while we were all naked on the bed playing with each other. I started fucking the 21 year old, then the transsexual or whatever he was (he had breasts but still had his dick) started to fuck me while he sucked the guy who had brought them in. The 21 year old couldn't get enough off my cock. I heard the "he/she " moaning and felt his muscles jerking so I knew he was cumming up my ass. He fell off me onto the bed. I kept fucking the 21 year old. The "he/she" went into the bathroom then left. I couldn't hold out any longer and came in the 21 year old's ass. He didn't cum cause he didn't seem to be able to get hard. Then the first guy who fucked me started eating the 21 year old's ass. It was about 3 am and I had had enough. So I gave them the key to room and told them they had 2 hours left and I left.
  17. Another sleepless night and another visit to the Park. Left my apartment around 2 am, the usual time for Fun in the bushes. Not much out, Full moon makes things too visible. So walked over to Freeway Park. Seemed empty, but walked around anyway. There was a 20 something walking along the edge of the bushes. Enough in the shadows not to get a good look, but light enough to see he was a person of interest. He walked over to the dark area behind the bathroom. Was hesitant, since cops were supposed to be out in force. Sat on a bench and watched. He gave every sign of stripping down and pulling on what looked like a mega dick. Figured no cop would strip, so went over. Lean tight body, very little hair, but a 9 inch thick dick. Started sucking on him, he kept thrusting into my mouth, talking nasty. About wanting to fuck me. "I gotot a big hard dick and juicy!" Then told him I was lubed and ready if he wanted to fuck then and there. With one push, he had me on the ground and legs in the hair. He was so fucking hot. Though dark, we where still visible to anyone who walked by. He slammed that big dick in my ass and started fucking. Had my balls in a stretcher, he used them as a handle to hold onto as he fucked. Someone walked by... he kept fucking. Moaning load enough for the guy to stop. Think that made him nervous. When the guy walked away he yanked his dick out, shot his load on my stomach, and almost ran the other way. Well, by now I'm horny as shit and figured at 3 am, the morning's young. So walked over to another little park. Some more guys walking around. The usuals. Found a cute Mexican I'd messed with before. We went to a covered area in the parking lot around the corner. Not much of a dick, but loves to be sucked and like's to get BUTCH when fucking someone's face. Didn't take long for him to shoot. No sooner than he left, I was joined by this leather Daddy/boy. Tall, lean dressed in white T-shirt and fatigues, he had leather wrist bands and combat boots. Still half undressed, he grabbed the back of my head and ground my face into his crotch. He kept calling me his bitch and made me use my mouth to get his dick out out of his pants. Average in length, but really thick. Holding me by the hair, he fucked that thick dick in and out of my mouth. Then he told me to strip all the way and grovel on the ground. Naked, I licked his boots and begged him for his dick. That really turned him on! He got behind me, and using just spit, fucked his dick into my pussy ass. It was only a couple strokes before he shot his load all over the back of my head. But what a fuck! That dick really stretched my ass. Fuck #3 was a regular who had been watching. Tall, muscled, thick black dick, about 8 inches. He came around while I was putting my clothes back on. Just like #2, he turned me around and started fucking me. Not so well hidden now. A graffiti dude was climbing down from the building roof. Didn't stop the cowboy from fucking. The kid just stood there watching. Hee finally walked over and pushed his 6 inch cock in my mouth. I got both loads at about the same time. The black guy took off, but the graffiti dude stayed around to help me get dressed and then walked with me back to Pine. The sun was just coming up and I had to be to work in two hours. Sat at my desk with the biggest fucking smile!
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  20. I have had a fantasy, and in it I am tied to a rack face down, with my ass pointed at the sky. There is a line of guys all waiting to have at my hairy round bubble butt. Each one steps up and slaps my ass a few times and then crams their dick into my ass. Well I would never lose control and allow myself to be tied up but I have to tell you, I just got in from a party that has fulfilled my fantasy. The party started at a club where I go usually to pick up a little action, however, this time I was invited to join some people at a private residence to have group sex. We followed an older gentleman to a quite residential neighborhood. He pulled into the driveway of a nice home that was dark. Several other cars and I parked in the street and walked up to the house. The gentleman invited us all to step out to the party room. In this party room were a ton of sex toys. This guy had every gizmo, gadget and toy of a sexual nature that I ever seen. 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  21. After a tough workout at the gym, I went into the locker room to check out the action. There were many guys in various states of undress. Some were naked, but there were men in Calvin Klein boxerbriefs, jockeys, and jockstraps. I love the sight of these almost naked men. When I see a man fully dressed, I always try to imagine what he's wearing underneath. You see, I've always had a thing for underwear (especially jockstraps). A man in a worn and well used jockstrap really gets my juices flowing. There's something about sucking a man through the cotton of his jock that's a turn on for me. One guy was tall and very good looking. He was wearing a blue jockstrap, which barely contained his big package. Turning towards his locker, gave me an unencumbered view of his tight buns, perfectly framed by the straps of his jock. I felt my dick respond, making me tent the front of my running shorts. Before he could see me watching him, my gaze was averted to an equally appealing dude. Naked, the stud had black hair, and a mustache. He was also very hairy. The hair on his chest swirled down to form a beautiful bush, on which nested the largest uncut dick that I'd ever seen. Reaching for a small, white Speedo, I was taking bets as to whether, or not, he would be able to conceal his crotch. I looked in amazement as he stuffed himself into the small pouch! Once he did, I marveled at the basket that he was showing. Seeing my burgeoning basket, the man smiled at me and stroked the front of his suit. Before I could react, someone bumped into my back. I turned and saw a young guy, about 22, dressed in Levi's, with a yellow tank top. Opening the locker next to mine, I watched him strip off the tank top. His muscular arms were outdone by his perfectly chiseled chest. The large pecs and "six pack" abs, made me yearn to see more. Unbuttoning his jeans, he lowered them until I saw his toned and muscular legs. A body builder, I thought. He removed his watch, and the gold chain around his neck. The only piece of jewelry that remained was his wedding ring. Damn, I thought, why are all the studs I find married? Folding his jeans, he placed them in the locker. There he stood, completely naked. Evidently, he had muscles everywhere, as I stared at his dick. It was as perfect as the rest of him! Even flaccid, it was huge. At least 5 inches long, and very thick. He bent over into his gym bag, giving me a perfect view of his bubble butt. I saw him take out a crisp, white jock. When he got it on, I was staring at the man of my dreams! Slipping into a tight pair of gym shorts did nothing to hide his massive basket. I watched, as he put his hand down his shorts, squeezed a few times and, then, rearranged it. He went off to his workout, leaving me with an erection that wouldn't quit. When I slipped into my brief swim trunks, I could feel all the men staring at my hard-on. After successfully jamming my dick into my grey Speedo, I headed for the steam room. I thought this would take care of my stiff dick. The steam clouded my view of the room, so I used the walls to guide me to an empty spot. I found a spot on the second ledge. As I hoisted myself into position, I raked my body over a dude on the first level. In an effort to help me up, I felt his strong hands on the front of my suit. Feeling my erection, he cupped my dick. The feeling was electric. After a few more sensual gropes. I took my seat, immediately above the man. Once on the ledge, my eyes became accustomed to the steam. I saw two men wearing Speedos, like mine, and three others naked, with towels draped across their crotches. The blonde man who helped me up, sat naked, slowly stroking his own dick. I also noticed that two of the other men, were stroking their dicks beneath their towels. Boy, if I came here to control my hard-on, I was certainly in the wrong place! I was about to start fondling myself, when the door opened. Through the haze of steam, I saw that it was the guy wearing the blue jock. He stood in the middle of the room, looking around. When he saw me, he moved over to sit beside me. Even through the steam, I could tell his was looking at me. A moment later, he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. Squeezing it lightly, I could feel him getting hard. His moans told me that I way pleasing him. The blue jock tented to the point of bursting. The cloth rose to expose his balls. I rubbed them until he shifted his position, Bracing his back on the wall next to us, his knees came up, inviting me for a closer inspection. With my head between his knees, I lapped the sweat from his sac. He moaned louder this time, pulling the pouch away from his, equally sweaty, dick. My lips moved to capture the smell of his man-sweat. Licking it slowly, the guy grabbed my head, and I felt the tip of his dick enter my mouth. The blonde beneath us stroked my dick through my Speedos. I grunted as I felt his hand freeing my erection. Stroking both of our hard-ons. I noticed another man joining in and sucking on the blondes stiff prod. Soon, we were surrounded by the other men in the steam room. I felt hands everywhere. My back and legs were treated to gentle caresses from all sides. The man in the blue jock also had his share of hands, as they rubbed his nipples, arms, and belly. He was breathing heavy, and groaning at all the attention being paid to him. I could hear the other men beating off. The steam room orgy was cut short when the door opened. I raised my head off of the dick I had been sucking, as the other men scrambled back to their places. From my vantage point, I could see that is was the muscle stud that I'd been lusting after in the locker room. He had doffed his gym shorts, and untied his hair. It flowed around his shoulders, making him look like a Greek God. He stood in the center of the room, giving me another chance to feast on his beauty. He sat next to two of the men who had been a part of our little group. One man was stroking his own hard dick, while the other one reached over to fondle Mr. Muscle. Pushing away the hands, the man walked away. Scoping out a familiar face, he recognized me, and joined me on my perch. "I was at the gym just to work out. That other stuff in the steam room was totally uncalled for! "I was taking some steam to relax my overworked muscles." "I'm a great masseur." I said. "You want me to work out some of those kinks?" He relaxed, and let me begin. His beefy arms were first. Kneading them, with the proper amount of pressure, had the man moaning with delight. Both shoulders were next. My massage became more sensual. I let my hands stray from his shoulders, to brush across his pecs, This feeling caused him to emit a satisfied moan. My hands played on his rock, hard chest. He groaned, quietly. Running my fingers across his nipples, I could feel them getting as hard as his pecs. My hands moved lower, kneading his abs. His tight muscles relaxed to my touch. Spreading out my fingers, I rubbed his stomach, and waist. Groaning with pleasure, he scooted his back closer to me. My Speedo came in contact with his perfect butt. I was afraid, that when he felt my hard-on, he'd move away as he did with the others. Instead, he nuzzled closer, and I felt him rubbing himself into my groin. I don't know if it was the steam, but I was getting awfully hot in that room! Hearing the anonymous sounds of other men, grunting and groaning, had it's effect on the Greek God sitting against me. My wary fingers made their way to the front of his jock. I felt his dick trapped inside the pouch of the strap. I snuck my fingers under the pouch, and his downy soft balls were churning away, making the stuff that he, regularly, gave to his wife. "Man, that feels great!" he said. At the same time, his hands reached behind him, and lowered the waistband of my suit until my dick sprang forth, finding its resting place between my partners solid asscheeks. Raising his hips, he soon had my dick slipping and sliding between his tight buns. At the same time, I had started stroking the front of his jock. Neither of us had said anything. My hands were too busy stroking his cock, and he was giving my dick a ride between his cheeks. I moaned when I felt some of his pre-cum soak his pouch. Turning him to face me, I continued to stroke him. His dick got rock hard. and began to empty his load inside the jockstrap. "AAAWWWW!" he moaned. The other sounds in the room, made his final grunt almost imperceptible. as he humped my hands, as they worked on his dick. I felt the cotton of his pouch become saturated with his ejaculate. The blonde sitting below us tried to get involved by stroking us with his hands. 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I guess it was just the heat of the moment. It was obvious that everyone was enjoying themselves, judging from the sounds round us. You know, making it with another guy has always been a fantasy of mine." "Well you certainly rose to the challenge" I said, soaping up the front of my Speedo. I had stains to rinse off, too. "I can't remember when I've had a more exciting time at the gym!" "I think it's going to get better" he said. "You know, that suit should be rinsed off to avoid any embarrassing stains" as he took over scrubbing the front of my suit. The combination of seeing him naked, plus what he was doing to me, was getting my dick hard again. If he didn't stop what he was doing, there would be another stain to clean up. As if he was reading my mind, he said "Hey, I took my jock off to rinse it out, so why don't you slip out of your suit?" I did so, immediately. We both stood naked, letting the spray of warm water cascade over our bodies. With my suit in his hands, he lovingly cleaned, and rinsed, it off. What a sight! Draping my suit on the shower pipe, he soaped up my crotch. "You've got to be clean all over." Clean, and hard, I thought, as his hands caused my dick to lengthen even more. I also noticed this his cock was on the rise as swell. Grabbing the soap, I lathered up his crotch. "Aaww, man, you've got such a nice touch," he said. as he increased the speed on my cock. Soon, both of us has ball-busting erections. "Maybe we should continue this someplace a little more private." We rinsed off. He grabbed his jock, and my suit. Wrapping our towels around ourselves, he followed me. "The sauna is closed for repairs. Why don't we go in there?" The sign on the glass door read CLOSED FOR RENOVATION. We walked in to the darkened room and sat on a bench behind a high pile of wood panels that were going to be installed. Away from prying eyes. I said "Well, you can't get more private than this." I reached over to caress his crotch. I could feel him through his towel. "Well, well" I said, feeling his cock respond. "It feels like you'll be ready to go again, soon." Reaching under his towel, I wrapped my hand around his rising dick. Groaning, he said "I think you're right. You know, I thought this was going to be a one time experience for me, but after what happened earlier, I want to do more!" With that, he yanked off my towel, and handed me his jock. "Here, put this on." I shimmied into the wet jock. It was so cool, remembering that he had been wearing it when the came, and it gave me an instant hard-on. "Does it feel good?" "Hell, yeah" I said, as he started stroking my dick. "It feels wonderful!" Kneeling between his legs, I parted his towel. "I want to make love to your beautiful body." Gently, I pulled on the towel, moving him closer to the edge of the bench. "Get ready. because what I'm going to do with you will be something you'll always remember." Parting his legs, I began to lick and suck on his balls. Then, lifting his balls, I spread the cheeks of his ass, and blew my hot breath around his hole. "Mmmmm, yeah, dude. That feels so good!" When my tongue connected with his hole, he yelped. "Aaahhh, yeah, man!" He shuddered when he felt my tongue invading his impossibly tight hole. His legs wrapped around my head, as he forced more of his ass onto my tongue. Putting his legs against the walls, I sucked and rimmed him, until his moans got so loud, that I was afraid they would be heard throughout the gym. "Aaawww, lick it! Suck it!" he yelled. He braced his back with his hands, allowing me to keep up my rim job, I grabbed for his hard cock, and stroked him. "You've got be on fire!" he gasped, luxuriating in all of the sensations I was causing. "Ooohhhh, man, stop it! Stop it, or I'll shoot again!" My mouth left his ass, and his legs slid off the wall. His cock was already so hard that I released it to prolong his orgasm. Sitting up, he mashed his mouth on my lips in a deep, sensuous kiss. I'd never expected him to react like that. "Ohh, yeah, kiss me, you muscle stud! Kiss me harder" I said, burying my tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it, as his hands roamed across my back. "Uunnhh" I groaned, as his fingers grabbed and twisted my nipples. "Do it to me. Pinch my pecs, man. Squeeze ‘em tight! Aaawwww, yeahhh!" His mouth traveled down my body, and he sucked and bit both of my nipples. I was trembling, and my cock was threatening to rip through the pouch of his jock. Standing him up, I rubbed our crotches together. "Yes," he cried, as our bodies ground together. "More! I'm so turned on by you right now. Suck me, lick me. Do whatever you want!" He was begging me for it, now. He wanted me, and I wanted it all! "Love me, baby." he growled, as his hands cupped the cheeks of my ass. He was consumed by his lust. Kissing me fiercely, his fingers began to probe my ass pucker. "I want you, dude! I want to do everything!" Grabbing my nylon Speedo, he attempted to put it on. He couldn't get it over his rock, hard asscheeks, only managing to pull the front up over his hard-on. Though he managed to contain his steely rod, his balls wouldn't fit, and they hung down between his legs. "Oh, baby, yes" I grinned at the sight before me. "It's like trying to put a cork back into a bottle of Dom Perignon." Pulling him down to the floor, I got us into a 69 position. He licked my legs outside his jock. "Mmmmm, lick me. Use that hot tongue of yours, stud! My body is all yours, man. Do whatever feels good to you!" His mouth sucked the entire jock that I was wearing. My lust was uncontrollable. I sucked and licked the balls that wouldn't fit his entire crotch. "I need another taste of your gorgeous ass!" Since my Speedo covered only half of him, it was for my fingers to part his cheeks. Bending slightly, I pulled his ass over my face. "Aaawww, yeah" he groaned, as my tongue delved deeper into his waiting hole. "Damn. that feels abso-fucking-lutely wonderful!" he panted, as he grabbed my cock beneath the jock. Sucking the tip through the pouch, soon gave way to pulling out my cock, and licking and sucking all over my sensitive cock. "This is what I want! I need to suck on your bare cock, as it slides in and out of my mouth!" For a novice cocksucker, he knew just the right buttons to push. As much as I wanted to, I resisted ramming my whole length down his throat. I wanted him to take it as his own speed, and it certainly paid off. Each bob of his head drew my cock deeper into his mouth. Soon I felt his lips in my pubic patch. "Aaaaawwww, yeah, baby! You've got all of me inside you!" His primal instincts took over and, soon, he was fucking my face like a pro. I sucked the rim of his hole, introducing one of my fingers. His groaning told me that one finger wasn't enough would not be enough to satisfy his new-found desire. That's when I added a second. "Do it, man! Slip those fingers night up my ass!" I moved farther up his straining, and very tight, virgin ass. That's it, dude. Ream me out with those fucking fingers!" Knocking his prostate, caused him to shiver. "UUUUUHHH, fuck! Hit it again" he yelled, twisting his ass onto my fingers. The second time, caused a copious amount of pre-cum to dribble out of his cock, staining my Speedo, which became useless as a covering for his stiff poker. "Keep it up, man. What you're doing to me now is driving me up the wall! Pulling my prick from his hungry mouth, prompting me to say "I think you're ready for the next step of your initiation." Yanking my Speedo from his body, I Shoved it into his open mouth. "Here. Chew on this, while I get you ready to experience a fuck that you'll never forget!" Moaning, he sucked on the nylon, while my tongue went back to work on his ass. His ass was slick, and sweaty. My mouth clamped down on his hungry hole. "Oh, y-yes!" he muffled, with my suit in his mouth. My tongue slid back into his hole. Spitting out my Speedo, he yelled "Sweet fuck, push it in deeper!" I was happy to oblige. The deeper I went. the louder he screamed. "Mmmmmm. aauuuggghhhh, shit! You've got me hotter than I've ever been before" he grunted. I put my trunks back into his mouth. I stretched his hole, and inserted three fingers. His grunts were telling me that he was enjoying what I was doing. Wiggling my fingers up his ass, brought more grunts and groans from my Greek God. "That's it, my muscle stud. I want you so hot, that you'll be begging for my cock!" Moving my head to his chest, my mouth clamped down on one of his sensitive nipples. Biting down hard, he gasped, as my fingers connected with his prostate. He was moaning, and trembling. Releasing my hold on his tit, my mouth went to his face. Kissing and licking his face, he spat my nylon gag from his mouth. Kissing me full on the mouth, I felt his tongue ram down my throat. I broke the very wet, and passionate kiss. "Damn, it looks like you're almost ready for the next step." He was panting and grunting, as he tossed his body to and fro. "Yes, oh yes! Hurry. I don't think I can take much more!" I knew he was ready, but I had to hear the words from his own mouth. My three fingers were fucking his ass in deep and steady strokes His cock was sending out a steady stream of pre-cum. I knew that if I touched it, his cum would blast out of his swelling cock. After another minute of my extreme torture, I finally heard the words that I'd been waiting for. "I can't take it anymore! Fuck me!! Fuck my ass! Aaawww, man, fuck my ass!" That's all I needed to hear. Shoving my Speedo gag, once again, in his mouth, I raised his legs, and teased his hole with my cock. "Fuck, don't tease me, fuck me! Ram your big cock inside me!" My teasing ended, and I shoved the tip of my cock past his sphincter muscles. Tensing, for just a moment, I heard his guttural cries of "YESSSSS! Y-YESSS!" Shoving more of my cock into his ass, I felt his muscles relaxing. "My big dick is reaming out your hole." When I felt my balls brush against his ass, I knew that I had managed to get all of my cock, deep into his ass. That's when I started pulling back and pushing forward a slow, and gentle, fuck. "I'm fucking your ass, stud. Do you like my dick up your ass?" He nodded, and his grunting and groaning told me that he was enjoying his first fuck. "You want it harder?" Another nod. "You want it faster?" He grabbed my hips, pulling me in and out of his steamy fuck hole. All the while. he was chewing, and sucking, on my Speedo. My cock, feeling the heat, and pressure, from his asshole, was ready to explode. I saw that his cock was still as hard as a rock. "I hate to cum alone" I said, as I grabbed his throbbing penis. When I scraped his prostate again, combined with my stroking of his cock, he let out a high pitched scream, that even my suit could not squelch. "MMMMM, UNGHH, UNGHHH, UUNNGGGHHHH! OOOOHHHH!!!" His load blasted from the tip of his cock with such force, that it sprayed all the way to my face! The feel of his hot cream on my cheeks, made me fuck him even faster. His hands were on my asscheeks, urging me deeper. The contractions of his ass muscles, caused by the sheer force of his orgasm, sent me over the edge. "F-FUCK, YEAHHH!" I screamed. "TAKE IT UP YOUR ASS, MAN! FEEL ME COATING YOUR INSIDES! UUUUUHHHMMMMMMM, FUCK!" Slamming into him one, last time, I fell on top of him. Withdrawing his gag, our lips met in the most wonderful, passionate, kiss. Untangling ourselves, we managed to put on our respective jocks and Speedos. Opening the sauna door a crack to see if the coast was clear, he kissed me one last time. "You were so right about promising me something that I'll never forget." We hugged and went our separate ways.
  22. On my way to I stopped in the men's room at the Roosevelt Ave train station. A guy I recognized from other men's rooms around town, was keeping watch at the door. When I walked in this tall thin horse-hung black guy was fucking a young hairy white dude. I watched them fuck for a while when the black guy motioned for me to come over. I checked to make sure there was still someone watching the door. Then I joined in. The black guy fucked the white guy while the white guy sucked my dick. The black guy asked me "do you want to fuck him?" I said yes." The black guy ordered the white to "Give him your ass." Whitey turned around and started to suck the black guy's cock while I fucked his ass. The guy at the door started to cough which meant meant someone was coming. We scattered like roaches. But guy who came in was also looking for action. I started fucking the hairy white guy again while he sucked the big black cock. I turned around to check the door and saw the guy who had been watching the door was getting his cock sucked by the other man who had come in. Mr Watch-The-Door wasn't much to look at; but he had a huge cock, one definitely worth sucking and riding. I just kept pounding away at the white guy while he was swallowing the big black dick. I was getting close to shooting and said "I was gonna cum." The black guy told me to shoot my load in the white guy's ass. He kept repeating "shoot your load in his ass, I want to fuck his cum lubed ass." With that I shot my load up the white guy's ass, which he seemed to milk right out of my cock. I could feel him tighten his ass muscles as I pulled out. He wanted every drop of my load. Soon as I pulled out the black guy shoved his huge fat cock up the white's ass. "Fuck man this feels great, I can feel his load in you. You're gonna leave here with two loads in you." I got turned on watching those two go at it. The white started sucking my cock again. The the black pounded his ass. And I do mean pound. Every time he thrust into the white guy's ass his mouth automatically swallowed my cock. I heard the black guy say "Baby I'm gonna cum." He started shaking and moaning, then let out a big yelp and stood there all sweaty and slowly pulled his cock out of the other's ass. I was still getting my dick sucked when the black guy rammed his tongue down my throat, and I shot my second load in the white guy's mouth. As I left the bathroom the guy who had been watching the door said, "It was great watching you guys." By the way, I was 20 minutes late for work but it was worth it.
  23. Dropped off Steve at the airport and, since the weather was perfect - and unusual for January - I drove to Cherokee Park to see if 72 degrees and sun had other men in the brotherhood thinking about dick in the park too. All of the people I passed, as I drove around the one-way roads towards "gay hill," were both a positive and a negative sign. People were out, alright, but they were mostly joggers, boy-girl couples, families with kids, people with their dogs and not horny guys looking to get off on probably the last good weekend of the January thaw. When I finally reached the hill, there were a dozen or more empty cars parked along the side of the road, a good sign. No rainbow stickers or other signs of the brotherhood, however. There were two goodlooking 20 somethings in shorts and tees sitting with their bicycles on the grassy slope between the road and the woods. I pulled past the other cars and parked the truck. For a few minutes, I watched the guys with the bikes in a mirror as I pulled off my sweatshirt and tucked my tee into the jeans. I wandered the trails for about 30 minutes but saw no one and the bike guys hadn't followed, so I headed back towards the truck. There were a few condom wrappers on the trails but I figured they were from last summer or fall. When I reached the truck, bike guys had left. I drove up to the area over the interstate tunnel. It's usually pretty active at night in warm weather but considering how much brush had been removed last year, I wasn't expecting much in daylight in January. As it turned out, there were a dozen or so cars parked along the road. About half were empty; the occupants of the rest were all men, sitting alone. I figured it was worth getting out and checking out the trails. As I left the truck, a guy - looked to be mid-thirties - in a flannel shirt and black jeans who was wearing sunglasses got out of a Ford about 100' or so down the road, and headed back towards the main trail too. We caught up with each other on the main trail and checked each other out. He turned down the trail, looking back a couple of times as I followed about 30' feet behind. He looked like he might provide load number one for the day. After we walked a 100' or so, another guy came towards us, passing flannel shirt guy and then me. As he got closer, I shifted interest from flannel shirt to him. He was mid to late-20's. Seemed to have a buzzcut under a U of TN ballcap. A big orange ballcap is pretty unusual in KY. Then I noticed a pair of dog tags hanging on the outside of his gray tee. I figured he could be Army from Ft. Knox. The guy was hot looking. He had good muscle definition that showed through the tee, hairy forearms, reflective sunglasses and flashed a big, toothy smile when I said, "Hi." I wanted this dude. I stopped and turned as he passed. He went about another 10', stopped and came back in my direction. This time, as he passed he smiled again and asked how I was doing. I told him, "Man, I think I'm doing great."I followed behind as he went back down the trail, smiling back each time he turned his head. We passed flannel shirt guy who was standing in some trees several feet off the trail. He groped himself as he passed and I nodded. UT guy turned down a side trail that led further away from the road in the direction of a large parking area and I followed. After a few minutes, he stopped, with his back towards me. I caught up with him, passed and turned to face him. He was playing with his cock with a hand in one of the pockets in his sweats. I groped myself through my levis. He asked, "Wazzup?" I told him I was looking to get into something. He responded, "Yeah, what do you want to do?" For some reason - the tone of his voice, the body language, something - I got cautious. The cops had been cracking down in the park, lately, and for some reason or other, I started wondering if he was setting me up for a bust. (The cell phone on his belt didn't help either.) So, I cooled down some and asked, "Oh, I dunno, what about you?" He says, "I want to suck some cock." (Oh, well, so much for my copdar.) I told him, "Sounds hot; so do I." He suggested we walk further up into the woods, away from the trail and I followed. He stopped at a spot where you could see cars and people up by the big parking area but we were far enough away that I figured it was okay if at least one of us was paying attention to what was going on around us. He pushed his sweats down mid thigh, showing his hardon which gave me an instant hardon as well. He had a big, 7 or 8 incher that curved to his left. He'd shaved his balls and most of his pubes except for a line that continued from his pleasure trail to the root of his hard shaft. I had to have that hard cock and went immediately to my knees and started sucking him. I managed to work the curve around and into my throat and worked his cock head with my throat muscles and he helped out by pumping it into me. He let me suck him for a couple of minutes, getting a first taste of his precum, before he let me know it was his turn. I stood and he unzipped me and pulled my hard cock and balls out over the waistband of my jockeys and went to his knees, pulling off his UT cap. The dude could suck. Damn he could suck. I put my hands on the back of his head, feeling the burr of his haircut and watching my cock slide in and out of his mouth. I came damned close to letting him take it all the way but, fuck, it was early and I didn't want to give up any loads so soon. We took turns blowing each other until while as I was totally into his cock, he taps me on the shoulder and says, "We've got company." I stand and look over at an early 30's guy with long black hair standing next to a tree and rubbing his crotch. UT guy asks, "You get into 3's?" I say, "Yeah," wave the guy over and get back on my knees, running my tongue over UT's cock head lapping up more precum. The guy with long black hair joins us, pulls out his cock and holds it a few inches from my mouth and UT's cock and strokes it. He gets hard quickly and I start sucking back and forth between the two of them. The guy with lomg black hair has a long, thin, uncut cock. The head is still covered by his skin even after he is hard. As I'm switching back to UT guy's cock, he asks the guy with long black hair if he likes to fuck. The guy tells him yes and UT says "Fuck me, okay?" As I'm sucking UT's curved cock, the other man gets behind him and starts working his bare cock up UT's hole. I reach under and circle my thumb and finger around UT's fuckhole so I can feel the other guy's cock sliding in and out while I deep throat UT. UT's asshole is well lubed and he's taking the thin, uncut cock with ease. Sucking a guy while he's getting fucked, especially when he is standing, is so fucking hot as you feel the fucker's thrusts in the back of your throat as he drives the fuckee's cock in you. I'm in cocksucker's heaven, working for the first load of the day when suddenly I feel another cock pressed against my right cheek. At first I think it is long black hair guy looking for a new hole but it's not his thin, uncut cock or UT's which is still buried in my throat. (So much for one of us staying alert.) My cheek is getting probed by a thick cock with a big purple head. I look up and see flannel shirt guy. I alternate back and forth between flannel shirt and UT whose still getting his ass plowed by long black hair guy. After a few minutes, I stand and ask flannel shirt to fuck me - why should UT have all the fun? I slide my jeans and jockeys to my knees and turn so I'm facing UT. Flannel shirt gets behind and tries to work it in but I'm too tight and dry and the head of his dick is too big. I ask UT to "Get him wet" and step aside so flannel shirt can feed him his cock. UT sucks and slobbers all over flannel shirt's cock. Watching UT taking it at both ends in the woods, especially with all those cars and people several hundred feet away through the bare trees and shrubs is really hot. UT gets him good and wet and I press a hand against the trunk of a tree, bend over and pull the left cheek of my ass away to give flannel shirt a better shot. This time he works it all the way in and start throwing a serious fuck. At one point, I look over at UT, still getting drilled by long black hair guy, and we exchange big grins like only two cock pigs can. I'm really getting into having my ass stretched and pounded by flannel shirt guy and, from all the hot verbal about fucking my "hairy ass," he seems to be into the fuck too. Suddenly, I hear someone say, "Shit, where'd she come from?" "She" is a woman walking a German Shepherd maybe a 100' away and seems to have figured out what's going on. As she turns and as flannel shirt is pulling out he pops his load, leaving part of it in my fuck chute with the rest running down the back of my balls. Flannel shirt and long black hair guy have quickly disappeared and the woman with the dog is gone, so UT and I take our time. As he's pulling up his sweats, he asks if I took flannel shirt's load. I tell him, "Sort of - He got part of it in my ass and part of it on my ass and balls." He wants to know if he can "taste it, dude." I turn my back to him and he kneels and licks my balls clean, laps up the cum around my asshole and pushes his tongue up me, probing for more jizz. When he stands, he says, "Damn, you do have a hairy ass. Hot."I offer him a cigarette, light them both and he heads up towards the road with me following. When I get up along side, we talk some. I learn he is from TN and is in the Army at Fort Knox. He says, "I'm here every Sunday afternoon. Let's do it again, okay?" I say, "You bet." He heads up the trail but I notice long back hair guy with his back to us, facing a large tree, so I head down the trail. When I reach long black hair guy, he has it out and is stroking it. I ask him, "You get off?" and he says, "No." I get on my knees and he turns and offers me his thin, uncut cock. I grab it and work my tongue up under the skin, licking his cumhole. His cock tastes like lube and precum but there's no sign that he'd been plowing UT's ass. I smile to myself. While Steve was showering this morning, I'd used an enema, hoping to connect with someone into hole. What are the odds of hooking up with another guy in the park in January who'd also come prepared to get fucked in the park? Long black hair guy is in a hurry. He grabs the back of my head and starts seriously fucking face, jabbing the back of my throat with that skin covered pointed cock. He cums in a few minutes, keeping his cock buried in my throat. I leave after he does, get in the truck and, charged and hungry for more cock, drive across the river to an ABS in Southern Indiana.
  24. Some of you read some of the encounters I had with Sean who first sucked me off in a gas station john and ended up a week later doing each of my buds under the table during a poker game then getting plowed by me while they fed him another load on top the table. Sean is a hot boy, toned, dark shorter hair blonde streaked; kinda spiked but looks cool, he's a college student on break right now, about my height, 5'10", 150 lbs, 7" cut cock, blue eyes, killer smile, a sweet little ass, and killer lips for sucking cock, and a heart of gold. I am 5'10", 180, 46" chest, 30" waist, 18" bi's, and 9" cut. I am a construction worker and personal trainer most nights. OK, anyway getting to the fucking story.... Sean knowing I am very much into working out and staying hard decided he wants to muscle up some and have me train him in between my training dudes at the gym. Tuesday I take Sean with me, and he knows I have a busy training schedule now cause of dudes realizing it will be Spring before they know it, and want to look kick ass when they shed the clothes in the Summer. Sean goes and changes in the locker room with me, and winks at me changing cause he loves seeing me stripped down to a jock and likes to watch other dudes' sneaking a peak changing into my sweats and t shirt. We throw our clothes into my locker and head up to the office they gave me just off the reception desk. I check my schedule and walk out to the long reception desk to see what the fitness reps and chicks at the reception desk have on the appointment book to add to my schedule. I said "Fuck man...they have me training dudes for 2 hours before I can work you out." Sean said no problem and was excited about starting his workout. I got one of my bud's who is an instructor and told him Sean is a good friend and I wanted him to start Sean doing 30 mins of cardio, then tour him around the club and do some sprint training on machines, then I would work him on free weights after I got done with the dudes. As my bud was going to put Sean on a treadmill, my first appointment arrived named Ryan. He wants to gain muscle mass and is hot, about our height, about Sean's weight, handsome, 27, masculine and a real nice dude. He has been working out over a year but now wants training to gain mass, and his friend Jarvis, usually works out with him... was with him. Jarvis is 23, about 5'9", nice little ass, nice eyes, great smile, and always is winking at me. You know, just a friendly wink you give another dude if you know him well. Dudes who you know well, you train or workout ,always wink at you if you are struggling getting a dude to do an exercise right and they walkby and just wink like they sympathize with me cause the dude just can't catch the drift of the proper execution of the rep they are doing...rather than just saying that fuck will never get it right!!! Well, that's how I at least took Jarvis' winking at me. Ryan, told Jarvis to take his coat back to the locker room and Ryan was ready to start me working him out, and we did while Jarvis went to workout himself. After an hour with Ryan, I went up to the reception desk to turn in Ryan's chart, and I went back to Sean to see how shit was going and told him I would be working him out in an hour. He loved the machines, and the little shit was breaking a sweat , and that was cool. The next dude had a half hour workout, then I took the next half hour for another dude, then joined Sean. Ryan was with him showing him how to use a Hammer Strength machine, and I thanked Ryan for helping Sean, and he said no problem. Sean said, "Bill you going to work me out now?" and I told him I would and Ryan asked if Sean was a client of mine and I said no he is my buddy. Ryan smiled and said Sean is a cool guy and I smiled and said yeah he is. THAT is the first time I gave it any thought that Ryan might be gay. I noticed a few times spotting Ryan that he stared up at my crotch directly, and kinda played with my biceps and back pretty often, but Ryan is outgoing and just thought his touching every so often was no biggie. Anyway Ryan said "How long you training tonight Bill.... did you and Sean ride together?" I said we did, and he asked if Sean and I would like to stop for a beer after we were done at his place. I said sure if some stragler didn't come in at the last minute to train cause the fucking club wants me to train the free weight dudes to get results and therefore push their memberships on them. I said, I want to work Sean out another half hour or so and we would catch up with him before we leave. Well the 3 of us meet up front and Sean and I had showered and changed, and Jarvis was leaving about the same time and I pulled on his ball cap and told him I would see him tomorrow evening and he said cool. Ryan and Jarvis sorta walked out together but both left in different cars. Ryan wrote down directions...it wasn't 5 mins away, and Sean and I got there and took off our jackets and Ryan brought us a beer. About 2 mins later, Jarvis walks in the living room with a beer and hi 5's me, and I said "Shit man I didn't think I would see you until tomorrow." He smiled and said "I live here Bill." I said I didn't know...I just thought he and Ryan were friends and met at the gym to workout together. He said "Oh yeah he IS my best friend...and THAT'S why we live together....and just winked. Fuck, stupid me...I am putting 2 and 2 together finally and realize the score!!! I introduce Sean to Jarvis, and he said they already met at the gym, while I was training another dude. We all sat down in the living room and had I think maybe 3 beers each, and were talking workouts and talkin about dudes they see there asking me eccentricities about each...cause there are some real weird fucks who workout too. We were laughing, and Jarvis said Ryan told him I was divorced and I said yeah about 5 years ago. Then they both asked how long Sean and I were friends and said we met not but a couple months ago. They asked where, and Sean laughed. Sean told them a gas station he worked at when he wasn't in school. Finally, Sean.... even though he is kinda shy socially asked " Are you guys like a couple?" They looked at each other smiling and said "Yeah we are." Jarvis then smiled and said "What about you and Sean, are you guys together?" Before I could answer, Sean says "Yeah we are." Ryan seems all fucking excited and says "Fuck Bill, I had no idea....I was hoping you would be... but figured no way!!" I smiled kinda embarrassed and said "shit man just cause I was married doesn't mean I can't get into a dude...especially if he has a nice little ass." They laughed, and I added that Sean has a perfect ass. I said "Jarvis does too," and Jarvis said "Fuck this is great!!!" I asked what was great, and he said he had told Ryan that he stroked at night thinking about me fucking him. Shit I was embarassed and we all laughed and Sean said "Wait a minute...what about me?" I just rubbed Sean's head and said there is plenty to go around. Jarvis smiled and said "Believe me Ryan ..and I noticed that there is plenty to go round quite a few times." I had one more beer and the others and Sean had 2 more and everybody was feelin pretty good, and Ryan asked me to take off my t shirt and show them my pecs. I said fuck no man you see me at the gym, and they said yeah but I have a t shirt on, and I guess Jarvis never told Ryan we were in the shower at the same time about a week ago....nothin happened, Jarvis just kept talkin to me in the shower. Sean coaxed me on to take my t off, so I did, and Ryan felt my pecs, then Jaris came over to join him. Jarvis ran his hands down my abs, and said "Oh fuck, this is what I thought about stroking." I pushed him lightly away and said shit man you are really embarassing me." He came back quick and pushed his hand down towards my love trail and over my navel and groaned. Ryan then said he noticed Sean had a hot ass, and I was the first to agree, and Ryan said "C'mon Sean show us your ass." Sean having 4 beers ended up not being so shy and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to show his hot little firm ass with just a little down showing that entered into his mancunt. I reached over and grabbed his one cheek and Sean moaned. Ryan said "Hey Bill I have to ask you something come in the kitchen." I kinda laughed and said "What man?" He pulled me by my bicep and when we got in there he said, would I be willing to let him have a piece of Sean's ass, and I said, fuck man I don't own him, but Sean will do whatever I tell him...we are close." Ryan asked me "Bill can I suck your cock,?" I said "Fuck yeah man I could use it, but only if I can plow Jarvis' hot ass while he slides into Sean." Ryan said it was a deal and started unbuttoning my jeans down to my bush while he got on his knees and started licking out my navel and moved down towards my bush. He put his hands on my ass and pulled the jeans down and I could feel his hot breath on my 9". I put my hands on the back of his head, and Ryan took the head of my cock into his hot wet mouth and started moaning and his hands played with my ass. He swallowed my cock as it was growing in his mouth and I pushed his mouth down into my bush, but soon Ryan was gagging and whimpering cause my 9" was rock hard now and the fuck could only get about 3/4 of it down his throat before he started choking and coughing. He pulled up and off my cock and looked up at me telling me "You don't know how I have wanted to suck your cock man." I smiled down at him and just pushed his head back onto my hard cock and my precum and his spit was drippin down onto his neck. This time I was determined he would take the other 1/4 of my cock to my balls and pushed him farther down as he swallowed. I put pressure on the back of his head and he moaned, and gagged and his face tensed up but I wanted the head of my cock way down his hot throat! He held onto my thighs for support and did his best, but reflex made him pull up and off and my precum was stringin down onto his pecs and his spit drippin out the sides of his lips, and he yelled "Jesus man I love your cock!," and he dove right down again taking as much as he could. Ryan was loud and it didn't take maybe a couple minutes before Jarvis and Sean came into the kitchen to see what was happening. Jarvis just said "Oh fuck!!!!" He smiled at me and Sean and he just came over and both started suckin on my nips and they started moaning. Ryan was fuckin drinkin lots of precum cause when I am turned on my cock FLOWS precum... it doesn't leak... it just FLOWS! I took my hands from Ryan's head, and put down each of Sean and Jarvis' t shirts and pulled up to their necks so they would get the hint to get rid of their shirts and it took no more hinting for them to slip them off but they were right back moaning on my pecs and abs while Ryan kept groaning sucking me like a man should be sucked!!! I pulled Jarvis's head up off my pec and said " I want in your hot little ass bud." He said "Oh fuck I want that," and looked at Sean for kinda an approval, and Sean just winked at him and kept on workin on my other pec with his hot wet mouth. Ryan I had to pull off my cock and, I told Sean that Ryan wants to try out his mancunt. Sean is way cool, he just said "Whatever you want Bill...sounds fucking hot." I pull my jeans up to my waist again so we can walk back into the living room, and Ryan closes the curtains, and before he can even get them closed, both Sean and Jarvis are on their knees trying to get my jeans off while Sean deep throats me to my bush. FUCK he knows how to treat a big dick!!!!!!!! Ryan came back from the curtains stripping down as he walked to us, and said "Fuck Bill Sean knows how to suck cock dude!" I said "You aren't wrong bro...he is the best!" I looked down at Sean pulling up off my cock head swallowing my precum and his spit at the same time...smiling...and thanking me, but said " But I love sucking Bill's cock." I said "Sean, show Ryan what a great cocksucker you are man." Sean winks at me and moves over to Ryan standing next to me who was playing with my muscle while Sean was deep throating me. Ryan has a nice cock...about maybe 7" like Sean and hard now watchin Sean suck me. Ryan just moans as Sean slowly goes down to Ryan's bush with no problem and his lips are tight around Ryan's shaft. Jarvis didn't need a fucking invitation, he gets up takes off his jeans and turns around and backs up to my pecs onto his smooth toned tanned back and his smooth little ass nuzzles into my crotch. I put my arms around his waist and Jarvis moans as he feels my cock up and down his crack while he moves slow. He says "Bill I don't know how many times I have beat off thinking about your cock in me... while he smiles over at Ryan, and Ryan smiles back at him." Jarvis kinda trembles a little while I hold him almost like he is nervous, but I know it's just anticipation of me plowing his little tight mancunt. I reach around and tweak Jarvis' little nips and listen to him whimper and Ryan and Sean are both fucking moaning as Sean sucks on Ryan's nice cock. I had Jarvis' furry little crack soaked with precum and drippin down to his balls. I knew this boy was ready for breeding for sure!!!!!!!! I look over at Ryan and said, "Man I don't know about you but I am ready to hit on this little ass dude." Ryan said "Fuck yeah man!." I tell Sean and Jarvis to mount the sofa right next to each other and Ryan and I slap our cocks on their asses and Ryan asked if I wanted a condom and I said "No I only bareback dude... am healthy... is that a problem?" Jarvis just moans like oh man I want his cum. Ryan said "Fuck no Bill we only bareback too cause we are healthy too." I said "Well fuck then lets do it man." I hold onto Jarvis' waist and tease his mancunt with my head, then plow all the way into his gut, and the little shit fuckin yells and says "Oh God your cock is big man...uuuuuugh" I start to pull out some but he said "No Bill keep it burried in me man." I shove into him and I hear Sean moan as Ryan got his cock into Sean's little hole but a lot slower than I into Jarvis' I start plowing Jarvis and my abs are on his lower back just above his celtic tat he has above his crack. Ryan is moaning telling me what a tight little ass Sean has and Sean says "Yeah Ryan fuck me hard man." I told Ryan Sean likes plowed so he started plowing him like I was Jarvis. All you could hear is our abs slappin their little asses and grunts and whimpering from Sean and Jarvis. Jarvis' little abs were tensing everytime I pulled my 9" out to the head and shoved in deep into his belly. He loved that!!!! Ryan was moaning and put his hand over onto my arms as I fucked his boyfriend. Ryan asked Jarvis how he liked my cock in him and Jarvis just grunted and said "I love his cock in me...oh fuck I won't last long being plowed like this!!!!!" I looked over at Ryan and saw some sweat on his pecs and abs from plowing Sean hard and Ryan I could tell wasn't going to last long either. I said "Ryan, I actually had something else in mind." He looked at me kinda puzzled. I said I wanna double dick Jarvis and Sean. Both boys just fuckin groaned when they heard me, and Ryan said "Oh fuck man that's hot." He said "I don't know man I don't think Jarvis can take us both yet." I said "Well Sean can and Jarvis will help too dude." He still looked puzzled and I pulled out of Jarvis and he is sighing as I pull out and his cock is drippin precum on the edge of the sofa. Ryan pulls out of Sean and I told Ryan to sit down and Sean to sit on his cock. Sean slides down slowly to Ryan's bush and they both fucking moan, and I get in front of Sean and pull his legs up on my shoulders. Sean says "Oh man take it slow Bill till I get used to it." I put my wet cock right next to Ryans and push slow fitting our cocks into his tight ass, and Sean is holding onto my muscle for dear life it seems, his head tossing side to side as he feels my cock really stretching his furry little cunt. I push more and he grunts and yells "Oh yeah Bill put that big cock in me man!!!!!" I slide slow and half...then all of it is deep in his belly and Sean is whimpering now almost nuzzled in my arm pit saying "Oh fuck that feels so fucking hot.... fuck me!" I start pumping slow next to Ryan's cock then told Jarvis ...who was slowly stroking his cock, not believing Sean could take our 2 cocks...to get his hot mouth in my ass. Shit the boy scrambled on his knees and planted his tongue in my hairy hole and started a rythm with his wet tongue just like my cock was moving in Sean. Sean grasped onto my pecs and grunted and whimpered and Ryan fucking moaned and said "This is so fucking hot Bill!" I pumped next to Ryans cock and Sean's cock was hard as hell hitting my upper abs at time and could feel his precum on me. Sean pulled my head to him so he could kiss me and groaned in my mouth and I said "Open your mouth man" He did...wide open and looked at me, and I spit in his open mouth onto his tongue and he just swallowed moaning. He opened it again but I just took one hand that was kinda supporting his one leg and pushed his head back and he moaned. We were all fuckin close and Jarvis was doing his best to keep his mouth in my ass the best he could and he whimpered. I told Ryan I was close and he said "Oh man I can blow any second." I said "Let's do it dude....Sean you ready to have your belly stuffed with cum boy?" He just said "Oh shit yeah Bill....fill me up....please fill me up." Ryan was the first to yell out and I could feel his cock pulse next to me and he yelled and when he did my cock fucking exploded in Sean's belly and almost at the exact time Sean's cock blew this huge ass load all over my upper and lower abs, all over his pecs and ran down off the sides of his stomach onto the sofa. We kept blowing and Jarvis pulled off my ass and started yelling "Oh christ man!" and shot this huge load all over the coffee table behind us and no shit the top had cum all over it. We stayed in Sean for I bet 3 minutes and we were all sweating and I could feel Ryan and my cum all over our cocks, and Sean just moaned and I rubbed his cum in his belly and he loved it. I don't think he ever shot as much as he did double dicked! I pulled out, and Jarvis got on his knees and started licking cum off my cock and went down to Ryan's still in Sean's ass and his tongue followed Ryan's cock pulling out of Sean and tasting both Ryan and my cum off his cock and Jarvis didn't miss a drop. Jarvis just kept going from my cock to Ryan's cleaning us off. We got dressed, and Ryan and Jarvis told us what a great time they had, and invited us over for dinner this weekend, but we told them we aren't sure cause we are supposed to go to this hot initiation party goin on in Columbus Ohio we were invited to, but we would defintely be playing again!!!
  25. I had a real hot 'n' heavy weekend, it was fucking awesome. I do mean that literally, spunk is still leaking out of my hole, not really. But it's a nice thought. I'm Trystain, I'm 20 and I'm studying Medicine, don't lecture me - I've already taken my PEP. I'm a pretty average guy: I'm 6' 1" and have buzzcut blonde hair, green eyes, a decent body and an 8" cock (but that's irrelevant, I'm strictly a bottom). I Jog and Swim everyday - morning and evening, I Work-out at the Gym 4 times a week, I Wrestle with a club, go Rock Climbing and I play Gaelic Football and Hurling to keep fit. Wanna know more? Check it out online, I'm not here to talk about sports. This is the boring background stuff, I'll try to keep it short. My Parents died in a car crash when I was little, my older brother Dylan (12 years older) and his partner Andrei brought me up. Dylan and Andrei aren't just life partners, they're business partners too, they own the Kremlin Associates (the largest and most popular group of gay venues in Belfast). It's a curse, everyone on the scene knows I'm Dylan's litttle brother. This makes it near impossible to get fucked (no kidding), guys are reluctant to even talk to me, because of the possible ramafications. You'd think that Dylan and Andrei were part of the gay mafia or something, the way some guy's get on around me. In a way these guys are right, I know Dylan and Andrei have their small army of staff looking out for me. I do mean small army, there's 1 bar, 2 clubs and a bath-house - each with a full compliment of staff and security staff to keep me out of trouble. So here's the thing, non-scene guys don't have a clue who I am, they don't worry about getting barred or whatever, because they fucked me or pissed me off. That has become the solution, to my little problem. I go to the Pipeworks (Dylan and Andrei's bath-house), it's possible for me to go every weekend - without arousing suspicion, as a bunch of my friends work there. I can claim I'm just going to see them, usually I end up talking to them instead of getting fucked - it's bloody depressing. None of that is necessary anymore, about a year ago Outside opened (a new bath-house, not owned by Dylan and Andrei). Dylan and Andrei have decided Kremlin Associates staff are not to frequent Outside, they didn't say anything about me not frequenting Outside. So after a year of towing the party line, I decided to go for it, I visited Outside and I was fucked senseless. Total freedom! Awesome! I pressed the buzzer and waited for security lock to disable, which was nevre-racking. I just kept thing about, the hordes of people that know me and my small army of protectors - primarily about that fact that they were all less than a minutes walk away. But once I was inside, they were no longer an issue. As I approached the counter, I recognised the guy behind it - he was wearing dark jeans and a white shirt, his name was Shaun. He owned this place, but he used to be the Managing Director of the Kremlin Associates. He took my money and handed me a towel and a locker key, then said "Hi Trystain, how are Dylan and Andrei." He just wanted me to know he recognised me, I know he doesn't give a shit about Dylan and Andrei - as they didn't have a pleasant parting of the ways. When he left the Kremlin Associates, he relinquished his duty as my bodyguard, I hoped. He said "Have a good one", pressumably to indicate he no longer cared what I got up to. In the locker-room, I noticed a poster which stated that it was a fetish night and suggested possible attire - Leather, Uniform, Sports Gear, Swimwear, Underwear or Naked. There were a few other suggestions which I ignored, they didn't really appeal to me. I stripped off my clothes, keeping my underwear, a pair of white, tight-fitting Aussie Bum trunks with a Pink waistband. Then I went upstairs, to check out the action. There was about 10 cubicles - 2 of which were seperated by "prison bars", a large dark room with a shower, a screening area - with a 2 tier bench and a widecreen TV, showing a decent bareback flick, 6 small cubicles with gloryholes and 2 large cubicles - 1 with a Sling and the other with a St Andrew's Cross. I checked out the guys, 2 were wearing leather - Chaps, Jocks and Chest Harnesses, 1 was wearing a uniform - PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) official, 2 were wearing Suits, Shirt and Tie, 6 had underwear on - an unspecified numbers of Jocks, Briefs and Boxers. 3 had badly ripped Jeans - no underwear, 1 had a wrestling singlet, 3 more had various sporting attire and 5 more were completely naked. One naked guy: about my age, dark floppy hair, mega skinny with a 6" cock went to a gloryhole and gave me a nod. I went to the other side of the partition, Naked-guy's cock was already in the hole waiting for some attention, I hunkered down took his cock in my mouth and swallowed his shaft as deep as I could - as deep as the partition would allow. I withdrew, then swallowed Naked-guy's cock whole, again. I kept on doing deep-throat on that beautiful cock, feeling it stiffen in my mouth. After a few minutes sucking Naked-guy's cock to full hardness, I decided Naked-guy should fuck me. I stood up, ripped some lube open with my teeth, applied it to my tight little pucker and took a large hit of poppers. Then I took Naked-guy's cock in my hand, turned to face away from him, bent over and slipped his cock into my waiting ass. A gasp of delight escaped my lips, as Naked-guy's cock filled my ass, Naked-guy withdrew and thrust his cock back into me - God it felt good. As Naked-guy fucked me, I cursed the partition, the 1/2", that was preventing me from feeling all of Naked-guy's cock. Naked-guy's cock continued to slip to and from the tight, wet grip of my hole. After about 5 minutes, Naked-guy's breathing becomes shallow and raspy, he whispers "Do you want me to cum in you." So I whisper back "Yes." The second the word escapes me, Naked-guy begins to buck wildly, his cock twitches and spasms inside me. I know he spermed my hole, for him it's all over, but for me this night is just beginning. After Naked-guy came, I left the gloryhole and began to wander around. I went to the screening area - there were 3 guys sitting watching, some little twink take a big bare bear cock, in the video. Another naked guy in his 50's, silver fox, pretty hot - awesomely good shape, for his age or any age. And 2 guys in underwear: 1 was about 30, had a bit of a gut, skinhead with heavily tattooed arms and wearing blue plaid boxers - the other was 21 or 22, short ginger hair, glasses with a decent body and wearing a pair of black and white Dolce and Gabbana briefs. Silver-fox was jacking-off, while Skinhead and Designer-briefs watched and played with their cocks through their underwear. I decided to join them, I knelt in front of Silver-fox and took his already hard cock in my mouth, Silver-fox was packing some serious meat, about 9" of thick tube-steak, there was no way I could deep-throat this guy - so he grabbed my ears and re-trained me. He held me down until his cock passed my Tonsils, then let me up and guided me back down his shaft again. Either Skinhead or Designer-briefs pulled my trunks down, I felt a tongue on my ass and looked back to see who's it was - Designer-briefs was rimming me, fuck he was good at it. As soon as he tasted the spunk in my hole, he went into overdrive and started felching me for a he was worth. Designer-briefs said "Fuck him", to Skinhead. I had gone back to sucking Silver-fox's cock, so I had no idea what was happening behind me. But I assume Skinhead tried to get some condoms, Designer-briefs was saying "No condoms, I want to suck your load out of his hole." Skinhead was happy to oblige, I took a quick look behind me, wanted to see Skinhead's cock before he fucked me. Skinhead's cock was sticking out the opening of his boxers, it was pretty average - about 5" long, but was pretty thick. I took a big hit of poppers and started to suck Silver-fox again. Skinhead slid his cock into me and started to pound me, the guy had absolutely no finesse - he was as rough as appearance might suggest. After a couple minutes good hard pounding, Skinhead shot his load in my ass - Designer-briefs went to felch my hole and Silver-fox stopped him. Saying "Do you want to suck my load of his ass too." Designer-briefs was delighted at this prospect, so Silver-fox rolled me on to my back and buried his 9" cock in my spunk soaked hole. Silver-fox fucked me hard, sliding his big cock into my hole and pulling back so far he almost came out again. It was intense, he was dealing up a lot of punishment on my ass. Pounding and pounding away with brutal strokes, harder and harder. After about 10 minutes, Silver-fox let out a loud groan as he bust-a-nut in my ass. Designer-briefs was ready for it, Silver-fox pulled his cock out of my hole and Designer-briefs stuck his tongue back into it. Designer briefs sucked my hole dry, he ate every ounce of spunk in me, then he pulled down his briefs. I caught a quick glimpse of his cock before he slid it up my ass, again pretty average 5" long and not very thick either. But it still felt good inside me, Designer-briefs pounded my ass hard and came quickly, then he ordered me back on to all-fours so he could felch his own spunk from my hole. As Designer-briefs felched my hole and rimmed me, policeman arrived, he settled himself in front of me with his cock hanging out the zip of trousers and I took his cock in my mouth. Policeman was in 20's, he had brutally short blonde hair and a handsome face. I assumed he had a good body, his uniform clung in all the right places. I sucked Policeman's cock as deep as I could, easy when he was still soft, but it didn't take him long to get hard. Hard he was 7" and wanted to fuck me, he ordered me into the missionary position and pushed his cock into my already well-fucked hole. Policeman lifted me off the bench and carried me to the sling. Once I was in the sling, Policeman started to give me a good fuck, pounding my ass hard. God it was heaven, Policeman slammed his dick into my hole, as he held my ankles. He opened me up more with each thrust, fucking me good and hard. The rattling of the chains supporting the sling attracted additonal attention, the 2 guys in leather had showed up. Guy 1, 'leather stud' was tall and well muscled, he had short black hair and olive skin, his 5" cock was thick, veiny and cut - he was wearing a leather studded chest harness, a leather peaked cap and chunky New Rock boots. Guy 2, 'hairy bear' was a stereotypical bear, in his 50's, he had a really hairy torso which was displaying signs of middle-age, a full beard and handlebar moustache, his 6" cock looked delicious and he was dressed in leather chaps, a leather zip-front pouch, a leather vest, a leather peaked cap and army boots. Leather-stud and Hairy-bear stood on each side of me and took turns to fuck my throat, while Policeman fucked my hole. Policeman says, "I'm gonna cum, open that hole up for me boy, take my load", he grunts a little and roars like some kind of wild animal. Then he pulls his cock out of my spunked up hole and walks off, Leather-stud and Hairy-bear decide my ass needs some more abuse. Hairy-bear goes first, sliding his cock into my guts, he fucks me slow and easy with deep penetrating strokes and works himself close to the point of cumming. Then he steps aside so Leather-stud can take over, Leather-stud plants his cock deep and fucks me hard - taking very shallow strokes, hardly withdrawing at all and working himself close to the point of cumming. Leather-stud and Hairy-bear were about to change places, when Shaun comes in pulling his cock through the zip of his jeans, he's already hard and packing decent meat, about 6" long, cut and beer-can thick. Shaun approaches the sling and slips his hard, raw cock into my waiting asshole, it feels so good. After a few minutes letting me milk his cock, Shaun decides he wants to ride and starts pounding my ass hard, he really wants to open me up. I snort some poppers and relax, letting Shaun violate my cunt with his deep, brutal strokes. The guy is a really talented fuck, he keeps pushing me closer to ejaculation, before settling into a slower rhythm - invading me and keeping me on a short leash, just shy of orgasmic bliss. It's cruel, but I loved every second of it, I guess Shaun want's to make this fuck last. He keeps alternating styles hard, brutal thrusts which bring me close to cumming - then slow, deep almost loving strokes to keep me on the edge. Hard almost violent then slow and tender, he keeps this up for the duration of the fuck. Shaun's technique was amazing, he's been inside me for minutes, hours maybe even days - I have completely lost track of time. But I am pulled back to reality with a loud grunt, a familiar twitching inside my ass and a vaguely warm sensation as Shaun's spunk floods my guts. Shaun's gruff voice pulls me even further back to reality, saying "Cheers kid, been wanting to do that since first time I saw you, your ass is just as sweet as I dreamed it would be." Outside my head, I'm still in the sling - Leather-stud and Hairy-bear are still there, waiting to fill my now gaping hole with their own loads. Leather-stud goes first slipping his cock into me and fucking me with the same shallow but deeply planted strokes as before, this time he continues fucking me - past his own point of no return, unable to keep himself from cumming, he adds his own load to my sperm filled ass, goes soft and withdraws. Hairy-bear takes over, fucking me with the same slow, deep penetrating strokes as before. 5 minutes and countless strokes later, a loud groan escapes from Hairy-bear's lips as his steaming, hot spunk fills up my ass. I drag myself from the sling, pull my underwear back on and go to 1 of the cubicles, being fucked really is exhausting - not that I'm complaining. Anyway I lie on the bench, with the door open. After a few minutes, I hear a voice above me saying "I thought I recognised you Trystain, want me to fuck you as well." I look up and see the guy in the Wrestling singlet standing there, I know him, his name is Matthew, he's my age and a member of my Wrestling club. He's hot and I've noticed that before now, he always wins when spar together, because my mind wanders to thoughts of him pinning me, ripping out the back of my Wrestling singlet and planting his big cock in my hole. Anyway, Matthew is fine, he's my age, about 5' 11", he has the sort of body that looks good in a Wrestling singlet and the sort of cock that can't be contained by a Wrestling singlet, he has brown spikey hair and dark eyes. Without waiting for an answer Matthew pulls his cock through the leg cuff of his Wrestling singlet and shoves it down my throat. It doesn't take long for that big soft slab to get hard. 9" and monsterously thick, uncut and generously veined. While I'm choking on his cock Matthew says, "I've been watching you all night, you sure do like cock up your hole. But I can never find condoms that fit, it's a shame, because I really want to oblige you." I get on all-fours, pull my trunks down, take a few hits of poppers and decide there's enough spunk in my hole to lube up Matthew's cock. Then I say, "Do it, I wanna feel you inside me. I dream about you doing this everytime you pin me in the club, I want your cock. Fuck me!" I feel, pressure and pain as Matthew's cock slips slowly into me. It really hurts Matthew is bigger than almost every guy that's ever fucked me. Matthew's balls slap against my ass, he's all the way in and holds off on fucking me, until I give him the go ahead. I take a few big hits of poppers then start grind my ass and pulling away, Matthew reads this as an indication am ready and starts to piledrive my ass with his big meaty Jackhammer. It feels incredible, it's awesome to just be stuffed with cock, especially this cock. I've never felt this full before, unfortunately Matthew's stamina in the Wrestling ring doesn't match his stamina during sex. He starts to gasp "I'm gonna cum, I'm not wearing a condom, where do I cum. Fuck, I'm gonna cum." I don't even get a chance to say "Cum In Me", Matthew's cock starts to twitch and spasm in my ass and his sperm fills up my guts. Matthew pulls his cock from my ass, tucks it back into his Wrestling singlet and walks off. Before I even get a chance to move a black guy in a football strip appears at the door, He's a skinhead and looks like he's in good shape. He drops his shorts to show me, his smooth 7" chocolate brown cock. I nod, and he steps up to the plate, slipping his already hard, bare cock into my gaping hole and fucking me hard. His cock slids into me with deep, powerful thrusts, which get harder and more brutal as the fuck progresses. He also lacks stamina, so after a couple of minutes it's all over and Black-footballer adds his load to my hole as well. I'm fucking tired now, literally. But my cunt is telling me, my itch hasn't been scratched yet. I go back to the screening area and a guy in a suit is sitting there. His suit is black, with a blue shirt and tie, the colours set off his dark hair and his handsome chiselled face. He looks like he's in his early 40's and has a thick, hard 7" cock sticking out of his zip. He's stroking his cock lovingly, watching the screen as a blonde muscle guy straddles 2 muscle guys with big cocks and lowers himself bareback, on to both cocks. This seems to be a theme of the night, but that suits me just fine. The business-man is muttering at the screen as he wanks, his German accent is pretty hot. Or maybe I'm just turned on, because I know German's will bareback anyone or anything. I approach Business-man, taking has cock in my hand I say "That looks pretty hot, I bet you want to sink your cock into a nice willing ass, after seeing that." Business-man says "Sure! Is your ass willing, or do you just want to feel my cock?" His German accent goes straight to my balls, I respond by pulling my trunks down and settling myself on Business-man's lap, his cock's aim is true and he slides easily into my cunt. Yet another bare cock inside me, this night is fucking awesome. After a few seconds and a slight adjustment in my postion, I start to ride Business-man's big cock, while taking large hits of poppers. It feels great, my bodyweight is driving Business-man's cock deep into me - right to the balls. Business-man lets me ride his cock for a short time, then he stands both of us up. The change in position puts Business-man in control of the fuck, standing and bending over has left me prone to a really hard fuck, which is exactly what Business-man wants. Business-man starts to fuck me, his cock pistoning in and out of my ass in a brutal fashion. It hurts like hell, nobody has even fucked me so rough before, not even Skinhead or Matthew. More poppers and a prayer that Business-man lack stamina. Business-man grips my hips tightly, there's no chance of getting off his cock, before he's done with me. Hard, jarring, deep penetrating, painful strokes ravage my cunt, this must be what they mean by consentual rape. Christ, it really hurts. 10 minutes later, I just want Business-man to cum. He's getting all the pleasure out of this fuck, he has no style, no technique and no finesse. He has a big cock and I'm sure he'll fire a big load, that is a small consolation as long as he doesn't pull out. Business-man starts to moan, his orgasm impending, one final excruciating thrust and his jizz fills up my hole, he holds me down on his cock, making sure that none of his load is wasted. Then he walks off. I have no strength in my legs after Business-man's brutal fuck, so I go to the sling again, I lie back put my feet through the straps and make myself available for the next fucker that comes along. It's another naked guy, in his 40's, slightly overweight with blonde hair and real monster cock. It's thick and long, about 10", it resembles a baby's arm and hangs over large, low hanging balls. Without waiting for an invitation Monster-cock comes over and sticks his big bone inside me, even though my cunt is gaping wide open, I can feel Monster-cock filling me up. His balls slap against my ass and he withdraws, I take a long, slow hit of poppers - it is a perfect match for the long, slow strokes of Monster-cock's fuck. It feels amazing, it's slow and deep - without being loving and tender. It feels more like he wants me to memorise the feel of his cock every inch, every vein, every bump and ridge. Almost like a test to see if I can handle it, before the real thing is unleashed. After a couple minutes testing the water, Monster-cock quickens his pace, his strokes are still hard and deep - but they aren't brutal or vicious. The rattling chains of the sling attract another guy, this must be a pretty common occurence. The new guy is also in his 40's, but he's in great shape, he's got a short mohawk, with light 5 o'clock shadow. He's wearing badly ripped jeans without underwear, an inch or so of his cock is hanging out a large hole in the crotch of his jeans, part of a tattoo is visible above the waistband, directly between his cock and his belly button. He says "Carry on, I just want to watch", with an American accent. Monster-cock is pretty happy for this guy to watch, and continues fucking me with the same hard, deep strokes, it feels amazing. My ass is raw, but the sensations are all hightened. I feel full of cock and my over-stretched, over-stimulated ass is screaming for another load. Monster-cock starts to fuck me harder, his breathing is shallow and ragged, a loud yell escapes from him as he cums inside me. Monster-cock walks off and Ripped-jeans decides he wants a go at my hole, he approaches undoing his jeans. My eyes pull focus on his cock, it's thick, hard, cut and 8 or 9" long. Ripped-jeans shoves his bare cock inside me in an unceremonious fashion, now his cock is inside me it's less of a distraction and I notice his tattoo, now fully visible, is a Bio-hazard symbol. I don't know if it means he's HIV+ or if he just thought it looked cool. But his cock feels so good inside me that I don't care either way, just as long as he fucks me real good. Ripped-jeans knows what he's doing and it feels awesome, his strong, slow, deep strokes feel perfect. This guy has a talent, maybe he's a pornstar. He continues to fuck my gaping hole, pushing all that fresh spunk deeper into me. Ripped-jeans cock just keeps on sliding home, my ass belongs to this guy, or at least to his cock. Strong, steady, constant thrusts open my gaping hole some more, preparing for this guy's load. This is one of the best fucks I've had all night, my cunt is telling me this guy is scratching my itch, the last fuck of the night. Ripped-jeans slows his pace, pushing his cock into me gingerly, luxuriating in the feel of my spunk filled ass. Taking his time as he fucks me, not ready to cum yet. Ripped-jeans is my favourite kind of fuck, one who can make it last, he carries on drilling my hole, deep and hard - enjoying my moans of pleasure, his cock is working hard to make those moans, why shouldn't he enjoy them. Still not ready to cum, Ripped-jeans slows his pace again, he's tender and loving, but I'm not going to kid myself - he's not making love to me, he's making love to the spunk inside me. This guy has come for sloppy seconds and he's getting it, there is probably about 8 loads inside me and this guy saw Monster-cock leave his deposit, he must know I want his jizz inside me as well. Back to the good hard pounding that my ass needs - hard, steady strokes getting faster and harder, more brutal. Ripped-jeans says "Tell me to cum inside you, tell me to sperm your hole, kid." He's still pounding away at my cunt harder and faster, opening me up for his big load. I says "Shoot your big load in me, go on cream my pussy, give me your jizz." This is all the encouragement he needs, he groans and his hips buck wildly, as he shoots his possibly toxic load into my hole. He pulls out and walks away, I go to the locker-room change and leave, my ass can't take anymore abuse. I know I'll think of this night for a long time too come, probably every time I wank.

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