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  1. That’s very nice indeed. Am near Wigan
  2. Many times my gut has told me something not right and that’s why I have become nervous. I’m not into intense physicality and as such the words used during the messages have just made me go “woah”. But I have learned to communicate that, and at the end of the day it has to be right for both parties, and those that want things a different way sexually, fair fucking play, it’s not like this is a mainstream site!
  3. I’m not lazy, but over the years have been fucked about that many times, I will literally keep it to a 20 minute journey unless I was 190% sure! Would also add though that because of situation and nerves, I never over promise myself. I get very nervous about taking anal, so any spidey-sense tingles and I say no. God knows how much genuine cock I have passed up, but when you turn up somewhere and then a profile goes quiet (not here btw!), you get a bit reluctant to put yourself out.
  4. bbrich


    I don’t think it’s bad if you put the smallest bit of effort in and not expect it to always fall onto your plate
  5. You should try it, done okay with meets on there
  6. Are you guys on fabguys too?
  7. bbrich


    I have done alright through it
  8. bbrich


    A guys cruising site, mainly UK based
  9. bbrich


    Are you on Fabguys?
  10. Says I don't have permission. I remember a post somewhere about needing to opt in, but I can't find how.
  11. Wondering g where the straight chasing forum is???

  12. Silly question, but is there a Straight / Bi Bug Chasing Forum that I am missing somewhere??
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