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    Risky sex, poz sex and the thrill of it, would love the opportunity to watch toxic fucking and having the opportunity to try, even STI big risk
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Risk sex, fucking both sexes and being fucked

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  1. love to fuck you raw

    1. bbrich


      Would love to be fucked raw! Shame so far away

  2. I don’t think it’s bad if you put the smallest bit of effort in and not expect it to always fall onto your plate
  3. You should try it, done okay with meets on there
  4. Are you guys on fabguys too?
  5. I have done alright through it
  6. A guys cruising site, mainly UK based
  7. Are you on Fabguys?
  8. Says I don't have permission. I remember a post somewhere about needing to opt in, but I can't find how.
  9. Wondering g where the straight chasing forum is???

  10. Silly question, but is there a Straight / Bi Bug Chasing Forum that I am missing somewhere??

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