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  1. 28 at cumunion Base sauna, Manchester in 2018. I was 10 weeks out from a bodybuilding show at the time and got a lot of attention. If anyone knows the little cubby hole off to the side of the darkroom there, well at one point I just bent over in there on my own and took cock after cock. It was running down my leg at one point. Still blow my load frequently thinking about that night
  2. I was in the mood for taking dick one night last week so got cleaned out and ready and started to cruise online. A hung top in his 50s I've fucked once before popped up saying he had a smooth bottom lad on the way over and did u want to join in topping him. The top side in me came out at the thought of dping some smooth hole so I jumped in the car. We all got down to it and the top was eating my hole as I sucked off and ate the bottom guys hole. Then all of a sudden the bottom came down my throat, apologised and left! Well I was only too happy to take that hung older man's load. He fucked me
  3. Probably in a 69. Not only does the sensation if getting my own cock sucked turn me into a more eagar, turned on cock sucker but the angle is perfect and big cocks easily slide down my throat
  4. I've actually put on my profiles not to contact me if you can't take a hard pounding. I'm sick of substandard bottoms, I'm there to pound and use a hole until my balls draw up and I shoot spunk in their body. Not gently make love until they cum from wanking, then they ask you to stop and wank off over their chest or some other bullshit pedastiran suggestion.
  5. Been feeling my top side recently so last week I jumped on grindr looking for some hole to fuck. A CD wanted me to come round, lights off, hood on, bent over the bed. I was happy to oblige. Went in lifted their hood just enough so I could shove my dick down their throat. Fucked and used their mouth for a while then shoved them onto the bed and went down to eat them out. Got head near, didn't seem clean. So spat on my cock and shoved it in. Started to pound at that hole but nowhere near to cumming. Felt their hole tighten round my dick and they said they were cumming. No problem continued
  6. Just got back from meeting an older bi top in his 50s I've been talking to for a while. Sat on his couch and his put some German straight gangbang porn on, bare. The porn wasn't doing much for me but he pulled my adidas pants down, pulled my jock to oneside and started to suck my dick. He ate my hole then and finally someone who ate itproperly! He dug his tongue right in, levering it against the opening of my hole and getting it ready for dick. I deep throated them, he was slick with spit. I straddled and rubbed his cock head back and forth over my wet, spit slick hole for a while. I've
  7. More bath house and darkroom stuff, techno music playing like a cumunion event. Slow detailed cock insertion scenes. Loud passionate moaning, close up of cocks pulsing as they cum, a close up study of that hole after each guy has loaded it and let's see that dick fresh out the hole glistening with cum too.
  8. It's horny af. Making me miss the sleaze of darkroom so much
  9. Cock, fingers, tongue, fist all slides into smooth holes easier Smooth holes make my cock leak
  10. Love the darkroom in the sauna in Sheffield when it's busy, Manchester one can be good too. The Sheffield one has a little box in the corner. If everyone's holding back a bit in the main sauna area I'll go in the dark room, bend over that box and wait. Never long before I feel fingers, tongue or a cock trying to make their way into my warm, slick cum hole.
  11. swoll


    Had some great meets off there, few party invites too
  12. Not come across a dick too big so far and as others have said a truly skilled top will open that hole up and itll push in with relative ease. love a big dicked top
  13. I went a few weeks back on a wednesday afyer hearing good things about it on here. Honestly it was a huge disappointment, got fucked once, briefly. No one could get it up and some idiot managed to cut me while fingering me so ive been out of action since. Maybe i hit it on a bad day but its ebough to put me off trying again.
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