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Found 27 results

  1. Most Loads in Single Stay at Bathhouse

    What's the most number of loads you took in the ass during a single stay at a bathhouse not to exceed 24 hours?
  2. Taking a business trip to San Fran — first time in the city! Unfortunately it is a Sunday - Thursday trip, so I’ll miss the usual weekend action. What can people tell me about Eros and 442 Parties? Are they bareback? And how’s the scene Sunday - Thursday? also, any bars with a hot back room? Thanks, fellas!
  3. Sore Ass from Cumunion

    Was excited to go to the San Francisco Cumunion on Saturday night as I haven’t been for a while and was definitely ready for a good fucking. Guess I must’ve sent out all the right vibes because in less than 20 minutes while I was still walking around, I was pushed into a corner onto a fuck bench. The first fuck of the night was a comfortable size, not too big but not too little. He wasn’t much to look at being a rather average 40-year-old but as a cumdump I’ve learned not to care. However he surprised me with his prowess. He wanted to explore every part of my hole with his 6 1/2 inch dick. He went up down, sideways and at every angle. It was the perfect first fuck. He stretched and opened me up so that lots of tops could use me that night. And fuck me they did! Overall I had about 15 to 16 guys use my hole and I’m pleased to report that at least eight of them used me as their cumdump. Several times during the night I had cum dripping down my leg. After being fucked by one guy, as he pulled out a big gush of cum followed. One of my favorites was a stocky black guy with a thick 8 inch cock that curved to the right. He had been watching this young black guy getting fucked. I moved in next to him and felt that thickness in my hand. I immediately got down on my knees and started sucking till his cock thickened and pushed deeper into my mouth. I stood up and pushed my hole up against his cock struggling at first to have his enter with the wicked curve to the right. Boy did he stretch my hole! But he felt so good inside as every inch of him filled my hole. I moaned loud enough so the whole place could hear and he used my hole deeply for about 20 to 30 minutes and then pulled out. I was hoping for his load but it didn’t happen then. We did exchange numbers and then went our separate ways. After about another hour of several more fucks and loads, I hooked up with this Latino leather top who’s fucked me several times before at Cumunion. He’s another thick dick 8 inch top solid from base to tip. When I first started my journey towards being a cumdump, it was a struggle to get him inside of me but he was patient so that I always managed to. Because of tops like him, I’m definitely not as tight as I used to be so when we hooked up that night it was much easier to take him. He quickly entered me as deep as he could go and immediately started to pound me. He shoved that 8 inches into me over and over to the rhythm of the loud slapping noises against my ass. I had to admire his stamina as he continued to pound me hard and deep for a good 30 to 40 minutes. I never been been fucked so hard for such a duration! By the time he was ready to unload we were both slick with sweat. My thick dicked black top was watching as he grunted and unloaded deep in me. As soon as the Latino leather top pulled out, he jumped right on. Guess he got inspired by the pounding because he proceeded to fuck me the same way. He lasted about 10 minutes and then dumped his load in me. At this point I was exhausted, so I decided to call it a night. The next day my ass was sore and I dumped cum all day.
  4. Folsom Street Fair

    I had a great Folsom street fair weekend! I attended the parties at 442 where my hole got stretched and used quite well over the weekend. Sometimes there are so many men and dicks going in and out of my hole that it all become a blur. However I did have a hot event that I'd like to share. I entered the dark room and was followed by this muscular, beefy biracial guy. He really had a magnificent body and ass and decent equipment as well. I was really hoping to get fucked by him but instead he got down on his knees and started sucking my dick. Because he was just so beautiful, I couldn't resist or using his mouth and thrusting in and out. What happened next was even better! While this delicious hunk of man meat was on his knees sucking my dick, I felt an exploratory poke from behind. Of course I spread my ass cheeks, and invited this anonymous top in. So there I was getting my dick sucked and having mystery meat pumping my hole. It was hot and felt great! With each thrust in my hole, I'd I thrust in the willing mouth in front of me. This continued till mystery man's rhythm picked up speed and he pounded my hole and shot his load up it. He continued pushing his load deeper in me until he softened and pulled out and immediately disappeared. Meanwhile I kissed the handsome man who had been sucking my dick, extended my thanks, and went to look for more dick to fill my hole. I have no idea who was using my hole while I got my blowjob; only that his dick was long and narrow and that he knew how to use it!
  5. Dripping by the end

    Although my hole was well used by the San Francisco Cumunion event on Saturday, I had an errand in the city on Monday and decided to go to 442 for their Naked Mondays night. I arrived, stripped and started walking around, only to be pleasantly surprised that there was a decent sized crowd. Within five minutes I was bent over a bench with an older husky bear who knew how to fuck using my hole. I loved feeling him shoving my hole as deep as he can get and exploring every inch of it. He had some girth and length to him and I knew I was going to be opened up for the night. By the end he shoved me flat on my stomach and rammed in me until he deposited his load. He was quickly followed by another top, and I spent the next two hours blissfully going from guy to guy. Any guy was welcome to use my hole that wanted to. A short Asian had me bent over so much that my knees practically touch the floor so he could get in my hole. He shoved his cock in to work the rim on of my hole, rubbing it against his head till he added to the Bears load. At one point I had four guys in a row fuck their loadis in me. Heaven! Had to make it an early night due to work the next day, but after two hours I had been fucked by 8 to 10 guys with about six loads deposited in me. Was able to leave satisfied with cum dripping down my leg.
  6. For my second night in Berlin I was eagerly awaitIng the start of the Fickstutenmarkt, the horse market, that I had read and heard so much about. An ex-boyfriend had for sparked my interest when he told me about it. In fact he was rather jealous that I would be able to go to Fickstutenmarkt during my trip. For anyone not familiar with it, the mares or bottoms arrive first and are hooded and placed about the sex club where they can be mounted by the stallions or tops when they arrive later. Although I am in shape and attractive for my age, I was anxious when I arrived as I am an older bottom and I was worried that all the bottoms would be fit young twinks. Once inside and undressed, I realize I need not to have worried...The bottoms were all different shapes and types from Twinks to otters to chubs. I collected my red hood, showing that I wanted to be barebacked and headed upstairs to the sex club. The next hour was checking out the competition (which some bottoms took very seriously- I attempted to talk to one other bottom who brushed me off completely!) and staking out a position in the room. I managed to grab a sling as the fuck benches were completely occupied already. I had a pleasant conversation with a nice German bottom who'd been to Fickstutenmarkt several times and was able to fill me in on the routine. After being hooded, I realized you could see slightly out the bottom of it. The song played announcing the start of Fickstutenmarkt and the tops entered. I had positioned myself in the sling only to be told by one of the helpers that this was not allowed. You had to wait for the top to put you in the sling. The first hour was a learning curve as I stood dumbly by the side of the sling. It seem like my worst fears for coming true. No one was choosing me. In my mind I said "damn! They're all running over to the 6 foot five blonde Hitler youth with the ass and abs that I saw earlier!" . A bottom pushed past me to position himself on the sling pretending that he was being taken there by a top. After stealing my sling, I could hear and sort of see tops coming over to feel up his hole and fuck him. I realized position was everything! No top was going to fuck me if my ass wasn't really available and on view. There was just too much other ass to choose from! So I started to slide over to the fuck benches… Slowly as not to attract attention from the monitors. And I did it! I put my ass proudly up in the air and I was ready to go! Within five minutes, my ass up and slapped, probed and groped. Next came the first fuck of the evening. Not a huge dick, slender and of average length but I was thrilled to finally get fucked. All around me you could hear the sounds of sex; slapping, moaning, groaning, skin upon skin. I don't know if it's because we were hooded, but I felt like the bottoms made more noise there than any place I've ever been. I eagerly added in my share. Overall I ended up getting fucked by about 12 tops and loaded a couple of times. My impression is it's a tops paradise rather than a bottoms. Many of the tops were sampling and went from hole to hole rather quickly. After about 2-2 1/2 hours, I took a break and decided that I'd had more fun at Lab.Oratory the night before. I'd be curious to know about other people's experiences at Fickstutenmarkt. Both tops and bottoms.
  7. Loaded Up in Berlin

    On my first night in Berlin was a Friday, and I was very excited to be heading to Lab.Oratory. I had heard a lot of good things about it including some of what I had read here on Bareback. Figuring it would be a fuck fest, I made sure my hole was clean deep and well and headed over. I got my bag to put my clothing in and I was surprised to see that most men were wearing some article of clothing: underwear, or a jock strap, or athletic shorts. In fact very few men were naked. I decided to keep my jockstrap on even though I honestly preferred being totally naked. Sometimes I feel like jock straps get in the way. I checked out the lay of the land, walking from room to room where there was a variety of equipment: fuck benches, slings, cubbies, glory holes, and more. The place was vast with lots of play areas. After walking around, I helped myself to a sling where it seem like there was some action happening nearby. Sometimes proximity helps. Sure enough, within a couple of minutes a hand was on my ass as a finger explored my hole. After having inserted one and then two fingers in my hole, the top, who was stocky and rugged, slid his dick into my ass. I was more than ready for his thick seven inches with the result he had no trouble sliding into my lubed hole quite smoothly. After a nice 15 minutes of fucking, he decided to move on and another top took his place. I didn't get a load out of either of them, but that's typically what happens at the sex parties, particularly early in the evening. Having been fucked by the two men was, however, quite satisfying. I also moved on and quickly learned that there seem to be two areas of the club where most of the raw fucking seem to happen: the first was a dark room area with fuck benches, and the second was a cargo bin in the outside area. I spent most of the evening in these two areas, getting loaded up by several guys and fucked by at least 20. I had several trains in a row where tops continuously pounded my ass. After leaving Lab.Oratory, I just had to check out The Bull before heading back to the hotel. I don't know about you other bottoms, but sometimes I just feel like I just want to get fucked forever and ever. I just want to take dick continuously and the Bull is one of my favorite bars in Berlin because I have known good things happen in The Bull's dark room, and the bar didn't disappoint. After stripping down to my jockstrap, within five minutes of being in the darkroom a husky German voice was whispering in my hair about how loose my hole was and how he wanted to pump another load in there. Of course this was in German at first but then he switch to English when I told him I didn't speak German. He proceeded to bang me with his thick German cock, stretching my hole even wider until he started grunted and holding me even harder and tighter until he pounded his load into me. The crowd at The Bull was not a pretty boy crowd but rather consisted largely of middle aged German men who saw to it that my hole remained in use and loaded. In fact I spent the next hour and a half gripping the bench while another eight guys used my hole. By the end of the night I felt so well used and loved it.
  8. My First Load

    so on sunday i went to a sex club and i bottomed i have now only bottomed 3 times in my life and i think that was the best sex of my life as it was the first time i bottomed bareback i got skull fucked first then put in the sling and fucked with a 10 inch cock raw a few guys came in the room just to cum on me and he the top came in me the top kept saying look in my eyes so i did and it made it less painfully but since then i have felt so fucking weird whats up with me
  9. Visiting LA for the first time since moving away 1 year ago. Going to Slammer every night I'm there. I can't fucking wait. Planning to do a big Slam before going in. Never did that there before. But I want to be horned up and sucking and getting fucked by anybody that wants it. Anybody in LA want to join me? Traveling alone...
  10. I Finally Dared

    Yesterday I went to a club with a darkroom with some friends. For many decades I have day dreamed of getting fucked anonymously in a darkroom. The club was packed. The dark room even more with at least 100 people fucking or getting BJs. Pitch black. I pulled down my jeans, faced the wall and just waited until someone came and started fingering my ass. A minute later, his bare dick was inside me. Oh, so fucking hot!! Getting anonymous dick. Touched the guy and felt he had hard abs and my height. He started biting my neck, and then kissing it, and then kissing my mouth while still fucking me. A few minutes later he came. Some inside, some dripped outside. Still horny, decided to stay where I was. a second guy came, touched the sloppy ass and quickly stuck his dick inside. This guy was hairy, and slightly chubby, smelling of cigarets. Probably with more light and less alcohol on me, I would have resisted, but I was too excited, so I pushed my ass in and out util he came too. Third guy, in less than five minutes, sticks it in with a condom. I start touching another naked ass next to me, so I start caressing the ass with one hand, and stroking with the other one. Totally hard, I fuck this ass raw while mine is still getting fucked. I come a lot, and soil my jeans, and pushed the condom guy off (What's the point of waiting for him to come anyways). First time ever getting anonymous raw dick (two!). So hot. I was hard at work all day today just remembering yesterday. I loved it!! I think I will do it again soon, despite all the risks involved.
  11. I'll be in the area this weekend and wondering where I can go to get fucked, used and loaded up. Definitely a fan of bathhouses and sex clubs so I'm thinking of hitting Mega-Plex and Club Body Center, but definitely open to other ideas or suggestions. Sub btm here into leather, jocks, groups, pics/vids (no face respected), public (love the audience and outdoors but not so much into the getting caught element, lol!), anon and GeTTinG to the poinT. Poor planning on my part to visit on a non-Cumunion weekend . . . .
  12. Visiting La On Jun 11

    Tight bottom visiting L.A. next week ... looking for suggestions to have group fun on a Thursday night ... my choices are: 1. Visit a bathhouse after 7 pm - please suggest safe place with parking 2. Visit a sex club - have heard good things about Slammer but not sure if the neighborhood is safe after dark 3. Rent a motel room and throw a bareback party - suggestions for best area are welcome Really looking forward to taking some raw LA dick
  13. 7 Loads, 10 Dicks

    Last night my partner and I were feeling horny and went to what's locally called as the "Warehouse" party. This is a weekly private party that's basically a sex club and is in an small warehouse which has been converted to play space. Since there is no dedicated local play space, the Warehouse stands in. My partner was really intent on my being a bottom, saying he wanted me to see me used and breed all night. This is one of his bigger turn ons. We decided to go earlier than usual to have more time for play, so we arrived at 9:30, got naked and walked downstairs where there are a few slings, a bed and lots of areas to fuck. At the bottom of the stairs I found a nice, (possibly married) daddy, with whom I began playing, asking him if he wanted my dick in his ass. He replied he didn't think he could take it, and in any event, didn't fuck raw, so we started playing oral. While sucking him another daddy with a big dick came up, he slid in me without a word and shot a big load up my hole. Then more guys started stopping to check out the action, mostly daddies and a bear. Eventually the guys walked me over to the fuck bench. Married daddy stuck his dick in my mouth and then I proceeded to get fucked by many of the guys. My partner was nearby egging people on and telling them to nut up my slut hole. He told them I take every load. As one guy would pull out, another would slide in. This is something you read about often, but rarely have done in person. It was the first time I've been on a fuck bench letting guy after guy fuck my hole raw and not see who was in me. I lost count how many guys slid their raw dicks in me and shot, but thankfully my partner was keeping track. At the end of the nights, ten individual guys had slid into my ass, I had taken seven loads, many of the guys had fucked me more than once, and one guy came in me three times. Not surprisingly my hole was so wrecked it took me a while before I could get it up and slide into anyone, but eventually I fucked one guy, then played with the married guy again. Afterwards one more guy slid into my ass, then it was time to go. Today I'm hard and wanting more writing this.
  14. Upstairs Now Open at Eros

    I'm heading to Eros this Saturday and heard that they now have an upstairs that is now open. I can't find any information about it and was wondering what it is like. Has anyone been there since the opened the upstairs?
  15. I had an experience like no other last weekend. And while it was incredible, it also had moments that were awkward. I went to a sex club called "The Den" in Atlanta. I arrived about 12:30 and the place had a hot crowd. The man at the door recognized me as I had written to them before hand asking if it was only for men of color. They reserve the right to turn you away. They did not. In fact, the two men were very nice and welcoming to me. It was "Butt Naked" night, so I was really excited. Shoes was the only thing you were allowed to wear. Everything else went in your locker. I do love men of color, any color. I noticed immediately that I was the minority. In fact, I was the only white man there. I was very sensitive to the fact that I could be perceived as using them for my "Black dude" fantasy. So I stayed very humble and submissive. In fact, I noticed at one point that I was keeping my eyes lowered, as if not worthy of eye contact. I was there to worship black cock and be used as the white whore by as many as wanted it. I checked out the club and the men. About half treated me as if I was invisible, as if I had no business there. (Bottoms I'm sure, though all the men there were masculine and hot). It was an amazing collection of dark skin bulls. A few were latino, but dark. I offered myself up by positioning myself on all fours on a bed. Only one man fucked me. It was hot, but when he was done, that was it. I tried the fuck bench, a large ottoman, a small bed in a semi-private room, and then I discovered the "Dark Room". It was so dark no one could tell who was doing what to whom. I figured this was my best bet since most of the men didn't want to be seen fucking the white man. I got nailed a few times in the dark right away. But even in the dark room, some of the men turned away from me as soon as they felt my hair. I stayed til 6 am and got my ass torn up completely, especially after 3:00 am. It was amazing. But I still wonder, was I out of place or out of line in going there since it is billed as a club for Men of Color? Does anyone have an opinion or insight into this? I'm not the least bit racist, but I do understand that it is out there and that there are politics involved as well. Would you do it?
  16. Guillotine Roulette

    Hey guys, here's another chat I had yesterday with another online buddy. We set up a hot sleazy story. I hope you enjoy it. envol: any idea for scene? oceanicsix: into groups too envol: me vers top envol: groups is hot envol: yeah oceanicsix: sex club? cottage? envol: sex club is good envol: how hard, limits in the club? oceanicsix: anything but scat envol: ok oceanicsix: i'm a 30 yo muscled shy sport player envol: let's start, me first time in that club, hanging around at the bar oceanicsix: first time at the club oceanicsix: hahahaha, we both want the same envol: me 35, semi muscled envol: lol envol: i can take the lead, but you say, what is there, which rooms etc oceanicsix: alright oceanicsix: we are at the bar oceanicsix: i'm just in gym shorts, no tee envol: ok envol: looking to you oceanicsix: (what are you wearing?) envol: (jeans, tshirt) envol: i grin to you oceanicsix: i walk to you oceanicsix: hey buddy, i'm sam envol: hi mate, i am mark envol: nice club, what is possible here? envol: have heard it is very hard envol: i grin again oceanicsix: anything mate envol: anything? cool oceanicsix: u like playing dirty? envol: not exactly dirty but hard and violent oceanicsix: oh, you're gonna love this then oceanicsix: follow me envol: i follow you envol: half hard in my jeans oceanicsix: we get to a medium room with a bench with 3 holes to attach the neck and the wrists of a man oceanicsix: like in the guillotine envol: i like it immediately envol: guillotine is hot envol: i say to you oceanicsix: u wanna try it mate? envol: yeah oceanicsix: put your head and your hands over here envol: me? envol: he he envol: ok envol: if you say so oceanicsix: yeah, i sense you want to try it envol: hope there is something even harder for you afterwards envol: i put hands and head oceanicsix: i close it and lock it oceanicsix: you can't escape envol: i feel trapped envol: we alone? oceanicsix: i pull down ur jeans to your ankles? oceanicsix: alone so far oceanicsix: (underwear?) envol: (me, yes, leatherslip) envol: (you?) oceanicsix: jockstrap envol: i get hard in the slip oceanicsix: does your leatherslip have a zipper on the back? envol: no, you will have to pull it down oceanicsix: i pull it just a bit to expose your arse envol: i feel the air oceanicsix: hairy? envol: yeah, oceanicsix: great envol: but balls smooth and rest short oceanicsix: i shove a finger in, no spit envol: i can't do anything but wait envol: ahhh envol: yeah oceanicsix: u get fucked much mate? envol: no, more the fucker oceanicsix: mmmmm that's why you feel tight oceanicsix: wait a minute, i'll be back oceanicsix: i leave the room oceanicsix: and come back 2 minutes later envol: i wait hard and hot oceanicsix: with 5 guys envol: shit oceanicsix: 2 blacks, a musclebear, a latino and an older guy envol: (not older than 45 pls) oceanicsix: 44 envol: ok envol: naked? oceanicsix: i ask you: do you know your status mate? envol: no oceanicsix: no, semi dressed, rubbing their bulges envol: should i? oceanicsix: well, one of the 5 guys is poz envol: nooo oceanicsix: but we'll be good to you envol: ok, oceanicsix: you get to pick whick 4 are gonna fuck you envol: (better for you, you are next :-)) envol: there are 6 with you oceanicsix: if you choose well, you maye leave out the poz guy oceanicsix: i will watch until the end envol: i shiver envol: but have no choice oceanicsix: u wanna taste their cocks so you can identify better who's the poz one? envol: no envol: let's do it oceanicsix: ok, you have Brian, black, 26, 10'' oceanicsix: Tom, black, 29, 9'' envol: (in cm?) oceanicsix: brian 22 cms oceanicsix: tom 20 cms oceanicsix: james, musclebear, 35, 24 cms envol: ok oceanicsix: antonio, altino, 24, 21 cms oceanicsix: latino oceanicsix: george, 44, 25 cms envol: i have to choose now? oceanicsix: yeah envol: i look at them envol: ok, george first oceanicsix: who's the one that might carry the bug? oceanicsix: george grins and positions himself behind you envol: i try to prepare myself oceanicsix: wow, you are dry so this is gonna hurt oceanicsix: he pulls out his 25 cms out of his pants and starts pushing envol: make me wet please envol: i cry out oceanicsix: the only lube you're gonna get is his precum oceanicsix: his massive cockhead pops in you envol: ahhhhhhh oceanicsix: i reach your hard cock in your slips oceanicsix: u like his raw cock in you mate? envol: nooo envol: yeah envol: ahhhh oceanicsix: pushing deeper oceanicsix: opening you up envol: i start to like it oceanicsix: tom offers his cock in your mouth envol: i take it in oceanicsix: you can't move envol: make it wet, he will be next oceanicsix: just focus on your holes raped envol: it is like guillotine oceanicsix: george is starting to take a pace into your cunt envol: (go ahead, wanna make you suffer afterwards) envol: i feel my two holes opened oceanicsix: u think goerge might be the one with the bug oceanicsix: he seems so close to shoot his load in you oceanicsix: 20% chance envol: i think it is james, he will not fuck me envol: i wait envol: his massive cock in my ass oceanicsix: james waits apart with a sad faces as the other 4 take turns seeding ur hairy cunt envol: one already spunked into me? oceanicsix: ok, not yet envol: ok oceanicsix: george is about to envol: i wait for george to cum, tom is next oceanicsix: he pulls all out and notices some pink on his fat cock oceanicsix: you're bleeding envol: ahh no envol: did he cum? oceanicsix: georges gets even harder and rams back in oceanicsix: shouts and dumps a thick load in your guts envol: i feel his spunk oceanicsix: he whispers in your ear: i'm neg, but i wish i wasn't so i could have pozzed you envol: i sigh oceanicsix: he pulls out leaving room for tom envol: and wait for toms cock oceanicsix: ur hole is all stretched and sloppy now oceanicsix: he's got a thick pointy PA on his fat cock envol: shit envol: will hurt again envol: let's get over with it envol: i relax my ass oceanicsix: he rams in one thrust oceanicsix: tearing up your guts envol: ah envol: hhhh oceanicsix: he was edging after u sucking him so after a couple of minutes pounding he grunts envol: i feel the thick flow of spunk oceanicsix: do you still think tom is neg too? envol: yeah oceanicsix: he pulls out with a loup pop oceanicsix: go to your front so you can lick him clean envol: brian is next? oceanicsix: u feel sperm running down ur gaping hole envol: i lick his fat pa oceanicsix: u see ur blood on his pa oceanicsix: the other black guy shoves his veiny cock in you oceanicsix: he says it feels so wet and velvety envol: hope he wanked, so i will not suffer too long envol: is tom neg? oceanicsix: u are so stretched that he starts inserting fingers along with his cock oceanicsix: so u feel tighter envol: i see antonio wanking oceanicsix: as u finish licking tom's pierced cock clean, he whispers... i'm neg envol: i sigh again oceanicsix: brian is pounding you so hard now envol: waiting for brian to cum envol: i enjoy his fucking oceanicsix: his nails scratching your hole oceanicsix: he pushes all the way in and tense up oceanicsix: he shouts: TAKE MY HOT LOAD envol: i do, have no choice oceanicsix: it floods yous innards envol: he has a lot of it oceanicsix: brian whispers... even i said it was a hot load... i'm still neg envol: oh envol: one to go oceanicsix: the young muscled antonio spits on his donkey dong envol: he is hard from wanking oceanicsix: but he says you're so stretched he can't feel anything envol: i will feel envol: not fucking a lot oceanicsix: so he gets a dildo and shove it in you along with his cock envol: i wait for him envol: ahhhhhh envol: the brutal latino envol: i suffer maximal oceanicsix: he calls you puta envol: looking at you oceanicsix: i'm grinning at you oceanicsix: looking you as you take it oceanicsix: he asks you if you want his leche envol: i will have to want it i say envol: he is a good fucker oceanicsix: he smacks your arse so hard, leaving it all red envol: i wait for his leche oceanicsix: u really think James is the poz? it could be antonio... oceanicsix: anyonio howls oceanicsix: take my leche oceanicsix: putaaaaaa envol: i feel it flow envol: yes, it could be antonio, shit oceanicsix: he shudders oceanicsix: filling you up envol: i look at you oceanicsix: i'm rubbing my bulging shorts oceanicsix: it's so hot watching you being used mate envol: thanks sam envol: antonio? are you? oceanicsix: antonio pulls out, ur hole oozing out spunk oceanicsix: he says: lick my neg cock bitch envol: i lick it envol: taste his cum envol: and my ass oceanicsix: well, it looks like you made the right choice! envol: i sigh oceanicsix: they all say goodbye and leave envol: (your luck, i would have asked for the guillotine room for you, or how did they do that in spain?) oceanicsix: they leave us alone envol: so it was the muscle guy? oceanicsix: i turn around to see your sloppy used arse oceanicsix: oh man, it looks so beautiful dripping cum envol: it is full of it, sure oceanicsix: let me fuck you some before freeing you envol: ok, do it sam oceanicsix: i pull out my 22 cms oceanicsix: i slowly insert it inside you oceanicsix: mmmmmm so moist envol: i relax, enjoying it oceanicsix: so, james, the musclebear is neg too oceanicsix: but i tested poz last month envol: shit envol: and you fuck me? 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  17. Hey guys, coming to L.A in Feb for first time. Staying at Ramada inn in Weho, won't have a car so looking for stuff to do nearby. Really sleazy neg sub lad into restraints. Like dominant sadistic masters/daddies. Not into vanilla at all. Any saunas, sex clubs, cruising spots for me to check out near by? Also looking 1 on 1, 3 sums, anonymous blindfolded fucks, gangbang whatever
  18. Sex clubs - los angeles

    Reading through these forums, it seems pretty widespread about what each club is really like & I'd love someone here with the experience to sort of rate each club based on the sort of things I'd imagine from a sex club. Having only been to Slammer, I feel like (based on what I've read) I've done the best there is in LA... but always up for a new experience. Anyway, here's what I look for in a sex club & how I rate Slammer... how's the rest in town? SLAMMER - dark club, mostly open areas with wooden room in creaky doors, if you want Cock - this is the place to go, 8-10 Cocks guaranteed a night. Bareback - 65% DTF - 70% Oral - 100% Judgement - 10% Darkness - 100% Fetish - 10% Top/Bottom Ratio - 60/40 (lots of Tops here, see them standing around waiting most of the time) So, what about FLEX, SPAS, STUDS, etc... any other secret gems that are safe, sanctified sex spots? Not really into public scenes like bookstores and things. Thanks in advice to all those - especially appreciate that this is KINDA a repost... just don't really see any good information anywhere about what it's like in those other spaces.
  19. Loads Dripping

    I don't get to go to the sex clubs much but got lucky a few days ago.... hope you like!!! I get invited to a private bareback fuck party which happens every two weeks or so from a local guy who organises these hot sessions. I have been to a few since I started going a few months ago. There has been some hot sessions with lots of guys there and some where only a small number but still enjoyable fun. He contacted me last Friday that the following Monday would be another session happening at his place – a property just on the outskirts of the city. Private farmhouse where many from far and wide across this city come and have fun just watching, sucking and or fucking. The guys could be straight (but curious!!), bisexual and also gay. They are also a variety of guys and age ranges from mid-20’s thru to mid-late 50’s. I replied back that I wouldn’t know until the Monday morning if I could attend as I wasn’t sure how busy Monday morning would be as I still was working that day. So, come Monday morning, I’m driving to work and log into BBRT on my phone and discover a message from him hoping I’d be coming along. I thought about it for a few minutes and quickly logged into my work emails and saw nothing major had happened over the weekend so thought ‘aw fuck it!’…. I felt horny as, and needed to get rid of some pent up frustration of needing to be fucked. Especially bareback…even if I got one load up my arse I’d be so grateful. So I messaged him back and said “yes, I’m on my way”. He was pleased as he likes me to arrive early so we have a little fun before the others arrive. It takes about 30 minutes or so to get to his place, so I arrived and we chatted for a few minutes and I went and stripped while he had a shower. After he finished his shower I went into his bathroom and used his small hose to give me arse a good flush out as I’d not had the chance to prepare before leaving home. Took some time to make sure all was clean and clear to go and then went and had some early fun. The host is a large bear of a man. He is a versatile bottom and loves being fisted. He was lying naked on his bed with his legs open wide so I went down and started suckling on his cock. His cock is about 5-6 inches long and nice and fat. I like getting there early to suck his cock before he starts getting into his poppers as like me once he has too many snorts of poppers we find it difficult to keep our cocks stiff. So after about 10 minutes of sucking him he said get up and kneel doggy style on the edge of the bed. He lubes up his cock and smears some on my arse and starts to fuck my hole. So love that first fuck of the day. That first one my arse really feels the muscles stretch open and his cock being a nice fat cock does a good job of opening me up. He is a good fucker and pounds my hole. I stay away from the poppers and will wait till later for that snort while fucking. He stops and I turn and suck my arse juices off his fat cock. Tasty. He lay back down again and I sucked his cock some more. He then pushes me away and sits up and while I’m standing with my stiff cock pointing to his face he starts giving me some head. Awesome. Love feeling a hot mouth slide over my hard dick. After a few minutes I push him back and start sucking his cock again. With him laying back with legs open wide I can see his arse is also ready to an opening special. I grab some Crisco and smear it on my hand and wrist and get it ready to give his hole a fisting. He usually likes to have poppers when being fisted but he wanted to wait for that popper rush for later. I grabbed some more Crisco and smeared some on his hole and gradually entered his fuckhole with my fist. I could feel his arse muscles open wider and wider and hear him say push it in, go more, go further in. It wasn’t long and my whole hand had slipped easily into his arse. I stayed there for a few seconds and he said ‘go further’. So I could feel the fingertips of my hand feel his muscles inside his arse start to slide apart as I pushed my hand further up his chute. He was moaning as he desperately wanted those poppers but he wanted to keep feeling the hand fuck his hole without that amyl rush. I was half way up my arm and stayed there for now as his face was red and almost stopped breathing from him feeling my hand and arm stretch open his hole. I waited for a few minutes and then slowly pulled my hand out of his arse. He moaned some more as he felt his arse close back as my fingers came free from his hole. He told me to lay down on the bed with my head on the edge of the bed so he could straddle my head standing up beside the edge so I could suck his cock. I lay back and started sucking his cock hanging down on front of my face. After a couple of minutes he leaned forward and started sucking on my cock as well. We did the 69 position for a few more minutes so with his balls bouncing on my nose I look up and see some Crisco start falling down towards my face. Slurp. Tasty. The Crisco tin was handy so scooped some more on my fist and making a small adjustment with our arms and legs while still sucking each other I was able to move my arm so I could fist him once more. So as I lay back with arm out above my head looking up, I moved my fist towards his hole. I started pushing in and he stopped sucking my cock for a few seconds as I entered his hole again. He started sucking me again so I started pushing in further. He’d stop sucking me now and then and say ‘more, more in’, so wasn’t long and I was halfway up my arm deep into his arse. We kept sucking each other with my fist deep into his hole. I’d move my arm back and forth in a fucking motion and could feel him moaning and groaning via his mouth around my hard cock. We stayed like for a few more minutes until my arm felt like it was going to snap from the position we were in. It felt great but hard to sustain awkward arm position for too long. I slowly pulled my greasy arm out of his arse chute, Crisco falling everywhere all over my face. I said I’d so want to be fisted but I can only ever get four-five fingers in and up to the knuckles and then struggle with the last part getting my arse and hips open wide. He said its mainly in the head that stops your arse opening wide. So he said bend over and got me on my knees on the edge of the bed. He smeared some Crisco on my arse and some on his hands. I so wanted to have some poppers to help but also resisted for now as well. Knowing that would definitely help him fisting me I restrained and just see how I went without it. He slipped in his 3 fingers and pushed back and forth and then entered the fourth finger. He started pushing in some more and slid on his thumb and I could feel my arse opening that bit extra now. Felt fucking amazing with his fingers start to really open my arse. He stopped, slipped a bit more Crisco on his fingers and hand and some on my arse and pushed a bit further in. Oh man, so wanted him to just slip straight in and feel my arse wrap around his wrist. But again that mental barrier stops my arse opening more and I can feel my arse resisting the pressure once again. I think next time I visit I’m going to go for it and fuck the soft cock and have huge snorts of amyl and let him open my arse. But this day was probably a measure for next time! So we decided to have a break for a little while, clean up and wait for the guys to arrive. The next guy arrived and he knew the host and had been before but I had not met him as yet. We introduced each other and went into the bedroom. His cock was probably about same length as the host but was thicker at the base, uncut and very hard ginger pubed cock. I had a vague idea of who he may have been and if I was right then he as a total top so he’d only fuck us, so as the host and I wanted to be fucked this was good. The next guy also arrived and he’d been to every session I have been to plus knew him from some previous meetings at another mate’s place plus at the local sauna a few times. He was about our ages so the four of us would get along very well this morning. He also likes to top and bottom occasionally. He has a hot arse and last time we met at the group session it was his birthday so another mate and me both dumped some loads up his arse for his birthday. Now was my chance to get a load back from him! So the two who had just arrived had stripped and stood with hard cocks. I knelt down and grabbed both cocks and started sucking each one in turn. The host also joined in and I swapped between the three hard cocks now pointing at my face as I was on my knees… heaven. Ginger pubes wanted some of my arse so I stood up, knelt on edge of the bed and after some small amount of lubing he pushed his hard uncut cock straight into my waiting arse. My arse had rested a bit since the earlier fucking and fisting attempt but still felt great as it was stretched open by this hard cock now penetrating my chute. He fucked my hole and said how much he loves fucking my arse. I loved him pounding his hips hard against my arse as he pummelled his cock thru my arse muscles. The other guy next wanted a go so ginger pubes pulled out and the next guy came over and started fucking my hole. He has a very similar hard cock and also loves fucking my arse. I was able to turn slightly and get ginger pubes to shove his wet slimy cock fresh from my arse and into my mouth. I slurped down his cock into my greedy mouth and sucked and slobbered on some spit as he pulled out and went over to give the host a fucking as he was on his back with his legs in the air. The guy fucking me pulled out and I turned and sucked on his wet juicy cock. I then stood up and started kissing his mouth and we swapped spit between our mouths and tongues. Ginger pubes then stopped fucking the host and stood back with his wet hard cock sticking out so had to taste that as well, so leant down and slurped up that cock fresh from fucking the host’s arse. As I was slurping up his cock, the other guy started fucking me again, pounding my hole watching me clean ginger pube’s cock with my mouth. I stopped sucking his cock as the other guy slowly pulled out from my arse. The host was laying back on the bed with his leg’s up. Ginger pubes had walked over and stood straddled over the host’s face as the host nuzzled on ginger pube’s balls and cock. The other guy was standing watching so told him to bend over on edge of the bed. He took his poppers and took a big sniff and I pointed my stiff cock towards his hot hairy hole. I slowly entered his arse as he took more snorts of amyl. I pushed my way into his arse and slowly started fucking in and out. His arse felt great around my bare cock. I started to speed up a bit then all of a sudden he pulled off away from my cock. He stood up saying he almost blew his load. Phew….. I wanted that load – in me! He then walked over and knelt down between the host’s legs open wide on edge of bed. He lubed up his fist and arm with the Crisco and started fisting the host as he still sucked on the ginger pube cock. I stood beside the guy fisting and watched getting horny seeing that arm slide in and out. The host was snorting back the poppers in a big way now, telling the guy to fist him hard, push all the way in and punch fuck his hole. This was something I wanted to do too. So I scooped out some Crisco and lubed my hand and arm as well so the host could see what I was doing. He watched me, snorted more amyl, as he had one fist up his hole. I knelt down beside the current guy fisting and placed my hand alongside the arm sliding in and out of the host’s wet dripping hole. I had only got some fingers in with the arm and slowly pushed them along so he had one arm and half my fist in his chute. He snorted a huge amount of poppers as he felt two hands inside his arse. His face was turning red and he spurted cum out his cock without touching it. He kept going and I slid more in and he took more sniffs and we both fucked his hole and the host grabbed his cock and started jerking off as we both slid in and out. The host came a second time. Huge amounts and huge whoops of delight as he stopped sliding in and out and he blew and blew for his second load. We waited until he’d eased down and we quickly pulled out making him scream/moan again with delight at the sudden evacuation of his arse. Ginger pubes was so horny again he got me to get up on my knees on the bed and fucked my hole again. He was not long fucking me when he moaned loudly that he so loved fucking my juicy arse he then blew his load inside my arse. He slowly pulled out his wet cock dripping with some come so I turned and cleaned up his wet dick with my mouth. I could taste his cum and my arse as I slurped on his still hard cock and as he slowly wound down his breathing from exploding his load inside me. He lay down spent next to the host on the bed. Just one more load available and I wanted it, wanted it up my arse. So the other guy who I have fucked with many times before was standing with me at end of the bed. We were wrapped in each other’s arms as we had our lips locked together swapping any arse and cum juices between our mouths. The other two watched from the bed exhausted so we put on a little show for them. I slowly went down and knelt and wrapped my lips around his hard cock. He was so wanting to blow that he told me to get up on the edge of the bed. I grabbed his amyl and took some huge hits up my nose. I could feel the rush happen at same time he started pushing his wet spit covered cock into my slippery open cum filled hole. He entered and I could hear him say how hot it was as he could feel the cum load in my arse. This set him off and fucked me harder and harder and I could sense he was about to explode so I took some more poppers and he started yelling and whooping as he blew his load deep into my mancunt, two loads, fresh and warm in my cunt. He pulled out and I started cleaning his cock with my mouth tasting remnants of two loads on his cock. As I sucked him I reached under with one hand and I could feel the warm loads covering my arse lips. I brought my finger to my nose to smell and yes, definitely cum and sucked my finger clean. I shoved my finger in a bit further without letting too much come escape and licked my finger clean some more. When I received the first load I knew then I had to go to the den sex club after this and try to get fucked some more. Never know if I get more loads but definitely see about getting to suck some more cock and hopefully take a load down my throat. Maybe someone will fuck me and feel the other loads up my arse and add to my collection. I stood up, and kissed the guy who gave me his seed. Let him taste his own cum, plus the ginger pube’s cum and my arse while pushing tongues between our open mouths. I’d forgotten how long I’d been at this fuck session so I quickly got dressed, forgot to go shower and said my thanks and took off. I was on a mission. Get to the den as quick as I could to see if I could score at the lunch time rush crowd. It took about 40 minutes and luckily the traffic was good as the den was in the heart of the city compared to the farmhouse I’d just been to. I quickly found the park and then walked up and fast as I could, holding in the cum in my arse and getting to the place. I went in to pay and someone was at the counter being served. Looked like some straight guy buying some form of vibrator for his wife. He looked and sounded nervous buying the dildo as I stood waiting to get served. Finally he left and I paid my entry fee and went inside. I’d already had a bottle of poppers so only had my entry to sort out and go in. While paying entry fee, I notice that they write down on a list how many come in that day. The list was long, I’d say about 15-20 entries on the list. Hope most were still there! I went in and straight away saw guys walking around. One odd looking guy was naked walking around. Chunky looking, wearing some form of leather strap over his shoulders. Not sure what he was looking for so walked past him and saw more guys in the downstairs area and I walked upstairs. I walked around the open sukatorium area and was empty. Oh great, the place is a dead duck again!! I kept walking and headed towards where the cubicles with gloryholes between them were located. I could see legs up there and someone sitting up on the open bench area where some guys plays out in the open. I walked around and no one in the cubicles – only the one guy sitting up – dressed by himself head in his knees with cap on. Thought he was asleep I wandered back to the sukatorium area and still no one so decided to just go back and find a cubicle and lock myself in and see what cock may eventually poke through a hole to at least suck one cock. I went into one cubicle and locked myself in. It had access to two other cubicles through their own hole in each wall. I stripped off with only my work socks on and placed my bottle of amyl on the small seat in the cubicle, sat down, slowly stroked my cock and waited. The place was dark, so could hardly see much when I first walked in but now as the minutes tick by my eyes adjusted to what I could see. Was only about two minutes when I could make out some shadow of a head down in the hole facing me. I stood up and with my hard cock slowly let his mouth engulf my sausage thru the hole. He started slowly and was a bit tentative sucking on my cock. I think he was having some amyl and then he started to slowly slide his tongue along the length of my hard dick. Man the sensations were fuckin great. I leaned so my stomach was against the wall as he sucked me. He pushed his hands up between my stomach and the wall as he sucked and felt and squeezed my nipples. That started to send me into a pleasure trip as he slobbered all over my cock. I wanted to taste him too so I pulled back and he stood up and shoved his hard cock towards the hole. It was a long skinny cock with a large hard knob. I wrapped my lips around his cock and stated sucking away on his juicy pole. I also took some hits of poppers and enjoyed sucking that dick with my tongue slapping around inside my mouth against the underside of his knob. He then pulled back and wanted to suck me so I stood up and shoved my cock through. He greedily took my cock into his mouth and suckled on my knob. He kept going for ages and then we swapped over again. While I was down sucking his cock I thought now is the time to see if he’ll let me ride his cock. I held his cock in one hand as I stood and turned around. I grabbed my poppers ready and pushed my arse down onto his cock. He realised what I wanted so he pulled his cock back through the hole, feeling my arse with his hand. He put some lube on my arsehole and he covered his cock with a condom. I kept my arse pushed up against the hole and waited and felt his knob push against my arse cheeks. I gently bent down and slowly opened my arse as he pushed forward as I pushed back. I felt his cock pop through my arse and sat for a few seconds. Then he started pumping his cock in and out of my manpussy. Man it felt good. Love the feel of an anon cock sliding into my arse through the gloryholes. He fucked my arse as I kept the pressure up against the wall. I had the poppers and took another hit and felt him slam harder against the wall. I then noticed that the noises outside was getting louder as you could easily hear the walls and floors creaking when people walk past. It seemed as though the place was getting busier as time went on. Every now and then guys would walk into the other cubicle connected to where I was and look through. Some stayed to watch, some put their arms through to feel my cock or his cock fucking my hole. One guy pulled his pants down and shoved his cock through the hole. It was a large fat cock with a heavy foreskin. Man it tasted good in my mouth as the other guy kept fucking me. Pig roasted through the cubicle gloryholes was hot. I took some more poppers and stayed sucking and fucking for a while. I then pulled off from guy fucking me so I could ride the cock I was sucking. I turned and pushed my arse against that big cock and he stayed still, knowing my arse was open and lubed ready to fuck. He stayed while I slowly pushed back onto his fat juicy cock while snorting amyl up my nose. As my arse opened up to take his cock I then pushed back more until my arse hit the wall. He then started fucking me harder and harder as I was bent over taking in that hot cock. I took another sniff of poppers and leaned over and cock that was just fucking me was still there. He’d removed the condom and I sucked on his cock while being fucked by the other fat cock. Suddenly the guy fucking my pulled away, not sure if he blew but he suddenly disappeared and left his cubicle. I turned so the guy still there could fuck my hole. He slipped on another condom and pushed back into my arse. I started bouncing back and forth on his hot cock. I then saw another guy walk into the other cubicle. He was crouched down watching putting his arm though the hole feeling my cock. I leaned forward and he stood up and shoved down his shorts and pushed his short very fat veiny cock through the hole. He had a leather cock strap on making his cock almost pop out in front of him through the hole. I leant forward and started sucking on his cock. He started moaning as he liked my slurping his dick. The guy fucking me pulled out and I think he also left his cubicle. No matter I took some more hits of amyl and kept sucking on the other dick through the hole. I took a large hit of poppers and turned and backed myself onto his cock. I heard him say ‘wow fucking hot arse’ as he started fucking my juicy wet hole. His raw cock didn’t know that other guy was probably churning up the cum loads already in my arse. I pulled away from his cock and turned and tasted to taste the cum loads covering his cock. I slurped up cleaning his cock while he was moaning and whooping a lot. He suddenly pulled away and left the cubicle. I sat back and took a breather for a few minutes when I heard a voice say “can I come in”. It was the first guy who was fucking me asking through the gloryhole. I said yes and unlocked the door for him to come in. He was about my height and lean with a hard skinny cock with a bulbous head that was just fucking me. He slipped on another condom and I turned facing one gloryhole as he fucked me from behind. As he was fucking me another guy came into that cubicle I was facing and crouched down and saw me being fucked. He quickly dropped his pants and shoved his fat cock through the gloryhole for me to suck while I was being fucked. And then on my left another cock was poking through wanting to be sucked as well so I swapped sucking between the two cocks as the guy in the cubicle kept fucking me. I kept snorting poppers as I would move between each cock. I noticed one cock was the short fat veiny cock from before. He was back for more. I now wanted to suck the guy who was fucking me so I slipped off his cock, slipped off his condom and started sucking. Meanwhile I’d point my arse at one of the gloryholes and took turns being fucked by both cocks. Both would moan with pleasure as they knew I was swapping between these two bare cocks raw fucking my arse, snorting amyl between each fucking ride. I then heard another voice say “can I come in too?” I said yeah, so opened the door and let him in. I kept sucking the guy that was sitting on the little bench seat in the cubicle while the third guy started raw fucking my hole. He took a huge snort of my poppers and kept fucking my wet now stretched open hole. After a few minutes of hard fucking I’d switch so I sucked that raw cock and the other guy slipped on a condom and placed his hands on my arse to position myself down on his cock. I rode his cock and slurped and cleaned the juices off his cock. We both took big hits of his poppers that he had and then he wanted to fuck some more. So we turned so we took more popper hits and he slammed his hard raw cock into my hole as I swap sucked the other guy in the cubicle and another cock through the gloryhole. I said to guy raw fucking me that I already had two loads in my arse and that he’s churning them up my into my chute. That sent him over the edge as he was now fucking me getting harder and faster and I knew he was getting ready to give me his seed. I pushed back and squeezed my arse lips around his hot cock and then felt it open wide as his cock hardened more as he spilled his seed into my waiting hole. He kept fucking as he spurted load after load deep into my guts as I kept sucking down on guy in the cubicle. I felt him slowly withdraw as I placed my hand underneath making sure I catch any cum escape and ate it up. I placed my hand back onto my wet open hole, feeling my lip open and waiting for more cock. I kept my hand there in case any cum slips out but I felt my arse close and captured as much cum as possible. As my arse lips had closed I felt any other cum and scooped it up and licked it off my fingers. I then leant up and started kissing the other guy in the cubicle so he also tasted all that cum. The third guy left leaving me and other guy alone in the cubicle. I wanted to ride some more cock so he slipped on another condom and I sat back down on his waiting hard dock. Man it felt great sliding back down bouncing up and down. I saw another cock poke thru the nearest gloryhole and so started to suck while bouncing on his cock. The sweat was dripping down my face, neck and back down towards my cock and arse. Another cock came through the other hole and as I reached over to suck it, the guy fucking me stood up as well and kept fucking as I sucked dick. Those two cocks through the holes eventually left. I could hear lots of noises of movement just outside the cubicle. Wasn’t sure what was going on. I stood up and said to guy that was fucking me that we may take a breather as all the heat, sweat and amyl was giving me a huge dizzy spell. But in a good way!! We dressed and both walked out the cubicle. To my surprise there was about 7 or 8 guys almost all naked just outside where I as all going for it. I stood in amazements at them all having a great time sucking and fucking. I stood watching for a few minutes as I caught my breath. Just in front of me was a hot fucker, naked and fucking a guy who was laying on his back with his legs up. He kept saying he was amazed at how many guys were there that day fucking! He saw my bottle of amyl and asked for some so I offered him some. He took a huge hit and kept fucking that guy. I started stripping off my clothes and stood there naked wondering what action I should start with. The hot guy fucking I saw had a large fat cock, with a huge foreskin. He was fucking like it was no tomorrow and kept saying “I love fuckin arse so much!” and kept snorting my amyl and kept fucking. He was also getting off watching me there naked stroking my dick watching him fuck. So I got on the bench beside guy he was fucking and he put his hand down on my arse and could feel it wet and lubed already while he still fucked the other guy. He then pulled out of him and lifted my legs in the air and held them while I held amyl to his nose, he took a huge snort and then punched his hard raw cock deep up my arse. We both groaned and moaned as he fucked me with his hands holding my ankles up in the air. His eyes were rolling around his head as he fucked away at my arse. He said to guy who he was just fucking ‘try this one’, and he got off the bench, naked, held my legs up and with his hard raw cock also fucked raw into my hole as well. He fucked and fucked and other guy wanted a go again so they swapped around again and the hot guy took more amyl hits and with him holding my ankles up I squeezed my arse lips around his hard cock sliding and deep fucking me. He gave a really load moan and groan and then pulled out still spurting his load. He said he’d blown some up my arse and some on the floor!!! I lay back feeling so fucking great and exhausted. I got dressed and left. Four loads……… feeling fucking great!!!!
  20. Bruce was as stereotype a fairy as I'd ever seen. He was deliberately slender with a 29" waist that his type liked having, had long bleached hair, contact lenses, long nails out past his fingertips(even without the dead white on the ends his nails were longer than wide, the opposite of most of us mens' nails) sometimes with clear polish and never so much as a speck of dirt under them, no facial hair, wore what my lover called blouse-type shirts, pants that looked like womens' capris and various fag-shoes, slippers, sandals and other footwear he thought he could get away with that was unisex. His original first name wasn't Bruce but after a few years of using it he had it changed. Many said he looked like a flat-chested, or titless woman. In complete contrast I was and still am a normal man, standing a manly 6', weighted a manly 250, sported a crewcut, sometimes a flattop, full beard, normal mens' glasses, nails I'd bitten since turning eighteen and usually outlined in grease from my mechanic job, wore plain T-shirts, flannel shirts in the winter, jeans and my used lace-up steel-toed work boots that ended up as my off-duty footwear every year when I got new ones and maybe my dirty worn-out white plain rubber flip-flops when I went cruising for foot-fetish bottoms. My work attire was my lace-up steel-toe work boots which got replaced every year, the old ones being worn off duty, dark blue work pants and shirt which usually sported sweat stains by the afternoon in the summer, a dark blue cap, horn rim type safety glasses and sometimes work gloves when a job demanded it. I shagged Bruce at a sex club I sometimes went to for certain sexual acts I enjoyed. He was on his stomach on the mats in the lit orgy room getting his ass fucked by one man after another. "Let's fuck that queen." I said to my buddy who was also there to score some hole. We took our places in line and two men later it was my turn. The poof sucked the previous stud's dick clean, then he sucked mine to full hardness. I mounted him, slid my dick up the cum-filled asshole and fucked him. The fairy seemed still decently tight meaning he hadn't been fucked as much as others of his league. Ten minutes of sloshing-sounding fucking later I nutted in the cuntass. A few more thrusts and I withdrew and had him suck it clean. My buddy let the poof suck his dick to hardness and had his turn, nutting in a few minutes less than it took me to unload. He pulled out and we had the fairy suck his dick clean before sucking the next stud to full hardness. I wanted to give the "woman" a drink of my warm beer on tap but six more men were in line to fuck his/her ass. An hour later we saw the fairy swishing to the showers. I checked the mat floor where we'd fucked him and saw that he had licked up his cum. (S)he had cum twice from getting fucked. The team of us men spanned the demographics from college kids to a 65 year old; fat slobs, skinnny truck mechanic studs, a hippie, an ex-marine, trucker, accountant, homely old janitor, handsome aspiring movie star and a few other horny studs. "Ten or twelve men fucked that fag last week" a fat forty year old said as we lined up in the shower to give the poof golden showers or drinks of warm beer on tap. The line moved much faster for the piss action. I gave the fairy's face a golden shower, my buddy grabbed his ears, put his dick in his mouth and emptied his bladder. The poof tried to pull back but my buddy's dirty thick nails dug in forcing the fairy to accept his/her fate of a mouthful of man's piss. "Next time you're gonna blow me" I told Brucey who nodded but with little enthusiasm. We shot the shit with a couple of guys who said that Bruce had been raped. One of the guys claimed (bragged) he had joined three other men who raped him. After showering off our piss, the little cum-dump dried off and then swished to the locker room as a couple of men taunted him. My buddy and I went back to the orgy room to find another piece of ass to pump our second loads into.
  21. I had a nice sex life until one night when an inept cocksucker who couldn't keep his damn teeth off my meat ruined my life forever. We were both drunk and I was nodding off in a back room at a sex club when the equally drunk but wide awake excuse for a cuntmouth thought my almost 8" would be a great snack. I was almost asleep when he started blowing me and scraping my cock with his damn teeth. After one really painful stroke I finally pushed his head off. He got the message as well as saw another target and left. The pain from his abuse subsided and I drifted off to sleep. I awoke with a hardon and a guy trying to sit on it. It felt good although I also needed to take a piss. The asshole pumped himself on my turgid dick as I lay back and enjoyed it thinking this is the pleasure my dick should have felt when that cocksucker was blowing me just a few hours before. I did get off after he worked it for what seemed like half an hour, rewarding us with a nice load up his ass. By the time I finished cumming in him I also realized my dick was feeling pain from the cocksucker's abuse and was hoping I didn't catch anything from the cocksucker's mouth, the previous loads the asshole I'd just came in may have had in him or from the asshole's canal itself. The asshole left and a while later I finally got up and headed to the showers. I was a little hung over but it wasn't as bad as some of the headbangers I'd had over the past two decades or more. I looked at my dick in the harsh flourescent light and early morning light coming in through a frosted glass window at the end of the shower room. I could see the red marks from the cocksucker's teeth as well as what looked like what could have been scab from the cocksucking that was sloughed off when the asshole pumped on my dick. I washed my dick off and took a whole shower, stepped over to a watersports bottom laying near the drain at the end of the row of showers and doused him good before finishing my shower. I felt better after relieving myself in the watersports bottom's face and headed to the locker room vowing to never mix drinking and sex again. That vow was a day late and a dollar short. A few weeks later I got the tell-tale flu sickness of HIV infection. I never found out if I got it from the cocksucker whose teeth cut up my dick or from the asshole who sat on it those few hours later or from soneone else I'd fucked in the interim. I should have gone home or at least locked myself in a cubicle at the club after pushing the cocksucker's head off but I was too out of it. I also wondered if I had passed it on to others I'd fucked since then. Over the time from the incident to when I caught that flu I had fucked two assholes and been sucked off several times as well as gave a couple of guys a drink of my warm beer on tap. I was an average looking working man of forty or so, somewhat ruddy complexion, clean shaven with dark black hair and a medium build. My callused hands with their constantly dirty nails earned my living for me on jobs ranging from sweeping warehouse floors to operating forklifts, repairing and tuning up trucks, doing plumbing and HVAC, erecting fences, agricultural work and other jobs. Only other gay and bi guys knew I was into getting my rocks off in men. Even my ex-wife whom I'd caught slutting around didn't know, mainly because I was much more discreet and careful with my affairs than she was. After that flu I put off cruising for a while, just going to work and going about my normal routines and jacking off, since I was feeling fatigued. My doctor put me on some meds and I increased my diet to try to keep my weight up. Of course my rough sometimes chapped hands werent the best for jacking off and my dick longed to pump cum up an ass and use a mouth as a cunt and urinal. I didn't want to be a vector for the AIDS but there were assholes and cocksuckers that needed filling and who needed to submit to us men and make us feel good, not to mention that many who had been seeded. I bought a few various cunts at a smut shop including artificial vaginas and an Accu-Jack type of machine. I had saved money by not going to bars and sex clubs over the two or three months since I'd realized what I had so I could well afford the porn and cunts which were nice to fuck for a while augmented by the porn I read with the pictures I looked at while jacking off or fucking one of the cunts. The Accu-jack failed after just a month and the smut shop gave me the runaround so I fucked the cunt it had manually. I fixed the machine myself a week later and resumed laying back reading the porn magazines while the machine gave me a better blow than some cocksuckers did. My first post-discovery sex came about when I saw someone who had been on my shit list way back when we were snotnoses. I was surprised as hell to see him in a leather bar aand not only that but flagging a red hankie out his right hip pocket. I let the shock wear off and then casually walked his way and gave him the once-over, silently lamenting I had no red hanky of my own to flag out my left hip pocket. I then realized how easily I could poz his ass, if he wasnt pozzed already. He seemed to see a gleam in my eye and came to me. "Hi there. Score yet?" I greeted him. "Not yet" he replied. He said he was looking to get fisted. I said I wanted to fist someone and fuck him. He looked at my hands and seemed not too interested so I suggested I buy him a drink. After an hour we finally ended up going to his place, a decent looking apartment in a seedy looking neighborhood. There he knelt and kissed my crotch though my jeans and then opened my fly and sucked on my dick. I felt good with this punk who had harassed me sucking my pozz dick, already swallowing my precum as well as some of my dick cheeze from under my unfurling foreskin. His mouth was a good if not spectacular cunt, unlike the piece of shit at the sex club whose teeth subsequently got knocked down his throat by another intended victim. "OK let's get to fisting." I said after he had gotten my dick hard. I wanted to pump my first load up his ass after I fisted it. We stripped and he lay on his stomach on the rubber sheet on his mattress on the floor. I greased up my hand and got in position. I put my fingers and thumb together so my nails wouldnt snag on the way in and worked my greased fist up his hole. I had fisted a guy once years before but with a rubber glove on but this time I was barebacking my fist up this ass for a reason. I got in just past my wrist and then splayed my fingers and thumb and gave my wrist a twist, my hand rotating inside his hole, I could feel some added stuff, blood, joining the crap and lube inside him. I continued rotating my wrist as I pulled my hand back and then shoved it back in, my fingers and thumb still splayed as wide as would allow me to shove it back in. I then rotated again as I pulled back, stopping roatating only when my fingertips neared his sphincters. I balled up my fist and pumped it in him like it was a dick. My hand had blood on it as well as the other shit from his ass when I finally pulled out. My dick was rock hard so I simply took my position mounting him and shoved my dick right up his ass. He was as loose as my ex-wife's cunt but I could still get the friction I needed to get off in him. I fucked him with gay abandon, turned on by how great my orgasm would feel when I ejaculated in him. I fucked him harder and faster. He lay there contented although I could tell he had wanted a longer fisting session. That was not his call, I was there to get my rocks off in him and "breed" him. I felt myself reaching my goal and fucked him in a variety of strokes, some fast, some slow, some full, some short, then I jackhammered his ass and hilted myself as I pumped my poz sperms deep up his hole. I let my dick shoot my first volley of spunk up his ass, then I pulled almost out and slammed it home to pump more in. A few more thrusts and I was spent and laying on his back resting, my sperms swimming around in his rectum, some working their way into the cuts inside his twat. He seemed content from my cumming in him and I took a short nap on him, my dick still up his ass even though it softened quite a bit. An hour later I woke up, still on his back. My dick was still in his hole so I began carefully thrusting in him. Soon my dick started rehardening as I thrust more. He was awake too and asked me to fist him again. "After I get my second load off." I said as I continued thrusting in him. It took longer for me to get my second load off but it felt just as good as the first as I pumped it up his ass, my prick feeling the total bliss of using my "former" enemy for the piece of cunt he was. A few more thrusts and I was satiated. After resting and him saying I was one of the better fuckers I pulled out and stood up. "You ready to put it back in?" he asked, looking at my dirty hand. "I need you to suck my dick." I replied. He didn't seem too pleased but complied. I wanted to add insult to injury so to speak. He complied and sucked my dick clean. Had I more time I'd have lay on my back and let him suck it til I popped a third load in his mouth. I would have liked to give him a drink of my warm beer on tap or a golden shower but instead I went into his bathroom to clean up a little. I washed my hand of the crap he'd left on it from fisting him and pissed in his sink, then dried my hands off. He went into the bathroom to shit and I headed to his bedroom where I quickly got dressed and took off, not bothering to say goodbye or anything. I had accomplished my mission and needed to get home and get ready for work the next morning. I stopped at a decent restaurant for a nice dinner before heading home and taking a shower. I went to bed pleased about how great my dick felt when I injected my loads up that asshole. I never saw the dude for a couple of years, so I didn't know if I'd pozzed him or if he had already been pozzed before I fucked him.
  22. Was in Ft Lauderdale last week on business and made it a point to get to the Clubhouse II in the evening. THe 1st night (Wednesday) was not to busy but did hook up with this stocky guy with tattoos while walking the halls. He loved my pumped up nipples. We went back to his room. My hole was already lubbed , he loved that, in no time he was working his fingers in and out of me 2, 3, then 4. His bare cock soon followed. Eventually he had fingers and cock in me at the same time before filling me with his seed. The next night I hooked-up with a total skinny boney dude who fucked me and then, while I was sucking his cock, I felt another cock go in me. The other guy was a big black dude who filled me with load #2. Later that evening I saw a daddy-type in his room wearing a hot leather harness. His crotch and ass were shaved. Soon enough he felt my stretched hole and the cum in it he started working his fingers all, coating my hole with lube. He alternated fingering me and slapping my growing rosebud. He had me lay on my back with legs propped up and ended up fisting me for about half an hour. What a feeling. His hand was at its widest and then the feeling of it slipping inside my ass. The cum in my hole for lube made it all the better. It was the first time I had taken any guy all the way up to his forearm. Today is Monday and my ass is still sore. Even going to the bathroom turns my cunt into a nice rosebud. A couple more sessions like that and I will have a permanently loose cunt The Clubhouse II always delivers!!!
  23. I was on a business trip in San Francisco and decided to get some R&R at EROS, a hot sex club with bunks, a sling, and glory holes. I arrived around 7:00 P.M and found the place to be moderately full - a fair number of trolls, but quite a few hot guys. I wandered around for a while, and in the process got to watch a guy who was being nailed in the sling by three or four guys. They were really doing a number on his hole, when one guy pulled out, the bottom's hole didn't get a chance to close before another cock took its place. This got me really horny so I set out to find me some hot ass. I staked a place in a dark corner near the glory hole wall and let my towel drop to the floor, right next to a guy who was blowing a hot black cock which was sticking through a hole. No sooner had I taken-up my post when a hot, totally smooth guy, who was at least 18, but looked much younger, passed in front of me and paused. While I am 6', the guy was much shorter, about 5' 5". He was fixated on the blow job, so I reached-out and began to message his shoulders. He stepped back towards me - clearly a good sign. When he was within easy reach, I moved from his shoulders to his tits, and began rolling them between my thumb and finger. He moaned with pleasure, and moved closer to me, so my balls were resting on the top of his ass crack and my hard 7" cock was laying up against his back. I then moved my hands down (bending a little) feeling the most wonderful smooth crotch, cock and balls. It was time. I grabbed the inside of his legs and began to stand lifting him up in the process. I felt my cock slide down his back, enter his ass crack, moving closer to my goal. He was lubed up, whether with lube or cum I neither could tell nor honestly care. The head of my cock paused just outside his waiting hole and then I began maneuvering him onto my cock. First the head slipped in. He was very tight so I paused then pushed the full length of my cock into him. When I was in his ass balls-deep, he braced himself, and moaned as he began working to escape from me, so I grabbed his tits and held him down. Slowly I withdrew, and then plowed back into his ass. I could actually feel the back of his ass trying to enter the 'second hole'. This went on for about 15 minutes. A small crowd gathered. His moans increased in volume, even as I could feel my balls getting closer and closer to filling him up. I slowed and gave him a few shots of pre-cum, which served to lube him even further. At this point we we moving in unison and I was ready: I pushed him down hard and pumped my seed into his ass, holding him steady for a minute or so, just to make sure he got my entire load, and that it didn't ooze out. When I withdrew he looked at me and wordlessly asked "What have I done?" I just smiled and answered his question saying "You have it all, now." As I picked up my towel I noticed the black guy from the glory hole turn the kid around, positioning him on the biggest uncut black cock I have ever seen. As I walked away the kid was sliding down, taking the big cock all the way in. Lucky kid got two gifts that night.
  24. This was salvaged from bugshare.net, the 'Strictly Stories' section. ************************************************************ I befriended a 36 year old guy at the Saturday night gay rap group. Tony is 5' 7", dark brown hair, brown eyes, glasses. Kind of nerdy, but he seems really hungry for adventure. I go to every group and every meeting I can, just to cruise for fresh meat. I'm very aggressive. I always get what I want. I'm 46, 6'2", 210#. Top. Mild mannered looking but the ultimate prowling, gift giving POZ top. Tony asked what I was doing after the meeting and I said I was going to head over to the club to see what was going on. I asked him to join me, but he said no, but maybe some other time. He said he had never gone before, which stirred my dick and laying the old charm on thick, I said he was so attractive and hot he'd be a hit there. He mentioned at aome point somewhere in the group discussion that he was neg and stayed mainly to himself out of fear of "getting it." I told him it would do him a world of good to socialize and how much I loved his company. "Come on out with me next week?" "Well, I guess. Whatever. Why not. I won't do anything, but it won't hurt to watch, I guess." Yessssss! I thought to myself.... The topic of the following week's group discussion was current gay cinema. I fawned all over Tony, saying how fun it was going to be going out tonight. "Want another cup of coffee?" And pretending to hang onto every word he said, being as charming as I could be. He was so nervous and almost backed out of it, but I insisted and said I'd take care of everything. We walked into the club, which was still not very busy and got a locker. He was so hesitant, but I went on and on about what a nice bod he had and how a little naughty fun was ok, and that he was with me, so don't worry. "Everybody comes here. It's no biggie." "I guess," he said. "Everyone walks around in a towel. It's fun. Like at the Roman baths." He gave in, clearly under my spell. "It's fun. You like fun, don't you? Just lighten up," I said smiling, rubbing his shoulders. I knew he had a fierce crush on me. He was blushing and said,"Yeah. You're right." We had drinks- my treat. I told the bartender, who's a buddy since I come here all the time, to make Tony's "Especially strong, man. I mean, strong, strong.This dude needs loosening up." After the third round, Tony was slurring, awarming up to my advances, the club was getting busy and the action started taking place. He moaned as I leaned over and held him next to me, kissing him and frenching him.He didn't move away but returned my kiss and let me start feeling his ass, as I told him how much I wanted him. I took him by the hand into a booth, leaving the door open and continued to get him ready for his first taste of my raw dick. He was so drunk. I pulled out a rubber and put it over my dick. I worked quickly, putting some lube on his asshole and massaged it till he moaned some more. I put my poppers under his nose. He didn't want to sniff at first but I reassured him and said it was ok. He sniffed a HUGE amount and was flying. Drunk and high on poppers. Goodbye, safe sex. I turned him around and immediatly removed the condumb, throwing it on the floor, sliding my thick, bare cock all the way into his hole. He was begging for it like a bitch in heat, the dam bursting and his true desires being fulfilled. When I came in him,my hands working his nips and biting his neck, saying how good he felt, he was holding the poppers bottle, sniffing like a starving man and grinding his ass back to meet my cock. Another guy entered the booth, taking my place at his ass while I made out with him and told him to take it, Baby. Ride that cock, Baby. He liked that kind of talk. When the dude fucking him came, his load pooling in his ass with mine, I decided we should take a break. I admonished him for being so wild and out of control and turning me on so much and taking advantage. He said, "Sorry, I'm so blasted. I got carried away." I feigned some regret and concern and said we should go. "You gotta be careful. Who knows if that guy who fucked you was safe. At least I am. And I was wearing a rubber." I see the guy who fucked him around all the time. What a sleaze. I'm sure he's POZ. I went on and on about how important safe sex is and made him feel so guilty and scared. I was loving it. I had visions of my triumphant POZ sperm soldiers joining forces with the other POZ dude's Aids sperm army, invading and plundering, decimating his immune system, conquering, destroying. Crying out," AIDS whore!!" I told him I was uncomfortable going out with him any more. He said he was sorry. The truth is I had him, deposited my POZ cum in his ass and I was done. I went home and slept a satisfied, contented sleep. I am evil. I hope he cried himself to sleep as a stranger's cum swam around inside him.
  25. I don't know what it is about guys getting seeded and pozzed, but it gives me an incredible hard-on where I just gotta fuck! Here is my story. I’ve been poz for about a few years now. I got pozzed when I was 19. I don't know the guy who did it because apparently a couple of poz guys fucked me, and who knows who’s cum actually converted me. I went out with a friend of mine, Mike, to celebrate my birthday, and boys being boys, we did a lot of drinking and not surprisingly, sex was a topic of conversation, so eventually Mike and I went to a sex club. I was so trashed that I don't really remember what happened. All I know is that I had a lot of sex that night. We both did. I got real sick a few months afterwards, and when I went for a checkup, I found out I was poz. Almost at the same time Mike also tested poz. We both freaked out and stuff. You know. Even so, life goes on, and a year or so later Mike and I were at another party and we met a group of four guys who were friends and they greeted us enthusiastically. In chatting with them I learned what happened at the sex club. It turns out the group of guys, Greg, Mike, Dan and Scott, had fucked us, and they remembered us because we were the only two Asian boys there (not an unusual occurrence at that sex club) They told me the following tale is pretty much what went down. Apparently Mike and I were pretty trashed when we arrived at the club, and it was obvious. I guess I’m a total slut when I’m drunk, because I was cruising like crazy. One of the poz guys, Greg, who is really into Asian guys, came onto me, and took me into a corner where we made out as he felt me up. His three buddies accompanied us and, along with Dave, a regular orgy ensued. I went down on my knees and began to blow Greg (I subsequently learned his cock is about seven inches and thick) and then, drawing me to my feet, he had me turn around, whereupon he ate my hole. I love only one thing more than being rimmed and that’s getting dicked, so I tend to believe I asked Greg to slip me his cock. He said I never asked about a condom, so he did me bare. His other friends knew he was poz, and told him to continue to fuck me, and not to pull out. As this was happening to me, Scott, who is negative, was fucking Mike was being fucked by Scott, who is neg. Mike and I started making out while we were getting banged. Greg shot his load in me and was promptly replaced by Joe, another poz guy, who apparently fucked me real hard - they tell me I was moaning, and not entirely in pleasure. I found out later that Joe had a nine-inch thick cock with a PA. He didn't take it off, and intentionally forced his dick into me to tear me up a little. His ring would scrape the lining of me ass and when he shot his load, it would be more likely to poz me. Dan, the fourth guy, fucked Mike after Scott was done. Apparently then there was a trade-off of sorts: Greg and Joe fucked and pozzed Mike while Dan fucked me. It’s unclear to me if Scott ever fucked me that night. So, at a minimum I was fucked by three guys, two of whom were poz, and Mike was fucked by four guys, again two of whom were poz. How lucky can a guy get? Eventually they sent us home in a cab. So that's how Mike and I got pozzed. Oh, yes, the six of us are regular fuck buddies. And of course I’ve seeded a few guys since then, mostly at bath houses and sex clubs, but I’ll tell you those tales another time. Asianboy

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