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  1. fordmed

    Piss Fucked

  2. fordmed

    Piss beyond the sigmoid

    that's hot!
  3. fordmed

    Saline injections

    I want someone to do this to me, but only because my ball-sack is always so tight that I can't wear my chastity devices. Ii thought a few days with by sack full of water might loosen it up. Besides, I can imagine who amazing it would be to be slam fucked with everything so full and heavy! How is this done and where does one get the needed supplies?
  4. fordmed


    If your bottom is concerned about infection, by the time your top is ready to cum it's already too late! He's already filled your fuck-chute with enough yummy pre-cum for you to catch whatever he may have. But then again, perhaps those whores have other fun plans for that load. As far as I'm concerned though, if I'm taking raw cock, all that lovely cum is going somewhere inside me only thing that may differ is the route!

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