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    Tampa, FL
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    Cum, fucking, armpits, cbt, piss - nothing hotter than taking a poz load.
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    Muscular/Athletic all american man- 5'8 with brown hair and eyes. Hairy muscular chest- nice guy looking for no strings fun.
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    Into super masculine 100% Top Men. I am agressive bottom so need a Dominant Man who can make me submit and do whatever makes my TOP man happy.

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  1. Damn this is like my biggest fantasy. To be fucked and pozzed by a group of older studs. Hope there’s more
  2. Masc neg bottom needs your loads this weekend at CCBC )Mar 21-25). Will be with my Poz ☣️ Top bud who will restrain me in a sling and make me take any load offered. Fingers, cocks, dildoes and lots of cum. Stop by and add your dna to the mix.
  3. Great start bud - got a hard on
  4. As soon as my Top man shoots and pulls out I carefully clean his cock with my tongue and the I say thank you.
  5. Very hot man. Had a very similar experience a few months ago. The dude blindfolded me and played with my ass. Then he used a lube shooter and filled my ass and as it started to burn he added a vibrator so I wouldn’t feel it. I figured he had added something special to the lube and that night I couldn’t get enough dick and dildoes. I want more 🐷
  6. Hot story man- my dick is rock hard
  7. Hot story - I would love to find a few full blown studs to worship
  8. Fuck that’s hot. We need more grifters like you spreading Poz love
  9. Fuck great story. Wish I had a Jim & Henry living next to me when I was 18

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