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    Cum, fucking, armpits, cbt, piss - nothing hotter than taking a poz load.
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    Muscular/Athletic all american man- 5'8 with brown hair and eyes. Hairy muscular chest- nice guy looking for no strings fun.
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    Into super masculine 100% Top Men. I am agressive bottom so need a Dominant Man who can make me submit and do whatever makes my TOP man happy.

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  1. Yep - after the first poz load its impossible to say no
  2. Damn this sounds like my kind of place. Once the world opens back up I’m headed to Berlin 🐷
  3. By coincidence I ended up at CCBC guest house the same weekend as a Bear Fest. I usually don't go for extremely overweight guys but was horny so got fucked by quite a few big dudes. Must say they were great fucks and I got some big loads.
  4. As long as a Top has a hard dick and the will to breed me I am good to go. Some of the best fucks are from guys that I didn't particularly find attractive. And of course when its dark and I'm faced the other way who cares. Hard Dick and Cum belongs in any bottom hole.
  5. Went to a couple of the Treasure Island meet n greets and had drinks with a few of the guys at the Eagle in SF on Sundays. Lots of fun and most of them were nice guys.
  6. Love to get fucked in bars. Had it happen multiple times in Palm Springs and San Francisco. Every time I go to Palm Springs I take as many loads as possible and mark the load count on my back with a sharpie. No doubt some of you guys on here have seen me and my fuck bud out and about. So hot to just allow myself to be a slut in public. Lets hope this pandemic gets under control so we can get back out there and have fun.
  7. nice pics

    1. Badboyxx


      Thanks. Nice looking chest and arms. Woof. 

  8. Sexy younger fucker I met in Palm Springs wanted to brush my hole with a tooth brush before he fucked me about a year ago. He was hot and I wanted what he had so I said yes. It did not hurt at all the night he did it but the next few days my hole was very sore. So my if you plan a few days of getting fucked then wait till the last to have your inside scratched up.
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