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    Cum, fucking, armpits, cbt, piss - nothing hotter than taking a poz load.
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    Muscular/Athletic all american man- 5'8 with brown hair and eyes. Hairy muscular chest- nice guy looking for no strings fun.
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    Into super masculine 100% Top Men. I am agressive bottom so need a Dominant Man who can make me submit and do whatever makes my TOP man happy.

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  1. fucknfeedme

    Leaking Loads during Flight Home

    Took a bunch of loads in Palm Springs and drove back the resort in a jock strap. Cum was leaking out of my ass and I destroyed the rental car seat. Fuck- I tried licking it up but there was to much. I smile every time I think about this night.
  2. fucknfeedme

    CCBC - Oct 16 - 23

    Got a room for a week. Looking forward to making some new friends and taking lots of loads. Got a fantasy? Let’s make it a reality
  3. fucknfeedme

    Ccbc cumunion

    Fuck yea- I will be staying at CCBC and looking forward to having cum leaking out of my ass and running down my legs
  4. fucknfeedme

    Btm - staying at P House

    Thanks man - love to suck and fuck in public so will definitely hit up Hanks
  5. fucknfeedme

    Btm - staying at P House

    Hey men - looking to take some loads Friday night (sept 28) Will have room at Parliament House
  6. fucknfeedme

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    Perv Taboo bottom here. Let's get Kink9
  7. fucknfeedme

    Becks Motor Lodge Sept 6 - 10

    Thanks hot man- we should hunt up some trouble together!!
  8. fucknfeedme

    First Time at Adult Theater on PrEP

    Fuck hot man you can breed my white ass anytime. Woof
  9. Hey guys I will be at Becks from Thursday to Monday ( Sept 6-10). Looking to host guys interested in feeding me and breeding me. Need to get filled with Cum. Parking lot room so no need to come through the gate or upstairs.
  10. fucknfeedme

    [Advice]Going to WetnHot for the first time.

    No man but I will definitely look for them tonight. Did have a dude brush and breed me however. Hot but probably not the best plan on the first night. 🐷
  11. fucknfeedme

    [Advice]Going to WetnHot for the first time.

    Hot fucker are you still here. I’ve been wanting to meet you for two years.
  12. fucknfeedme

    [Advice]Going to WetnHot for the first time.

    Fucking amazing. Took 26 loads so far and tonight is the final party. My hole is so sore but I am not a quitter
  13. fucknfeedme

    Amsterdam Dark Room

    So fucking hot. Was just there a few months ago. Had a great time and took multiple loads. Never saw one of their faces. Pig Sex at its best.
  14. fucknfeedme

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    Fuck yes you could have my hole anytime. My fuck mentor and I have a rule. We will not refuse a hard cock as long as it's bareback. Remember, men are like ice cream. They cum in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and everyone likes what they like. So don't say your ugly. You may in fact be your next bottom's dream man. That said, you had me at Big Dick.
  15. fucknfeedme

    Being Cautious, or still pushing my luck?

    I only get fucked raw and I used to worry a lot about becoming Poz. Then I became friends/ fuckbuddies with a Top I will call my mentor. He made me understand that to be the best cumdump possible I needed to get pozzed. So he whored out my hole whenever possible especially if he knew the fucker was poz. I started serosorting for poz only and end of story. Now my hot Poz Dad is another story. Woof

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