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    Tampa, FL
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    Cum, fucking, armpits, cbt, piss - nothing hotter than taking a poz load.
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    Muscular/Athletic all american man- 5'8 with brown hair and eyes. Hairy muscular chest- nice guy looking for no strings fun.
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    Into super masculine 100% Top Men. I am agressive bottom so need a Dominant Man who can make me submit and do whatever makes my TOP man happy.

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  1. The Corruption Continues

    Hot start man. Its got to be so amazing to have a partner that wants to chase with you. Hard just thinking about it. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  2. His Dirty Deed

    Fucking hot story. Just the way I like to be used in a dark room. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  3. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    If I'm getting fucked and bred then there will usually be multiple loads. I Keep them inside me till nature decides they're coming out or they get absorbed in my system.
  4. Any Guys Into Drinking Piss?

    Love drinking piss. Especially when my Top Man offers his beer piss from the tap at a bar. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  5. Daddy Bear's Picnic

    I was in Palm Springs about a month ago and it was Bear Weekend. There were a lot of big guys as well as fit/muscular bear chasers at the event. It was great and opened my eyes and holes to new adventures. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  6. anonymous hook up vs interaction

    Anonymous for me as well. Nothing makes my tight furry hole twitch more than not knowing who is fucking me. Give me a dark room any day. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  7. Bottoming At A Fuck Party

    Damn I would love to be a bottom at a party like this one. Woof
  8. My Fisrt Black Dick

    Fucking hot - great job đź‘Ť
  9. Jack Of Spades

    Very hot man. I am going to Atlanta in a few weeks and plan to get a room at The Cheshire Motor Inn. It’s a notorious motel for sex. Lots of Black Men so I will be in heaven.
  10. love to find that top  that pozzed you , have ass here for the pozzing 

  11. Fuck yea man. I wish all the time that I could have been old enough to be a cum living pig back in those days. Oh well - getting my fair share now. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  12. I am Jake's cumpig

    So hot man. Would love to have a few straight guys that had me on speed dial. I would be the perfect little submissive pig. Woof BBRT- fucknfeedme
  13. WS after a fuck session

    Fucknyrs- love getting fucked and filled with cum and piss loads. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  14. Insatiable bottoms???

    Cum is like a drug to me. When I take a load all I can think about is getting another. Fuck I need to get bred right now. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  15. Palm Springs - best resort?

    Yep - Cathedral City which is about 5 miles from Downtown Palm Springs. Daddyboy- it is cumunion weekend when you are in PS. CCBC Saturday night should be tons of cum flying.

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