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    Cum, fucking, armpits, cbt, piss - nothing hotter than taking a poz load.
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    Muscular/Athletic all american man- 5'8 with brown hair and eyes. Hairy muscular chest- nice guy looking for no strings fun.
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    Into super masculine 100% Top Men. I am agressive bottom so need a Dominant Man who can make me submit and do whatever makes my TOP man happy.

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  1. Great job brother. Fantastic story.
  2. So did Emmet Frost convert you?

    1. Detchiller


      Hot vid by the way. I’m still hoping to become one of his boys someday.

    2. fucknfeedme


      Let's just say I'm pretty sure I"m knocked up with a black baby

    3. Detchiller


      I’m jelly.

  3. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Agreed if it has loud music I immediately turn it off. I want to hear the natural moans of the participants. I also want to the faces and see the pleasure or pain. That makes it real for me.
  4. Do you clean cock?

    Fuck yea - I always turn and clean the cock that has just fucked me. I think its the right thing to do as a bottom.
  5. Atlanta Visit - Dec 7th

    It was definitely the desk clerk. Unfortunitely I think they are trying to clean the shit hole up. Have to try Red Roof next time.
  6. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    I am planning on going to the Berlin event in early 2018. I will definitely be wearing a red hood.
  7. I think the most important thing is to be honest to yourself. Some of us are just cumdump subs. It is who we are and to try to be something different will only bring unhappiness. Embrace yourself and be happy.
  8. Atlanta Visit - Dec 7th

    Had a great time in Atlanta. Stayed at the Cheshire and posted an ad. Had six guys show up fuck and breed me and then the police showed up and wood not let anyone else enter the complex without a room key. Fuck I had about 26 guys lined up. The last one had a huge dick and stretch me out good. I then went to the eagle and as I was at the bar I could feel cum running down my legs. Hot fucking night.‭ BBRT- fucknfeedme
  9. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Took six loads last night at a sleazy hotel in Atlanta. I had over 25 guys planning to come but the hotel called the cops and would not let anyone else come to my room. Ended up with a juicy hole but not half as juicy as I had planned.
  10. Atlanta Visit - Dec 7th

    Excellent man- look forward to taking that nice cock of yours.
  11. Hot cover photo. I could spend days servicing those pits and milking that cock. Woof

    BBRT- fucknfeedme 

    1. Pozbreeder96


      Fuck yes

      I need that hole

  12. young or old?

    Tend to go for guys 30 plus but any guy with a hard dick is welcome to shoot his load in me. BBRT- fucknfeedme
  13. Atlanta Visit - Dec 7th

    Im getting a room at Chesire Motor Inn for one night and looking to get fucked and filled. Stop by and lets fuck. Appreciate any recommendations, etc. Jess BBRT- fucknfeedme
  14. The Corruption Continues

    Hot start man. Its got to be so amazing to have a partner that wants to chase with you. Hard just thinking about it. BBRT- fucknfeedme

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