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  1. Can anybody answer this?

    So many ads - on bareback and non bareback sites say "looking for guys under 45" or "nobody over 45", or words to that effect, I am generally curious when exactly did 45 become the magic cut off point? It's like 44 has one foot in boyhood and 46 is the fast track to senility. Just saying'....
  2. New Year sperm

    Hi men, I'm timing my fuck date tonight as close as I can so that I'm shooting my sperm into an unprotected ass right at midnight. Hope I can I time it to the minute! Happy new year to my fellow tops and all you fuckable, pig bottoms

    Thanks and happy new year to all bottoms out there. I know you guys sometimes feel less valued 'cause the top/bottom ratio makes tops much more in demand. But on behalf of us tops, we appreciate your willing and hungry holes. You're there even for a quick cum dump when we just need to empty our balls. I read on the various forums about bottoms thanking tops for their load. I alway thank my bareback bottom after I cum in his ass. Fucking bareback and shooting my seed into an unprotected ass is the best high ever and it wouldn't be possible without bottoms.
  4. I wanna seed your ass real bad

  5. TIRED of size queens

    totally agree.... I love breeding all types and all ages
  6. I want 3 [or more] bottoms side by side. I will take turns fucking them and the one with hottest ass gets the load. And, oh yeah, I want this filmed and put online.
  7. TIRED of size queens

    Bottoms are constantly complaining they're not getting enough cock .... well, maybe if you dropped the size queen fetish you might. I have a nice thick cock that fucks really good and never disappoints and big balls that shoot a real good load but a lot of bottoms say "sorry, I never connect with anyone less than 14 inches". or their ads say "HUGE cocks only'. Listen boys, step outta the porn film and into real life and you might be laid more often. End of rant.
  8. If I guess your Gender, can I follow you?

  9. Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    for reasons nobody knows, these bareback fuck parties aren't advertised on BBRT any more. On their website, you can sign up for email notification.
  10. Give your input on the new chat

    still can't access chat --- asked to log in even after I've logged in
  11. Give your input on the new chat

    can't get into the chat...says I must log in after I have already logged in
  12. Please seed me with your disease, Sir.

  13. Neg rape toy

    i want to seed your ass
  14. Thanks. I wish I had a pic with you ;-)

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