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    Top here, rarely give up my ass
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    I've noticed video cameras turned on me at fuck parties but have no fucking idea where these vids turn up
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    hungry moaning bottoms to fuck, like verbal.
    cigars r hot
    sometimes BB phone sex if we're both into it

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  1. Would love your cock buried deep in my fat ass.  

  2. Very nice thick legs. I would enjoy using them for support while riding your raw dick

  3. you can piss on me any time you like you big hunk of spunk!

  4. constructionguy

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    I used to go to piss parties where there was a big old fashioned bath tub... whoever got in would be surrounded by a group of guys pissing away. I remember getting in and guys immediately pissing on every part of me including my open mouth.
  5. trying to contact you but you don't receive messages . 


    RE sunday  at excess

  6. constructionguy

    filled condoms

    I used to jerk off into condoms and mail them to a cum pig who lived in the middle of nowhere and was craving stud sperm. I kinda miss doing that. Any cum pigs here want my sperm-filled condoms?
  7. Do you come out to Northern Calif? I would love to serve you with some fat ass

    big smooth ass.JPG

    1. constructionguy


      fuck!  ... that ass makes me crazy... i would love to tongue fuck it then ass fuck it

    2. Cub_Top


      That’s one perfect backside. 

  8. constructionguy

    love to breed chub ass

    I'm your man
  9. constructionguy

    love to breed chub ass

    we could tag team fuck - take turns - one of us fucks while the other holds open those enormous butt cheeks
  10. constructionguy

    Sucking while getting fucked

    I'm a top and I love to team up with another top buddy when we fuck a bottom. One cock in his mouth and one cock in his raw ass. I fuck his ass while my buddy fucks his throat. Then we trade places.
  11. constructionguy

    Sucking Married Guys

    wow bet that marine cum tastes sweet
  12. constructionguy

    love to breed chub ass

    me too, cub top ... we could tag team that fucking gorgeous chub ass
  13. constructionguy

    love to breed chub ass

    Jesuzzz.... youre making me CRAZY with this fucking ass pic... I want your ass so bad!
  14. constructionguy

    love to breed chub ass

    your story is fucking hot ... now i want to breed you both.

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