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    Poz, On Meds
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    Top here, rarely give up my ass
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    I've noticed video cameras turned on me at fuck parties but have no fucking idea where these vids turn up
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    hungry moaning bottoms to fuck, like verbal.
    cigars r hot
    sometimes BB phone sex if we're both into it

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  1. Be happy to receive your contribution!

  2. me 2 --- it's hot to fuck a variety of asses and body types.
  3. That ass needs to be tongue-fucked then cock-fucked - bare of course,
  4. yeah! Tag team chub fucking! nothing better. If you would spread open those huge butt cheeks for me so I can get in deep, I'll return the favour,buddy.
  5. I'll say! and I want to fuck and seed all of them
  6. love to add you as a friend . not sure were on here I do that. want to be  your Bare Bottom receptacle  yours and others  you choose 

  7. I can’t send you messages, but I really want to talk to you, Sir. Where can I give you details that make it impossible for me to avoid you if you decide to find me?

  8. Landed a job in Toronto, ready to take your load

  9. that's about it .... you are so fucking hot NegRapeToy, I want to TAKE your ...by force if necessary
  10. if i'm in your neck of the woods, I'll breed you good.
  11. you msut visit portugal


    1. constructionguy


      will you give me your hole?

    2. seekingthebug
  12. Read some of your posts.  Hot!  Bottom here, looking for tops like you.

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