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    Top here, rarely give up my ass
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    I've noticed video cameras turned on me at fuck parties but have no fucking idea where these vids turn up
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    hungry moaning bottoms to fuck, like verbal.
    cigars r hot
    sometimes BB phone sex if we're both into it

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  1. Please seed me with your disease, Sir.

  2. Neg rape toy

    i want to seed your ass
  3. Thanks. I wish I had a pic with you ;-)

  4. Frustrating Group sex

    Threesomes are difficult; somebody always feels left out or unsatisfied. Even sex with a foursome already changes the dynamic considerably. I avoid threesomes
  5. why married/straight men hook up with fags

  6. Guys continually ask why married [straight] guys hook up with fags. After all, if they get it on with another guy are they really "straight"? I can give you five reasons: [1] their wives/girlfriends won't suck their cocks, [2] their wives/Girlfriends won't swallow their loads, [3] their wives/girlfriends won't suck their balls, [4] their wives/ girlfriends won't suck their tits, [5] their wives/girlfriends won't eat their asses. There you go: five things men love and the bitches won't give it to them.

    Fucking hot man.  Would be an honour to serve you at the end of a hot sweagy week, when you smell all man, and afe in need of breeding me bB

  8. Iml 2017

    Hotel seems to get really pissed when some group organizes a sex party, advertises it and CHARGES an entry fee. They will shut down those parties immediately. Private parties [arranged via breeding zone & BBRT are fine]
  9. Too many bottom stories

    Point taken, but due to the ratio of few tops to many bottoms, us tops are usually too busy fucking to write stories. Would you rather have a load squirted up your ass or a story about it?
  10. Porn Stars On Breeding Zone

    Go for it, Patrick. You're a fucking hunk.
  11. cum dump network

    What happened too the idea of a cum dump network? Is is still happening?
  12. Love that you are all Top..ever in SF?

  13. Why are there so many bottoms?

    There seems to be many more bottoms than tops, but as a top, I am grateful! At the baths, for example, all those upturned, eager, hungryr asses - I feel like a kid in a candy store.
  14. When You Let A Guy Bareback You,

    Yeah, I wish more gay porn was like straight porn: i.e. in straight porn, often the guys don't pull out, they shoot their load internally THEN pull out and then the woman pushes it out of her cunt. Totally hot. BB gay porn should take a page outta that book.

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