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    Top here, rarely give up my ass
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    I've noticed video cameras turned on me at fuck parties but have no fucking idea where these vids turn up
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    hungry moaning bottoms to fuck, like verbal.
    cigars r hot
    sometimes BB phone sex if we're both into it

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  1. constructionguy

    Toronto Club120 BB Orgy

    I echo everything Read1 says ... its gonna be a great afternoon/evening of barebacking.
  2. Hey constructionguy if you ever want drop a load let me know I can meet you in toronto with little planning

  3. If you like to breed a chub, I'd give up my cunt to you any day, any time. I am assuming we don't live near each other.....groan!

  4. free a lot of week ends  and very receptive  to BB by 1 or more 

  5. You can seed me anytime you want

    1. dino68800


      Please seed me


    2. dino68800


      Fuck me baby, I need it

    3. dino68800


      you are the man for me, baby

  6. any time you want to seed a tight ass let me know. and I hope YOU NEVER PULL OUT WHEN YOU CUM.  want every drop of your seed 

  7. constructionguy

    Getting blown with an audience

    I love getting sucked off in public. Being watched by other guys who are to shy to get naked and put on a show. Love to give them a live porn show.
  8. You can breed me anytime 

    1. constructionguy


      bet you say that to all the tops ...lol

    2. Hairybttmcub43


      Just the hot ones 

  9. Nice profile. I love bb phone sex

  10. constructionguy

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    Thanks subslut: I agree with all you say. Wish you were around right now to take my load up your unprotected ass
  11. constructionguy

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

  12. constructionguy


    I don't understand bottoms who let me me fuck them bareback but won't let me cum in their ass. What's with these bottoms who scream "pull out!" or "don't cum in my ass!" just as I'm getting ready to shoot. One bottom was really pissy and said "Just because I let you fuck me bareback doesn't mean I want your load in my ass" Huh????
  13. constructionguy

    BB Bottoms who don't take loads

    I'm a top. I've encountered bottoms who let me fuck them raw but insist I pull out b4 I cum. It's really frustrating.
  14. I like verbal tops and like to be pushed to my limits. I'll moan and whimper for you

    1. constructionguy


      I''d love to knock u up

    2. CumWhore1983


      I'll take every inch and every load you have Sir. Breed me deep and I'll do whatever you want 

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