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  1. Dom/sub

    Totally agree
  2. Dom/sub

    Very true. Us subs ache for a Dom daddy like u. My wet cunt also twitches when we message.
  3. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    8.5x5. Very thick huge balls hairy too. Mmmmm I only suck one cock at the moment. He has me mentally submissive to him
  4. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    I had a similar experience with my top daddy he's so thick
  5. seems I am always wanting more cock and cum

    Omg so true I stay in constant hunger
  6. I enjoy it. He treats me well
  7. Well to be completely honest, I have only been bred while being face down with my chest completely flat and my pussy straight up in the air for my alpha top daddy to breed and use however he needs. Im 34 years old now but when he popped my cherry I was around 19 or 20. He was the very first man I was with and to this day he is the only man I service ever since he bred me and claimed me as his. I have been very loyal to him regardless of my urges to suck dick and get fucked when he is not available. Sometimes he goes months without allowing me to service him. Makes me wait and practically beg for it. Ever since day one he hasn't changed that position for me. Ive asked him to do me missionary but he refuses. He's in charge im his so he makes the rules.
  8. Total tops are so hard to find

    Thank God for my alpha top mature daddy.. he is 63 im 33. Hes totally top
  9. For some reason daddies are always dominant like that. I got fucked by my top daddy yesterday. It had been months and he tore my cunt goood. Yes he's 65 im 34
  10. I just came home from taking my top daddy load. Hadn't seen him in a few months so I was very eager and willing. We kissed, I sucked him good and he fucked me. Took a nap then woke up and I sucked his dick more. This time he got really hard he bent me over and pounded my ass so hard until he exploded. Then we went to dinner together. He is in his 60s and im in my 30s I've always been his sub boy since he turned me out and popped my cherry. Although he fuckes other guys im very loyal to him and I don't suck or get fuckd by anyone else unless he says so. Till this day his dick is the only one I service
  11. suck me

    I enjoy sucking and worshipping
  12. How do you convince someone to bareback?

    If u are ever in Houston hit me up and unload all night
  13. Goals for 2018

    Come to Houston
  14. Finding extremely submissive bottoms

    What site was that?
  15. Same thing happened to me

Other #BBBH Sites…