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  1. hotguy02

    Ultimate Stealth

    I never chased but once that masculine alpha daddy takes your masculinity you are officially owened. Especially if he breeds u. My top.daddy bred me the first time he strictly said he didn't want condoms
  2. hotguy02

    houston cum union

    Tops. Post on here when and what time y'all are going
  3. hotguy02

    Bottoms wanted

    I am very interested.
  4. hotguy02

    houston cum union

    Are you serious? I have always wanted to be a part of that.
  5. hotguy02

    houston cum union

    I've never been to one of these events. Im very interested. What should I expect? Im a.complete bottom sub
  6. hotguy02

    Tops wanted

    Sub bottom in Houston looking to please a masculine alpha daddy. Im 34 Latino 240# 5'9. Very submissive bottom oral and anal. Available anytime.
  7. My top daddy is who decides that. Most times he likes me completely naked. It's what he wants
  8. hotguy02

    houston cum union

    It's hard to find poz tops in Houston. Help please? Lol
  9. hotguy02

    Houston metro

    If u find a good top plz share lol. Im in Houston too looking for the same
  10. hotguy02

    A question for bottoms on chastity

    If my top.asked me to get locked for him. Absolutely
  11. hotguy02

    What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    Im not really sure. I first got fooled by my current top about 15 yrs ago. The very first time it was bareback and I didn't even know him since it was a hook up from Adam 4adam. I was just 22 yrs old give or take and he was in his 50s. He convinced me to go bareback since he didn't like wearing condoms. It was my first time being topped by a man so i was naive. He unloaded in me and has ever since. I still see him to this day and im 34 now. I have asked about his status and be said he was neg but I have my strong feeling that he lied to me and he is poz. He bred me last night and I enjoyed it . Frankly I am concerned about being poz but I also love when he unloads in me. At this point I am probably poz and im sure it was him since he is the one who took my virginity and bred me and I have never been bred by anyone else. I have gotten really sick at one point not sure if it was the fuck flu. But sure did feel like it like others have described it. Im really into him so if I ever get the courage to get tested I guess I can expect to be poz.
  12. hotguy02


    Totally agree
  13. hotguy02


    Very true. Us subs ache for a Dom daddy like u. My wet cunt also twitches when we message.
  14. hotguy02

    The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    8.5x5. Very thick huge balls hairy too. Mmmmm I only suck one cock at the moment. He has me mentally submissive to him
  15. hotguy02

    The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    I had a similar experience with my top daddy he's so thick

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