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    Houston Texas
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    Being a sub bottom boy for a masculine top daddy (50 and up). Being submissive to their needs
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been a bottom since I was 18. Never topped . Always enjoyed dick in my mouth and boipussy. Was seduced and turned into a bottom sub boy by an alpha daddy. Im neg but I'm open to any needs to please a daddy
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    None but I have a few videos of me and my daddy
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    A top daddy thats masculine and hairy. A good breeder

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  1. Wow that's awesome I am also need to this I like drinking I've done it once but I still need more to go to be more comfortable
  2. Yes my regular top Daddy he has 8 1/2 in 68 years old 30 years my senior every time I go down on him he forces me to go all the way and makes me hold it keeping my throat for a few minutes to the point where I cannot breathe and I am tearing up my eyes get watery
  3. When I drink and get a buzz I tend to get real submissive and went to suck dick on the other hand my top Daddy when he smokes marijuana he gets horny
  4. I always had a thing for older men. I'm 38 and my top Daddy is 68. I've known him for almost 20 yrs. He is the one that took my virginity when I was early in my 20s. He was the first man I was with. Since the beginning he said he was raw only and strictly top. Ever since I submitted to him. I found out the I only liked older gentleman. He's 8.5x5. Hung like a horse lol. So yes older top daddy with big cocks is my weakness
  5. If you are really really really to submit once you find that true top that gets in your head you will submit for him for anything
  6. The first cock I sucked when I was younger when I was 15 was uncut and it tasted pretty smooth and pretty good the head was real smooth and slippery but then whenever I sucked a cut cock from a 50-year-old man I fell in love with it now it's mainly cut that I suck
  7. Older men are the best. Especially when hung and are dominat and assertive. I'm 38 and my top Daddy is 68. Hung like a horse
  8. Yes big-time. Sucks that my daddy keeps me waiting until he wants. I have to fuck myself with a dildo when he doesn't fuck me. And I'm only allowed to take his dick. Sometimes he goes months without fucking me. Even more frustrating when I see him and he only wants me to suck him lol. Mind fuckin lol
  9. [think before following links] https://xhamster.com/users/hothuy My videos of me sucking and being a submissive cock sucker. Hope you all enjoy
  10. Yes it is very possible my daddy who has an 8 1/2 in dick has been training me for the last few years how to deep throat him all the way down my throat and the key is to open your mouth wide open and stick your tongue all the way out when it hits your throat you're going to feel like gagging but just keep going down and it'll go away I'm good at it now it feels so good to suck a dick all the way down
  11. I was 21 curious straight guy and I sucked a guy that was 30 years older than me and he seduced me ever since then I became his personal cocksucker
  12. When my top older daddy took my virginity he said he didn't like using condoms. I was naive and curious I said ok. But then he was about to cum and he said push back I was bent over and I did. And he nutted all in me. I was so scared and was nervous to ask him about HIV status. Years later he told me he was diagnosed with HIV undetectable I was like. Ok. He said. Dont worry. He is on meds. Known him for 15 yrs
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