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    Houston Texas
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    Being a sub bottom boy for a masculine top daddy (50 and up). Being submissive to their needs
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been a bottom since I was 18. Never topped . Always enjoyed dick in my mouth and boipussy. Was seduced and turned into a bottom sub boy by an alpha daddy. Im neg but I'm open to any needs to please a daddy
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    None but I have a few videos of me and my daddy
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    A top daddy thats masculine and hairy. A good breeder

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  1. It all depends on how small the cages my cage is really small so when I get penetrated I come really fast hands-free
  2. I agree when I got locked in my cage I was conditioned to come anally hands-free best feeling in the world
  3. I think you should mind your own business you took it the wrong way that's your problem stop being so sensitive
  4. Oh shut up quit being a jerk I'm just giving advice he asked for advice and I'm giving him advice of my experience mind your own business please
  5. Get on the chastity and give the key to somebody where you cannot get it my daddy locked me and chastity February 2021 I have been locked ever since he said he's going to keep me locked for the rest of the year I love it because I don't get an erection I try to but it's restricted so every time he penetrates my ass I squirt cum every time I suck his dick I come it's weird but it's what a real bottom should be what a real bottom should be limp
  6. He's training me ever since I was 19 I think it's just big he has a big big fat dick it's intimidating sometimes but I know it's not about me it's about his pleasure so far I have been able to take it all he makes me choke on it but he likes that I have been practicing with dildo but I've noticed that if he gets me a little bit drunk I will suck endlessly private message me I will give you my link to my xHamster account or I deep throat him
  7. Thank you very much for the advice my daddy was able to enjoy my mouth I practice with the dildo regularly now I'm able to take a half inches got my throat here's a pic of me sucking him
  8. Thank you so much for the advice my daddy bought me a dildo to practice when I'm not with him
  9. Last night I got a huge load in my mouth my 65-year-old top Daddy call me over to his house to suck his dick and I did for about an hour until he unloaded the biggest saltiest creamiest load in my throat it was so much that I was choking on it but I swallowed it all
  10. Update I went to see my daddy he gave me a load first of his cum I swallowed and then later on after dinner and drinking a few beers he said he needed to piss and took me to his shower and melt me down and told me to open my mouth and pissed in my mouth and told me to drink it it was very warm very salty the smell it wasn't that bad but it was very warm and juicy kind of smelled like cinnamon so I drink it all and he was happy thank you for the advice I am glad I went through with this
  11. Update I am on my way to see my daddy and take his piss I will update later on on the outcome I'm excited
  12. Oh wow that's interesting. I wasn't able to see my daddy today bc of work but this week I sure it's going to happen
  13. Well thank you for the input and advice and a few hours Sunday I'm going to take my first piss from the tap I am very looking forward to it anxious nervous but I'm eager
  14. I'm just curious I'm about to start drinking piss from my daddy is older men piss different than taking a younger guys piss is there like a difference in taste or anything like that
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