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  1. My top daddy is the same. He loves using poppers. Makes him hornier
  2. hotguy02

    Do Tops have a right to bottoms’ asses?

    Absolutely yes
  3. hotguy02

    older/younger pozzing?

    I am very submissive to him. He's the ultimate top daddy. He took my virginity when I was 18. I think I am going to let him impregnate me. Im Just nervous
  4. hotguy02

    older/younger pozzing?

    I am thinking of letting him poz me
  5. Thanks for the input. I haven't tested. Im too nervous. But I will do an oraquick that he bought for me. He said he was very high viral load but he's in meds now...
  6. Well he's reluctant to fuxk me. He wants to use condoms
  7. Im not on prep. We see supposed to go out on a date soon. Well see
  8. Was that yiur first time with a BBC
  9. hotguy02

    Which do you prefer

    Loyal to my man for 15 yrs.
  10. hotguy02

    older/younger pozzing?

    Hi im literally in this dilemma. Im nit actively seeking the hiv. Im 34 my top daddy is 62. He's been fuckn me since I was 18. He was the one that took my virginity and brought out the submissiveness out of me . Till this day he still fucks me and breeds me. I've been loyal to him ever since the first time. All these years he's been breeding me raw. He was neg up until a month ago. We haven't had sex in about 4 months. He said he's poz now and that he only wants to use condoms from now on. He's on meds but still afraid to bareback me. I appreciate his concern but my love for him is strong that I fantasize about getting knocked up by him. We talk about it often but we are both on the fence. I know eventually his dominance and masculinity will over power me and I'll take him raw. Even if it's by accident I'll cherish his babies. Do u have a top Daddy???
  11. I am in a similar dilemma like yours
  12. Hi I am 33 yrs old. Bottom. My boyfriend is 65. Very masculine top. He's been breeding me since I was 19. He's been neg this whole time until a few weeks ago he said he recently tested positive. He said he will use condoms now on.me but I love this man so much that im willing to let him poz me. Im om the fence lol. What do you recommend
  13. hotguy02

    CumUnion Friday Oct. 26

    Where is it. I've never been.
  14. I am not on prep. Im very nervous to be honest lol.
  15. Yes he said he wasn't sure if he wanted to bareback me anymore. He said it was something' heavy. Idk. But I wsn him to knock me up. I love him too much.

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