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  1. I do moan but very softly when i am getting fucked good and my favorite is moaning with my wide open that a cock has to fill my mouth. I have had tops tell me its very hot how I sound when i get fucked or spit roasted.
  2. Heading back tonight and hope to be able to share a nice slutty story. Hoping to meet a nice older hot daddy or two to play with me.
  3. Most times I prefer to wear one because of how horny it make me feel and how slutty it is to feel my clit leaking all over. But if a top asks me to see me cum when he fucks me then I will take it off.
  4. It depends on the situation for me. If I am craving some cum i will ask him to pull out and let me suck him dry deep down my throat. If I am wanting to feel slutty I will ask him to cum deep in my boipussy and then let it slowly drip out. The feeling of cum oozing out of my hole onto my little clitty makes me go wild.
  5. Hi does anyone know of any good places in ventura county or woodland hills areas? New to the area and looking for a fun spot to visit when I need to get fucked.
  6. One of the reasons i love to suck is so i can bend over and show him my boipussy usually in slutty panties. The best are the ones that get the clue and start to slowly finger fuck me and that makes me suck even better.
  7. Last night I wore a nice slutty outfit to a local bookstore and found a nice older daddy in the theaters. He sat down next to me and began kissing my neck and rubbing my little clit until i was leaking and getting so horny. I bent over and took out his hard thick cock and started licking it nice and slow. After he was rock hard he took my hand and led me to the back of the theater and bent me over an empty seat. He licked my smooth tight boipussy until i begged for him to fuck me. He fucked me for a good 10 minutes and gave me a deep creaming. Loved how he kept his cock in me until he was read
  8. Hi long time lurker here. Total sissy bottom here that loves to dress slutty when I get fucked.
  9. I miss using craigslist to find someone to fuck me. It was filled with fakes and flakes like any other site but I had my best cocks from it when I did find someone. What are people using now that craigslist is gone?
  10. Hi I will be in town and looking for tops for some fun times. Hit me up if you are interested. I host in my room.
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