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    Young horny guy with many fantasies. I am on the prowl for a load. Like big beefy guys. Dad bod? Yes please!
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    None, yet. But I would like to be a bottom of one of those Sketchy Sex pornos.
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    Tops and orgies

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  1. Hey guys, any tips and tricks to bottoming?

  2. Fucking great blog on Tumblr. I need a whore like you!

    1. WithRedSoxOn


      Thank you Sir. I'm not afraid to be used.

    2. Fistulike666


      I can tell that from your profile and your tumblr. 

      Hit on my tumblr. sometime ... lets swap some juices!  fistulike666-blog.tumblr.com

    3. WithRedSoxOn
  3. WithRedSoxOn

    Horny teen

    Grindr, scruff, BBRT, and if there is a local sauna try that too. Good luck!
  4. WithRedSoxOn

    Cream Pie Gang Bang

    I like those Mexican wrestler masks or a ski mask, I'm not fucking picky. I have a list for seed and I don't care if you look like Mike Myers.
  5. WithRedSoxOn

    Cream Pie Gang Bang

    If they are looking for someone to take it for a gangbang video, I will do it at a fraction of the price. I will sell myself to get loaded with juice. Spit on it and slide it in, let the last man's load be lube for the next until my hole is so frothy you could pour me out over a latte.
  6. WithRedSoxOn

    Cream Pie Gang Bang

    My first instinct was going to be, Dawson's X number of loads weekend. I also love the Knightbreeders stuff - how verbal and nasty he gets. It's a reminder that it's a true addiction to spunk.
  7. WithRedSoxOn

    Blindfolded And Loaded With A Funnel

    I don't know who it is, but I wish it were me.
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