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  1. also sounds like the one who was doing a stop over in Western Canada on American... He would text me as soon as he landed. Since I live fairly close to the airport, I'd head over and fuck his ass. Did that 3 or 4 times before his route was changed. Never asked about a condom or anything else.. Just took my bare cock and load.
  2. A fuckbud sent me a message that he needed to get off. I was fairly close by so went to his place, dropped my pants and he gave me a rough fuck and filled my ass with a 3-day load. Love it. Then went to Steamworks right after looking for more!
  3. On my way home from work, I stopped into a new FB around 4pm and he fucked me for 45 mins and then gave me a load to take home. Had to meet family for supper and I never had a chance to go to the washroom yet. It's 7:30 right now.
  4. Chatting with a guy on BBRT. Drive to his place early afternoon. Got right to business when I arrived. Strip and get on the bed. Only a few mins sucking his cock to get him to full erection. Then he told me to lie on my stomach. Holy Fuck. His guy knew how to fuck. He manouvered in a way to hit my prostate with every thrust. Fucked me for an hour and a half and gave me two loads- “yeah, I take a while to cum. Hope you didnt havevplans hjs afternoon because we will be doing this for a while”, he said. Oh, one last thing... he’s Poz and not on meds. Perfect! (Although not sure his VL). Best fuck this month!!
  5. lkngrnd

    HIV Home Test Kit

    BBBoyfromTN: SO HOT! Don't get tested. Keep fucking like you are.
  6. lkngrnd

    Quick load

    Met up with a 25 yr old last night. He was so nervous he couldn't get an erection - I confirmed he wasn't on anything either.. He has only been with one other guy who he topped, but he wanted to know what it felt like to bottom. He had never been fucked before!! It took a while for him to ease onto my thick cock (pretty thick for a beginner). Of course, he wanted a condom. I didn't but wanted to get this guy some experience bottoming... After the first round, he wasn't sure he liked it. Said it hurt too much. So after lying down and chatting for half an hour, he decided he wanted to try again. This time, I had him try the poppers I brought. Once he inhaled enough, he started down on my condom covered cock (ugh, condom). Anyhow, the condom was giving me some issues, but he was getting more and more used to cock in his ass. He started riding me like a champ, impressive for his first time actually. Then it felt different. I knew exactly what happened - he managed to fuck the condom off. I was now fucking him bare. He reached down and touched my cock but didn't say anything about the missing condom - or did he even notice. Needless to say, it turned out to be a great time for me
  7. lkngrnd

    Quick load

    prep is not that prevalent in the province I live in Canada, however.
  8. lkngrnd

    Quick load

    Heres how it went tonight: him (24 yr old): Come to my hotel and bring lube. me: I have lube. Do you want a condom or no? him: I'm clean and neg, up to you? me: be there in 20 mins. He didn't ask anything about me. He lubed my cock and sat on it bare. After fucking on the couch, stairs (his room was a loft) and the bed, he told me to cum in him.
  9. I will be in the bay area on Feb 4th... looking for the same thing.
  10. lkngrnd

    Business Trip

    I was on a three day business trip. Grindr/BBRT came through for me five times, although one, a hot 19 year old, was a repeat. All were bare, and interestingly, only the BBRT hookup asked me as to my status, to which I replied "Does it matter?" None of the Grindr guys made any mention of or asked about my status (although the profile for one married guy indicated he was 'neg',), but he still wanted it bare without any lube. I should add no one made a single comment about using a condom! All of the guys simply pushed his ass onto my raw cock and begged for my load. It was a very fucking hot weekend. I must go back soon to continue the fun times with these younger guys (19, 24, 27 and 30).
  11. lkngrnd

    What Was Your First Std ?

    1st time STD: Gonorrhoea (August 2013) 2nd time STD: Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, HIV (Jan 2014) It took 2 years after getting HIV that I got Syphilis.
  12. I've only felt it twice ever, and that was because these two guys cumshot was hard - must have been a while since they came. I usually can't tell they have cum unless their cock pulsates or they give me a sign otherwise that they have cum (breathing, they go soft, cum coming out of my ass). Either way, a cum filled ass is a great thing!
  13. Hey sexy ;)

    1. lkngrnd


      Hey!   How was your night?  Breed anyone tonight?

    2. chryzippus
  14. lkngrnd

    Anon Cum

    Hooked up on Friday night. Took a load from a guy I went home with from the bar. Cute 31 yr old on prep. Monday night, fucked 7 guys, got fucked by 8 and took 4 unknown loads up my ass! Awesome weekend in San Francisco!

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