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  1. First guy that I had sex with barebacked me.
  2. vbpoz. You know the rest.
  3. When they ask how many guys I’ve fucked my standard response is not many. I use the excuse I don’t have much time with work and all. They talk condoms but when it’s time to get down and fuck, They are either doggy style and I go in bare or on their back and they watch me line up my bare cock to their hole, and never ever protest. Nor do they have condoms out in the open so I take that as my cue that raw is law with them. I don’t ask if I can cum in them either, I figure they know that’s going to happen anyhow. the tops who fuck me don’t seem to care how slutty I am. They like
  4. Can someone suggest best way to locate those special loads? Second, I want to be gangbanged by some hung black tops. Best hotel for that?
  5. I had one who wanted to go safe. He asked if I had condoms. I said no, so maybe another time. Then the next message was, whatever forget the condoms, come over I’m too horny. I was at his place in 5 mins. What’s funny is I passed a 24 hr drug store on the way and could have bought some. He pounded me for 40 mins. He said I know you want cum in your ass so that’s where I’m gonna put it. Deep in you. It was beautiful.
  6. I’m visiting Fort Lauderdale soon... any suggestions on fun times?
  7. I’ve taken 5 loads so far. 3 Grindr, 2 bathhouse.
  8. First guy who fucked me was my massage therapist. He fucked me bare. I never thought twice about it. It felt good. Broke up with my girlfriend shortly after. Most guys were fucking bare. One young uni guy fucked me with a condom then he got hard again and fucked me and whispered in my ear “im not wearing a condom”. I always preferred bare. Only used a condom when they insisted or the 18yr old was super hot and wanted to use one. Otherwise, raw only.
  9. Would love to go to an event like this
  10. also sounds like the one who was doing a stop over in Western Canada on American... He would text me as soon as he landed. Since I live fairly close to the airport, I'd head over and fuck his ass. Did that 3 or 4 times before his route was changed. Never asked about a condom or anything else.. Just took my bare cock and load.
  11. A fuckbud sent me a message that he needed to get off. I was fairly close by so went to his place, dropped my pants and he gave me a rough fuck and filled my ass with a 3-day load. Love it. Then went to Steamworks right after looking for more!
  12. On my way home from work, I stopped into a new FB around 4pm and he fucked me for 45 mins and then gave me a load to take home. Had to meet family for supper and I never had a chance to go to the washroom yet. It's 7:30 right now.
  13. Chatting with a guy on BBRT. Drive to his place early afternoon. Got right to business when I arrived. Strip and get on the bed. Only a few mins sucking his cock to get him to full erection. Then he told me to lie on my stomach. Holy Fuck. His guy knew how to fuck. He manouvered in a way to hit my prostate with every thrust. Fucked me for an hour and a half and gave me two loads- “yeah, I take a while to cum. Hope you didnt havevplans hjs afternoon because we will be doing this for a while”, he said. Oh, one last thing... he’s Poz and not on meds. Perfect! (Although not sure his V
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