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  1. The hottest compliment you've ever received?

    'You fucked me like a faghot whore' after I wiped my dick with a Kleenex and shoved it in his mouth
  2. 1st dose

    When I first started prep I had debated for a whole year about getting on it while reading these awesome sex stories about fuckinh and getting fucked raw.. breeding and enjoying cock in my throat and asss and also feeling a tight butthole with my cock. Wish I had been on prep when I went to Austin !
  3. Anal Chlamydia

    Got it in my throat AND my ass hole at the baths having fun giving dick and hole to anyone who got in my way. Gave it to my ex in a three way he set up for us. Needless to say we all got checked and treated, after he started pussing out of his cock. I had no symptoms rectally Or didn't notice any. I Had a soar throat like no other tho. The kind where it hurts to even turn my head. Well, it was worth it. Now I want to go again.
  4. About cummy asses

    I don't exactly like felching, but when I lick a used ass and get a whiff of the cum it make me harder. And I continue fuckinh the pussy bitch bois
  5. Over did amyl?

    Also stopped w the poppers. Was drunk at my last bathhouse trip and some of it went into my nostril and down throats. Almost threw up. Bad horrible feeling. Furthermore, I feel poppers aren't doing it for me anymore. They were getting in the way, both as I had to stop fuckinh to sniff them and they were burning my nostrils..
  6. Stopping prep

    I had to change from one insurance to another for whatever reason. Anyway I was afraid I would be left with no truvada and my doctor told me 'you should probably take for a full 30 days after last exposure'.
  7. Cum whore pig and drink

    Does anyone here like to get trashed and fuck? I usually am a little tipsy when I get to the works. Never had any side effects otherwise in the year I've been on it thus far. Tested negative at every appointment. I usually go twice a week to the baths. Anybody here have any input on alcohol and truvada for prep?? No other drugs involved. Maybe some poppers

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