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  1. Also stopped w the poppers. Was drunk at my last bathhouse trip and some of it went into my nostril and down throats. Almost threw up. Bad horrible feeling. Furthermore, I feel poppers aren't doing it for me anymore. They were getting in the way, both as I had to stop fuckinh to sniff them and they were burning my nostrils..
  2. I had to change from one insurance to another for whatever reason. Anyway I was afraid I would be left with no truvada and my doctor told me 'you should probably take for a full 30 days after last exposure'.
  3. Does anyone here like to get trashed and fuck? I usually am a little tipsy when I get to the works. Never had any side effects otherwise in the year I've been on it thus far. Tested negative at every appointment. I usually go twice a week to the baths. Anybody here have any input on alcohol and truvada for prep?? No other drugs involved. Maybe some poppers

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