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Found 21 results

  1. Hep C Co-Infection

    So I contracted Hep C a few months back and during the acute phase, I had 90% of the symptoms, whereas most people don't get any symptoms, so Hep C in many cases becomes chronic for those people with no symptoms unless they are tested with their HIV labs. I started on Harvoni and all my liver functions returned to normal within 2.5 weeks, including no more signs of Hep C. However, it left some scarring on my Liver and I won't know the full extent of the damage until I get another fibroscan after I finish the 84 day treatment of Harvoni. What I was shocked to learn (research it for yourself), is that 25 to 30% of HIV+ men are co-infected with Hep C. If I'm recalling correctly from my research 10% of HIV+ men were co-infected in 2010, so that number has pretty much tripled since then. Why the increase? My guess is effective HIV treatment and PreP has caused many more guys to freely bareback with numerous anon partners. So now I can no longer drink alcohol and have to avoid refined sugars, saturated fat, excess sodium, and red meat (due to iron levels). The worse part is that my cumdump days are over. If I get Hep C again, I'll probably go into liver failure. There's no vaccine, and even though there is now a cure, co-infection with HIV is hard on the liver. HIV, for me at least is no longer the scariest STI, Hep C is. Don't take my word for it, research yourself. Just want you to be able to make informed decisions. I created this post because I was so ignorant about Hep C rates of co-infection. Had I known the rate of co-infection before I got it, would I have stopped being a no-loads refused cumdump at the local bathhouse. True answer.... I probably would have remained a cumdump because I love being one so much, and with Harvoni being a cure, I would have assumed I'd be ok. But in my case, from the time I contracted it and was dealing with so many symptoms until I was cured, my liver was scarred...I just don't know yet what stage of Cirhossis I have until done with Harvoni.
  2. Hey everyone, I think I put myself in a bit of a pickle. About a week ago I took a dude bare and he had a Prince Albert piercing. He bred me and about 20 min after, got hard again and fucked me till I had my own orgasm. Ever since then ive had some problems going to the bathroom. Fairly frequently throughout the day I will feel the need to defecate but only some mucus comes out, which I take as evidence of a fissure. This has been ongoing for more than 5 days. I have barely passed any stool in this time. I should note that the mucus and my wiping has indicated that there is blood present many times. This has not stopped yet. Today, and once about 3 days ago, I have been experience a painful, laborious, and 30min-1hr long bowel movement. Todays started when I tried to use a Walgreens saline enema. I have refilled and reused it a few times to promote a bowel movement and it started up this cramping that is only soothed by massaging my lower back and me lying flat on my backwith my legs raised. How bad did I fuck up? Advice?
  3. Ass to mouth

    Hello guys, might sound like an odd question: But has anyone experiences in health troubles related with ass to mouth sucking? I was always wondering if this could cause any health trouble, e. g. like getting bacterias of the ass to your mouth? I know that it's bad for women to take a dick into their pussy after having it in their ass because these bacterias don't belong there and they get sick of it. I wondered if there could be a similar mechanism doing it ass to mouth. That's why I always avoided it, especially when fucking without condoms. Any thoughts on this topic?
  4. https://prephere.org/ click on the check your prep score link at the top of the page.
  5. I've always wondered if there was any health dangers in repeated STI exposures. I would think not. No matter how often you test positive for an STI, and all other things equal, if the STI is treated and removed, there's no long term health impacts. The invader is gone, if you will. Has anyone ever heard of any? Or had problems?
  6. For bottoms how do u take care of ur butthole to look sexy
  7. I'm suffering from hemorrhoids and it seems that I will do the surgery soon, I'm bottom and just wondering if I will be able to get fucked after the surgery, please advice
  8. At 45 I'd been poz for a decade but healthy due to my exercise, diet and meds regimen. My doctor had given me the standard warning that even if I was healthy looking and feeling, my cum was still toxic. I like as much: being in good shape yet still able to enjoy the thrill of pozzing someone by having a good time fucking him and loving how great my dick felt shooting my deadly poz seed deep in his ass. I chanced to meet a sickly looking guy in his twenties named Dennis. He wasnt HIV nor AIDS poz but had something else wrong and could have recovered had he not allowed me to fuck and poz his ass. He never asked about my HIV status, he was another naive fella who thought that someone who looked healthy was healthy especially because I weighed more than 200 lbs. We had met at a downtown bus stop where he was on his way home from his doctor's. He invited me to his place to fuck. It was all I could do to hide my excitement and keep my dick from tenting my jeans. Once at his small one-room apartment, he got two beers from the fridge and handed me one. I popped the top on mine and took a swig. He told me about his problem and that it wasnt contagious. I was glad of that because while I liked making punks sick with my poz sperms I also wanted to keep myself healthy. After shooting the shit for half an hour we stripped. He opened the sleeper sofa and set things up. He had no lube since he seldom had sex because he'd been recovering for well over a month. He was thin at maybe 130 pounds on a frame just under 6'. He had scarcely any body hair. He looked decently clean but definitely was somewhat gaunt. His ass however looked good to me, and I didn't need to have him suck my dick to hardness as I was already hard and oozing precum. "What position do you like?" I asked him. "I can do it on my back, on my stomach or doggie-style," he replied. I told him to lay on his stomach on the bed and spread his mailing-tube legs while I greased up with some of his hair groom cream which looked like the best stuff for lube that he had. I spat on his hole, mounted him and put my dick to his hole. He said he hadn't been fucked in about a year. Inwardly I grinned knowing how much pain he'd feel as my dick expanded his hole and created fissures to facilitate passage of my dirty virus into his body. He stifled a screech as I let my weight drive my dick past his sphincter into his ass. I then lay on his back to keep him pinned under me and grabbed his toothpick arms. He got used to feeling my thick cut seven inches inside him and I began fucking him. My dick felt great in his tight cunt of an ass as I fucked it. I couldn't help but grin as I enjoyed myself adding him to my list of conquests. My loins took over, driving my dick in his ass in full length thrusts. Knowing he was still in pain added to my excitement and ego. I gradually sped up my tempo, keeping him feeling pain from me enjoying my pleasure. A few minutes more he was whimpering and whining about the pain. It only encouraged me to drill him faster and harder including some snaps of my hips which caused him to flinch under me. I closed in for the kill, thinking about how he'd end up months after I got my rocks off in him and fucked him even faster and harder. Another minute saw me pounding him into the bed. My nuts fired, pumping spurt after spurt of deadly poz cum deep up his bowels, my expanding dick stretching his hole even more so he felt more pain. My dick was in seventh heaven. I continued thrusting while pumping my dirty poz load off inside his ravaged ass. Once spent I thrust again and again to force my poz virus laden sperms into his torn anal walls to force my virus into his blooodstream. I then rested on his back, lazily slowly thrusting enjoying the afterfuck. The great feeling of the afterfuck lasted another five minutes and he begged me to withdraw because he couldn't take my weight on his back much more and his hole was hurting more. I remained on and in him another few minutes, and, before withdrawing, gave him a couple of brutal hip-snaps. He felt the pain of withdrawal, but as usual, when pozzing asses I pulled out slowly to keep as much of my deadly cum inside the asshole as possible. He lay there as a trickle of cum and blood leaked out of his ass. I held my dick out to him and had to persuade him to get up and suck it clean and kiss it and my balls. My size and strength seemed to intimidate him so he obeyed. I stood tall and proud having him finish his obligation to me while also being ready to knock his block off if he decided to try to bite me. He knew better than to try it. After he kissed my cock and balls I got dressed and thanked him for the piece of ass. he replied "You're welcome," as I left, my needs satiated. I went home and took a shower, lavishing special attention to my dick and balls. I saw him several times on the streets over the course of the next year year or two. A couple of guys said he was a chaser but also afraid. Each time I saw him he looked worse and worse. After that I never saw him again. I somehow learned that he had died from the combination of his sickness and the HIV/AIDS I'd pumped into him. Upon hearing as much my dick involuntarily hardened in my pants and left a slimy mess of pre-cum in my boxers.
  9. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this issue. I'm HIV + and was recently at the doctors with my mother for her vitamin b12 jab. Our family doctor told her she could do it at home every 3 months to save the trip in. So I was the one asked to jab her. Our doctor knows about my HIV but my parents don't. Anyway he showed me how to do it and it went well. However today I got a voice mail asking to call him back tomorrow about those injections. My thought is that he forgot about my condition when he was demonstrating and then realised it might be risky having me inject my mother every 3 months. Could this be the case? Is it ill-advised for a doctor to allow a positive person to use a syringe on a family member? If he tells me I can't, it'll mean I have to lie about the reason to my mother, which will be difficult as she was told it's fine previously. Any thoughts, advice, or if anyone has been in a similar situation, please comment. Thanks
  10. Got this from a friend in Chicago, but long story short, the state of Illinois is going to be covering the cost of PrEP for anyone who wants it, regardless of ability to pay. http://medillreports.com/2014/12/12/illinois-preps-for-new-hiv-prevention-program/
  11. Just as the topic states. I put "don't know" in there, and would suggest that guys who haven't been tested in over a year answer "don't know" even if their last test was neg. You could also answer "don't know" for example if you feel like there is a strong chance you were recently infected, but haven't been tested yet. The other answers are self explanatory, but feel free to elaborate in a post if you want.
  12. So I had my quarterly checkup about a week ago, and they did an anal pap smear. They said it came back abnormal, and they would need to schedule me for a exam, to essentially look in my ass. Considering the amount of sex I have had this past year its not exactly a surprise. I'm not worried about it, just curious if anyone else has had the same thing happen. My ass seems fine inside and out from what I can feel, and I haven't had any issues, so I tend to think it may just be a result of my "extracurricular" activities.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHuoJE6VmeU&list=TLt_rXlqLX2EuK3dQAo9XHpESJ6zOXFU3O Its long but includes Micahel Weinstein. Parts are pretty entertaining, but its also very informative. Its about 2 hours long, but you can watch in the background and listen.
  14. I'm reading an academic article this morning by Kai J. Jonas, a researcher from the University of Amsterdam, who did research on the impact of bareback porn on it's viewers. Results indicate that watching bareback porn lowers the threshold for viewers to engage in bareback sex. This new study didn't make many headlines, assumably because Jonas and his team mention clearly in their article that further research is needed and that the conclusion is not 'Watching bareback porn will make you a barebacker' but rather 'Viewers will more easily consider engaging in sex without a condom after watching bareback porn'. But there were some voices on social media which were quite surprised at the outcome. Though the loudest comments attacked the research method rather than the conclusion. Note: From an academic viewpoint, the research method is solid. Jonas even notes why they chose this approach. So it is irrelevant to criticize the method, I'd much rather like to debate the conclusion. Study 1 Jonas and his team conducted two studies. In Study 1 focused on the theory that watching bareback porn lowers the threshold to engage in bareback sex. 220 gay men watched DVD covers after which they reported about their sexual behavior. The results indicate the theory to be correct: those who are confronted with bareback sex images will more easily engage in bareback sex. Jonas does mention a lot of factors that influence such a choice (e.g. HIV-status) but overall the result supports the theory Study 2 This study focused on the practice of bareback sex. 34 men were given a bag with condoms etc. to go out in a local bar where sex videos were shown and sex parties were hosted. (Cruise Club Church if I'm not mistaken.) The men reported afterwards on their sexual behavior. The results of this study indicate that viewers of bareback porn video footage will more easily engage in bareback sex. Again Jonas mentions factors that influence such a choice, but this time too the results support the theory. Discussion Jonas and his team conclude that watching bareback porn will have viewers engage more easily in bareback sex. These studies are limited, more research is definitely needed, Jonas and his team state. But their research could be of importance to sex health workers and organisations, sex locations as well as porn producers. One option the researchers mention is analogue to the way society currently deals with tobacco and alcohol: warning viewers about the risks of bareback sex on DVD-boxes, through banners on bareback porn websites or on locations where bareback porn is shown. As an 'educated viewer' is expected to be more aware of risks and to make a more conscious decision about whether or not to engage in bareback sex. What do you think? Are you more likely to engage in bareback sex after watching bareback porn? And do you think putting warnings about risks on DVD-covers, sex sites and sex locations could prevent men from barebacking? Note/Personal Opinion: I will be the last one on earth to say people should not have bareback sex, but I personally think it could do no harm to add such a warning to bareback pornography. If we do it with smoking and alcohol consumption, why not with porn? Also, people that want to bareback will bareback, but it is better when someone makes a conscious choice to do so instead of it (having bareback sex) happening accidentally. If you would like a copy of this research article, send me a message or get in the comments. (It is 300kb, breedingzone's limit for .pdf is 200kb.)
  15. The news this week is that Swedish researchers have found a new more aggressive strain of HIV in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. The strain is a "recombinant" strain – meaning it's two strains combined. What's notable about this particular strain is that, left untreated it progresses to AIDS more quickly than other strains. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/269510.php But there are other regions that are seeing more aggressive strains of HIV as well… In Russia the numbers of people becoming poz is skyrocketing and it seems to be due to one particular strain that accounts for about 50% of new infections. http://www.advocate.com/health/hiv-aids/2013/10/20/virulent-new-strain-hiv-discovered-russia And in India they're seeing five new strains which are on the rise. These new strains result in higher viral loads than the older strains and they're thinking that higher viral loads means the people are more likely to infect others (makes sense). http://www.ipsnews.net/2012/11/evolving-hiv-strains-worry-indian-scientists/ http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/health/medicine-and-research/three-to-five-new-strains-of-hiv1-rapidly-evolving-says-study/article4078611.ece Back in the day before ARVs guys talked a lot about basic epidemiology. One of the foundations of epidemiology is that when two strains compete, the one that kills it's host fastest tends to lose out to ones that take longer to progress. The logic being that if you kill your host then that stops your ability to spread. So over time viruses tend to become weaker. There are a lot of exceptions to that rule, but to an extent it holds true. I always wondered what the effect of ARVs would be. ARVs let more virulent and deadly viruses survive longer – thanks to ARVs they no longer kill quickly – so the rules of natural selection (among viruses) don't apply. I would never want to go back to the days before ARVs – that was a rough time. But the downside of ARVs is more virulent viruses. So the question becomes can tools like PrEP stand up to more aggressive strains of HIV?
  16. This is something that ALL of us should be aware of and I'd encourage those who attended the White Party or have interacted with people who attended to take this VERY seriously as ignoring it could mean the difference between life and death. The Meningitis contracted by Brett Shaad at the White Party has led to his death (see article from WeHo Confidential below the LA Times article) as Shaad was removed from life support on the afternoon of 12 April 2013. The LA Times headline powerfully describes how serious contracting Meningitis can be: Meningitis scare: From 'fit as can be' to life support in one week http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-resident-in-coma-meningitis-20130412,0,6443231.story WeHo Confidential Reports that Brett Shaad has Died http://www.wehoconfidential.com/2013/04/rip-brett-shaad.html#.UWnUtz_RPxo I would encourage everyone to read the comment section of the WeHo Confidential story because you may gain some insight to his lifestyle. What Should You Do If You Went To the White Party or Have Had Sex with Someone Who Did: White Party attendees urged to get meningitis vaccine after West Hollywood lawyer dies http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/white-party-attendees-urged-get-meningitis-vaccine-after-west-hollywood-lawyer-dies130413
  17. Question for my POZ brothers... What is being on meds like? I've mostly heard negative things -- are they all true? For example, Are they expensive? (for U.S. readers) Do you think "Obamacare" will reduce the cost of HIV treatment? Are the side effects really that bad? Is it true that meds, not HIV/AIDS itself, is what gives you "the look"? Are guys that are strict about taking their meds more likely to have "the look"? Did you have to experiment with a lot of different meds to find the one you like? Do you take a cocktail of meds each day, or one pill with various NRTIs in it? How are the 1990s meds (AZT, etc.) different from what we have now? Let's say someone doesn't know that you're POZ and asks what all those pill bottles are for - do you lie or tell the truth? Do you ever take a meds vacation to get your VL higher when you're going to poz up a NEG? Will meds make me not as horny to recharge and keep spreading The Gift? I take Xanax every day, and I know that I keep getting tolerant to it and have to take more and more. Does the same thing happen with meds?
  18. I had been poz for a few years and on the cocktails. I was still in decent shape and horny much of the time. I sometimes stopped at a smut shop on my way home from work to stick my thirty-four-year-old dick through a peep-booth glory hole to get it sucked. Many of the cocksuckers, the ones able to accommodate my somewhat larger than average size, loved my cut thick eight and a half inch meat and the taste of my dick sweat, cum and piss, not to mention the assholes who loved getting pounded by me. I had been using condoms unless the assholes were either poz or bug-chasing. One day while leaving the smut shop after getting off a load in a cocksucker's mouth I picked up one free rag I'd never read before and found a section in the classifieds for bug chasers and gift givers. Like many poz Tops I usually had better feeling orgasms when infecting a neg bottom with my dirty semen. I perused the ads and decided to call a few bug chasers. Over the next few weeks I knocked up a couple of holes. One was a nice session that took place in East L.A. I stopped at a payphone on my way home from work one afternoon, dropped in my twenty cents and called the number and asked for Leonard. The man who answered yelled for him and once he picked up the phone I asked, "Hi, Leonard, did you have an ad in the paper for bug chasing?" He said yes and asked me when I could come over. I had the next day off so we made a date for the next afternoon when his room mates would be working or balling someone. The next day I had breakfast, brushed my teeth, combed my prematurely graying stringy shoulder length hair and put on my old gray work shirt and trousers, work boots, glasses and sweat-stained cap and headed to the bus stop. I caught a bus downtown and then the number eighteen all the way to Garfield. I still had to walk a few blocks since I missed the Montabello bus. Once there I was greeted by a medium-complected latino guy in his early twenties a few inches shorter than my six feet. "Leonard?" I inquired. "Cray?" he replied. He almost pulled me in and closed the door behind us, then hugged me and offered me a beer. I said I'd have one after my first load. He was pleased I'd pump more than one load up his ass. After a few minutes of small talk we went to his room which had a double bed mattress and box spring on the floor. We stripped and admired each other. I was still on the heavy side with decent body hair while he was on the slender side and lacking body hair but he did have a little beard as well as the long hair just about every male under thirty sported back then. He knelt and sucked on my cock until it got too big for his mouth. "Sorry I cant suck you good." he apologized. "No problem, it's going up your ass anyway. I replied with a grin as he stood up. I had him suck my toes and lick my feet while I fingered my dick to full hardness . "You're so big. I dont have any poppers or luuds so I have to sit on it and ease onto it." he said. "That's fine, as long as I have a good piece of your tight ass." I told him. Wearing nothing but my glasses, I lay on my back on his bed while he got a tube of grease and liberally smeared it on my dick and some into his asshole, then climbed onto the bed and straddled my pelvis facing me and began lowering himself onto my hard dick. He seemed to rest once he got his hole centered on my glans and then shook a bit as he let himself onto it to be impaled. He grimaced in pain as he slowly worked himself onto my thick dick. I could feel the nice tightness of his hole as it began enveloping my loggerhead and see his pained determination to set his ass on my pubes. I had to stifle my instinct to thrust and finish penetrating him. I had done that to another asshole sitting on my dick and he jumped up and off despite my grip on his hips. Slowly he eased himself down on my dick inch by inch. I knew he was feeling as much pain as my dick was feeling pleasure as he lowered his tight twat of an ass on it. A couple more minutes had him sitting on my crotch, my meat deep up his nice tight love-hole, his face still contorted in pain while mine radiated pleasure. He rested and then began slowly working himself up bit and then let himself back down, a short rest, and repeated it, finally working himself without pause. I felt good laying there while he used his whole body to please me and my prick. I was rock hard thinking of how I would feel when I ejaculated in him as well as how he would feel especially in a couple of weeks. I flexed my love muscle when he sat on my crotch so that he could feel the slight swelling of my dick in his ass before he again went up. He increased his pace as I held his hips to steady him. "Feels good. Keep it up." I told him as he increased his pace pogo-ing up and down on my hard shaft. After ten minutes I could tell his leg muscles were getting tired but he persevered and increased his pace once again. I began thrusting slightly and he met my thrusts. I was finally getting closer to cumming as I increased my stroke. I was glad I was getting closer to pumping my dirty AIDS up his "virgin" cunt. I knew he saw nothing but happiness on my face as my hard penis rode in his ass and I could see his own expression change as he anticipated getting my load from my big dick. "Pump faster." I ordered him. He was tired but obeyed. I was getting close, my poz-laced precum adding to the lube on my dick in his ass. I knew his rectal walls were opening up which would facilitate passage of my dirty viral load into him. I began grunting and then felt my load welling up, coming to a head and then I blasted it into him as he kept pumping up and down on my prick. "Man that sure feels good!" I grunted as I pumped my AIDS-carrying sperms up his ass, my dick spasming in utmost pleasure while shooting off my rapid-fire spurts inside him. I thrust good to pump off the rest of my load into him and had him remain seated on my crotch so I could thrust and work my sperms into his anal walls to pass my virus into him. He was sweating from the strain and exertion of doing his part to please me and my hard horny penis. A few minutes after my last spurts subsided I told him to rise slowly so that my cum would stay inside him. He obeyed and rose up and off of my loggerhead. His sphincter was still in decent shape so just a little of my jizz leaked out of him. I remained laying on my back and he lay on his stomach beside me. I checked my cock and saw a little blood on it, a good sign that his rectum had small tears in it that my virus could pass through into his bloodstream, We shot the shit but he didnt go into very much detail as to why he wanted to get pozzed other than some friends got pozzed and he wanted a handsome manly stud to knock him up and was glad I had seen his ad. To pass the time I straddled his face and lowered my ass so he could rim me. His talented tongue and mouth made my ass feel good. Half an hour later I was reloaded and ready to pump a second helping into his man-hungry ass. He got up and sucked on my dick. He did a decent job until it got too big for his mouth, as before, and then licked my shaft and caressed it while still sucking the head. "You can fuck me regular this time." he said as he lay on his stomach. I spat on his hole and then mounted him. His ass was still nice and tight and he still felt pain as I entered him. My dick felt good in his snug accommodating hole as I hilted myself and lay on his semi swarthy back. I began fucking him. This time I was in full control although I did go easy just to prolong my time in him to add more and varied thrusts and angles to further abrade and stretch his rectum. He felt increased pain but gritted his teeth and accepted it as he had when he sat on my pole. I was getting more excited at the thought of pumping a second deadly load up his receptive sore ass. I gripped his upper arms and began pounding him, brutally snapping my hips a few times to further tear him up inside and pump more pain up him. He did beg me to take it easy but I merely toned it down a little owing to my desire to keep myself turned on more. I fucked in sometimes jerky movements, excited at how good I felt fucking and dominating him, using him for my sexual pleasure. I finally hit my urges, my dick getting ready to shoot. I fucked him harder, faster, my pelvis slapping his ass and then felt my jizz well up from my balls and into my dick. I hilted myself and then pumped his ass faster and began pumping my second load of nasty HIV up his no-longer virgin tunnel. I hilted myself again as my dick spasmed in extacy pumping spurt after spurt of HIV-laden cum into him for my initial volley of what seemed like a dozen spurts and then resumed my thrusting, slamming my dick home a few more times and then laying on his back rocking my pelvis to keep my dick thrusting in his hole and occasionally snapping my hips to slam it home to zark-off the last of my load and force my sperms and their viral load into him through his torn rectal walls, as well as keep up that great feeling my dick felt from my continued thrusts, a nice feeling that was amplified because each thrust of my dick in him further wore out his chute to force more of my dirty virus into his system. "Are you sure you're positive?" he asked. "You'll find out soon enough in a couple of weeks or so." I happily replied with a grin, referring to the AIDS flu he would be getting. I thrust again, my dick still feeling good. I remained on his back for about fifteen minutes, still rocking my pelvis thrusting in him until my dick petered out and came out of him. I dismounted and got up. I checked his hole and my dick, both of which showed noticeably more blood than from my first piece of his ass. I also saw his cum on the bedsheet, the tell-tale that I turned him on big time. "That was a good piece of ass. Want to suck it clean?" I asked. He got up, sat on the side of the bed and took my cock into his mouth and hugged my waist as he sucked and licked it for a couple of minutes. His mouth was talented not to mention his humming in delight so my dick was getting hard as well as clean. He then sucked off of it and kissed my cockhead and then my sweaty balls. He stood up and hugged me tight as I hugged him back. "Thanks for the great fucking. You're my kind of stud. I wish I could suck a dick as big as yours!" he gushed. We then started getting dressed. "I can call you in two or three weeks if you like." I told him as I buckled my belt. "Yes. I'll tell you if it worked. Thanks for the great fucking" he replied. We bid each other goodbye and I headed back out. I caught a Montabello Municipal bus, transferred to the L.A. bus and headed home. After arriving home I took a shower before fixing dinner since I didnt plan on nutting any more that night. I called Leonard three weeks later but didnt get ahold of him for a couple of days. He was finally home and answered the phone himself that time. He did have the flu and felt like he had been jumped in an alley and beaten good. I told him that was how I felt after I caught it and he asked me how I caught it. I told him it was by blood transmission from a fight and that the guy who picked the fight with me must have been poz. I called him a couple of months later. He had no further problems but knew that in a few years his body would be ravaged. I told him about taking the required meds and he said he was working with a doctor at a health clinic in Hollywood. I fucked his ass a few more times as well as enjoyed his rimming talents. He subsequently spread my virus to a few, mostly ones he disliked, and a decade later was in ill health due to his slacking off on his meds regimen. I myself was taking mine religiously so I was still in good health and reached Social Security age which I started collecting at 62. I lost contact with Leonard after a decade and a half, as with most of my other conquests over time. I have a guy I fuck regularly, someone I knocked up a decade previously in a bar mensroom. He's also good at sucking my larger than average cock, a talent most guys with smaller mouths have a hard time doing.
  19. I'm curious and turned on by the idea of getting pozzed. However I'd like to know more about the cosequences. Does being poz or the associated meds make it harder to get an erection? That would be a drawback for me as I love taking arse and wouldn't want not to be able to.
  20. Lube Alert

    Not sure if I should worry or get excited. According to this article, some lubes can cause HIV to reproduce 4 times faster. Some, esp. with spermicide--as we might have already known--cause our natural, bodily defense such as beneficial bacteria or rectal lining to disintegrate. http://www.poz.com/articles/HIV_lubricants_risk_401_19914.shtml
  21. Has any of you (poz) effectively experienced reinfection from barebacking? I mean, a health-compromising situation you can only explain as a result of whoring-out: your meds "prematurely" stopped working, or switched from undetectable to unexpectedly high viral load, etc.

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