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  1. some people just don`t seem to be able to chill and let a guy tell a story his own way at his own pace ....... it`s a good start and am more than happy to let it spin out ...... makes it more suspenseful ........ when guys make an effort to write stories for us instead of criticism I think a little gratitude would be nice
  2. am really loving your story-The Sexual Misadventures of Everett Palmer . I like how you take your time to tell the story . You don`t rush it. Imho I think you`re really talented and definitely have a gift for knowing how to tell a story in a way that slowly hooks a reader in and sets him up to want to read more . Am already a big fan and am happy you chose this forum as your place to practice your creative writing and that we get to be the beneficiaries .

    1. Dubconforlife


      Thx man, super nice to hear!

  3. great job man ..... u r very good at telling this story ..... u got me hooked and wanting more ...... please keep it going
  4. you`ve absolutely blown my mind with this story ...... u have an awesome imagination and display serious writing skills in bringing the story so vividly to life ....... these are not personally familiar experiences for me yet u almost made me wish they were ..... incredible job man
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