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  1. Thanks @alexej2 and @novamax for the nice comments. Trying to put the English major to good use lol. This chapters a little longer than the previous couple. Part 16 Hunter led Tyler to the bedroom and shut the door once they were both inside. Tyler started to panic. What was this about and why would Hunter want to leave Chris and Casey alone together? "You seem really tense. I just wanted to bring you in here to see if I could help calm you down so that Casey wont get freaked out and run scared. Hes cute. We want him to stay." Tyler thought the royal we was a little much ri
  2. Thanks for all the kind comments everyone! Part 15 "Hi boys" Hunter said as he opened the screen door. "Glad you came back Tyler. Wasn't sure we'd see you again after you didnt come with Chris the last time." Chris freaked out. He hadnt told Tyler that he had come back to Hunters alone and suddenly prepared himself for the day to end right then. Tyler caught what Hunter said and turned to Chris. "You've been back here?" "Oops." Hunter realized what he had done. "Come on in guys. No use thinking about the past when we have some fun to have now." As Tyler walked in he told himself
  3. Sorry for the delay guys. Been a crazy few weeks on this end but I'll try to get back to it more consistently now. Here's a shorter chapter for now. Happy new year! Part 14 Tyler wasnt sure that he would be able to convince Casey to go to Hunters house. Inviting Chris over was one thing but going to another older guys house was something else entirely. And how was he supposed to mention the smoking? Could he leave that out and just see what happens? He didnt know whether that part would happen again anyway since Hunter didnt seem to have that planned when they went over that one time
  4. Part 13 Chris and Hunter told Greg about Tyler in their post fuck post-pozzing haze. Hunter had all brought them glasses of water to hydrate and they were sitting around the room, Chris out of the sling and on the floor, Greg at the foot of the bed, and Hunter in the chair nearby. "You should reach out to him. Sounds like we could show him some things." What intrigued Greg the most was that Tyler was as new to all of this as Chris was and more importantly hadnt been pozzed yet. "I could. I dont know if he would be into seeing me again. He seemed pretty freaked out about the firs
  5. Hey guys just writing shorter bits at a time I guess for now. Hope you enjoy! Part 12 It was all too much. Still horny and high feeling guilty about all of it and his anxiety heightened after realizing he might get outed. Now seeing Casey mid jerk. Tyler had noticed him come out of the shower stalls before but seeing him laid out on his bed like he was right now was something new. Smooth toned body from running track in high school and a hot hard cock that was smaller than Chris but would still feel better than the fingers he was using to fuck himself just a few minutes earlier.
  6. Part 11 Casey couldn't believe what he was seeing. Casey and Tyler werent really friends beyond hanging out in the common areas in the dorm. The hall, the bathroom, and the rooms that always had the doors open. Tyler wasnt one of the guys who kept his door open much but after a while the guys got comfortable and everyone started to just walk into rooms without thinking about it. Of all the things that Casey could have come up with that Tyler might be doing at that moment in his room, what he saw was nowhere near that list. Tyler was a nice guy, quiet but still in the mix with the rest of
  7. Hey guys, a short Part 10 to start catching up on the Tyler thread of the story. Thanks for the kind comments! Part 10 Tyler went back to his dorm room after being fucked for the first after getting high for the first time and felt overwhelming guilt. This was sin. The kind of sin that everyone talked about at church. Not just sodomy but drugs too. He had spent his entire childhood and high school career judging anyone who would fall so far from God that way. He would never do something that perverse. But he was sitting on his bed reckoning with the fact that he had fallen that far.
  8. Part 9 Chris's immediate physical response was a loss of breath. The rush of the slam made him cough uncontrollably. He thought this was probably the last moments of his life. Dying naked in a sling with drugs in his system. God would punish him and send him to a hell that he only began to imagine in that moment. That thought of death was surprisingly not met with fear because this wasnt a time for emotion. Gregs massive cock was in him and the way he plunged it into Chris without mercy also simultaneously caused the boy to take a quick intake of breath. Only he didnt have the ability to
  9. Quick note about Part 7: Didnt mean to include those emojis. It was supposed to be C : without the space in between and I didnt realize the site automatically converted it to the smiley face. Sorry about that! Part 8 The three naked men moved into the bedroom with Greg holding Chris tightly to his body, one arm around the boys waist and the other caressing his chest and abs. Chris noticed that this time Hunter’s bedroom had a different set up. Where there was an open space the last time he was here, now there was something he had seen in some porn he had encountered online before: a
  10. Part 7 The boys did what had become routine at the end of their hookups. Not a lot of talking, quick dressing, quicker getaway. Hunter didnt stop them. He had seen this all before. He knew that the immediate line of thinking would be that things had gone too far. That it was time to pull things back. One time wasnt so bad but no one needed to know and if it never happened again it would become a distant memory in no time. What Hunter also knew is that the inevitable progression following that thinking was temptation and then a call or text to reconnect. Hunter had the patience to wait it
  11. Part 6 Hunter knew he had Chris now that the top so willingly submitted to the older mans large cock. Chris got on his back after he pulled out of Tyler and lifted his legs for Hunter to push back into him. The boys were so high that Hunter didn't need to suggest anything. They would do whatever he asked. Tyler was still on his back and could feel cum leaking out of him and onto the bed. Hunter loved the sight of that small stream of cum seeping out of a just used virgin hole. He motioned for Tyler to get up on his knees. "Why don't you feed that hot cock to Chris while I fuck him? It des
  12. Part 5 Chris knew to hold his cock still inside Tyler so he could get used to it. They wrapped their arms around each other while they kissed passionately. Hunter could see the sweat beginning to coat their bodies. "Fuck this is so hot boys." Hunter was sitting down again but this time he was on the bed behind Chris. The boys didnt respond probably too into the new sensations of raw fucking. Hunter used one hand to stroke his cock and the other to begin stroking Chris's back. He would take it slow but he was pretty sure that he could cut a few steps that he normally took with other boys h
  13. Part 4 It was time. Tyer and Chris looked at each other and without a word they both knew. They were going to push things to another level they had never even talked about before. Tyler stole a quick glance at the tv and saw that the group scene had developed so that all of the guys stood around one who was on his back like Tyler was now. The boy was getting fucked and at the moment Tyler turned his attention to the movie one top was pulling out and another one was setting himself up to take his place. A close up shot showed a drop of the first mans cum dripping out of the boys hole. Tyle
  14. Hunter noticed that Chris always ended up on top of Tyler. This was how they would fuck he decided. He pulled off his shirt and reached back to the side table and said, "You boys want lube? I'll just set it here if you do." He put the bottle on the bed near them. Chris and Tyler looked over to him and at the bottle and Hunter knew what was going through their minds. "Youve never used lube have you?" The boys shook their heads. "We just cum from rubbing against each other" Tyler said. "We dont need it." "Youve never jerked each other off or anything? You could also use it if you
  15. hey everyone i got blocked for a bit because i posted this story in the wrong place. apologies to anyone who was triggered by the content. that wasnt my intention but i know that doesnt matter. now that its in the right place, ill post soon. thanks for being patient
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