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  1. You’ve got my dick raging hard and leaking like a broken faucet. Thanks
  2. Fantastic twist. I’ve got to admit that since reading all of your stories on BZ that your style of writing has definitely become my favorite. Really makes me unbelievably horny and you’ve got a follower in me “for life”. Can hardly wait to see where you take us from here.
  3. So fucking hot! I hope the dad turns out to be even more dominating and demanding than his son teaching Archie how to worship cock completely.
  4. I’ve reread this story numerous times and just love it. It punches all my buttons. Always keeping an eye out for new chapters. Thanks bud! I love your dirty mind.
  5. Great story again! I’m one of those cum-hungry dick-worshiping bottoms that would kill for Archies problem of an overly sensitive prostate. I love getting fucked but dream of getting as lost as he does from getting my button poked and cumming hands free over and over again. Now that’s a problem I want. I read your chapters aloud while my Fuckbud is balls deep in me (you guys should try it) and it always ends up with me getting bred and sucking his cock clean and sharing cummy kisses till I nut all over my stomach. It’s become a regular event around here. We await the next chapter eagerly and
  6. I recently started drinking my own piss. When I go to take a leak at home I sometimes fill a glass I keep on the bathroom counter for just that purpose. I take 4 or sometimes 5 vitamins every morning so my piss can be pretty strong so when I fill it up I like to breath in the strong aroma of the freshly filled glass, it makes my cock start to thicken. I take a mouthful and hold the warm liquid in my mouth, sloshing it around, enjoying the powerful taste for a minute then I let it slid down my throat. It’s so fucking good. I chug the rest and feel my lust meter tick up a few notches. Pull up m
  7. I love a hood filthy story to stroke my cock to. Excellent work man.
  8. I can’t get enough of this hot story. Love it!
  9. Fuck yes! So appreciative of your efforts on another chapter man. Just this chapter of getting the boys to Hunters door has got me boned and leaking. Can hardly wait for all the debauchery. Yum yum
  10. I don’t mind pigging out on cock with another cumslut as long as there is enough cock to go around. Licking all over and around a cum slicked cock that’s plunging in and out of the other bitches cunt when yours isn’t being fucked is a great way to spend some down time waiting for another swinging dick to arrive. Tops fucking love it.
  11. So fucking hot! Love your writing.
  12. Nothing like discovering your lust for cum and cock. There’s no going back now. Great story dude!
  13. You’ve got my filthy mind running wild with what happens next. Great work and can’t wait for more.
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