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    Oral rimming, fucking, porn, barebacking
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    Married, bi, 62, Just me plays.
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    Mutually sexual pleasure. Open the door and a crotch rub to say hello and then go after my cock.

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  1. joch


    While walking along the street has anyone checked out the crotches of guys see how large a bulge they have? You wonder if they have a hard on or if they are that big when soft or is it mostly balls? I do glance but do not stare. Once in a while I see one but not too often does anything show.
  2. joch

    First time raw, planned or unplanned?

    My first time raw was my first time having sex and it was with an older guy who I used to babysit his grand daughter for. After the parents had picked up their child. He stripped me and had me lay down on his bed. He sucked my cock hard as he stroked his. Then he had me on all fours and lubed up my ass. When he put his dick at the entrance to my ass. the lube felt cool and I liked that feeling. then he pushed his prick in and it felt even better. When he started fucking me I found I enjoyed it immensely as he stroked my cock as he fucked. He came in my ass. When he finished I lay on my back and he sucked me off Swallowing my load. We got together quite regularly after that. Always bareback. As all my MM sex sessions have been.
  3. Incest is best as they say. Nothing wrong with it at all. My first sex was with a neighbour guy. It was excellent. My first sex with a woman was with a cousin. That was excellent too.
  4. joch


    I couldn't agree more.
  5. joch

    New Members Introduce Themselves

    introductions area good thing. Then you're not with a total stranger as it were. John
  6. joch

    Big Black Dick Creams a White Boy

    Bare backing is great on film as well as in real life. condoms seem to be too impersonal like being with a prostitute.
  7. joch


    Yup 'tis the ultimate protein drink always good for ya.
  8. Thank you for following me. What do you like to do?

    1. monkey2712


      Pretty much anything ;-) you?

    2. joch


      Aye me too just about anything for mutual pleasure.

    3. AZRawPig


      Into the same thing with other like minded pig's sharing each other's juice's. 

  9. At a all male gathering. I was the center of attention because I had the largest cock there, everyone wanted to suck my dick, so I gave it to the last person to suck on me.
  10. joch

    TRUE addiction to eating cum

    cock sucking is my favourite type of sex. Even when I watch porn. I like to watch Straight, bi or gay. Not much on lesbian porn. Love to see cocks being sucked it really turns me on. Of course love to see cum being swallowed instead being spit out.
  11. joch


    Swallow always otherwise it is a waste of good sperm.
  12. 15 Minutes then we changed places and sucked me for about the same. A lot of mutual J O while watching porn got us started.
  13. joch

    Hands or No Hands

    I'm easy either way. I love the look, feel, smell, taste of a clean hard cock. Plus the sound of the sucking and the guy cumming.
  14. joch

    seems I am always wanting more cock and cum

    I do love the taste of cum too. Plus I love to feed others with mine.

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