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  1. Damn!! Lucky boy, great start.
  2. Chapter 2 Oh my god I was kissing a man. A hot older man had just stuck his tongue in my mouth and I liked it. He pulled away from me and I slowly opened my eyes. He was smiling again. "So son, what'd you think of your first kiss?" "Holy shh, I mean wow that was nice." He chuckled, "Cody you can say shit no one cares." "Sorry sir, I'm just not used to being able to swear. My parents would get really angry anytime anyone around them would swear." "Well son, you'll find I tend to like to say those fucking swear words so you definitely won't offend me. Now what'd you
  3. Chapter 1 I’d recently graduated from college and had landed my first real job in a new city far far away from my family. I'd thought I'd have freedom in college but I ended up going to the same place that both my parents worked, a small religious college so I had to be really careful so nothing got back to then about their only son. A little about me. I'm about 5'5" pretty toned from all the swimming I do. I was naturally smooth which I hated because I wished I was hairy. I thought the hottest thing ever was a hairy older guy. I have light brown hair which I keep cut pretty short,
  4. God I’ve always loved this story. Thanks for continuing it.
  5. "Of course," I said, grabbing the guys tank top and ripping it off his body. "Strip you fucking chaser and show me your hole." He quickly dropped his shorts, turned around and presented his hairy hole to me. "Fuck! That's beautiful." I dove my tongue deep inside his ass and was surprised to find a load already there. "Damn you little slut, I didn't expect to find you preloaded." "That's my boyfriend's load but he won't give me what I need." "Damn! Does he know you're about to take several toxic loads up your tight cunt." "God no! He would not approve." "You sure you want to
  6. Sorry for the delay, had a bit of writers block. Hope you enjoy. Chapter 21 A couple of months later I had finally closed on my apartment so I decided to have a few friends come over to help me properly break the place in. My son Josh had come over early to help me set up the sling. Lucas and Thomas were the first to arrive. It was summer so Lucas was only wearing a pair of very short shorts and a tight tank top. It looked like he was still smooth but he was now sporting a few new tattoos. Thomas gave me a big hug and said, "thanks for inviting us, my boy's been horny all day."
  7. Chapter 34 The group of us stepped into my hotel room and for the second time this week I was really grateful we'd gotten the larger room. "Okay," I asked, "anyone still neg in this group?" Two guys, one in his forties and one in his early twenties raised their hands. I smiled when recognized the younger guy was the same one I'd just been breeding. "Damn boy, you really want the bug don't you?" "Yes sir, I need it bad." "Well we'll do our best to see you leave here as one of us. Okay we've potentially got two more chasers joining us shortly so if you're toxic please ma
  8. Chapter 33 "Hmm, don't suppose you have a shirt I can borrow seeing as you destroyed mine." "Ahh come on, it was in the way of your sexy chest, it had to go." I laughed and went in for a kiss. "Mmm I do love kissing you. I guess I can forgive you as long as you have something I can borrow." He went to his bag and pulled out a black t-shirt. "Here, wear this. With those pants, you'll look sexy as fuck." "Won't I be a little under dressed?" "Trust me no one will care. By the end of the conference no one gives a shit and please there'll be guys wearing shorts."
  9. Chapter 32 Mitch Hi guys, I need to hijack the story for a bit to bring you up to speed with me, Scotty will be back shortly. Here's the deal. When I met Scotty all those years ago I had the biggest crush on him. One of my biggest regrets was not following through with our planned three-way, so when I looked across the room today and saw him sitting there looking hotter than ever, I knew I had to talk to him or I'd never forgive myself. I was thrilled how things went from there and couldn't believe how much both of us had evolved into sluts in such a short time. I hadn't given m
  10. Chapter 20 It'd been a week since I'd seen the apartment and no word from Lucas. I was starting to get antsy. I was in a meeting Friday afternoon when I finally received a text from him. 'Hi Kevin, I have some news for you. Do you have time to meet with me today?' Was he kidding me, come on already did they accept my offer or not? Not a hard question. 'Sure, is it good news or bad news,' I texted back. 'How about you swing by my office around six. We can talk then.' He was really starting to annoy me and by meeting at his office the chance of repeat performance on hi
  11. Damn! Now that's what I love hearing. Glad you're enjoying.
  12. Chapter 19 I'd been home for a couple of months now and life had returned to a mostly normal routine of work, hanging with friends and lots of sex. I was busy but happy. The only thing bugging me now was my housing situation. When I first moved to the city I'd thought I'd found the perfect place but turns out my building had a lot of issues I wasn't aware of not to mention with my office's recent relocation to a different neighborhood it took me a lot longer to commute each day, so I'd decided to find a new place. I talked with Scotty and he was kind enough to hook me up with the real es
  13. Chapter 31 I woke up late Thursday morning and rolled over to see Xander cuddled up against Brandon. When I looked closer I noticed that Brandon's dick was lodged firmly in Xander's ass. Not sure when that happened but I was pretty sure it wasn't that way when we finally crashed last night. I left the boys sleeping and went for a run. When I got back they were still out cold so I jumped in the shower to clean up. As I was getting dressed I started to hear some moaning coming from the bed. It sounded like Brandon was awake and giving Xander his first load of the day. "Morning boys, ho
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