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  1. Chapter 34 The group of us stepped into my hotel room and for the second time this week I was really grateful we'd gotten the larger room. "Okay," I asked, "anyone still neg in this group?" Two guys, one in his forties and one in his early twenties raised their hands. I smiled when recognized the younger guy was the same one I'd just been breeding. "Damn boy, you really want the bug don't you?" "Yes sir, I need it bad." "Well we'll do our best to see you leave here as one of us. Okay we've potentially got two more chasers joining us shortly so if you're toxic please make sure one of our neg boys gets your load and chasers, any of you want to up your chance and have us brush your cunt just say the word. Now enough talking let's get to work." I walked into the bathroom to grab a toothbrush and by the time I came out there was a pile of clothes on the floor, two horny chasers in the doggy position on the bed each with a horny top about to mount them. Fuck I love sex! I waved the toothbrush at the two and asked, "hey sluts, so either of you want to make sure you leave pregnant?" The young guy looked me straight in the eye, grinned, reached back and spread his checks and said, "holy fucking shit hell yeah, brush those toxic loads into my pig cunt." I handed the brush to the top about to breed him. "You heard the pig, get him ready then add your strain to the mix." The top didn't miss a beat and shoved the toothbrush all the way in and went to town. The bottom just moaned in both pain and pleasure. Walt, the older guy was already breeding the other chaser but as soon as the top pulled the red coated toothbrush out of his young bottom's ass Walt grabbed it, pulled his cock out and replaced it with the toothbrush. "You don't get choice slut, it's my duty to make sure you go home with my baby growing in your pussy." "Oh god yes! Thank you sir, I've wanted this for years, destroy my cunt sir give me your gift," said the older chaser. There's nothing hotter than watching a neg guy getting what they need. While I was watching there was a knock on the door. I opened up to find our cute waiter boy and three other guys standing behind him. "Come on in boys and join the party." "Hope you don't mind, we told our boss where we were going and he asked if he could come too." I checked out the boss as he took his clothes off and damn he was hot. Looked to be in his thirties, tight body with a nice eight inch hard cock. A big scorpion tat on his right pec. I ran my hand over his tat and said, "fuck that's hot, please tell me it means what I think it does." "I'm toxic as fuck man. Names Conner." "Nice to meet you, I'm Scotty. The two boys on the bed are neg and begging to join the family so have fun." "Excellent! I just found out tonight that these two sluts," he pointed to the two guys that were with our waiter, "are looking for the bug too, then I found out about your little pozzing party and knew I had to crash it. Hope you don't mind." "Not at all Connor," I said. "You can never have enough toxic cum. How long you boys been chasing?" The older of the two spoke first. "I'm Bobby and this my brother Billy. We've been playing together for awhile and discovered poz porn a few months ago." "Fuck me, you guys are brothers," I said my dick even harder than before, "hot! How old are you boys?" Billy answered, "I just turned 19 and my brother is 20, sir." "Holy shit Billy, look at bloody toothbrush," his brother said. "Does that turn you on Bobby?" I asked. "Oh my god yes! We've talked about doing that to each other." "Well what are you waiting for. Go for it, I'm sure any one of these toxic tops we'll be more than willing to plant their babies deep inside you." Bobby gave me a quick hug, grabbed his brother and ran over to the bed to join in. "Fuck yeah," said Conner, "I've wanted to breed those two since the moment they told me they were brothers! Now to find out they're chasers too, just fucking wow." I smiled at him and said, "well we've got four neg bottoms to charge to so let's get this done." After that it was a free for all with the poz guys being very careful to make sure every single toxic load found its way into a neg hole, not wasting a drop of their precious gift. A couple of hours later our first two neg boys called it a night and left both looking exhausted but extremely satisfied. As they were leaving Xander showed up. "Hey Scotty, I was hoping you'd still be at it. I wanted to make sure to see you before I flew home in a few hours." Even before the door shut behind him Xander was stripping off his clothes. "Damn boy you're still horny?" "I'm always horny sir but I'm not sure my battered cunt can take any more tonight unless you insist sir. I stripped because you taught me my place was to always be naked in the presence of real men." Fuck I was so proud of him. "Turn around and let me take a look at your pussy." He did so and bent over so I could get a good look. "Holy fuck that is so beautiful." His once tight hole was so swollen and puffy. I gently ran my fingers over his ass lips and he let out a deep low moan. "God I'm so proud of you son." He stood back up and gave me a passionate kiss. I'd been so distracted by his pussy I'd totally missed his new ink. His right shoulder was covered in a beautiful design that was working its way down his arm. If you looked really close you could make out several bio haz symbols discreetly worked into the design. "Dear god that's got to be the hottest tat I've seen in years." He blushed, "thanks Scotty I really like it but I still feel a little apprehensive since I'm not officially poz yet." "My little slut, with the amount of toxic cum and abuse your perfect cunt has taken this week there's no way you're not already on your way to being one of us. Just try to be patient for a few weeks. I know, easier said than done. Just make sure you don't go back to being that shy boy again." "Oh no, that ship has sailed. There's no putting the genie back in the bottle now," he laughed. "My pussy wouldn't let me even if I wanted too, it knows its true purpose now." I smiled at him, "fuck I am so proud of you. Promise me you'll let me know the minute you start feeling sick." "Of course sir," he leaned in and gave me a deep kiss. There was a knock at the door and he grinned at me, jumped up and opened the door to let in this masculine guy I'd seen around all week at the conference. "Scotty I'd like you to meet Matthew, my new Sir." I must have had a look of shock on my face. Matthew chuckled, grabbed me, gave me a tight hug, squeezed my ass and planted a kiss on me. "I have to thank you Scotty. I've wanted this boy for years but thought he was straight so imagine my surprise when I walked into the party downstairs and saw him with a big raw cock deep inside his sloppy cunt." I noticed his hand was between Xander's legs rubbing his puffy slit. Xander was moaning, god he was such a slut. "So I take it you two know each other?" "We used to work at the same company, I was the director over his department. I used to spend a lot of time visiting his boss just so I could get a look at Xander's tight ass. Fuck if I'd known he was such a good little faggot I would've made him my personal assistant," he said sinking his fingers even deeper inside Xander. "What Mathew doesn't realize is that I had the biggest crush on him. I'd always watch to see when he'd go to the restroom so I could follow him in and try to get a glimpse of his big dick." "Well now you have all the time in the world to properly get to know each other. So are you poz?" I asked. "I am, but currently undetectable. However, my hot little boy here has shown me how selfish I've been and convinced me to flush the meds so I can share my gift with others like him." Xander had a big smile on his face. "I'm just sorry I wasn't the one to knock him up but I'm eternally grateful to you for helping him realize his true potential. You'll have to come down and visit us once he's officially part of the family." "Fuck, I'd love too. It's been fun watching him blossom into such a total bottom faggot. Xander I know your pussy's really sore but anyway you'd let me breed you one last time?" He looked at Matthew who shook his head yes. Xander got on all fours, bent over the arm of the couch and presented his ass to me. "Please give me another toxic load sir." "Fuck," Mathew said, "that is so hot watching you beg for poz cum." I slowly sank my hard cock into his very puffy, sloppy cunt. After two days of being used by countless men I was pretty sure Xander's boy pussy would never be the same again and by the way he was moaning I don't think he cared. "Hope you're okay with other men fucking your boy," I told Matthew as I started shooting my load. "After this week I think it's safe to say we've created a fucking cum whore who's going to need a lot of dick." Matthew kissed me hard as I pulled my dick out of his new boy. "Don't worry Scotty, I've already sent a video of Xander getting bred to all my buddies. They can't wait to meet him. I promise I'll take good care of him." While we were talking I hadn't noticed that Mitch had taken my place and his dick was buried deep in Xander's ass. "Hope you don't mind but I just had to take my turn at this amazing cunt." He shot his load pretty quickly then dropped to his knees to lick up the cum that had escaped his hole. "Fuck boy you truly have an incredible ass that was made for real men to use." As Xander was getting dressed Mathew grinned and told him, "boy just your jock leave the rest of your clothes off." He didn't even miss a beat, grabbed his clothes gave Mitch and me kisses goodbye and with that they left. Mitch and I collapsed on the couch while the others were still going at on the bed. "Damn Scotty, to bad he doesn't live by us can you imagine if he was our boy." "Fuck that would be hot. Hmm are you saying we should find a boy of our own?" Mitch winked at me, "hmm I kind of like the sound of that, you me and a neg sub we can totally make our own." "Mmm our own happy slutty family." Pretty soon the fucking wound down and the neg brothers took off with their boss to continue their conversion and everybody else returned to their rooms leaving Brandon and I to crash for a few hours of sleep before our flight home in the morning. Mitch was flying home on a later flight so we had agreed to meet up Saturday to go on an actual date. All in all it had been a very positive conference. So it's been several months since the conference. As expected Xander came down with the fuck flu almost three weeks to the day after I gave him his first dose of toxic cum. He's still with Matthew who's taking good care of him, making sure he has plenty of dick for his hungry cunt. Brandon was still my assistant and doing great. He was well on his way to being an alpha male and even had a few boys of his own begging him to knock them up. Mitch and I really hit it off and were talking about moving in together. We were still looking for that perfect slut to make our boy but in the meantime our favorite date night activity was hooking up with neg guys so we could share our gift. So all in all life was good. I'm going to end my story here. Who knows I may be back some day but now this is a very happy poz Scotty signing off.
  2. Chapter 33 "Hmm, don't suppose you have a shirt I can borrow seeing as you destroyed mine." "Ahh come on, it was in the way of your sexy chest, it had to go." I laughed and went in for a kiss. "Mmm I do love kissing you. I guess I can forgive you as long as you have something I can borrow." He went to his bag and pulled out a black t-shirt. "Here, wear this. With those pants, you'll look sexy as fuck." "Won't I be a little under dressed?" "Trust me no one will care. By the end of the conference no one gives a shit and please there'll be guys wearing shorts." "Okay you win." I put on the shirt which was a little tight on my frame but that just meant it really showed off my muscles and my tats. "Fuck I was right, you look good enough to eat." "Let's go before I change my mind and run back to my room to change." He grabbed my hand and lead me out of the room. We were still holding hands when we walked off the elevator towards the ballroom. Brandon was standing outside the doors with Xander deep in conversation. "You two look way too guilty," I said as we approached. They both broke into big grins. "Brandon was just eyeing every guy walking in to the party and telling me which ones he wanted to fuck." Brandon looked shocked at Xander. "You know, people who don't know you would have no idea what a sub you are in the bedroom with that feisty mouth on you." They both seemed to notice Mitch at the same time. "Hey guys this is Mitch. Mitch the big guy there is Brandon and the guy with the feisty mouth is Xander." They all shook hands and Mitch said, "so Xander, how's that ass of yours feeling? I understand it had quite the workout last night. I'm sorry I missed it." He blushed. "It was pretty fucking amazing. I'm a little sore today but Marty stuck a plug up there while we were at his shop to stop my cunt from leaking so much." "Nice! I take it you got some more loads, did you get anymore ink as well?" "Oh yeah can't wait to show you later." Brandon jumped in, "you would not believe this boy's pain tolerance. I have no idea how he lasted so long." "Well after the beating we put his boy's pussy through last night I can't say I'm surprised." Brandon noticed we were still holding hands. His eyes went a little larger, "umm, so how do you guys know each other?" "Mitch and I met at one of these conferences a few years ago but didn't have a chance to really connect so we've been catching up today." Mitch smiled, "mmm boy have we ever." Xander just laughed, "I can honestly say I've never met anyone quite like you Scotty. You are my fucking hero, not to mention you've totally changed my life this week." I winked at him, "glad I could help. Now why don't we go eat some food so we have energy for what's coming later tonight." The four us walked into the party and took everything in. Every year they tried to outdo themselves with the theme of the closing night party. This year was a beach theme. The waitstaff were all dressed in swim suits and damn did the guys look hot. Mitch and I were checking out the food stations when he nudged me and motioned to hot waiter walking towards us. "Hey, look at that tat below his naval. Does that look like what I think it does?" You couldn't see the whole thing but it definitely looked like the top of a bio haz symbol. "Hmm I think your right." "Good evening gentlemen, can I get you anything to drink?" We ordered our drinks and I causally said, "nice tattoo," then winked at him. "Thank you sir, I'll be right back with your drinks." We grabbed some food while waiting for the waiter to return. I started grinning as soon as I saw the guy coming back with our drinks. His swim trunks seemed to have slipped down on his hips a bit showing off more of his tat. Mitch took his drink and whispered in the guys ear, "hmm that tats looks a lot like the ones on my boyfriend's hip and back." "Hey hon do you mind holding my drink for a minute I'm going to hit the restroom," I asked looking right at the cute server. "Sure thing babe, take your time." "Umm sir, you should use the one in the back it's always less crowded." "Thanks," I said patting him on his shoulder. I'd been in the bathroom for about five minutes about ready to give up on the waiter when I heard the outer door open, then the second door. I was standing at the urinal with my dick out slowly stroking. "Umm, so do you really have a bio on your hip and back?" I turned towards him and lowered my pants just enough so he could see my first tat. "Fuck that's hot." "Now show me yours." He pulled down his trunks to reveal a beautiful red bio haz symbol. "You on meds kid?" "No sir! My gifter told me I needed to spread the gift." "Mmm good boy." He kept staring at my hard dick which was leaking precum. Finally he couldn't take it any longer, dropped to his knees and started sucking me off. Damn I hope he was right about this bathroom. "Boy, your lips look great around my dick. Yeah that's it. Oh fuck I'm getting close boy, don't spill a drop." With that I started cumming in his mouth and he sucked me dry. I pulled out of his mouth and did up my pants as I asked him, "what time you done tonight? "Around eleven, sir." "You should come to my room after, I'm having a few friends over whom I'm sure would love to play with you." "Thanks man, I'll definitely be there." I gave him my room number and headed back out to the party to join Mitch. I was grinning like a fucking fool. "Hmm so by the look on your face can I assume your bathroom break was a success?" "Mmm oh yeah. That boy can suck a mean dick." I showed him a pic I'd taken of the guy on his knees. "He is cute." "You'll get your turn if he actually shows up after the party." "Nice can't wait." He snickered and pointed to where our new friend was standing. "His trunks seem to be riding even lower now." You could see over half his tat, any lower and his cock would pop out. "Mmm such a good slut." We found an empty table with a good view of the dance floor to sit at while we ate. One of the guys out on the dance floor caught Mitch's eye and blushed. "Damn that guy just turned bright red when he saw you." He started laughing, "I gave him two loads yesterday, the second one while he was on the phone talking to his wife." "Damn! All these closeted men who play the second they're away from home, so hot." "He was begging for my load, never brought up status or asked for a condom." "Hmm, wonder if you knocked him up?" Our waiter friend showed up just then to remove our empty plates. He hesitated for a second then said, "excuse me, sorry to interrupt but I was wondering if you minded if I was to bring a couple other guys with me tonight?" He shyly pointed out a couple other hot young waiters standing over by the bar intently watching us. "They've both just started chasing sir." Mitch and I both, at the same time said, "fuck yeah they can come." He smiled and gave his buddies the thumbs up sign. I grabbed Mitch's hand and pulled him up, "come on let's go dance." There were about fifty people out on the large dance floor. You could tell the alcohol was flowing because there was a lot of dirty dancing going on. Ladies grinding up against guys, gross I know right, but over in one corner was a small group of guys dancing together. We headed in that direction. I started to laugh when I saw Xander backed up against Brandon grinding away in the middle of the group. A couple of the guys had taken off their shirts to be more in line with the beach theme and were quickly being groped by the others. A man who clearly worked for the hotel was speaking to a couple of guys to the right of us who had been making out. Looks like he was trying to quiet the action before it turned into a full on orgy on the dance floor. Damn too bad. The guys he was talking to smiled and walked away. Hmm okay. He saw me watching and approached us. "If you're interested, we've set up a special dance room for, umm, men where it's a little more private." I must have had a shocked look on my face because he added, "we've been hosting conferences for years and have learned a thing or two about how to throw a successful closing night party." He winked and told us where there room was located. I got Xander's attention and motioned for them to follow us. When I looked back I noticed our little group had expanded to about five guys following our horny boys. We made it down the hall to where an employee was sitting. He saw us coming, just grinned and opened the door for us. I guess it was obvious we were horny gay guys seconds away from fucking like bunnies. There was only four men in the room so far and they were all busy sucking face. Someone on our group said, "so can we actually fuck in here or just kiss?" I hadn't noticed that the employee had followed us inside. "This is a safe space gentlemen, you're welcome to do anything you like as long as no one gets hurt. There are condoms and lube over there, have fun." Mitch turned to me, "holy shit is this for real?" Xander was already naked bent over a table. He looked back at all of us and asked, "who's first?" One of the guys went to grab a condom but Brandon stopped him. "This slut doesn't allow condoms up his cunt. If you want to fuck him you go in raw and leave your load behind." He saw the poz pig tat on Xander's ass and started freaking out, "yeah sorry man that's too hardcore for me." "Fuck man, not for me, move out of the way and let me at that poz cunt," said one of the other guys as he slammed his hard dick all the way into Xander's sloppy cunt. "Damn you're a fucking whore aren't you. How many fresh loads you all ready got up there?" "Not sure, lost count sir, been collecting loads all day." A few more guys had entered the room and were quickly losing their clothes. A guy who looked like he was in his sixties but still in great shape saw my back tat and bee lined over to me. "Fuck, you toxic?" "Yep." "Hot, recharge my ass man," he said as he dropped to all fours. I quickly mounted him and started pounding away. He was a vocal bottom, screaming out telling me to give him my poz load. I noticed this younger guy probably in his twenties watching me with a look of hunger on his face. "You want this poz dick inside you don't you?" He shook his head yes as of he were in a trance. "You wish you were this guy don't you?" Again he shook his head yes. "Use your words boy, tell the room what you need." He quietly said poz cum. "I can't hear you boy." The guy I was fucking pulled off my dick, stood up and took the young guy's hand leading him over to me. "It's okay son, you ever had a poz dick inside you yet?" "No sir, not yet." "But you need it don't you son?" "Yes sir, I need it bad." "Good boy, now take my place on the floor and let this poz fucker change your life." Without saying a word the kid immediately dropped to the ground and presented his tight bubble butt to me. "Now tell the man what you need." "Poz cum sir. Please poz my ass." I gently started to sink my hard cock deep into his tight hole. He started moaning. The older guy never left the boy's side. "How's that poz cock feel son?" "Oh fuck, so good sir. I need this so bad." "You're doing so good boy. He's going to start really fucking you now. You ready for it?" "Yes please pound my ass." The older guy looked at me with an evil glint in his eyes, "you heard the slut, knock him up." I started to let loose, fucking him harder and harder. A group of guys had gathered around to watch. "Okay you horny fuckers," the guy older guy said, "here's how it's going to work. Anyone insisting on rubbers you guys fuck on the that side of the room, everyone else you're with us. Now, where are my neg chasers?" Nobody moved too afraid to raise their hand. "Ahh come on you sluts, I can tell by the tats on several guys here there's a few gifters in the room so man the fuck up, be like this guy on the floor with the poz dick in his cunt and admit what you need." Three guys slowly raised their hands. "Good boys. Poz tops get busy." With that he went back to encouraging my boy to join the club. "Damn," I said, "you're even more twisted than me." He grinned, "it's my fucking mission in life to bring as many guys into the family as possible. Some just need a little push to get started." I finished shooting my load and pulled out of the bottom's ass, moving around so the old guy could take my place and the boy could clean me off. I looked around and saw that everyone in the room was fucking raw. Either the safety guys left or realized what they were missing and joined in. I found Mitch and walked over to watch him breed the married guy he'd already given two loads to yesterday. "Damn you slut," I whispered into his ear, "what would your wife say if she knew you were about to take your third poz load of the week?" "Wait what? He's poz?" "Mmm, I am," Mitch called out, "just found out this afternoon. Do you want me to stop fucking you?" The guy hesitated for only a second as Mitch started to pull out. "No, ohh my god no! Keep fucking me, please." "Good answer, I wasn't really going to stop." He slammed in deep and shot his load. "Now stay just like that and let some more of these gifters feed you their loads." Mitch pulled out and another guy eagerly took his place. We walked over to the corner to take a break and noticed it was almost eleven. "Should we head back to my room and see if those waiters actually show up?" "Good idea and if they don't we can just make out." We pulled out clothes on and were heading towards the door when the older guy stopped us. "Damn, you boys aren't leaving so soon are you?" "We've got some neg waiters from the party meeting us back at my room in a few minutes. You're welcome to join us, plus I can't imagine with the main party winding down, the hotel will let this continue much longer. I'm Scotty by the way and this is Mitch." "Hey Scotty, Mitch. I'm Walt and that sounds like a great plan. Just let me grab my clothes and I'll meet you by the elevator. Mitch took my hand, gave me a deep kiss and lead us out of the room. We didn't have to wait long before Walt showed up with Brandon and three other guys. "No Xander," I asked? Brandon just grinned, "nope he found a hot poz daddy that lives close to him and they're busy getting acquainted." "Nice good for him!" The elevator arrived and I said to the group, "well guys, should we go poz some more neg boys?"
  3. Chapter 32 Mitch Hi guys, I need to hijack the story for a bit to bring you up to speed with me, Scotty will be back shortly. Here's the deal. When I met Scotty all those years ago I had the biggest crush on him. One of my biggest regrets was not following through with our planned three-way, so when I looked across the room today and saw him sitting there looking hotter than ever, I knew I had to talk to him or I'd never forgive myself. I was thrilled how things went from there and couldn't believe how much both of us had evolved into sluts in such a short time. I hadn't given much thought to my status over the last year as I've become a no load refused guy. I never asked any of my hookups their status, I just didn't care. I few guys would be vocal and say things like, 'take my dirty load', and 'hope you like my gift you dumb fuck', so I was pretty sure I'd taken a poz load or two but honestly I didn't care. I'd never gotten sick so I didn't know if I'd been knocked up or not; however, spending time with Scotty got me thinking and now I was really curious to know my status. After the panel discussion I started heading to the next session but I couldn't get poz Scotty's out of my mind and my dick was rock hard. Fuck it, I wanted to know if I was. I'd seen a couple pharmacies close to the hotel so I figured what the hell. The second store I went to had one test left. I grabbed it and headed back to the hotel. I was a horny nervous wreck while I waited for the results. I didn't know which I wanted more, to already be poz or to be neg so Scotty could knock me up. Scotty I went back to my room and grabbed a quick shower then headed back down to the conference. As the last session of the day was wrapping up I received a text from Mitch. 'Can't stop thinking about this afternoon.' 'Me either.' I took a quick pic of my crotch where you could plainly see the outline of my hard dick and sent it to him. 'That's your fault.' 'Mmm! I'll gladly take responsibility for that. Looks like you could use a warm hole right about now.' 'Don't suppose you're up for a repeat?' 'I'm headed to my room now. Last one there bottoms first.' I didn't even try to hide my bulge as I grabbed my bag and headed to the elevators. I heard a few snickers as I passed by but I didn't care I was a man on a mission. My timing was perfect as I reached the elevator to find him waiting there. When he saw me his face broke into a big grin. He whispered in my ear, "since I made it to the elevator first technically I won, so I get your ass first." "I can live with that. But if this fucking elevator doesn't arrive soon you're going to have to breed me right here." Luckily the doors opened right then and we all loaded in the car. It took every ounce of self control to keep our hands off of each other. The second we were inside his room he ripped my shirt off sending my buttons flying across the room. "Fuck I don't know what it is about you that makes me so damn horny but I need inside that poz ass so bad." "Easy tiger, let me get my pants off first, I really like this pair and would rather you didn't ruin them too," I said laughing. "Sorry about your shirt but seriously man you need to be naked now." I quickly stripped and went for his mouth. He kissed me hard and deep like a man dying of thirst. He broke away, looked at me with hunger in his eyes and said, "bed, stomach, now." I assumed the position spreading my legs to give him access. I expected to feel his dick entering my hole but instead was pleasantly surprised to feel his beard on my hole as his tongue started to probe inside me. "Fuck you taste good, nothing better than a cummy hole." "Oh my god yes," I cried out, "eat my ass." He continued rimming my sensitive hole for another twenty minutes until I couldn't take it any longer. "Fuck me, need ahhh, cock ahh, now," I managed to stutter as I was grasping for breath. "You want me to fuck you?" "Yes!" I screamed out. He flipped me over onto my back and slammed his hard dick all the way in letting out a loud groan as he bottomed out. "Fuck, you have an amazing ass." He started pounding me into submission, damn he was good. "I'm getting close slut, you ready for my load?" "Fucking give it to me!" I said wrapping my legs around him pulling him into me. I felt his dick spasming releasing his load deep inside me. As soon as his dick started to soften and leave my ass I rolled us over so I was now on top. Without missing a beat I place my extremely hard cock right at his hole and sinked into his tight body. "That's it stud, my turn to take your toxic load. Fuck me hard." Now don't get me wrong I love orgies, nothing hotter than a group of hot sweaty bodies exchanging loads but there's something so intimate about just two guys who are so into each other. As I was moving in and out of his ass I leaned down and started kissing Mitch. There was something so intense about our connection I couldn't get enough of him. He kissed me back, putting his hands on my face looking deep into my eyes. "Give me your strain you fucking poz stud, recharge my ass." With that my dick exploded shooting one of my biggest loads deep inside his ass. I gave him a deep kiss as my dick was slowly deflating. "Fuck that was hot when you told me to recharge your ass." "Mmm glad you liked that, seems this past year I managed to get myself knocked up." "Wait, what, how, I'm confused." He laughed, "after our first fuck I couldn't stop thinking about your poz cock and wondering what my status was so after my panel discussion was over I ran to the pharmacy and got a rapid test." He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the test strip. There, clear as day were two beautiful lines. "Well fuck me! Isn't that the hottest thing ever," I said kissing him again. "I have to say I'm a little disappointed I don't get to be the one to knock you up but on the other hand, there's nothing sexier than fucking another poz guy." I was sitting on top of him and could feel his cock growing against my back. I lifted up and sat back down on his dick. "Mmm, you like my poz dick in your ass? Damn I like saying that, my poz dick." "Yeah you fucking slut I love your poz dick. Now give me another load." "I've had a lot of sex but holy shit that was wow," he said as I collapsed next him after he finished giving me anther load. "God, intense right?" "Yes! Damn I wonder how long I've been poz." "Mmm, I wonder how many sluts you've knocked up and didn't even know it." "Oh fuck l didn't even think of that. Damn that's hot." We laid there for awhile chatting while he ran his hand up and down my tats. "You really like my tats huh?" "Oh yeah! Nothing turns me on more than a hot guy with tattoos." "We need to get you some of your own. You'll have to come up to the city and visit me some weekend and I'll take you to my guy. You'll like him, he's as big a slut as we are." He started chuckling. "What's so funny?" "I just realized we've been a little preoccupied so I never told you, I'm not in Florida anymore. I transferred to your city about six months ago." He had a big grin on his face. "Fuck, are you serious?" "Yep, I'm in the East Village." "Well damn! You've been blocks away from me for six months. Too funny." "I kept hoping I would run into you but nope it took us flying to the other side of the country to finally hookup." "Well you were definitely worth the wait." My phone buzzed so I looked and saw a text from Brandon wanting to know if we were going to the closing night party. "Everything okay," he asked. "Yep just Brandon asking about the party tonight." I looked at the clock and saw it was almost seven. "Fuck, I suppose we should take a break and make an appearance. Oh and then you can introduce me to your boy from last night. I'd love to add my toxic cum to his sloppy cunt later." "Great idea but I think we should probably rinse off first. We smell like sex." I sent Brandon a text telling him we'd meet him downstairs in about a half hour. I reached my hand out to Mitch and lead him to the bathroom. "Okay, let's go get clean so we can get dirty later."
  4. Chapter 20 It'd been a week since I'd seen the apartment and no word from Lucas. I was starting to get antsy. I was in a meeting Friday afternoon when I finally received a text from him. 'Hi Kevin, I have some news for you. Do you have time to meet with me today?' Was he kidding me, come on already did they accept my offer or not? Not a hard question. 'Sure, is it good news or bad news,' I texted back. 'How about you swing by my office around six. We can talk then.' He was really starting to annoy me and by meeting at his office the chance of repeat performance on his ass was looking slim. 'Fine, six it is.' Luckily it was already four so it wouldn't be too long a wait. At six I made it to his office right as someone was locking up the place. "Ahh hi, I'm supposed to be meeting Lucas at six." The woman locking the doors gave me a disgusted look then said, "our office is closed. If you have an appointment you'll have to call your agent to let you in." She turned and walked away from me. Okay, I'm glad I wasn't working with her. I pulled out my phone to call Lucas just as I saw him walking into the lobby. He let me in and gave me big hug making sure to squeeze my ass in the process. "Hi Kevin, thanks for coming down. Let's go talk in the back." He lead me to conference room and I noticed walking through the office that we appeared to be the only ones there. "You're killing me Lucas, did they accept the offer or not?" "Mostly, they just wanted a few minor changes but I don't think you'll object to them." We quickly went through the changes and he was right, I was totally fine with everything. About ten minutes later we we're all done. "Okay, not that I don't love visiting your office but it seems we could have easily done that over the phone." "Sorry about that. That's totally my fault I told Lucas to have you come in so I could meet you." I turned towards the new voice and noticed this good looking older man standing in the doorway. "I'm Thomas," he said as he reached his hand out to me. "Hi Thomas, I'm Kevin and I'm confused," I responded shaking his hand. He chuckled, "I just wanted to meet the man who finally convinced Lucas to give up his cherry. I've been after this boy's ass ever since he started working for me but he always insisted he was a total top." "All you needed to do was run your tongue over his pink pucker and you would've had him. Turns out he enjoys having things in his ass." I grinned. "Mmm, so I've discovered. Isn't that right boy?" "Yes sir, will you please fuck me now sir, I'm so horny." "Did you finish your business with Kevin?" "Yes sir we just finished up." "Good boy, now strip." Holy fucking shit! This was the hottest thing is ever seen. Lucas, the total cocky alpha top male had become a sub and all it took was me rimming his cunt, well damn. He stood in front of us with his hands behind his back showing off his naked body. "Fuck me, Lucas what's happened to you?" His cock was locked away and all his body hair had been removed. "Sir, Thomas locked my cock away to punish me for being a rude top and being too picky about who I was willing to fuck. He said I needed to learn to share my seed with anyone who wanted it." God damn I was rock hard. "And your new smooth look," I asked while running my hands over his smooth chest, tweaking his nipples. "Dad prefers his boys smooth. He said he may let me grow it back after I've learned my proper place." I looked over at Thomas who had taken his dick out and was slowly stroking. He was grinning from ear to ear. "I can't believe this is the same cocky guy that showed me the condo last week." "Dad I'm so horny will you guys please fuck me now?" Thomas chuckled, "such an impatient horny boy. Why don't you help Kevin undress then we'll see about breeding your boy pussy." Lucas started taking my clothes off, I was hard as a rock. Once I was naked Lucas returned to his standing position. I looked over at Thomas and saw we were all naked now. Damn he was hot! He was probably in his sixties but his body was all muscles. He's noticed my biohaz tat and let out a low whistle. "Damn, boy did you notice Kevin's tattoo last week when he breed your cunt?" "No sir I wasn't really paying attention to anything other than my hole." "Take a good look at it now son. Do you know what that means?" You could tell by the expression on his face he knew exactly what it meant. He gulped, "yes sir I know what it means." "Say it out loud boy." "He's HIV positive sir." "Good boy. Now I wonder, do you think he's toxic or on meds and therefore basically safe. Should we ask him son?" I was so hard as I watched the interaction between Thomas and his new boy. You could see Lucas's internal battle going on behind his eyes. After a few seconds he said, "whatever you think's best sir." Thomas went over and gave him a big kiss then bent him over the conference room table. "You're such a good boy. I'm so proud of you. I'm going to let Kevin breed your cunt first and shoot his load deep inside you, then as your cleaning off his cock he can tell you what flavor of cum he just gave you." His whole body shivered as he said, "thank you sir." Thomas winked at me and moved out of the way giving me total access to his boy. I was so hard I just slammed my cock in his waiting hole. "You want me to destroy your hole boy?" "Oh my god, yes please breed my cunt, fill me with your load!" "Fuck I can't believe you're the same guy I met last week. Thomas has done a number on you hasn't he slut." "Holy fucking hell, I'm just a faggot slut who needs a cock inside his pussy." Thomas grinned at me, "it's been quite a week for the boy. He's come to realize he's nothing more than a hole." "Seriously, what'd you do to him?" Thomas chuckled, "the morning after he showed you the place I caught him in the bathroom with his fingers up his ass. Turns out he couldn't stop thinking about your cock being inside his cunt. Isn't that right son?" "Yes sir, I had no idea how amazing it would feel. I needed something back inside me so bad," he called out as I continued to breed his ass. "When he saw me instead of being embarrassed he simply turned around presented his butt to me and begged me fuck him. How could I possibly resist an offer like that. After I unloaded in him I told him he was too stay in the bathroom the rest of the morning and let all his coworkers take a turn." My mouth must have hit the floor because he added, "we're a small office and most of my agents are gay men so none of them minded at all, especially since Lucas here always thought he was better than the rest of us. Isn't that right boy?" "Yes sir, I'm sorry sir. I was a very bad boy." "I asked his coworkers what his punishment should be and they're the ones who came up with locking his precious cock away." Hearing that pushed me over the edge and I fired off my load deep inside him. When I pulled out he immediately dropped to his knees and started cleaning me off. "So slut, do you want to know if you just took a toxic load or not?" He looked up at me with my dick in his mouth and tired to say something. I smiled down at him, "don't worry boy, I'm sure you'll be poz soon and I can't imagine with all the cum you've been taking this week that I'm the only toxic cock you've had inside you." "Sadly I believe you may be," Thomas said. "A couple of us are undetectable but most of the others are on PrEP. Although after watching your toxic cock do a number on my newest boy I may have to rethink the whole meds thing since that was the hottest thing I've seen in a long time." "Do it man, you should poz your whole team." He couldn't take it any longer, so he pushed Lucas back over the table and mounted his ass. His cock was bigger than mine so it did a good job of pushing my toxic load deeper inside his boy. It didn't take long before he was adding his load to mine. We each gave him another dose of cum before we wrapped things up for the evening. Lucas promised me he'd be in touch as soon as everything was set for my closing. After that I gave Thomas a big kiss and thanked him for an amazing night. Next time I see Scotty I'd have to make sure to thank for recommending Lucas as my realtor.
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  6. Chapter 19 I'd been home for a couple of months now and life had returned to a mostly normal routine of work, hanging with friends and lots of sex. I was busy but happy. The only thing bugging me now was my housing situation. When I first moved to the city I'd thought I'd found the perfect place but turns out my building had a lot of issues I wasn't aware of not to mention with my office's recent relocation to a different neighborhood it took me a lot longer to commute each day, so I'd decided to find a new place. I talked with Scotty and he was kind enough to hook me up with the real estate agent he'd used a few years ago. Lucas and I had been corresponding by email for a couple weeks so I wasn't really prepared for when we finally met. It was safe to say Scotty had definitely left out a few things. He was fucking gorgeous. He was tall, had to be close to 6'6" and didn't look like he had an ounce of fat on his tight muscular body, I hated him already. I guessed he was somewhere in his late twenties with short dark brown hair styled in a messy way that made him look even hotter. He had dark green eyes with a strong jaw line that was sporting a couple days worth of stubble. I had no idea if he was gay or not and frankly didn't really care, I'd bend over for this guy anytime. I learned he also had a deep sexy voice and firm grip when he greeted me and shook my hand. "Hi Kevin, it's great to finally meet you." "You too Lucas." Damn I could get lost in those eyes, fuck I needed to focus. "So I've got a couple of places I think you'll like," he said as we entered the first building and headed up to the apartment. "It's on the tenth floor, has one bedroom one bathroom but it's pretty big by city standards." He opened the door for me and let me enter first. As I walked past him I took a deep breath, fuck me, he even smelled good. The apartment was nice but just didn't speak to me so we left and headed to the next building. As we were riding down the elevator we kept stopping at almost every floor to pick up people. Pretty soon Lucas and I were smashed up against the back wall of the elevator. We stopped on the third floor and one more guy got on. I was forced to shift over a little and found myself with my back to Lucas. Okay so yes, I might have taken advantage of the situation and leaned back into him a bit. As we neared the lobby I swear I could feel something start to poke me in my ass so of course I pressed back even more. All too soon we reached the lobby and everyone emptied out. I glanced at Lucas's crotch and noticed he was definitely growing down there. "So how do you know Scotty," he asked as we started walking the couple of blocks to the next building. "God, I've known Scotty for years." "Oh cool, so did you guys ever date?" I started chuckling. "Oh god sorry, I just assumed you were gay like Scotty." "Oh Lucas you're fine, I am gay. I'm laughing because I can't picture Scotty ever dating anyone. That boy likes to fuck way too much to ever settle down with one guy and if he ever did, his partner would have to be as big a whore as he is." He was smiling, "you have a good point. I've heard rumors about him, just wasn't sure if they were true." "So you guys never hooked up then?" "No we had a very professional relationship. Honestly I haven't really seen him other than in passing for the last couple of years." "Ahh, well trust me if you worked with him now I'm sure he'd have you naked in seconds fucking your amazing ass." He grinned at me, "I don't get fucked but it's nice to know you think my ass is amazing." We'd reached the next building and the doorman let us in before I had a chance to respond. "Okay so this is another one bed one bath apartment with a recently renovated kitchen." "Great can't wait to see it and yes your ass is amazing," I said as I exited the elevator. He opened the door to the apartment and again stepped aside to let me enter first. This time as I moved by him I made sure to graze the front of his pants with my hand, "nice crotch too." Damn, I liked this apartment. It had an open concept so it made the space feel bigger than it was. The bedroom wasn't huge but it was still a good size. The owner had already moved out so the space was empty. "What do you think of the place?" "It's perfect." "The previous owner moved out of state and it's been on the market for awhile so I think they're pretty motivated to sell." "I think this is the one, I'd like to make an offer." "Excellent." He was grinning from ear to ear. "Fuck you are so handsome." My cock was starting to grow. He noticed and his grin got even bigger. "So tell me Kevin, are you as big a slut as Scotty?" "Hmm not sure anyone's as slutty as he is but I certainly try my best. So does your office have a policy about fucking around with clients?" I moved closer so I was standing right in front of him. "They certainly do. However, I feel very strongly about making sure my customers always have a positive home buying experience and I'm prepared to help them achieve that anyway I can." With that he grabbed my crotch, leaned down and gave me kiss. He broke off the kiss and placed his hands my shoulders pushing me down to my knees. "Take my cock out and show me just how slutty you really are." I undid his pants releasing a huge 9" throbbing cock that was already leaking a ton of precum. "Ahh fuck, that's it get him nice and wet since that's the only lube you're getting" I tried to get as much of his cock in my mouth as I could but only made it a few inches. He didn't seem to mind as he was moaning like crazy. After about ten minutes my jaw was killing me not to mention my hole was itching to be wrecked. I pulled off his dick, dropped my pants, got on all fours and presented my ass to him. "Enough foreplay breed me now!" "Fuck you've got a nice hole. I can tell you're definitely no virgin but I'm still going to love stretching out that cunt." "Less talking more fucking. Come on man I need your load." He slowly started shoving his dick inside me. Oh my god he was big and thick. He made it to my second hole and I couldn't wait any longer so I moved backwards to meet his thrust causing him to sink all the way in. "Holy fuck you're so big," I yelled out. "Shit man, I've never had anyone take my cock so easily. Your cunt's so silky, feels so damn good." "Seriously Lucas, pound my fucking ass hard." He started to pick up speed and it felt amazing. "That's it, harder fucking harder, destroy my hole. You want to sell me this condo you need to fuck me harder man." "You fucking slut, you like it rough huh. You're going to buy this condo you fucking faggot or I'm never going to breed your cunt again." "Holy shit yes that's it man harder." He went for it and started pounding my ass even rougher. I was in heaven moaning like a bitch in heat. Pretty soon I could feel his cock start to spasm in my cunt firing off shot after shot of hot cum. I clamped down hard and milked every last drop from his cock. He slowly pulled out and I immediately turned around and started cleaning off his cock. "Fuck you're so nasty licking the cock that just breed your cunt." "Got that right, can't waste a drop of cum." While I continued licking his dick my hand found its way to his ass and I started to run my finger around his hole. "Watch the finger man I don't like guys playing with my ass." "Seriously, you've never been eaten out before?" "Yeah no way man, I don't get fucked." "Nobody said anything about fucking just rimming your tight butt a little. Try it son trust me you'll love it." "I don't know man," he still protested even though he turned around and showed me his perfect bubble butt. I placed my hand on his back and got him to bend over. I started out slowly running my tongue over his hole. His body jumped and he started to moan. "Oh fuck, that's not what I expected." "Feels good huh." "Oh man yes, please don't stop." I dove back in and really went to town on his beautiful hole. I removed my tongue and replaced it with my fingers. "To be the best top you really should bottom at least once so you know what your bottom's feeling as you pound his cunt." I was up to three fingers and he seemed to be really enjoying himself. "See, having things up your ass isn't so bad now it's it." "Wow, had no idea! feel so good." He stuttered out as I continued to finger him. I pulled out and he gasped. "So empty please but them back." "I think you're ready for something else now." I didn't give him any time to react, simply stuck the head of my dick inside his tight hole. "How's that feel?" "Holy shit, give me more." I slowly sank my cock all the way in until my balls were bouncing off his ass. "I'm going to fuck you now and leave my load behind." "Oh my god yes, feels so good." It didn't take long before I was filling his ass with my toxic load. "Fuck I can't believe I've never done that before." "Hmm does this mean you're going to be taking more loads up that tight ass of yours." "Fuck yeah I definitely need to do that again." "Good slut, see being versatile is so much funner." "You're absolutely right. Thanks for that, now were you serious about putting an offer on this condo?" I burst out laughing, "yep totally serious." We got dressed and headed over to his office to write up the offer. He told me it'd probably be a few days before we'd hear anything but he'd let me know the second he did. I gave him a deep kiss, grabbed his ass and said, "can't wait. We'll definitely have to fuck again once you hear back." "Of course, no better way to celebrate. I'll be in touch soon." Now began the waiting game. I just hoped me fucking him hadn't made things too weird between us as I definitely wanted another go at that ass.
  7. Chapter 31 I woke up late Thursday morning and rolled over to see Xander cuddled up against Brandon. When I looked closer I noticed that Brandon's dick was lodged firmly in Xander's ass. Not sure when that happened but I was pretty sure it wasn't that way when we finally crashed last night. I left the boys sleeping and went for a run. When I got back they were still out cold so I jumped in the shower to clean up. As I was getting dressed I started to hear some moaning coming from the bed. It sounded like Brandon was awake and giving Xander his first load of the day. "Morning boys, how's that cunt feel this morning?" They both answered at the same time, "sloppy as fuck man," and "sore but so good sir." I chuckled, "damn Xander I have to say I've never met anyone quite like you before. Did you even come once last night?" He thought for a second, "oh sir, nope I didn't. I was so focused on my cunt I never even gave my pathetic little cock a second thought." "That's because your little dick's not important," Brandon said, "god gave you an amazing cunt for real men to use." With that he grunted and shot his load. "Fuck I really should have found a plug for you yesterday to make sure all those loads stayed in place." "I thought the same thing last night, that's why when I woke up in the middle of the night with Xander up against my chest I could feel some cum leaking out so I stuck my cock inside him." Xander rolled over and gave him a deep kiss. "Mmm, thank you!" He got quiet for a second then asked, "do you really think I got knocked up last night?" He was so fucking cute. I sat on the bed next to him and took his hand. "Son, if your body's not in the process of joining team poz right now after the job we did on your boy pussy then I don't think any amount off cum can do the job. Why, you're not having second thoughts are you?" "Oh god no! Just wondering how long I'm going to have to wait to get my biohaz tat, those are so fucking hot." I leaned down and gave him a kiss. "I'm so glad I went for that run the other day and ran into you, this has been one hell of a conference." Brandon seemed to notice I was dressed for the day and said, "I suppose we have to responsible employees today huh." I laughed, "well I think I need too after yesterday, but I'm cool if you want to chill today. I don't think there's anything pressing for you to attend." "Sweet, thanks. Xander and I talked about going back to Marty's and getting some more ink." "I'm sure Marty will love that. You boys have fun." I kissed them both then went down to the conference. I found the session I was looking for and settled in just as they were getting started. About halfway through the presentation I looked around the room to check out the crowd and see if there was anyone I recognized. Sitting a row in front of me on the other side of the small room was this really hot guy that looked familiar but I couldn't quite place him. He must have sensed me staring at him because pretty soon he turned towards me and looked at me. After a few seconds he got a huge smile on his face. Holy shit I think that was this guy named Mitch. We'd met a few years ago at another conference and I almost hooked up with him and his boyfriend but he backed out at the last second. If I remember correctly, he told his bf he wasn't ready to do a threesome. I was so pissed. Anyway, back to now. Damn he looked even better than I remembered. He was sporting a nicely trimmed beard and looked like he'd filled out a bit. He was about my height but definitely had more muscles. He caught my eye, pointed to his arm then to me and gave me a thumbs up sign. The room was on the warm side so I had rolled up my sleeves, which gave him a good view of my tats. I didn't have full sleeve tats back then but I seem to recall he had a thing for tattoos. I felt my cock waking up. Damn this session couldn't get over fast enough. I couldn't tell you a word the presentors said after I noticed Mitch. I don't know about anyone else but ever since I joined team poz I can't get enough sex. I'm horny all the time. You'd think after the last two days I'd be good for at least a day or two but nope I needed more. As the session ended I debated about making a break for it or going over to say hi. Luckily I didn't have to decide. By the time I bent down to grab my bag and stood up Mitch was standing right next to me. "Scott right," he asked reaching out his hand. "Yeah Scotty, and you're Mitch?" "Yep, I was hoping you'd be here. I really wanted to run into you. Do you have plans for lunch? Want to grab a bite?" No, yes, and fuck me now! "Nope no plans. Lunch sounds great." We left the hotel and headed a block over to where there were a bunch of restaurants. "I'm really glad you were here this year Scotty. After that last time we met I've been hoping to run into you again." "I missed the conference the last couple of years. This is the first time I've been able to make it back since the time I hung out with you and your boyfriend." "You mean the time I got cold feet and backed out of you fucking me?" I laughed, "yep exactly, I was just trying to put it in a nicer way." "You know I have to say I really kicked myself for not going through with that threeway. I was so into you." "Don't worry about it, it's not for everyone. So, you still with that guy?" He started laughing, "oh you'll love this. So if you remember, he's the one who wanted to open our relationship up and I was hesitant." "Oh yeah I remember. I was so pissed at you." "Well the week after the conference he finally talked me into going through with it. Turns out I fucking loved it, him not so much." That made me laugh even harder. "That's so perfect, I love it!" "Yep turns out I'm a big ole slut." "So you're not still together then," I asked. "Oh god no, we broke up about a month after that. What about you, still doing threeways?" "Threeways, fourways, gang bangs hell yeah." "Man I saw this party advertised for last night. Some guy was whoring out his new boy, no loads refused." Hmm, interesting. "Where'd you see this?" "On bbrts, it's a barebacking site, oh sorry if that offends you." He was too funny, "yeah you're fine. I never use condoms." "Oh thank God! I was taking to some guy a few weeks ago and mentioned fucking raw and he lectured me for a half hour about how stupid I was being. Needless to say we did not fuck." "So this party last night, were they looking for poz guys to knock up the boy?" "Oh man did you see it too? I mean the ad said no load refused but poz guys preferred, so yeah seemed like a pozzing party to me." "How come you didn't go?" "Well, I waited too long to ask for an invite and honestly, I'm not sure if I'm poz or not so," he shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. I pulled out my phone and pulled up the pic of Xander I used in the ad. "Was this the slut?" "Yep that's him. Wait, did you go?" "Umm yeah I threw the party." "Holy shit are you serious?" He got all quiet and asked, "so did he get knocked up?" "Well he took forty loads, the majority of which were poz so I'd say yeah we were successful." "Damn I'm so hard right now." "So what about you? You said you don't know if your poz, does that mean there's a chance you might be?" "Well, I haven't tested in over a year and I don't usually ask my partners status so who knows." "Nice! You on PrEP?" "I was, stopped taking it about a year ago." "You are a slut. You chasing?" "I wouldn't really call myself a chaser but I figure it's going to happen sooner or later." "And you're okay with that?" We were sitting side by side so he reached for my hand and placed it on his crotch under the table. He was rock hard. I squeezed his cock and said, "I think we need to get out of here now." We paid the check and made it back to the hotel in record time. "Your room or mine?" He asked. "Yours, if that's okay. It's not that I mind groups but right now I'd really like some quality one on one time." "Wait is that slut staying with you?" "He's not but when I left my room this morning he was still there with my assistant." "Oh my god, you're fucking your assistant? I love it." "Then you'll die when I tell you his uncle is my doctor and he's one of the guys who pozzed my ass." We barely made it into his room before he grabbed me and forced his tongue down my throat. His hands were busy trying to take my clothes off. He broke off the kiss and ripped his shirt off over his head showing me his tight sixpack covered with a nice layer of blond hair. I walked him back until he got to the edge of the bed, then pushed him so fell on his back. I quickly removed his pants and his hard cock jumped out. "Damn you horny slut going commando," I said as I swallowed his eight inch dick. I sucked his balls then moved my tongue further down to taste his sweaty ass. "Mmm, yummy," I moaned. I got him nice and wet and stuck a finger in his hole while eating him out. "Oh my god you're driving me crazy. Stick your fucking poz dick in my ass please!" He screamed. That's all the encouragement I needed. I slammed in balls deep, his ass gripping my cock trying to milk my load out of me. "Fuck you horny slut you want my poz load bad don't you?" "Yes! Give it to me man. Give me your dirty load." I was so turned on it didn't take me long to explode deep inside him. "I sure hope your versatile because it's your turn to breed my cunt now man." "Hell yeah!" He wrapped his legs around me, flipped me on my back and before I could even catch my breath, plunged his hard dick all the way in. "You like it rough don't you slut?" "Fuck yeah, breed my cunt. Harder man, destroy my ass." He continued pounding away for about twenty minutes, telling me what a whore I was. Soon I could tell he was getting close. He started kissing me as he shot rope after rope of cum into my ass. We kissed for another ten minutes or so then collapsed on the bed. "Fuck that was hot. I'm sure I've taken poz loads in the past year but hearing you tell me you were giving me your poz load was such a turn on. Thanks for that." He glanced at the clock and noticed the time. "Fuck, I'm on a panel that starts in twenty minutes. I better get cleaned up. Please tell me we can do that again tonight." "Absolutely, and I might even be able to arrange for you to have a go at the slut from last night." "Mmm the more the merrier." We got cleaned up and headed back down to the conference with a promise to meet up later.
  8. Thanks Dane! That means a lot, glad you're enjoying.
  9. Chapter 30 Xander went back to his room to rest up and I headed over to see Jack. He saw me coming and got a huge grin on his face. "Marty sent me a pic of your boy, he looks hot." "Yeah he did a great job. So I'm planning a little party for Xander tonight you should stop by my room anytime after eight, oh and feel free to bring any of your poz friends along, the more toxic the better." "Excellent, I'll definitely be there. I'm assuming you already invited Marty." "Yep he said he'd be there and he's hoping to bring some guys with piercings." "Mmm great! Nothing like a little metal in your cunt to make sure all that special cum makes it permanently into your DNA." I headed back upstairs and heard the shower running so I stripped and pulled back the shower curtain to join him. I shouldn't have been surprised but there was Mike on his knees blowing Brandon. "Jesus Christ Mike, how are you not totally hungover?" He pulled off of Brandon's cock and looked up at me, "coffee, lots of coffee." I chuckled, "okay you slut, off your knees. Brandon needs to save his loads for tonight. We have a special project we're working on." He pouted but got up. "So I don't get your cum anymore?" "Don't be a greedy bottom, there'll be plenty to go around tonight. It'll be good to have two bottom whores there." "Okay thanks," he's said leaning in to give me a kiss. "Your hubby know what a slut you've turned into on this trip?" "No, I'm not quite sure how to tell him I've been barebacking and taking poz loads." "We could always film you begging to be knocked up and send it to him." "Umm, yeah not so sure about the sending it to him part but I'd love to have it so I can watch myself." Brandon rolled his eyes, "you are such a slut. You should go back to the conference and see if you can attrack some more poz men to bring tonight since you seem to be really good at sniffing us out." We got Mike out of the shower and sent him on his way. "That boy is like a fucking puppy, he won't stop following me around." I started laughing, "yeah some of these chasers who don't realize they're chasers can be a little clingy when they get their first taste of the bug. Hopefully there'll be plenty of men here tonight." I jumped on bbrts and placed a party ad for tonight, 'my new totally smooth boy's in town for a few more days taking all loads. Prefer toxic men, need to make sure he leaves here knocked up but no load refused.' A couple of hours before the main event was scheduled to start I checked to see if anyone had requested an invite. Nice, twenty guys had expressed interest so far. I weeded out the escorts and the scary ones and ended up with fourteen potential guests, nine of which stated on their profiles they were poz. Not bad for a Wednesday night. I sent out acceptance notifications with the hotel info listed. Even if only half actually showed there should be plenty of guys to do one hell of a number on Xander's cunt. At seven on the dot there was a knock on the door. Brandon was standing closest to the door so he let Xander in. "Fuck you're even cuter in person. Come on in." He came in and immediately started taking his clothes off. "Damn Scotty was right you are a horny one." "No sir, I mean yes I'm extremely horny, but I have instructions to only wear clothes in public." I was sitting on the couch watching the interchange. "Boy, why don't you ask Brandon here to take you into the bathroom and make sure you're ready for your guests." "Sir I'd appreciate it if you could inspect my cunt and make sure I'm ready to go." "Absolutely," Brandon replied shedding his clothes and leading Xander into the bathroom. "Get in the tub and bend over." He did as instructed and Brandon started rubbing his hard cock around Xander's pink hole using his precum to lube him up. After a few seconds he pressed the head of his cock inside and started pissing. "You ever had a piss enema before?" "No sir, this is my first time." "Okay I'm just about done. When I start to pull out you need to clinch your ass muscles and keep every drop inside you until I tell you to release." "Yes sir." About thirty seconds later he pulled out, Xander clinched his ass, dropped to his knees and started to clean off Brandon's cock. "Good god Scotty, you've trained this slut well." "He's a natural, just needed a little encouragement to reach his full potential." "You like my piss deep inside your pussy?" "Mmm, yes sir I feel full but good." "Just a few more minutes then you can let it go. Just keep sucking me while we wait." He latched back on and deep throated Brandon until he was about to shoot his load. "Okay boy, that's enough for now, go ahead and release in the toilet. Then rinse off in the shower and when you're done get on the bed on all fours." About ten minutes later the boy was on the bed ready for loads. I couldn't wait any longer to eat him out so I dove into his ass and started rimming like crazy. He was moaning so loud Brandon shoved his dick in his mouth to keep him quiet. "Damn he's as really good sucker." "Wait until you breed him, his cunt is even better than his mouth." I reached under him and sure enough his little dick was leaking like crazy. I took some of his precum and lubed my cock up then slammed into him in one go. "Damn you're faggot ass was made for real men to use." I pounded in and out and soon grabbed him by his hips and impaled my dick all the way in giving him his first load of the evening. Brandon quickly took my place and had been fucking him for about twenty minutes when there was a knock at the door. I opened up and there was Jack, Mike, Marty and three other men. "Come on in guys and makes yourselves comfortable. We have two neg bottoms with us tonight and our mission is to make sure they both have enough toxic cum in them that's there's no question of their status by the end of the night." I could see Mike start to panic. Brandon got off the bed and put his arm around him and said, "slut, what the fuck did you think was going to happen tonight. This is a conversion party. Besides you've already taken so much poz cum the deeds probably already done." He was still freaking out and I could see that Jack had just about had it. "Look," Jack said turning Mike towards the bed, "see that slut over there with his ass in the air?" He shook his head yes, "he knows his place is to serve real men. He's ready to accept his destiny, so you either get naked and take your place next to him or leave. The real men in the room have work to do." With that Jack walked over and shoved his hard dick deep into Xander. "Thank you sir! Please poz my cunt." "Fuck yeah that's how a real boy behaves." It didn't take him long before he was adding his cum to the mix. After he pulled out he grabbed a sharpy from his pants and went back to Xander. On the small of his back he wrote 'neg', 'poz', and '?'. Under poz he made a hash mark then looked at me and I held up two fingers. He added two more lines than patted him on the ass and said, "good boy, you're off to a good start. Who's next?" I'd been so turned on watching Jack fuck Xander that I missed where Mike had disappeared to. Brandon caught my eye and said, "he bolted, decided this was too much for him." "I don't understand some guys. Guess he wasn't drunk enough to take poz cum tonight." Marty's three friends lined up in order of the size of their cocks. The first guy was average size and appeared to be so turned on it didn't take long for him to blast his load inside. The second guy had about eight inches and was pretty thick, he pounded away while his buddies egged him on to knock the bitch up. As he was shooting his load I finally took a good look at the third guy. Wow, how had I missed him. He patted Xander ass and told him to roll over into his back. "Hey slut I want to look in your eyes as I destroy your cunt." His dick was easily over nine inches, extremely thick, and had a beautiful PA with a rough finish to it that looked like it would definitely do a number on his insides. I watched Xander's eyes go wide when he saw the monster heading his way, but instead of fear it was hunger. The guy saw the same thing and said, "fuck yeah, they weren't kidding about you." He ran his hand over his biohaz tat right above his cock. "Tell me what you want boy?" "Poz me up sir! Make me complete. Please, fucking destroy my boy pussy." With that he slammed in deep causing Xander to catch his breath, his eyes rolled back in his head and he started moaning. "Fuck yeah you slutty whore, my cock is working all those poz loads deep into the lining of your cunt. There's no way you're not leaving here without carrying all our poz babies." He pulled all the way out and I could see streeks of red on his dick, damn that was beautiful. "You ready for my toxic load boy, "he asked as he rammed his cock back in not stopping till his balls were bouncing off his ass. "Yes, Damn it, yes," he screamed, "knock me up!" This had to be one of the hottest pozzing I'd ever had the privilege of participating in. Xander was smiling from ear to ear as the guy pulled out and presented him his dick to clean off. He reached out with his hands to pull his legs up and asked who's next while he took the cock covered in pink cum into his mouth. I'd been so turned on watching I hadn't realized four other men had arrived, all naked with their hard dick out ready to add their loads. "Hey guys any of you toxic?" Two of them smiled and raised their hands. "Perfect, you guys go first." One didn't wait to be told twice and took his place between Xander's legs and got to work. "Hope you don't mind waiting," I said addressing the other two." "Fuck no, totally understand. I'm only sorry I'm on meds, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen." "Agreed, I'm going home and flushing my meds down the toilet," the fourth guy said. "I never really understood the need to spread the bug until watching this bottom so willingly accept his place." Marty's friend had climbed off the bed and joined us watching Xander take his next load. "Fuck yeah do it man! Flush your meds. It's our responsibility to knock up all bottoms especially ones like this slut. He was made for real men to use, just look at him moaning begging for our poz seed." After that it became a free-for-all. A couple of us were versatile so we entertained the total tops while Xander was busy taking loads. The only rule we had was the guys couldn't cum in us they had to deposit in Xander regardless of their status. Ten out fourteen of the party invites actually showed up which I was really pleased with. Some guys just blew their loads and left but most stuck around to fuck him a couple time. As the party started to wind down it was just me, Brandon, Jack and Marty's friend, whose name I learned was Allen. Xander had his head in my lap. "How you doing boy?" "If anyone had told me on Monday that this conference would fucking change my life I would've told them they were crazy. But holy fucking hell this has been utterly amazing. My cunt is sore but I'm still horny. Not even sure how that's possible." Allen chuckled, "gotta say boy, I've pozzed a lot of guys in my life but I've never had anyone quite like you. Your body was made to serve real men and your cunt, damn don't even get me started. I know you're sore but I'm sorry I have to have one more go at it before I go home." Xander didn't say a word, simple lifted his legs up giving Allen access to his hole. He slid his hard cock inside and begin to fuck his ass. "Damn you are so much looser now that you were at the beginning of the night. Such a sloppy cunt, ahh here cums." It was soon just me, Brandon and Xander left in the room. We all collapsed on the bed. "Thank you Scotty, that was truly the best night of my life. I can't believe it took me so long to embrace my true self." "Glad I could help," I said leaning over to give him a kiss. "So just how many loads did I end up with?" He rolled over so we could do a final count. "Oh wow," Brandon was grinning, "man you're my hero. Five unkown, 3 neg, and a whopping 31 poz. No make that 32 I forgot to add Allen's last load." "Holy shit, I took 40 loads in one night. Good god I am a fucking slut no wonder I'm so sore." He started laughing. "Guess I truly earned that tat then." "Oh yeah I think it's safe to say there's no way you didn't get knocked up tonight." We all kissed then dozed off to sleep satisfied in knowing that Xander had had a very positive evening.
  10. Chapter 29 We dozed off for awhile but I soon woke up to a warm mouth on my rapidly expanding cock. "I'm sorry sir I didn't mean to wake you but I just couldn't resist your dick. I've never been so horny in my entire life." I put my hands on his head guiding him back down on me. "Don't worry about it, that's just your true self waking up and taking charge. Now get me hard so you can ride my dick." He sucked me for a few minutes then straddled my hips and sat down on my hard cock. He let out a very satisfied moan as he sank all the way down. "Oh man it feels so amazing." "I still can't believe you went five years without a hard cock inside your warm boy pussy." "Well to be honest I didn't really enjoy it that much. It always hurt with the condom on. I mean I know I've read a lot of dick stories and chatted with a lot of guys and they all said it was so much better skin on skin but you know what they say, doing is believing." I smiled, "and do you believe now?" "Mmm not sure, may need to get fucked a few hundred more times to be sure," he said with a wicked grin on his face. "Ahh, I'm sure that can be arranged," I said raising my hips up to meet him causing my dick to explode inside him. He clamped down hard trying to milk every last drop. "Damn we need to get you a butt plug to make sure you don't lose a drop of cum." "Mmm, I've always wanted to try one of those." He was still sitting on my cock trying to milk more cum. "Fuck, you're so sexy boy. I wish I knew a tattoo artist here in town we need to get some ink on this tight bod of yours." "I'd like that sir." He climbed off my cock and snuggled up beside me. "Thank you for tonight. I can't believe what I've been missing." "Don't worry boy we'll catch you up real fast." I looked at the clock by the bed and realized it was almost two in the morning. "Damn son I need to get back to my room and make sure Brandon's okay." "Your admin?" "Yeah, he's only nineteen. I'm sure he's fine but I keep forgetting he's my responsibility." "I'm sorry I kept you so late sir." "Don't apologize, this was amazing. Make sure your free tomorrow evening as we're going to continue your training and I'm guessing Brandon will be more than willing to help." I got up and threw my clothes on. I gave him a kiss and told him, "no clothes for the remainder of the trip unless you're in public." "Understood sir." "I'll text you tomorrow when I know the plan. Get some rest, you're going to need your strength tomorrow." I wasn't sure what to expect when I got back to our room but seeing Mike getting fucked by Brandon while another guy had his cock down his throat wasn't it. The guy getting blown saw me come in and said, "I've got dibs on this slut's ass next. You can have him once I've dumped my load." "No problem man, I just gave my new boy three loads so I think I'm tapped out for the night." Brandon looked over at me and grinned as he unloaded in Mike's ass. He pulled out and the other guy immediately took his place. Brandon walked over to me and I couldn't resist so I dropped to my knees and cleaned him off. "So how many loads does that make," I said pointing to Mike. "I just gave him load number five." "All poz?" "At least three, not sure about the other two. You know don't ask don't tell." He grinned. "Ahhhh," the other guy groaned, "take my poz load you fucking slut." I turned to Brandon, "where'd you find this guy?" "Mike picked him up at the bar. When he got a little drunk he started telling guys he was looking for poz guys to knock him up. There were three guys who wanted him to go with them. He was going to go but I convinced him it would be easier, not to mention safer, to just come here. I hope you don't mind. I tried to text you but you didn't respond." "No you did good. Sorry I didn't see your text my phone died and I was a little preoccupied." "So you said. Your new boy? Can't wait to hear all about that one." About this time the other guy had pulled his clothes on and was leaving. "Thanks, that was fun. Later dudes." "Hey Mike how you doing over there?" "I'm drunk on poz cum." "Yes you are, come on why don't I help you get back to your room." "Hey Scotty, when did you get here," he said as he sat up and noticed me for the first time. "Come on buddy, you've had a busy night. Let's get you home so you can sleep this off." We got him dressed and I helped him to his room and got him tucked in for the night. I wondered if he was going to remember any of this in the morning. When I got back to the room Brandon had cleaned up everything and was in bed waiting for me. "Looks like we both had eventful nights." I chuckled, "it does appear so. I take it Mike's okay with the fact he's going to be on team poz." "I think it's safe to say we managed to wake the beast inside of him and there's no going back. And your new boy?" I showed him pics of Xander with and without my dick buried deep inside his ass. "Well fuck me! Please tell me I'm going to get a chance at that pink hole of his." "Absolutely, I'm going to throw together something special for him tomorrow, uhh I mean tonight," I said looking at the clock. "We don't have to get up early tomorrow do we." I laughed, "hell no, don't set the alarm just wake up naturally. Now let's get some sleep." I woke up close to 11:00 feeling well rested. It's amazing how refreshed I always feel after a night of breeding. Brandon's arm was draped across my chest and he was snoring softly next to me. I carefully removed his arm and quietly got out of bed. I checked the conference agenda for the day and decided there was nothing pressing that I really needed to attend. Now don't judge me I realize I was there for work and should be trying to get a lot out of the sessions but, yeah not going to happen today. I threw on my running shorts and a tank top and slipped out of the room. I sent Brandon a quick text so he'd know where I'd gone then headed down to the lobby. As I got off the elevator I noticed that the really hot concierge was on duty this morning. He smiled at me as I passed by. "Good morning sir, enjoy your run." I stopped for second and walked over to him. "Hey thanks again for telling me about those trails yesterday." "No problem, hope you enjoyed them." "They were great, lots of nice scenery," I smiled, winked at him and turned to go. "Hey," he called out, "I just have to say I love your ink." He blushed a little like he couldn't believe he'd actually said that out loud. "Thanks, as you can tell I'm a little addicted." "They're hot, I mean they look good on you." I smirked, "thanks, got any of your own?" "Umm, yeah a couple, nothing like yours though." "Well we all have to start somewhere. Umm, hey I just had a thought. I'm assuming you got your ink done here in town." "Yep, my buddy has his own place just a few blocks away from here. Why, you looking to get some more while your staying with us?" "Not exactly, I uhh, have a new friend who's in desperate need of some ink on his totally smooth body." He looked at me and lowered his eyes, "totally smooth?" "Only hair he has is on the top of his head." I pulled out my phone and showed him a picture of of Xander naked from the waist up. "Fuck me! He shaves?" "Nope, naturally smooth." He had a look on his face as if to say, 'yeah right'. "Trust me I spent all night inspecting him from head to toe." "Damn that's hot. Gotta say I love hairy guys but there's something about a completely smooth bottom that makes me rock hard. He is a bottom right?" I laughed, "total bottom." "Fuck me! Don't suppose you're sharing him?" "Absolutely, he's becoming a no load refused boy." He reached down to adjust his crotch. "You okay there," I asked grinning at him. "Oh yeah, this constantly happens to me with this job. I tend to get turned on a lot working here." I chuckled, "hmm I could see that being a hazard of the job, being surrounded by all these hot guests. So how often do you given in to the temptation?" "Oh it's not temptation I consider it a perk of the job, and I'm very good at making sure our guests have a very positive experience with us." "Hmm I bet. So what do think the chance your buddy would be able to fit my boy in for his first tat today or tomorrow?" "Not sure, but his shop's only a couple of blocks from here, so you should just pop over before your run and check." "That's perfect, thanks." I got directions from him and headed out. It was literally one block from the hotel, very convenient. I walked into the shop and this hot biker type guy about my age greeted me, "hey you the guy with the smooth boy?" I looked at him a little confused. "Jack from the hotel warned me you were on your way over. Fuck man, love your ink, your guy did good work. You mind if I see you're back?" "Not at all," I said taking my tank top off. He ran his hand over my biohaz tat. "Damn, I bet this beast attracts a lot of chasers." "Like a moth to a flame." "Good man! So Jack said you wanted to mark your new boy." "Yeah, I'm thinking of something on his ass to let all the tops know exactly what he is." "He poz?" "Nope but he will be by the end of the week." I pulled out my phone and showed him Xander's pics including one of his tight bubble butt. "Damn," he whistled, "I can't wait to get my hands on that ass. I think I have the perfect ink to start him off." He pulled up a picture on his computer. "Oh fuck that's perfect. When can you fit him in?" "I'm pretty light today have come down whenever and I'll work on him." "Great what do I owe you?" "Nothing, just let me help knock the boy up and we'll call it even." I called Xander to see what he was doing right then. His phone rang for awhile before he finally picked up. "Hey slut did I wake you?" "Good morning sir, no I'm just lying in bed fingering my cunt." "You still have my loads inside you?" "Yes sir." "Good boy. You need to throw on shorts and a t-shirt. I'm going to text you an address, be here in ten minutes." I hung up before he could respond and sent him the address. While we we're waiting for him to show up I found out that my new friend was named Marty and he loved nothing more than breeding neg boys. Eight minutes later Xander walked in the shop. "Fuck you've got an obedient boy there." I grinned, "yeah he's doing great. Xander this is Marty, you belong to him for the next couple of hours so make sure you do everything he tells you to do." With that I gave him a deep kiss and left for my run. I made sure to do an extra long jog too give Marty enough to time to finish up. When I got back to the shop the front was empty but I could hear moaning coming from the back. I followed the sounds and walked in to see Xander bent over a bench with Marty's big dick unloading in his cunt. He slowly pulled out and gave me a big smile, "fuck your boy's got an amazing ass. Gave him two toxic loads to help him on his journey. Take a look at his ink and let me know what you think." "Holy shit that looks great. Has he seen it yet?" "Nope I figured you'd want to do the honors." I took a couple pictures so I could show Xander. His eyes got really big. He threw his arms around me and gave me a big wet kiss then did the same to Marty. "Thank you, now everyone who fucks me will know I'm a poz pig." "Well you're on your way to being poz but you're definitely a pig." On his ass cheek was the outline of a pig with the word poz inside, it was fucking beautiful. "Hey Marty, if you're free tonight you should come by my hotel room. I'm planning to see just how many loads we can get inside his cunt." "Fuck I'll be there. I definitely want another go at that ass. I also have some friends I can bring too if you're interested." "Toxic?" "Yep, and a couple have wicked PAs that with help ensure all those loads can do their job." "Perfect, anytime after eight." I hadn't even noticed Xander had dropped to the floor and was cleaning off Marty's dick. He was a fucking natural. "Come on boy let's go so he can get back to work." As he stood up to grab his clothes I noticed he had bars through both of his pink nipples. Marty saw and looked a little guilty. "Hope you don't mind, I started sucking oh his perky tits and just could resist piercing them." "Great idea they look good on him." He looked relieved, gave us both hugs and we were on our way. As we headed back to the hotel I asked him how he liked his first tattoo. "Yes thank you so much. It makes me feel even sluttier. But I am a little concerned that it says poz when I haven't earned the bug yet." "Believe me son, I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you're poz by the end of the week." "Thank you sir." "Now go back to your room and take a nap, it's going to be a long night. Just make sure you're at my room by seven."
  11. Glad you're enjoying. I think you'll like the next chapter coming soon. Not only will Brandon be adding his poz seed but several others will be joining in as well. Oink oink!
  12. Chapter 28 I was still in the middle of putting out the fire when I received a text from Brandon. 'Hey just checking in.' 'How were your sessions?' 'One was really interesting the other not so much.' 'That sounds about par for these conferences.' 'Do we have anything planned for tonight?' 'I've had a project come up that's going to keep me busy tonight. You okay on your own?' 'Yeah, I ran into Mike at the last session and he asked us to go to some gay dance club with him.' 'Sounds perfect. Tell him I'm sorry I can't go. Have fun and be safe.' 'Did you just tell me to have safe sex?' 'Ha ha, none of that nonsense! You know what I mean.' 'Yes dad.' 'Don't push it boy.' '😬' Okay so with Brandon taken care of for the evening if I could just finish up this work mess I could get back to the really important stuff. Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of you destroying a new sub's pussy. I finally wrapped things up with work. It had been almost three hours since I left my newest plaything when I finally knocked on his door. This would be a good test for him as I told him I expected to be back two hours ago. Part of me wondered if he'd answer the door at all, I was worried for nothing. It took less than thirty seconds for the door to open. He stepped to the side and let me in immediately assuming the position. His little nub of a cock sticking straight up. I grabbed his pathetic excuse of a dick and squeezed. "Have you been hard the whole time I've been gone boy?" "No sir, I got hard when you knocked on the door." Damn this boy was so hot. "Did you play with yourself?" "I've just been fingering my hole sir, I haven't touched my penis." "You don't get hard when you've got things in your cunt?" "No sir, I'm totally soft but I do leak a lot. I use my precum as lube sir." "Damn Xander, I can't believe nobody's claimed you as theirs." "I've been too afraid to act sir." "What about now boy." "I don't want to be afraid anymore sir." I leaned down and kissed him, my tongue invading his mouth. "Mmm," I moaned, "you're a damn good kisser boy, but we have more important things to do. Drop to your knees and remove my shorts." He immediately did as he was told reaching out towards me when I slapped his hands away. "Nope boy, hands behind your back, use your teeth only." I was only wearing basketball shorts so I figured even hands free this would be simple for him. I pulled my t-shirt off as he grabbed my waistband right at my hip where my biohaz tat sits. I'm sure he noticed it but he gave no indication. Most guys who don't already know my status seem to gasp or catch their breath when they see it for the first time, but no reaction at all from him. He had my dick bouncing free in no time. As soon as my shorts were on the ground he moved back and waited for his next direction all the while staring hungerly at my hard cock. "You're being such a good boy I'll give you a choice. Do you want my cock in your mouth or cunt first?" "My cunt sir," he blurted out, "please, my cunt." My cock was leaking in anticipation of ruining Xander's ass. "First, I want you to kiss my dick and just get him wet since I don't believe in lube for boys." He kept his hands behind his back without me having to tell him and lovingly kissed the tip of my cock. He reached his tongue out, got his first taste of my precum and let out a deep moan. "You like that boy?" "Yes sir, it tastes so good." He started to swallow my cock. "Easy son watch those teeth." He pulled off and said, "sorry sir it's been awhile since I've sucked." Then he took me into his mouth again. It seemed to come back to him pretty quickly as he was soon taking most of my cock down his throat. "Damn my dick looks good with your lips wrapped around it. Okay I think that enough for now. I know you really want my dick in your pussy. Get on the bed on all fours with your ass facing me, it's time to get a good look at your boy hole." He assumed the position and used his hands to spread his cheeks. "Good damn Xander, that is the prettiest pink pucker I've seen. Not a fucking hair on that smooth hole, fucking beautiful. I have to tell you son, I usually prefer my guys with some hair on them but there's something about you that makes me so horny and hard." I started tracing my finger around his hole. "Did you prelube, you're pretty wet down there." "I was fingering myself before you arrived trying to loosen my hole, I only used my precum sir." "Fuck, you horny little slut." I really wanted to eat him out but his cunt was winking at me just begging to be destroyed. "Son, I know I said I wouldn't hurt you but to be honest with you this may hurt just a bit but trust me it's for your own good." "Do it! Please do it, fucking breed my pussy." Ok I didn't need to be asked twice. I slammed in about half way and hit his second hole. "Come on boy let me in, except your destiny, relax those ass muscles." I kept pushing and I could feel him trying to accommodate my cock. I'm bigger than average and pretty thick, I'm not huge but my bottoms definitely feel me. Slowly I felt his insides give way and my cock inched forward a bit further. I held there for a few seconds so he could get used to me then I pulled out. "Breathe boy, we're almost there," then I shoved back in all the way. "Holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit." He kept repeating over and over. "You doing okay boy?" "Holy fucking shit sir, so big. Feels so big." "You want me to pull out?" "No! Oh god no don't pull out." I chuckled, "don't worry I'm just kidding, there's no way in hell I'm pulling out now unless it's too slam right back inside you." I started slowly moving my dick in and out and he started moaning like a bitch in heat. "You like that slut, don't you." "Oh my god yes. I can't believe how good that's feels. Please don't stop." "When was the last time you had a dick in your cunt boy?" "Long time sir." "How long boy?" "Over five years sir." "Dear god Xander are you serious?" "I'm sorry sir, I know I'm pathetic." That set me over the edge, I slammed in and fired off my first load. "By the end of the week boy you're going to be a grade A whore taking every cock offered absolutely no load refused." I pulled my cock out of his cunt and slapped his ass. Turn around and clean me off slut. A good bottom always cleans off every dick that gives him a load. Don't ever forget that." "Thank you sir! Fuck, that tastes so good." I pulled him up and gave him a deep kiss. "How you doing?" "My ass feels so empty, I need more." I started laughing, "give me a few minutes and I'll give you your second load." We laid down on the bed and he put his head on my chest. "God, I can't believe you haven't had sex in five years." "I play with my cunt a lot but I mostly just use my fingers. I keep thinking I need to buy some toys, but fuck me, I think I like the real thing better." "If course you do, the real thing fills you up with cum. So, is it safe to assume you're negative?" "Yep, you were the first guy to fuck me raw." "Seriously? Damn and you didn't even ask me to wrap up. I'm so proud of you." "I may not have had sex in awhile but I sure as hell watch a lot of porn. My favorites are the ones where there's a dom top who forces his boy to take his load. I was chatting with this guy online once and he told me it was very insulting to the top to ask him to wear a condom. You didn't mention condoms so I let you breed me." He looked down and I was rock hard again. "Does things mean you're ready to fuck me again, sir?" "Lift your legs slut." No taking it slow things time. I pounded his cunt hard with him begging me to go faster. He wrapped his legs around me and pulled me in tight to his body as I shot my second load inside him. I collapsed on top of him making sure to keep my dick buried deep in his cunt. "Thank you sir that was amazing." "Glad you liked it boy we're only just getting started. I'm going make sure you leave here a new man, well a fucking cum dump anyway." "Thank you sir." "Gotta ask you son, we talked about your status but you never asked me mine." "It's not my place to ask sir. If you wanted me to know you'd tell me." "You saw my tattoo right?" "Sir you're covered in tats, do you want to be a little more specific." "Don't get smart with me boy, I may just have to take you over my knee," I smirked at him. "You know which tattoo I'm referring to." "Yes sir I saw your tat," he said reaching out to trace the symbol. "It's beautiful." "You know what it means right?" "That you're very special sir." "Mmm, I like that, yes I'm very special and I've given you my very special gift." "I wondered if you were on meds or toxic." "Which did you hope for?" "Toxic sir, because a true bottom cum dump need to be poz." "Fuck I wished you lived by me. My friends would love you." He gave me a sly grin. "That would be nice to have someone around to always make sure I had a cock to service." "Xander, I promise you this, by the end of the week you will no longer be afraid to be who you really are." "Thank you Scotty, will you now give me another poz load please?"
  13. Chapter 27 The next morning we headed down to have breakfast at one of the hotel restaurants. As we were eating Brandon kept looking at something behind me. "Oh no, please tell me you haven't found someone else you think is into me." He chuckled, "umm no, but if you'll recall I was right on the money with that guy." "Okay then what's got you so distracted." "That waiter over there is so fucking cute. We should have sat in his section." I turned and looked and he was right, the kid was very cute but what caught my eye was a guy who was just leaving his table. He was short, maybe about 5'5" with what appeared to be a pretty tight lean body. He had dark brown hair that hung down to about an inch above his collar. I couldn't tell what color his eyes were but he had the cutest face. He looked like he was in his mid thirties. I thought I saw him in one of the sessions yesterday so I was pretty sure he was here for the conference. We briefly made eye contact as he was leaving the restaurant. Damn he was really hot. Brandon and I attended most of the same sessions in the morning and he seemed to really be enjoying himself. In the afternoon there was one class I thought would be perfect for him so we split up. The session I had planned to attend was cancelled as the presentor wasn't able to make the conference at the last minute. I thought this would be a perfect time to have some alone time and go for a run. I loved having Brandon here but I wasn't used to having someone around twenty-four-seven so this was a nice break for both of us. The city had some great running trails along the river close to the hotel so that's where I headed. I'd been running for about forty-five minutes when I decided to circle back. As I was rounding a bend in the trail I spotted a guy up ahead that looked a little like the guy from the restaurant. As I got closer I realized that was him. He was sitting on a bench and appeared to be massaging his calf. "Hey you okay," I asked as I stopped in front of him. "Oh yeah, I'm fine thanks, this is nothing, I just overdid it and started cramping a bit. I'll be fine in a few minutes." "Why don't you let me take a look." "Oh no sir, really it's not that bad I'll be fine. I don't want to interrupt your run." "Nonsense, it's no problem at all. We runners have to stick together." I squatted down in front of him and took his leg in my hands and started to massage his calf muscles. A small moan escaped his lips, perfect! "I noticed you this morning at breakfast, you here for the conference?" I asked. "Umm, uhh, yes I am. The session I had planned to go to this afternoon was cancelled and nothing else looked interesting so I figured it was a perfect time to hit the trails." "Same here, great minds I guess." He blushed. Damn there was something about guys that blushed that just sent an immediate reaction to my dick. I continued massaging his leg but started moving a little north. They were extremely toned and completely smooth. I couldn't resist asking, "your legs are so smooth do you wax?" He blushed even more, "nope naturally smooth. No hair below my neck all the way down. Shit, I can't believe I just told you that." I chuckled, "it's all good. Do you know how many women, not to mention several guys, who would kill to be this smooth naturally?" He couldn't bring himself to look at me. "Oh I'm sure, and I wish I was hairy like you," he said glancing at my hairy legs and the chest hair poking out of my tank top. I swear he licked his lips just a bit. "Well, look at it like this, with such a smooth body you're a blank slate for a tattoo artist. I'd love to put some tats on my chest but then you wouldn't be able to see them very well through all my hair." "Umm, yeah, I don't have any tattoos. I mean not that I don't find them hot," he stammered out. I was massaging his thigh now. "Umm as good as that feels, the cramp was just in my calf muscles." "Oh sorry about that. You have amazing legs so I just got a little carried away," I said as I returned to his calf. "Yeah, uhh, no problem." "Anytime, I imagine you have no problems finding women or men to massage this hot body of yours." I could see a little tenting going on in his shorts. "Ahh men definitely men." He blushed even redder. "I kinda thought so," I said patting his thigh as I stood up, my hard dick straining against my jock." He smiled, "you're not exactly subtle are you?" "Not when I see something I want." I held out my hand to him. He reached out and I pulled him to his feet. "Now, let's see how that leg's doing." "Better sir, thanks. I'm not sure I can straight out run but I think if I do a slow jog I should be okay." "Great, let's do it then." We started jogging at a slower pace so he could test out his leg. "Sir really, you don't have to run with me. I know I'm just slowing you down. I'll be fine. Plus won't your son be wondering where you are?" "My son," I asked him. "The young man that was with you at breakfast." "Oh you mean Brandon. No, he's not my son or boy," I said winking at him, "he's my admin assistant." I paused for a second then added, "who I occasionally fuck." He started to stumble so I reached out to steady him. "Easy boy, you don't want to go hurting yourself again." "Umm I don't mind being called boy, I actually kind of liked it," he whispered, "but I just thought you might want to know, my name's Xander." He stopped for a second so he could get his footing. He turned to me and said, "I can honestly say I have never met anyone quite like you before." "Is that a good thing, Xander? By the way I'm Scotty." He didn't answer but got a big grin on his face and took off jogging down the trail. We continued on in silence for about thirty minutes when I asked him how his leg was doing. "It's a little tight but other than that feels okay so far." He was quiet for a few minutes then added, "I might need another massage later, you know, just to be safe." When we got back to the hotel I followed him up to his room. "Why don't you sit on the bed and let me take a proper look at your leg." I took his shoes and socks off and lightly rubbed his feet slowly working my way up his leg. "You've got great muscles son. I can't belove how smooth you are. Were you serious about no hair below your neck boy?" "Yes sir, completely smooth." "I think you're going to have to prove that to me. Lift up," I said as I grabbed his shorts and pulled them off. He wasn't wearing any underwear so his small hard cock popped right out. "Damn you're tiny son." He went to cover himself. "Sorry sir. I know I don't have a real man's cock." "Hey there," I said removing his hands from his crotch, "not every guy was meant to be a true man. Can I ask you a question?" He smiled, "you just did, but yes go ahead," he grinned at me. "Smart-ass, do you find yourself playing with your dick or your asshole more?" He looked embarrassed and wouldn't look at me. "My hole. When I do cum it's usually a pretty small load." "Do you eat your cum?" "Always sir. I like the taste." He blushed again. "When you play with your hole does your dick get hard?" He looked really embarrassed now, "no sir I remain totally limp but I do leak a lot of precum." "That's good Xander, guys like you were put on this earth to serve real men. You don't need your cock, your special gift is your boy pussy. You get your pleasure from men using you and filling you up with their cum." "I don't know sir, most guys don't want someone like me and if they do, they expect me to be a lot more experienced because I'm older." "Just how old are you son?" "Forty-two sir." "Stand up for me." I took his t-shirt and lifted it over his head so he now stood naked in front of me. "Damn, you certainly look a lot younger with your totally smooth body, I figured you were in your thirties. Anyway, age doesn't matter son, what's important is you learn to embrace your true place. There are definitely younger men who are alphas and older guys who are subs." "Really sir?" "Absofuckinglutely! Brandon, the kid you thought was my boy, he's on his way to being an alpha male and he's only nineteen." "Holy fuck he's still a teenager." I smiled! "I know, right. My point is, age is just a number. You need to stop being afraid and embrace who you were meant to be." "Thank you sir, that means a lot. I, umm, I don't suppose you'd be willing to help teach me sir. I mean I know we only have a few days left in town but I'm tried of being afraid." "Damn boy, will you look at what you've done to me?" I took his hand and put it on my hard cock which was straining to bust out of my shorts. "I'll help you on one condition." "What's that sir?" He asked nervously. "Xander, you must do everything I tell you to do, without hesitation. Anytime you want to stop we will but then we're done." He was shaking a little. "But I promise you, I won't hurt you and everything we do will be purely for your benefit to help you discover you're true purpose." "Okay I understand sir." Of course that's the exact moment my fucking phone goes off. I looked and saw it was work calling. "Damn, sorry Xander I have to take this." He nodded in understanding and moved off into the bathroom to give me privacy. "Hello, this better be important. No sorry, yeah everything's fine, what's up. Crap that's not good. Yeah give me ten minutes and I'll call you back, I need to go back to my room and get my computer. Okay, talk to you soon, bye." Fuckity fuck fuck! Xander came back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. "I'm really sorry, something's come up with work and I need to go put out a fire." "Of course, I shouldn't have distracted you. I'm sorry sir." "Xander," I said putting my hand on his naked thigh, "You are not a distraction, it's simply a pause. It should only take me about an hour then I'll come back. In the meantime I have some assignments for you. While I was on the phone and you went into the bathroom, did you even consider getting dressed?" "The thought crossed my mind but then you hadn't given me permission so I stayed naked. I'm sorry did I do something wrong?" "No son not at all. You did exactly as expected." I squeezed his thigh and his little dick jumped in excitement. While I'm gone I want you to clean yourself out and when you're done stay naked." "Yes sir." "Now stand up and let me take a proper look at you." He stood in front of me trying not to fidget. "Okay standup straight and clasp your hands behind your back." He did as instructed but kept his head down eyes on the floor. "Boy look at me," he raised his head and looked me in the eye," never be ashamed of the fact that you're not a real man. You have a very important role to play. You should be proud that god put you here to please real men." "Okay thank you sir." I don't think he believed me yet but by the time I was done with him he'd be begging for men to use him. I leaned down and gave him a passionate kiss. "Damn son, you're good at that." "Thank you sir! I really enjoy kissing." "Okay I really need to go take care of this work mess. I'll see you soon boy." I gave him another quick kiss and let myself out of his room. Xander had no idea how much his life was about to change.
  14. Chapter 8 Over the next few weeks I hooked up with Charlie and the twins whenever possible. I was growing attached to Charlie and Hunter. Jeff was fun but there was just something about the other two that really drew me to them. Not to mention Jeff was getting pretty serious with this guy he was seeing. He'd never give me a straight answer as to whether his new guy knew what a bug chasing whore he was. I was on the second to last flight of my current rotation. We were currently headed to the west coast, then tomorrow back home and then I'd be off for three days. As we were closing the plane doors I felt my phone vibrate. I opened the text and got instantly hard. I had a message from Hunter. It was a picture of his recent positive HIV test results. "Hot damn," I said out loud while I shot a quick congrats text back. A passenger sitting in the seat closest to me smiled and said, "good news I hope." I looked down at him and had to catch my breath. Damn how had I missed this guy boarding the plane. He looked tall, had blond hair, green eyes, couple days worth of stubble. He was wearing a tank top so I could see his shoulders and upper arms were covered in tattoos. It looked like he had a few on his smooth chest too. "Umm, yeah, my friend just got some test results back that he's been waiting for." "And from your reaction I take it's what he was hoping for?" "Oh yeah you could say it was a very positive outcome." I winked at the guy, touched his shoulder and went back to work. It was as pretty smooth flight. About halfway through I found myself in my jump seat trying to read an article but constantly looking up to see the hot tattooed guy who happened to be directly in my sightline. He caught me staring a couple times. The next time I looked up at him he smiled and spread his legs giving me a good view up his shorts. Well hello there, I could see the head of his rather long dick inching down his leg. I had to rearrange my growing bulge. He winked and squeezed his cock. A few minutes later he got up and came over to talk to me. He squatted down and said, "so is Seattle your final destination?" "Umm, no, I'm there just over night then fly back in the morning. What about you?" "I live there, I'm on my way home." "Nice, I've always liked Seattle, lots of hot guys there," I said winking at him. "Hmm, I bet you have a boy in every port." "Not really. I like to mix it up, you know spread my seed around to as many guys as possible." "Mmm so you're a slut, nice. I take it from your last comment you bareback?" "Always! You?" "Mostly, but if there's a cute guy I want to fuck and he'll only let me in if I play safe then I'll wear a condom. But that's not to say that the condom might not break." He gave me a wicked look. "I'm pretty big and I tend to be hard on condoms." He smirked as if to say 'whatcha gonna do.' "So, your bud that just got his test results back, HIV? It was my turn to smirk, "yep." "Hot, you have any part in that?" "As a matter of fact I did." "Fuck that so hot. You got any plans tonight? I could use your assistance on a project if you're available." "What type of project?" "A friend of mine is desperate for the bug but I'm only shooting blanks." I gave him a questioning look. "I'm currently undetectable. I went off meds last week but it'll take awhile before I'm toxic like you." "Umm you're a good friend." "How many confirmed sons do you have?" "Four so far but if my buddy Hunter just turned there's a good chance his dad and brother are members now too." "Holy shit you knocked up a father and his sons?" "Yep and his boys are twins." His eyes got wide and I could see his dick was even harder. "Do you know how many gay guys hate you just a little bit right now?" I laughed, "I know right. They're a lot of fun to fuck with. So your friend's okay if it's not you who knocks him up?" "Are you kidding, he's such a slut I'm actually really surprised he's still neg." "Well I'm always up for knocking up a bug chasing whore so sure sign me up. One condition though." He smiled at me, "of course I'll fuck you with my monster dick." I started to protest but he just kept going, "oh please I see the way your staring at my cock. Tell me I'm wrong." I laughed, "yeah okay you're not wrong." We landed awhile later and he was waiting for me in the boarding area when I finally made it off the plane. Damn, if his shorts were any shorter his dick would stick out the bottom. "I imagine you don't have any problems picking up guys especially wearing outfits like this one." "And I imagine you don't have any problems picking up guys being such a hot flight attendant." We both chuckled. "Don't you guys usually all travel to the hotel together?" He asked motioning to the test of the flight crew heading off. "I told them I was meeting a friend in town that I'd Uber over to the hotel later." "Nice, I texted my buddy and told him about you. Here's his response." He showed me his phone and there was a picture of a guy with his legs up in the air showing off his puffy well fucked hole. "Oh damn that's hot. Yep he's definitely not a virgin with a cunt like that. Let's go knock the fucker up." "Sounds good, okay so I've arranged for my friend to pick us up so follow me." We got outside to the pick-up zone and this 6'5" muscle guy got out of a SUV and wrapped his arms around my new friend. Okay this was not what I was expecting. "Hey JB fuck it's good to see you this is, oh fuck I don't even know your name," he said turning to me. I started laughing "yeah we were a little preoccupied. I'm Brody," I said shaking JB's hand, "and you are?" "Cal." We climbed in the SUV and headed into the city. "Okay so I have to say JB you're not exactly what I expected from that pic." "Oh that's not my cunt that's my boy, Paul. He's the slut you're going to be knocking up." "Umm okay," I was confused. "Sorry I don't think I was very clear on the plane." JB and Paul have been together, what five years now?" "No man it's going to be six years next week. My boy Paul has this fetish with poz guys he is absolutely obsessed with getting knocked up but he doesn't know that I know." "Okay I'm sorry what?" I was beginning to think I should've just gone back to the hotel. I wasn't quite sure what exactly I'd gotten myself into. JB chuckled, "sorry I know this is weird but I found all this pozzing porn on his computer and he sort of admitted to Cal how hot he thought big chasers were." Cal took over the story, "so JB and I were talking one day and he mentioned what he'd found and I told him what Paul had confessed to me and well we just came up with the perfect anniversary gift." "You're going to poz your boyfriend for your sixth anniversary?" They both grinned. "Well I'm hoping you'll do the honors. Cal was going to do it but he's only been off meds for a week so we'd have to wait for awhile." "And what about you, am I pozzing your ass too?" "No I'm still on PrEP. I'm not quite ready to convert yet but my boy is and I love the little slut and want to make him happy." "Umm, okay but is he on PrEP?" He got an evil grin on his face. "He thinks he is. I replaced his pills with sugar pills that look really similar and he never really pays attention when I feed him his meds every night so he has no clue." "Fuck you boys are sick twisted motherfuckers, of course I'll help." It took about twenty minutes to get to JB and Paul's house. It was a cute bungalow out in the suburbs. Cal and I stayed in the garage while JB got Paul naked and secured in the sling. About ten minutes later he came and got us and lead down to their basement sex dungeon. Man this place gave Dr. Manning's break room a run for it's money. In the center of the room Paul was blindfolded and locked into their sling. Cal went between his legs and started rimming his ass getting him nice and wet. JB and I got naked and he started sucking my cock to get me hard. After a few minutes JB grabbed a small wire brush and took Cal's place between his boy's legs. As he started to prep his boy's cunt, Paul groaned in pain as the brush did it's damage. "Ouch daddy that hurts. What are you doing?" "Do you trust me boy?" "Yes daddy, of course." "Good boy," JB said continuing to brush Paul's hole, "you're almost ready son. Ahh, I'm so proud of you, just a few more seconds." "Okay, thank you daddy." And here I thought I was hardcore using a plain old toothbrush. When he was satisfied he called me over and got me into position. "Hey baby, I know our anniversary isn't into next week but I got you an early present." With that I slammed my dick in until my balls were bouncing off his ass. He let out a gutteral moan. "Thank you sir, please breed my cunt." I started pounding his ass with no mercy and he just kept begging me to go harder. I'd been fucking for about twenty minutes and had managed to give him one load so far without him realizing. "Hey boy how you doing?" "Feels so good daddy please don't let him stop." I just smiled and kept pounding. "You ready to see your gift baby?" "Oh fuck yes please, just don't stop fucking me." JB removed the blindfold from Paul's face. He kissed him and told him to look at my arm. You could tell the moment he noticed my biohaz tat as his eyes got really big. "How'd you know daddy?" "My boy wasn't very good at clearing his internet history and your uncle Cal may have said a few things to me." "Hope you're not upset with me boy," Cal said. "No sir, thank you sir. But I'm on PrEP so it doesn't matter," he said pouting. "Well boy, you've been taking sugar pills for the last week now and our friend Brody here is very toxic and already given you one load." "Ahh make that two loads," I said as I shot rope after rope of deadly cum deep inside him. "Holy fucking shit are you serious daddy, I'm really getting knocked up?" "Happy anniversary son." "Thank you daddy that's the best gift you could ever give me." I pulled out of his destroyed cunt and fed him my cock, which was covered in the darkest pink cum I'd ever achieved, to clean off. "Give me little while to recover and I'll be sure to give you a few more loads before I leave." I leaned down and gave him a kiss. Cal caught my eye and motioned me over to the fuck bench. "You did good Brody. Thanks for helping my friends out. Now why don't you make yourself comfy on that bench and let me give you my ten inch monster as promised." He shoved in with little warning causing me to cry out, "holy fuck that things huge." "Yeah but you love it stretching out your deased cunt don't you?" "Oh fucking hell yeah." He gave me a little while to get used to his size and after a few minutes I was begging him to fuck me. While he was breeding me I looked over and saw JB lovingly fuck his boy's battered cunt. After he shot his load he took the metal brush to his cunt again to mix in all three loads deep into Paul's DNA. As I fucked my third and fourth loads into Paul I could feel Cal's cum dripping down my leg. The whole time JB was at his boy's head kissing him and telling him how much he loved him. "I'm so proud of you baby for accepting your true self, my little bugged up slut." After four loads I was pretty much spent. We hung out and relaxed for awhile. Paul kept thanking JB over and over again for the best anniversary present ever. Eventually I looked at the clock and saw it was getting late so I said my goodbyes to two very grateful men. Cal was kind enough to give me a ride to my hotel where once checked in I crashed almost immediately. Talk about an amazing day!
  15. Chapter 26 We checked into the hotel and made our way to the room which was a mini suite with a pull out bed. This way I could justify having Brandon staying in my room. "I'm not sure HR would approve but I hope you don't mind sharing a bed with me," I said pulling him into my arms and giving him a kiss. "Oh yeah that definitely works for me." "Okay let's go get some dinner then I'd like to run through the presentation a few times before tomorrow. When that's all over we can totally relax and really start enjoying ourselves." He started grinning. "Now don't get me wrong, we'll still need to go to some of the presentations and try to learn some stuff but that's also where we're apt to meet some horny guys." I winked at him and gave him another kiss. Everything went great Monday and by the afternoon all the pressure was off and I could finally breathe. As we were packing up our stuff Brandon leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Don't look now Scotty but I think you've got a fan." He motioned with his head to a guy standing off to the side. "Yeah I don't think so. He probably just wants to talk about the presentation." "No way man, I was watching him on and off while you were talking, the guy couldn't keep his eyes off you." "Well I was the only one up front speaking so I'd kind of expect that." "Well, I could be wrong but I don't think so." I chuckled and walked over to grab my bag, when I turned back around the guy was making his way over to us. "Hi, Scotty right," he asked as he reached out to shake my hand. "I'm Joey, I just wanted to thank you for your presentation, it was really good. In fact I was hoping that maybe you'd be interested in getting together to discuss some of your concepts." I winked at Brandon to tell him 'see told you so' when Joey went and put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed. I could hear Brandon to the side of me trying really hard not to laugh. "Sure that sounds good. We're here all week." "Great, I'll look for you at the welcome reception this evening." He removed his hand, winked at me and walked out of the room. "You were saying Scotty?" "Okay wipe that smirk off your face. I think I like you better when you're blushing." He playfully punched my shoulder and said, "but you have to admit the guy's cute." "Oh I'd definitely gift his ass! Now come on! Let's get this stuff back to our room so we can start mingling at the reception." We spent an hour getting ourselves cleaned out inside and out then headed down to the meet and greet event. Now I hate these things. I'm not overly shy but but I'm not exactly mister outgoing either. It's one thing when I'm in a gay bar hunting for my next hole but work things ugh I hate them. But Brandon, well damn, that boy was really coming into his own. It so didn't hurt that he was so hot. I had to keep reminding myself he was only nineteen. When Brandon started working for me he grew an extremely hot nicely trimmed beard, which made him look even older than he already did. And damn can I tell you that thing feels amazing when he eats me out, I'm just saying. I was busy talking shop with a woman from another company while Brandon slipped over to the bar to get us drinks. He came back just as we were finishing up. "Here, you looked like you could use this, he said handing me my rum and coke "Yes thank you, and your drinking?" "Just a coke dad," he smirked. We made our way around the room making small talk here and there. I was on my second drink when this hot younger guy approached us. "Hi, hope I'm not interrupting I just wanted to tell you I was in your session this afternoon and got some great ideas, so thanks." "You're welcome. I'm glad you found it helpful. This is my colleague Brandon," I said turning so they could shake hands. "Hi, I'm Mike. Damn you're cute I love guys with beards. Oh fuck sorry. I umm, get a little flirty when I've had too much to drink." Brandon still had hold of his hand. He leaned in and whispered in his ear, "imagine how it'd feel on your pussy when I eat you out." Mike's eyes went wide and he just stared at Brandon. "If you don't believe me just ask Scotty here." He turned to me with hunger in his eyes. I smiled at him and nodded yes. "Umm, you guys are partners?" "Not really, he's my boss and loves to fuck me on his desk whenever I've been naughty." "Brandon," I said with shock. I playfully slapped him on the arm. "I promise you Mike, Brandon and I have a very professional relationship at work but outside of work that's a totally different story." "So, are you two still on the clock?" He looked like he was ready to rip our clothes off right there. I put my hand on his back and pushed him towards the exit. As we got off the elevator I noticed Brandon had his hand down the back of Mike's pants. Once in the room we stripped him and backed him up until he ran into the bed. With one little push he fell on his back and Brandon immediately dove for his hole. He shoved his tongue all the way in causing Mike to moan out loud. "Feels good huh," I asked as I climbed on the bed to feed him my cock. Brandon continued rimming him for about ten minutes when he pulled out of his crotch, looked up at me and grinned. "Damn Mike your pussy tastes amazing. You ready for me to fuck you?" I removed my dick from his mouth so he could speak. "Yes please fuck me." Brandon started to enter him when he said, "wait, you're not wearing a condom. You have to put on a condom man." "Damn Mike we don't ever use rubbers. If you want us to fuck you it has to be skin on skin," I said while playing with his nipples. Brandon still had the head of his dick in his hole and was slowly pushing in. "I can't, my husband and I only play safe. Please, put a condom on." Brandon yanked his dick out causing Mike to groan. "Sorry man, you heard the boss. No condoms ever!" Mike whimpered as he moved his fingers down and started to play with his hole. "Have you ever had a raw cock inside you before Mike?" I asked. "No never." "But you want to, don't you?" "I umm, ahh." "It's okay to admit what you want." Brandon removed Mike's fingers, replaced them with his and continued to work over his hole. Mike instinctively brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. "What do you want to do Mike?" "Will you promise to pull out and not cum in me?" "Sorry Mike, no can do. Cum should never be wasted. If we fuck you, our seed goes in all the way." He whimpered again. "Are you clean?" "Well we took showers before." "No, no sorry I mean what's your status?" I motioned to Brandon to remove his clothes so Mike could see his tats. Mike caught his breath when he's saw the biohaz symbol on his hip. "Oh fuck you're poz." "Yep we both are." "Please put a condom on. I want you to fuck me so bad but I don't want to get sick." "Sorry Mike we can't. It's rude to the virus not to share it with others. And besides Mike, you may be saying no but your dick seems to be saying something totally different." He looked down and noticed his cock was rock hard and leaking like crazy. "Okay boy, time to make a decision. We're horny as fuck and if you're not going to accept your fate then you need to leave so we can find someone who wants our precious gift." He hesitated for a few moments and I was done. I started to get off the bed when he softly said, "do it." "I'm sorry boy I didn't quite hear you there." "Please don't make me leave, I want you to fuck me." "You going to stop bitching about condoms?" "Yes sir. No condoms." With that Brandon shoved his dick inside so fast I almost missed it. He just grinned at me. "Didn't want to give the little tease another chance to change his mind." "Won't change mind, ohh god it feels so good." "Yeah you slut. You like that raw poz cock in your cunt don't you?" "Holy shit so much better. So much, ahh, better." "What would your husband say if he knew you had a poz dick inside your pussy without a condom?" "Ahh, umm, don't care, please don't stop." Brandon started to speed up and I could tell he was close. "You ready to become a pozzed up slut?" "Yes god damn it, yes!" He screamed out as Brandon unloaded deep inside him. "How you feeling slut?" "More, I need more!" We switched places and Brandon stuck his dick in Mike's mouth while I took my turn on his cunt. Brandon had done a good job with tearing him up as I could see pink cum oozing from his hole. "Damn son, looks like you're a bleeder. That'll definitely make this easier for us. You're not on PrEP are you?" He mumbled something but we couldn't make it out with his mouth full. Brandon pulled out and Mike said, "damn that tastes good. Umm no not on PrEP didn't think we needed to since we always use condoms." "You ever using them again?" "No, oh my god no! I had no clue how much better raw was." "You ready for another load of toxic cum you fucking slut?" "Yes! Do it knock my faggot cunt up." I slammed in all the way, my dick exploding a huge load into him. I slowly pulled out and after he cleaned me off we all collapsed on the bed together. "Wow, okay I certainly didn't have that planned for this trip." I could hear Brandon chuckling. "I mean I was definitely getting laid, I just didn't expect it to be raw with two hot poz guys." "You and your hubby have an open relationship?" "Yep but we have our safe only rule, or we did anyway." He smiled and got off the bed to find his clothes. "That was really amazing guys, thanks for pushing me. I hope we can do that again before the conference is over." Brandon and I looked at each other, both grinned and shook our heads yes. After he left Brandon asked me, "think he's going to wake up in the morning full of regret?" "It's either that or he'll be back knocking on our door begging for more poz loads." "Well that was definitely a positive start to my first business trip." We kissed climbed into bed and called it a night.

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